Chapter 20


“I don’t know if I want to leave this room,” I sigh as I flop on the bed. We’ve been in the hotel three minutes and I’m ready to move here.


I booked us into a five star resort. Our room overlooks the ocean and we even have a private spa on our balcony. Heaven.


“We have a new house to go home to, remember? You finally get to go all the way with Penelope after weeks of flirting and fingering her box,” Sookie smirks.


“Get over here and I can finger you,” I wink, holding up my hand to wiggle my fingers. “Or we can skinny dip in the hot tub.”


“You don’t want to go down to the beach?” Sookie picks up her suitcase and unzips it to unpack.


“Are you going to wear the pink bikini?” I’m going to walk around with a hard-on. Let’s hope I don’t get arrested.


“Which one? I have two.” She pulls them from her bag. One is the shiny one she ordered online and the other is pale pink with black trim and might be even skimpier.


“The one with the black trim. I’ll have to walk behind you to cover my erection,” I laugh.


“I’m not sure that’ll work,” she snorts. Sookie leaves the pink and black bikini on the bed and puts the others in a drawer. She takes out her video camera and plugs it in over by the dresser.


I get up from the bed to put my own clothes away. I toss a pair of gray broad shorts onto the bed and slip into the bathroom to put my toiletries up on the vanity. I check the water pressure and flush the toilet a couple times to make sure everything works properly. When I get back to the room I strip my clothes off and walk out to the balcony completely naked. Because I can.


“You should try this, Angel,” I call back into the room as I look at the water.


A few seconds later her hands settle on my sides from behind.


“It’s beautiful here,” she says.


“Mmhmm,” I agree without taking my eyes off of the ocean. “And no one can see me naked out here.”


“Except me, of course.” She kisses my back and a few seconds later I hear a splash behind me.


“I’m fine with you seeing me naked,” I say as I turn around. Mmm, naked Sookie in a hot tub. “You didn’t even wait for me,” I smirk, leaning my back against the balcony wall.


“Nope, but I have to say that a hot tub in Mexico is like an ice bath at the South Pole,” she snickers.


“It’s not too bad.” I walk down into the hot tub. It’s an infinity style hot tub so we can still see the ocean from the water. “You know, I can sit here and you can ride me while you watch the ocean.”


“I can?” she gasps. Smartass.


“Get over here,” I growl and pull her over to straddle my lap.


“You know I can’t see the ocean this way.”


“Why’s that?” I ask.


“Because I’m facing you, duh. Did the bikinis short circuit your brain?”


“Possibly. Turn around.”


Sookie turns around and leans back to rest her head on my shoulder. “This was a very good idea.”


“I agree,” I whisper, kissing her exposed neck. I wrap my arms around her waist so I can hold her for a while. It’s early afternoon so we still have plenty of time to get down to the beach.


“So what would you like to do tomorrow on your actual birthday?” Sookie asks.


“Nothing. We can wake up, fuck, order room service, fuck, then go down to the beach and walk around. Maybe sun bathe, swim, come back to the room to fuck again… Yeah, that sounds good.”


“So basically you want sex and food,” she giggles.


“Is there anything else in life worth wanting?” I joke, tickling her side.


Sookie squirms on my lap. “Not that I can think of.”


“I didn’t think so.” I wrap my arms around her again and ghost soft kisses along her neck. “We can start planning your trip to the Bahamas for your birthday.”


“Mmm… one trip at a time,” she says. “We can talk about that in a few months.”


“Yeah. We can get at least six months of mortgage under our belts, I guess. Grams offered to come over to help you direct traffic when we move in. She said Rasul will help us move the big stuff so you girls will each have your own eye candy.”


Sookie laughs and says, “As long as she remembers it’s my house and not hers, I’m fine with that. Lafayette will help us too. I could talk to my brother, but I’m sure that even if he agrees, he won’t show up. He’ll forget or find someone else to do.”


“Grams knows it’s your house. She just wants to see her sex toy walk around sweaty and shirtless. I suspect you got Lafayette’s help by telling him he can watch the show too?”


“No, I didn’t. He offered to help. Grams is onto something though. It will be nice to watch my favorite sex toy grunt and be manly.”


“Just think, I’ll do yard work once a week,” I purr in her ear, dropping another kiss on her neck. “All the neighborhood housewives are going to be so jealous of you.”


“Mmm… and I can come out with lemonade and plant my garden in a bikini…”


“We can play the gardener and the housewife,” I whisper. “Mr. Stackhouse can be away on business and I can come in and give his missus what she needs.”


“And what will she need, yardboy?”


“A long, thick shaft to slide in and out of all of her tight holes,” I growl. I slide my hands up her sides to cup her breasts and tug on her nipples.


“You know I think she might be the dirty girl that needs a big cock in her ass,” she says, rubbing her ass against my growing erection.


“Mmm, it’s a good thing I have a big cock for you,” I smile against her neck.


“Yes it is,” Sookie agrees.


“Is your pussy ready right now, Angel?” I ask. I’m sure it is. She always seems to be ready for me.


“Mmhmmm,” she hums.


“Do you want to slide down my big cock and ride me right now?” I ask, tugging a little harder.


“Fuuuuuck… yes,” she moans.


“What are you waiting for?”


Sookie shifts herself and positions my cock at her opening. She slides down slowly and leans back against my chest. I keep my hands on her tits, lifting them out of the water so the cool ocean breeze slides across her nipples. I brush my lips along her jaw and revel in her warm, tight sheath.


Her hips move in slow circles and her head turns so her lips meet mine. I slide my tongue through her lips in a slow, gentle kiss. Sookie’s hands rest on mine softly as I play with her tits. I gently remove mine, leaving her hands in their place and I move one hand down to rub my fingers up and down over her clit. I can feel her walls softly fluttering around my shaft. It feels so fucking good.


“I love you, so much,” I whisper into the kiss.


“I love you too,” she replies.


We go on like this for what seems like forever. I know it’s not that long though. After a few minutes I feel her walls begin to grip me harder, slowly milking my own orgasm to the surface. She loses the battle right before I do. Her body shakes and trembles on my lap, dragging my own release out of me so I cum deep inside of her with a soft whimper.


“Want to head down to the beach now?” I ask between slow kisses.


“Mmhmmm,” she hums.


I help her off of my lap. We get out of the hot tub and walk into the room still dripping wet. I go into the bathroom to grab towels so we can dry off and get dressed. I don’t actually call what Sookie is dressed seeing as her naughty bits are barely covered. I put the room key into my zipped pocket along with our ID’s and my credit card. I put our valuables into the room safe and we head down the twenty-eight floors to the beach.


“Do you just want to walk?” I ask. I’m already uncomfortable with the amount of men checking out her tits. I can’t get mad though. I told her to wear the bikini.


“Yeah, that would be nice.” Sookie takes my hand.


We take our time walking toward the water. When we reach it she hooks her arm through mine and we walk through the surf lapping at the shore. It feels good. It’s warm.


“I can see why Lafayette thought we might elope here. So far it’s pretty romantic,” I smile. I’m nowhere near ready to get married. It feels good to be able to talk about it with someone though.


“It is. Gran would kill me if I got married without her being there,” Sookie says. She and Adele still haven’t had the conversation they need to have but at least they’re speaking to each other again. It’s not perfect but it’s better than nothing.


“I wouldn’t even suggest it without our grandmothers there. Plus you deserve more than a quickie wedding without friends and family. You deserve the perfect dress, hair and makeup, walking down the aisle at your church type wedding. Unless that’s not what you want,” I finish, looking down at her. Her tits have my full attention.


“I wouldn’t mind going away to get married but I’d have to bring Gran and Lafayette along. You know what I always thought would be fun? One of those surprise weddings. You know when people think they’re coming for a barbeque and bam, we get married,” she says.


“We have plenty of backyard. I’d be willing to do that if we decide to get married,” I smile. I haven’t thought about it too much, but I’m pretty positive she’s the one. I’ll ask her when I decide to go ring shopping.


“Eh, we can talk about this again in the future. I’ll probably get pregnant on accident first anyway,” she snickers.


“Wouldn’t doubt it,” I reply. “We have a shitton of sex.”


“Indeed we do. With your eyes glued to my tits right now, I’m betting you’re plotting how you’re going to fuck me when we get back to the room.”


“Well, I haven’t fucked your tits… and they look really, really good in that bikini,” I shrug.


“You know, with the other various options men have, I always wonder why titty fucking is such a big deal,” Sookie admits.


“It’s honestly not that big of a deal for me. I’d rather suck your tits than fuck them. However, I would never turn it down. There is something oddly hot about watching my cock slide back and forth between a girl’s tits. The bigger, the better,” I grin. “I just like having my dick anywhere on or in your body.”


“Then I’ll have to ask other guys what the attraction is because I’m curious,” she chuckles.


“I’m willing to bet everyone that you ask will ask if you want a demonstration,” I say.


“Probably,” Sookie laughs.


I stop walking, pulling Sookie’s back against my chest. We face out toward the water and I rest my chin on her head.


“This makes me want a big boat,” I say quietly.


“Gramps had a boat,” Sookie tells me. “We used to drive down to Lake Charles in the summer and spend the weekend there. We had a nice little cabin on the lake. I learned to fish there. I even baited my own hooks.”


I smile at her memory. I love it when she tells me stories about her growing up.


“I think we should do this once a year. Go somewhere, anywhere, where we don’t worry about work or family or friends. Just us,” I suggest.


“That would be nice,” Sookie agrees. “I like traveling and seeing new things outside of my regular world.”


“I can get used to it,” I smile. I don’t leave home too much. “I’ve been here, obviously New Orleans, and Chicago.”


“I’ve been to Colorado, Tennessee, Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Massachusetts and Arizona,” she says.


“You have me beat by a mile,” I chuckle.


“There’s time to change that.”


“Yeah. Let’s try to hold off a while on the accidental babies,” I laugh. “The bar makes plenty of money, and I could afford to take a family on these trips, but I want to be selfish with you for a while.”


“That’s okay. I’m not ready to tote a kid around quite yet either,” she says.


“Wanna walk again?” I look behind us and see the hotel is quite a ways away.


“Yeah, sure.” Sookie turns and takes my hand again.


We go silent and start head farther away from the hotel, but I don’t think either of us minds. I’m glad Sookie and I can walk without feeling the need to fill the silence. There are families playing on the beach on one side and the roar of the ocean on the other. It’s nice to not have to worry about an emergency at the bar or the fact that we’re probably going to have to replace all the windows in the house before winter comes. All I need to worry about is me and the adorable little blond to my right.




Precisely at midnight I walk out of the bathroom in new black and green lingerie I bought just for Eric’s birthday. It fits like a second skin and makes my curvy bits seem curvier. Eric is sitting up against the headboard, playing with his phone.


“Happy birthday, babe,” I grin at him as I teeter toward the bed in black pumps.


He looks up and a smile slowly spreads across his handsome face.


“Thank you, Angel,” he replies, setting his phone down.


“Until midnight tonight consider me your naughty little fucktoy,” I tell him.


“Hmm, whatever shall I do with such a thing?” he asks. He looks down at his lap before looking back up at me. “I guess you should start by getting me hard.”


“Yes, sir,” I smile. I climb up on the enormous bed and crawl to him. His eyes are fixed on my tits. I straddle his waist and lean in to kiss him while my hips glide back and forth over his cock.


“Mmm, so far, so good,” he groans into the kiss as his hands settle on my hips.


“I brought some toys, just in case,” I tell him.


“What do we have here?”


“Cuffs, my plug, the clamps, the paddle and a new toy that’s supposed to be good for making girls squirt,” I reply. That freaked me out. I was convinced I’d peed all over him. I haven’t done it since that day.


“Hmm,” he hums, tilting to kiss me again. “How hard do you feel like cumming tonight?”


“It’s up to you. I’m all yours, remember?”


“Yeah, but I don’t want to break you again,” he chuckles.


“Well just don’t do it over and over back to back. Last time it got me dehydrated. This time I have plenty of bottled water ready and waiting.”


“It’s hard to stop once you get me started. Go get your new toy,” he says.


“Yes, sir.” I kiss him one more time and get off the bed. I grab towels from the bathroom and then the toy from my suitcase. It’s just a curved vibrator, but I’ve turned it on and damn. “Where do you want me?”


“At the foot of the bed. On your back, legs spread with your pussy on display for me,” he directs me.


I sit at the foot of the bed, spread my legs wide and lean back on my elbows. “Like this, sir?”


“Perfect,” he whispers as he gets into position on his hands and knees between my legs. He reaches down to pull his cock out of his boxers and starts to stroke as he bends down to swipe his tongue through my folds.


“Mmm… it’s not quite as good as birthday cake, I bet.” I smile down at him.


“It’s better,” he winks before he licks me again.


My head falls back and my hips want to lift off the bed but I force them to stay still. Eric continues to lick me over and over, dragging his tongue slowly up and down along my slit. He pauses after a minute or so to spread out the towel under me and he grabs my new toy.


“I’m not sure if I want to use this yet,” he says, flicking it on and off. “I love the way your body is writhing below me and the fresh waves of your honey dripping out on my tongue.”


“Whatever you want,” I tell him.


Eric reaches down to stroke my folds a few times before he spreads my lower lips. He keeps his eyes on my pussy as he brings the vibrator to my opening and slowly pushes it into me. He doesn’t turn it on yet; he twists and pumps it in and out of me a few times.


“Do you want me to get the camera so you can see how fucking hot this looks?” he asks and bends down to rub his tongue over my clit.


“If you want to see it over and over again, go ahead. Feeling it is enough for me,” I reply.


“Mmm, we’ll see,” he hums against my pussy.


I feel the vibrator click on and Eric starts to fuck me harder with the toy. After a few seconds he sits up again to watch my pussy contract around the vibrator. “Fuck, you’re so fucking sexy, Angel,” he growls as he brings his other hand in to rub my clit with his thumb.


My arms give out and I fall back. My head hangs over the edge of the bed and my hips are moving with the toy. The pressure is building incredibly fast and when Eric presses the toy against the right spot inside me, my back arches and I cry out, “Oh fuck, right there, Eric!”


The pleasure is intense. My eyes roll back and everything shakes right before I explode. I knew cumming like this was possible, but I didn’t think I could. Boy was I wrong.


“Mmm, perfect,” Eric purrs. He turns the vibrator off, making me whimper when he pulls it out of me. He bends to slide his tongue through my pussy and says, “You definitely succeeded in making my dick hard. Do you think you can move enough to suck it?”


“Mmhmmm… just give me a minute,” I pant. My insides are still tingling.


“Actually…” Eric gets off of the bed and stands at the foot right above my head. He pulls me into position and paints my lips with his pre-cum. “I could just fuck you like this.”


I lick the underside of his tip and say, “Yes you can.” My lips close around his head and suck hard while my tongue flicks against it.


Eric reaches up to push his hands under my lingerie. He grabs my tits and starts to pump his hips slowly, working his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. “Are you going to swallow my dick, Angel?” he asks as his head nudges the back of my throat.


“Mmhmmm,” I hum around his shaft. My jaw relaxes and the next time he nudges my throat, I swallow his head, letting him slide down my throat so his base reaches my lips.


“Fuuuuuck, that’s good,” he pants. He pulls his hands away from my tits and holds onto my head, his fingers massaging the back. He keeps his thrusts slow, pulling out to allow me to breathe every few seconds.


My eyes close as he fucks my throat. Every few thrusts I hum a little to make him groan. The next time he pulls out I roll over onto my stomach and prop myself up on my elbows so I can use my hands. I stroke his shaft while my lips wrap around his sac. My tongue caresses it and my thumb brushes his tip, making his hips jerk.


“Mmm, fuck…” he hisses. He wraps his hand in my hair to hold it back, pulling tighter as I caress him with my tongue.


When I release his sac, my tongue licks the underside of his shaft. I flick my tongue over his tip, teasing him a bit before my lips close around his head again. My hand keeps moving up and down his shaft and my head begins bobbing quickly.


Eric gasps, dropping his head back for a moment. He’s whispering something, but I’m unable to understand him. It doesn’t matter. His cock begins to swell and pulse between my lips as his hips start to thrust. “Are you ready?” he asks after a few moments. He gasps one more time and holds my head down as he explodes deep down my throat. “Fuck! Yes!” he shouts as his hips jerk against me. “Fuckfuckfuck…” he chants while I swallow. As he slowly pulls out I make sure to lick up as much as I can.


I kiss his tip and smile up at him. “Not a bad way to start your birthday, huh?”


“Mmm, not bad at all. Thank you, Angel,” he says, brushing my hair back.


“You’re welcome. What would you like now?” I push myself up to sit with my legs folded under me.


“I want you to strip,” he tells me as he picks up the towel to take it to the bathroom. He comes back and lies in the middle of the bed on his back with his arms folded under his head.


“Shoes on or off?”


“Off. I want you completely bare.”


I slip my shoes off and drop them on the floor before wiggling out of the lingerie.


“Good, now come up here and have a seat,” he directs me, flicking his eyes down to his thighs.


I crawl over to him and straddle his thighs. He unfolds his arms and grabs my hands to pull me down so I’m lying on top of him. Eric starts to rub my back from my ass all the way up to my shoulders.


“Now kiss me,” he whispers.


I tilt my head up and brush my lips against his before kissing him sweetly. I suck on his bottom lip and then the top, eventually slipping my tongue in his mouth to deepen the kiss a bit. He moans into the kiss; his hands steadily moving along my skin. He remains soft and sweet. Eric’s tongue caresses mine as his hands settle on my behind. He starts to massage my rear cheeks and thrust his hips up slowly.


“This is all I want, Angel,” he whispers between kisses. “Your soft skin in my hands and your perfect lips on mine.”


“You can have it as long as you want,” I whisper back and kiss him again.


“Forever,” he replies, barely audible.


We lie there kissing until I eventually fall asleep on his chest.




“Angel,” I hear with a warm hand on my back.


“Hmmm?” I hum. I have no idea what time it is but I’m comfortable on Eric’s chest.


“I’m hungry,” he says. I feel his chest rumble with his chuckle.


“Call room service,” I mumble.


“I can’t reach the phone.”


“Go-go gadget arms,” I mumble and force myself off of him.


He rolls over and grabs the menu before he flops onto his back again.


“I’ve been listening to the sound of the ocean for the last hour,” he tells me. “My stomach finally got the better of me.”


“Order away.” I hide my head under a pillow. I’m not ready to be awake yet.


He reaches for the phone and I hear him order half the menu before he puts the phone back down. He rolls onto his side and rests his heavy hand on my lower back, gently rubbing up and down.


“You’re going to miss the whole trip if you sleep all day,” he says quietly.


“I’m not going to sleep all day.”


“You sure about that? It’s past ten,” he chuckles.


“It’s not even afternoon yet. Aren’t you always telling me I get up too early? I’m on vacation.”


“That’s exactly why you should be up. We have all of Cancun to see,” he argues.


“Right now I only want to see the back of my eyelids.”


Eric sighs and rolls out of bed. He goes into the bathroom, closing the door softly behind him before I hear the shower turn on. I stay right where I am. I don’t know why I’m so damn grumpy, but I am.


By the time Eric comes out of the bathroom I’m in the same spot. I want to go out and see things too but I’m not in any kind of rush to do it. I don’t want to be rushed around when I’m on vacation. The point is to relax. There aren’t any chores to do our errands to run. If I want to lie in bed until noon, so what?


Room service arrives and Eric gets the door. He’s polite to the lady delivering the food, but doesn’t say anything to me. He takes his food to the balcony and eats quietly. I’m starting to fall asleep again when I feel him lean over to kiss my head.


“I’m going out,” he says.


“Mmkay,” I mumble. “If I’m not here when you get back I’ll be on the beach.”


“Right,” he sighs. He mumbles something about happy birthday just before I hear the room door close.


I groan and roll over. It takes a while for me to wake up but when I do I get into the shower and then call room service to get myself some fruit salad and pancakes. Like Eric did, I eat my breakfast out on the terrace in my floral bikini.


Two hours pass and Eric doesn’t come back. I wait another hour before I give up. I grab a towel, my beach bag and room key before going down to the beach. I have no idea where Eric went or when he’s coming back but he knows where to find me.

15 thoughts on “Chapter 20

  1. Glad they made it to Mexico. Still reads like they need to communicate some more. They both have different expectations of their vacation. Hopefully the cliffhanger doesn’t mean that Eric is lost, angry or doing something really really stupid like drinking!


  2. Uh oh! Seems like Sookie forgot she offered herself to him for 24 hours (unless I misread that) if she was in a grumpy mood with him wanting breakfast what would she have done if he wanted sex?!?! Feel bad Eric is spending so much of his birthday by himself. Yes, vacations are for taking it easy but if your at such a spectacular place it is a shame to sleep it away, should have just had a staycation at home…


  3. That was really good until she ignored him on his birthday. She can’t get up to eat breakfast with him and do what he wants for his day? I understand about lazy vacations- I’m the only one in my family that sleeps in but geez. That was really selfish! And he never says anything. I wonder what he found to do…


  4. they are so stupid sometimes! both are so selfish most of the time. I mean, it’s his birthday and she sleeps for almost ten hours and gets pissy when he tries to wake her. and he just takes off when he doesn’t get his way? again, I want to bang their heads together!!!


    • I was talking with my girls and my thoughts are, maybe sookie’s getting her period or she really wants to marry eric right away but’s not admitting it. you know how we girls are sometimes, WHY CAN”T YOU READ MY MIND OR MOODS!!! lol eric’s not owning up either, he wants to get married ASAP, he all but admitted it with the FOREVER comment. they’re tap dancing around it and saying it at the same time which is hilarious!!!


  5. i dunno, i guess she’s grumpy, but damn, i don’t like being rushed around on vacation either. I know its his birthday, but they have how many days there? they could take a day to chill and sleep in, they work hard, its not going to kill anyone. i’m sure he’s just pouting.


  6. Geez these two… Although in all honesty, what’s up with Sookie being so grumpy? And worse, she knows she is being grumpy so she should get over herself at least for Eric’s birthday no? Especially after she promised him 24 unfettered access? After that surely at least she could be AWAKE? Sure Eric pouting is not helpful but I think this one is (again, as it was back a few chapters) on Sookie…


  7. Their vacation began so good and fun 😉 However, Sookie just couldn’t wake up one morning and Eric wouldn’t let that stop his vacationing. Sookie went about her way to the beach not thinking anything is wrong, there is or will be when Eric comes back.


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