Chapter 27


Moving day comes and goes and now I have to unpack my things in the house. I’m not used to thinking of Eric’s house as my house too, but I will in time. The tricky thing is deciding what stays and what goes and my first thing is to reorganize and give a makeover to the bathroom because it’s a little dingy and gross.

Yet when my generally laid back boyfriend spots the shower curtain with embroidered butterflies on it, he has a man moment.

“Sookie, what is hanging in the bathroom where my shower curtain used to be?” he asks curiously.

“A shower curtain,” I shrug. “I have rugs and towels that match, don’t worry.”

“No, no, Honeysuckle. You can’t just walk in and replace our perfectly neutral bathroom with butterflies,” he says.

“Why not? Didn’t you say this is my house too so I should make myself comfortable?”

“If you want to spruce up the bathroom it needs to be with something we both agree on. Not that girly shit you have in there now.”

“What’s the difference? That room was a pit before with all the dark stuff in there. Now it’s brighter and it doesn’t seem so cramped,” I reason.

“We can de-cramp with something a little less chick-like,” he tells me.

“Well a chick lives here now. Don’t even get me started on that ratty beanbag chair in the living room.” There’s duct tape holding it together in some spots.

He gasps and says, “My father bought me that chair when I moved out of their house. That thing will be right where it is until it’s covered in duct tape and the house burns down.”

“Then someone get me a match,” I say sarcastically. “That thing is past its prime, Eric.”

“You can keep your butterflies, but you cannot take my beanbag chair,” he says firmly.

“Fine. Butterflies it is,” I smile victoriously. “Now what about these sheets,” I gesture to the bed.

“No flowers or butterflies. No unicorns, no animals of any sort actually. Only patterns or solid colors. No pink,” he finishes. “Polka dots are fine.”

“So my sheets with the little yellow flowers?” I love them.

He sighs and rubs his face. “You can put them in the guest room until I get used to the butterflies. Then only for one week every six months,” he offers.

“During that week can I stash the beanbag chair in the garage?” I’m pressing my luck but I can’t help laughing.

“No,” he says, leaving no room for argument.

“Can I put up lace curtains in here?” Now I’m just being ridiculous.

“You are not eighty-two, and this is not the seventies. You’re being silly now, Buttercup.”

“Ooooh the ’70s! We need shag carpet! How about orange? I’ll let you put a mirror above the bed…”

Eric growls and wraps his arm around my waist. He leans in and nibbles on my ear before whispering, “I already have a camera on top of the dresser mirror.”

I gasp and say, “You do not!”

He better not.

“No, but that face was worth it,” he grins and kisses the tip of my nose.

“You’re funny,” I stick my tongue out at him. “Just for that I should get new shower curtain rings with more butterflies on them.”

“Nope, I veto that plan.”

“How about I go to the store and find a new shower curtain that doesn’t make you feel like you should sit down to pee?” I suggest.

“That would be much better, and I’ll allow the yellow flower sheets more than once every six months. I don’t really care what I sleep on to be honest. And you look really pretty when I’m fucking you on them,” he says, wagging his eyebrows at me.

“Too bad there isn’t really a camera above the mirror so I can see for myself,” I sigh.

“We can make that happen.”

“I’ll think about it,” I smile at him.

“If not we still have my birthday video. We need to watch that sometime,” he smiles. “I want to watch good porn with you and then fuck you while it’s on. I think that would be fun.”

“You find the porn and I’ll make it happen,” I tell him. I’m all for trying new things.

“Alright. Maybe our next date night we can spend it on the couch naked.”

“That could fun. Or we could do that just because,” I shrug. I need to get away from him before I give up unpacking for sex.

“We could… So…” He gives me a look that says my plan to get away before he attacks is a good idea.

“No, no, no, I need to finish unpacking,” I back away from him… and end up backing straight into the bed.

Eric smirks as he pushes me down and drops to hover over me. He dips down to kiss my collarbone and he whispers, “You were saying?”

“I need to unpack and I don’t mean your dick from your shorts,” I giggle.

“Aww, really?” He grinds into me and he’s not hard, but I can tell it won’t take him long to get there. “But he wants to be inside you so bad, Baby doll.”

“But if we get started on that I won’t finish unpacking. We’ll just stay naked all night and you want to get rid of those butterflies,” I point out, but that doesn’t stop him from sliding my tank top up toward my tits.

He kisses my collarbone again, then moves down to suck one of my nipples through my tank top.

“You know, I’m off work for a couple more months. I can always go find a new shower curtain for us,” he suggests and moves to the other nipple while he tries to pull my shorts down.

“Stupid, sexy face,” I mutter to myself and lift my hips for him to get my shorts off. My willpower is nonexistent around him.

He comes up to kiss my lips and whispers, “Do you want this stupid, sexy face in your pussy?”

I’d be crazy to say no to that so I nod my head and bite my bottom lip.

He gives me a goofy grin and kisses me quickly before moving down my body. He rests his hands on my inner thighs and pushes them back, spreading me open. He winks and dives in. His tongue drags through my slit from my opening to my clit and he starts to suck. He alternates between each of my lower lips, ending on my nub.

“Mmm… feels so good, Eric,” I moan and my fingers slip into his hair to keep him where he is.

He closes his eyes and as he sucks I feel two fingers probe my core. It takes a moment, but he works them into me, slowly pumping them into me until he’s pushing them hard into me. As he pulls his fingers out he curls his fingertips just enough to rub my g-spot.

“Ohmygod!” I cry out and grip his hair tighter while my hips start to move in time with his fingers.

“Mmm,” he hums into my pussy. He latches onto my clit and flicks it with the tip of his tongue quickly. He let’s go of my thigh and drapes his arm over my hips to hold me down. “Cum, Sookie,” he growls and starts sucking again as he fingers me.

“Yesyesyesyesyes…” I chant and my back arches as the orgasm hits me fast and hard.

“Perfect,” he grins. He keeps his fingers moving as he uses his other hand to push his shorts down his thighs. “Show me your tits, Sugar bear.”

I lift my shaky hands and pull the cups of my bra down for him. My fingers go straight to my nipples to play with them for him. An aftershock ripples through me and it makes me shiver.

“So fucking sexy, Baby,” he whispers. He removes his fingers, making me whimper, and grabs his shaft so he can rub my clit with the tip of his cock. He moves it up and down my slit, gathering my juices to make sure he’s good and wet. With a growl he starts rubbing my entrance just before he slams in to the hilt with a groan. Eric doesn’t start thrusting, he stays buried in me and swivels his hips so I can feel every inch of his cock moving around.

“Oh God,” I groan and grab his ass.

Eric starts giving me short thrusts, not even pulling halfway out.

“Moving in was an excellent idea,” he groans and hooks my legs over his elbows and grabs my hips. He looks down where we’re joined and pulls all the way out and slams back in, his hips slapping into my ass. He does it again. And again. And again.

“Don’t stop!” I cry out and grab at the headboard.

“Not until you scream my fucking name, Beautiful girl,” he pants and continues to pound into me. In. Out. In. Out. In. Hard. Out. “Jesus Christ, you feel so good, Sookie.”

He shifts my hips just a little bit and the tip of his cock rubs against my g-spot when he pulls back.

“Eric!” I cry out and my back arches again, thrusting my tits up. It feels so good and the hard thrusts are just… so perfect.

“There she goes,” he pants and falls on top of me, bending me in half. He wraps his lips around one of my nipples and he makes me cry out again when he bites down as his orgasm hits. He releases my nipple and moves to kiss my mouth as he fills me. “Did I tell you you’re perfect yet today?”

“Mmm… not today,” I smile at him and kiss him back.

“You’re perfect, Baby, thank you.”

“Oh you’re very welcome.” I smile and squeeze my muscles around his shaft.

“If you want to finish unpacking you might want to stop that,” he says and kisses me as be continues to thrust slow and soft.

“You’re going to let me put pants back on?” I gasp.

“I never said you’d have clothes on,” he winks.

I laugh and say, “If I walk around here without clothes on we’ll just end up fucking somewhere else in the house.”

“And that’s a problem why?”

“Because I have to finish unpacking,” I remind him. “And find someplace else for the video game thing in the living room.”

“You’ve lost your mind if you think my PS3 is going anywhere. It doubles as my Blu-Ray player.”

“Can I just get rid of those controller things you have all over out there? Or that ugly headset?” I’m fucking with him but I’ve got a serious look on my face.

He looks at me for a few long, silent moments before he says, “I want a divorce.”

“We’re not married yet,” I smile at him and rock my hips as much as I can.

“Yeah, and if you keep that crazy talk up I’m never going to ask you to marry me,” he tells me. He keeps his eyes locked on mine and his hips speed up a little.

“The beanbag chair and the video game thingy can be roommates… by the curb…” I smirk.

Eric grabs my hands and holds them above my head while he rests his full weight on me as he starts fucking me again.

“You don’t fucking touch my chair, or my game,” he growls into my ear and then starts sucking on my neck.

I moan and say, “But look how turned on you get when I talk about getting rid of them.”

“Your sexy face and your perfect tits turn me on, not you talking about getting rid of my things,” he tells me.

I try to take my hands back, but Eric’s not having it right now. I turn my face to kiss him and wrap my legs around his waist to pull him deeper inside me.

“What about the Ramones poster?” I moan when he swivels his hips. Now I’m messing with him just for fun.

“You touch my Ramones poster and you’ll get a very hard spanking, Sookie,” he growls and I can feel he’s hard enough again to start slamming into me.

“I can’t even relocate it?”

“No,” he says firmly, punctuating the word with a deep thrust.

I moan and my eyes roll back.

“What about slipcovers for the couch?” I ask.


“Mmm… throw rugs in the living room?”


I know she’s fucking with me now. Talking it out through sex is never a bad thing though.

“Do you like it when I tell you no?” I ask and give her two quick, hard thrusts.

“Oooh… fuck,” Sookie moans and her eyes roll again. “I’m just trying to see what I can move.”

“You can move up onto your hands and knees,” I tell her and sit up on my knees, pulling out of her.

“Maybe I don’t want to,” she says.

I run my hands down her body, sending a shiver down her spine.

“My naughty girl,” I whisper and when I get to her hips I flip her over. I pull her up to her knees and before she can say anything I drive into her from behind, swiveling my hips as I go.

“Eric!” Sookie cries out and her walls flutter around my shaft.

“Yes, dear?” I ask, rubbing her ass with both hands.

“More,” she says.

I grab her hips and pull her back as I thrust forward.

“You will not touch my chair,” I growl and I pull my right hand back before bringing it down hard on her ass.

Sookie cries out and her pussy clenches a little.

“Promise me, Sookie. Promise you won’t fuck with my things,” I say and smack her left cheek just as hard.

She cries out again and looks over her shoulder. “I promise you won’t fuck with my things,” she says.

“Bad girl,” I snarl and spank her again. “Repeat after me. ‘Eric, I promise’.” I stop to wait for her to catch up.

“Eric, I promise,” she says breathlessly. “Now make me cum for you.”

“Say ‘Eric, I promise I won’t touch your things’ and I’ll make you cum,” I assure her.

“I promise I won’t touch your things,” she repeats.

My fingers curl around her hips and I start fucking her hard and deep. When I feel her walls begin to flutter I reach under and rub her clit.

“Cum for me, sweet girl,” I pant.

Her arms give out first and moments later she cries out again when her walls clench hard around my shaft.

“Good girl,” I whisper and start moving my fingers faster as I pound her. “Fuuuck, where do you want it…” I moan.

“Wherever you want,” she moans. Her walls are still fluttering with aftershocks.

I slam in one, two, and on third thrust I pull out and cum all over her ass and pussy.

“So. Fucking. Perfect!” I shout. “You’ll need to be cleaned up,” I tell her like she doesn’t know. I reach up and rub my cum into her clit in slow, soft circles.

Sookie whimpers and I can see her pussy clench again.

“I’m not going to be able to move if you keep doing that,” she pants.

“I can stop if you want me to,” I whisper and move to dip my thumb inside of her before pulling out to gently rub her clit again.

“I need to finish unpacking,” she says like she’s trying to convince herself.

“That wasn’t an answer,” I inform her. I keep my thumb moving and slowly work two of my fingers into her drenched core.

“Eric,” she whimpers.

“Mmm, yes, Baby doll? You’re so warm and wet. I love touching you like this…”

“You fucked me good,” she says.

“I’m glad you liked it. I know how much I enjoyed it.” I curl my fingers a little to rub inside of her with my thumb moving in continuous circles.

Sookie starts to moan and her legs begin to shake a little. Her hands grasp the sheets and she’s breathing hard.

“It’s right there, Princess. Cum one more time for me,” I purr and tilt my hips to rub my cock on her thigh.

She whimpers and her walls start to flutter. Her pussy gets wetter and then Sookie cries out when she cums again.

“Goddamn, that’s a beautiful sight,” I whisper. I wait until she calms a little to pull my fingers out. She’s trembling and I suck my fingers clean. “You alright?” I ask her and lie on the bed next to where she’s shuddering.

“Uh huh,” she says with her eyes closed.

I gather her in my arms and kiss her head.

“I love you, baby. Welcome home,” I tell her and I keep holding her.

“I love you too,” she says.

“When you can move again I’ll help you unpack,” I offer.

“Okay.” She kisses my chest and snuggles against me.

♦ ♦ ♦

As promised the moment Sookie can move I get up to help her unpack. I don’t want to go through all her things, so I’ve just been taking care of whatever she tells me to do. I also make a quick stop to make dinner. I know Sookie is used to takeout and sodium packed frozen shit, but she’s going to learn to cook. If she just can’t do it, then I’ll cook. Doesn’t matter to me.

What does matter is that Sookie is trying to feminize my house. I’m clean, I don’t have a bunch of pop culture crap everywhere. My Ramones poster is in the living room, but it’s framed. It’s not just stuck up with thumb tacks. Hell, if she thinks we live in a mancave she should see Alcide’s house.

I stop dead in my tracks and my blood runs cold when I walk into the living room. Sookie has some of my vinyl records in a pile on the floor and she’s reaching for more.

“Wh-what are you doing?” I ask in disbelief.

“Making room on these shelves for my vases,” she says in an off-handed way without looking back at me to see my jaw on the floor.

“Sugar plum, we just talked about moving things. You have to talk it over with me first. At least tell me what you’re planning so I can find a better solution.” She’s cute, but she’s fucking insane if she thinks she’s moving my records.

“Baby, we both know that if we stuck to everything we agreed to while we’re fucking, we would have a lot more fights,” she says. “Besides, what’s the big deal? And don’t think I don’t know your idea of a better solution is for my stuff to go back in the box and straight to the storage unit.”

“No, I love your stuff. But if there isn’t room for everything, it should stay in the box until there is. And, Sookie, vases? Those aren’t to be on display unless they’re full of flowers and I haven’t gotten your welcome home flowers yet. There’s a shelf in the garage for vases. Yours will even have company with the two I have.”

“No,” she scoffs.

“What?” She can say no all she wants, but she’s not moving my records.

“Do you even have a record player? Not once have I heard you listen to any of this. What the hell is a Sex Pistol anyway?” Sookie rolls her eyes.

“I’ll show you a Sex Pistol,” I growl. I know I’m being a little unreasonable, but she should’ve warned me.

I stalk toward her and she stands up out of her neat little pile of things. The stuffing from some of vases she just pulled out of the box and my records. It makes my heart beat a little faster knowing I’m going to have her full time. Woman stuff and all.

“Keep acting like a six-year-old and you won’t be showing me anything but an apartment guide,” she warns me. “I’m not living out of boxes because you can’t deal with your…” Sookie looks down at another record, “MC5 album in the other room!”

I growl again and scoop her up, making her yelp. I carry her to the couch and drop her on her butt. She doesn’t look happy. The scowl on her gorgeous face makes me want to laugh.

I hover over her and ask, “So you’re trying to woman me huh? Take all my nice manly things and put doilies on them?”

“Oh my fucking God when have you ever seen me with a doily?” Sookie glares at me. “I’m putting the vases here because this is a grownup house and not your dorm room. I buy flowers, you bring me flowers. It makes sense to have the vases in a place where I don’t need to get a step stool constantly because this house is set up for your go-go-gadget limbs.”

We have a long stare off. Neither of us relenting until I fuck up and crack a smile just before I start tickling the hell out of her ribs.

“And now you try to make me see reason?” I ask as I attack.

“Eric!” She tries to push my hands away. “This is serious!”

“I know. You really need to work on your manners, young lady,” I say sternly and move one hand down to tickle under her butt which really makes her squirm. “Asking you to warn me before you move things isn’t too much is it? I just don’t like to walk into a room and half of my things are gone.”

“They’re not gone, they’re right here,” she says stubbornly. “If you’re going to have a cow over it then I’ll just figure something else out.”

I stop my attack and lie down, resting my weight on her.

“You can put your vases wherever you want them, Sweetcheeks. I really, really love messing with you. You get this little vein that pops out right here,” I touch her forehead, “And your little cheeks turn all red. Just adorable, really. Can you please just give me a heads up. I’ve lived her alone for a long time, so as much as I was expecting things to be moved, it’s still a little surprising.”

“I’ll check with you,” she says.

“Thank you. And I promise my solution won’t be to take it to storage. It may not look like it, but I have design ideas too.” I peck her lips. Her face is still all red.

“Don’t quit your day job,” she snorts.

“Come on, this is lovely,” I say, pointing to the Playboy on my — our coffee table.

“Yeah, about that… no more porn in the living room,” Sookie tells me.

“Dad bought me a subscription when I bought this place,” I chuckle. “We can keep the porn out of public places. These are going to the master bathroom now,” I say, wiggling my eyebrows.

“I’ll get you a magazine rack when I pick up the new shower curtain.”

“That’s why I love you,” I say and kiss her one more time before I hop up and reach down to help her up too.

“If I was a super awesome girlfriend I’d get you lube to go with those,” she snorts.

My eyes glaze over thinking about all the things I could do with lube. I look at Sookie and then down to her tits.

“Those are going to be so good when I lube them up,” I tell her, licking my lips.

“Oh no,” she laughs and shakes her head. “You’ve distracted me enough for one day.”

“You’re no fun,” I tease. I hook her around the waist and pull her close to give her a toe curling kiss. I pull back and kiss the tip of her nose and say, “Come on, Honeysuckle, I’ll help you move the vinyl.”



6 thoughts on “Chapter 27

  1. maybe I’m weird but I’d much rather have vinyl than vases in the living room, feel so sorry for poor eric!!!….do agree with moving the bean bag though! (and the porn!)….still loving this fab story. x


  2. I am so not girly, I’d rather Erics decorating than Sookies and he’s right what is she 80? seriously? and how come even though he is the reasonable one willing to compromise or back down while she still wants to bitch because he didnt immediately say “you’re right I’m wrong” she gets the apology. sorry but she’s an unreasonable bitch when they have a ‘fight’


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