Chapter 5: One Way or Another


Chapter 5: One Way or Another

Bill’s been fluttering around since last night. No doubt because he’s leaving for Mississippi in a few hours. He’s had a stupid smile on his face pretty much all morning. It’s been difficult not slapping it off of him. He’s been working in his office so thankfully I haven’t had to stare at him all morning.


I do, however, have to go into his office to dust. The office is on the north side of the house and doesn’t get any direct sunlight, but it gets dusty all the same. I knock before entering the office.


“Don’t mind me, I’m just here to dust,” I tell Bill. He waves me in like I’m some hotel maid instead of his wife.


“Can you make sure to get the top book shelf this time?” he asks without looking up from his computer.


Don’t bludgeon him with your can of Pledge.


“Of course,” I reply through my usual forced smile. “What time are you leaving for Mississippi?”


The average executive would drive over, but not Moneybags Compton. Three years ago he “invested” in a private plane.


…Because jet fuel is cheaper than gas?


“The car is going to pick me up at three-thirty.”


“Where are you staying?” I start dusting the top shelf, as requested.


“The Hilton near the office. I’m thinking about looking at apartments while I’m there since I’ll be doing so much work in Jackson in the near future,” he says.


“If it’s more cost effective, that’s a good idea.” If he’s thinking to set up house so he has Sookie to clean it while he’s not there he’s really going to be surprised.


My extra phone is identical to my regular phone, right down to the case it’s in. The only difference is the lock on the new phone. I’m carrying that phone in my pocket, though. Almost as if it’s on cue, the phone buzzes against my thigh. I pull the phone out and see a text message from an unknown number, but the message makes me sure it’s Sookie.


Unknown: Plans are set with Dickface. He’ll go out with a bang.


Me: Then are you in? I’m confused.


Unknown: Yes. I’m in.


I feel relief. I could find another person to do this with but as of right now there’s nothing to link us together aside from a lying, cheating douchebag.


Me: Very good. I’ll get the shopping list taken care of and we’ll schedule a delivery.


Unknown: Okay. Please don’t fuck me over.


Me: Back at you. I’ll make sure the delivery is lucrative.


I hope she doesn’t try to spend it all in one place. If she’s smart, she’ll start claiming some of the money as income since she works in a gratuity based industry.


Unknown: Thanks.


I slip my phone back in my pocket and resume my dusting. I can feel Bill watching me as I move from shelf to shelf.


“Maybe one of these weekends I’ll go with you,” I suggest just to see if he’ll spin his wheels or smoothly make excuses about why I shouldn’t.


“Hmm, it would be boring for you sitting in a hotel all day. There isn’t much to do in Jackson.”


“That’s not entirely true. There’s a lovely historical society there,” I say. I’ve done my research. “Plus there are a few old plantations that run tours I wouldn’t mind checking out.”


Bill looks thoughtful for a moment before saying, “Maybe you can come the next time I go. I do work late though, so I won’t be able to spend a lot of time with you.”


“That’s okay. I can go to a movie or have a nice dinner downtown,” I smile. “Just a change of scenery would be nice. We can sleep late… maybe order breakfast in bed?”


“Come here, Darling,” Bill says as he scoots his chair back.


I set down my dust rag and Pledge before crossing the room to sit on his lap. When he kisses me I kiss him back. He has been a little more affectionate with me in the last week or so. I’m not sure why. Guilt, maybe.


“We should take another vacation. Tuscany was lovely,” I remind him and kiss his chin and jaw.


“It was. I was just going to suggest we go to New Orleans at the end of the month,” he smiles.


“Mmm… I’d like that. We could drive to Baton Rouge and meet Sarah for dinner one night.” Kissing my way down his neck while trying to throw up isn’t easy, but I manage. “You know, we’ve never made love in here,” I whisper in his ear.


“Are you suggesting we do?” His hand slides up the back of my thigh to squeeze my ass.


“If you want to,” I reply. We’ve always had kids in the house and when we maybe could have, I was too busy or Bill was out of town.


He takes my hand to rest it on his semi-hard cock.


“It sounds like an excellent plan.”


I give him a squeeze and lift my head to kiss him. Okay, so last time wasn’t the last time. At the rate he’s suddenly going, this time won’t be the last either. I end up bent over his desk, fantasizing about the hot guy from my stories.


“Fuck, Caroline, you feel so good, Darling,” he pants as he slaps against my backside.


“Harder,” I reply. I don’t want him to talk. I grip the end of the desk and cry out when he gives me what I want.


Bill takes the initiative and slaps my ass hard. I cry out again out of nowhere, it seems, an orgasm grips me. Bill grunts and suddenly pulls out of me to cum on my ass with a satisfied groan.


“Sweet Jesus, Caroline,” he pants.


“Still want to go to Mississippi?” I ask.


“It’s not that I want to do. I have to,” he replies.


Uh huh.


“Too bad,” I sigh. I have to go get cleaned up so I give him a kiss and make my way to the bathroom.


I have no idea what Sookie’s going to do with him this weekend and I don’t want to know. As long as she doesn’t go blabbing about the plan, I don’t care. From this point on we’re partners. If this goes tits up, we’re both in deep shit.


Judging by the stupid smile on my husband’s face he has no idea his days are numbered. I should feel guilty. I should be horrified by the things I’m planning, but I’m not. I don’t want to be arrogant but deep in my gut; I know this is going to work out.




I’m nervous as hell. I don’t actually want to see Bill, but I’ve gotten myself into this situation. I should’ve never called Caroline back the other day. Then I wouldn’t be walking up to Bill’s office right now, disgusted as hell. The only thing motivating me to walk up the steps is the sound of my baby’s heartbeat that filled the small room at the doctor’s office today. It sucked. I wanted to call Eric and tell him how amazing it was, but I haven’t heard from him in two days. He’s either really, really pissed or working out whatever the fuck his problem is. My only hope is that he comes to his senses soon. If our current FB relationship changes, it’s going to suck bad. He’s one of my favorite people to be around. Now that I know all this about Bill, he’s definitely moved up to the number one spot. Oh well, I could call him, but I’ll wait.


I take a deep breath before schooling my face. My heart is racing a mile a minute and I just want to turn and run back to my car. Instead, I raise my hand and knock lightly on his office door.


“Come in!” Bill calls out.


I walk in with a small smile on my face, fake of course, and gently close the door behind me.


“Hi,” I smile.


“Hello,” he replies. Bill gets up and comes around the desk to kiss me hello.


“I hope I didn’t interrupt anything. I just… I haven’t seen you in a while,” I tell him as sweet as possible. Fuckin’ pig’s hand slips down to grab my ass and I have to force myself not to tense up.


“I’ve missed you too,” he says. Bill rubs his growing erection against me. “I’ve been thinking about last time… Your mouth going up and down my dick under my desk…”


“Mmm, that was fun, wasn’t it,” I smile. I tilt my head up and whisper, “You should see what I’m wearing under my dress.” I’ve come to terms with the fact that there will be some sort of sexual contact. I’m not able to stop the morning sickness, so I’m hoping that comes into play very soon.


“Oh?” The hand on my ass moves under my skirt and he groans. “I’ve missed this,” he says as he strokes my folds.


If he notices that I’m not turned on at all he doesn’t say anything. I want to clamp my legs together so he can’t touch me, but I have to remind myself this is for that little bean growing inside of me.


“I bet you have. All alone for over a week. That’s pretty sad,” I pout and shift my hand to rub over his tiny erection.


“I want to taste you, princess,” he tells me. “I’ve been craving it since last night.”


“Is that so?” I give him a squeeze. I kiss his smooth cheek and whisper, “After work last night one of the girls I work with came home with me and we spent hours eating each other’s pussies.” Hell, I might be able to give him the same effect as the Viagra with just my words. It’s a lie. I went home and crashed hard. This pregnant thing is no joke and I could sleep for hours.


“And you didn’t call me?” Bill pouts and leads me to the little couch in his office. He closes the vertical blinds and gestures for me to sit. “Get comfortable, princess. I’m going to take my time and savor you.”


I take a seat on the couch, spreading my legs like I’ve done every time in the past. Part of me feels bad for leading him on like this; the other part reminds me that he deserves what’s coming to him. To cheat on someone for so many years like that takes a lot of fucking balls and I know for a fact, Bill has tiny balls. At the same time I have to internally chant this is for the baby, over and over.


“Like this?” I pull my skirt up and reach down to play with my pussy, lord knows this is the only way I’m going to get wet. Ugh. I feel like such a whore right now. A very high priced hooker, that’s all I am…


“Mmm…” He drops to his knees between mine and leans in to lick me, moistening my fingers for me. “I’ve missed your taste, princess.”


“I’ve missed your tongue,” I lie. If I’m going to miss anyone’s tongue it’s Eric’s. Maybe I should give him a call after… I need to not think about him when I’m with Bill. I’ll turn and walk out and then Caroline’s whole plan goes to shit. Instead I start thinking about my purple vibrator, the one that Eric and I play with sometime. Argh. No Eric.


Bill’s work is sloppy and wet. Definitely not as good as Er– he’s not as good. But bless his heart; he keeps going, ignoring my forced moans and faked passion.


“I could do this all night, Sookie,” he says before sucking too hard on my clit.


What did I ever see in him?


“Mmm, lick me, Daddy,” I moan quietly to try to stop him from sucking my clit off of my body. I will never understand why he likes to be called that, but it makes him fucking hard. And usually cum way too quickly.


He pushes my thighs further apart and licks me from ass to clit with a flattened tongue. Over and over and over… Ugh. All the same, I hold his head down so he has to lick right around my opening. If I have to fuck him I refuse to do it dry.


When I feel like he’s gotten me wet enough I ask, “Don’t you want to fuck m–” I’m cut off when my stomach turns. I push his head off of me and jump up to bolt to the bathroom. Perfect timing, Jellybean. I spend about ten minutes in his bathroom before I come out to find Bill sitting on the couch I vacated.


“Sorry,” I say sheepishly as I walk over to sit next to him.


“Did I do something?”


“No,” I assure him as I rest my head on his shoulder. “I’ve been feeling queasy all day. I was hoping it would’ve gone away by now.”


“Mmm… Well maybe I have a magic elixir to cure you.” Bill puts my hand back on his dick.


Seriously? What the fuck is wrong with him?


“Hmm, we’ll see.” If nothing else I can give him a sad hand job. I unzip his slacks and reach in to stroke his cock. It’s a fraction of the size of He Who Shall Not Be Named’s dick.


“That’s good, princess,” he groans and his head falls back.


I pull his cock all the way out and spit on my hand for a little lubricant. I wrap my hand around his shaft and start to stroke. I start slow, twisting and squeezing when I get toward the top the way he likes it. His eyes are closed so he’s not able to see the disgust on my face.


“Faster, princess. Make Daddy cum for you,” he pants.


I do as requested, speeding up my hand. I decide to get it over with and lean over. I can tell by the strangled groan that comes out of his mouth that wrapping my lips around his head is a very nice surprise. I can feel his cock pulsing and twitching in my hand and between my lips. I run my tongue over his little slit to gather the pre-cum collecting there. That’s what does him in. Bill erupts into my mouth with a small roar.


“Fuuu… Such a good girl, princess,” he grunts.


“Mmm,” I moan. As soon as he’s done I get up to go to the bathroom to spit it out. Fuck him if he thinks I’m going to swallow his nasty fucking cum. I rinse my mouth out and go back to the office. “Sorry, with the stomach thing I didn’t think swallowing would be the best idea.”


“Too bad. Maybe later,” he says with a smarmy smile.


“Maybe. Do you feel better?” I lean down to give him a kiss on the cheek.




“Good,” I smile. “Should I go? Are you busy with work?”


“I am, but you’re welcome to stay and give me pretty scenery to look at,” he replies.


My phone buzzes in my purse.


“Sorry, I need to check that,” I tell him as I get up to check to see who it is.


It’s a text from Eric.


Eric: Can we meet for dinner and talk?


My heart seizes, which could be a sign, and I look up at Bill.


“Can I take a rain check on the scenery?” I ask. “This is important and I need to run.”


“Is everything okay? I can meet you at the hotel tonight…”


“Yeah, can I call you in a bit and let you know when I’ll be there?” I really need to know what Eric has to say. I feel like shit for doing this… ugh.


“Sure,” Bill agrees.


“Thanks.” I snatch up my purse and go to kiss his cheek before I walk briskly out of his office. As I walk I tap out my reply to Eric.


Me: Yes. I need to run home and freshen up. When and where?


Eric: 6 at Fratelli’s Lounge.


Me: I’ll be there.


I get into my car, trying to get away from Bill as fast as possible. I’m going to have to get rid of this piece of shit before the baby is born. I have the money now, but it would look weird if I went out and bought a newer car, knowing how little I make. I’m going to start looking for a new job soon. There’s nothing wrong with being a go-go dancer, but I don’t want to be out all night with a new baby at home.


It doesn’t take me long to get home. I wrap my hair in a towel and take a quick shower to wash any Bill cooties off of me, taking extra special care to wash his nasty tongue off my pussy. I jump out, dry off and find a beige crocheted top and some jeans. I look at the clock and I have fifteen minutes to get out of here to make it on time. I let my hair fall, add a little light makeup and slip into some of my favorite jeans.


I don’t know what we’re going to talk about, mostly the baby I assume, but I want to make an impression for some reason. I’m still not ready to be in a relationship with him, but that doesn’t mean I’m out looking for someone else. Hell, I’m still in therapy twice a week and he knows that. I hate that he’s taking it so personal.


I get in the car twenty minutes later and get on the road to meet Eric. Even if Eric and I end up fighting, it’s better than spending another minute close to Bill Fucking Liar Compton.


Chapter 5


9 thoughts on “Chapter 5: One Way or Another

  1. It… she… they… I’m not sure what I’m more shocked over, the assassination or the sexual contact. I think I need a shower. For completely didn’t reasons than what I normally have after reading a dirty lemon ‘lemom’ lol. Eww. That was too well done! 😉

    For jellybean


  2. that was gross. And, I am worried about this whole arrangement. It could go tits up and she’d be in dire straits with a baby on the way.


  3. This next chapter should be an interesting one with the conversation between Eric & Sookie. Now that we’ve witnessed Bill’s stamina, or lack thereof, it doesn’t seem as if Sookie & Caroline’s plan could go wrong, but of course it will. Bill’s one of those characters that just can’t seem to die; it’s like he’s got a hundred lives!


  4. I think sookie doesn’t want anymore unnessary hurtache. I think she knows she can count on eric, but her past makes her very cautious. Lasting effects of life beating the shit out of you. I think when we encounter a lot of bad things young and on going for a long period after, self preservation kicks in overdrive, and sometimes it causes us to lose out on the good,but if we truly open our eyes and the good has fought for us through all that fuckcluster ,we understand and see that they are “THE SHIT”!!!!


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