Chapter 18


Something is bothering Sookie. Normally I would think it’s the fact that our realtor barely looks at her, but I’m pretty sure she’s over that. Portia spends ninety percent of the time flirting with me instead of actually showing us the houses. Anyway, this is a different kind of bothered.


“Angel, are you okay?” I ask. She has her hand in mine, fidgeting with my fingers while we follow Portia to the next house.


“Yeah,” she smiles over at me. “Why?”


“You just seem like something’s bothering you.”


“I kind of got in a fight with Gran last night,” she confesses. “I called her to get her advice about what happened with us and she ended up admitting that she cheated on my grandfather… a lot. He knew about it and stood by her because he loved her, but… Gran always preached about the importance of taking wedding vows seriously. She drilled it into us how important it is to be loyal and faithful to the person I marry and the whole time she was nothing but a big hypocrite.”


Oh shit.


“Wow,” is my first response. “Wow… That’s a lot to take in.” Adele doesn’t strike me as the type.


“Yeah, it is. Her timing really couldn’t have been worse either. I don’t know what she was thinking telling me that,” she sighs.


“Maybe… No, I don’t know. Did she offer any explanation?”


“Her point was that I had a choice about whether I wanted to stand by you or run away but I don’t really think the two scenarios are similar. At all. Plus it also made me reconsider everything I thought I knew about my grandfather. There’s no way I would turn the other way if my husband was cheating on me every chance he got.”


“I love you, but I wouldn’t stand for that either,” I tell her. “Not that it makes a difference, but was it with multiple people or an ongoing affair with one person?”


“I have no idea. Honestly, I don’t know and I don’t really care. I don’t think it matters. Cheating is cheating whether it was with the same man repeatedly for fifty different guys just once,” she says. “No, wait, I take that back. I think the one man would be worse. That’s like a double life.”


“I’m so sorry, Sookie,” I whisper, picking up her hand to kiss the back.


“Yeah, me too. I hung up on her last night. I’ve never done that before.”


“Do you think you’re going to be able to talk to her about it?” I ask as we pull in front of a house.


“Eventually, but not right now.”


“Understandable,” I reply as I turn off the car. “Are you ready to deal with more of Portia?”


“If there’s a pool, I may accidentally push her into it,” she warns me.


“I’m fine with that.” I lean over the console to give her a quick kiss before we get out of the car.


As we walk up to the house Portia is standing out front, grinning from ear to ear, primping her hair. I roll my eyes as she beams at me, again, not even looking at Sookie. If she wasn’t the best real estate agent in the parish we would change agents.


“What do we have here?” I ask Portia. Sookie is tucked under my arm with her hand resting on my ass.


“This is a nice craftsman style house, 4,100 square feet. There are five bedrooms and three bathrooms. I know it’s a little bigger than what you’re looking for but you might need room to grow,” she says, looking me up and down.


“That’s true. We do want kids someday,” Sookie tells her.


“Yes we do,” I smile down at Sookie, reaching up to stroke her cheek.


Portia opens the front door and gestures for us to go inside.


“Take a look around. I’ll be waiting out here if you have any questions,” she tells me.


I nod and let go of Sookie so I can take her hand to lead her through the house. We go through the living room and it’s obvious an older person is selling the house. It looks well lived in, but also taken care of.


“What do you think so far?” I ask as we make our way into the kitchen.


“I think it needs a facelift, but it has a good vibe about it,” she says. Then we walk into the kitchen and she gasps. “Hello, lover,” she purrs.


“Something tells me you’re sold,” I chuckle. I follow her to the counter so she can run her hands over the island and I stand directly behind her, caging her in against the countertop. I lean down to whisper in her ear, “Yeah, I can see you sitting here while I bend over and eat your pussy.”


She giggles and asks, “Is that the criteria by which you’ll be judging all kitchens?”


“Mmhmm,” I hum and kiss just below her ear. “Neither one of our kitchens is that comfortable. The counters are perfect height in this one.”


“I just love that they’re granite and the appliances are new. And these floors! I love these floors. Not too light, not too dark,” she says as she ducks under my arm and hustles around the island to look around some more.


She’s so fucking cute.


I lean back to watch her look at everything in the kitchen twice before I follow her along toward the stairs. I stop when I see what looks to be like an in-law suite on the first floor. That was one thing on Sookie’s must have list.


“Angel, come back here,” I say as I step into the room. I know she’s upset with her Gran, but I have Grams and I know Sookie will forgive Adele sooner or later. She’s such a kind soul, there’s no way she can stay that mad at her.


Sookie comes back and peeks into the bedroom.


“This is a nice room,” she says. “Do you think this is the master? It’s a little small for that.”


“I think it might be the room you wanted on the first floor for our grandmothers.”


She steps into the room and tilts her head from side to side.


“This would work,” Sookie agrees. “They’d have their own bathroom and Grams could sneak in whoever she met on the internet that week…”


“I don’t know, she seems to be sticking with Rasul. I think she likes him. No new injuries, thankfully,” I laugh.


“That’s good,” Sookie nods. “The bathroom needs to be redone, probably with one of those walk-in showers so neither of them have to step over a tub wall.”


“Good idea,” I agree. So far this place feels good and homey.


We leave the downstairs room and head up the stairs to see the other four rooms. We are only two people, but hopefully we will start a family in a couple years. Huh… I should probably marry her first.


“Damn, Sook, I might be able to fit in this bathtub,” I say as we walk into the master bath.


“You think so? Dear God this wallpaper is making me itch.” She starts scratching her left arm. It really is hideous, what with the pepto pink tile below it.


“I would be more willing to do some renovations on this house than the Gillespie house,” I tell her. “This one just feels right.”


Sookie smiles at me and says, “Yeah, it does. I could see us here. Plus there are two living spaces downstairs so we could put your ridiculous TV in the back overlooking the yard. Then you could see it from the kitchen or the grill outside.”


“See, compromise,” I smile and pull her over for a kiss. “This house feels like home. I can see you walking around the kitchen with a little toe head toddler chasing you. It feels good, Angel.”


“Yeah and I can see you climbing up on the roof to put up Christmas lights,” she chuckles. “I’ll let your doppelganger hold the ladder, of course.”


“Of course,” I chuckle with her. “You know I don’t know the last time I had a Christmas tree?”


“Say what?” Sookie looks almost… offended. “That’s changing this year. I may even make you dress up like an elf.”


“I think I’m a little tall for an elf, Sookie. I’m probably as tall as three elves,” I laugh. “Our first kid will be our little elf, how’s that?”


“You sit on a throne of lies,” she gasps and then cracks up. “Buddy the elf was tall. Your theory is invalid, good sir.”


“Buddy wasn’t an elf, he was a human in the elf world,” I correct her.


Her eyebrows shoot up toward her hairline. “You watched Elf?”


“Why wouldn’t I?” I love Will Farrell.


“I just didn’t think that sort of thing was your taste since you don’t do Christmas trees,” she shrugs.


“I don’t dislike Christmas trees, I just didn’t feel the need since I live alone and Grams has one at her place.”


“Whatever,” she shrugs again.


“Let’s do something this year, let’s go cut down our own tree,” I say, patting her ass as we move along to the next room.


She laughs and says, “You cut down the tree and I’ll have the ornaments all ready to put on it. Just don’t ever try to bring some ridiculous, fake white tree in my house. I hate those things with a passion. It’s grounds for divorce.”


“I would never have a fake tree, definitely not a white one,” I chuckle. “Maybe I can take the kids with me once we have them and you can have hot apple cider waiting for us when we get home. With sugar cookies and stew… I’m hungry.”


“You’re always hungry,” Sookie rolls her eyes. “Come on; let’s get out of here before you start talking about where to put the nursery.”


“Hush your mouth, woman,” I chuckle. “Should we tell Portia we want to put in an offer? We should piss her off and make her deal with just you during the buying process.”


“I don’t think that would work out well for either of us,” Sookie snorts.


“I almost want to see you get feisty with her. I bet it’s hot,” I grin.


“You think everything I do is hot.” Sookie winks at me and walks out of the master bedroom.


I follow Sookie through the rest of the rooms. We decide it needs some new paint all over, but the house is good. The updates we need to shouldn’t cost too much or take too long to do. Sookie will have over a week off after Mexico to get the house together. I’m easy. I’ll do whatever she wants.


By the time we’re done we’re pretty much set on putting in a bid on this house.


“We like it,” I smile a Portia when we meet her on the front porch.


“That’s fantastic. Any questions?” she asks.


“Angel?” I ask Sookie.


“Are the appliances included or will we need to replace them?”


“The appliances are included in the kitchen but not the washer and dryer,” Portia answers.


Sookie looks up at me and shrugs. “That’s not a deal breaker for me.”


“Are you interested in putting in an offer?’ Portia asks.


I look down at Sookie and say, “Yeah, we think this is the one.” I look back go Portia and of course she’s staring at me. “Can we follow you to your office to get this started now?”


“I have the paperwork in the car already,” Portia smiles. “Go ahead inside and I’ll meet you in there.”


I nod and take Sookie’s hand to lead her back inside. We go to the kitchen and I lean over the island while Sookie looks around more. “This is it, Sook, we’re becoming real adults,” I chuckle.


She looks over her shoulder and says, “I’ve been a real adult for a while now, but welcome to the club. I’ll get you your welcome packet, map and cookies later.”


“Hush your mouth, woman,” I smile as Portia walks in with the paperwork.


We go through everything with a fine tooth comb. We’re putting in an offer just below the asking price due to the amount of upgrades we’ll have to do. Once all is said done with Sookie and I walk away pretty happy with the house and the offer. Now we have to wait. It’s always the waiting that blows.




I check my phone for the millionth time. Portia told us the sellers were supposed to get back to her by five and it’s almost five o’clock now. What the actual fuck is taking them so goddamn long? Either they’re accepting our offer or they aren’t? The house was listed at $299,900 and we put an offer in for five thousand less. The neighborhood is good and overall, the house is in fantastic condition from what we can see. I just hope there aren’t any hidden electrical, structural or plumbing nightmares that will cost us thousands of dollars to fix.


My leg is bouncing and when Eric’s hand lands on my knee, I know it’s driving him nuts.


“Sorry, I’m just anxious. I thought she would have called by now,” I tell him. No doubt Portia will be calling Eric’s phone since she likes him more. Cunt.


“It’s not even two minutes after the hour,” he says, rubbing my thigh.


“She’s probably doing this just to torture me,” I grumble.


“She doesn’t want to torture you, Angel. The sellers may still be trying to figure it out.”


“No, she wants to run me over in that cuntmobile she drives,” I snicker. Since I’m sure I’m going to have some free time while we wait, I reach over and grab my laptop off the coffee table. My passport should be arriving in the next few days. I put a rush on it just to make sure it would be here well before we’re leaving. I do, however, need to order new bikinis. I’m sure Eric won’t mind having some input on that.


“I’m sure she’s not contemplating murder either,” Eric chuckles. “Just breathe a little.”


“Easy for you to say. If some dude was staring at my ass so hard I could feel it in my ovaries I don’t think you’d be chillaxing about it,” I laugh.


“It is kinda creepy,” he says, scrunching his nose. “She’s not even sly about it.”


“Not at all.” I get the internet going and search for swimwear.


“What are you looking at?” he asks when he sees a bunch of bikini clad women pop up on the screen.


“Bikinis, duh. I need something new for Mexico.” I click on a floral print bikini that will barely cover my goodies.


“Mmm, that one makes me hard,” he says.


“So it’s a no,” I smirk and click the back button the browser just to mess with him.


“It’s a hell yes,” he says, reaching over to try to click it again.


I slap his giant paw away from my computer.


“I’m not done looking yet. I might find something I like better,” I laugh.


“Add it to the cart just in case.”


“Don’t worry, I’ll find it ag– oh! I like this one too!” I click on a shimmery pink/red metallic bikini.


“Mmm, put that one in the cart too. Can I get one of the models too?” he teases.


“Only if you want her to accompany you to Mexico and give you a place to live upon your return when you’re homeless.”


“Damn. We don’t have to add her to the cart,” he chuckles.


“Honey, you can barely keep up with me.” I pat his stomach.


“Some days that’s a very true story,” he agrees. “Keep the pink one. I’ll buy it if I have to.”


Just to appease him I put the pink one in my cart. I go back to the main page and do the same with the floral one. I find a few others I like but I’m not prepared to bankrupt myself on bikinis, so I ultimately just go with the two that Eric initially approved of. I have others in my dresser that I’ve already decided are going along. Mentally, I’ve already packed. I know precisely what I’m taking with me to Mexico and it’s probably a lot more clothing than Eric would like.


“Did you do your research on punishments?” I smirk as I fill in the payment information.


“Hmm, not really. I’ve had a ton my mind with the house stuff.”


“You still want me to bring the camera, right?” I ask just to be sure.


“Yes,” he replies without hesitation.


“And you like the idea of role playing for your video?”


“Yeah, we don’t do that enough.”


“Would you like to do it more often?”


“I wouldn’t mind it. I love what we do now, but yeah, it would be fun sometimes,” he says, twirling my hair.


“Do you have anything particular in mind?”


“Hmm, so you’re going to be a thief in Mexico… I don’t know. I’m pretty much game for anything.”


“Lazy maid?” I suggest with a giggle.


“That could work. You could come in and start snooping around my office. I could catch you watching porn or playing with– Do you have any sex toys?”


“You betcha,” I wink.


“Mmm, really?” he purrs. “What do you have?”


“I have a few things,” I smile. “There’s a box in my closet if you want to go check it out.”


“Of course I want to check it out,” he laughs and gets up. “Why haven’t I snooped to find this shit?” he says on his way out of the room.


“I have no idea,” I laugh and set my computer aside. I get up and follow him back to my bedroom. While he pulls the box out of my closet I climb up on my bed. The box is easy to find since it’s the only one in there that isn’t see through.


“What do you do with this?” he asks as he comes out a moment later with a vibrator. He flicks it on and starts playing with the little bunny/clit massager. “Oooh, I see…”


“That’s Jack. He’s been very good to me,” I giggle.


“He looks like he would be. Should we take him to Mexico?” he asks, cocking an eyebrow. “Or we can try him out right now.”


“If I take Jack to Mexico I may not need you,” I smirk.


“Damn,” he sighs and goes back into the closet. “Angel, why do you have a paddle?” he calls from the closet. “And why haven’t we played with these clamps?”


“I have a paddle because sometimes I’m a very, very bad girl,” I purr.


He walks out with an unopened butt plug and says, “If I’d known you had this I would’ve tried anal a lot sooner.”


“I forgot about it,” I admit. That was a gift from an ex-boyfriend but we broke up before we got to use it so it was never opened.


“Do you have any lube here? We can try it now,” he says, wagging his eyebrows at me.


“I don’t. Sorry.”


“I’ll bring mine back with me when I go to get more clothes,” he says. “Do you feel like playing with anything right now?”


“I’ll let you pick. I’ve played with everything in there except for the plug,” I tell him.


He goes back into the closet and comes back with handcuffs we played with before.


“Do you want to tie me up?” he asks, tossing them at me.


I catch the cuffs and say, “The better question is whether or not you want to be tied up.”


“I’m willing to try it with you,” he shrugs. He’s just kneeling on the bed when his cell phone rings in his pocket. He pulls it out and says, “It’s Portia. Do you want to answer it?”


“Go for it,” I tell him. If I answer she’ll probably lie about us getting the house.


He hits the answer button and says, “Hello?” He pauses while he listens to whatever she’s saying. “Uh huh… Okay.” He looks at me, but I can’t read his expression. “Okay. Okay. Thanks.” He hangs up the phone and flops on the bed next to me. He doesn’t say anything.




“We have a house,” he says calmly.


“We do?” I jump up on my bed and bounce excitedly. “For real? They accepted our offer?”


“They’re even covering the closing cost,” he smiles up at me. “We go tomorrow when you’re off work to sign the paperwork.”


“Oh my God, Eric! We bought a fucking house!” I land on him, making him grunt loudly, while I ply his face with kisses.


“Yes we did, Angel,” he laughs. He wraps his arms around me to hug me tight.


“This is amazing,” I laugh and press my lips to his. After a minute I ask, “Still wanna get tortured?”


“You’re more than welcome to torture me,” he chuckles.


“Then get naked.”


Eric rolls me off of him and gets up to strip his clothes off. He plops on his back and says, “All yours.”


“Arms up, buttercup,” I giggle.


He lifts his arms, grinning the whole time. Truthfully, I’ve never tied someone up before. I thought about it but never brought up the idea. None of the ex-boyfriends would have gone along with it anyway. All of them were too ‘manly’ to let themselves be tied up by a woman.


I get Eric cuffed to the bed and then stand back to admire my work.


“I could get used to this, pretty boy,” I wink. He looks good lying there, all stretched out and waiting for me like he is. Then I remember what he said when he had me cuffed to his bed. “You know I could just stand here and look at you…”


Of course I won’t. I’m going to enjoy this… thoroughly. The man that doesn’t want to be anyone’s bitch will be begging before I’m done with him.


“It is a pretty package,” he jokes.


“Indeed it is,” I agree. I smirk and slip my hand down the front of my shorts.


Eric doesn’t say anything, but his eyes are glued to the front of my shorts. When I look his cock is completely solid, standing proudly at attention.


“Enjoying the show?” I ask him.


“So far,” he replies in his sex voice.


I take my hand out of my shorts and peel off my tank top. I’ve been home cleaning all day so I never bothered putting on a bra. I hear a little growl rumble out of Eric’s throat and my hands slide up my sides to my tits to play with my nipples.


“Mmm… so hard right now, Eric,” I purr as I tug on them.


“I see,” he says. He tugs on the restraints, groaning when he can’t get to me. His legs begin to move some and I can hear him breathing heavily.


“Would you like a taste?” I offer.


“I would love a taste.”


I climb up on the bed beside him and guide my nipple to his mouth. His eyes flick up to mine as he wraps his lips around the stiff peak. I feel his tongue moving slowly over the tip just before he begins to suckle.


He only gets a few seconds before I pull back, much to his frustration.


“Taste good?”


“Delicious,” he purrs as his hips involuntarily thrust up.


“I’m glad you think so.” I lean down to give him a lingering peck. My lips skim over his neck and then my tongue takes over. I lick my way around his chest and he sucks in a breath when my teeth drag over his nipple. I know he wants me to bite him… but I don’t.


“Come on, bite just a little,” he groans.


“Nope,” I whisper and flick my tongue over his nipple instead.


“Evil,” he smiles.


“And I’m not done yet.” I kiss my way down his stomach, moving almost painfully slow. I blow cool breaths over his wet skin and smile every time I hear him pull on the restraints. “You should feel how wet I am right now, pretty boy.”


“Take off your shorts and show me. Or sit on my face and let me taste,” he says, licking his lips.


“You know, that gives me an idea.” I give him an evil grin and straighten up to take my shorts off. I drop them on the floor and then straddle his chest so that even if he leans forward, he won’t be able to reach what he wants. His height advantage sucks right about now.


“Mmm, that might be the prettiest thing I’ve seen today,” he purrs. I feel him blow a light stream of air down to fan over my center.


“Thank you,” I reply and reach back to rub his sac.


Eric’s head drops to the pillow and his eyes close. He has a little smile playing on his lips and I can feel his hips slowly retreating back into the bed before moving up.


So of course I take my hand away.


“Ah, ah, ah… I can’t have you cumming yet,” I tell him.


“I’m good,” he whispers with his eyes still closed.


“Good.” I shift positions and kneel between his thighs. I know he can feel me breathing on him when his stomach muscles twitch. My lips skim the side of his thick shaft and I can’t resist humming when I reach his head.


“Mmm, fuck,” Eric hisses, spreading his legs a little wider.


My lips skim the other side and when I reach his base my tongue peeks out to lick his length all the way to his tip. His shallow, fast breathing is sexier than I thought it would be. My eyes lock on his right before my lips close around his head and suck hard.


“Fuck, that’s it, Angel.”


I flick my tongue against his tip a few times before I release him. My mouth moves to his thighs where I nibble on him, getting so close to where I know he wants me, only to move away again. This is way more fun than I thought it would be.


“Come on, be good to me,” he whispers, looking down at me. “Give me what I need.”


“You’ll get it,” I promise. I straddle him again, this time with my back to him so when I lean down he’s got a perfect view of how wet I am, but he still can’t touch me. I reach down and run my fingers up and down my folds at the same time my lips close around his shaft.


Eric hisses loudly as his hips buck up. “There we go,” he pants.


My head bobs up and down slowly, teasing him both physically and visually. I slide two fingers into my pussy and pump them in and out slowly. I moan around his length and my free hand wraps around his shaft to stroke him. I’m not going to deepthroat him today. This is good enough.


“Mmm, add another finger,” he directs me. I can feel his body vibrating below me as his hips buck slowly.


I ignore his direction. He’s not running the show here, I am. I release his cock and rest my head on his hip while my fingers move to my clit to rub it in fast circles. I’m so close to cumming and I want him to see it.


“So fucking hot, Angel,” he groans as I hear him tugging on the cuffs.


“Mmm… I’m so tempted to ride you right now,” I purr as my walls flutter. “That thick cock buried deep in my cunt would feel so fucking good.”


“Do it,” he breathes.


“Ohhh…” I softly cry. “Mmm… I’m cumming,” I pant as my walls pulse hard.


“Oh God,” Eric groans. “I can see it… Fuck me,” he pleads. “I need you.”


That’s my boy.


I smile against his hip and my fingers pump in and out of my pussy until I calm down. The cuffs rattle against the headboard slats and I decide Eric’s had enough. I kiss around the base of his cock and take note of the way he’s weeping pre-cum. Poor baby.


So I get off the bed to retrieve the cuff key. The look in his face as I release the restraints is a warning. I’m in for it now.


Lucky me.

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