Chapter 25



Josie ended up choosing a Merida outfit for her Christmas present. For the last few weeks I had steadily been working on a dark teal crushed velvet gown that looked stunning against her skin. Josie didn’t know it but I was also making a replica of the pink dress from The Little Mermaid. It was a lot of work but I knew she was going to be so excited by the surprise.


“Eric!” I called out from my spare bedroom where the sewing machine was. I was going to sew little flowers onto the white skirt by hand but I wanted his opinion on the dress.


“Yeah?” he called back.


“Will you come look at this please?” I asked. He knew I’d bought the fabric but he didn’t know what I was doing with it.


A minute later Eric walked into the room.


“What’s up?”


I pointed to the little mannequin and asked, “Think Jo will like that?”


He looked over at it. A big smile spread across his face. “She’s going to love it, babe. It’s beautiful.”


“You think?” I was pretty sure she would but I wanted to be sure about it.


“I know. She’s going to think you’re the coolest chick in the world and probably ask you to be her stepmom again,” he chuckled.


I laughed and then got up to go to the closet for the Merida dress.


“How about this one?” I asked. Jo was going to play dress up all day long. It crossed my mind that I could start my own business making the dresses for her little classmates.


“When did you make that?” he asked with wide eyes.


“This is the one Jo knows about,” I laughed. “I’ve been working on both of them since just before Thanksgiving.”


“You spoil her,” he smiled. “I see why she loves you so much.”


“I’m not spoiling her. It’s Christmas,” I shrugged.


“It’s not a bad thing.” Eric turned toward me, wrapping his strong arms around me. “You know you she loves you, right?” He started to rock us from side to side.


“I do. She tells me every time I tuck her in,” I replied.


“You know who else loves you?” He dropped his head to give me a sweet kiss.


“Octavia at the fabric store, probably,” I smiled.


“Oh, I bet she does,” he chuckled. “There’s someone else that loves you too. Any other guesses?”


“Nope,” I winked.


“I think you do,” Eric whispered, giving me another kiss. The second one held a little longer as he rubbed his hands down my back to squeeze my butt.


My hands moved up his chest to his neck and I played with the hair at the nape of his neck. “Jennifer?” I joked.


“She probably loves your tits,” Eric snorted. “Want to take another guess?”


“How about you just tell me?” I suggested.


Eric lifted his hand to run his fingers through my hair. “Me,” he told me.


I smiled. “You, huh?”


“Me; for several reasons. I just decided it, ya know?”


“When you know, you know, right?” I kissed his chin. “There is one other thing I’ve been working on, but you’ll have to wait for me to try it on if you want to see it.”


“Of course I want to see it,” he smiled as he massaged the back of my head.


“Okay. I’ll be out of the bedroom in a minute.” I pulled away from him but when I got to the door I looked back and added, “I love you too, you know.”


“Good,” he grinned.


I winked and went to my room. I locked the bedroom door behind me and went to my closet. Hidden in the back was the costume I had made myself. It was a sexed up version of the St. Pauli Girl’s outfit. I even found some sexy knee-high boots to go with it. My man liked food, beer, tattoos and bikes. Pretty much in that order. I was getting his real present inked on the following week but he’d find out soon enough.


I took my hair out of the knot it had been in all day and golden waves tumbled down my back. Soon enough Eric was going to be tugging on it while he had me bent over something… Mmm…


I unlocked the door and stepped into the doorway.


“I’m ready!” I called out.


Eric came out of the spare room and paused when he saw me.


“You’re really working toward that stepmom title aren’t you?” he said in a husky sex voice.


“Nope. I’m only trying to be creative with my gifts.”


“It’s perfect.” Eric closed the small distance between us. His arms went around my waist as his knees bent slightly so he could kiss the corner of my mouth. “You’re perfect,” he whispered.


“So it’s not necessary to let you have your way with me for the next twenty-four hours?”


“Mmm, that’s highly necessary,” he chuckled. “The only question is where do I start?”


“That’s the best part. You get whatever you want, so – for instance – you could tell me to get on my knees and blow you until you decide,” I told him.


“I kinda like that idea…” His hand dropped to my thigh and he slowly ghosted his fingertips up the inside of my leg. “Does my gorgeous girl have panties on?”


“Nope.” He preferred when I didn’t bother with them. They were just in the way.


“You know, I love you for several reasons, but your willingness to walk around without panties is in the top ten reasons.”


I laughed and said, “I like making my man happy. Eighty-sixing the panties is an easy thing. Oh, did I mention I have an appointment with Rene next week?”


“You do, huh? I knew I’d get you hooked,” he chuckled while he nibbled on my jaw.


“Mmm… I do. I’m redecorating my left shoulder,” I told him. “I may or may not have gotten the artwork from Rene today and I think you’re going to love what he came up with. I do.”


“Do I get to see it?”


“Not until next week when I get it done but I’ll give you a hint; it’s food related,” I said. It was blackberries and blossoms that would cover my shoulder. It was a big piece but I was excited about it. Rene’s drawing was exactly what I wanted.


“I knew I was picking the right girl,” Eric grinned. “Food and a St. Pauli Girl. You spoil me too.”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I smiled. I attempted a German accent and asked, “Now what can I do for you?”


“You can get on your knees and suck my dick,” he purred in his own accent. A much better Swedish one at that…


“Mmm… Keep talking like that and I’ll skip straight to bouncing on your dick,” I winked and unzipped his jeans.


“Nope,” he said before continuing in the same Swedish lilt, “I thought this is about what I want?”


“You found my easy button with that accent,” I explained. Who knew an accent would get my motor running?


“Good to know,” Eric growled and then licked my lips.


I unbuttoned his jeans and then dropped to my knees. Phase one of Eric’s Christmas present was underway.




Eric’s bike came to a stop outside the tattoo shop. Riding a Chopper in a tube top was an experience.


“Next time no tube top,” I said after I took off my helmet.


“Mmm, topless,” Eric chuckled with a wistful smile.


“In your dreams, Northman,” I laughed.


“Oh, I’ll be dreaming about it.” Eric took off his helmet and took my hand so we could walk in together.


“Now the boat is another story,” I winked.


“Maybe once this tattoo is healed we can go out. I’d like to have you naked,” he told me, holding my hand as he wrapped his arm around me, crossing my arm over my chest.


“When wouldn’t you like to have me naked?” I laughed.


“True.” Eric opened the door for us.


I knew the tattoo was going to take a lot longer than the other one. It was much bigger and there was a lot more detail to it. Rene was waiting for us at the counter when we walked in.


“Eric, Sookie, glad to see you again,” he greeted.


“You too, Rene,” I replied.


“She’s been hiding this from me,” Eric chuckled. “I’ve been anxious as hell to see it.”


“I bet you have,” he said. “Can I show him?”


“Yeah, he’s waited long enough,” I answered. Eric had been pretty good about it too. Rene produced the drawing he’d done and he had even colorized it so we would have an idea of the finished product. The blackberries were deep purple while the blossoms were more of a lilac color. At my request Rene had Eric’s initials to the design.


Eric studied it for a full minute before he quietly told me, “You know blackberries are Josie’s favorite berry?” When he looked up from the page I could see the emotion in his eyes.


“They are?” I had no idea. I just knew they were pretty and they were an integral part of the blackberry grilled cheese the café made.


“They are. This is beautiful, babe,” he smiled. “Rene, you’re amazing.”


“It was all Sookie’s idea,” Rene told him.


“I’m glad you like it. The initials are okay?” I didn’t know if he had noticed that or not.


“I’m surprised, to be honest. But yes, they’re okay. If I’d known I would’ve asked to get something for you.”


“Don’t worry about it, babe.”


“I’m sure we can work something out. Sookie, write your initials for me,” Rene said, passing me an ultra-fine Sharpie and a piece of paper.


I took the marker from him and wrote my initials in neat cursive.


“Can you fit that in here?” Eric pointed to the mostly bare spot on his inner wrist not too far from his Josie tattoo.


“I think so,” Rene agreed.


“Eric, you don’t have to,” I insisted.


“I know. I want to. It was going to happen eventually,” he shrugged. “This way I’ll have my two favorite girls right here.”


I tilted my head up to kiss him.


“No, no, don’t start that,” Rene warned. “We have work to do.”


“I’ll be good,” Eric promised as he pulled away.


We followed Rene back to his room. Unlike the first time I had come to the shop, I wasn’t nervous. Excited, yes, but not nervous. Then again I wasn’t the same girl I was the first time. I was finally comfortable in my own skin and Eric had a lot to do with that.


California wasn’t home.


Eric was.


27 thoughts on “Chapter 25

  1. This story was just as amazing as all your other ones! Will miss this E&S a lot but totally can’t wait for your next story!


  2. you guys are truly awesome!!! authentic writing from the heart and mind as always!!! I truly love your storytelling**


  3. This is my favorite story you ladies have written I really enjoyed every chapter. It was so fun to see Sookie learn to love herself and become her own. The love story between E/S was beautifully written. I enjoyed all aspects of the story especially Eric as a father to Josie. This truly was a wonderful story to read, thank you.


  4. That was a wonderful story. Sookie found her true self and true love by leaving the stuffy world she grew up in. She found freedom, love and a family that truly deserved her. This is begging for a sequel. HINT HINT. LOL


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