Chapter 22: Amends



We finally made it to painting day. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived at Sookie’s. I knew she was pissed at me because Stan ran his mouth. Josh was probably still mad at me and Madi’s mood was always a toss up. She was going to be leaving for the day to hang out with her sister so the paint fumes didn’t bother her. The paint was supposed to be safe for pregnant women, but we decided better safe than sorry.

Josh and I agreed to start early in the morning so we could try to get it done before it got too hot out. I’d stopped on the way to pick up coffee for him. I knew from Madi he was addicted to the stuff. I knew the feeling. I was already on my second cup.

The house was quiet when I showed up. I knew Sookie was trying to avoid me like the plague. I was fine with that. I would find a way to get to her. She couldn’t think I was that bad if she slept with me as much as she did. Hormonal glitch my ass.

The paint buckets were already in the room that was slated to be the nursery. I had the paint rollers, brushes, trays, and tarps in the back of my truck. I gathered everything in my arms and made my way around back. Thor was hot on my heels, probably hoping Opie was around. He was very pleased to learn he was when we walked into the backyard. Josh was sitting at the patio table with a bowl of cereal.

“Hi,” I said as I walked up. I set the supplies on the table before I set down the cup holder with two cups of coffee. “Madi said you’re a fan of these latte things.”

“I practically mainline ‘em,” Josh said. “I’ve been doing side jobs in between regular ones, so I get like two naps instead of regular sleep.”

“You’re a good kid,” I smiled, pulling his cup out of the holder. “I uh… I want to apologize for what I said at Lowe’s. That was a shitty thing for me to say and I know you’re doing all you can for Madi and the baby. I know you’re never going to be a deadbeat.” There, it was out of the way and I meant it.

“I’m not going to be like my sperm donor, Eric. Madi deserves better and so does my daughter,” he said.

“I know you’re not going to be like him. I’ve heard stories about him that make me want to go punch him in the face. You’re already twice the man he was.” I set his cup in front of him. “I have a lot of respect for you, Josh.”

“Thank you. Thanks for the coffee, too. I need all the caffeine I can get. I’m running on a catnap,” he told me.

“Do any of your jobs offer paternity leave?” That was a silly question. Not very many jobs did these days. Soup’s On may have, but I wasn’t sure.

“Honestly, I have no idea. That’s part of why I’m doing what I can now. I’ve got like… Shoot, I think about $30k saved up right now,” he said.

“I promise you it’ll be worth it,” I assured him. “When Aude was pregnant with the girls I was just getting into my own location for the shop so I spent way more hours at work than with her. I was able to save up enough to take almost a month off before I had to go back to work. Getting that time with the girls and their mother was worth everything.”

“When the summer’s over I’m going to talk to Hadley’s husband about the best way to invest some of the money. I was thinking of taking like fifteen percent and putting it in a savings account for the baby. You know, start a college fund or something.”

I chuckled and said, “You can probably save that. I’m sure your mom and I are going to go into super-grandparent mode and put money away for her.” I wasn’t going to tell him she was getting ten grand from us regardless.

“Thanks, but it’s my responsibility, not yours or Mom’s. I want to do it,” he said.

“You got it,” I nodded. “Have you guys thought of names for her?” I pulled my coffee from the holder so I could take a drink.

“We talked about it a little. I think we’re naming her Audrey.”

I smiled and said, “That’s a lovely name.” Aude would have been beside herself. She would have been an amazing grandmother.

“I like it enough and it means a lot to Madi, so I’m fine with. I’m just glad her mom’s name wasn’t Beulah or something.”

“I don’t even think you can make that pretty at all,” I laughed. “Audrey is pretty.”

“Yeah, and Madi likes the meaning. Her and Gracie have been toting around a name book for weeks,” he said. “I think she’ll have Mom’s middle name.”

“What’s her middle name?” It didn’t hurt to weed information from the boy.


“That’s a good name too,” I nodded. Josh took a drink of his coffee before he let out a big yawn. “Hey, you want to take a nap and get some real sleep while I paint?” I offered. Poor kid was going to kill himself.

“Nope. I’ll be fine.”

“You know your limits. Just know if you get too sleepy you’re welcome to nap. I don’t have any problem with that. Let me know when you’re ready.”

“I’m ready when you are. The sooner we get this done, the better. I have to be at the restaurant at three.”

“Let’s do it. I was thinking, do you think Madi would be pissed if we nixed the accent wall and did gray with a two-toned yellow stripe around the middle of the room? I can draw it up so you can see what I’m talking about.”

“I think I get it,” he chuckled. “Honestly, I don’t know if she would or not. As long as it looks good and it’s the colors she picked, I don’t think it matters. But I know as much about decorating a room as I do curling irons.”

“I think it would be a nice surprise. If she hates it I’ll be the one to cover it up,” I chuckled. “My brain works in more than plain walls, if that makes sense.” You’d never guess looking at my home but I had a lot more imagination in the paint department. “Did Madi ever tell you I used to paint cars too?” Josh walked behind me toward the guest house.

“No, she didn’t.”

“I did everything in the beginning. Stan, my business partner, did most of the numbers work,” I told him. “Things have changed quite a bit since then.”

“Yeah, Mom and Tray used to flip cars out of the driveway,” Josh told me. “She used to take me with her as leverage to close deals. Grumpy old men had a hard time strong arming a little lady with a growing baby to feed. Now Tray’s hardly talking to her. I don’t know why. I think he’s thinking of leaving.”

“Really? That’s not good,” I frowned. “Has that happened before?” We walked into the house, straight back to the room. I had a pencil in my back pocket I could use to draw a line on the wall.

“Not that I can remember.”

“I hope it blows over, whatever it is. I know what it’s like to work closely with someone for so many years.” I motioned for Josh to help me spread out the tarps. The room was already empty.

“I’m sure they’ll work it out. If they don’t the garage won’t stay open long.”

“Unless your mom finds someone to take his place.” I knew Sookie didn’t work on cars. Tray was her best asset, everyone knew that.

“I don’t know if she’d even try,” he said.

“We’ve had our share of arguments but I’d never wish her to lose the shop. I know how much it means to her.” And I cared about her more than I liked to admit. Josh and I got the tarps spread out. He started pouring the paint into the paint trays while I got to work drawing the lines around the wall. I needed to tape it off before we could get started on painting. “I think we should make the window wall a yellow accent wall. The lighter yellow, the one you’re pouring.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Josh and I went quiet as I started to draw the lines and tape the wall. He taped off the floorboards and the window sill on the accent wall. I was serious about him napping whenever he was ready. He needed the sleep, especially if he wanted to work without chopping his hand off later.


“Are you ready?” I had my hand over Madi’s eyes. Josh had already left for work so I stayed to finish it. Sookie came home around noon but stayed in the big house.

“Yes! I want to see!”

“I should warn you, it’s not exactly what we discussed,” I said. Gracie was behind me so Madi could see it first.

“It better not be pink, Father.”

“It’s not pink, Daughter,” I chuckled. I walked Madi into the room and removed my hand. The room had gray on three walls with a yellow accent line going through the middle and the window wall was a buttery yellow. “Open.” I took a step back so she could check it out. I’d put together the furniture she picked out and positioned it where she wanted it.

“Ohhhh…” Madi looked around, and it took all of five seconds before she burst into tears.

“Shit, I ruined it, didn’t I?” I fucked it up…

“It’s beautiful,” Madi said.

“Really?” I was shocked she liked it for some reason. Mostly because pregnant Madi was unpredictable as hell.

“I love it,” she sniffled. “Thank you, Daddy.”

I pulled her into a tight hug and rubbed her back. “Josh helped a lot too before he had to go. I made him take a nap while I put the furniture together. He’s not sleeping enough.”

“Believe me, I know,” she said. Madi pulled back and wiped the tears off her cheeks. “He’s working too much. I swear, he gets mad if I lift a finger.”

“He’s trying to take care of the two of you,” I told her. He was trying to prove he wasn’t ever going to be like Ben. He was doing a damn fine job of it too. “Things will change when the baby gets here.”

“I hope so.”

There was a knock on the door as Gracie walked around to check out the room. Since the door was open Sookie walked in and found us in the nursery. I was guessing she assumed having the girls around would be neutral territory.

“Come in and see it,” I said, waving her into the room.

“This looks nice,” she said. “I like the colors you picked, Madi.”

“Thanks,” Madi smiled. “Daddy and Josh did a great job.”

“It was nothing,” I said, waving it off. “I told Josh if you hated it I wouldn’t mind repainting it for you.”

“Don’t you dare,” Madi said.

“I won’t,” I chuckled. “I’m glad you like it. I’m sure Josh will be happy to hear you like it too.” I was worried it would be a little too masculine for a girl.  

“I know he will. Now I have to wash the bedding so I can make up the bed. Oh, and the bumpers for the crib need to be washed too. Do you think I should look for curtains, or would shades be better?”

“I think curtains would be nice. Maybe Nana can sew something for you,” I suggested. I knew she was working on a quilt for the baby. It was a hands quilt that she wanted to surprise Madi with.

“She probably could,” Madi agreed.

“Take some pictures to send to her and she can match the color.”

“I’ll take the paint samples to her.”

“Perfect,” I nodded. “I should probably get going,” I said, glancing at Sookie. I didn’t want put her out any more than I needed too. I also needed a shower.

“Thank you so much, Daddy.” Madi hugged me again.

“You’re welcome, princess,” I said as I hugged her back. I missed having her at home with me. It felt empty without both of my girls.

“I’ll walk you out,” Sookie offered.

“Sure… Gracie, I’ll see you at home later?”

“Yeah, unless I stay the night here with Madi,” she said.

“Text me to let me know.”

“I will. Love you, Daddy.”

“Love you too, kiddo.” I packed all my things in the truck earlier so I only had my wallet to take with me. “After you,” I said to Sookie.

She left the room first, and led me out of the guest house. Opie and Thor were passed out on the patio where it was nicely shaded. I noticed she must have refilled their water dish at some point. When we walked in I immediately knew something was cooking, and it smelled really good.

I was sure she heard my stomach growl, but I wasn’t going to push it.

“Come on, Thor,” I called.

“Do you have dinner plans?” Sookie asked.

“A shower and microwaved leftovers,” I answered. Thor hadn’t moved.

“I’m making a mini Thanksgiving dinner here if you want to chance my cooking.”

“You’re a great cook, what do you mean chance it?” I asked.

She shrugged and said, “Exactly what I said. I didn’t know if you were attached to your leftovers.”

“Not really. Thor would be happier with them later. Do you mind if I clean up? I’m a sweaty fuckin’ mess from all the work I did in there today.” The window had been left open to let the fumes out.

“I don’t mind. There’s time before dinner’s ready.” Sookie headed toward her bedroom.

Of course I followed right behind her. “Do you have a towel and a washcloth I can use?” I watched her ass as she walked. I really, really enjoyed her ass.

“I was going to get the power washer,” she joked. “Yes, I have a washcloth and a towel.”

“With all this paint a power washer may not be a bad idea,” I chuckled.

Sookie went into the bathroom and turned on the water in her walk-in shower. She brushed by me to get into the cabinet where the spare towels and whatnot were.

“Here.” She pressed a towel against my chest, hiding her cleavage from me.

I grabbed her hand and asked quietly, “You’re not going to join me?” My eyes stayed on hers.

“That’s probably not the best idea.” She didn’t push me away or yank her hand back, however.

“The girls aren’t going to leave the nursery and Josh is at work,” I reminded her, reaching up with my other hand to tuck her hair behind her ear.

“I’m not worried about the kids.”

“Then join me,” I smiled. She looked stunning all wet.

“We said we weren’t going–”

I stopped her by leaning down to press my lips to hers. They were just as soft as ever. She didn’t respond immediately, but she didn’t push me away either. It took a few seconds before her lips parted for me. I dropped the towel between us and slowly inched her into the bathroom, stopping when she was pressed against the vanity.

“Eric, we shouldn’t,” she whispered feebly between kisses.

“Then stop me.” She knew all she had to do was say no and I’d stop. She didn’t protest at all when I started to lift her shirt over her head. I wasn’t worried about the girls catching us or even assuming anything. There was something about Sookie that I couldn’t put my finger on. She drew me in like no other woman in the past. It wasn’t just the sex. When she was being Sookie, and not the shebeast she became before all of this, she was a pretty good person. Sweet, kind, full of love to give. I was a fan.

She spared me the bullshit about this being the last time as she unbuttoned her shorts. Sookie stayed quiet while we undressed. As soon as both of us were naked, she pulled my face to hers and kissed me. It was the kind of kiss that curled my toes and made my cock swell a little faster. Her hand reaching down to stroke me helped quite a bit. Sookie’s tongue danced with mine, and despite her initial attempts to stem my machinations, she didn’t fight when I moved her to the shower.

I kept my back to the water to avoid getting her hair too wet. I was sure she had a blow dryer, but it was easier this way. If the girls saw us both with wet hair that would have been the first clue something was happening.

Sex against the wall was becoming our new norm. I grabbed her thighs to lift her up. Her slender arms wrapped around my neck to hold on as I pressed her back against the wall. The kiss stayed strong and steady with each movement we made. I felt one of her hands slide down my chest, heading toward my cock. When she found it she made me moan into her mouth when she rubbed her palm over my tip to gather the precum beading there. My hand slid over, allowing me to lift her a little more, and reach her center. It wasn’t the best position for playing with her pretty pussy but I was able to get the job done. I started to rub circles around her clit with my fingertips, trying to prepare her.

Without a word, Sookie put my tip at her entrance, making it clear what she wanted. I thrust up, filling her in one stroke. We didn’t have a lot of time so I wasn’t trying to go slow and sweet like we did before. I pulled back from the kiss so I could look into her pretty blue eyes as my hips rocked. I could tell she liked the angle I was at. She let out soft moans and her walls fluttered. I realized right then that I wasn’t in this to get myself off. I wanted to make Sookie feel good. I was easy to please. It wasn’t an ego thing, I genuinely liked the woman. I liked seeing her face when she orgasmed for me. I liked the way she became… soft was the only word I could come up with, afterwards.

My hips began to move faster as I pulled her ass away from the wall, switching up the angle. Instead of watching her tits bounce like I normally did my eyes stayed trained on her face. I could feel her walls fluttering around my shaft. It wasn’t going to take long for both of us both to cum.

“Eric,” she moaned, her fingers digging into my shoulders. Her mouth stayed open just a little, allowing increasingly louder moans to leave her as she got closer and closer.

Goddamn that was a sexy sound. I started driving in harder, making those sexy moans even louder. It didn’t take long before her walls were gripping me, trying to milk my orgasm from me as she came.

“Fuuuuuuck,” I hissed. I pulled out just in time to shoot my release all over her stomach. I wrapped my arms around her, lifting her a little more so I could kiss her again.

She kissed me back, rubbing her hips against me. Sookie shuddered with aftershocks. When she pulled back she was breathing as hard as I was.

“You are a stunning creature, Miss Stackhouse,” I whispered as my eyes scanned her face. “Absolutely gorgeous.” I leaned in to kiss her one more time, rocking my hips to match the rubbing she was doing.

“You’re on an orgasm high.” Of course she was deflecting my compliments.

“You’ll figure it out one day,” I assured her. I wasn’t on an orgasm high– well, I was on a little orgasm high, but that had nothing to do with how beautiful she was to me. The orgasm high only turned off my filter.

“Figure what out?”

“Just how beautiful you are,” I smiled. “Come on, let’s get cleaned up.” I needed to eat. I released her legs so she could stand on her own. Her legs were a little wobbly so I held her up. I backed up toward the water so it was pouring down between us.

Sookie reached for the soap so she could wash herself up. Once she had some on her palm she offered me the bottle.

I took it so I could follow suit. I wasn’t sure what was happening between us. It was nice to not have the half-hearted protests she normally gave me. Things happened between us when they happened. I was fine with that. I wasn’t going to date anyone else. My sole focus was on Sookie Stackhouse. She was what and who I wanted. I was going to see to it that she knew I wasn’t giving up without a fight.


9 thoughts on “Chapter 22: Amends

  1. Interesting that again Sookie made the first move by walking him out and inviting him to dinner. She could have easily stayed with the girls in the nursery. Think that maybe she is realizing it isn’t just sex between them? As she lowers (or he breaks through) some of her walls she will begin to accept things. Still wondering exactly what was going on with Trey…

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  2. Seems as if Trey has more feelings for Sookie than a coworker should have for a boss and could be leaving because Sookie hooked up with Eric. So ridiculous! Sookie softened up somewhat, or did she just want to get laid? Hmm… Interesting chapter!

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  3. I like that Eric is not giving up. His complement and loving words to Sookie in the end were my favorite part. I think she has being hurt so badly it is hard for her to accept that someone could truly care for her .

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  4. Maybe Sookie has just accepted that her and Eric are more than what she’s pretending they’re not. Eric giving Sookie her space to figure out if what he’s telling her is truth or something sweet to get her sweetness is smart. Sookie will figure it out. What’s going on with Tray? Maybe their fight was enough to get Sookie to think about things.


  5. I don’t believe she’s doing it on purpose at all, but Sook sure is taking Eric for a rollercoaster ride. Up and down, up and down and up. He seems to be enjoying it though and is hell bent to hang on tight, lol. She’s so tangled up in her broken heart and fears I know she can’t help it, but hopefully she’ll keep letting Eric chip away at her walls. Great chapter, ladies!!


  6. Interesting, Eric makes a decision about Sookie. Now lets just hope that Sookie learns to love herself and trust the opposite gender.


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