Chapter 23





Hearing Jake say that he thinks I love Jo more really gets me thinking about a lot of things. I get it, from his perspective. To him, I get to spend a ton of time with Joey that I don’t get to spend with him. It pisses me off that Aude is filling his head with things about Sam that he doesn’t need to know anything about.


After the incident with the tree, I take Jake to the park for a little one on one time and I find out that Aude has made plenty of comments about Sam being a deadbeat dad. Not that I disagree with her but she doesn’t need to be saying that kind of stuff. The comment that really makes me mad is when Jake tells me that Aude said if Sookie was a better mom she would have kicked Sam out of Joey’s life a long time ago.


Sookie and I don’t discuss Aude or her relationships in front of Joey. We don’t talk about Alcide or the miscarriage that she tried to hide from us. We never talked about Andre in front of the kids either. There are some things they just don’t need to know, especially now that they’re old enough to parrot things back.


So when I take Jake back to Aude’s house on Sunday, I come in for a chat because we need to get this shit straightened out so it doesn’t happen again. Jake goes off to this room to play with Alcide, who is practically living with Aude at this point. I don’t mind it. I think Alcide’s a good guy and Jake loves him. Alcide lets him help build things and they play catch together and do boy stuff. I’m cool with that. Even though it’s not me, I’m glad he has a male influence around because I think he needs it.


Just like Jo needs one too. Preferably one that doesn’t have a coke problem.


“The tree looks good,” I say when I spot the fake Christmas tree Aude put up. It’s white, which she knows I hate, but I’m trying to be polite.


“Thanks, Alcide put it up for us yesterday,” she smiles.


“We put ours up yesterday too. Jake had a bit of a tantrum while we were doing it,” I inform her. “He spent a few minutes cooling his jets on the stairs and then he informed me that he thinks Joey is my favorite.”


She arches an eyebrow before saying, “Makes sense, you spend more time with her than you do with him. He also says you pick Joey over him all the time.”


“I don’t, but I can see how he would think that I do,” I admit. “He also told me that you made a comment about Joey calling me dad even though she has Sam. Sam’s not in her life, Aude. You know he’s not. I think that confuses him because it’s a complicated thing and you saying stuff like that just makes it more difficult.”


“It’s not his fault Sam is a deadbeat, and Jake shouldn’t be pushed aside for Sookie’s daughter because he is,” she snaps.


“No, he’s not, but if you want to give up more of your time with him so he can be with me more, you just let me know and we’ll make that happen,” I tell her.


“I’m fine with having him as much as I do. At least he isn’t second string at my house.”


I narrow my eyes at her.


“Then I guess it’s a good thing he’s still an only child here, huh?” I say it before I can stop myself.


Her eyes well up as she glares at me.


“That’s not fair, Eric,” she says.


“How is it any less fair than the crap you’re filling Jake’s head with? He loves Jo. They get along great. There are two more babies coming in a few months and Jake is going to have to learn how to share. Having Joey in my life doesn’t take away from the love I have for him. The new babies aren’t going to take away from it either. I can’t treat him any different than I treat the other kids because it’s not fair to them. It’s not doing him any favors either because one day the other kids would catch on to it. Why should they feel like they’re second string to me?


“On top of all that, Jake doesn’t need to know about the problems with Sam. He’s a child, Aude. It’s not something he should have to worry about or be concerned with. We don’t even like telling Joey things about Sam, but at least she has a right to know because he is her biological father,” I say and run my hand through my hair. I don’t want to fight about this. I also don’t want to be keeping Aude out of the loop but if she’s going to keep doing shit like this, we’ll have to be more careful about what we say in front of her.


“Fine, Eric, I won’t mention Sam anymore, are you happy? I’ll just console my son when he comes home and cries because Daddy loves Sookie’s kid more than him. Are we done?”


“You should have told me. Until yesterday, he never acted like anything was wrong. Then he didn’t get his way and he threw a fit. If he was telling you something that important, you should have told me,” I tell her. It pisses me off that she knew there was a problem and didn’t think it was important enough to give me a heads up, but she did feel it was important to tell our almost four-year-old about custody disputes with a drug addict.


“He’s a child, what do you expect. Of course he’s going to be jealous when you get to be with other kids more. I’m pretty sure he’ll get worse when ‘Mama Sookie’ has the other kids. It’s okay though, he has Alcide here,” she smirks.


“This isn’t a competition, Aude,” I sigh and shake my head.


“Then why do you treat Joey better?” she asks.


“I don’t!” I say in frustration.


“You sure about that?”


“Jake gets time with me when he comes over to the house. It’s not like when I bring him over he says hello and then spends the rest of his visit locked in his room, Aude. I play with him, we do things together, we eat meals together, I put him to bed… I do all the things with him that I do with Joey when he’s not there. I don’t treat him any differently than I do her. He wanted to put the star on the tree yesterday and so did she, but Jake threw a fit about it. After he got done in his time out I let Joey do it because I wasn’t going to let him think that having a tantrum was the way to get what he wants,” I explain to her in case Jake tells her about it after I’m gone.


“To a four-year-old that looks like you’re picking favorites,” she points out. “Look, I get your situation, and I get that you live with her, but maybe you need to spend a little time ensuring that he knows he’s just as important as Joey.”


I would argue that I do, but apparently Jake doesn’t think so.


“Fine. I’ll try to spend a little extra time with him,” I tell her.


“I won’t talk about Sam in front of him anymore,” she concedes.


“Thank you. I guess we’ll see you when Sookie and I get back from Tahoe,” I say as I walk toward the door.


“Bye,” she says as she follows behind me.


“See ya.” I walk out of her apartment and go back down to the Jeep.


On my way home I stop at the store for the things Sookie asked for. She’s still on a huge mushroom kick, so I pick up some of those to go with the steaks she wants to make for dinner. Jo’s palate is improving, thank God. When I get home Sookie is in the living room reading a book and the house is oddly quiet.


“Where’s the little monster?” I ask on my way to the kitchen.


“Last I checked she was passed out in the cubby in her room,” she says without looking up from her book.


“Nice.” I pause to kiss her head and ask, “What are you reading?”


“Vampire smut. I needed a break from the baby books.”


“Interesting choice,” I chuckle. “Is the smut any good or is it that awful, cheesy romance stuff?”


“This is excellent smut,” she grins up at me. “You might be getting lucky later.”


“Then by all means, keep reading.”


“Yes, sir,” she winks. “I would say we could slip into the bathroom now, but Jo should be waking up soon.”


“It’s fine. After talking to Aude I’m not really in the mood anyway. I’ll be in the kitchen putting groceries away.” I kiss her head one more time and then head for the kitchen.


Before I forget to do it, I pull the baking potatoes from the bag they’re in and wash them off in the sink. After that, I get back to everything else.


Sookie follows me into the kitchen and leans against the counter.


“What happened with Aude?”


“She thinks I favor Jo,” I shrug. “I told her it’s ridiculous but if she wants to remedy that she could always give up more of her time with Jake. You can imagine how well that went over.”


“I’m sorry, baby,” she sighs and reaches over to rub my back. “Do you want help in here?”


“No, I got it. Thanks though. She did agree to stop talking about Sam, so that’s all that matters.”


“Good. I don’t even know why she would talk about him in the first place.”


“Me either, to be honest. Unless she’s…” It hits me then that maybe Jake is feeling jealous because Aude is putting it in his head that he should.




“Do you think it’s possible that he’s only jealous because of the shit Aude’s saying to him?” I ask her just to make sure I’m not being a drama queen.


“Could be, it did seem to come on suddenly,” she shrugs. “It could also be because you moved in with us recently.”


“Maybe,” I sigh. “If this is coming from her and not Jake, that’s fucked up. Until yesterday Jake never seemed bothered by anything. Then all of a sudden he pulled that? It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.”


Like any kid, Jake has a temper when he wants one but he’s generally pretty laid back and easygoing. That fit yesterday was out of place for him. It wasn’t like he needed a nap, which is usually when tantrums are more likely to happen. It just feels off to me.


“Should we talk to him about it when we have him next? We could speculate, but Jake is a pretty honest kid.”


“Yeah, that’s not a bad idea. Maybe a little distance from it will do some good.” I put the ice cream in the freezer.


“I’ll take that,” she says and grabs a spoon.


“You’ll spoil your dinner, Toots,” I wink at her but hand over the ice cream. What Mama Bear wants, Mama Bear gets.


“Should I remind you that I’m growing two of your children?” she smirks.


“And look gorgeous doing it.”


“You’re too sweet for your own good, Mr. Northman,” she says and leans in to kiss me. “I’m already outgrowing my pants.”


“We’ll worry when you outgrow mine,” I smile at her. She’s carrying twins, plus she’s been pregnant before so Dr. Ludwig warned that she would get bigger much quicker this time around.


“Pam will be happy when I mention I need to go shopping,” she snorts and takes a bite of her ice cream.


“Yeah, probably,” I agree.


Since we need witnesses for the marriage itself, we asked Pam and Jason to come along. We’re staying in the cabin my dad keeps for clients and things like that. It’s a swanky, bad ass house in South Lake Tahoe that’s fancier than some hotels. The place will be fully stocked and Sookie will shit a kitten when she sees the bathroom in the master suite.


Sookie’s parked at the breakfast bar eating ice cream when Joey comes toddling into the room, rubbing her eyes and looking for cuddles. She comes over to me since Sookie’s occupied with the ice cream and I pick her up for her post-nap snuggle.


“How’d you sleep, Peanut?” I ask as I rub her back.


“Good,” she says quietly.


“That’s good. You like that cubby in your room, huh?”


“Mmhmmm,” she hums and nods her head against my shoulder.


I lean against the counter and keep rubbing her back until she finally lifts her head up. She’s definitely going to be a coffee drinker.


“I feel like I should get her a Red Bull or something,” I say to Sookie.


“Are you insane? She wouldn’t sleep again for a month,” Sookie giggles and hops down to put the ice cream away.


I’m surprised Jo’s not asking for some. She’s got a weakness where ice cream is concerned.


“You hungry, Peanut?”


“Yeah. What are we cooking?”


“The babies want steak, potatoes and broccoli,” I tell her.


She scrunches her nose and says, “I just want steak and potatoes.”


“What if I make you broccoli with cheese on it?” I offer.


“Then I guess I’ll eat it,” she smiles.


“It’ll be like the cheesy broccoli at Grandma Northman’s,” I tell her. She ate a ton of it at Thanksgiving.


“Yum. Can I help?”


“Sure.” I put her down so she can get her stool from its hiding place under the breakfast bar. “You can be my cracker cruncher. Sook, do you want your potato baked or do you want roasted wedges?”


“Wedges, with whatever that seasoning is you put on them.”


“Butter flavored grapeseed oil, Italian seasoning and a little sea salt,” I tell her. They’re easy to make and since she wants wedges, Jo can help with those too.


“I’ll have to ask you again if I ever make them,” she says. “My memory is starting to go.”


“You’ll teach her, right Peanut?”


“Yep. I’m your girl when you need help with them, Mom.”


“When did I become Mom?” Sookie asks.


“When I turned five. Duh.”


I chuckle and turn on the water so Joey can wash her hands at the sink. Sometimes this kid is too much.




“So does this mean we can’t take a trip into Carson City the night before the wedding to stop at the Moonlight Bunnyranch?” Jason asks once he, Pam, Sookie and I have arrived at the cabin in Tahoe.


“Jason, you can go see whores on your own time,” Sookie tells him.


“It is my own time,” he argues. “And Eric didn’t get to have a bachelor party since Jo got that cold.”


It’s true that I didn’t but I don’t really feel like I’m missing out on anything.


“Fine,” she says and looks over at me. “Do you want to go party with a bunch of naked girls while your horny fiancé sits at home with your sister?” she asks, and Jason cringes at the word horny.


Serves him right though, honestly.


“Nope. I got all the horny woman I need right here,” I tell Jason as I sling an arm around his sister’s shoulders.


“I’ll go with you,” Pam volunteers.


“Perfect, now Eric and I can spend the night fu–”


“Having fun,” I cut her off.


“Not too much fun since she’s already pregnant,” Pam snorts.


“That just means we can have more fun and not have to worry about ‘accidents’,” Sookie smiles.


My beautiful sister snorts again and says, “You mean like the time Eric didn’t get jizz in his eye?”


“Pam!” I bark. It was an unfortunate accident when I was fifteen.


Sookie ignores her and says, “With the way I’m feeling I don’t care where he shoots his jizz.”


Jason looks like he’s going to be sick. “Sook… no…”


“You act like you’re a virgin, Jason. My God, go fuck some hookers.”


“Man, I forgot what a bitch you are when you’re pregnant,” Jason grumbles as he walks away.


“Only to you dearest brother,” she calls after him.


“Oh come on, give him a break. He’s just trying to be a good best man,” I tell her and kiss her head. It’s not really any different than Pam’s suggestion that they try to get in touch with the greasy stripper guy’s people to see if he does private parties.


“It’s just payback. He tortured me as a kid. He deserves this,” she explains. “Should we offer to pay for his entertainment for the night? I have plans for us that don’t include being quiet.”


“The only way I’m paying for a hooker is if I’m enjoying what I’m paying for and since I don’t do hookers, he’s on his own,” I say.


“Just a suggestion.” She gives me a quick kiss.


“I’ll deal with him,” Pam says. “Just try not to fuck on the couch or the kitchen surface.”


“You’re no fun,” Sookie teases.


“I have a thing about sitting in my brother’s cumstains,” Pam says.


I roll my eyes. Can she just go please?


“Babe, I should stop while I’m ahead. My mind is planted firmly in the gutter and I might say something offensive,” Sookie tells me.


“Yeah I don’t need that. Why don’t you go upstairs and take a bath in that giant tub in the master suite?” I suggest.


“Sounds perfect. I love you,” she smiles and leans in to kiss me again before disappearing up the stairs.


“Would it kill you to just be normal for a few days?” I ask my sister.


“You’re no fun,” she says, mimicking Sookie.


Again, I roll my eyes. A few minutes later Jason comes back into the kitchen.


“You serious about going along with me?” he asks Pam.


“Hell yes,” she nods. “I don’t want to be stuck here listening to these two fuck all night.”


Jason cringes again but then nods.


“Then let’s get moving,” he says.


“Give me ten minutes to change clothes,” my sister says.


Jason nods and goes toward the deck. There’s an impressive patio that pretty much spans the backside of the house. There’s an outdoor kitchen area off the dining room and then plenty of places to sit outside. When it’s not snowing outside, it’s a gorgeous place to be. The cabin is right on Lake Tahoe and in the summertime, it’s absolutely stunning. We’ll have to bring the kids up next summer. Should be interesting with four of them to keep an eye on. I’m sure Jake and Jo will be going up and down the elevator all day long.


After my sister (who is dressed like a hooker herself) and Jason leave, I head upstairs to check on Sookie. The cabin has four bedrooms, two of which are on the first floor. Jason and Pam wisely chose to stay downstairs since Sookie still right in the middle of her horny stage so just about any time we have alone is spent naked, sweaty and making the kinds of noises that would cause Jason to have nightmares for years to come.


I find my almost-wife soaking in a bubble bath. Her hair is piled up on her head and she looks like she’s in heaven.


“They’re gone,” I tell her. I don’t want to disturb her but she’ll be pissed if I don’t say anything about having the house to ourselves.


“Good,” she smiles without opening her eyes. She points to the counter and says, “You owe me a full body massage and two orgasms before you get to use those.” I look over and there’s a bottle of lube and a box of condoms next to the sink.



“Deal,” I smile at her. “Whenever you’re ready for that massage, you just let me know, Toots.”


“Baby, the tub is plenty big,” she purrs as she looks up at me with a heated stare.


“Big enough for a fully body massage?” I tug my shirt up over my head and drop it on the floor.


“If I sit on your lap you can multitask,” she says as she shifts to sit up. Her nipples hit the air and immediately tighten.


I snicker and say, “If you sit on my lap you’ll be getting an internal massage.”


“I did say full body. I guess that includes inside and out.”


I unbutton my jeans and say, “Then I guess that includes that pretty throat of yours too.”


“Bring him here, Eric,” she growls and sits up on her knees.


I take my time getting undressed and I know it’s driving her a little crazy. She’s got one hand under the water and the other is playing with her nipples. There’s just a little bit of a bump showing but I know it’s going to get much bigger pretty soon. Once I’m naked I step closer to the tub while I’m stroking myself.


“Do you need help with that?”


“I can handle it,” I tease, and she growls at me.


“No one thinks you’re funny,” she narrows her eyes.


I step into the tub and Sookie sucks in a breath.


“Okay, Toots… show him how much you want him,” I tell her.


Sookie whimpers and then leans in to lick the tip of my cock. I love my horny, almost-wife.



6 thoughts on “Chapter 23

  1. I think Aude is jealous due to the miscarriage. Now she is deflecting onto Jake. Hope she stops bc blended families are hard enough without the added drama. Great chapter.


  2. I knew Aude was jealous, either of Sookie or Eric’s happiness. I’m glad Eric and Sookie caught onto what’s happening with Jake, so that they can help him if Aude takes it too far.


  3. I also think Aude is jealous. Sookie is getting to have with Eric what she never did. Eric never wanted a relationship with her and only stayed around because of Jake. She needs to cool her jets on filling Jakes head and trying to poison him against Eric and Sookie. It will only bite her in the ass later on.


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