Chapter 17


I chuckled at Eric when he told me to come back. I wasn’t too far so I flipped around. I could tell Finn wasn’t happy with leaving anyway. She liked my place just fine, but she didn’t like being separated from Sawyer. Those two were like peas and carrots. She sat up in the passenger seat when I turned around. She was starting to figure out the route to and from “home”.

When I parked in the driveway she jumped over me before the door was all the way open. Eric was standing at the door waiting for me.

“Couldn’t sleep?” He probably hadn’t even laid down before he called.

“Something like that.” He stepped to the side to let me in.

“Come on, I’ll put you to sleep,” I joked as I walked past him. I unhooked Finn’s leash to let her go.

“You gonna make me watch one of those girly movies on that channel where some chick is always getting out of a bad relationship or ninety shades of crazy?”

“Nope, I was going to offer a blowjob, but now I just might,” I giggled, shrugging my sweater off.


“Come on.” I reached out my hand to him. I knew he was exhausted so he probably just needed to rest his head on my tits and he’d be out.

Eric took my hand and followed me up the stairs. I led him into his room. Once we were inside I reached back to unhook my bra. I motioned for Eric to lie down, which he did.

“Blowjob or snuggles?” I asked as I knelt at the foot of the bed. He’d punched a guy defending my honor; he deserved the blowie if he wanted it.

“Your choice. I win either way.”

“How tired are you?” If he was too tired it could wait until the morning.

“I’m not going to fall asleep mid-blowjob but I won’t be going for a three mile run,” he chuckled.

“Pants off, Mister.” I got up to grab a hair tie I’d left on the dresser.

He didn’t get up; he just wiggled out of his basketball shorts and kicked them away. I climbed back onto the bed as I tied my hair into a bun on top of my head. I looked up at his face as wrapped my hand around his length, rubbing my thumb over his tip, trying to get him going. I continued to rub while I tilted my head to suck one of his balls into my mouth. As I swirled my tongue around Eric’s cock started to stiffen in my hand.

“Much better than a movie,” he praised.

“Mmhmm,” I hummed, moving to his other nut, swirling my tongue around it. “You did something no one has ever done for me today.” I licked up the length of his shaft, taking his wide head between my lips.

“What’s that?”

I lifted my head and said, “You defended me.” I licked his tip, and then swirled around his head.

Eric grunted in response. My lips tightened a little around the top of his shaft. As I lowered my head my tongue swiped back and forth along the underside of his length. I moved my other hand up to gently massage his balls the way I learned he liked.

I started bobbing my head in time with my hand pumping up and down his solid length. I knew how to make it quick, and I also knew Eric was going to pass out as soon as I was done. He was exhausted and a good orgasm always knocked him out. His eyes fluttered closed as I moved my head and hand faster. I took him deeper and deeper on each stroke. I couldn’t quite deep throat him, but I hadn’t gotten any complaints.

It didn’t take too long for his cock to begin to swell and pulse in my mouth. I gave his balls a slight tug, and I knew he was close. I hummed, allowing the vibration to shoot through his length. That was all it took for him to lose it. Without verbal warning Eric erupted into my mouth. I wasn’t a huge fan of swallowing, but it felt right in the moment. As he shot his release into my mouth I suckled his tip, swallowing everything he had to give.

I kept my mouth on his dick until he was completely spent. I kissed his tip before I moved up the bed. I hovered over him, dipping my head to kiss the corner of his upturned mouth. He was adorable.

“Go to sleep, baby,” I whispered. His eyes were still closed. I wasn’t sleepy but I laid down next to him. Eric didn’t hesitate to roll onto his side, wrapping his arm around me to hold me close.

“Night,” he whispered back, nuzzling into my boobs. I wrapped my arm around his back so I could rub it slowly. I knew he didn’t sleep much on the trip.

As I waited for him to fall into a deep sleep I started thinking about what was happening with us. We technically had our own little family going already with the dogs. I wasn’t quite ready to move in with him yet, but it was getting harder and harder to drive away from him every time I went home. It shouldn’t have been as hard as it was. At least not that early in the game.

He was it, though. I think I knew that from the first kiss. Everything with Eric felt so natural it was scary. It was the kind of thing Gran had told me about. When I was first starting to like boys she promised me one day I’d meet that one that I couldn’t stop thinking about. The guy I could see my future children with. When I saw Eric with the dogs, I imagined him as the father of my children. That wasn’t something I took lightly.

Once I knew he was in a deep sleep I gently extracted myself from his grasp. I got out of bed, pulling the covers over his hips. Eric stretched out on the bed once he was alone. He looked content, and he seemed fine as long as he knew I was in the house. That was a nice feeling.

I left the room, closing the door lightly behind me. When I got back downstairs the dogs perked up. They got up from their beds and followed me to the kitchen. I doubted Eric realized he had so much food in the house. When I went grocery shopping I ended up taking it back to his house since I was there so much more than in my apartment. The first thing I did was get two mason jars from the cabinet. I grabbed the vanilla Greek yogurt from the fridge, the almond butter, some almond milk, and a small handful of other ingredients for overnight oats. I threw in some frozen cherries, and chia seeds too. It would taste like cherry pie, or as close to cherry pie as oatmeal could get.

Once I got the jars into the fridge I leaned against the counter. I needed to stay busy so I looked around the kitchen to figure out what to do. It was already clean, as was the living room. Eric was making great progress on the remodel. It was sexy showing up when he was covered in dirt and sweat, knowing he’d worked on the house all day.

I decided on slow cooker chicken tacos. That way I could put it in the base in the morning so Eric would have dinner when he got home from work. I had to work later in the afternoon, but I had a bunch of things to get done in the morning too, so I wouldn’t be around to cook. I pulled out four large chicken breasts, a can of diced Rotel tomatoes, two jalapenos, a bell pepper and an onion. I layered the raw veggies on the bottom of the pot; place the chicken on top, followed by the seasoning. I finished it off with the tomatoes and slid into the fridge. As I was doing that I had some pre-made cookie dough scooped out and in the oven so my man would have some fresh made cookies with his oats. Yeah, I spoiled Eric, he deserved it though.

I cleaned up the kitchen, put the cookies into an airtight container and went back up to the bedroom. Eric was on his side again. His long arms were wrapped around the pillow I used. It made me smile. I went to the bathroom, did my nightly business and then climbed into bed. Eric subconsciously let go of my pillow, only to pull me back against his hard body. Once he was snuggled against my back I finally relaxed and within minutes I was out cold.


The next night Eric had already gone home for the day and I was in the office with Andre sitting on the chair behind me spinning in circles. It was a slow night, so he was bored. When he was bored it usually spelled trouble.

“Can you go find something to do so you’re not bugging me?” I asked him. I already knew the answer was not likely.

“How am I bugging you?”

“The spinning is annoying.” The chair squeaked like a son of a bitch. It needed to be WD-40ed.

“But it’s fun.”

“How old are you?” I asked him. I knew he was younger, and it was obvious.

“Twenty-six,” he replied.

“Huh, I would’ve guessed younger,” I shrugged. “There isn’t something you can do out in the shop?” I wanted to listen to music and get on Facebook, but I didn’t want Andre in my business while I was on there.

“Nope. It’s dead out there,” he said. The spinning stopped but I could hear the mouse moving on the counter for the parts computer.

I decided to pull up my Facebook anyway. I’d posted some pictures of Finn, but not Sawyer or Eric. A couple of the guys at the shop were friends with Eric so it would’ve been counterproductive if we were trying to keep it quiet at work.

I was replying to comment from my brother when I felt Andre lean over my shoulder to look at my page.

“Can I help you?” He had a habit of standing too close to me.

“You got a Pit?” He pointed to the picture Jason commented on. “I have three.”

“Yeah, her name’s Finn,” I told him. “I went to the shelter and fell in love. I didn’t intend to bring her home.” Andre didn’t strike me as a dog owner.

“They pick you and that’s it,” he said like he knew from experience. Andre held his phone in front of me and there was a picture of a white, a gray and a tan pit bull all curled up on the same fleece blanket when they were puppies. “They’re all monsters now. The tan one’s name is Chunk. The gray one’s name is Bender. The white one’s name is Leia.”

Goonies, Breakfast Club, and  Star Wars?” I predicted.

“You know it.”

Huh, who knew Andre had decent taste in movies?

“They’re adorable,” I told him. “I’m nervous Finn is going to be a monster in no time. She grows a little more every day.”

“Could be. She got big paws?”

“Pretty big for her size. I’m sure she’s going to grow into them,” I said.

“Most likely,” he agreed. “You training her?”

“Yeah, my boyfriend and I are working on her. She’s a smart, mild mannered girl,” I told him. I silently kicked myself for mentioning a boyfriend. Andre was a nosy little fucker. “She comes and sits at my feet on command, and does the usual roll over, sit, lay down. I’m working on playing dead when I pretend to shoot her now.”

Andre snickered at that.

“If someone pretended to shoot at Bender he’d rip their arm off,” he told me. “Tell that boyfriend to watch his danglers.”

I chuckled and said, “She’s protective, but she knows who the alpha in the house is.”

“You live with your boyfriend?” Nosy. Bitch.

“Nope. I have an apartment on my own,” I answered.

He nodded and sat down at the computer again. I closed out of my Facebook and leaned back in the chair.

“Do you know who’s coming in for overnight?” I asked. Des hadn’t updated the schedule.

“Uh, I think his brother Dimos,” he told me. “You met him yet?”

“Not yet,” I said. “What’s he like?” Not that I had to work with him much.

Andre laughed. “There’s no explaining Dimos. You’ll see.”

“Uh… okay…” That was ominous. I looked at the clock; it was 11:15. I guessed I was going to find out soon enough.

I picked up my phone and brought up my text messages. I’d changed Eric’s name in case I had any lookie-loos reading over my shoulder.

Me: How’d dinner turn out?

I hadn’t heard from him since he left.

Gomer: I’m having food triplets.

Me: Did you eat the whole pot?

I wouldn’t have been surprised if he did. I left a package of small flour tortillas next to the crock pot and two limes.

Gomer: I’m not a total animal. I stopped before I ate the pot.

Me: How many did you have?

That could’ve meant anything.

Gomer: I didn’t count.

Me: Oh boy. It’s a sloooow night.

Gomer: So then you want to know about the internet porn I’m watching :p

Me: Of course I do. As long as it’s not something creepy…

Gomer: Oh…… Then never mind.

Me: Now I’m intrigued lol.

I looked back and Andre was playing on the internet, ignoring me, which was good.

Gomer: I’d send pics if you weren’t at work.

Me: Andre isn’t paying attention and I can turn my back.

Gomer: Naughty, naughty girl…

Me: You like that about me. 😛

Gomer: I do.

He followed that up with a picture of the bulge in his basketball shorts.

Me: That’s porn for me, not you.

I was interested in learning what type of porn he liked. I wanted to know as much about him as possible.

Gomer: I said I’d send pics. I didn’t say of what.

Me: True.

Me: What kinda porn are you into?

Gomer: Depends on my mood.

Me: What kinda mood are you in right now?

Gomer: I’m bored as fuck.

Me: Me too. Facebook has nothing good going on. I can’t wait to get out of here.

Me: Do you want me to come over tonight?

I would’ve been fine going home, but we knew what had happened the night before.

Gomer: Your choice. It’ll be pretty late by then. I’ll be asleep when you get here if you come and gone before you’re up.

Me: Okay. I’ll just go home then.

Me: Do you know anything about Dimos?

Gomer: His name is pronounced dee-mos, but “dim” is an accurate description.

Me: Oh boy. He’s apparently covering Bobby’s overnights. (You may have known that) Andre said I’ll have to wait and see what he’s like. Lol.

Gomer: Good luck….

Me: You’re not very helpful 😐

Gomer: If you think Ras stares at your tits too much…

Me: Oh joy. I’m not going to be here very long with him so I guess that’s fine.

I’d gotten used to the guys checking me out. There was no point in trying to stop them. They were harmless.

Gomer: He’s harmless.

Me: Figured. I doubt Des would put a predator in here with me.

I looked at the clock. It was 11:32. It felt like the slowest fucking night in life.

Me: I want to be at home or curled up with you right now 😣

Gomer: Tomorrow night I’m all yours. We can go to the cabin if you want 😉

Me: That would be nice. We may really need to get the blinders for the dogs lol. I don’t plan on putting clothes on out there this time.

Gomer: I doubt they’ll care, honey.

Me: I don’t want to traumatize them. Who knows what you’ll try to do to me.

Gomer: You’re the freak in this relationship 😛

Me: I don’t know what you’re talking about 😌

Gomer: So that was my OTHER girlfriend who said she likes being spanked while I call her a naughty girl?

Me: Must’ve been.

Especially since he hadn’t done that yet.

Gomer: Then it’s boring missionary for you.

Me: Missionary isn’t always boring. Maybe we should try out this spanking thing… maybe when you bend me over the counter when I’m making dinner?

Gomer: Is this my other girlfriend?

Me: This is your ONLY girlfriend.

Gomer: Damn right. Freak 😘

Me: Fine. I’ll own it. You like it though. I’m sure it’s making you hard right now.

It could’ve been the porn too, if he was still watching it.

Gomer: I like everything about you.

Me: Charmer. It just sucks that I’m not there to kiss your cute face.

Gomer: I can swing by before work…

Me: You’d do that for me?

Gomer: Mmhmmm.

Me: You know it may turn into more than face kisses, right?

Gomer: We’ll see what happens. I might even bring you coffee and one of those blueberry streusel muffins you like.

Me: You spoil me 😍

Gomer: I give as good as I get.

Me: True.

That was part of what made us work so well together.

Me: Should I let you get back to your porn?

Gomer: Probably a good idea.

Me: Okay. I think Dimos is here anyway.

Gomer: Have fun 😘😘😘

Me: Goodnight baby. 💋❤

I was right a few seconds later a guy that looked like a younger version of Des walked into the room. Andre was spinning in the chair. I was ready to go home. I checked the clock. I still had fifteen minutes before the end of my shift.

“Hello,” I smiled when the new guy walked into the room.

“Hello,” he replied in a thicker accent than Des’s and that was saying something.

“Jihad!” Andre yelled. Dimos gave him the finger.

I had all my shit packed up and ready so I stood up to give Dimos the seat.

“I’m Sookie,” I introduced myself, reaching out to shake his hand.

“Jihad, don’t kill her for not covering her head,” Andre instructed.

“Fuck you,” Dimos replied, making Andre chuckle. “I’m not Jihad; I’m Greek.”

“I don’t care what you are. I just care that you’re on time so I can take my tired ass home,” I snorted.

“Any calls?”

“Nope. It’s been dead around here,” I answered.

Dimos nodded and put down the big grocery bag he was carrying. A Snapple bottle had been refilled with water and he set that on the counter, too.

“Jihad, what movie you watching tonight?” Andre asked.

“I think your mom is in it,” Dimos answered, surprising the shit out of Andre.

“Oooh, I’ve seen that one,” I nodded. I already had my purse on my arm, waiting to clock out.

Andre shook his head while Dimos got settled. Andre left the office first and then Dimos told me I could go… with his eyes locked on my tits. I wasn’t surprised.

I turned to leave the office so I could clock out. I went out to my car and waited a couple minutes while it warmed up before I pulled out of the spot to head home. I got an eerie feeling when I drove away from the shop. It wasn’t until I saw a pair of headlights flash right before I turned into my apartment complex that I realized what the feeling was. It felt like I was being followed. I got out, locked up the car and headed up to my apartment. My dog greeted me before I made it to the door. She jumped up, trying to get me to say hello, but I froze instead. My fantastic boyfriend was sitting on my front step.

“Hi,” I grinned when I saw him.

“Hi.” Eric held out a single pink daisy.

“What are you doing here?” I asked as I took it from him and brought it to my nose to smell it.

“Quantum physics,” he smirked.

“Smart ass,” I giggled. I wrapped my arms around his neck to pull him down for a kiss hello. “I’m glad you’re here,” I whispered against his lips.

“Me too. My other girlfriend was busy,” he teased.

“You’re going to earn a spanking if you keep talking about this other girl.” I pulled away so I could unlock the door. The dogs went rushing in as soon as the door was open. Eric followed me inside and closed the door behind him.

Eric was a good boyfriend. He made me feel safe, especially with that eerie feeling I had on my way home. I was glad to see my little family when I showed up. It made my night that much better.


13 thoughts on “Chapter 17

  1. Don’t tell me the ex-boyfriend stalker (was that Beehl by any chance?) has popped up to interfere in their blissful lives. Great chapter just the right amount of fun until the end.


  2. Andre made me laugh! Looks like stalker Bill is back – hope Eric hits him too. These 2 are sooo cute, lovely chapter.


  3. Eric and Sookie are so cute! They’ve been keeping it quiet for so long at work that something is going to get them busted. With how careful they are at work nobody is jealous except Beehl because he’s a stalker or maybe Bobby because he’s jealous that Sookie made friends out of the guys and he hasn’t. Sookie needs to tell Eric about being followed.


  4. uh oh, Bill?? I like them, they are sweet and your coworkers are so wtf!! 🙂 drama in sight? waiting for it;)


  5. As if these two get any cuter…. Geez… You really have a knack of showing in a humorous but also touching way how badly they want each other, not just sexually (which of course… they do… a lot…) but they just don’t want to spend any time apart…
    Curious about who was following Sookie but hopefully seeing the giant waiting for her, they get the message and stay away? Hopeful thinking I know…


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