Chapter 6



Yeah, fucking Sookie all morning probably wasn’t the smartest move, but I don’t regret it. I waited until she left to get ready for my meeting otherwise I would’ve invited her into the shower with me and missed my meeting. The part of me that initially worried she was a crazy stalker fan is pretty much gone. She’s a sweet, genuine girl and I think we’re going to work well together. As long as I can keep my hands off of her. That being said, she didn’t complain and actually begged for more a few times.


This morning I actually don’t feel horny, which is a nice thing. I think it’d just been too long since I fucked anyone. Last week Jessica was on her period and Nora sent me an email to my personal account this morning that she met a guy. I met them both on set, they’re both behind the camera, both sweet girls, and they’re both really fucking good in bed. I’ve somehow managed to get back and forth to their houses undetected for the last eight months.


I also decided I definitely don’t want to get too attached to Sookie, which I know will happen if we spend every day together fucking like jack rabbits. She is a nice girl, but getting into a relationship or getting too cozy with my assistant isn’t what I want to do. Whatever, I’ll figure something out.


Sookie arrives right at eight. When she rings the bell I’m in the kitchen looking in the fridge. I need to go shopping. I close the fridge and head out to the front door to open it for her.


“Hey,” I smile and stand back to let her in. I turn and head straight back to the kitchen.


“Hi,” she says from behind me and I hear the clicking of her shoes on my hardwood floor.


“I need groceries,” I tell her. “I eat out too much.” After my meeting yesterday I went see Talbot to pick up a new script and we went out for a couple drinks. I ended up eating bar snacks for dinner.


“Make me a list and I will happily get whatever you need,” she tells me as she hands over my morning latte.


“Thanks. Do I have anything going on today?”


“You have a conference call at eleven and a wardrobe fitting at two,” she tells me.


“I think they hate fitting me,” I laugh. “I’m way too fuckin’ tall.”


“They’ll get over it,” she shrugs.


“I know, I just don’t like irritating people–” I’m cut off mid-sentence when my phone rings. I pick it up and smile when I see who it is. “Hey, pretty girl,” I answer with a smile. Jessica is one of those classic beauties with long, thick red hair and big blue eyes and the creamiest skin I’ve ever felt.


“Hello yourself,” she replies in that sweet, smooth cadence of hers. “How are you?”


“Pretty good. I’m just going over my schedule for the day. How are you?” I ask and lean against the counter.


“I have an itch,” she purrs.


“Oh yeah?” I purr right back, making Sookie arch an eyebrow.


“Definitely. What’s your schedule like? I can come to you. I’ll be in your neighborhood this evening if you’re free. I woke up thinking about you…”


I look at Sookie and ask, “Sookie, do I have anything past the fitting?”


“Not on the calendar,” she answers.


I smile and return my attention to Jessica. “Looks like I should be done with my day around four… What were you thinking?”


“I was thinking I’d wear a short dress, no panties,” she tells me. “And I’d be ready for you when you open the door. As soon as you close it, I’ll drop to my knees and swallow your cock. Then when you’re ready, you can put it anywhere you want.”


I groan out loud, again, making Sookie give me a questioning look. “That sounds perfect,” I reply to Jessica. “However, just thinking about that… I’ll be ready before you get here.”


Perfect. If I don’t keep Sookie here fucking all night I’m less likely to get attached.


“Mmm… me too. In fact…” I hear something buzzing in the background.


My cock twitches. I’ve watched Jessica get herself off and it’s sexy as fuck.


“Why don’t you bring that with you, along with anything else you want?” I’m being as vague as possible with Sookie in the room.


“Can I bring Isabel?” she asks.


“If you want that, I’d rather come to you.” We’ve fucked her friend Isabel a couple times, but always at Jess’ house. I don’t know if I want her to know where I live.


“Fine, then come here.” I hear her breath hitch and then a deep moan.


I look at Sookie before I leave the room. I go to my bedroom and close the door behind me so she can’t overhear me.


“How fuckin’ wet is that sweet pussy?” I purr.


“You could slide right in,” she replies. “Mmm… fuck, this toy is so fuckin’ deep right now, baby.”


“Does it get as deep as me?” I ask.


“Almost,” she pants. “But you fuck me harder.”


“Are you going to let Isabel fuck your ass with it while you bounce on my dick?” I ask.


“Fuck yes,” she moans.


“Mmm, are you wet enough to pull out of your pussy and into your sexy little ass?” I whisper.


“Mmhmm,” she hums and a moment later I hear a gasp.


“Put it in deep, little girl,” I command.


“What if I don’t, sir?” She slips right into that submissive role she’s so good at playing.


“You’re going to forfeit your orgasms tonight. Now make sure it’s all the way in.”


I hear a series of moans and gasps before she pants, “So… deep… fuck…”


“Fuck yourself nice and hard. I need my girl to be stretched for me,” I purr quietly.


“Yesyesyesyesyes…” she chants.


“That’s my girl,” I praise her.


“Are you hard for me, Eric?” she moans.


“Very fuckin’ hard,” I reply. “I have company so I’m saving it for you.”


“Mmm… no… I want to hear you cum,” she breathes.


“No,” I reply firmly.


“Please?” she pleads.


“Jessica, no.” If she keeps asking she’s going to end up watching me fuck Isabel while she sits it out.


“You’re no fun.” I can hear the pout in her voice.


She says that now. “Sounds like someone wants her ass spanked tonight.”




“I have to go, pretty girl. My company is waiting. I’ll see you this evening and I want Isabel’s face in your snatch when I walk in.”


“You’ll get what you get,” she says and then hangs up on me.


Yep. She wants a severe punishment tonight.


I adjust my cock and start willing it to go away as I walk back out to the kitchen.


“Sorry about that,” I tell Sookie and pick up my coffee.


“Everything okay?”


“Yep,” I nod and take a sip. “What were we talking about?”


“You hate wardrobe fittings,” she reminds me.


“Ah, yeah. Too tall and the whole fitting is filled with sighs. It makes me feel bad, even though I have no control over it.”


“Like I said, they’ll get over it. It’s what they’re paid to do,” she shrugs.


“True. Anyway, you’re welcome to leave for the day when I go to my fitting,” I tell her.


“Okay. There’s nothing on your calendar for tomorrow so why don’t we call that my day off?” she suggests.


“Alright,” I nod. I’m going to be exhausted after a night with Jessica and Isabel anyway.


“Just leave me that list and I’ll make sure you’re stocked up with whatever it is you want.”


“Alright. I have shit handwriting, do you want me to tell you what I need and you can write it?”


“That works too. In the future we can just keep a list going on a spreadsheet in Google Drive or something and you can just add to it as you think of it and I’ll delete it when it’s been purchased,” she suggests.


“Do you want to show me how to do that now?” I have two and half hours before my conference call with nothing to do.


“Yeah. It’s really simple.”


I nod to have her follow me to the office. “Show me how to do it,” I say, sitting at my desk. Fuck. I’m still hard and it’s not going to be easy to hide.


Sookie bends over to grab the mouse and starts to point and click at things, explaining what she’s doing as she does them.


Damnit, I can’t really focus on what she’s doing. She smells too good. Ugh. I hate my dick some days. I’m good and watch the screen even though I’ll have to figure out what she did later.


“Yep, looks too simple,” I smile and turn my head toward her, not thinking about how close she is. Damn, damn, damn, I bet if I was behind her I could just flip her skirt up and… Stopping there.


“I think it’ll be the easiest way to keep that list somewhere it doesn’t get lost, plus you won’t have to be at home in order to add to it. I know sometimes I think–” she stops mid-sentence and clears her throat when she catches me staring at her ass.


“Sorry…” I could kill Jessica for getting me worked up like this.


Sookie’s eyes drift to my lap and she asks, “Mr. Northman, is there something else you require assistance with?”


I should’ve rubbed this out before leaving the room. “Um…” I don’t want to say yes, fuck me, so I don’t really know how to respond.


She can barely restrain her smile when she asks, “Do you need me to take dictation?”


“You can take dick…” I trail off as my legs travel to her thick thighs.


“Where will I take him?”


“Wherever you like,” I reply.


“Decisions, decisions…” she says as she thinks it over. Sookie looks me up and down and then straddles my lap. Her eyes stay on mine as she opens my jeans. She doesn’t even have to reach into them to pull my cock out, it just lunges right at her.


“Have you decided?” I ask and reach down to stroke my shaft.


She nods and stands up to turn around. Sookie lifts her skirt, pulls down her panties and bends over my desk.


“Make it quick, my slave driver of a boss has things for me to do,” she winks over her shoulder.


“Yes, ma’am,” I smile and stand up behind her. I’m not wearing a shirt, so I pull my jeans down a little and rub my head through her folds. I reach into my desk drawer and grab a condom out. Yes, I’ve fucked girls in here and I don’t like pausing to run across the house for protection so I have condoms stored in every room.


Once I have the rubber in place I put my head at her entrance and rub small circles to get my tip nice and wet. I push in just a little and grab her hips. I drive forward and pull her back, filling her completely on one stroke.


“Mmm… fuck, that feels good,” Sookie moans and starts to fuck herself.


“Take what you need, little girl,” I tell her as I spread her cheeks so I get a good view.


Sookie keeps going, rocking back and forth on my cock. Her hand moves under her skirt and her pussy gets tighter as she plays with her clit. Her head drops to the desk and her breathing gets shallower as she gets closer to cumming.


“Mmm, you’re getting so fucking tight,” I breathe. She’s going to pull my own orgasm from me like this. Jessica gives me threesomes and butt sex, but Sookie is giving me the sweet, wet, smooth experience that makes my nipples hard and balls tighten.


“I’ll get even tighter if you fuck me,” she says, and the way her pussy is pulsing, I’m sure she’s right.


“Like this?” I ask and start to thrust. I go in hard; as deep as fucking possible. My fingers dig into her hips to help pull her back onto my dick. She wasn’t kidding. She’s so damn tight…


“Yesyesyesyesyes! Fuuuuuck!” she cries out.


“Mmm, good girl,” I pant and unconsciously smack her ass.


I hear a throat clear making Sookie and I both whip our heads up.


Unfortunately I can’t stop the orgasm that hits just before I see Rasul standing in the doorway. He cringes and turns around. Sookie gasps and slaps the desk as she cums too. She’s not as loud today as she was yesterday. Fuckin’ Rasul.


“Fuck…” I pant. “So fuckin’ sorry,” I tell Sookie as I pull out.


She whimpers and says, “I forgot he has a key.”


“I think I should stay here,” Ras says.


“Go, fucker,” I say, shooing him out of the room. I don’t care that he sees, but I don’t know how Sookie feels about it. I’m just glad he maybe saw her ass.


He chuckles and walks away.


“Sorry. For what it’s worth, I don’t think he saw much.” Just her O face.


“It’s not that big of a deal. I think he saw more when I was in my bikini.”


“True.” Plus nudity doesn’t bother her. “Come on, let’s go clean up so I can talk to fuckface.”


Sookie stands up and her skirt falls into place.  She leaves her panties where they are and goes across the hall to clean up. I go to my room to dispose of the condom and clean my dick before I go out to find Rasul in the kitchen.


“You could’ve waited out here,” I chuckle as I take my coffee from him.


“My way was more entertaining.”


“You’re lucky she didn’t mind,” I tell him and lead him out back.


“I think you’re lucky or your blue balls would be epic. What happened to not fucking her?”


“The fuckin’ bikini proved to be too much and I came onto her in the pool. She went with it. We ended up fucking for almost three hours yesterday after you left. Jessica called this morning and Sookie saw my hard-on after I got off the phone with her. She offered to help; of course I took her up on it.”


“How the fuck do you find these chicks?” he asks in awe.


“Your guess is as good as mine,” I laugh.


“So how was it?”


“Fuckin’ amazing,” I answer. I watch the door to make sure she doesn’t come out and say, “She’s so fuckin’ tight and she gets insanely wet.”


“Are we talkin’ tight for someone her age?”


“I’m talking tight for anyone.” I take a drink of my coffee that fuckface almost finished.


“And you’re nailing Jess later?”


“Is that a bad thing?” I’m going to leave Isabel’s name out of it.


“Nope, just asking, Pollyanna.”


“Sweet guys like to fuck,” I shrug.


“What the fuck kind of answer is that?” he laughs.


Before I can answer Sookie comes out with a steamy cup of coffee. When she reaches us she hands it to Rasul, making me arch an eyebrow.


“What?” Sookie asks. “It’s called being a good host. Look into it.”


“I don’t care what you do. I just didn’t expect it,” I tell her.


“Well that’s what you pay her for, not polishing your knob,” Rasul says.


“It’s fine,” I shrug. It is what her job is.


“I’ll be inside.” Sookie retreats quickly.


“What are you doing today?” I ask him once she’s gone.


“I was going to hit on Sookie, but you’re already tapping that. Dick.”


“Nora’s off the rotation,” I tell him. “Plus, you have Melanie.”


“Yeah that was until she told me she wants to try pegging,” he says.


“What the fuck is… Oh… Oh, no,” I chuckle. “I’m sorry, man. Your room is free.” I try, but I can’t hold back the laugh.


“You should have seen the look on my face,” he laughs too. “She did the prostate thing once but this… I might as well get railed by a dude.”


I keep laughing and say, “I’m sure Talbot would love to take you up on that.”


“I’m sure he would, Big Dick,” he snorts.


“Hey, you know I don’t give a fuck who sees me naked.” Rasul has been drunk with me enough to know I start stripping.


“Yeah, sure, that’s how he knows…”


I down the rest of my coffee and throw my cup at him. I know there’s been rumors that I’m gay and honestly, I don’t care what the tabloids make up. I know I’m not and that’s all that matters.


“Fucker,” I chuckle.


“I know better. So is Jess a solo act this time or is that wily redhead bringing a buddy this time?”


“She asked if she could bring Isabel. I told her she better have her head in Isabel’s cunt when I show up.”


“Isabel, the dominatrixy one?”


“Yep,” I reply, popping the P.


“Watch your ass,” he laughs.


“She only dominates Jess. She knows I don’t go for that shit,” I tell him.


“You only bottom for Talbot,” he jokes.


I nod, going along with the joke. It bothers me, but he doesn’t need to know that, or why it does.


Sookie sticks her head outside and calls, “Meeting in thirty.”


“Thank you.” Huh. This assistant thing is pretty cool.


She goes back inside.


“Is she seeing anyone?” Ras asks.


“Sookie?” he nods, “I don’t think so.”


Rasul nods. I know that look on his face. He’s interested in her.


“I don’t want to stop fucking her,” I tell him. I found her first.


He shakes his head.


“This isn’t going to end well,” he says.


“Probably not,” I sigh.


As long as we keep the professional parts professional and the fucking part as is, we’ll be fine for a while. If things blow up and I have to find a new assistant I guess I will. Hell, maybe I’ll hire Rasul to be my assistant.


12 thoughts on “Chapter 6

  1. Sweet guys like to fuck- LOL. I love that his first thoughts were that he’s not even horny and then he makes a date for a threesome, gets a boner and fucks his PA. 😛


  2. These guys seem to have a very casual approach to sex…. Which is fine if everyone’s on the same page… Eric believing Sookie to be a ‘sweet girl’ is going to lead to some disappointment when her tabloid identity is revealed…

    Another reference to Eric being bothered by a past experience… Guessing the stepfather? Does not sound good…


  3. So sookie just hears him call someone pretty girl, turn on the sex voice and arrange to meet up later. Wonder if he can spot a tail?
    Ras is single…. And staying over…. Threesome anyone? Yumm

    Talbot / gay bad associations/memories? He’s obviously not homophobic. Some bad has gone down though.

    Sookie is going to score big soon I’m thinking. But will she go through? And I’m still thinking her sounding board is the leak. Which means she is going to get not just scooped, but made a target. Some time in the future, things are going to get ugly.

    Look forward to more yumminess first 😉


  4. I want to know if Sookie think she the only one he sleeping with. Maybe if she find out about Jessica and Isabel she will sell him out. I am a kind of person that if you use my emotional that they should be some consequences. That is no way to treat a person. I know she writing a story about Eric but I know that maybe she fall in love with Eric and drop the story about him. Who know


  5. Wow, I wonder how is it possible that no one had spotted Eric circling between the girls yet. I can’t read Sookie right now, but obviously she decided against cutting him off – which is interesting considering she didn’t come clean either. Looks like it’s going to get ugly after all.
    You hinted about Eric’s past and I wonder if Sookie is going to stumble upon it too, and if so, whether she’s going to use that or not. I hope not. Maybe that would be a wake-up call, though?


  6. First, “I’m not even horny this morning” LOL! Yeah ok! This is a dirty lemons story, everyone is horny!😉

    Oh I’m so nervous for them! They are both gonna get so hurt! Not sure how you are gonna pull off a HEA here.


  7. The ONLY way there will be a HEA is if she comes clean, refuses to give any info to the magazine she works for because she’s fallen in love with him. He fires her ( naturally ), but as he’s already fallen for her too, he can’t keep away. I just hope he doesn’t rub these other women in her face while she’s undercover. Can’t wait for more.


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