14: I Don’t Want This Night to End


“Tonight was fun,” I said to Holly when we pulled up in front of her place. In the several weeks, five to be exact, since we’d met I had yet to stay the night with her. I was sure tonight was no different. “Want me to walk you to the door?” I turned off MJ.


“You could come in for a nightcap if you want,” Holly offered.


“I would like that,” I smiled. I reached up to brush a stray hair behind her ear. Holly opened her door to get out of the car. I quickly followed suit. I took her hand as we walked up to the front door of her condo. “The word nightcap makes me think of the nineties for some reason,” I commented randomly as she unlocked her door.


“Well these days it’s rarely just a drink someone gets invited in for,” she said. Holly pushed the door open and turned on the living room lights.


Huh, she hadn’t invited me in for a nightcap before. Was there more to her invitation?


“That’s true.” I stepped into her living room behind her, closing and locking the door behind me. “You know if I drink much more I shouldn’t be driving, right?”


“That occurred to me.” She bent over to unbuckle her heels and take them off.


My eyes went straight to her ass like they always did. She was used to the blatant staring. As long as I wasn’t blatantly staring at other women she seemed to be fine with it.


“Should I get another drink?” It took all my willpower not to touch her butt.


“If you want one. I picked up Blue Moon for you today.”


“You’re a pretty damn good girlfriend,” I winked before I walked to the small kitchen to get a beer. “Do you want anything?”


“I think I’m going to have a little tea,” she said. When Holly got to the kitchen she grabbed my butt and added, “Maybe a little A, too.”


I growled playfully. I got hard from a stiff breeze it had been so long since I had sex last.


“Keep that up and I’ll be having a little T&A too,” I warned. I turned to face her and rubbed my hands up and down her sides.


“What if I’m okay with that?”


“Are you?” My hands slid up her body so they were resting right under her tits. I’d gotten to second base, but that was it. I was ready for more.


“I know this isn’t just about you waiting it out until you can get laid. I like the progress we’re making, and I’m tired of having to finish the job myself,” she told me.


“So… T&A and P?” I slipped my hand down to cup her mound. I didn’t stop myself from rubbing her through her panties.


“And D.”


“Really?” I was surprised. I also rubbed her lower lips a little more, getting a feel for how wet she was. She was getting there.


“If you don’t want to–”


“I want to. A lot,” I confirmed.


“Then show me what you got, Northman,” Holly challenged.


“Shit, now you’re going to give me performance anxiety,” I chuckled. I pushed her back against the counter, dipping my head to press my lips to hers. As we kissed I reached up to run my fingers through her hair. My tongue swirled around hers, making me moan softly into the kiss. We needed to get to the room ASAP.


Holly pulled back and said, “I’m sure you’ll do just fine.”


“I’m glad you have confidence,” I smiled. I stepped back so I could take her hand. Holly led me back to her room. Her bed was much smaller than mine, but it would do in a pinch.


As soon as we got to the room I turned her around so her back was to me. I unzipped her dress, pushing the straps down her shoulders. My hands rubbed over her smooth skin, one of them tangling in her hair. I turned her head and leaned over to kiss her again. She was a damn good kisser. There was more to the kiss than I was used to and I had a feeling it was because of the feelings I was growing for her. I wasn’t used to it, but I liked it.


Holly let her dress fall around her feet before she turned to face me. She reached up to loosen my tie and pull it off me.


“You’re off to a good start,” she said as she started to unbutton my shirt.


“Thanks,” I chuckled. My hands went straight to her tits, gently massaging them for a moment before I slid my hands around to unhook her bra. Her tits weren’t huge. They fit just right in my hands, with a little room to grow.


Instead of kissing I wanted to see every inch of her that I could. Holly got my shirt unbuttoned so I could take it off. My undershirt quickly followed. I chuckled again when she let out a little groan as soon as my abs were in sight.


“I’m glad you like what you see,” I said.


“You’re like an all I can eat eye candy buffet.”


“For your eyes only,” I replied. That was strange. It had been a long time since I was exclusively one woman’s man.


“That’s the sexiest thing you’ve said yet,” she said before pulling me down for another kiss.


As our tongues battled I slid my hands down her back, pushing into her panties. She had a great ass that she tended to hide under oversized shirts. I pushed her panties down her thighs, and then went right back to grabbing her ass. Holly moaned and pulled me back toward her bed. She fell back when her knees hit the mattress and I went down with her.


I sat up on my knees so I could unbutton my pants. I didn’t worry about pushing them down yet. That would come after she came… I leaned over her body, but didn’t go for her lips. My mouth descended onto her chest; my lips wrapping around her nipple. I sucked the stiff peak, flicking it with my tongue.


Holly’s fingers ran through my hair and she moaned again.


“That feels good,” she purred.


I hummed around her nipple. My hand slipped down between her thighs. I rubbed my fingertips up and down her slit, dipping between her lips in search of her clit. The moan that escaped her lips when I found it made my cock twitch.


“Right there,” she gasped. Her hips moved with my fingers. “Ohhhhh… mmm…”


I knew when to listen to a woman. I drew slow circles around her little nub. I moved to her other nipple to give it the same attention. When I was done with her tits I pressed soft kisses down her stomach. I flicked my tongue into her bellybutton, making her giggle-moan. I liked that sound.


“Is this still okay?” I slid my finger into her core. Jesus, she’s wet…


“Yes,” she breathed.


“Tell me if you change your mind.” She wasn’t changing her mind. I told her to spread her legs wider. She bent her knees and parted them, giving me plenty of room to play. I spread her lower lips, tilted my head, and flicked my tongue over her clit, making Holly gasp.


Again her fingers were in my hair, holding my head gently. She did some of the work for me by rocking her hips. It was obvious she was enjoying herself by the noises she was making.


I hummed as I started to swirl my tongue around her nub. I brought my hand up again to slide my finger into her dripping wet core, pumping in and out slowly. I curled my finger each time I pulled out, searching for her g-spot. I knew the second I found it.


“Oh god!”


I groaned when her hips bucked up. I threw my arm over her hips, holding her in place. I knew I wasn’t going to last when we got to the main event so I wanted to make sure she enjoyed herself. I continued to rub her sweet spot as I latched onto her clit and started to suck.


“Yes… yes… Eric, I… oh fuck,” she panted. Her walls clamped down around my fingers and she cried out when she came.


“Mmm,” I hummed. When I released her clit I continued to rub my flattened tongue back and forth over it. “Ready for more?”


“God, yes,” she moaned. “Get your ass up here.”


I got up from the bed so I could push my pants off. Holly’s eyes went wide when my solid erection came into view.


“Condom?” I asked, reaching down to stroke myself.


“Bedside table,” she answered.


I walked to the side of the bed to pull a condom out of the drawer. I took a minute or so to get it into place. Once it was on I climbed back onto the bed, sitting against the headboard. I helped Holly sit up so she could ride me.


“I’ve been dreaming of this since our first date,” I admitted when she straddled my thighs.


“Exactly this?” She rocked her hips, rubbing herself against my cock.


“Once or twice.” My hands slipped around, grabbing her ass. “I’ve dreamed of many positions with you.”


“I bet you have.” Holly leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine. It was a gentle kiss, much sweeter than the others. When she pulled back she kept her eyes on mine as she sank down on my length.


Oh. My.  God.


She felt so damn good. I wanted to close my eyes so I could savor it, but either way I knew I wasn’t going to last long. My hands rubbed up from her ass to her hips and then I slid one down to rub her clit with my thumb. I wanted her to feel good since it wasn’t likely she was going to cum again so quickly.


Holly lifted my head and leaned forward to kiss me. She moved up and down slowly, swiveling every few strokes. Her tongue mingled with mine and a deep kiss. When it broke her lips moved to my neck, avoiding the spot she knew I liked.


She was evil and I loved it. I wasn’t sure what to do with my hands so they went back to her hips. I helped her rock and bounce slightly. I brought one hand up to wrap in her hair, pulling her head up for another kiss. There was so much fire and passion in the kiss it made my toes curl. I learned a lot of the kisses with Holly were that good.


Her walls started to flutter, which made her bounce a little faster. I felt her fingertips dig into my shoulders. Holly moaned into the kiss and after a minute had to break it off. Her forehead pressed to mine and she kept eye contact with me.


“I need to feel you cum for me,” I whispered. My fingers flicked over clit, trying to push her over the edge.


Holly gasped and I felt the difference in the way her walls were gripping me. “Ohhhhh… Eric…” she moaned. Suddenly her eyes closed and her body tensed up with her release.


I couldn’t have held back if I tried. Holly’s orgasm ripped mine from me. I held her down as my cock twitched inside of her. I grabbed the back of her head and kissed her hard, letting her feel all of the emotion I was feeling. There was more to Holly and my feelings for her than I wanted to admit. Not because I didn’t like her, but because emotions scared the shit out of me. I was going to suck it up and let it happen.


“Worth the wait?” I whispered when the kiss broke.


“I was just going to ask you the same thing,” she smiled.


“Definitely worth the wait,” I smiled back. “Way better than my dreams could have hoped for.”


“Good answer.” Her hips rocked slowly.


“I have never in life wished I didn’t wear a condom like I do right now,” I chuckled. “I don’t want to move you so I can get rid of it.”


“Well if things keep going well like they have been, maybe we’ll talk about not using them,” she said.


“I’m not in a rush,” I assured her. “I just don’t want to move. This feels too good.”


“I’m more than happy to stay right here, but I think that would be problematic.” Holly kissed me one more time before she lifted herself up and stretched out beside me on her bed.


I got up from the bed and pulled the condom off. I went to the bathroom to dispose of it. When I got back to the room I stretched out next to her.


“You know I’m a machine, right?” I chuckled. I leaned over to suck her nipple for a moment. “I’ll be ready to go again in like twenty minutes.”


“You know I’m not a sexbot, right?” Holly giggled.


“You’re not?” I asked in mock surprise. “Man, I have to rethink my strategy now.”


“Hey, I understand if you need more than I can give you,” she said, pulling my head up. “It was fun while it lasted.”


“What?” I asked seriously. “What the hell are you talking about. I’m not going anywhere.”


Holly burst out laughing.


“You’re too much, Eric,” she said between giggles.


“You laugh now, but what would you have done if I walked out?” I started to tickle her side. I learned she was ticklish on the second date. She was crazy ticklish.


Holly squirmed and laughed, trying to get away from me. Instead, she ended up under me.


“If you got up and left right now, it would be the last time I saw you. End of story,” she said. “I don’t fight for someone who won’t fight for me.”


“I’m not going anywhere,” I assured her. “You’re stuck with me for a while.”


“Don’t make it sound like too much of a punishment,” she smirked. Her legs wrapped around my hips, pulling me closer. “So… twenty minutes, huh?”


“Oh yes.” I rocked my hips, rubbing my cock through her slick folds. “If we keep rubbing on each other like this it may be sooner…”


“Aww shucks.” She wasn’t disappointed at all.


“You’re going to take one for the team, huh?” I shifted my hips so the tip of my cock rubbed her clit.


“What kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t?”


“You’ve been pretty damn good girlfriend.” I wasn’t exactly sure when we switched to boyfriend/girlfriend status, but we were there. I was happy with being there.


“I try.” Holly pushed for me to roll over again. When I did, she moved down the bed some and her hair hid the view of her tongue running down my shaft, but I felt it.


My hands ran through her hair, holding it out of the way so I could watch her. Her lips wrapped around my tip, suckling slowly. Yeah, she was going to make me hard again in way less than twenty minutes.


Holly took her time bobbing up and down, taking as much of me in her mouth as she could. She stroked the rest of my shaft so no part of me went untouched. Holly’s eyes met mine right before her tongue started to swirl around and around my tip. She sucked a little harder on my head and then resumed bobbing up and down.


“Goddamn, that feels good,” I groaned. As expected it took no time at all to start to get hard again. Holly may not have been a sexbot, but I was a machine. I could spend a whole night in bed fucking. If she wasn’t the type to do that, I could get over it. I liked spending time with her doing other things. It was time to turn over a new leaf, right?


She continued to suck and lick until my dick was completely hard. As good as it felt, I wanted sex again.


“Holly,” I growled. “I need to be inside of you again.”


She sucked a little harder on her way up, but Holly released my cock. She moved to the bedside table for a condom and ripped it open for me. While I got it on she turned over onto her stomach.


I straddled her thighs, pushing my dick down to rub down through her slit.


“Lift your ass,” I told her. When her ass lifted up an inch or two I slid in deep, making her moan. I could tell the head of my cock rubbed over a good spot when her back arched.


“Oh fuck yes,” she breathed. Her hands curled around the edge of the mattress.


I leaned over her body, grinding my hips against her ass. I knew I was going to last way longer this time. I wanted it to feel good and to learn all the things she liked in bed. The last woman I’d been with seemed to love everything I did between the sheets. I just hoped Holly felt the same way. There were going to be a lot of orgasms in her future.


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  1. It’s so odd for me to read a story a story where Eric and Sookie don’t end up together. But I can see how they could never work, after betrayal.

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