10: Worry Wart


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I got a call from Sookie telling me her cousin was in. I wanted to meet her so I could see what kind of mess Sookie was dealing with when it came to Hadley. I’d dealt with way too many drug addicts over the years. The porn industry is a mecca for meth and heroin users. There had been some actresses I refused to work with because they couldn’t seem to get to the set sober.


On my way to Sookie’s I stopped to get lunch for us all since it was a little later in the day. I suspected Hadley wouldn’t eat much, but I still got enough Chinese for four just in case Kennedy was around too. When I got to the house I walked up and knocked on the door. I wasn’t quite at walking in status yet, but I had a feeling it wouldn’t be too far off.


Kennedy came to the door with an uneasy look on her face.


“Hey,” she said and stepped back.


“Hey. That bad?” I whispered as I walked into the house.


“It’s not the worst I’ve seen, but close,” she whispered back. “They’re up in the living room.”


“I brought lunch or dinner or whatever it is if you want some.” I lifted the bags.


“Awesome,” she smiled. Kennedy closed the door behind me and followed me upstairs.


When we reached the top Kennedy took the bags from me so she could take them to the kitchen. Sookie was sitting on the couch. Her cousin looked like a corpse sitting there in a chair. She looked really, really bad. It was clear that if she had been clean she would have looked a lot like Sookie.


“Hello,” I said. I walked over to Sookie and leaned over to kiss her cheek. I looked over at the girl with stringy blonde hair, pockmarks, and eyes dilated to little pins. “You must be Hadley.”


“Sure am. You must be the boyfriend,” Hadley replied. “You’re cute.”


“Thanks…” I sat down next to Sookie. I put my arm over the couch behind her almost possessively.


“What’s in the bags?” Sookie asked. She kissed my cheek. “It smells good whatever it is.”


“I picked up Chinese for us all. There’s some chow mein, fried rice, potstickers, these fried dumpling things. The barbecue pork, because it’s delicious, orange chicken… I wasn’t sure if anyone was hungry but it’s getting closer to late lunch/dinner time.”


“I always have room for Chinese food,” Sookie replied. “Thank you for bringing it.”


“You’re welcome. So… Hadley… I’m glad to meet you,” I said awkwardly. I wasn’t really that excited to meet her and I got a really bad vibe.


“Sookie’s had lots of nice stuff to say about you,” Hadley replied in an accent much thicker than Sookie’s. “How long y’all been fucking?”


Wow, that’s direct.


I looked down at Sookie, allowing her to answer.


“That’s not really any of your business, Hadley,” she said.


“Well you said he’s in porn. I didn’t think you’d be a prude about it,” Hadley shrugged.


“I don’t think she’s being a prude. I think what Sookie and I do is private. That’s completely different from what I do on screen,” I said.


Hadley just shrugged again.


“Are you hungry, Had?”


“No. I think I’m gonna go outside for a smoke,” she said. Her skin and bones frame got up from her chair and went to the patio door in the dining room.


“I’m sorry about her,” Sookie apologized once the door was shut.


“Lover, you have nothing to apologize for,” I assured her. Sookie wasn’t the drug addict with zero tact. “Do you want to eat?”


“Yes, I’m starving.” She got up off the couch and offered a hand to help me up.


I took her hand but instead of getting up I pulled her down onto my lap. My arms went around her as I leaned in for a proper kiss hello.


“Is it silly that I missed you?” I’d just seen her the night before.


“No, not silly. Maybe level two clinger,” she teased.


“It’s new,” I chuckled. I leaned in to nibble on her neck, making her giggle quietly.


“Ugh, you two need to stop before my insulin levels spike to dangerous heights,” Kennedy said. She had a good pile of food on her plate. “And you’re lucky I didn’t run off with the orange chicken.”


“There’s orange chicken?” Sookie took off like her ass was on fire.


I chuckled as I got up from the couch so I could join her in the kitchen. I waited patiently as she made her own plate. I was surprised she didn’t finish off the orange chicken. I got my own plate together before I followed Sookie to the table so we could all eat together.


I got a bad feeling about Hadley staying with Sookie. She was definitely bad news, but I was going stay mostly quiet. I was going to tell Sookie about my thoughts on her and leave it at that. It was all the family she had. I was going to support Sookie any way I could.




The next day after a second meeting with Stan about the Mad Men parody I ran by Rasul’s to pick him up. We were heading to Preston’s to work on the dance routine. When I pulled up at his place I honked to get him to come out. He came out of the house and few minutes later with a backpack slung over his back.


“Hey, man,” I greeted him when he hopped into the passenger seat.




“Same shit, different day,” I replied. “Met Sookie’s cousin Hadley.”


“She as fine as Sookie? ‘Cuz if she is and she’s single, I’m tapping it.” He’d be making a move on Sookie if I hadn’t gotten there first.


“Uh… not even close. She weighs less than a hundred pounds. Her face is pockmarked, and I’m a hundred percent sure she’d fuck you for a price. She has the fuckin’ heroin nod down. It’s bad.”


“She’s going to rehab, right?”


“Supposed to be. I don’t know, though. She doesn’t seem like she’s ready. She’s shady as fuck. I’m nervous about her staying with Sookie.”


“You think she’ll pull something?”


“Yes,” I answered.


“Really? She’s that bad?”


“Yeah. I told Sookie last night I don’t trust it. She’s giving Hadley the benefit of the doubt. I don’t want to be around her very much. I’m pretty sure she’d try to come on to me.”


Rasul laughed and said, “If there’s one thing you like, it’s crackheads.”


“Right. Definitely no teeth on the blowjob,” I snorted.


“She’s already got one up on Chompers.”


“Have you ever gotten a blowie from her?”


“Chompers? Yeah, a few times. She’s not high on my preferred list. Now Sookie–”


“Don’t even think about it,” I cut him off. “She gives a killer blowjob, too.”


“Yeah, I know,” he said.


I looked over at him. “She blew you?”


“She didn’t tell you?” He shook his head. “At the club that night. That’s the only time.”


“No, she didn’t tell me. She said she got handsy, but neglected to tell me she gave you a blowjob.” I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. We weren’t exclusive at the time, so I guess I really didn’t have much to say. “I should have let Kennedy blow me. Damn.”


“You didn’t?” He was clearly surprised. “She doesn’t have a gag reflex.”


“Fuck. No you fuckers got back too soon. I didn’t feel right getting blown by someone else in front of her when it wasn’t at work.” I knew we should have gone to a different room. “I was thinking of offering Sookie her fantasy for her birthday if she was serious about it.”


“What fantasy?”


“Us. Together.”


“You think that’s a good idea? You just got jealous about a blowjob.”


“I’m not jealous about a blowjob, Ras. I just didn’t know about it.”


“Well whatever, but I don’t know if I’m comfortable getting involved,” he said. “If you weren’t halfway in love with her it would be different.”


“I’m not halfway in love with her. I like her a lot, but I’m fine. That just answered my question as to whether or not I wanted to offer it.”


“I’m sure you can find a whole bunch of dudes who would be interested, and you are halfway in love with her.”


“Nah, the fantasy was with the two of us. I also don’t trust other motherfuckers,” I chuckled. “For now all I need to worry about is keeping my damn rhythm on her birthday.”


“Eh, I’m sure you can do it. So how long is the cousin in town? Maybe you can get Sookie to put her in a hotel instead.”


“I suggested that,” I told him. “She goes into rehab on the second. That is not soon enough for me.’


“Well maybe a bed will open up sooner.”


“One can hope. I really wish she hadn’t called. She almost ruined our first date. That was the night she first called and put Sookie in a not so pleasant mood.”


“On the bright side it’s only a little over a week. She’ll be gone after that.”


“Yeah, and I know it gives Sookie peace of mind knowing she’s safe.” As much as I hated the idea of her cousin staying, I knew it made Sookie feel better having her at the house. She was cautious about it, well, as cautious as she could be. She tried not to let Hadley stay at the house alone if she could help it. There hasn’t been a night where she and Kennedy both worked yet. I was tempted to offer to stay around the first night they did have to work together.


“Sookie’s a good person with a good heart, from what I can tell,” he said. “That’s rare in this town.”


“She’s a very good person. Knowing what she’s been through, that’s surprising,” I said. “I still don’t think I’m half in love with her but when I do fall in love with her I know it’s going to be hard. I already try to spoil her as much as possible.”


“I don’t remember you ever throwing a party for any of your girlfriends.”


“She deserves it. Kennedy is nervous about it since Sookie doesn’t generally celebrate her birthday, but I just feel like I need to do something. I think it’s going to make her happy.” More like I hoped it would make her happy. “I don’t know what it is about this one.”


“She doesn’t celebrate her birthday? Fuck, every girlfriend I ever had acted like it was fuckin’ queen for a day and off with anyone’s head who dared to cross Her Majesty.”


“Sookie is pretty good at covering it, but she has serious confidence issues. I don’t think she thinks she’s worth it. Everyone in her life has walked out on her except for Kennedy. I’ve been doing my best to show her how she should be treated in a relationship and that no matter what bullshit she pulls to try to push me away, I push just as hard.”


“You think she’s worth it?”


“Yeah, I do,” I nodded.


“Hopefully it pays off.”


“Yeah, me too.” It had the potential to go way wrong after learning the things I did about her childhood. I was going to show her I was going to stick around until she told me to leave.




“How are things with Hadley going?” Sookie and I were in her room getting ready for bed. As much as I didn’t like being around Hadley, I didn’t want Sookie to leave to spend time with me.


“Okay so far. She mostly sits outside and smokes or plays with her phone. She disappeared for an hour or so earlier to shoot up.”


“Are you sure you want to keep her here? There are hotels everywhere around here.” I dropped my jeans. I had a pair of sweats to put on.


“I know, but here I can make sure she eats and she’s not turning tricks all day to feed her habit. That’s how she got bus fare. I know she looks like a throw away to you, but I know her without the addiction. I remember her as a little girl. She’s a good person, Eric. You’re meeting the drug, not her.”


I frowned as I reached out to pull Sookie into my arms. She was standing there in a long T-shirt. I heard what she was saying, and I understood her reasoning, but I still didn’t trust Hadley. If she left earlier to get drugs, I was sure she turned a trick or two for the money to get it unless Sookie was giving her the cash for it. I doubted that.


“You know I worry,” I said quietly as I hugged her.


“I know. If she starts getting squirrely on me or if I think she’s lying or bringing drugs in my house, I’ll put her up somewhere else,” Sookie said. “I just… I want her to get better. From what I can tell, she has no one, Eric. She’s got a baby back in Louisiana she wants to get clean for.”


“She’s got you.” I dipped down to kiss her softly. “I’d say she’s pretty damn lucky. I’m trying to feel better about this. It’s just… I just get a bad feeling that makes me uncomfortable.”


“Then it’s a good thing you’re here and you can keep me safe.”


“I plan to always keep you safe,” I replied, looking into her pretty blue eyes. I kissed her again as I slid my hands down to grab her ass.


“Keep me horny is more like it,” she said between kisses.


“Is that a bad thing?” I slid my hand between her legs from behind like I usually did and started to rub her lower lips. “I didn’t realize you weren’t wearing panties…”


“Should I put some on?”


“Do you want me to stop doing this?” I dipped my finger into her opening. I wasn’t sure if the door was locked but I wanted to make sure it was before we went much further.


“Hell no, but if you’re going to keep going I want to close the curtains.”


“You don’t want to give the neighbors a show?” I teased.


“I don’t want to give Hadley a show. We’re not from that far south,” she snickered.


“Go close the curtains. I’ll lock the door.” I gave her a quick peck before I went to lock the door. Sookie closed the curtains before coming to the bed to join me. I was already naked since I stopped to kiss her while I was changing into my pajamas.


Off went that T-shirt she’d been wearing. She dropped it on the floor and lowered herself onto the bed. Sookie stayed on her knees and made her way to my side of the bed to kiss my lower abdomen, slowly making her way to my dick.


“Mmm,” I hummed. I rubbed my hand down her back. When I reached her ass I slid my fingers through her crease, down to her slit. I pushed two fingers into her opening, slowly pumping them in and out. She was getting nice and wet.


Her head bobbed up and down, sucking with just the right amount of pressure to get me hard as steel. Sookie pulled back, releasing my cock and looked up at me.


“How do you want me?”


“I want you to ride me,” I told her. “Turn your back to me so I can watch your pretty ass bouncing up and down.” I scissored my fingers, stretching her a little.


Sookie moaned and carefully moved to straddle my hips. She held my cock up and rubbed my tip against her clit for a few seconds before she shifted to slide down my thick length. Her silky walls fluttered and stretched to take all of me. Sookie leaned forward a little bit and then began to bounce up and down.


“Goddamn, Lover. You should see how sexy this looks.” I grabbed her ass cheeks, spreading them so I could get a better view. I suspected Sookie didn’t like anal, but that didn’t mean she didn’t like to play a little. I pulled one of my hands back to get my thumb wet before I rested my hand on her ass again and rubbed around her rear entrance, giving her a little extra. Her ass moved up and down. Up. Down. Up. Down. Over and over again.


“Fuck, your cock feels so big, baby,” she breathed. Sookie stopped bouncing to roll her hips and it made her pussy clench.


“Maybe my pretty girl just has a really tight little pussy,” I countered. I knew my dick was much larger than average. I moved my hand around her hip, in search of her clit. I rubbed slowly as her hips rolled. After a few minutes I reached up to wrap my hand around her throat and pulled her back so she was lying on my chest. I dug my heels into the bed so I could thrust my hips up, filling her again and again. My fingers moved in time with my hips, making her moan.


“Ohhhhh… ohhhhh… Eric, fuck, I’m gonna cum,” she moaned. I could feel how close she was. Her slender fingers plucked her nipples and seconds later her tight sheath was milking my shaft, trying to pull my orgasm from me.


It was working. “Mmm, you feel so, so good,” I whispered. My hips slowed but my fingers on her clit sped up, trying to pull a second orgasm from her. I was learning her body quite well. “You want me to fill you with my cum?” I growled into her ear.


“Mmm… fuck yeah. Make that pussy yours,” she panted.


I nipped the back of her neck before I stopped and rolled her over without falling out. I kept Sookie’s legs closed so I was straddling her with my cock buried inside of her still. I pushed up on my hands, locking my arms. My hips sped up again, swiveling as I drove into her again and again. I could feel her walls pulsing around my shaft, trying to milk my release from me. It was going to work.


“Mine,” I growled, my hips slapping against her ass.


“Ohfuckofuckohfuckohfuck,” she chanted. “Eric!” A second orgasm ripped through her fast and hard.


That was all I needed. I could have easily stopped for a moment so I could keep going. I allowed her orgasm to pull mine from me.


“Fuck. Yes,” I hissed. I came hard, filling her completely. My hips continued to jerk as I shot out every last drop.


“So good,” she moaned, squeezing her walls around my dick. “I love fucking you.”


“Mmm, I love it too,” I purred. My hips continued to swivel slightly as I settled my weight on her, not only changing the angle a little, but also securing her to the bed. My arms caged in her head as I kissed the back of her neck. “I can do this all night.” My hips started to rock in time with the way she was lifting her ass. If she kept doing what she was doing I was going to stay hard as a rock.

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11 thoughts on “10: Worry Wart

  1. Hmmm, she said “I fucking love you” and he replied “I love it too”…should be interesting to see who realizes it first.
    Glad he’s trying to stay with her while Hadley is there. Anything can happen with an addict staying there.
    Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Geez Hadley… Between her being in the house and Eric’s ‘eccentric’ birthday plans I worry things might blow up… But meanwhile, Eric’s being pretty adorable denying how much into Sookie he is already… I do think he was retroactively jealous of Rasul but he seems rational enough to understand they were not exclusive at the time…


  3. He said I love having sex with you, that is pretty damn close to I love you. Especially after his conversation was Ras…very interesting very interesting ! !!!!!


  4. Eric is right about Hadley, I don’t trust her completely either. The way he’s been bringing it up to Sookie was smart. He isn’t telling her what to do, but giving Sookie something to think about. I hope Hadley doesn’t screw Sookie over, but it’s usually what happens.


  5. Great job slipping the L-word in both of their mouths even if it’s just about the sex. We know where you’re going with it. Hadley’s creeping me out, too. I’m worried she’ll hurt Sookie, emotionally or physically. Thank you for having a great plot along with you dirty lemons. You should sell some to Stan!


  6. Hadley is a definite concern. I’m glad Eric is there to watch out for her. I hope she doesn’t end up hurting Sookie. The lemons are soo tart! Love it! Being a porn star I’m sure he can go all night…lucky Sookie😜


  7. Lover Boy Is Getting very attached..and he was jealous of Ras But Pulled The No -Care Act Off Really Good.Wonder If Hadley Will Try Something With Him..Even The Way She Looks She Still Thinks She Looks Good.More Please


  8. So Hadley is still actively using while waiting for her place to open in rehab? Oh yeah, she’s serious about getting clean… She’ll be robbing Sookie blind the minute she turns her back, or someone she owes money to will show up to do it or worse. Never, ever, trust an addict who is still using, no matter how much you love them. Eric won’t even be able to protect them this time, I’m afraid. Onto the happy parts! They’re using ‘love’ in the throes of passion! This is great! Something tells me that after all is said & done, these two will make this relationship work. Terrific story, fuckawesome lemons! 🙂


  9. Hadley is shooting up.
    While at Sookies.
    While waiting for a bed at rehab……
    I’m not seeing good things 😦
    On another note, things seem to be getter better and better with our lovebirds!


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