Chapter 13


It felt good to tell Eric the truth. The only other person I’ve ever told about being molested is Hadley. I’ve never told Gran. To this day I’m not sure she would believe me. But I think I’ve made as much peace with it as I’m going to. It’s easy to fall asleep in Eric’s arms, but that’s always been the case. I feel safe with him. It’s a feeling I’m not really used to.

But I’d like the chance to try and see if I can get used to it.

The last thing I want is to wake up, but I have to deal with Levi. When I see him standing in the doorway I’m not sure what to make of his expression. He looks hurt, disappointed, maybe a little angry. It’s not like I planned this.

“Hey,” I say quietly and scoot off the bed. Now I’m really glad I stopped Eric when I did.

“Already fu…” he stops himself from saying something inappropriate when Eric glares at him. “We need to talk about this.”

“Yeah, we do,” I agree. “Come in. Or I can come out, if you would prefer.”

“I’ll go down to the bar,” Eric says. “Meet me when you’re done.” He walks out, leaving me with a frustrated Levi.

He walks in and leans against the desk. “I guess you’re picking him, huh?”

I sigh and sit on the edge of the bed again.

“I still have feelings for him, Levi. There were reasons why it couldn’t work before, but things are different now. If I had known you are his son, I never would have gotten involved with you like this.”

That sounds harsh, but it’s the truth.

“You know he has some major baggage, right? This isn’t going to be easy and he’s not going to leave us so he can run off to Tahoe and play house.”

“I know, and I would never ask him to pick me over his family. Your father loves all of you so much. I know more than you’d think,” I tell him.

“It’s not fair, Sookie. We have so much in common and he’s so much older. What if he… God, what if you become my step-mom. That’s sick,” he cringes.

“We do have things in common and if he wasn’t in the picture, I would be with you. But there’s something between us that I can’t shake.”

“Things will be weird for a while, but I love my dad and he deserves his happiness. I swear to Christ if you hurt him again…” he shakes his head. “This whole conversation is fucked up.”

“I’m going to do my best not to hurt him. I do care about him, Levi. And yes, this conversation is fucked up. You know we maybe could have avoided it if you had told me your last name,” I say with a small smile.

“Or you could’ve told me your hooker name is Dixie,” he winks and stands up. He walks over and I stand to hug him. “I’m sorry for the shitty stuff I said. I was caught off guard back at the restaurant.”

“I know. I forgive you. I’m sorry you got caught up in all of this.”

“Me too,” he tilts his head to kiss my temple. “Is it too soon to call you mom?”

“Shut up!” I laugh and playfully push him back.

“Ooh, already trying to punish me. You take to motherhood well. Wait until you meet the twins. Their sixteen year old hormones are intense.” I’m glad he’s taking this as well as he is.

“Oh, so I should leave my dominatrix costume at home. Got it,” I smirk.

“Or you can wear it to my place. Dad can come with and we can watch you punish the Godfather for… something.  He’s always fucking shit up. I’m sure Dad’ll be cool with it.”

“I’ve met Alcide,” I remind him. “And would you really want to watch me shackle a naked man to the wall and paddle him for being bad?”

He visibly shivers at the visual. “You’re right, bad idea. You can just prance around naked… no, I don’t want to know what my dad is into.”

“Good, because I wasn’t going to tell you.”

He hugs me one more time and whispers in my ear, “It’s been fun getting to know you.” Before he pulls away he places a quick kiss on the corner of my mouth. “Treat him right.”

“I will. Thank you for not being an asshole about this.”

“It’s more for him,” he tells me truthfully. “My dad is an amazing man and my best friend. What else would you expect? Oh, and I’m going to pre-apologize for my mom if you ever meet her, and if you’re around, you will meet her.”

“I think we’re a long way from that, but I appreciate the warning. I expect her to hate me. I don’t blame her if she does.”

“I don’t think she’ll hate you. She’s different though, you’ll see.”

“Maybe someday I will. Eric and I have a lot to talk about.” I walk Levi to the door.

“I’ll see you around,” he says and slips into the hallway.

“Bye,” I wave.

He walks down the hall and I go back into my room to wash my face. I look like hell. After I fix my makeup I put my shoes back on and go down to the hotel bar. Eric is sitting alone with two fingers of what looks like scotch or whiskey.

“Hey,” I say as I sit down next to him at the bar.

“Hey, I see the kid let you go. How was it?” he asks, reaching over to rest his hand on my lower back.

“It could have gone way worse, but he wants you to be happy.”

Eric smiles at me, genuinely happy that Levi is okay with us. “He’s a good guy. Did he apologize to you for his shitty behavior?”

“He did. He was just caught off guard. We all were. He’s a good guy. You raised him right,” I assure him.

“So… about us…” he trails off, unsure of how to approach the topic of us.

“Yeah… I know your life is here, at least until Alyssa turns eighteen. I’m okay with that. I will never stand in the way of you having a relationship with your kids,” I promise him.

“But how… how are we going to make this work? I’ll ask, but I don’t expect you to give up your life in Tahoe… unless you’d move here. Or we can just long distance it for a while, that’ll get old pretty soon though. What I’m trying to ask, is how are we going to work?”

“Well, I don’t think we’re ready to live together. I’m not ready to leave Tahoe. I still have some things I’m trying to sort out for myself. We can take turns coming to see each other until we’re ready for something more serious. Does that sound fair?” I ask and steal a drink from his glass. It’s Bourbon.

“Yeah, I don’t have set visitation with the kids though. Aude and I are being as civil and equal as possible and Alyssa spends a lot of time at my place. Unless you’re okay with me bringing them with me for weekend trips I may fly you out here more often than not,” he says to me. He calls the bartender over to order a drink for me so I don’t drink all of his.

“I’m a free agent at the moment, so I can travel anytime. I wouldn’t mind having the kids come out to my house, but maybe not right away. They don’t know me and it’s pretty soon since you and your wife split up.”

“Oh, no you’d have to meet them on their turf the first few times,” he chuckles. “They’re going to love you though. The twins aren’t going to know how to handle themselves.”

“So no walking around in my bikini or going for long soaks in my hot tub in the backyard… No nude sunbathing…”

“Mmm, nope, you have to save it all for me,” he purrs, leaning over to nuzzle my neck.

“I’m not sure you can handle it. You are getting old,” I tease.

“Why don’t we test it and find out?” he asks, arching an eyebrow. “I’m sure my heart can take it.”

I put my hand on his chest over his heart. It’s already beating super fast.

“I don’t think they allow nude sunbathing here,” I smirk, and finish his drink even though I have my own.

“Hmm, we’ll have to find a different way then,” he says, scratching his chin. “Any ideas?”

“You could do pushups with a naked me on your back,” I suggest.

“Sweetheart, if you’re naked, my back is not where you’ll be. I’m certain I have better places for you to sit,” he whispers the last part and pulls my hand from the bar down to his growing erection.

“Why don’t we go upstairs so you can show me. I think I need a visual.” I give him a little squeeze.

He growls, throwing a twenty on the bar before he stands and takes my hand, leading me to the elevator. His taking quick, long strides and I’m almost running to keep up with him. I understand his urgency. I haven’t gone this long without sex in a long time and my body knows what he’s capable of.

When the elevator doors open he tugs me inside and I push the button for the third floor before he pushes me up against the wall and kisses me like he’s just come home from war. It feels good. I’ve missed kissing him. He’s a fantastic kisser. I reach behind him and grab his ass. Still as sexy as it was six weeks ago. The elevator dings in just a few seconds and I push him back so we can get to my room before Eric has an oops and cums in his slacks.

While I’m fishing the key card out of my bra, Eric stands behind me, rubbing his hard-on against my ass.

Unable to resist I ask, “Losing your balance, old man?”

“This damn thing between my legs is too heavy,” he teases, thrusting a little.

I get the door open and say, “Come in. Take a load off.”

“Oh, I’m sure I’ll be giving you a load…”

“Just one?” I look over my shoulder. “You’re losing your touch.”

“Mmm, no, several. You can start by swallowing the first one,” he deadpans.

I bite my bottom lip and walk into the room with Eric right behind me. The door closes on its own and when I start to take my shoes off Eric stops me. I should know better by now.

He comes up behind me and unzips my top. I lift my arms and he pulls my shirt off. My bra quickly follows, and his hands take over for it. He nuzzles my hair out of the way so he can kiss my neck, and I reach back to unzip his slacks.

I reach into them to start stroking his cock and my head turns so he can kiss my lips. His hands move down to my shorts and one slips down the front of them and into my panties.

His fingers hit my clit and I hiss into his mouth.

“Mmm, you’re always so wet for me, pretty girl,” he growls as he strokes me, making me widen my stance to accommodate his large hand.

“I missed you,” is the only thing I can think of to say.

“Did you miss me or what I do to your body?”

“Both.” I rub my thumb over the head of his cock.

“I certainly missed that,” he groans as I spread his pre-cum around his tip.


She’s trying to kill me. I’ve gone two months, give or take, without her luscious body and her hand is already doing more than I can handle right now.

I remove her hand from my cock and turn her around to face me as I push her shorts down. She kicks them to the side when they pool around her feet and she starts unbuttoning my shirt, pushing it down my arms so it joins her shorts. My undershirt goes flying next and I just about come undone when she squats down to take my pants off. With her heels on, she’s level with my cock and wastes no time sucking my head between her full lips.

“I’ve missed him too,” she says when she releases me for a moment.

“And he’s missed this pretty little mouth,” I respond and my head drops back when he’s takes more of my length into her mouth. When my head hits the back of her throat she starts to swallow.

“Jesus, Sookie, you can’t do that so soon,” I laugh. I’m ready to cum and it’s from a little touching, licking, and my cock down her throat for two seconds.

“But I thought you said the first load I get to swallow. I want it now,” she says, pulling off of my dick and licking up and down my shaft.

Her eyes lock onto mine and she swallows my cock again. Her head starts bobbing and my hands thread through her hair, holding on tight. My hips begin to thrust with her, fucking her throat. I don’t want to treat her like a whore now that what we have is real, but it’s too fucking good not to shove my cock as deep as possible.

The muscles in my lower abdomen begin to twitch and I can feel my cock swelling between her lips. I’m going to cum, hard.

“That’s too fucking good, Sookie, I’m gonna… ahhh!” I release with a roar, gagging her a little, but she eagerly licks my cock clean after swallowing as much as she can. My cum dripping down her chin and her big blue eyes looking up at me threaten to keep me hard.

She uses her tongue to lick along the V of my hips, across to my belly button, dipping inside a little and then up my chest.  When she reaches my nipples, she nibbles on the little brown buds. “Bite a little,” I say and she complies. Her blunt teeth scraping across my sensitive skin sends a shiver down my spine. She’s definitely trying to keep me hard.

Her hand wraps around my softening cock. “I miss the way your cock feels inside of me… anywhere inside of me,” she finishes when my hand rubs over her ass, dipping into the back of her panties.

I know it’s going to be a few minutes before I’m ready to go again, so I run my finger up the crease of her ass, making her moan a little. “Turn around,” I whisper and peck her lips.

She turns her back to me, and I walk her to the bed. Bending her over the mattress, I tap the inside of her thigh to get her to spread them and I rub my large palms over her ass. She’s begging me to touch her pussy, but I’m going to make her wait.

I kneel behind her and grip her rear cheeks, and push her panties to the side, getting a perfect view of her ass and glistening pussy. She’s so wet from sucking me off, she’s literally dripping down her thighs. Her swollen nub is standing at attention, pleading for me to touch it. I blow my warm breath over her lips, and then flick my tongue out, hitting only her clit.

“Fuck!” she moans, “Again.”

I lick her again, this time using my flattened tongue and run the length of her slit from her clit up to her ass and then I pull back.

“Do it again, Eric, it feels so good,” she pleads. I only spread her lower lips wider and send a stream of warm air through her folds.

“Eric,” she growls, and I chuckle a little.

“Yes, dear?”

“Stop being a prick,” she snaps. I think she wants more.

I run my middle finger down her slit and rub circles over her clit. “Is this what you want?”

“Just touch me or I’m doing it myself.”

With that I dive in, plunging my tongue into her core, swirling around and tasting as much of her  pussy as I can. She tastes just as good as I remember. I start to rub her clit with my thumb while I tongue her cunt.

“Much better,” she groans and I hum in agreement.

I use my free hand to stroke my cock. I’m already growing hard again and I want to fuck her as she’s cumming. I move down to take over playing with her nub. I lick around and then suck her clit between my lips as I thrust two fingers deep inside of her.

“Yes, that’s it, make me cum, baby.”

Her wish is my command. I twist my fingers, searching for her g-spot. Her body rocks forward when I find it and I suck hard on her clit, trying to pull her hips back to my face. When I feel her inner walls start to spasm around my fingers I stand up, keeping both fingers deep inside of her, and tap her clit a few times with the head of my cock. I remove my fingers and drive into her from behind, making sure to push her panties completely out of the way.

With her heels her pussy is level with my groin so I don’t have to squat. I grab her hips and pull her back hard as I thrust forward. Her pussy is still convulsing, making it nearly impossible to get my full length and girth inside of her. I pull out long enough to pull her panties down to her thighs before shoving back in. My hands go right back to her hips and I hunch over her body, kissing her shoulder blades.

“I’ve missed fucking this pussy so bad,” I say softly over her shoulder. “She always feels so good wrapped around me.”

Sookie is panting heavily, trying to respond, but my driving length has left her speechless. “Tell me this pussy is mine, Sookie,” I demand. “Tell me how bad she wants to please only me, she only wants my cock pounding into her over and fucking over again. Tell me, pretty, tell me what only I can do to her.”

“Only you, Eric!” she agrees, “Nobody else fucks my pussy as good as you. She only craves your cock,” she pants.

“Good,” I growl and keep pounding. Her body is rocking on the bed beneath me and her cries are filling the room along with the sound of my hips slamming into her ass. Its not going to take much more before I explode again.

I wiggle my hand under her body and my searching fingers find her clit. I start to rub, I’ve learned how much pressure and how fast to rub to get her off in record time. I literally takes seconds before she’s silently screaming, her body is quivering and her pussy is gripping my shaft so tight, trying to milk my cum from me. It works. I cum so hard, shooting deep into her pussy, bathing her womb with my seed.

“Holy God!” I scream. “That was… fucking great.”

We’re both still shivering from the aftershocks when I pull out and collapse on the bed next to her head. I don’t know how I moved so far, but I did and I help her all the way onto the bed. She rests her head on my stomach and runs her fingernails over my abs as my breathing calms down a bit.

“I take it back. You’re not that old,” Sookie says.

“Someone’s earning her birthday spanking this year,” I smirk and give her a love tap.

“Do you know how old I’m going to be this year?”

“No, I know you’re in your twenties,” I admit.

“Twenty-seven,” she says. “I’ll be twenty-seven in like two hours.”

“Well, then how about we order room service and  bring you into your twenty-seventh year with a bang?” I tease and pull her up to straddle my waist.

I roll us so I’m hovering over her. I dip my head, stealing a kiss and then hop up to go to the bathroom to start the shower before we order room service.


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  2. Levi is a great kid. Glad Eric/Sookie are together. Looking forward to see how things are gonna go now.


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    Our lovers had a wonderful interlude. I know there will be some rocky, angsty spots –but hopefully we’ll have such lemony bits to tide us through those times!



  5. Really looking forward to seeing how E/S manage things going forward. At least Eric & Aude managed to raise a really terrific young man in Levi. He could have been a total prick, but all he’s concerned with is his father’s happiness. Loved the lemons as always! Thanks ladies for another awesome chapter!


  6. Wow, Levi is amazing. That could have been horrible, but he was already joking. It shows how much he clearly loves his Dad. I hope that his friends will follow his lead and be just as cool.. Although that’s a ways off 🙂
    Yay for very yummy lemons btw, as always 😉


  7. Levi took the fact his now ex gf used to be a cooker remarkably well. It’s surprising he doesn’t resent her a little for his family situation


  8. Levi took it really well he is a good kid and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that he is able to back away to let his dad be happy.. i am glad they never had sex or that would be really ackward for them, there is definetly a long rough road ahead of them….and i too want to see Alcide poop kittens, i laughed at that one Kristie


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