Chapter 11: The Catskills


I didn’t know where we were going, other than north. I had an overnight bag in the back of Eric’s Range Rover. I found it funny that we had the same car, just different colors. Mine was white and his was black. It was a very comfortable ride.

“So you’re not giving me any hints about where we’re going?” I was pretty sure I could get it out of him if I really tried to.

“You don’t like surprises?” He threaded his fingers through mine.

“I do, I’m just… it’s my nature to try to figure it out. Are we close?” We were out of the city by about two hours.

“Getting closer. We’ll be there in about forty-five minutes.”

“So long enough for me to unzip your jeans and do something very unladylike in the front seat of this car?”

“How unladylike are we talking?” He knew exactly what I was hinting at.

“Depends. You get a choice between my hand or my mouth.”

“Mmm, as good as your mouth would feel, I’ll take your hand.” He smiled when he looked over at me.

I lifted our hands to kiss his.

“Or would you rather I played with myself so I’m ready for you when we get where we’re going?”

“That’s an even better idea,” he smirked. “If you turn me on too much I may have to pull over and fuck you against the car.”

“I think you can make it to wherever we’re going.” I left my hand linked with his. I slipped my shoes off so I could put my foot up on the dashboard. Eric glanced over as I tugged my skirt up so he would be able to see what my fingers were doing. “You want to tell me what to do?”

“Stroke your pretty lips, Lover,” he requested. “Move your fingers up and down nice and slow…”

“Over my panties or under them?”

“Over your panties. I’ll tell you when to push them out of the way.”

“Yes, sir,” I said, making him growl. My fingers moved between my thighs to begin stroking slowly, going up and down the way Eric wanted them to. “Mmm… this feels good.”

His eyes flicked down between my thighs before focusing on the road again. After a minute or so he said, “Push your panties over. Rub your sweet little clit.”

“Yes, sir.” I did as he instructed by moving my panties over. I reached up to his mouth and asked, “Would you mind getting those wet for me, baby?”

His eyes locked onto mine for a moment as he sucked two of my fingers. He licked between them before swirling around the tips, leaving them nice and wet.

“You’re being a very good girl, Lover,” he praised once he released my fingers.

“Thank you.” My glistening fingers went right to my pussy to play with my clit. I rubbed over the little bud in slow circles that made me moan.

“Such a sweet sound,” he whispered. “Tell me how wet your pussy is getting for me.”

“Mmm… pretty soon you’d be able to slide right into me,” I told him. “You’d get so deep.”

“Imagine sitting on my lap and feeling my thick dick sliding deep inside of you,” he purred. “Push your fingers into your pussy, Sookie. I want you to think about my cock inside of you.”

“Yes, sir,” I breathed. My fingers slid inside me no problem. He groaned as I pumped them in and out. “Can you see how wet you’re making me, Eric?”

“Yes, Lover, I can. It’s making me hard.” His eyes flicked down to my hand again. “If you’d like help, I’d love to assist.”

“You need to drive.” My thumb stroked my clit and my eyes closed. “Do you want me to cum for you, Eric?”

“Yes,” he answered. “Cum hard for me, Sookie.”

I concentrated on the things I was feeling instead of the words he was saying. Mostly it was encouragement, telling me how sexy I looked and how bad he wanted to pull over and fuck me. My fingers moved expertly, alternating between pumping inside me and playing with me clit. Eventually I let go so I could use both hands.

“Oh fuuuuuck,” I moaned when the orgasm started. “Eric… oh god…”

“Good girl,” he purred. He waited until I started to come down from my high to take my hand and suck my fingers. “Mmm…” His eyes closed for a second as he sucked my honey off of them.

“Should I keep going?”

“No, we’ll be there soon,” he said. “Your next orgasm will be on my dick.”


“Of course. Have I let you down yet?” He reached over to rub my slick folds.

“Mmm… not once.” I guided his fingers to my opening and he took advantage. He couldn’t get them very deep, but it was enough for him to gather up more of my honey.

He brought his fingers to his lips again. “Fuck, I could spend all day between your sexy thighs,” he growled. He slowed and made a left turn. “Almost there.”

“Too bad you didn’t pack your magic sheet,” I giggled.

“I packed enough.” He took my hand and rested it on his very hard cock.

“You sure did.” I knew if I started stroking him it was game over, so I didn’t start messing with him.

It wasn’t too much longer before we turned into the driveway of what turned out to be a big ass tree house. We weren’t too far away from the Catskills. It was quiet and secluded, which was nice. Before we even parked I took note of the hot tub built into the deck.

“Ooooh, I’m going skinny dipping later,” I told Eric. It was getting close to sunset. “Is this your cabin?”

“It’s Rasul’s,” he told me as he came to a stop. He put the Range Rover in park and turned it off.

“It’s pretty cool.” I took off my seatbelt. Eric and I both got out of the SUV. We went back to the trunk to get our bags. I followed Eric to the door. Instead of a regular key lock, there was a PIN number lock. He pressed the numbers and I heard the bolt slide over. That was pretty damn cool.

We went inside and Eric turned on the lights. There was a great room with a kitchen roughly the same size as you’d see in the average city apartment. A dining room table was set up off to the side. There was a freaking fireplace in the treehouse. It was crazy.

“You like?” Eric asked me as I took everything in.

“It’s incredible. It’s part tree fort, part James Bond hideout,” I said as I looked around at the high tech toys. A giant plasma TV was mounted on a wall in the living room. Eric pulled me toward what turned out to be a bedroom. The giant bed had four big, heavy posts. Oddly enough I saw my wrists cuffed around one of those posts, but I kept that to myself. Eric had enough ideas.

“First order of business,” he smiled. “Bend over the bed.” He dropped his bag and unzipped his jeans.

“In a hurry?” I teased. I let him take my bag from me. He had that look in his eyes. I turned and bent over the bed like he asked.

I heard him stroking himself as he stepped up behind me. I felt the fingers from his other hand push into me, pumping in and out slowly.

“I love how wet you get for me, Sookie,” he said quietly. He twisted his hand, curling his thick digits to rub that magic spot inside of me.

“Mmm… careful or I’ll be cumming on your fingers,” I warned. I reached down to pull my panties down out of his way.

“You think I don’t know when to stop?” he chuckled. He pulled his fingers out and painted my rear entrance with my juices. The next thing I felt was Eric’s thick tip pressing into my pussy. “Fuck…” he hissed as he filled me.

I looked back over my shoulder and said, “Fuck me, Eric.”

He winked before grabbing my hips. He started to pull me back as he thrust forward. Eric’s hips moved quick, fucking me hard and fast. His eyes were trained on the spot where we were joined.

“You should see how fucking good my cock looks sliding in and out of you,” he growled. His hands shifted to spread my cheeks apart, giving him a better view.

“Maybe someday I’ll let you record it,” I said.

He grunted and slapped my ass before holding onto me again. This went on for a few minutes before his hand slipped down to stroke my clit.

“Fuckfuckfuckfuck,” I breathed. My walls were clenching rapidly. “Eric, I’m close.”

He reached up to grab my shoulder with his other hand, pulling me back harder as he drove into me over and over.

“Cum,” he growled. Eric tugged on my clit lightly, giving me a whole new sensation.

Oh my god!

I screamed when I came. It was a damn good thing I was halfway lying on the bed because that would have knocked me on my ass otherwise.

Eric’s breathing got harder, as did his thrusts. He released my shoulder, leaned over me and slammed in a few more times before he came with a deep growl.

“Fuck,” he breathed.

“Mmm… that was good.” I turned my head to catch his lips in a heated kiss.

The kiss went on for a minute or so before he pulled back.

“Want to go watch the sunset from the hot tub?” His hips rocked.

“I’d love to.”

“I’ll go get it ready.” He pulled his hips back so he fell out of me. He stood up and held onto my ass as he watched his cum dripping from my core. “Goddamn, that’s way too fucking sexy.”

“We should have stopped at a grocery store or something on the way up.”

“We can go into town later,” he told me. He bent over to kiss my right butt cheek. “Meet me outside. Be naked.”

Eric turned to leave the room. I straightened up and retrieved my phone from my bag. Amazon to the rescue. On the way in I noticed there was a grill out on the deck so I ordered a box of frozen burger patties, buns, and a few other things. I located a few towels for us and then went outside. Eric was standing beside the tub with steam rising out of the water.

“Is this thing on remote control or something?” It seemed like a waste of money to leave it running all the time.

“Yes. Ras can control everything here from his phone. He turned it on when I told him I was going to head up here.”

“That was nice of him. Amazon is delivering stuff for burgers in about an hour.”

“Perfect.” He held out his hand so he could help me into the tub.

I gave him a kiss before climbing into the tub big enough for at least six. It was more than enough room for Eric and me. He climbed in after me and we sat side by side. My head rested on his shoulder. It was a nice way to end the day.

“This was a good idea, mister. I’ve been wanting to get out of the city for weeks.”

“It was your idea,” he reminded me and kissed the top of my head. “I just got the location.”

“I needed the quiet, just for the night. Don’t be upset if I pass out early.”

“I won’t be. It’s easy to relax here,” he told me.

“I can tell. If your house in the Hamptons is anything like this I may not want to leave.” I lifted my head to look at him. I couldn’t help leaning in to kiss him.

Eric kissed me back for a moment as he reached up to cup the side of my face. When he pulled back his eyes locked onto mine. The look on his face was intense when he asked, “Are you ready to make things official between us?”

“I’m not seeing anyone else. I don’t have much interest in seeing anyone else. This feels good, you and me. I wasn’t sure if it would when we first met, but I have this feeling about you… Maybe it’s my sister trying to guide me,” I suggested. It sounded kind of silly, but even when Hadley was around there were times when I got the feeling she was somehow there with me, telling me what to do. It was the same for her. It had to be one of those unexplained twin things.

“Possibly,” he agreed. His thumb rubbed across my jaw. He kissed me again before he moved his arms and pulled me onto his lap so my back was to his chest. His strong arms wrapped around me as he rested his head on my shoulder as we faced the setting sun.

It was a beautiful view. The colors were absolutely stunning. I was relaxed there in the tub with Eric. Everything was serene and quiet, with the exception of a few crickets chirping in the woods. I felt safe in Eric’s arms. It was a good feeling.

“Do you want a girlfriend?” I asked him.

“I want you,” he responded. “I went into this seeing where it would lead and this is where we are. I want you to be mine.”

I turned around so I was facing him. My hands ran over his chest and up to his neck. I didn’t want to have a serious conversation without looking at him.

“I’m yours,” I told him. I leaned in to seal it with a lingering peck. His big hands moved up my sides and settled on my back to keep me close. My lips parted which was all the invitation Eric needed to deepen the kiss. I let my arms wrap around his neck as our tongues danced.

We might have gone for a second round, unfortunately that was when the delivery driver from Amazon showed up. I got out of the hot tub since I wasn’t sprouting a boner. The driver looked slightly embarrassed but also a little interested by the towel that was barely covering my lady parts when he walked up the ramp to the treehouse. Thankfully I just had to take the bags from him.

“Thanks,” I said.

He nodded and went back to his Prius. I took the bags inside and I wasn’t surprised that Eric came inside a minute later. No towel.

“Eric,” I chuckled. “You’re going to get everything wet.”

“That’s what she said,” he chuckled. “Don’t worry, I’m fine. The floors will be too.”

“Did you at least wait for the driver to leave?”

“It’s nothing he hasn’t seen before,” he shrugged. When he saw the look on my face he added, “I waited until he was gone, Sookie.”

“Good. I don’t want anyone staring at my man.”

“Possessive,” he smirked. “It’s kinda hot.” He reached down to rub his cock.  

“You’re damn right. You’re all mine now.” I started pulling things from the bags.

“So… when my female clients ask me to meet them for drinks or at a fancy restaurant should I invite you along so you can stake your claim?” He stood behind me as I worked and rubbed his hands over my ass.

“Only if you think that’s necessary. Maybe you just need me to pull you into the bathroom so when you meet them you have my cum on your dick.”

“Would that turn you on?” He rubbed himself against me.

“I think it would turn you on more,” I smirked. I wiggled a little and my towel fell off. Oops.

“What are your kinks, Lover?” he purred. He turned me around so my back was to the counter.

“I… I don’t really know,” I admitted. “Before you everything was vanilla for me.”

“Looks like someone has homework to do.” He dipped his head to kiss my neck. “I need to know what makes your pussy wet other than me.” His fingers skimmed over my mound.

“You’re not enough?”

“Not if I can do something that would turn you on even more.” He kissed down to my collarbone.

“Mmm… I like massages,” I admitted. I hadn’t had one in a long time.

He rubbed my hips as he sucked my left nipple into his mouth. When he pulled off he asked, “Now or after dinner?”

“After dinner, I think.” I was hungry, but I wanted Eric too. I led him over to the dining table and pulled out a chair for him to sit on. When he did I straddled him. “Dinner can wait a few more minutes, right?”

“Do you really think this is only going to be a few minutes?” He reached between us to play with my opening.

“Probably not. You want me to ride you, Eric?”

“Yes,” he smirked.

“Slow?” I lifted up and let him reposition his cock so I could slide down his length.

“Yes,” he said again. He rubbed around to my lower back and started to gently massage my spine.

Right away I knew it was going to be different that time. It wasn’t just about getting off, staking a claim, or trying to impress each other. That time it was all about the connection and savoring each other. I moved slowly and he helped me. There was a lot of slow kisses that traded emotions back and forth. We were close in more than just a physical way, and it was absolutely perfect.

I always thought it was cheesy when people talked about the rest of the world fading away, but for the first time in my life I was getting a taste of that. For those moments, tucked away in a treehouse, Eric was the only person who existed to me.

It wasn’t multiple orgasms like the other night but it didn’t need to be. It was one good one that I felt in my soul. I couldn’t say for sure if it was the same for him after he finished, but it felt like maybe it was.

When he kissed me one final time his eyes were open, looking into mine. It was a look I hadn’t gotten from him before. It was… soft.

“Want help with dinner?” he asked quietly. Those big, strong hands continued to rub up and down my back.

“Absolutely,” I agreed. I didn’t want to get up but I had to. Eric didn’t look down to watch his cum run out of me like he usually would. He did, however, lead me to the bathroom so we could both get cleaned up and put some clothes on. It would be easier to focus if we weren’t naked.

Besides, we had all night. I wasn’t in any hurry.


9 thoughts on “Chapter 11: The Catskills

  1. oh….we’re now entering another phase of the relationship. I guess I live in too rural an area –wish Amazon delivered fresh food in an hour or so. I know they do –just not to our new retirement area….
    Great update, ladies! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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  2. Whew! Feels like August in PA, very hot and sticky.
    Like that they’re exclusive and official.
    I also wish I lived in an area that Amazon delivered in 1 hour.

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  3. **Liked**
    Awesome story 😊 I just keep feeling like there is more to Eric. I just don’t know what yet. I hope Gran is having fun. Don’t think that’s gonna be an issue, probably not. Hope this little trip gives Sookie the break she needs.

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