Chapter 8


I don’t know what the hell crawled up Sookie’s ass. One minute we were having fun the next she looked like I’m the scum of the earth. I don’t know what I did that was so wrong. When I get come out of the bathroom Sookie is dressed and sitting on my bed with Edith at her feet.


“Are you alright?” I ask as gently as possible.


“I’m just peachy,” she replies without looking up from her phone.


“Do you want me to take you home?” What the fuck just happened?


“Jason’s going to pick me up.”


“Did I do something?” She says I didn’t, but she’s treating me like I just kicked her puppy.


“No, I did something. I was trying to do something nice because I enjoy doing it and it didn’t work out,” she shrugs. “No big deal.”


I shake my head and kneel down in front of her. I lift her chin so she has to look at me and ask, “Do you think I didn’t appreciate the blow job?”


“No. That’s not what I said.”


“Can you please clarify, then?” I don’t speak woman very well.


“I’m not saying you didn’t appreciate it but you must have been bored or something if it wasn’t working for you. I mean you knew I needed a break but that went out the window…” she trails off.




“Shit,” I sigh. I rest my hands on her hips and say, “I’m sorry, Sookie. I didn’t mean to make you feel like the blowjob wasn’t working. Believe me, it was, and I’m sorry I pulled you up like that. Sometimes you have to remind me about the breaks, especially when I’m all worked up like I was. I didn’t hurt you, did I?”


“No,” she answers while tucking her phone in her bag.


“Do you accept my apology?”


“Sure,” she shrugs.


Right. That’s a big fat no.


I sit back on my heels, prompting Edith to climb onto my legs. I’m sure she can feel the tension and just wants it to stop.


“Do you still want me to move in with you?” I ask as I pet Edith, trying to soothe her.


“Why wouldn’t I?”


“I don’t know. It seems like we decide to do this and the first thing I do is unknowingly upset you,” I sigh.


“I’m a big girl, Eric. I’ll get over it,” she replies.


“Want me to walk you out while you wait for Jason, or do you want to wait in here?” I ask. I don’t know what to fuckin’ do. I’m still confused over the whole thing. If she didn’t want sex, she should’ve said as much as soon as I tugged her mouth off my cock. She seemed just fine until I reminded her about the break, which I assumed was over since she didn’t tell me we were still breaking. Women confuse me.


“No, Edith and I will be fine,” Sookie says. She stands up and slings her bag over her shoulder before leaning down to clip Edith’s leash on.


I stand up with her and ask, “Are you just trying to get away from me?” I don’t want her brother to think I’m the kind of guy that’s fine leaving her out to wait on the curb. That’s just fuckin’ rude.


“Yes,” she answers without hesitation.


I shake my head and turn to leave the room. I’m in the doghouse for something I didn’t even know I did wrong. Lovely. I go into the kitchen and start pulling stuff out to make dinner. If Sookie can be a pissy bitch, I can be too. I hear Edith’s collar as they walk by me, but I keep my back to her. She can call me when she decides she isn’t mad at me for whatever she’s mad at. Oh wait, she’s not mad.

I hear the door close and I continue to apply seasoning to my steak. I was going to cook dinner for Sookie, but that’s gone right out the window. She isn’t even gone five minutes when I hear Jake walk in the front door. I need to tell him I might be moving, but at this point I’m not sure. She says she still wants me there, but it sure as hell doesn’t seem like it.


“What’s up, fucker? Where’s your pornstar?”


“She just had her brother pick her up,” I tell him. “Want a steak?”


“Fuck yeah. Melinda’s trying to get me to go gluten-free with her.”


“Women are fucking confusing,” I say, shaking my head. “Does steak even have gluten?”


“The fuck if I know.” He grabs a beer from the fridge.


I wash my hands while the steaks sit for a minute, soaking in the rub. I lean against the counter and blurt out, “I might be moving in with my pornstar.”


“She moves fuckin’ quick.” Jake takes a long pull from the beer.


“Yeah… I went with her to look at a house on the lake today. She put in a bid, if she gets it, and she decides she’s not mad at me, I’ll probably move in there with her.”


“You pissed off a pornstar? Like you have fuckin’ spares waiting to take her place?”


“I stopped a blowjob for sex,” I shrug. “Apparently I broke her and she wasn’t unbroken yet, but decided not to tell me. I don’t know if that’s really it though.” I really don’t. She was perfectly fine until I called her out on that comment.


“Is she bad at sucking dick?” Jake asks curiously.


“No, she’s phenomenal at sucking dick. I felt like sex though,” I shrug. “She seemed fine with it too until I told her I wasn’t cumming until she came. She tried to tell me she was a professional and can take whatever I give, and then some. As soon as I told her she couldn’t, since she’d asked for a break, she was done.” That’s how I saw it. I don’t actually know how she sees it since she barely talked to me before she left.


“So let me get this straight… You had a hot chick giving you phenomenal head and you stopped her because you wanted pussy instead and then your egos got into it so she pulled the plug. That’s some stupid shit. Welcome to having a girlfriend,” Jake snorts.


“She’s not even my girlfriend,” I grumble. “I don’t think she’ll say we’re exclusive until she retires.”


“Keep fucking up her blowjobs and she’ll find someone who won’t,” he advises.


I prefer sex over blowjobs. There’s no telling Jake that. He would be happy to have his dick some chicks mouth over sex. To each his own, though.


“Women confuse me,” I sigh. I’ve had plenty of girlfriends and they all confused me at one time or another.


“Of course they do. And you’re you. That doesn’t help.”


“Keep that shit up and I’m going to make sure your steak is gluten free,” I say. “I apologized to Sookie. She claims she accepted it, but I highly doubt she did.”




“It was the most insincere acceptance ever. She wouldn’t even let me walk her out.” I probably should’ve insisted, but I didn’t want to piss her off more.


“Give it a few days,” he shrugs. “You barely know the broad, Eric. If she’s one of crazy ones just move on.”


“Yeah,” I sigh. “Are you going to move in with Melinda if I move out? Or are you staying here?”


“Seeing as I’ve had three minutes to think about it, I have no fucking clue.”


“Sorry. I didn’t mean to spring this on you. I don’t even know how it happened. We were looking and… the conversation just happened.”


“You know there’s a reason you’re not supposed to let your dick make your major life decisions.”


“My dick only made a partial decision. My brain and how relaxing that place is made the rest of it.” I’m not going to mention she’d just let me fuck her in someone else’s bedroom.


“Uh huh. I’m new so I believe you,” he deadpans.


“Are you saying this is a bad idea?”


“What’s so great about the place, other than the professional cocksucker living down the hall? Or are you two shacking up? If you’re shacking up I’m calling your old man.”


“No, we’ll have separate rooms.” I go to my room to grab my phone and come back as I search for the house online. When I find it I hand over my phone and say, “You tell me what’s so great.”


“Fuck you. If she takes back the invite I’ll fuckin’ move in with her. Melinda can deal with it,” he says seriously.


“See,” I smirk. “These pictures don’t even do it justice. There’s a dock where we can keep the boat. There’s a fuckin’ pool table and Sookie tasked me with finding a TV for watching football.”


“Plus she gives good head and you’re bitching because she didn’t accept your apology to your satisfaction?” Jake looks at me like I’m a fucking idiot.


“I’m bitching because she shouldn’t have been mad at me in the first place.”


“Well good luck with that. Is that a fucking beer tap?”


“Yes. I offered to marry her when she said the only house rule is no light beer.”


“Man,” he shakes his head. “Seriously, pick your battles from now on. I know you need to be right all the time–”


“She never said she didn’t want the sex,” I cut him off. “She seemed fucking fine with it.”


“Way to prove my point. Look, if you want to make your life easier, sometimes it’s worth it to keep your fuckin’ mouth shut, know that you’re right in your own mind and let her be right out loud,” he says.


I shake my head. I think that’s bullshit, but he’s the one in a three year relationship, not me.


“Maybe next time she needs to open her mouth and tell me she doesn’t want to fuck,” I sigh. “I hear what you’re saying,” I tell him when he opens his mouth to listen to him.


“Good, because you can be a pushy asshole and chicks don’t want some aggressive asshole poking at them when they’re upset about shit,” he tells me.


“I didn’t know she was upset,” I sigh. “She didn’t look or act upset until she flipped her tits.”


“You’ll learn,” he shrugs. “At least she was smart enough not to agree to marry you.”


“Shut up,” I chuckle. I turn to find my grill pan to put on the stove to heat up. “Should I call her or text her or just wait?”


“She accepted your apology. In my opinion, ball’s in her court.”


“Alright… but I still don’t think sh–”


“Does your vagina hurt too?” He cuts me off and tilts his head like he’s checking for mine.


“But it wasn’t her pus–” I stop when what he’s saying starts to sink in. “Right. Okay.”


Jake shakes his head and finishes off his beer. I still don’t agree with it, but this is one fight I’m going to have to suck up and deal with. It’s not actually that big of a deal to me. I apologized; I can’t really say much to change her mind without just pissing her off more. I’ll wait patiently for her to call me.




I’m just sitting down at my desk after lunch the next day when my phone rings. Sookie.


“Northman,” I answer as I get up from my desk to walk toward the door. No one needs to hear this conversation.


“I got the house,” she says.


“Congratulations,” I reply. That’s awesome news. “Do you still want me to move into it with you?”


“If you still want to, yes,” she answers like nothing happened yesterday.


I walk out the door into the back lot.


“Yes, I still want to. Are we okay?”


“Why wouldn’t we be?”


“Uh…” What? “Well… you didn’t seem too happy with me the last time I saw you…”


“And I’m fine now. I told you I’m a big girl.”


“Alright… when are you going back to L.A.?” I want to see her, but I don’t know if I should ask. I’m still thoroughly confused.




“Would you like to have dinner with me tonight, or are you busy?”


“I could do that. I was thinking of going back to the house to take some more pictures,” she says.


“Want me to take you?” I offer. “I can pick you up after work.”


“If you want to. If not I can go tomorrow before I leave,” she says.


“Doesn’t bother me. I can swing by the house to change and then pick you up at Jason’s? I can grab dinner and we can eat on the dock, if you want?”


“That sounds great. Mind if Edith comes along?”


“Not at all.” I have to get used to being around her anyway. “Are you hungry for anything specific?”


“Not really. I don’t like Indian food.”


“How about Greek?” I offer. I know a place that makes an amazing gyro.


“Sure. If you’re thinking gyros just skip the onions on mine,” she requests.


“You got it. I’ll see you around six?” I only have one night with her until she leaves. I don’t want to be out too late, so I can leave work a little early.


“Perfect. See you then.”


We hang up and I go back to work. I don’t even know what just went down but I’m not going to argue it, no matter how bad I want to pick it apart and figure what the fuck went down and how the fuck she’s suddenly fine. Well, maybe not suddenly. Jake is right. I need to pick my battles and I don’t want to fuck up what promises to be a very good thing.




Edith and I are in the yard playing when Eric’s truck pulls into the driveway. Yesterday was a bit of a doozy, but like I said, I’m a big girl. I’m fine. Not everything has to be analyzed and studied or talked over to death. Hell, as far as I’m concerned he didn’t even need to apologize.


My dog runs toward Eric’s truck since her new friend has arrived. I grab my bag from the front steps and approach the trunk to help her up into the cab. She’s used to my SUV. The truck is much higher up than my SUV is. Edith promptly jumps over onto Eric’s lap and licks his face.


“Ugh. I’m going to have to work with her on that,” he says as he pulls her face back from his. He starts to scratch her back as he leans over the console for a kiss hello.


“Hi,” I laugh as I lean in to give him his kiss. “If you want to go inside and wash your face it’s okay.”


“I’ll be fine. She didn’t get my lips,” he chuckles.


“Edith, get in the back. Eric can’t drive with your heavy butt on him,” I tell her.


The little flirt gives him a nuzzle and then goes to the backseat to curl up at the middle of the bench seat. She’s such a big baby.


I close my door and put my seatbelt on while Eric backs out of the driveway.


“I close on the house on June eighteenth. I’m going to take a couple of weeks off to get moved and settled in. The sellers included the master bedroom bed and the pool table.”


“That’s awesome,” he grins. “Seeing as we’ve already christened the bed,” he adds with a little chuckle.


“Right. I was thinking we’d move the pool table downstairs by the bar and I can put my office up there. I can shoot most of my webcam stuff up in the loft and it won’t be in plain view when we have company.” It’s not uncommon for me to have porn paraphernalia laying around so I can sign it and auction it off or make it a prize for some contest. I’m used to nudey pics and sex toys, but not everyone is.


“Just tell me where you want it and I can get it moved,” he shrugs. “Jake and I together can lift a lot of fuckin’ weight.”


“Okay. I’m sure Jason and Dad will be there too. I’m not planning on changing much but I do want to paint my bedroom before I move in.” The bedding I have my eye on is dark gray and cobalt. It’ll play nicely with the mountains and the lake.


“Oh yeah? What color? I guess I should figure out what room I want too.”


“I haven’t decided yet. I’m thinking maybe a shade of gray but I’m not sure which one yet. And as far as I’m concerned, you can take either room. Make one your office if you want. There’ll be a guest room on the third floor.” Most of my guests who aren’t family would probably sleep in my room with me anyway.


“I’ll figure it out,” he shrugs. “Do you think we’re going to stay in the same room often, or is that a no go?”


“Honestly, I don’t know. We’ll have to wait to see how it goes. I’m not going to kick you out of bed for trying to cuddle, if that’s what you’re asking.”


“No, I just don’t know how this dating roommate thing goes. I’ll don’t expect to stay in your room every night, but there will some nights I’ll want to. I just don’t want you to think I’m trying to move things faster than we’re ready for if I do get all cuddly, and vice versa. I want us to stay on the same page even if one of us is reads faster…”


“This definitely won’t be traditional, but as long as we can agree on things we can make up our own rules. My life isn’t exactly orthodox,” I shrug. Why should my relationships be any different from the rest of my life?


“That works,” he nods.


“I’m not going to give you shit for wanting to snuggle sometimes. Now if I see your stuff slowly migrating into my room…”


“Same goes for you, pretty girl,” he chuckles, reaching over to squeeze my hand.


“Unless it’s sex toys, right?” I snicker.


“Baby, you’re the only sex toy I need in my room,” he flirts.


“Uh huh,” I laugh.


“I’ll just use them in your room or in the loft on your webcam,” he winks.


“That’s more like it.”


“Would you really put me in some of your videos?” he asks curiously.


“Would you want to be in them? I can edit them so your face is never seen,” I tell him. I’ve gotten pretty good at editing.


“It doesn’t bother me,” he shrugs. “If I’m there, I might as well be useful, right? And you can edit my face out if you want. I doubt anyone I care about not seeing it would watch.”


“You never know what sort of things people are into behind closed doors. If you just saw me in the produce aisle at the market would you think gang bangs soak my panties?” I point out.


“Probably not,” he says, shaking his head. “It’s really only Mom I worry about.”


“It won’t be a problem with your employer?”


“I don’t have to put my name on there. If they find out, that’s on them,” he says. “Pam would tease the shit out of me, but I can live with that.”


“As long as you’re sure about it.” It’s up to him.


“Hell, I might be a hit,” he jokes. “But yes, I’m sure. It doesn’t bother me at all.”


“You might be. There are plenty of people who can quit their day job because they make good money doing web shows,” I tell him. “I’m talking six figures good.”


“Fuck. That might be worth it,” he chuckles.


“Lucky for you, you have a built-in audience,” I smile.


“I do?”


“Uh, hello?” I gesture to myself.


He laughs and says, “Sorry. You’re the best audience, too.” He pulls my hand over to kiss the back again.


“Thanks, but I mean you would have one because you have an already known partner,” I clarify.


“Did I mention I’m blonde?” he says, laughing at himself.


“I didn’t know you were that blonde,” I tease.


“I have my moments,” he smiles.




We pull up to the house. Eric kills the engine and unlocks the door so I can get out and let Edith out of the backseat. He grabs the food from behind his seat and follows me down toward the dock.


“It is so gorgeous here,” I say while stretching my arms up over my head. “I can’t believe I get to live here. This is heaven.”


“It is,” he agrees. He wraps his arm around my waist from behind and kisses my neck. “I hope you’re hungry.” He holds the bag up with his other hand.


“Starving. I’ve been thinking about dinner all day,” I confess. I slip my sandals off and take a seat at the end of the dock to put my feet in the water. I squeal at how chilly it is, which makes Eric chuckle as he settles down next to me.


“One gyro, minus the onions and some Greek fries for the lady,” he offers as he hands me the styrofoam container.


“Thanks,” I smile. Edith immediately plops down next to Eric and puts on her beggar’s face, complete with cute whimpers.


“No, Edith,” Eric tells her and picks her up to set her further behind us.


Of course she only whimpers louder. She nuzzles his back while she cries. It’s a convincing act.


“You can whine all day, sweetpea, you’re not getting any,” he tells her.


“Edith, go lay down,” I command. Edith hangs her head but goes to lie down like she’s been denied food and water for weeks. “She’s a drama queen when she wants to be.”


“But she’s a cute drama queen,” he says as he opens his container. “I’ve been ready for this since I picked it up.” It looks like he also has a gyro and fries.


“She probably gets it from me,” I snicker and pick up my gyro.


“You are pretty cute too,” he winks before tearing into his dinner.


We go quiet while we eat. The sky reflects so perfectly on the glassy surface of the lake. There are clouds being split apart by the mountains that still have snowcaps on them. The grass is green and the sand is tan. Edith gets up to go to the water’s edge and sniff around.


I don’t finish my entire dinner so I make Edith’s day when she gets the last quarter of my gyro and the rest of my fries. Of course Eric’s been done eating for more than five minutes.


“Wanna go break in?” he chuckles as he leans back on his hands.


“We don’t need to. The seller is a fan. He left a key for me,” I reply. My relative fame has its perks sometimes.


“Then do you wanna go in and check the place out again?”


“I do. Maybe you can figure out which bedroom you want.”


“We may have to try them out,” he says as he stands and reaches down to help me up.


“Try them out how?”


“You know, lay on the beds. Get or give head in the rooms to make sure they’re worthwhile,” he jokes.


“Right,” I chuckle. We walk toward the house and I lead him up the back steps to the deck on the second floor. There’s a dual sided fireplace that warms the space on the deck as well as the living room on the other side of the wall. I find the key where the seller said it would be left and use it to unlock the deck door.


“Is he leaving the hot tub?” Eric asks as we walk in.


“Yep,” I grin. “I may not leave it for the first three days after I’m settled in.”


“You won’t find me complaining about that.” Eric wraps his arm around my shoulder to pull me closer and gives me a quick kiss on the cheek.


“So then it’s cool if I get in there with naked chicks?” I joke.


“As long as I’m invited too,” he says. He’s serious.


“Maybe. Maybe we’ll invite your friend Jake.”


“Jake would come to watch, but he’s faithful to his girlfriend,” he tells me. He smiles and asks, “You don’t want me to pull you girls out one at a time to make you cum?”


“Depends. How would you do it?” I take my phone out of my pocket and begin recording as I walk backward toward the stairs.


“Hmm, depends on the girl,” Eric answers. “How would you want me to make you cum?”


“Hmmm… So many options, but I’m thinking maybe something unconventional,” I answer.


“How unconventional?” He starts to walk with me.


I’m careful going down the stairs since I’m moving backwards.


“I imagine you would be pretty pissed off that I brought girls home and didn’t invite you to play with us,” I start and he nods along. “I think you’d bend me over your knee and spank me for it.”


“Mmm, that’s a pretty fair assessment,” he says, reaching down to adjust his cock. “Are your friends going to be involved? Are they going hold your hands down so you can’t try to cover your ass?”


“They could,” I smile. “Or they could rat me out and tell you where my paddle is.”


“That would be very sweet of them,” he smiles. “Maybe I can tie you down to paddle your sexy ass and then make you watch as I fuck your friends?”


“Baby, you’re making me so wet just talking about it.” I go into one of the bedrooms.


“You should feel how hard I am.” He strokes his hard-on through his jeans.


“Your cock is a thing of beauty,” I tell him as I come closer to him. “But I was thinking that I want a nice reminder of the last few days with you. I’m a little too old for hickies, but since we were on the topic of spanking, you could make it a practice run.”


“I can do that,” he agrees. Eric reaches back to rub my ass slowly. “Should I record it?”


“Would you like to?”


“Doesn’t matter to me. I figured you already have your camera out…” he slips his hand forward to unbutton my jeans.


“I thought it might make a nice farewell present,” I wink. “Or a nice way to introduce you to the website. It’s been a while since I’ve put up a new spanking video. You have good hands for it.”


“You promise to make yourself cum while watching it later?” he asks. Eric pushes my jeans down my thighs before taking my phone from me. “I could have you suck my dick with your ass high so I can spank it.”


“You could,” I agree. It wouldn’t be the first time.


He pulls his cock out of his pants and starts to stroke. “Bend over the bed, pretty girl,” he purrs.


“You’re going to spank me with your dick?” I sass as I turn toward the bed.


“Mmm, no, it’s aching. I had to give it a little breathing room.” He pushes my down with a flat palm between my shoulder blades. I feel his fingertips trail down my spine before he pulls his hand back and brings it down hard on my right cheek.


I yelp and look back at him. “That is a monster cock,” I agree. “It felt so good in my ass yesterday.” I yelp again when he spanks my left cheek.


“It felt amazing buried deep in your little asshole,” he agrees. He swats me again before running his fingers through my folds to rub my clit for a moment.


I push my jeans and panties down more and wiggle out of them. I get three swats in quick succession and I can feel my cheeks heating up. My head rests on the bed and after a few more swats I reach down to play with my clit.


Eric swats my hand away from my clit. “Not yet,” he growls. “Fuck, you should see how fuckin’ red your ass is.” I feel a trail of pre-cum drag along my cheeks before I feel two more stinging slaps on my right cheek.


“Ahhh fuck!” I whimper. “I’ll see it on the video.”


“Yes you will.” I feel the head of his cock lightly smack my clit. He starts rubbing it around my sensitive nub as he spanks my left cheek a couple times.


“Oh fuuuu… I’m going to cum if you keep it up,” I pant. His tip rubbing against my clit is heavenly right now.


“Good.” He rubs a little faster and I notice he moves the camera to record a perfect view of my core pulsing. “I want you to cum hard for me, pretty girl.”


“Can you see how wet I am right now?” I pant. I’m so goddamn close.


“Uh huh.” He stops rubbing my clit for a moment to push one thick finger into my pussy. He wiggles it around before pulling it back out so the camera can see and hear how wet I am. I feel him paint my clit with my juices before his head is rubbing me again.


“What about after I cum?” I ask. My hips move with his cock rubbing against me.


“What do you mean?” He slaps my ass.


I moan instead of crying out. My walls clench hard and continue to pulse.


“Do I get to have your cock?” I ask.


“Where do you want it?”


“Anywhere you want to put it,” I reply and get another slap on my ass. “More… fuck…”


I get exactly what I ask for. He rubs his hips against me so his thick head is still running past my clit. I feel his heavy hand come down again and again, alternating sides until my orgasm hits.


“Ohgodohgodohgod fuuuuck!” I scream when I cum. My ass is on fire, but in the best way. My knees wobble with my orgasm and my thighs are shaking. I sincerely hope Eric doesn’t want me to ride him because I don’t know if my legs will cooperate.


I feel his fingers spread my lower lips. His cock slides up and he pushes forward, filling me completely. He holds for a second, grinding against me. When he pulls back, he immediately thrusts forward again, setting a punishing pace as he fucks me.


“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod,” I chant, clutching at the comforter. He feels so good right now. So big, so deep… Mmm…


He smacks my ass again while he fucks me. After a moment he lifts one of my legs to set it on the bed. By spreading me open like this, it allows him to get deeper on each hard thrust. I feel his hand snake around so he can rub my clit while he drives into me.


My back arches and an orgasm sneaks up from out of nowhere, making me scream and my pussy clench so hard it pushes him out of me a little bit. It’s crazy intense.


“Where do you want my cum?” Eric pants as he forces his dick into me again and again.


“Anywhere you want it,” I breathe. I don’t care at the moment. I feel like I’m still cumming.


He growls as I feel his release start to shoot into me. He’s mid-orgasm when he pulls out, shooting the remainder all over my rear entrance.


“Fuck!” he shouts as I feel one more smack on my left cheek.


I whimper and look back at him. “Was that good, baby?” I don’t know if he wants his name public if this goes on the website.


“Fuckin’ perfect, pretty girl,” he says. He turns the recording off and tosses my phone onto the bed next to me.


“Should I send you that?”


“You can.” He starts to rub his cum into my ass.


“I don’t have to.”


“I’d love to watch that, Sookie,” he purrs, pushing one of his thick fingers into my rear opening.


“What else do you want to watch?” I ask as his finger twists and pumps.


“I might want to watch my dick sliding in and out of your ass,” he says quietly, adding a second finger, using his cum to lube me up.


“It’s a good thing I brought my charger,” I say with a smirk.


I hope he wasn’t planning on making it an early night tonight.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 8

  1. Wow. First – yumm! The dinner and wall through. All so easy. 🙂

    But I guess I’m still stuck on the ‘what the…’ moment. Sookie has just flipped the page and moved on… oooookaaay. But something happened. She admitted to herself she wasn’t even sure what. Which kinda suggests that it could (and probably will) happen again. And that’s fair? OK? No problem? This has bad written all over it 😦

    Love the story 🙂 Wonder how the angst will reveal and resolve =D


  2. I hope at some point soon there is an explanation for why Sookie acted like that and got huffy and ran from Eric. She seemed ridiculous. Of course, them moving in together after 1 day is a little over the top too.


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