Chapter 13


Shit is about to change big time. It’s Sookie’s last day at Eagle Creek and my chest and stomach have been in knots since yesterday morning. I stayed in her room last night and now I’m sitting on her bed watching her pack the last of her things. She’s able to leave at three and they have a cab coming to pick her up. It’s seven now so I have eight hours before I’m alone for the next thirty days.


“Are you sure you don’t want to stay another month?” I ask from my spot on the bed.


“I’m sure. I’m ready to go,” she says.


I pout and flop back. “But you’ll be back for my release date, right?”


“Yes, I’ll be back,” she promises.


“Okay. This will be good for me,” I sigh. “Mom already called my grandparents too and they’re expecting me within two weeks of my release.”


“Good. Are you excited?”


“You know, I am,” I smile. “My grandma is an amazing cook and I’ll have plenty to do. I’m sure Grandma is going to want me to clean shit. It’ll give me practice for when I’m with you.”


“You mean toilets wasn’t enough?” she giggles.


“Oh, no she’s going to stick me on outdoor duties,” I chuckle. “I’m sure our lawn will be the best on the block.”


“I might have you mow for my amusement.”


“We’ve had this discussion, Miss Stackhouse. I’m more than happy to be the gardener to your bored housewife.”


“I said my amusement,” she laughs. “You know, just because I can.”


“Yeah, yeah, we’ll see,” I chuckle. “What will you do you do for my amusement?”


“Hmmm… what would you like?” Sookie zips up her last bag.


“That’s a tough one…” I have no idea what I would want.


“Well you think about it and let me know. In the meantime, I want you to have this,” she says, extending her hand to me with a piece of paper in it.


“What’s this?” I ask as I take it.


“Contact information and a pornographic sketch,” she smiles.


“Ummm… okay,” I laugh. “You know you’re the cutest girl in the world, right?” I pull her down onto my lap.


“Maybe not the whole world,” she says and kisses me.


“You are in my world,” I purr, leaning in to nibble her neck.


“I can accept that. So… wanna go for a walk?”


“I think I do. It’s a nice morning,” I smile, kissing her neck again before I pat her ass for her to get up.


Sookie gets off of me and grabs her sunglasses off the dresser. I take her hand as we exit her room and we head toward the walkway that leads down to the bluffs. I’m going to miss this.


“I want to keep doing this when we’re out,” I tell her as I tug her close to wrap my arm around her shoulder. “Wherever we live I want a pretty view and somewhere quiet we can walk.”


“Me too,” she agrees and rests her head on my shoulder. “Maybe we can get a swing like the one here. We can eat dinner out there or drink coffee there in the morning.”


“Sounds perfect,” I whisper, kissing the top of her head. We sound like we’re forty, not early twenties, but I don’t care. “Do you want kids?” I ask. We haven’t really talked much about our future; I already know I want to spend my life with her though.


“When I was little I wanted six kids,” she chuckles. “Don’t ask me why. I’m a little more realistic now, but yes, I want kids.”


“Alright,” I reply, squeezing her arm. “If you would’ve asked me two months ago I would’ve said you must be crazy for thinking I could even raise a kid. I’m starting to think differently now.”


“I think you’ll be a great dad,” she tells me.


“Thanks,” I chuckle. “I think as long as I do better than my dad I’ll be okay.”


“No offense to your dad, but that won’t be too hard.”


“At the time I thought he was a fun dad, you know? Looking back I can see the neglect and child endangerment.”


“Of course it was fun at the time. You got to do anything you wanted anytime you wanted and I’m sure you had everything you ever wanted, too.”


“Yeah, I was spoiled rotten,” I admit. “It wasn’t so bad when I was with Mom, which was a lot of the time, but some movie shoots she didn’t want me to go to.” She did a few horror movies she thought would traumatize me.


“That’s understandable,” Sookie nods. “My parents had us doing chores around the farm as soon as we were walking. It was age appropriate stuff, of course, but everyone had to pitch in. I really don’t miss cleaning out chicken coops.”


“I don’t blame you,” I snort. “I think your discipline counters my wild side pretty well.”


“If we have kids I guess we know who the bad cop’s gonna be,” she laughs.


“Lord help us all if we have a girl that looks like you,” I smile, kissing her head again. “I’ll spoil the shit out of her and threaten to murder any little shit that even thinks about touching her.”


“Like any good father,” she pats my leg.


“You know, you’re the first person to tell me I’d be good at anything?”


Sookie looks up at me with sadness in her eyes. “That’s not good. You’re good at a lot of things, Eric.”


“Thank you,” I smile and lean down to kiss the tip of her nose. “I don’t think I was a priority to my parents. They were both so selfish. Some days I wondered why they even had me.”


“Mmm… maybe it was just so you could come to rehab and meet me,” she suggests.


“I’m starting to think that’s true,” I say as I tilt her head up for a sweet kiss.


“You never know,” she smiles.


“I like to think we ended up here together for a reason,” I shrug. “What we have seems so… natural.”


“It does,” she agrees. “You already know what I’m like at my worst, so if that didn’t send you packing…”


“It would take a whole hell of a lot to send me anywhere. I’ll admit it was your ass that drew me in, but there was something underneath all that bitterness that kept me coming back for more,” I chuckle. “And as cheesy as it sounds, I’m so fucking glad I did.”


“I’m glad you did too. Too bad I ruined the ass you liked so much.”


“No big deal. I love the new ass.”


“Phew,” she smiles and wipes her brow with the back of her hand. “I’ll probably get the other ass back if you ever knock me up.”


“I’m perfectly fine with that too. You know Mom told me not to get you pregnant in rehab,” I chuckle.


“That’s good advice.”


“You think? I figured that’s what we’ve been working on,” I joke.


“You laugh now but if I pop out a Northman in eight months…”


“I’ll start shitting bricks,” I finish.


“Uh huh. I’m definitely not ready for a baby.”


“Neither am I. It will be cute though,” I sigh.


“When you shit bricks?” Sookie giggles.


“That, not so much, but when our little peanut pops out,” I chuckle.


“You know I think you jinxed us to have all girls, but for your sanity’s sake I hope they all have your stubble.”


I bark out a laugh. “This is all I can grow. I don’t know if puberty has fully set in.”


“Well if you’re not done growing yet I’ll be getting pregnant by in vitro. Your whale wang won’t fit.”


“Luke must’ve been child size,” I chuckle. “I felt like I was hurting you the first time.”


“I’m not commenting,” she says with a straight face. “But he did say I was bad at giving head.”


“Yeah, he’s a fucking moron. Babe, there’s no way what you did is in any way bad. If I didn’t fuck you when I did I was getting ready to blow.”


Sookie shrugs and says, “That was his opinion. I’m happy you don’t feel that way. Just let me know if you want me to do things differently.”


“I will. I’d rather train you to give it to me the way I want it than make you feel like you’re not good enough. The same goes for you, you know. If I ever do something you don’t like or you want it different or something new, please tell me.”


“I will. So far so good. It’s gonna be a long thirty days,” she sighs.


“Yeah, but the ‘I missed the fuck out of you’ sex is either going to go really quick or we’re going to lose a couple days,” I smile. “Am I going to get a going away gift other than my laundry?”


“That wasn’t enough?” she snorts.


“You know I’m greedy and going to try to get as much as I can.”


She chuckles and asks, “What did you have in mind? I already drew you porn.”


“Maybe we can go back to my room and you can strip for me… Ride me… Mmm…” I close my eyes, imagining Sookie’s body moving on top of me.


“I can do that.”


“Let’s go.” I turn us around and head back toward my room. We each had a bowl of oatmeal before she finished packing. We’ll be fine. “Tommy is going to hate me.” Tommy is my new neighbor and he’s already made a noise complaint about my TV being too fucking loud.


“He’ll get over it after today,” she shrugs.


“I don’t really give a fuck either way. He can move if he doesn’t like it.”


“That’s true. I’ll try to be good and not talk dirty when you call,” she winks.


“Mmm, I’d love to hear you get yourself off,” I smile. “Have you ever had phone sex?”


“Nope. Until you the wildest thing I’d ever done was have sex on my couch,” Sookie admits.


“Oh, Sookie,” I gasp. “There is so much fun to be had.”


“I’m starting to see that,” she says.


“We have plenty of time,” I assure her.


“I’m sure you’ll make a list of filthy things we can do.”


“Nah, I like to keep it spontaneous,” I chuckle, pulling her arm around my waist.


“It is more fun that way.”


We get back to my room and as soon as the door is closed I lock it and plop on the bed.


“Ready for my strip tease,” I grin.


“This would be better if I had music,” Sookie says.


“Then just strip your clothes off and hop on,” I shrug.


“No, I’ll give you your strip tease.” Sookie kicks off her flip flops and starts to dance to whatever beat is in her head, swaying her hips and letting her hands roam over her body.


“Mmm, that’s fucking hot, baby.” My eyes follow her hands and I reach down to unzip my jeans.


Her hands go under her shirt and she moans when she finds her breasts. Sookie arches her back, sticking her perfect ass out, and then turns her back to me. She pulls her shirt over her head and drops it on the floor.


I’m getting harder by the second, so I reach in and pull my growing erection out, stroking slowly. I pause to pull my shirt over my head and lean back against the headboard. Sookie keeps her hips moving and she starts to play with the waistband of her yoga pants, pushing them down a little and then pulling them back up, teasing me with glimpses of her ass.


She leaves them halfway down and then abandons them to unhook her bra. The material springs free and she slides the straps down her arms. Sookie turns to the side with her fingers covering her nipples.


“Show ’em to me, beautiful,” I purr as I run my thumb over my tip.


“Not yet,” she gives me a cheeky smile and turns her back to me again. Sookie bends at her waist and pushes her yoga pants all the way over her ass, flashing me her pussy.


“Mmm, I’m aching to get inside of you, baby,” I groan.


She turns around, finally showing me her tits, and pushes her panties down along with her yoga pants. She kicks them away and crawls up the bed to straddle me.


“You’ll be happy to know my bed at home is much, much bigger,” she smiles.


“Mmm, I’m very happy about that. You do know I’m not going to limit it to the bedroom, right?” I ask as I look down at her tits. “Give me one of those, I want a taste.”


Sookie offers me her left breast and says, “I know. You’ll have plenty of places to choose from.”


“Good.” I wrap my lips around her nipple, flicking my tongue over the tip. I close my eyes, groaning when I rub my thumb over my tip again.


“Mmm,” she moans and reaches down to touch herself.


“Want me to do that?” I offer as I move to her right breast.


“You can if you want to.” Sookie dips her head and kisses my neck.


I release my cock and slip my hand between her thighs. I bypass her fingers on her clit, moving back to her opening. I rub opening a few seconds before sliding one of my fingers into her core.


“Mmm, already so wet,” I purr, twisting my finger.


“Watching you jerk off is sexy,” Sookie whispers and nibbles on my neck.


“You know you can watch me anytime you want.” I work a second finger into her, scissoring and twisting them.


“I do.” She sucks lightly on my skin, moving from my collarbone to my ear. Her hands wrap around my cock and stroke for me. “Mmm… I want you in me, Eric,” she moans.


“Take whatever you need, beautiful,” I purr as I pull my fingers out.


Sookie adjusts her position and puts my head at her entrance. She lowers herself just so my tip is inside her and then she leans forward to kiss me. I grab onto her hips and pull her down my length and slide my hands back to grip her ass.


“Mmm, always so fucking tight,” I whisper between kisses. I’m so fucking in love with everything about this girl.


She moans and rocks her hips, grinding her clit against my pubic bone. Her fingers play in my hair at the back of my head, lightly scratching at me. I reach back a little farther to run my finger through her rear cheeks, rubbing her back entrance.


I break the kiss, dipping my head to lick and suck her neck softly. “You’re so, so perfect, baby,” I moan against her skin.


Sookie starts to bounce on top of me, slapping against my thighs every time she falls. Her head falls back and her hands move to her tits. She pinches and plucks her nipples as she bounces.


I lift my head to watch her hands. My eyes flick down every few seconds to watch her pussy stretch around my shaft. Fuck. I’m not going to last very long this time.


“You’re going to make me cum way too fucking soon, baby,” I pant.


“Am I supposed to be sorry?” Sookie leans back and braced her hands on my thighs to give me a better view of where we’re joined.


“Never, ever be fucking sorry,” I pant. I hold the inside of her thighs, moving my thumb to her clit. I want her to cum with me.


“Mmm… are you going to fill my tight little pussy with your cum?”


“There’s my dirty girl,” I breathe. “You know I will… Can you feel my cock swelling, stretching your little cunt?”


“Mmhmm… feels so fucking good,” she moans.


“Yeah? Are you gonna cum for me, beautiful girl?”


“So hard.” Sookie starts to swivel and roll her hips.


“Give it to me,” I pant, “Make me… Fuck… Fuckfuckfuck…” I can’t stop myself from losing it. I cum hard and deep with a slight jerk.


“Ahhhh!” Sookie cries out as her pussy milks me for everything I have.


I grab the back of her head, pulling her forward to crash my lips to hers in a fevered kiss. My hands thread through her hair to hold her face to mine.


“I’m going to miss you so fucking much, baby,” I breathe when I break the kiss, resting my forehead on hers.


“Me too,” she pants and sweetly strokes my cheek.


I wrap my arms around her back to hold her close to my chest. It’s taking all of my willpower not to blurt out that I love her. She’s so… This is going to be a really long fucking month.




“Sookie, your cab is here,” Talbot informs me and hands over the bag containing the things that were confiscated when I arrived. My phone, my iPad and a few other things.


“Thanks, Talbot,” I smile and turn to Eric. “Walk me out?”


“Of course,” he says with a sad smile.


Between the two of us we grab my bags and take them out to the lobby. I already said my goodbyes at my last group therapy meeting late this morning. A cab is parked outside and Eric follows me out of the building to help me load my luggage.


“I have one more thing for you,” I say once my bags are in the trunk. I reach into my purse and hand him a very well worn copy of The Notebook. “I know it’s cheesy, but this is my favorite book. I think you might identify with Noah.”


“I love it, thank you,” he says as he wraps his arms around me. “This is the hardest day yet,” he whispers, kissing the side of my head.


“Less than thirty days,” I whisper back. “Don’t go falling in love with someone else, okay?”


“You’re it for me,” he whispers back.


I turn my head and kiss his cheek. Somehow I manage to keep my emotions in check instead of acting like a little basketcase.


“I’ll see you soon,” I promise.


“You know where I’ll be,” he smiles. “I lo… Good luck.”


“You what?” Why did he cut himself off?


“I’m just going to miss the shit out of you,” he says.


“Is that a cop out?”


“For what?” he smiles.


“What you were really going to say.” I know that wasn’t it.


He looks at me for a moment before he whispers, “I love you, Sookie.”


Well shit. My bottom lip quivers and I jump on him to give him a tight hug. I’m not there yet, but I’m close. I pull back and kiss him hard. He holds the back of my head throughout the kiss.


“Be good, okay?” he breathes when the kiss breaks.


“If I’m not I’ll let you punish me later,” I giggle.


“That’s my girl,” he chuckles.


“Okay, as soon as I get home I’ll charge my phone. I’ll have it on me all the time,” I tell him.


“Okay. Don’t get mad if I call you when I can’t sleep.”


“I won’t.” I open the cab door and fight the urge to climb him like a monkey instead of getting in the car. “I’ll talk to you later.”


“Alright.” He kisses my head one last time and pats my ass.


I smile as I get in the car. Eric closes the door for me and I wave as the cab pulls away from the center. He waves back and I watch out the back windshield until he goes back inside. I give my cab driver my address and then sit back to enjoy the ride home.




When the driver pulls up to my house I have to run inside for more cash. I keep emergency money in my safe in the master closet. Everything in the bedroom is the way I left it, minus Luke’s stuff. I kneel down to punch in the pin number for my safe and stop when I see scratches on it like someone tried to pry it open.



Those scratches weren’t there before so there’s my confirmation about Luke. Thankfully I locked up my jewelry before I left or I’m sure he would have stolen and pawned it. I get the safe open and find the cash. I grab what I need and leave the door open so I can inventory everything after I pay off the driver.


He has my bags by the door so I tip him generously and bring my bags inside. One at a time, I bring my suitcases back to the bedroom. I get my phone plugged in and turned on so it can charge. I have several messages waiting for me, but I’ll listen to them later.


After a quick check of the safe, I’m sure everything is there. I start to unpack and put my things away. I’m going to need to go grocery shopping and get other things for the house. I go upstairs and stop in my tracks when I see the state of things up there. Lamps are knocked over, there are dirty dishes in the sink, the fridge is open, the TV is cracked, there’s a giant slash in the upholstery in the back of my couch…


Son of a bitch trashed my house before he left.


I go right back downstairs and look up the number for a locksmith. I don’t even care if Luke gave Alcide his key. I don’t trust that he didn’t make a copy. My next stop is the garage to check on my car and I find it untouched. The keys for it were locked in the safe. Poor Betsy would probably be on some used car lot by now otherwise.


After making the call to a locksmith to have all the locks changed, I put the phone back on its charger and go next door to Alcide’s house. He owns a successful surf shop in downtown Laguna, but he’s usually home at this time. I ring the bell and wait.


A minute or so goes by before Alcide comes to the door.


“Hey.” He looks surprised.


“Hi,” I smile. “Long time no see.”


“Yeah, where ya been?”


“Uhhh… rehab? Remember I gave you a spare key…” Is he high?


“Oh, shit, yeah. Sorry I’ve had a lot of shit going on,” he says, “Do you wanna come in?”


“Yeah. Have you seen Luke lately?” I ask as I step inside.


“No, not in like a month. He was with some blonde chick the last time I saw him.”


“My replacement. He dumped me two weeks into my stay at Eagle Creek,” I explain. “Motherfucker trashed my house.”


“Oh, damn, sorry about that.” Alcide leads me into his kitchen.


“Me too. I’ll be moving soon so I’ll just clean up the house and contact a realtor about getting the house listed,” I shrug.


“Really? Where you moving? You hungry?”


“I could eat and I’m thinking Maine. I miss watching seasons change and I need different scenery for a while.”


“Pretty good reasoning,” he nods. “I’ll be sad to see you go.” I watch as Alcide adds some diced jalapeño to a pot.


“I think a fresh start will be good for me. Plus I want to work things out with my parents if I can so I’ll be closer to them. I also met someone in rehab and his grandparents are in Vermont, so…” I sit at the island.


Alcide turns around to arch an eyebrow at me. “You’re hooking up with a druggie, huh?” It’s not in a judgmental tone, just curiosity.


“He’s not a druggie. You know Jimmy Northman?” Eric’s dad.


“From Serpents?” he asks.


I nod. “I’m seeing his son, Eric.”


“Damn, really?” He gives me a little half smile. “I’ve seen that joker out on the town.  He’s ah… I hope for your sake he’s better.”


“He checked in the same day I did and he’s there for another month. He’s doing great.”


“That’s good to hear. Maybe the media will leave him alone now. I’ve seen that guy drop thousands on booze and whatever he was on,” he shakes his head. “Always looked happy though.”


“I had no idea who he was when we met,” I laugh.


“No offense, but you were in a haze, hon, I’m surprised you knew your own name half the time.”


“Honestly, so am I, but I’m clean as a whistle and taking much better care of myself. I’m eating better, sleeping better and I took up yoga.”


“I can tell. You look amazing,” he smiles. “I’m making gumbo if that’s okay. I’m allergic to shell fish though, so it’s chicken and sausage.”


“That’s fine with me. Anything I can do to help?” I offer.


“Uh… you can dice the sausage if you want.” He motions to the cutting board to his right.


I get up and wash my hands at the sink.


“So what’s up with you?” I ask.


“Same shit, different day,” he shrugs. “Shop still keeping me busy.”


“That’s good.” I dry my hands and pick up the knife to start dicing.


Alcide starts to add more seasoning to the pot and goes to the fridge to get a beer.


“Thirsty? I have water and orange juice, uh… milk,” he says while he looks in the fridge.


“Water is good, thanks,” I reply. I wasn’t much of a drinker before, but at this stage of the game it’s probably not a good idea to have alcohol.


Alcide gets me a glass of filtered water and sets it on the counter next to the cutting board.


“So the new guy is moving to Maine with you?”


“So far that’s the plan.”


“I think that’s good. I’ve never been a recovering anything, but I think having someone with you that knows what you’re going through when you have urges and can talk you down is a good thing.”


“Well, it’s risky. Either we’ll talk each other down or we’ll both go down the rabbit hole. I hope it’s the former, but the latter is always possible. My counselor wasn’t very happy when I told her about it,” I admit. Sophie-Anne was very concerned, actually.


“If you guys care about each other I can’t imagine either one of you wants to see the other hurt again. That made sense in my head,” he chuckles.


“Of course not. If it’s not working we’ll go our separate ways. I have all sorts of plans in mind so my world won’t revolve strictly around Eric,” I tell him.


I finish dicing the sausage and set the knife down on the cutting board.


“That’s good. Does he have any plans after rehab?”


“He’s going to spend some time with his family in Vermont and I know he wants to go back to school, but I’m not sure what else he wants to do.”


“That’s a start.”


“Mmhmm. Gotta start somewhere,” I nod. “I’m sure you’ll meet him when he comes to visit.”


“I’d like that,” he smiles.


“Did Luke give you his key before he left? The asshole tried to break into my safe. I’m having the locks changed tomorrow.”


“He didn’t,” he shakes his head. “He scurried into the house the last time I saw him. Good call on the locks. You’re welcome to stay in my guest room until the locks are changed if you’re worried about him coming back now that you’re out.”


“I doubt he will, but I’m not leaving anything to chance with the locks. The ‘letter’ he sent me was postmarked from Texas,” I tell him.


“The blonde he was with did have big hair…”


“Good for her,” I mutter. He’s lucky he’s not here or I’d be going all Miranda Lambert crazy ex-girlfriend on his ass.


“Well, if he comes back around I’ll “accidentally” knock his front teeth out.”


“Or pelt his truck with sex wax,” I grin.


“I can do that too,” he winks.


Good. Luke deserves whatever he gets. I wasn’t the perfect girlfriend, but I never cheated and I didn’t use him. I loved him but I’m not sure if he ever truly loved me.


I stick around for dinner and then head home to get my purse, car keys and phone. There’s a Target nearby so I stop there first for toiletries, cleaning supplies and a few other things. I get a latte for the first time in two months and gulp that bitch down before I leave the parking lot.


The grocery store takes a little longer but I stock up on fresh produce and meats. I’m careful about avoiding the junk food aisles. Not a single frozen meal finds its way into my cart. I make sure I get the staple items as well before I finally check out. The one naughty item I allow myself is a container of chocolate almond biscotti.


By the time I get home the sun is setting. I wonder if Eric is out at our spot watching it. I’d like to but I have to clean up the enormous mess Luke left behind for me instead. And to think I wasted a single moment mourning that fucker. Good riddance.

Chapter 13

8 thoughts on “Chapter 13

  1. Thanks for helping us through True Blood withdrawal! I think a month apart is a good test for their relationship. Gee, Luke was a shit. Are you sure his real name wasn’t Bill?


  2. Awwww… What a lovely last day for Eric and Sookie… Very hopeful even if both acknowledge they will have challenges ahead… I loved that Eric told her that he loves her…
    So Luke was a total shit douchebag… Luke Compton was the full name right?
    This is so much better than the self-hating TB shit… Thank you!!!


  3. The last day of rehab for Sookie. Glad it was happy times with Eric because when she got home it was a mess. Lucky that douche Luke didn’t get to her valuables, though replacing what he trashed will cost her. Be interesting to read how Sookie fills her time while Eric is still at rehab. Also how well Eric copes without his Sookie safety blanket.


  4. I’m so glad Eric said he loved her. I liked their goodbye. Poor Sookie how annoying to come home to a trashed house.


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