Chapter 16




A few days after the proposal Eric and I sat down with Joey to ask her how she feels about Eric being her dad permanently, with Sam out of the picture. We explained that adoptive parents get to pick their kids and that Eric wants her. She’s known for a while that Sam is useless, and I hate that she’s had to go through that, but we lucked out and we have a man in our lives that wants to be around. He gets excited when she makes him things in class, he sits down to play Barbies with her, and when she’s not feeling well he seems to be the only thing she wants. Eric snuggles are her favorite thing in the world. I’ve told him countless times that we are truly blessed to have him. I just hope he finally believes it.

Joey smartly took the time to think it over and two nights ago she came to me to tell me she wants Eric to be her real dad, and that Sam — she called him Sam — isn’t the kind of father she wants anymore. It broke my heart, but made it soar at the same time.

I called Sam right after Jo told me and I let him know I had something important to talk to him about that involves Joey. He agreed to come to the house today. Eric will be here, but we agreed the conversation is something Sam and I should have. We don’t know how he’s going to react, so better safe than sorry.

When there’s a knock on the door I look over at Eric and take a deep breath. Jo is with my parents so she doesn’t have to be here for a big fight, should one break out. Eric slips into the bedroom and I open the door. Sam looks like shit as always. I’m still insistent he’s on drugs, but he denies it… First sign of an addict.

“Hey, come on in,” I say nervously.

Sam sniffles and rubs his nose. As he steps inside he asks, “Where’s my princess?”

“She’s with my parents. I wanted to talk without her here,” I tell him and motion for him to sit down. “Would you like something to drink?”

“No, thanks. You finally dump the pretty boy?” Sam asks as he plops down on the sofa.

“No, Sam, I’m marrying the pretty boy. That’s what I need to talk to you about.” Okay, I’m just going to rip the Band-Aid off. “I want you to give up your parental rights to Joey. No more visitation, no more child support…”

“You’re out of your fucking mind,” he scoffs.

“I can assure you I most certainly am not. She deserves better than you, and she wants better than you,” I inform him.

“She’s four. She’d let ice cream be her dad if it gave her whatever she wants.”

“Are you so sure about that? I’m sure you would know how old she is if you didn’t miss her last two birthdays. Sam, do you know she asked me why you have to be her real dad? She knows better, you can’t lie to her anymore. And she’s very capable of choosing to not have you in her life any longer,” I explain.

“She’ll get over it,” Sam shrugs. “I’m not giving her up, Sook.”

“You already have, Sam. You lost her years ago. She only goes with you because I make her! She fights me every fucking time you decide to take time out of your busy fucking schedule!” So much for staying calm.

“My princess loves me,” he argues. “Maybe that dick you’re engaged to is poisoning her against me.”

“Your ‘princess’ doesn’t know you and she hates it when you call her that. You have poisoned her against you, Sam. You’re causing her more harm than good when you decide to be around her.”

“You don’t know that,” he shakes his head. “She’s mine, Sookie. You can’t keep her from me.”

“You can argue till you’re blue in the face. She does. Not. Want. You.” This is going exactly as expected.

“She doesn’t want to eat vegetables either but Jo doesn’t make the rules, and thankfully you don’t either,” Sam stands up. “As a matter of fact, I think I heard her say something about Eric touching her where he shouldn’t.”

I do something I am not proud of, but it needs to be done. I cock my arm back and punch Sam in the nose.

“Fuck. You. Sam Merlotte. If you ever, ever try to spit that lie out it will be the last fucking thing you ever do on this earth,” I promise.

“I could have you arrested for that,” he says with his hand over his bloody nose.

Eric comes out of the bedroom and it looks like his punching hand is ready to go too.

“Self-defense, fuckface,” I remind him. “Give me my daughter. You don’t even want her; you’re just trying to get back at me for turning you down.”

“She’s mine,” he says again. “Guess you should have picked better. I’m done here.”

“Blood doesn’t make her yours. Do you want to hear it from her? I can call her right now and let her tell you.” I can feel my hand throbbing. I think it’s broken, but I’d do it again and again if he just said yes.

“Let him go, Sookie. He’s not worth it. We’ll just go through the court. His own father wouldn’t testify on his behalf,” Eric points out.

I turn into Eric’s chest when he touches my shoulder. I knew Sam would fight it, I just hoped he would do the right thing for once.

“Don’t ever have a kid with this cunt,” Sam says and turns for the door.

Eric growls and then snaps. The next thing I know he’s tackling Sam and punching him in the face. Repeatedly.

“Eric!” I cry out and I start tugging on the arm he’s holding Sam down with.

“Don’t you ever talk about her like that again,” Eric growls and lets me pull him away. “Now get the fuck out of here.”

Sam curls on his side for a second before he gets up and staggers toward the door. He doesn’t realize that a little vial falls out of his jacket pocket. We don’t stop him from leaving the house though.

I close and lock the door behind him as Eric goes to pick up the vial and I stop him. I don’t want our fingerprints on it at all.

“Come on; let’s get something to pick that up. We can clean up your hand and I’ll call my brother,” I tell him. Jason, as dumb as he is, became a cop right out of high school and he’s one of the best cops on the force. I’m just happy he found something he excels at.

I start running cold water and make Eric put his hand under the water. I get a gallon sized bag for ice and give it to him as I go to pick up the vial with a tissue. I grab my phone and dial my brother’s number as I join Eric in the kitchen again. I can wait for my hand.

Jason doesn’t answer so I leave him a message letting him know Sam is on drugs and he could be after Joey. I know Sam is terrified of my father so I know he won’t go over there.

“How’s your hand, baby?” I ask Eric when I end the call.

“Better than that cockstain’s face.”

“I think I broke my hand,” I admit and hold my hand up. It’s swelling big time.

“Fuck,” he grumbles and immediately gives up his ice to put it on my hand. “Come on, we’re going to the emergency room.”

I sigh, but I learned a long time ago not to argue with Eric about my health. I had to start listening to him after my accident.

“If it’s any consolation I’m glad I got to punch Sam in the nose,” I sigh once we’re in the car.

“It would have been better if he had just given up,” Eric grumbles as he heads for the nearest hospital.

“We both know that wasn’t going to happen. With any luck Jay will arrest him and he’ll be someone’s bitch in jail. Even if it’s just for a night.”

“Who’s going to bail him out? It’s not like he was holding a dime bag, Sook. Besides, if they catch him driving while he’s high? Lights out, Sammy boy.”

“Thank you for sticking up for me,” I sigh. I reach over to hold his hand, but realize we’re both in bad shape.

He winces and says, “I won’t ever tolerate someone talking about you that way. Ever.”

“Then I assume you heard why I punched him,” I smile. I won’t stand for someone telling lies about Eric.

“Yeah I heard. He’s a sick fuck for even thinking that up.”

“Sometimes I wish you would’ve known him before. He was a decent father her first year. He’s just… You don’t realize what drugs can do to good people until you see it firsthand.”

“And now he thinks nothing of making up molestation stories and driving around with his daughter while he’s high. I want to punch him again just because Jo could have gotten her hands on that shit and thought it was sugar or something,” he says angrily.

“She’s never going near him again, that’s for damn sure. I have to tell Papa Sam too… Eric, are you okay with her seeing Papa Sam? They aren’t in contact with Sam anymore.” Joey doesn’t like her sperm donor, but she loves Papa and Nana Merlotte. “Adoption papers or not, I’m running all decisions by you.”

“As long as they don’t let Sam around her, it’s fine,” he says. “I know Jo loves them and they love her.”

“They made a deal with me a long time ago not to let him around her if he shows up. Jo knows to tell me too. He doesn’t know where she goes to school either so I feel pretty safe on that front.” The school she’s in knows Eric and myself are the only people allowed to pick her up from school.

“I don’t think they’ll be a problem.”

We get to the hospital and check in. While we’re waiting my brother calls back. I give him a rundown of what happened with Sam, letting him know if they find him he’ll probably need to go to a hospital after Eric got ahold of him. My brother loves Eric and he made sure to say aloud that it’s too bad Sam got into a car accident. Honestly as high as he probably is and as fucked up as his face was when he staggered out he probably got into one when he left.

Jason says after he got my voicemail he called Mom and Dad to let them know Sam is on the loose. They also put out an APB on Sam. I think the only person more protective of Joey and me than Eric is my brother, but Eric would beg to differ.

I also told my brother where to find the drugs so he can go by my house to pick them up. I don’t want that garbage in my home longer than necessary. I have to go when we’re called back to get my hand checked out. It turns out I fractured my middle finger, but other than that it’s just bruised. Eric is also treated for his wounds. He has some cuts and bruises, but nothing serious.


When all is said and done, Sam was arrested three days later. He went on a bender and they found him passed out in his car when he was coming down. Thankfully it wasn’t Jason that found him. I want my brother to keep his job.

Eric and I are lying in bed making out after we put the kids to bed and he turns to grab a condom so we’ll be prepared when we get to that point. When he rolls back into me I push him back so I can straddle him. I lean down and kiss his face a few times before I sit up to look down at him.

“Eric, have you thought about having more babies?” I ask him. I haven’t really thought about it very much, but the condom reminded me. Technically we would probably be fine without them, but better safe than sorry.

“Of course I have,” he says. “Haven’t you?” His hands massage my hips.

“Honestly, not a lot. I’ve been content with the two we have. Things have been so hectic since the proposal I haven’t really taken the time to think about it either,” I admit.

“I just see you with the kids and you’re such a great mom… I would love to have a baby with you,” he tells me. “It would be nice to have one that’s a little you and a little me put together.”

I smile down at him and say, “You’re right. They will have your eyes and my hands.” I lean over to lie on his chest and I look up at his handsome face. “We’re going to have beautiful babies.”

“Your hands, huh?”

“Yep, they’re nice. Yours are rough,” I grin. I love his rough hands.

“They’re man hands,” he chuckles. “They’re supposed to be rough.”

“I didn’t say I don’t love them.” I giggle when he grabs my ass with his rough hands. “Alright, if they must have your hands they can have them.”

“At least our boys.”

“I think they’ll all have your height and poor Joey is going to be our shrimp. I want them to have your lips,” I say and tilt up to kiss his lips.

“I want them to have your Christmas morning smile.”

“My nose too,” I say and tweak his nose. It’s a lot bigger than mine and Jake has it.

“Your chin.”

“As long as they have your eyes and lips I don’t care what else they have of mine. I want them to inherit your kindness,” I whisper.

“I want our daughters to have my chest,” he says seriously.

“Baby, you’re SOL. Busty women run in the family.”

“Not on my side.”

“We’ll see. We don’t know, you could only produce boys,” I shrug.

“They better have my chest too.”

I laugh and say, “I’m pretty sure they will.”

“One would think,” he smirks.

“With Jake’s appetite, he may end up with my chest if you don’t slow him down,” I joke. “When do you think you want to make these babies?”

“Hey, he’s a growing boy. I ate more than him at that age. As for the new babies, I guess that’s really up to you since you have to deal with the pregnancy stuff.”

“I think I’m a good age for it. I want to be married before they’re born, though. Do you want a few years of married life first?”

“If we didn’t already have kids I probably would, but I think keeping them closer together in age might be better,” he says.

“Okay,” I nod. “When do you want to get married? Should we wait a while, or just a few months?”

“I guess it sort of depends on how soon you want to have babies,” he says. “Or how big of a wedding you want.”

“I don’t need anything big. I just want to be your wife,” I tell him and I sit up. “I would be fine if I got pregnant tomorrow,” I admit as I start rocking my hips.

“I don’t think that will happen,” he says. “Does that mean I can toss this?” He holds up the condom.

I nod and say, “I don’t want to get my next shot, and I certainly don’t want to use those anymore.”

Eric flings the condom across the room and then pulls my face to his for a kiss.

“I love you, Toots.”

“I love you too.” As we start kissing again I rub his length with my wetness. “Are you ready to feel me without a barrier?” I ask between kisses.

“Hell yes,” he breathes. “I may blow my load early, I’m warning you now.”

“That’s okay, there’s always round two,” I purr. I sit up on my knees and tell him, “Put him where you want him.”

Eric keeps his eyes on mine while he rubs the head of his cock against my clit and both of us groan. His eyes roll back when his tip slips inside me.

“Condoms fucking suck,” he mutters.

“Mmhmm,” I agree and slide down his shaft. We both moan loudly. I don’t move right away, I just want to feel him pulsing inside of me.

Eventually I begin rocking my hips and I can feel Eric’s smooth, bare cock hit all the right spots.

“Of, fuck… I may not last either,” I whisper-moan when I start to pull up and his head rubs over that sweet spot inside of me.

“Do that again, baby,” he groans.

I drop down and slide up again, eliciting the same moan. I do it over and over until I feel my ovaries begin to tingle.

“Eric,” I moan, “I want it hard… I want you to fuck me…”

He rolls us over and pushes my knees up toward my chest so he can get deeper inside me. His hips slap hard against my thighs and he’s fucking me into the mattress.

“So… so… fucking good,” he grunts.

I completely agree, but I’m too blissed out to say anything. I start panting and moaning a little louder and Eric clamps his hand over my mouth as he pounds me harder. I’m not going to last. I feel like a teenage boy touching his first boob.

“I’m cumming!” I cry out in a muffled scream. My walls begin to massage his cock and I’m pretty sure my eyes cross as I cum.

Eric makes a noise I’ve never heard him make before and then he cums deep inside me. He drops on top of me, breathing hard with his hips still flexing.

When he can speak again he lifts his head and says, “I hope it takes a while for you to get pregnant.”

“I still have to wait for the shot to leave my system. I think we’ll get plenty of practice,” I smile.

“Yes we will,” he says and kisses me hard.

“If you can get hard again, I wouldn’t turn down round two…” I purr against his lips.

“Not a problem.” He never stopped thrusting so he just picks up the pace.

“Go slow,” I whisper. I want to feel every inch of him.

“I will,” he whispers back and kisses along my jaw. He pulls almost all the way out before he slides back in.

“Oh God,” I groan. I wrap my legs around his ass, trying to get him in as deep as possible.

I pull his lips back to mine and he swallows my moans as we kiss. Eric and I have had a lot of good sex, but this is hands down the best ever.

“I love you,” I whisper and drop my head back so his lips go right back to my jaw. He keeps kissing down to my breasts and it’s uncomfortable to bend like this, but worth it. The new angle of my hips is allowing him to get even deeper.

“Fuck… baby you’re so perfect,” he groans and sucks lightly on my nipple before he blows a cool breath over it.

I whimper and my body starts to vibrate. “Again,” I plead.

He repeats the action with my other nipple and swivels his hips as he drives into me.

“Oh fuck!” I cry out. I’m probably being too loud, but right now I don’t care.

Eric keeps swiveling his hips when he thrusts into me and his thumb finds my clit to rub it in fast circles.

“Cum for me, Sookie,” he says.

“Yesyesyes!” I chant. He’s always been able to manipulate my body, and this is only better. “Can you feel it, baby?” I ask him just before my orgasm takes over.

Eric grunts and nods, his hips moving more erratically. He’s close too. My fingernails dig into his back and I pull him down on top of me. My lips land on his and I kiss him through my own release as my walls milk him of his. His hips jerk a few times as he cums deep and hard inside of me.

“I am never going to get tired of this,” I breathe as Eric lies panting on top of me.

“Me either,” he pants. I can still feel him twitching a little bit.

“Guess what?”


“You could fall asleep right where you are if you wanted to. We don’t have to wait for you to get rid of a fucking condom,” I say with a little smile.

“I might do it. I can’t move.”

I laugh and wrap my arms around him.

“I won’t judge,” I giggle.

“Fuck Tylenol PM. From now on I’ll just fuck you silly to knock myself out,” he mumbles.

“As long as the door is locked I don’t care.”

“Good.” Eric kisses my neck.

“You will have to stop when you knock me up though. Pressure on a pregnant belly is a bitch.”

“We’ll just have to get creative.”

“I’ve never had pregnant sex. This will be fun,” I grin and kiss his chin.

“Yes it will,” he agrees.

We go silent, and Eric stays inside of me simply because he can. Just as I start to fall asleep his hips start moving slowly. We end up having one more slow, quiet round of sex before Eric snuggles into my chest and we pass out naked for once. The door is locked, so I’m not worried about the kids catching us.



9 thoughts on “Chapter 16

  1. Ex-husbands…Grr…Argh… At least they caught Sam, and that will help in a custody battle. Love these two as a couple in this story, conjoining a family & making plans to add to it. Thanks for the great update!


  2. I’m glad Sam got busted, and that Jo still gets to visit his parents. Now on to more exciting things: no more condoms! Yay! And I can’t believe someone else occasionally has the craving for their mate to fall asleep inside them after completion 🙂 I


  3. Sam’s a douche and I’m glad he’s in jail. He could’ve hurt or even killed Joey while driving around high with her!


  4. I nearly feel a bit bad for Sam losing Joey since it has to be tough to be such a failure to your own child but not only he brought it upon himself but he is now a danger to her safety so, well done to Sookie for taking measures. It has to be tough for Joey but at least she does have a loving mum and daddy Eric too. And the grandparents!


  5. I get how Sookie felt last chapter. I wish my ex would just get with the program or nick off. 12mths and counting since last contact, but he could reappear at any time and I wouldn’t be able to do much. Is it horrible of me that I wish he’d do a Sam.
    I feel both bad and happy for Jo. So glad she has Eric. Glad they both do 🙂
    Lovely chapter as always!


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