Chapter 6: Taco Monday

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“You already starting without me?” Sookie was in my kitchen pulling stuff for tacos out of the fridge. I was just coming out of the shower. The location we were at wasn’t really conducive for showers.


I was happy when she showed up earlier. I wasn’t expecting it, but it was a really nice surprise. It had been a while since I’d met a girl as much as I liked Sookie.


“Tacos are like the only thing I can cook,” she told me.


“So I can sit back and watch you work?” I walked over to the fridge when she moved to the counter. I grabbed a beer out. I couldn’t have tacos without beer — or tequila.


“If you want to. Hell, you might want to get pictures for posterity in case this is the only time you ever see me cooking,” she snorted.


“Don’t mind if I do,” I chuckled. My phone was on the counter charging. It said a lot about her that I not only trusted her with my phone, but to be left alone in my house. I picked up my phone and snapped a picture of her. She looked cute at the stove. I was also really weird thinking that.


“Where are your spices?”


I pointed to the cabinet they were in right next to the stove. “I should have anything you need. Are you going to want my help?” I asked before taking a drink of my beer.


“Nope. You can sit there and be pretty. Feel free to sexually harass me if you want.” Sookie turned and opened the cabinet. When she reached up her skirt moved up enough to almost flash her ass at me.


“Oh, I will definitely be sexually harassing you,” I chuckled. It was insane that I was semi-hard after cumming so hard with Jessica earlier. It was harder than normal thanks to the little minx in front of me flashing her pussy at me. The whole time I was working my thoughts were on Sookie. I was sure Jessica could tell the difference. It wasn’t our first movie together. She didn’t comment on it but I was sure she would the next day.


“Pans?” Sookie asked.


“The lower cabinet to the right of the stove,” I told her. When she bent over to open the cabinet I stepped up behind her, grabbing her hips. “Is this the kind of sexual harassment you speak of?” I rubbed back and forth over her ass.


“Could be.” She selected a skillet and stood up to set it on the stove.


I kept my hands on her hips as I leaned down to kiss her shoulder.


“I was very happy you showed up today,” I said as I kissed up the side of her neck. I had no idea what it looked like for her or how she felt about watching me fuck another woman.


“I figured you would be. I mean, I am pretty awesome, so…”


I chuckled and said, “You are. You’re refreshing. You also made the scene that much better since I was imagining she was you.”


“I wonder how she feels about that,” Sookie said. She reached for a butcher knife so she could start dicing an onion.


“I knew she could tell something was different. This is our fourth movie together.” I leaned against the counter, getting out of her way. She had a knife; I didn’t want to distract her. “Hell, she’d probably thank you.”


“She seems nice. I’ve seen some of the scenes you’ve done with her. You look good together.” Sookie reached over to turn on the stove to heat the pan.


“Thanks. We’re comfortable together now, so it makes things a lot easier.”


“Do you have a favorite to work with?”


“Jessica is in the top three,” I answered. “Tawny Tail is absolutely amazing to work with. She’s not only good at reading me; she’s fun to hang out with between takes. I’ve had shoots with her I had to call cut on so I didn’t blow my load too soon,” I chuckled.


“That’s cool. Can I ask how you got your name?” Sookie started to dice up the onion. Well, it was probably supposed to be a dice. It was more of a hatchet job. Her knife skills were pretty much non-existent.


“My first movie the actress I was with told me I was as hard as steel. One of the P.A.s blurted out Steel Johnson. It’s not as glorious and fun as most people think,” I said.


“No,” she laughed quietly, “But I appreciate the giggle it gives me sometimes. BJ Prince is pretty funny too.”


“That was given to him because he prefers blowjobs to sex,” I told her. “I personally don’t get it, but, hey. It’s his dick, not mine.”


“Everyone has their kinks, right?” Sookie came within millimeters of chopping off the tip of her middle finger that had the imperial crown tattoo on it.


“Lover.” I stepped up behind her and reached around to gently take her hands. I helped her curl in her fingers and adjusted the knife so she was holding it properly. I then demonstrated the proper technique to dice. “My mother is a professional chef,” I explained as we diced the onions together. I kissed the side of her head. “And your hands are too nice to maim.”


“No one ever bothered to teach me how to cook,” she offered. “My dad was big on TV dinners, and when he did cook it was usually on a grill. He wasn’t very good at that either. He burned everything. I learned how to make tacos from one of the girls I danced with in Vegas, but she wasn’t a much better cook than I am.”


“Stick with me, I can help. I didn’t really have much choice. Mom went to culinary school when I was ten so I helped her with her homework and dinner. It was the only way I really got to spend time with her. My dad was never in the picture.” I let go of her hands but stayed pressed against her back so I could watch what she was doing.


“How does she feel about your line of work?” Sookie tossed some of the onion into the skillet and then opened the package of meat.


“She hates it. She’s sure I’m going to get a disease and my dick is going to fall off. I’ve reminded her several times that this isn’t the seventies. The testing is a lot more thorough and I’m big enough in the industry that I have the option to turn down girls if I get a bad feeling from them. She still tells me to get a desk job because she thinks it’s safer.”


“She’s just being a good mom. At least she still talks to you.”


“We’re all each other have,” I said. “Your mom doesn’t talk to you?”


“Not since I was four. She got leukemia but the doctor caught it too late. Six weeks later she was gone. I don’t even remember what her voice sounded like anymore.” Sookie stopped working for a moment and took a deep breath before she got going again.


“I’m sorry to hear that.” I reached up to massage her shoulders. That had to be tough on her. “I never met my dad. My mother had an affair with a married man and when she told him she was pregnant with me he said it’s not his and never talked to her again.”


“That sucks. Have you ever thought about trying to find him?”


“Nah, I figure he wrote me off before I was even born. I don’t want anything to do with someone like that. I’ve seen one picture of him. I pretty much look identical to him,” I chuckled. “He was a little older than I am now when he was screwing around with Mom.”


“How old are you?” Sookie started to stir up the meat once she got her spice blend sprinkled on it.


“Thirty-two. I’ll be thirty-three in August.”


“You look younger.” Sookie added the meat to the pan and stirred in the onion.


“Thanks. It’s probably because of my very stress-free job,” I laughed. “What about your family? Is your dad still in the picture?”




It seemed like she didn’t care to elaborate.


“I’m sorry.” I turned to the sink so I could wash my hands since I’d gotten onion on them. I pulled the tortillas out. “Do you want me to make shells?”


“Sure,” she nodded. “I hear from my cousin sometimes. Usually when she needs money or help getting into rehab. That’s about it.”


“That sucks. I have a two uncles and I think nine cousins between them. My grandparents disowned my mom when she got pregnant with me out of wedlock… and at seventeen. They’re very, very religious, so you can imagine how well me being in the porn industry went over when they found out. I know Mom still sends letters every few months with updates. I don’t even know if they open them or where they live. I met them when I was six and Mom decided to show up at their place to see if they wanted to retract the disowning.”


“I guess it didn’t go well,” she said. “You’re probably better off. I have my circle, but mostly I rely on me. I’m the only one who never let me down.”


“That’s too bad,” I frowned. “I’ve had a lot of shitty ‘friends’ over the years. Ras has been the best in a long time. We met on set about seven years ago.”


“He seems like a good guy. I didn’t have sex with him,” she told me. “I don’t know if it matters or if you care, but yeah…”


“I… you know, I told myself it wouldn’t matter, but I feel a little relieved that you didn’t,” I admitted. “Kennedy started to give me a handjob, but I didn’t finish…”


“She told me,” Sookie said. She turned toward me and added, “Monogamy won’t work if we start seeing each other. I know that. I don’t expect it.”


“I would have to quit my job to be monogamous,” I agreed. “I can tell you I wouldn’t go out and meet girls to fuck outside of the job. I also wouldn’t ask you to be monogamous while I’m still doing porn. It wouldn’t be fair to you.”


“My relationships rarely last long enough to worry about monogamy. We have our fun and move on.”


“Well, I like you a lot. I’d like to see where this goes between us. If it doesn’t go past a few fun months, then so be it.”


“A few months of me will probably be more than enough,” she said with a little laugh before turning back to the stove to turn the meat.


I highly doubted that and I didn’t like that she felt that way.


“We’ll see,” I said with a small smile. It was pretty clear she’d been fucked over quite a bit in the past. I couldn’t fix it but I could do my best to make sure she knew I was different. I was a pretty easy going guy, so the odds were it would work out past a few months. I didn’t think I’d get sick of her. Only time would tell.




I had a long, long day on the job, but it was better that I was going to see Sookie that night. I’d found a little Italian restaurant that was off the beaten path that I really liked. The night before we curled up on my couch and watched a movie before we turned in for the night. The sex, that was inevitably going to happen either way, was different for us. I wasn’t sure if it was because we’d reached a new level of the get to know you stuff. It was good, and very… sensual was the only word I could come up with. That was also why the day was so long. I couldn’t keep it up. It was a chore to try to get it up too. That wasn’t like me. Jessica really noticed the difference. The little asshole spent the rest of the day teasing me.


I was ready when I pulled up to her place. I knew she was going to be in a red dress. It happened to be my favorite color. Whether or not she knew that, I didn’t know. I stepped out of my SUV, grabbing the bouquet of roses. They were all different shades of red and pink. I knew she liked them, and I alluded to flowers. I hit the lock button on my Escalade and walked up to the house. I rang the doorbell and stepped back to wait.


The door opened a minute later. Sookie was standing there in a tight red dress that hugged all of her curves and made her cleavage look amazing. Her hair was pulled back off her neck, and she was wearing pumps for a change.


“Hey, handsome,” she smiled. “Come in.”


I stepped into the house and immediately leaned down to kiss her on the lips.


“You look stunning, Lover,” I complimented her when I pulled back. “For my Wild Rose.” I held out the roses to her.


“They’re gorgeous. My house is going to smell so good,” she said with a genuinely happy smile. “I love the smell of roses. My second favorite smell is chocolate chip cookies baking.”


“Very good to know,” I smiled. “I hope you like Italian.”


“I love Italian. I’m going to get these in water before we go, if that’s okay?”


“Of course. It’ll let me get a good look at your ass in that dress.” And the heels. Her legs looked delicious.


She gave me a little wink before she started up the stairs to get to the kitchen.


“So how was work today?”


“It was alright. We got out late because I kept going soft between takes,” I told her. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had a day like today. Jessica could tell something was up and called me out on being smitten with you.” That was on the mild side of what she said to me.


“Well that’s just silly,” she said. “Good sex doesn’t mean anything.”


“No it doesn’t.” I had some of the best sex with Jessica. Not quite as good as Tawny, but it was good. “She told me to call you so you could keep me up. Even the blowjob she gave me didn’t work and she gives pretty good head.” I wasn’t sure if that was acceptable conversation for a first date.


“Maybe you’re just having a bad day. That happens to anyone once in a while,” Sookie reasoned. She found a pair of scissors and cut the paper away from the flowers.


“Sookie, I got a stiffy walking from my SUV to your front door because I knew you were going to look good,” I told her. “My dick works fine today.” Jessica wasn’t the pretty blonde standing in front of me. That was what I’d wanted.


“Ugh, your sweet talk is… you should work for Hallmark,” she said. She was teasing and serious at the same time.


“You get what you see with me,” I chuckled. “Anyway, I finally got the shot. Orgasms all around.”


“Thank goodness. You know, if this ever happens again you could call me or text me if you think it would help,” she offered casually as she snipped the stems of the roses.


“My own personal on call fluffer,” I smiled. I stepped up behind her and rubbed my hands over her ass. It looked damn fine in the dress she was wearing. I wasn’t sure if it was sex or if there was more to it. I was having fun finding out. My semi-hard dick rubbing over her ass let her know exactly what my body thought of her.


“Something like that. I’m just trying to help.” Her ass wiggled against me, egging me on.


“Mmm, keep that up and we’re going to have a late dinner.” I took advantage of her bare neck. I dipped my head down to nibble on her neck, just under her ear. She smelled damn good too.


“No we’re not. This is a respectable date. No funny business.”


“I’m not laughing,” I replied. I nipped her earlobe.


“Blue balls are rarely a laughing matter.”


“They’re never a laughing matter.” I also never got blue balls. If Sookie got me completely hard before dinner and we didn’t take care of it, that was going to change.


“Then you might want to back up,” she giggled. Sookie picked up the roses to arrange them in a crystal vase she pulled out of a cabinet.


“Those look beautiful.” I did take a step back. I didn’t want to ruin the date by being a perv. It wouldn’t have been the first time. “What are you doing for your birthday?” I asked out of the blue. I knew it was coming up.


“I don’t have anything planned yet. Usually I go to Audrey Hepburn’s star on the Walk of Fame and eat Chinese food on the beach.”


“Hmm, good to know. What happens if I try to make plans for us?”


“You might be able to sway me your way.”


“You can keep your Audrey Hepburn plans during the day, but I want you at night,” I said. I already had an idea in mind.


“I can probably arrange that.” She took the vase to the dining room and set it on the table. “I’m taking these downstairs later when I’m not teetering on toothpicks.”


“The toothpicks make your legs look really damn good,” I told her. “You ready?”


“I have to get my purse from my bedroom,” she replied. She tilted her head up and kissed my cheek. “No one has ever brought me flowers before. Thank you.”


I’m going to change that.


“You’re welcome.” I really didn’t know what kind of shitstains she dated before me. I was raised by a single mom, but she did a damn good job teaching me how to treat the woman I was seeing.


Sookie walked away to go get her purse. When she came back I held out my arm for her to take so I could walk her out to my car. We paused for Sookie to lock the door before I walked her to the passenger side. I opened the door for her and helped her in. She didn’t seem as surprised by that. Most likely because we’d been in the car together before.


As soon I was in the driver’s seat I reached over to take her hand. I wanted this to be the best date Sookie had ever been on. Even if things didn’t work u=out for us, I wanted to show her how a woman should be treated.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 6: Taco Monday

  1. I love that his mum was so awesome. Even if she doesn’t approve of his career choice, she still seems great.

    Both have been rejected by family which is a sucky thing to have in common, but at least they have an understanding of each other.

    Aww he bought her flowers and was thinking of her during work. Poor guy. I think some work time sexting is definitely in order!


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