10: Complicated My Ass

I kept checking my phone. I should have left it in the office, but I hadn’t seen Sookie in like four days and I needed an orgasm induced by someone else. I had plenty of opportunity to go home with someone else, but it wasn’t what I wanted. I found myself craving Sookie. We’d talked and texted but we’d both been busy. She was busy with family, and I had to cover for Felicia one night.


I was a lost cause and the girl sitting at the end of the bar caught on. She was a little skinny for my taste, not that I’d checked her out… okay, I did, but in my defense, I checked just about every woman out.


“Can I get you another drink?” I asked when I noticed her mojito getting low. She looked amused every time I checked my phone. I suspected she knew I was pussywhipped by someone. I hadn’t had tail like Sookie’s in a long, long time.


“Sure,” she nodded.


I grabbed a new glass and flipped it over to rim the glass with sugar.


“Regular mojito or would you like to mix it up?” I asked. I figured talking to someone would keep my mind off of Sookie. “I have blackberry that seems to be a hit.”


“Blackberry sounds tasty. I’ve never had one of those before.”


“You know, I haven’t either,” I chuckled. “I’m a tequila man myself.” Rum didn’t do it for me.


“Oh, me and tequila aren’t speaking to each other ever since Mr. Cuervo decided it was a good idea for me to drunk dial an ex-boyfriend I had no business hooking up with again,” she told me.


“Jose is a bad influence,” I informed her. “You need something a little more high end that goes down smooth.” I tossed the mint leaves and blackberries in the bottom of the shaker. I added the simple syrup and started to muddle them.


“According to my ex I went down plenty smooth.”


I chose not to comment. I was working. Instead I added the ice and a little more white rum than I should have. I put the top of the shaker on and shook the drink.


“Enough of it and I go down smooth too.” I swear I didn’t mean for that to come out of my mouth. I poured the drink into a glass and garnished it with mint leaves and a couple blackberries. I slid it across the counter and added, “If you don’t like it, the drink is on the house and I’ll make you a new one.”


“Thanks.” She gave it a stir before taking a sip. “Wooo… that’s strong.”


“It’s not that strong,” I chuckled. I also drank a lot more than I should have. I never had an issue with it like Rasul. Women were my drug of choice when I got home from the Afghanistan Sure, I drank, but I fucked a lot more. It wasn’t a string of one-night stands, more like flings. I wouldn’t even call them relationships.


“It is to me.”


“Want a new one?” I offered.


“No, it’s fine. I’m sure you’re popular here if you’re always this heavy handed with the hooch.”


“Not always. I actually only get behind the bar if we’re short staffed. Tonight I didn’t feel like being in the back,” I shrugged. “I’m Eric, by the way.” I offered her my hand.


“Holly.” She shook my hand.


“Nice to meet you, Holly. Are you meeting someone?” She’d been sitting at the end of the bar by herself for close to an hour.


“Nope. I’m new to town so I’m just checking out all the local places to see what’s what.”


“Ah, well, I’m glad you came in. It’s nice to see a new face around here. Watch out for Cal, he’s going to offer to be your sugar daddy when he gets a look at you. I’m not sure his wife would like it, though,” I warned.


“Thanks for the warning.”


“Anytime.” Without thinking I pulled my phone out of my back pocket to check it. I hadn’t even messaged Sookie. I was just being fucking neurotic for some reason. I wasn’t used to being like that.


“You waiting on a call from the Pope?” Holly joked.


“You’d think,” I chuckled. “I’m not waiting on a call at all. It’s a new compulsion to check my fucking phone every few minutes.”


She nodded and asked, “Who is she? Or he? I don’t want to assume…”


“She,” I smiled. “I don’t know what my deal is, it’s not even serious. We’re just having fun, you know?” I didn’t really know Sookie well enough outside of the bedroom to truly say I liked her. There was a huge lust going on for her.


“So you need a fix.”


“Am I that obvious?”


“I’ve bartended too in the past. I have an honorary psychology degree from it,” she smiled. “Plus, I was a communications major in college and I had my own radio call-in show before I moved here. I’ve seen worse than what you have going on.”


“Good to know, Doc,” I chuckled. “I don’t want to be a whackadoo that gets addicted, well, more than I already am, to some chick. Any ideas on how to kick the habit?”


“Stop seeing her,” she said simply.


“I haven’t seen her in four days. That’s a start, right?” I reached over to grab a glass so I could pour myself a Guinness.


“It is. Do you want to kick the habit of do you want to upgrade the relationship?”


“That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out. We talk some, but those conversations always end in the bedroom.” Why are you talking to a perfect stranger about your sex life, Eric? “I think it’s more so I want to get to know her more so I can tell if I want a relationship.”


“That’s perfectly fair and normal.” Holly took a drink. “So why not make it a point to resist the temptation to just fall into bed? If she’s shady enough to not answer basic questions, that might be your answer.”


“I could try that.” I didn’t want to tell Holly Sookie was the type of girl to show up at my house suck me off, and then go back home to finish working on her book. It happened. It was amazing. “It’s really hard to resist her.”


“It’s your call. All I’m going to say is things don’t change unless you make them change.”


“I know,” I sighed. That didn’t stop me from ripping my phone out when I felt it vibrate in my back pocket.


Sookie. Mmm…


Sookie: He bent me over the trunk of my car and yanked down my panties. Without a word, he thrust his steely hard cock into my greedy little pussy. He pounded into me, almost punishing me for my sassy mouth. I wondered if that was where he’d drop his load…


Sookie: Hot enough? I feel like I have a rainforest between my thighs.


“I’m a sucker if I reply to her, aren’t I?” I said to Holly, still looking at my phone.


“Depends on what she said. Was it bait?”


“Definitely. She’s a writer and knows all the right words to get me going.”


“And you like it when she does, obviously.”


I glanced down at my twitching cock.


“Yeah, I like it,” I chuckled.


“Well, you have a choice to make. Do you want change or not?”


“I can’t change things with her if I don’t see her, right?”


“Why can’t you? If she knows how to push your buttons maybe you’ll get better results if you’re not in the same room,” Holly pointed out. “You know that gizmo in your hand probably has a function where you can just hear someone’s voice when you call them.”


“Sassy,” I chuckled. She was cute. I liked it.


All the same, I pulled up the keyboard to reply.


Me: If the state of my cock after that line is any indication, it’s hot.


Sookie: Right when I was about to cum, he pulled out and turned me around to force me to my knees. I opened my mouth and waited for his salty release to coat my tongue. I wanted it so bad. He knew it too, because when he came it was in the dirt next to my knee. “Next time you’ll be my good girl,” he said smugly.


Me: Are you being naughty, Sookie? Do I need to come over there and paddle that sexy ass?


Sookie: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m an angel.


Me: Sweetheart, you have devil horns holding up that halo. Let me see how wet you are.


Fuck, that was what Holly was talking about.


Sookie: No. 😋


Me: If the paddle isn’t on your bed when I get there I’m getting the wooden spoon out of the kitchen to swat your naughty ass with.


Sookie: You’ll have to catch me first.


Me: Are you going to make me regret not getting a flogger for your ass?


“I should stop now, fuck,” I sighed.


“Probably. If a cop comes in here you might have a problem,” she snickered. “Mazel tov, though. I can practically tell if you’re cut or not in those jeans.”


I looked down. Oops. I wasn’t embarrassed. If I wasn’t hung up on Sookie I probably would have tried to flirt with Holly.


“She’s really good with the words,” I shrugged.




My phone buzzed again. Sookie sent me a picture of that large toy deep in her pussy.


Me: I can be there to replace that in 30 minutes.


I could leave and come back when I was done.


Sookie: We’ll see if I’m still horny in 30 minutes.


Me: When are you not horny?


Sookie: Tick tock…


I sighed as put my phone in my back pocket.


“Are you going to come back to visit me?” I asked Holly. I wasn’t done talking with her.


“I’m sure I could manage that,” Holly agreed.


“Good. I’d like to see you again,” I told her. “I’m going to take off for a bit…” I was sure she knew why.


“Go get your fix. I’ll be back.”


“Thank you, Holly. Drinks are on me tonight,” I smiled at her.


“Aren’t you a prince?” she winked. “Have fun with your girl.”


“Thanks.” I lifted Holly’s hand off the bar so I could kiss the back.


On the way out of the bar I asked Felicia to close up if I didn’t come back. She was the assistant manager. She closed on my nights off. I figured since I covered for her the day before she wouldn’t have any trouble covering for me. I was heading to see Sookie. As Holly said, I needed my fix. That woman was a fucking drug to me.




“Push it in deeper,” I said when I walked into the room and leaned against the door. I could hear how wet Sookie’s pussy was as she fucked herself with her vibrator. Her eyes were closed so I didn’t even know if she heard me come in.


“I thought you were going to replace it.”


“I still have to get my clothes off.” I kicked off my shoes as I pulled my shirt over my head. “In the meantime, I want to see you push it in deeper.”


“No,” she said.


I pushed my pants off and then stalked over to the bed. I knocked her hand away before I pulled the vibrator out of her pussy. I could see her honey dripping out of her.


“How long have you been in here playing with yourself?” I asked.


“I don’t know,” Sookie answered. She had a silly, smug little smile on her face.


I grabbed her hips and flipped her over onto her stomach. I pulled her hips up so her ass was in the air.


“Are you sure you don’t know?” I walked over to the sex drawer. That was what I called it since it was where she stored all her toys. I grabbed the paddle from the drawer and walked back over to the bed.


“I’m sure.”


I rubbed two fingers up and down through her folds. She was a couple orgasms into it, I could tell. I rubbed the fuzzy side of the paddle over her ass.


“How many times did you tell me no?” I asked, sliding my middle finger into her drenched pussy.


“Can’t remember.”


It was only two.


“Should I paddle your ass until you do remember?”


“You’re going to anyway.”




I pulled my finger out of her and flipped the paddle over. I brought it down hard on her ass, making her yelp.


“Not so hard!” Sookie yelled in a not playing around voice.


“Shit, sorry,” I said, rubbing her ass with my hand.


“I think you’re done with the paddle.”


I’d already tossed the paddle back onto the bed. I didn’t mean to hurt her in a bad way. I leaned over her body and brushed my lips over the red spot on her ass.


“I didn’t mean to hurt you like that,” I said sincerely. I kissed under the spot and moved over toward her center. I flicked my tongue out, licking up some of her honey.


To my surprise she squirmed away from me.


“I’m going to go take a shower,” she said. “I’m not feeling very sexy right now.”


“Sookie, I really didn’t mean to…”


The bathroom door closed and water started running. I went to grab my jeans to put them back on. In less than a minute I fucked up sexy time. I didn’t know of she wanted me to leave or stay so I sat on the edge of her bed to wait for her to finish her shower. If she wanted me to stay it would be a good time to talk to her to get to know her better. I said something to me that I didn’t just leave when she walked out of the room. If any other woman had done that I would have left. It wouldn’t have been worth it to stay.


When she got out of the shower she came out with a towel wrapped around her body.


“Do you want me to leave?” I asked. I didn’t want to leave.


“I’m surprised you’re still here, actually.” She didn’t seem pissed off anymore. That was a start.


“I didn’t want to go,” I replied. “I’ve been thinking a lot about you the last few days. Even if we don’t have sex, it’s nice sleeping next to you.”


“We always have sex. In fact, that’s about all we do.” Sookie grabbed a T-shirt and a pair of shorts from her closet.


“I know, I’ve been thinking a lot about that. I want to get to know more about you,” I admitted. “I want to know more than your turn-ons.”


“Like what?”


“I don’t know, lots of things. What’s your favorite color, flower, song… like lots of things. I haven’t wanted to really get to know a woman in a long time. I just freeze up when it comes to talking to you for some reason. Or I fuck you until you pass out.” Probably to avoid being weird like I was being just then.


“Maybe it’s a sign we should leave things how they are,” Sookie suggested.


“You mean with the sex, or how they are right now?”


“Both, I guess? I’m okay with us not being committed and all up in each other’s business constantly,” she told me. “It seems to be working fine.”


I reached out to get her to come over to me. She did. I settled my hands on her hips, looking up at her.


“Even if we’re not having sex tonight, I still don’t want to leave,” I told her, gently massaging her hips.


“Why?” Sookie seemed slightly perplexed by the concept of my sticking around.


“Because you’re soft and warm,” I chuckled. “When we talk without the sex I still like you. Is that so wrong?”


“No, it’s just… I didn’t think you were interested in more. I kind of liked that.”


“Do you want me to leave?” My hands rubbed up her sides under her shirt.


“I don’t feel like there’s a good way to answer that question. One way or the other, I’ll be lying to someone,” she said. It was kind of a cryptic choice of words.


“I’ll go.” She clearly didn’t want me there. If she did, she wouldn’t have gotten all weird on me.


“Eric, you don’t have to go,” Sookie said. “Look, I got upset because there’s play hurt and what you did felt like you were trying to hurt me. I didn’t appreciate it. I might have asked for it, but I didn’t ask for that. I put trust in you by doing that kind of stuff. Maybe I shouldn’t have.”


“I’m sorry,” I apologized again. “I didn’t mean to hurt you like that. Paddle play is definitely out of the rotation. I swear I didn’t hurt you on purpose.” I leaned forward to kiss her stomach. “I don’t want you to think I’d do something like that purposefully.”


“I don’t. It’s okay. You don’t have to leave. My favorite color is turquoise, by the way.”


“Like your eyes,” I smiled up at her. “You have beautiful eyes, that’s why I always want you to look at me.”


“Thank you.”


“Are you tired? Do you want to lay down?” I wasn’t sure what the fuck was going on in her head.


“I’m not really tired. We can watch a movie if you want,” she offered.


“Lead the way.”


“Do you want something to drink?” Sookie led me out of her bedroom to the living room.


“Water would be good. What kind of movie are you in the mood for?”


“Something scary?”


“Works for me,” I agreed. “Ras, my best friend, hates scary movies. He’s the only man I know that covered his eyes watching The Others,” I chuckled. He was nervous something was going to jump out. The one time in the movie something did jump out he was watching and almost pissed himself. In his defense, we saw enough real-life horror to last us a lifetime. I didn’t talk about my life and friends away from Sookie much. Maybe it was time.


“I’ve never seen that,” she informed me.


“It’s not scary at all. It’s Nicole Kidman and some kids stalking around an old house,” I told her. I took a seat on the couch near the end, giving her plenty of room to join me.


“Sounds boring,” she chuckled. Sookie went to the kitchen. “Popcorn?”


“No thanks.” I wasn’t a fan.


“Okay. You’re welcome to check out Netflix. The remote should be on the coffee table but I might have knocked it off before when I got carried away with the Jolly Green Giant.”


“I seriously want to watch you get yourself off next time,” I said seriously. I looked on the table and didn’t see the remote. When I looked down I saw it peeking out from under the couch. I reached down to grab it and hit something else, making whatever it was fly out from under the couch.


“Whatever it was” was a pocket watch. Huh, I hadn’t seen one of those in a while. It was probably her dad’s, or her brother’s. I picked it up off the floor and froze.


I know this fucking watch.


I stood up from the couch, holding it in my hand. Sookie came walking out of the kitchen and paused when she saw the look on my face. I was sure it was one of anger, hurt maybe. I didn’t fucking know, but it made her take a step back.


I held up the watch to show her I found it. It was Rasul’s watch. I was with him when he bought it in Germany.


“Care to explain?”


“Where did that come from?” Sookie asked instead.


“I was going to ask you the same thing. What is Rasul’s watch doing in your house?”


Sookie closed her eyes and took a deep breath that she slowly let out.


“It must have dropped out of his pocket last night. I’ve been seeing him for almost two months,” she confessed.


The same amount of time she’d been fucking me.


“You… I… you were fucking us both?” I growled.


“Not the whole time.”


“Is that supposed to make this okay?” I asked with an arched eyebrow. I was trying not to yell. So far it was working. “You fucking played both of us, didn’t you?”


“We weren’t exclusive, Eric. You and I definitely weren’t. Things with Rasul… it’s complicated,” she said.


“It’s not fucking complicated. You don’t fucking lie, Sookie, if that’s even your real fucking name. You fucking played us, knowing he’s my best fucking friend.” I pulled my phone out of my pocket. I needed to call Ras to let him know Suzi was a lying cunt.


“What are you doing?” She reached for my phone. “I didn’t know you knew him when I met you, Eric! I didn’t figure it out for a few weeks. I didn’t play you.”


I lifted my arm so she couldn’t reach the phone.


“You lied to him, and me. The second you figured it out you should have ended it.” I went into my text messages and hit the call button on Rasul’s contact.


“It wasn’t… Eric, don’t do this,” she pleaded.


“Don’t what? Tell the truth? I haven’t fucking lied to you once, and I sure as shit know Ras didn’t lie to you.” I placed the phone on my ear. The line was active. “Were you ever going to say something, or keep living your fucking fantasy?”


“I don’t know. I hadn’t decided what I was going to do yet,” she answered. “Can you please just hang up and let me tell him? Don’t you think he deserves it?”


“So you can fucking lie to him some more? I don’t fucking think so,” I growled.


“Fucker, did you butt dial me again?” Ras asked.


“No, I dialed you purposely. I found your fucking watch,” I told him, glaring at Sookie.


“You did? How the hell did you find it? I just lost it last night. I thought I lost it on the bike. Where was it?”


“Under Suzi’s couch,” I told him. “Or is it Sookie?” I asked. “What would you prefer we call you?”


Sookie shook her head while I was sure Rasul was confused on his end.


“Whoa, what are you talking about, Eric?” he asked.


I sighed and said as calmly as possible, “Suzi and Sookie are the same person, brother. She’s been fucking playing us.”


“No,” he said in disbelief. “No, I don’t believe that.”


“Do you want a picture?” I had several to choose from. Or I could take a new one since she was staring at me.


“What the fuck are you doing with my… This is fuckin’ bullshit! Put her on the fucking phone.”


I hit the speaker button. I wasn’t going to let her lie anymore to either of us.


“She’s here.”


“No, I don’t want to be on fucking speaker. I’ll call her. I’ll deal with you later.” The line went dead and Sookie’s phone started to ring.


“You gonna answer that and tell him more lies?”


“It’s not really your business, is it?” Sookie turned and went down the hall to her bedroom to answer the phone. The door slammed and the lock turned.


I didn’t fucking care. I was done with her. If Rasul chose to stay with her he did so knowing way too many details of the sex we had. I didn’t even care that my shirt was in her room. I walked out of her house, slamming the door behind me.


I was done with women for a while. I didn’t need lying assholes like Sookie fucking with my life. Did she think she’d get away with it? Was she getting what she needed from both of us? She was with him the night before. How many other times had our days with her been so close together? Had she seen us on the same day? I was fucking livid. If Rasul had talked about me she knew how close we were. I was thoroughly disgusted with Sookie.


It was a really hard fucking lesson learned. Fuck her.


11 thoughts on “10: Complicated My Ass

  1. Yikes! I don’t know what Sookie was thinking playing around with those two like that, but knowing that they’re best friends, surely she must have known that nothing good could come of it. Great chapter!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. She doesn’t deserve either of them, I hope Rasul dumps her ass. They each need to find themselves someone new, women who respect them and don’t play them ( unless they want to be played with😉)
    Have fun on the cruise

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I don’t have a problem with Sookie (or anyone) having multiple sexual partners, as long as it’s done honestly and nobody thinks they have an exclusive relationship. But having a regular hook up with best friends when you know and they don’t, and you deliberately keep it that way, that’s poor form. If Eric had done that to Sookie and her best friend, he’d be strung up for it, well it applies to Sookie too. I hope Eric and Ras both walk away, their friendship is more important than someone who knowingly deceived them both. Sorry Sookie, you and me are done – being promiscuous I am okay with, its the deception I don’t like and you are busted.

    Liked by 4 people

  4. Oh wow.

    *Crash* freight train vs freight train.

    That. Was. Epic!

    And so the reveal has happened. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, and she didn’t know, why two names?

    Oh Eric is justifiably pissed. Wonder if he goes back to the bar to hook up?

    What a mess! Thank you for the extra chapters, this would have killed me!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Damn! That was rough to read! I can’t believe she freaking KNEW! And didn’t say a damn thing! And to think, none of this would have come to light had they just done the dirty. Can’t wait for the next chapter.


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