Chapter 1: Ireland



The chance to study in Europe was a dream come true for a girl like me. I came from a small town in the middle of nowhere and there I was, walking out of the Guinness plant in Dublin. It was a landmark building. Truly I didn’t care about the beer and hadn’t sampled a drop. I supposed the brewery wasn’t really the pinnacle of outstanding architecture but it couldn’t hurt to check it out. Truth be told, I wasn’t a big fan of beer. My roommate back home thought I was boring as sin since I never really wanted to go out and party.


I couldn’t afford to waste my education like she could, though. Her dad was loaded in ways that might make even Oprah or Bill Gates feel poor. To her it was nothing to flunk a semester because tuition was covered thousands of times over by her trust fund alone. I didn’t have that kind of safety net or cushion to land on if I failed. My parents died when I was seven and I had been raised by my grandmother. The only reason I could even afford to do what I was doing was because I had busted my behind to earn a scholarship and I hadn’t touched a single penny of the small inheritance my parents had left behind for me.


It was enough to finance my trip to Europe and I liked to think that my parents were proud of me for using the money wisely instead of blowing it on a used truck and one girl after another like my brother had. To each his or her own, of course, but Jason didn’t have much to show for the money he’d been left.


Unless you count the case of crabs he caught, but no one wanted to see those.


Not taking a map with me in a foreign city was probably a bad idea but I wanted to look around. It was no fun if everything was overly structured and too planned out. Ironic that I, of all people, would think that way but I did. I was uptight about the things I couldn’t afford to be too lax on. Finishing my degree meant I was going to be able to get a really good job and take care of my Gran. She had done so much for me and I was determined to see that she lived out the rest of her years as comfortably as possible. Whether that meant sneaking in new pairs of house shoes when she wasn’t looking or hiring the local handyman to come by and swap out her water heater, I was going to make sure it was taken care of.


It was the least I could do.


Without her I would have ended up in the foster care system and that was no place for a kid to end up. Having just the one “funny uncle” I had was bad enough, thank you very much. I couldn’t imagine having been passed around from one bad man to another to be abused in every way imaginable. Not that all foster homes were atrocious, but there were more horror stories than success stories to come from them.


As I made my way down a quiet side street, I paused to look through the front window of a little shop that sold dolls. They were fancy little things that belonged in cases instead of in a little girl’s doll carriage. They were beautiful nonetheless. I was afraid to even go inside for fear that my clumsy butt would bump into a display and knock one over. My per diem didn’t allow for whatever one of those dolls might cost.


I moved on to another shop that looked like it sold tea and tea sets. The pretty little cups all looked like they had been hand painted. Gran would have loved that shop. She was a big fan of tea. I got out my notepad to make a note of the store so I could come back later after reviewing my finances. If I could afford it, I wanted to get Gran one of the sets I saw inside. There was a pretty white pot with little yellow flowers on it that Gran would have absolutely adored.


It was well past lunchtime and I hadn’t eaten since breakfast much earlier in the day. I walked on, taking in the quaint little storefronts and taking note of how different Dublin was from anywhere I had been in America.


Not that I had done too much traveling.


Out of the corner of my eye I took note of an old building made of stone. It wasn’t terribly uncommon in that area, but what made it stand out for me was that it wasn’t attached to another building. It wasn’t sandwiched in a long row of businesses in homes. There was a pretty garden surrounding it and it wasn’t until I got closer that I realized there was an old cemetery in the distance behind the building. A plaque on the outside of the building informed me the building had once been an old church.


Someone had purchased it and turned it into a pub.


Well now I’ve seen it all…


I got out my camera to take a few pictures of it because I knew Gran was going to either get a kick out of the idea or be terribly offended.


The doors were heavy and probably made of thick, stained oak with wrought iron detailing. The Temple Bar was housed in a building that probably had thousands of stories to tell from its time on earth. My fingers traced along the old stones and inside I could hear American rock music playing. The acoustics were probably fantastic for live performances if they did that kind of thing.


“Hello,” a voice called out as a tall man came from the back room with a case of beer in his hands. “How can I help you?” He wasn’t Irish, but he wasn’t American either, that was clear by his odd accent.


“Oh, uh, sorry. Are you closed?” I asked. The man had shiny blonde hair that was about the same shade as my own. His eyes sparkled even in the dimly lit room. They were the color of a summer sky right after a rain storm.


“Nah, it’s just too early to be too terribly busy,” he smiled. “American, huh?”


“Yessir,” I replied as I stepped deeper into the bar.


“We don’t get too many foreigners in here,” he winked. “Would you like me to get you anything?”


“I don’t suppose you have a menu here or something other than drinks? I was over at Guinness and haven’t had lunch,” I told him. I had a low tolerance for alcohol so two drinks and I was done.


“Sure, take a seat and I’ll get you one.” He moved around the bar to grab a menu. “It’s not a wide selection, but the regulars seem to like it.”


“What would you recommend?” I asked as I took a seat at the bar itself instead of at one of the pub tables.


“Have you had many burgers since being here?”


“I haven’t. Is there a big difference?” I didn’t eat much red meat to begin with.


“A bit. The beef is all local and organic,” he told me. “Irish cows are happier so try taste better. That may just be my humble opinion, though,” he chuckled.


“They’re happier? How can you tell? Do they do a jig or something?”


“Some days,” he nodded.


“You’re puttin’ me on,” I laughed.


“Nope, I swear it,” he smiled. “I just saw one last week dancing through the field behind here.”


“Video or it didn’t happen,” I challenged. He had a charming smile. There was something friendly about it but I supposed that was part of what made him a good bartender. They were supposed to be friendly and personable, right?


“That’s the thing about our happy cows,” he started. “They’re shy. They see the camera and start doing cow things like eatin’ grass. You have to catch them off guard, and that’s the tricky part.”


I couldn’t stop laughing at his silliness, but it was cute.


“So how do you catch them? Is it like you go into James Bond stealth mode or something?” I hadn’t even glanced at the menu he put down in front of me, not that I really noticed. What I did notice were the pretty gold flecks in his eyes around his pupils.


“Of course. You have to dress like a ninja and move with the wind,” he said seriously. “Otherwise they’ll be onto ya.”


“I see,” I nodded. “So if I go out there with a penny whistle, I’ll get nothin’, is that right?”


“That’s right. They may moo a little, but that’s boring.”


“That’s the truth. I’ve heard plenty of cows moo in my day,” I replied with a little smile. “So… if you spent all this time talkin’ about cows and recommend the chicken…”


“The chickens are happy too,” he shrugged. “They don’t dance, though, not even in private.”


“Mother cluckers,” I said, shaking my head slowly.


“I know it,” he agreed. “I’m Eric, by the way.” He held out his hand to shake mine.


I took his big hand and said, “I’m Sookie. It’s nice to meet you, Eric.”


“Ah, Sookie, the pretty American,” he winked. “It’s a good name. How long have you been in Ireland?” He reached under the bar to grab a cold glass and filled it from a tap with a blonde beer to set in front of me.


“Just two days. I’ve been powering through my jetlag,” I told him.


“That’s good. You’d miss your whole trip otherwise,” he told me. “How long are you staying, if you don’t mind me asking?”


“I’ll be in Dublin for two more days and then I have a few other places to stop in Ireland before I go on to England,” I told him. “I have a lot to see and precious little time to see it all. Someday I’ll come for a longer trip than just the summer.”


“I did that once, backpack across Europe. I landed here on my way home and didn’t want to leave,” he told me.


“I can understand why. It’s a beautiful place. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the shade of green I see here.”


“There’s nothing like it,” he nodded. “So is it happy, dancin’ beef, or the chicken?”


“Which would you suggest?” I took a sip of whatever it was he put in front of me and it was surprisingly good.


“I’m still stickin’ with the burger,” he told me. “It’s my favorite thing.”


“Then I’ll give the dancin’ cow a try. You know that’d make one heck of a name for the burger,” I told him.


“Dancin’ cow? Maybe I’ll rename it,” he said, his handsome smile ever present. Eric knocked on the bar before he turned to walk to the back of the bar. I assumed that was where the kitchen was.


I took another drink of the pale liquid in my glass. It really was good.


The windows in the bar were beautiful. I wondered if he had the stained glass restored and decided I’d ask when he came back from the kitchen. There were three other patrons in the bar, all of them older, and had probably been drunk since the late seventies.


Eric’s accent was bugging me. I couldn’t quite place it but I knew it wasn’t American. He was a looker, though.


We’re not here for that, Sookie.


Besides, getting involved with the cute stranger was probably a bad idea. Only two more days in Dublin and then I’d never see him again. Of course I could hear my roommate, Amelia, in my head telling me that was the whole point. She was always telling me to loosen up and have a little fun. According to her, the whole point of college was to do all the wild and crazy shit. I supposed, to some extent, she was right. After one was married or had children wasn’t the time to do reckless things… like have random sex with the cute bartender who made me laugh about dancing cows.


It was tempting.


Then again, he probably had a wife or a girlfriend – maybe even a boyfriend – somewhere not too far away that probably wouldn’t approve of him having random sex with the silly tourist that was impressed with his dancing cows.


Eric walked out from the back room a moment later, stopping to refill a couple of beers. He had that same charming smile on his face when he approached me again.


“Your dancin’ cow should be out in a few minutes,” he told me. “And today only I’m running a special for pretty American girls, first and third drinks are on me.”


“If I see one I’ll be sure to let her know,” I smiled.


“It’s not about what you see, it’s about what I see,” he said. “And I’m looking at one right now.”


“That’s very kind of you.”


He winked and moved along to the bar to chat with a couple of the regulars. As I looked around I noticed he kept glancing back at me. It wasn’t like I hadn’t ever had a boyfriend in the past. My first boyfriend and I had parted ways after my freshman year of college. The distance was just too far for us to keep things going. Plus I got the impression that there may have been someone else on the side, not that he ever confirmed that for me if he did.


Some things I was better off not knowing so I was fine with speculating.


What I wasn’t okay with was the nagging voice in my head that wanted me to ask Eric what other verbs the cows were sneakily performing when no one was watching. Skipping, maybe? Moonwalking? Trying to drink what I assumed was hard cider while imagining a cow grabbing its udders like Michael Jackson would grab his crotch meant I almost had said cider coming out of my nose.


It also probably meant I was a little nuts, but it got Eric’s attention.


“Mind letting me in on the joke?” he asked as he approached. “I love a good laugh.”


“Moonwalking cows grabbing their udders,” I said with as straight of a face as I could muster.


Eric looked at me for a long moment before he let out a hearty laugh. “It happens, I’ve seen it,” he laughed. “Along with a few Britney Spears moves.”


“Liar!” I laughed.


“I am not!” he exclaimed. He leaned in close across the bar and said, “Stick around, I’ll take you out to the pasture after dark and show you those happy, dancin’ cows.”


“Deal. Mind tellin’ me what I’m drinkin’? It’s not the date rape special, is it?”


“No, ma’am,” he said, shaking his head. “I’m a little offended by that, but I’ll tell you anyway. It’s just a hard apple cider.”


“I don’t know you. It could be anything,” I shrugged. I wasn’t apologizing for asking.


“I know, that’s why I’m only a little offended,” he chuckled. “And I’ve never had to use gimmicks to get a lady to come home with me.” As he finished my burger was delivered by a small redheaded man.


“How would I know that?” I pointed out.


“You wouldn’t, but it’s also bad for business if girls start going to the police to tell them they were date raped at my pub,” he shrugged. “I’ll leave you with your food. Call for me if you want a refill.”


“I’m not trying to offend you, Eric. I’m being careful. I’ve seen Hostel and Taken a few too many times.”


“You’re a pretty girl, Sookie. It’s smart to be careful,” he winked. “The offense has passed.”


“Good. You’re more fun to look at when you smile.” I didn’t intend to say that so my face turned bright red.


“And you’re absolutely adorable when your turn that shade of red,” he chuckled. “Maybe I just added a new special; pretty American girls get to drink on the house tonight, not just the first and third drink.”


“Then I’ll take another cider,” I replied. It really was fantastic.


Eric picked up a new glass, making sure I watched him the whole time, and poured me a second cider from the tap.


“For the pretty lady,” he said as he set it down in front of me.


“Thanks.” I finally picked up my burger and took a bite. It was good. “Mmm… Taste the two step in every bite,” I quipped.


“Pretty and funny,” he smiled. “Be careful or my mom will sniff you out and try to get you to marry me.”


“Uh oh. You’re a mama’s boy?” That could be trouble. What was I talking about? I was leaving in two days.


“As much as I can be. She’s still back home, so I only see her when I go to visit,” he said. “And there’s nothing wrong with respecting and loving your mother.”


“I didn’t say there was. Where’s home?”


“I am from Sweden,” he said in a perfect Swedish accent. “Living here for so long as made my accent a little unplaceable.”


“Scandinavia makes sense. I’m going to see Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki while I’m in Europe,” I told him. “If there’s time I want to see if I can get to Copenhagen, but I might have to give up Amsterdam if I do.”


“You can’t give up Amsterdam,” Eric insisted.


“Why’s that?” I took another bite of my burger.


“It’s a great time. It’s not something that can be explained.”


“Red light district regular, huh?” I teased.


“Only three days there,” he chuckled. “I don’t recall one of them.”


I arched an eyebrow.


“I’m not sure if that’s a ringing endorsement or absolutely terrifying,” I said.


“That was my own fault. I was young,” he shrugged.


I laughed and shook my head.


“You’re braver than I am, that’s for sure.”


“I don’t necessarily recommend it if you’re alone,” he said. “Maybe you shouldn’t do the red light district, but it is a gorgeous place.”


“I am traveling alone,” I confirmed. “It’s kind of scary but invigorating at the same time.”


“I believe it. I was with a buddy. I’m surprised we made it back alive,” he laughed. “But who knows, maybe in ten years you’ll make another trip back over this direction and I can take a holiday to meet the pretty American girl in Amsterdam. Wouldn’t that be a story?”


“Yes, it sure would,” I agreed.


“Eat up, I’ll come check on you in a bit,” Eric smiled as he patted the top of my hand.


“I’ll be here.” He really was adorable in some ways. I focused my attention on the burger and happy dance my stomach was doing at being filled up. I told myself I could focus on the pretty bartender later.


Maybe I’d even take Amelia’s advice and sow a wild oat or two with him before I left the country…




Sookie was a gorgeous girl. I realized about midway through Angus’ story that I couldn’t keep my eyes from wandering back to her every few seconds. I didn’t get too many Americans, or girls, in my pub, so it was a definite treat for the eyes. In my line of business it wasn’t too smart to get mixed with many girls. I wasn’t talking about bartending either. I was for lack of a better term, a spy working for a private agency based in London. I was stationed in Ireland when they noticed an alarming amount of guns coming in and out of Dublin. I’d been stationed at my pub for three years. I actually owned it, though. I wasn’t pulling Sookie’s leg when I told her I came to Ireland and fell in love with it. It was a beautiful place to live, and a lot less snow than my home country.


I noticed Sookie’s drink getting low and I promised her free drinks for the night so when I moved along the bar to take her plate I stopped to get her a refill.


“How was it?” I asked as I slid her new cider in front of her.


“Delicious,” she answered with a sparkle in her sapphire blue eyes. “Too bad the cows back home don’t dance.”


“From what I hear it’s because they’re pumped full of hormones,” I chuckled. “I wasn’t joking. You should stick around and come out to the pasture with me later. Unless you’re busy tonight.”


“And spy on the cows?”


“Exactly,” I winked. I leaned over the bar so the other old assholes wouldn’t overhear me. “I stay on the top floor of this place. It might be easier to spy from one of those windows.” What the hell, it was worth a shot. It had been too long since I had some alone time with a gorgeous girl.


I could feel her breath on my neck when she replied, “I think you’re right. Wouldn’t want to spook the poor things.”


“No we wouldn’t,” I smirked. When I turned my head my lips were entirely way too close to Sookie’s. It took every ounce of willpower not to tilt my head to kiss her full lips.


Her eyes flicked down to my lips and for a moment I thought she might kiss me anyway, but instead she took a deep breath and pulled back.


“Is dancing allowed here or is that strictly a bovine privilege?”


“You’re welcome to dance all you like,” I told her. “Angus may even get up to join ya.”


“Good to know.” Sookie took a long drink from her glass and then got up to go dance.


The music was playing from the jukebox. When no one chose anything I had it set up to shuffle. It was mostly a glorified radio. I stood back so I could watch her move. Sookie’s hips swayed in perfect time with the beat and I suddenly wanted to know if they would move with mine just as easily. She seemed interested.


After a few minutes I got a nudge from Clancy, the cook.


“What?” I asked without taking my eyes off of the pretty American dancing to the beat.


“There’s a bird named Pam on the phone for ya,” he said in a thick brogue.


I nodded and had to peel my eyes off of Sookie. When I got to the phone I hit the button to answer it.




“That awful twat Nora needs to see you next week. She wants to fit you for audio surveillance,” she told me.


“Where at?” I didn’t want to travel anywhere.


“London, of course,” she said like I should know better. “She’s been hounding me for weeks. I simply can’t put it off any longer. I’ll need you here by Monday morning.”


“Fine,” I sighed. “Are you getting me a ticket?”


“Am I your secretary now?”


“Yes,” I deadpanned.


“Get it yourself and turn in the receipt like always. I have other things to do. Monday.” Pam hung up.




I sighed as I hung up the phone. When I walked out to the bar again I noticed that the rest of the patrons were watching Sookie as well. Her eyes were closed as she moved. If she felt the eyes on her she didn’t seem to mind.


I wasn’t the best dancer, but I could hold my own. I walked over to the jukebox to change the song to something a little slower. I walked over to Sookie and made her yelp when I took her hand and spun her into my arms.


“This is more like it,” I said as we started to move together.


“You’re not a bad dancer. You take lessons from the cows?”


“I did,” I nodded. “I was absolute shit before the lessons. My rhythm was atrocious.”


“Who knew cows were dance instructors?” Sookie was obviously buzzed but going along with my silliness.


“You’re telling me,” I chuckled. I moved my hands to the small of her back, holding her a little closer. I could feel the guys’ eyes on us. I didn’t care much. They just weren’t used to seeing me with a girl. “You’re not too bad at this dancing business yourself. Maybe you can teach the cows a thing or two.”


“But if they see me they’ll pretend they don’t know how to dance,” she pointed out.


“Shit, you’re right. Well, then maybe you can stick to teaching me?”


Her small hands settled on my hips to move them for me. I moved the way she wanted me to, but I wasn’t paying much attention. My eyes were stuck on her pretty American lips. Because I could, I leaned my head down and pressed a soft kiss onto her full lips.


Sookie made a little noise and pulled me closer by my hips. Her lips parted and she licked mine. That was all the invitation I needed. I brought my hand up to hold the back of her head as my lips parted for her. Our tongues met in a slow dance that seemed to match our hips. I could hear the guys cat calling, but neither of us seemed to mind. Sookie was a delightful kisser. Her tongue was soft and tasted like the cider she’d been drinking. I liked it a lot more than I should have.


I pulled back after a moment, still holding Sookie close while I called out, “Clancy is closing up the bar tonight, gentlemen.”


They all cheered for me while Sookie followed me out of the bar and up the stairs to my loft.


“You can see the cows just fine from up here,” I told her once we reached the open area. “I think I’d rather look at you, though.”


“I’d rather look at you too.” Sookie started to dance again to music playing down in the bar.


I slid my hands under them hem of her shirt and started to rub her hips. “I’d much rather look at you with fewer clothes on,” I said as my lips skimmed the side of her neck.


“I’d like that too,” she said.


I lifted Sookie’s tank up and over her head. I pulled away long enough to take my own shirt off, earning a groan from the pretty blonde when my and came into view. I let out my own groan when my eyes caught sight of her glorious cleavage.


“Can you take that offensive bra off?” I asked while I started to unbutton my jeans.


“You take offense to pink lace?” Sookie reached back to unhook the contraption.


“It’s blocking my view,” I winked. I dropped my jeans so I was left in only a pair of black boxer briefs.


She smiled and sent the lace flying across the room, leaving her topless.




“Aye,” I nodded. I moved forward as I bent down to wrap my lips around her nipple, giving it a light suckle and flick.


Sookie groaned and her fingers ran through my hair. Her back arched and she stepped closer to me. One of my hands played with her other nipple while I reached down with my free hand to unbutton her pants. We were moving kind of fast, but I was anxious. It had been too long since my last encounter.


I dropped my hand to push her pants down while I moved my mouth to her other nipple to give it the same attention. I had to stop long enough for her to get her boots and bottoms off so she was left standing in her little tiny panties. I took a step back to admire her. Sookie had a beautiful body. She wasn’t rail thin like a lot of girls. Her hips were flared and her tits were nice and full. Her stomach was mostly flat with a little pouch that I thought was adorable. I wasn’t sure if it was the cider that loosened her up, or if she was comfortable with her body, unlike most ladies, but as she stood there in front of me she pushed one hand down the front of her panties while she tugged on her right nipple.


“Keep doin’ stuff like that and I’m going to embarrass myself,” I told her as I pushed my boxers down, allowing my solid cock to spring free.


She looked down and said, “Not possible.”


“You’d be surprised, gorgeous girl,” I chuckled. I stepped forward to take her hand from her tits and guided it down to my erection. I wrapped her fingers around my thick shaft, helping her stroke with the perfect amount of pressure while I dipped my head to kiss her again.


Her mouth opened for me and our tongues danced as I guided us back to my bed. When Sookie’s knees bumped into the mattress, she pulled me down onto the bed with her. She scooted back, trying not to break the kiss while we got settled.


I rested on top of her. Sookie’s thick thighs spread, giving me ample room to move if I needed to. My hips rocked against her warm core, rubbing my erection against her lace panties.


“It’s taking everything not to push your panties over and slide into you,” I told her between kisses. I could tell she was nice and wet for me.


“Get my panties off,” she panted.


I sat up on my knees. I hooked her panties and pulled them down her thighs, flinging them across the room. She was well groomed, which was a huge turn on. Her lower lips were already glistening with her juices. I grabbed my cock and started running my tip through her slick folds, paying special attention to her throbbing clit.


“Condom?” Sookie reached to play with her perky, pink nipples.


“In a moment,” I said. I was enjoying the feel of her warm, wet lips wrapped around my head. After the promised moment I leaned over to my nightstand to grab a condom. I kept my eyes on her hands as I rolled it into place. “Ready?” I asked as I pushed my tip into her opening.


“Oh yes,” she breathed. Her eyes closed and she bit her bottom lip as I pushed in a little more. “Holy shit…”


“Are American boys not so big?” I chuckled, pushing in deeper. She was a lot tighter than I expected. I pushed her thighs back and watched as I worked my cock in and out of her, going a little deeper on each thrust.


“Not the one I was with,” she answered. Sookie’s hand moved down her stomach to play with her clit. She moaned and on the next thrust in, I slid deeper much easier. “Oh fuuuuck,” she gasped.


I stayed quiet as my hips started to move a little faster. I had been with a lot more than one woman and I definitely knew how to please them. I started to swivel at the right spot so the head of my cock brushed over that sweet spot inside of her.


“Eric!” Her walls clenched and her back arched. “Again. Oh god, again,” she pleaded.


“I’ll do it as many times as you need,” I told her. My hands rested on her inner thighs so I could rub my thumbs up and down her slick lower lips. “I’m going to need you to cum for me before I do embarrass myself, though. You feel fuckin’ amazin’.”


“Mmm… Faster,” she panted. Sookie looked up at me and tugged on her nipple. Her walls started to flutter when I sped up some.


I kept my eyes locked on hers as my hips started to hammer against her. Her tits swayed with each hard thrust as her walls started to grip my shaft. I knew she was close and her orgasm was going to pull mine from me in record time.


“Cum,” I commanded after several minutes of deep, hard fucking. If she didn’t, I was going to lose it before she did.


Her body tensed and when her mouth opened in a silent scream, her pussy clenched hard around my cock, trying to keep me deep inside her.


“Fuuuuuck!” Sookie cried out. That was a glorious sound.


“Perfect,” I panted as my thrusts became erratic. As predicted, Sookie’s orgasm pulled mine from me. My cock pulsed and twitched right before I exploded into the thin rubber barrier. “Welcome to Ireland,” I chuckled right before a wicked strong aftershock shot through me.


Sookie laughed and pulled my face to hers for a kiss that curled my toes.


“Mmm, I need to clean up,” I whispered. I didn’t want to stop kissing her but there was going to be a mess if I didn’t get rid of the condom.


“Okay.” She didn’t stop kissing me immediately but she pushed me away a few seconds later. When I pulled out of her I noticed that she shivered a little.


“Don’t move.” I started to move off of the bed, stopping to kiss her lower lips on the way. I hoped she didn’t have plans for the evening because I didn’t intend to let her go.


I went into the bathroom to dispose of the condom. As I was washing my hands I remembered she was going to be in London soon. I made a note to get those details so I could surprise her there. Unless she had plans to fuck a new guy in every town. That wouldn’t be fun for me.


When I got back to the room Sookie was under the covers. I lifted the blanket to slide in next to her.


“I hope you don’t have an American boyfriend waiting for you at home,” I said as I kissed her neck when I spooned against her.


“Nope. I usually don’t have time for a boyfriend,” she answered.


“Good.” I was glad I met her. Sookie was a lot of fun.


“No Swedish bikini team girlfriend waiting for you back in Sweden?” Sookie rubbed her ass against me.


“Nah, she left me when I stayed in Ireland waiting for the pretty American girl.” My hand moved down from her hip, between her thighs so I could rub her mound.


“Poor dear.”


“Aye. She was boring anyway. You know those bikini models, no fun at all,” I said seriously. “Pretty to look at, but no fun to talk to.”


“That’s too bad.” Sookie turned onto her back some so she could reach my lips for a kiss.


I continued to rub her mound while we kissed. She was a great kisser. I was quickly figuring out that I wasn’t too keen on her leaving in a few days. She was great fun to play with and her body was extremely receptive to my attentions. I liked a girl that knew how to have fun. I looked forward to surprising her in London, if I could even find her. The real question was, did I want to talk her into giving me her number.



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  1. Great start for a great story. But, as an Irish girl, there are two things I must address. Here, we dont really call Guinness a beer, but a stout. Secondly, I have NEVER seen an Eric. I want an Eric!

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  2. This looks like a fun story! Very excited to follow Eric and Sookie’s adventures in Eurolands… Over the hills and the sequel are total favourites of mine too…

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  3. That is so funny that you mention Greenlemons’ Over the Hills and Far Away. I just reread it last week! I was going through my Fanfiction favorites, from years ago looking for something to read and it jumped out at me. God I do miss some of the old authors. Some of the old stories are the best!
    This is going to be a great read. Can’t wait for more!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Of course you write captivating lemons and this was no exception. But I confess I really love the playful dialogue between them. It’s icing on the cake.


  5. Aww. She went into Guinness and didn’t have any of the brew? Oh well, at least she liked the cider 🙂
    And the Eric.
    And the dancing.
    And the yumm 😉
    Hmm balancing a relationship while doing spy things, a bit of a challenge lol


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