Chapter 2


I send her the picture simply because I’m bored. I don’t do much on work nights. Nothing but work that is. I go out to the bars on the weekends with a couple buddies. The liquid courage is the only thing that gets me semi-regularly laid. I like Dani though, a lot more than I should. I should dial back the flirting a little, but she seems to go right along with it so I’ll continue until she tells me to stop.


A few minutes after I send the pec pic I get a response in the form of a torso picture. She’s wearing a dark red bra and I can see the top of her pants. Her hair is over her shoulder. It’s a bit longer than it was in last night’s picture, but I’m sure she’s still just pretty. Not that I know what her face looks like. Even if she was considered unattractive, her personality makes her gorgeous to me.


Golden_Boy: I knew your tits would be perfect.


Dani Irving: I’m glad you approve lol


Golden_Boy: I’ll let you get back to whatever it is you were doing. I just got off of the treadmill and I was already topless so I sent you that.


Dani Irving: I’m between activities at the moment.


Golden_Boy: Oh yeah?


I’m sure there are plenty of activities I could enjoy with her.


Dani Irving: Mmhmm


Golden_Boy: How long do you have until your next task?


Dani Irving: Well now I’m going to get my jammies on and settle down in front of the TV.


Golden_Boy: I think staying naked would be more convenient. Especially if I can talk you into playing with yourself again.


Dani Irving: Mmm… I don’t know if you can but you’re welcome to try. If you lose me it’s because I’m engrossed in my show.


Golden_Boy: What’s the best way to get you to stay naked and chatting with me? Dirty talk? More cock shots? Asking?


Dani Irving: lol I’m not sure. I’m about to be watching hot firefighters…


I do a quick Google search and find half-naked firemen. I save a few pictures and send them to her.


Golden_Boy: Not me, but I can talk you through a firemen fantasy.


Dani Irving: I don’t have a firefighter fantasy lol. The show just happens to be about firefighters.


Dani Irving: nice pics tho 😉


Golden_Boy: Google is a man’s best friend. Lol.


Golden_Boy: I’m going to go ahead and dial the desperation down a notch. Lol. It’s just been a while since I got laid.


Dani Irving: Then you should go out instead of talking to me.


Golden_Boy: Not on a work night. I don’t drink during the week and I have to get a buzz to approach a girl.


Dani Irving: No you don’t. Just be confident with them like you are with me and you’ll be fine.


Golden_Boy: Right. But turn red as a tomato and I start sweating. Not attractive.


Dani Irving: You weren’t red as a tomato when you sent me those pics, were you?


Golden_Boy: No, but I didn’t have to see your reaction face to face. I’m just not good with women. You’re the exception to the rule.


Dani Irving: That’s a shame.


Golden_Boy: It is what it is.


Dani goes quiet for a little while, probably watching her show. I go to my bathroom and turn on a hot shower. I need to wash off the sweat from my run. When the water hits me my mind flashes to Dani’s breasts and I start thinking of how good they would look all wet. Even better wet with my cum.


Okay. Stopping that thought right now. I don’t need to get turned on. I finish washing my hair and then jump out to dry off. My body is dry and I’m just wrapping my towel around my waist when my phone chimes. It’s her.


Dani Irving: Okay maybe I do have a thing for firefighters after all lol


Golden_Boy: I’m fresh out of the shower. We still have time to fantasize 😉


Dani Irving: lol no, that’s okay. I stayed up too late last night talking dirty with you.


I slip on a pair of sweats and stretch out on my bed.


Golden_Boy: I understand. The alarm comes way too early, plus after the dirty talk I spent the night fighting off a hard-on while I was thinking about spanking you.


Dani Irving: Dirty boy.


Golden_Boy: Sexy girl.


Golden_Boy: You can’t blame me because you’re just that sexy.


Dani Irving: Or you’re just that deprived. Although I will admit I thought about knocking on my next door neighbor’s door. He’s single and got big hands too 🙂


Golden_Boy: Lol. It’s been a few weeks. Maybe I am deprived. Do you knock on your neighbor’s door a lot?


Dani Irving: I have a time or two. He gives me what I need in pinch 😉


Golden_Boy: He’s a lucky man.


That’s what I should find. A regular booty call.


Dani Irving: I like to think it’s mutual.


Golden_Boy: 🙂


Golden_Boy: Want me to let you go?


Dani Irving: No, you’re okay for now. I’m just climbing into bed 🙂


Golden_Boy: I stretched out after my shower. Nothing like scalding hot water to soothe the muscles.


Dani Irving: Mmm… a massage might be even better.


Golden_Boy: Ah, but I would need someone to do that for me. I don’t feel like paying a masseuse and I don’t hear you offering.


Dani Irving: I might if we were face to face buddies. You’ll just have to settle for me rubbing you down in your imagination.


Golden_Boy: Thank fuck I have a very vivid imagination.


Dani Irving: I’ve noticed


I curl onto my side and grab my phone charger to plug it in.


Golden_Boy: Mmhmm I thought about water cascading down your tits when I was in the shower.


Dani Irving: That’s not a surprise.


Golden_Boy: Hush it, woman 😉


Dani Irving: Is that all you thought about?


Golden_Boy: Truthfully, yes. I didn’t want another hard-on and I was pushing it with that.


Dani Irving: Gotcha. Then I’ll be a good girl.


Golden_Boy: Uh… No, I’m perfectly fine with naughty.


Dani Irving: How naughty?


Golden_Boy: How naughty do you want to be?


I reach down to adjust my cock. It’s pulsing, threatening to get hard.


Dani Irving: I think I made it pretty clear last night.


Golden_Boy: Mmm yes you did. What if I told you to touch your tits for me right now?


Dani Irving: What if I already am?


Golden_Boy: Send me a picture of your nipples, Dani. I want to know what they look like.


Dani Irving: Yes, Sir.


A few seconds later I get a picture of her on her back. Her dark pink nipples are standing straight up off her chest. I want to suck them.


Golden_Boy: Good girl.


Golden_Boy: I want to run my tongue all over them.


Dani Irving: I can do that for you.


Golden_Boy: Do it. Tell me how good they taste.


Fuck. I didn’t want to do this again tonight. I’m already getting addicted to this girl. This is only fanning the flames.


Dani Irving: Mmm… so soft and sweet. When I blow on them they get so hard…


Golden_Boy: Just thinking about it is making a certain part of me hard too.


Dani Irving: Touch it. Tell me how hard.


I roll onto my back again and reach into my sweats. I wrap my hand around my cock and give him a little squeeze.


Golden_Boy: It feels like a steel rod wrapped in silk.


Dani Irving: Does it feel good?


Golden_Boy: Mmm, yes. It would feel better with your tiny hand trying to wrap around it.


Dani Irving: I’m sure it would feel even better with my lips wrapped around it.


Golden_Boy: Definitely. I bet your mouth would be so warm and wet.


I start pumping my cock imagining her mouth on me. Now I want to see her lips.


Dani Irving: It would be. My tongue would swirl around that thick head over and over until you demand that I take all of that big cock down my throat.


Ahhh. Damn. The thought of her throat massaging my head makes my shaft a little harder.


Golden_Boy: So fucking good. Is that the only place you want my big dick?


I can think of a couple places lower on her body I wouldn’t mind sticking my cock.


Dani Irving: I can think of a few places I’d like to have it.


Golden_Boy: So can I. Is your pussy wet?


Dani Irving: Getting there.


Golden_Boy: Start thinking about my thick fingers pumping in and out of your cunt. I bet you’re tight and I’ll have to stretch you to get you ready to take me.


Dani Irving: I am tight. I’m sure two of those thick fingers fucking me would feel like heaven right now.


Golden_Boy: Show me your fingers stretching your pussy.


Dani Irving: I’ll think about it 😉


Golden_Boy: Do it.


I angle my cock up and reach down to play with my balls while I wait for her response.


Dani Irving: You’re not the boss of me 😛


Golden_Boy: I am right now. 😛


Dani Irving: And if I don’t do what you say?


Golden_Boy: I’ll take you over my knee and spank your ass until it’s bright red and your pussy is dripping.


Golden_Boy: And I won’t let you have an orgasm.


Dani Irving: I might have one anyway if you keep talking like that.


Golden_Boy: I bet you look fucking gorgeous when you cum.


Golden_Boy: That doesn’t mean I won’t paddle your ass so you can’t sit the next day.


Dani Irving: Mmmm… paddles, huh?


Dani Irving: My Sir had a paddle with the word ‘brat’ on it so when he punished me I’d have the word all over my ass.


Golden_Boy: I bet your ass looked amazing.


Golden_Boy: Send me the picture.


Dani Irving: Maybe. I am very wet now.


Golden_Boy: Taste your honey and tell me how sweet you are.


Dani Irving: Mmm… even sweeter than my nipples…


Golden_Boy: Good girl.


I feel my cock begin to swell in my hand, but I refuse to cum until I get my picture.


Golden_Boy: Show me what it looks like with three of your fingers stretching your pussy. I want to imagine my dick in there.


Dani Irving: I can play with one of my toys for you…


Golden_Boy: You can…


Dani Irving: If I take a picture you can see how tight I am…


Golden_Boy: Show me.


Dani Irving: I’m thinking about it


Golden_Boy: Come on, Dani. Show me that tight cunt. Show me and I’ll tell you in detail about my tongue licking every inch of your pussy.


There’s a pause in conversation and just when I start to worry I’ve gone too far, I get an email from Dani.


When I open it I moan out loud. She has a purple vibrator shoved deep in her pussy. It’s obvious she’s stretched tight around the rubber that’s slick with her juices. I can practically feel how tight she will be around my shaft.


Golden_Boy: Fuuuck that’s gonna make me cum hard for you.


Dani Irving: It’s so tight, Goldie… *moans*


Golden_Boy: Are you thinking about my big cock in there? Can you feel it? My sweaty body pressed against yours as I pound into you over and over. Fucking you so hard my hips bruise the inside of your thighs. Right before I cum I’ll pull out and shove my dick in your mouth and make you swallow every last drop.


Dani Irving: Fuck yes…


Golden_Boy: Do you want to see me cum?


Dani Irving: mmm… Yes. Let me see you explode.


Golden_Boy: I want you to imagine licking it up when I’m done.


I put my phone on record and finish myself off with my hand. Just before I explode I hit record so I can get my orgasm on video. I’m careful not to say anything while I’m cumming. There’s a soft whimper at the end though.


I hit send on the fifteen second video and wait for her to get it.


Dani Irving: I’m going to watch that over and over, Goldie…


Golden_Boy: It’s all for you. You can do whatever you want with it.


Dani Irving: Maybe I’ll send you a video too. Would you like that?


Golden_Boy: I would love a video. I bet your body trembles when you cum and I can already imagine your nipples getting harder as your pussy gushes… Fuck. It’s making me hard again.


Dani Irving: You’ll have to wait and see.


I get up to clean up my mess. I take my phone with me while I wash my hands. As soon as I’m done I look at the picture she sent again. Bad idea, now I’m getting hard again.


I quickly close the image to stop myself and I go back to bed.


Golden_Boy: Are you still fucking yourself?


Dani Irving: Yes. So… deep…


Golden_Boy: Think about my tongue on your clit and my finger sliding into your ass as your pussy stretches around the toy.


Dani Irving: oh fuck… I am.


Golden_Boy: Is it going to make you cum hard? Can you feel my soft, warm tongue rubbing all over your pussy… Can you feel a thick finger pushing in next to that vibrator?


Dani Irving: God yes. So close…


Golden_Boy: Cum, Dani. Cum hard for me…


There’s another pause and then an email. This time with a video attached. When I watch it I groan. Just as perfect as I expected. Her body vibrates and her hips buck… Perfect.


Golden_Boy: Just as beautiful as I expected it to be.


Dani Irving: Thank you, Sir.


My body tingles when I read those words.


Golden_Boy: You’re welcome, Dani.




I’m not sure what I’m doing with him. It’s probably harmless but I don’t know if it’s a great idea. Yet, I don’t delete the video or pictures he sent me.


Dani Irving: I really should be getting to bed now.


Golden_Boy: Me too. I have an early meeting with my boss.


Dani Irving: Okay. Sleep well :-*


Golden_Boy: You too :-*


I plug my phone in to let it charge and then I go to the bathroom to clean myself and my toy up. Sleep doesn’t come easily for me, unfortunately. It seems to be my turn to toss around all night.


The alarm goes off about an hour after I finally fall into good sleep. I try to talk myself out of bed but instead I decide to take a personal day. I shoot an email off to my boss and then roll over and go back to sleep. I end up having a dream about Eric, of all people and it’s a good thing I took the day off because I’m not sure I could look him in the eye after that dream.


I blindly grab for my phone and see that I have an email from my boss acknowledging my earlier message, plus a chat from Goldie that hit about four hours ago. It’s well after noon at this point.


Golden_Boy: Morning Sunshine. How’d you sleep?


Dani Irving: Like crap until an hour before my alarm went off. You?


Golden_Boy: Ah, she’s alive 🙂 I slept better than the night before, but still ended up having dreams about you. Not that I’m complaining.


I get out of bed and go to the kitchen to make coffee.


Dani Irving: I had a dream about a coworker. It’s a good thing I’m not… Oh son of a bitch!


It’s Arlene’s birthday! Goddamnit!


Golden_Boy: Yeah. I’ve been called that before. My mom is usually offended by it. What’s wrong?


Dani Irving: Birthday at work today and the baked goods were supposed to be for my team but I’m not there thanks to the temporary insomnia. Ugh.


Golden_Boy: Sorry. It’s always someone’s birthday around my job. I walked by a chick this morning with a big bouquet of happy birthday balloons.


Dani Irving: That’s awesome. Last year my girls turned my office into a pirate ship for my birthday.


Golden_Boy: Huh… Something similar happened at my job a while back. Offices are fun.


Dani Irving: They are!


Golden_Boy: 🙂


Golden_Boy: How long have you been up?


Dani Irving: About five minutes.


Golden_Boy: Since you’re at home I could start to say dirty things and… never mind.


Dani Irving: You’re still at work though, aren’t you?


Golden_Boy: That’s why I said never mind. I have my own office but it would look bad if someone on my team walked in and I had a boner.


Dani Irving: So you don’t want to hear about the dream I had then 😉


Golden_Boy: Of course I do. In detail but I will have to wait.


Dani Irving: Hopefully I’ll still remember it later.


I grab my mug and a bowl so I can have some cereal.


Golden_Boy: Shit, now I want to hear it. Did you imagine his cock was as big as mine?


Dani Irving: Mmhmm… he had me get under his desk and blow him during a meeting.


Golden_Boy: Mmm. I bet you have amazing lips.


Dani Irving: I’ve been told I do.


Golden_Boy: One of these days I would like to feel that. I know that may never happen though. Probably shouldn’t happen.


Dani Irving: Probably not. I’m not sure we would mesh well in real life.


He’s great but he’s almost too nice.


Golden_Boy: Right. Because I’m awkward and you’re submissive. That just doesn’t work out does it?


Dani Irving: Not for long, unfortunately. Besides, it’s fun having a completely subjective friend I can talk to about things.


Golden_Boy: True.


I pour some cereal into my bowl and coffee in my mug. Both come with me to the kitchen table and I add milk to both of them.


Dani Irving: I should let you get back to work.


Golden_Boy: Yeah. I have to meet with some people. Will you be around tonight?


Dani Irving: Probably.


Golden_Boy: Do you want me to message you or leave you alone so you can get some sleep?


Dani Irving: You can message me.


Golden_Boy: Okay. Talk to you later


Dani Irving: Later gator 🙂


I set my phone aside and eat my cereal. Afterward I get on the shower and then get dressed. I go out to the bank of mailboxes for my apartment building and smile when I see Alcide standing there. He lives across the hall from me and we’ve hooked up a few times since he moved in eight months ago.


“Hey there,” I smile at him.


“Hey, Sookie,” he smiles back. “Haven’t seen you in a while.”


“I’ve been around. How are you doing?” I open my mailbox and pull my mail out.


“Good. I’ve been seeing Debbie again. Been about two weeks this time.”


“How’s it going?” I know they have an on again off again relationship that’s been going on for about six years now.


“So far, so good. She doesn’t seem too crazy this time,” he chuckles.


“Hopefully it stays that way.” I close and lock the mailbox.


“Hopefully. I told her this is it. If we don’t work this time no more.”


“That’s fair. We’re not getting any younger, right?” I don’t know if he wants to get married or have kids, but if he does I’m sure he doesn’t want to wait until he’s fifty.


“Exactly. Hey, I gotta get going. Deb is meeting me at my apartment in a few minutes.”


“No problem. I’ll see you around,” I smile at him and we each go back into our apartments.


For the time being it looks like my hook up is off limits.




Dani Irving: You around?


Golden_Boy: Maybe… 😉


Dani Irving: I think that’s a yes lol


Golden_Boy: Yeah. I’m here.


Dani Irving: How was your day?


Golden_Boy: Not great. I had to let someone go this afternoon.


Golden_Boy: How was your lazy day?


Dani Irving: Sorry to hear your day wasn’t so great. Mine was okay.


Golden_Boy: That’s good. I’ve also been set up on a blind date by my mother.


Dani Irving: Uh oh


Golden_Boy: It promises to be a disaster. She does this every few months.


Dani Irving: Anxious for grandkids?


Golden_Boy: Anxious is an understatement.


Dani Irving: Mine were too until my brother brought his baby mama home.


Golden_Boy: My sister had a sworn statement notarized that she will never have children so it’s up to me.


Dani Irving: Kids weren’t part of my brother’s plan but he says condoms are too small for him. Uh huh…


Jason is a fucking idiot and now he’s stuck with Crystal for at least the next eighteen years.


Golden_Boy: Ha! Does he have a tree trunk hanging between his legs cause those things are made to stretch… a lot.


Dani Irving: I think he’s got a tree trunk for a brain.


Golden_Boy: Sounds like it.


Dani Irving: He’s not the brightest star in the heavens, that’s for sure.


Golden_Boy: Check your email and tell me what you think.


I check and see he’s sent me two attachments. I open it up, not really sure what to expect. The first one is a full length photo of him, knees to neck, in a dark blue suit. Light gray shirt, no tie. The second is two different pairs of black shoes. One loafer, one tie on.


Golden_Boy: Which shoes? Apparently Ma has me going to some fancy shitty restaurant for my date.


Dani Irving: Mmm… loafers.


Golden_Boy: Thanks. I hate figuring out clothes. It took me an hour to pick the suit.


Dani Irving: Looks like a good one, if that helps.


Golden_Boy: Thank you.


Dani Irving: You’re welcome. When is the date?


Golden_Boy: Friday at seven.


Dani Irving: Does your mom have good taste at least?


Golden_Boy: She’s hit or miss. Usually miss. I end up with some girl that looks like a twelve-year-old boy that only eats salad and drinks too much. I need a girl with meat on her bones. I like having something to hold onto.


Dani Irving: Gotcha. Well maybe she’ll surprise you with a winner this time.


Golden_Boy: One can hope. Should I wear a tie?


Dani Irving: If you want to. A good suit on a man is a serious turn-on.


Golden_Boy: Oh yeah? 🙂


Dani Irving: Absolutely.


Golden_Boy: Does my suit picture turn you on, Dani?


Dani Irving: I think you look delicious in a suit.


He really does, from what I can see.


Golden_Boy: Good to know…


Golden_Boy: So… if I wore the suit when I spanked your sexy little ass would be… good?


I shiver just thinking about it.


Dani Irving: Very good. Mmm… my poor panties…


Golden_Boy: I wouldn’t mind reaching into them to feel what I’m doing to you. I bet my fingers would glide easily through your folds.


Dani Irving: I’m sure they would.


Golden_Boy: I want to make you cum right now. You should see how hard I am…


Dani Irving: Maybe you should save it for your date.


Golden_Boy: I’m a man. If she’s hot it won’t take too much to get another hard-on.


Golden_Boy: If you don’t want it that’s fine.


Dani Irving: I’m just not really in the mood for that right now. No offense.


Golden_Boy: None taken.


Dani Irving: I think I might just go fuck around on Tumblr for a little while.


Golden_Boy: Okay. Have fun.


Dani Irving: I’ll be around.


I start up my laptop and turn on the TV. I’m not sure what my problem is. One minute I’ve got a great mental picture in my head and the next I’m… I don’t know. I think it’s just a reminder of what I’m missing. Goldie’s great and the fantasy aspect of our relationship is fun, but I miss the real thing.


I’ve had vanilla relationships before but I always end up feeling like something is missing. Goldie might be okay with playing along with me on the internet, but he’s made it clear he can’t do it in real life. That’s okay. It’s just not his thing.


I spend some time on Tumblr and check my news feed on Facebook. My eyes start to get heavy and I send Goldie a chat to let him know I’m going to bed.


Dani Irving: I think it’s bedtime for me.


Golden_Boy: Sweet dreams.


Dani Irving: Thanks. You too.


I close my laptop and set it off to the side. I make sure my alarm is set on my phone and then turn off the TV before I lay down. Within minutes, I’m sound asleep.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 2

  1. So glad this is a continuing story (thanks my the response to my last reply). I’m having an argument w/ myself on whether I want them to realize who each other are now or keep the mystery and fun near misses going. I hope we continue hearing about Eric and Sookie’s past love life both are interesting to me Sookie perfering Dom/sub relationships and Eric’s lack of courage.

    Great story. I agree w/ Eric it’s so much easier being flirty and sexy over the internet then in real life. Keep up the chapters!! 😄


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