Chapter 4





I’m not complaining that things turned out like this, but I am surprised. I drop Sookie on the bed and ask, “Do you need to go home tonight? You’re welcome to stay, but I know you have things to do.”


“If you don’t mind getting up early to take me back. I have to be at the project house by seven, so I’d want to get to my cabin around six to get ready.”


“I’ll set an alarm.” Driving her back home is not a problem. I lie down next to her and add, “You might even try that sleep thing.”


“I have a feeling that’s not likely to happen if I’m next to you all night,” she smiles. “I’m a mess. I’m nervous and still in disbelief over here. Plus you’re way too sexy for your own good and I may attack you again,” she winks.


“You know I’m not just a piece of meat. I have feelings,” I tease dramatically.


“Huh, and I here I was using you for a good time,” she deadpans. “Maybe you should take me home. If you don’t want to again, there’s really no point in staying.”


I growl and roll on top of her. “I definitely want you again.”


“Good,” she whispers, “I want you too.”


I kiss her and then roll onto my back again to pull her against my side. I hug her tightly and rub her back. Her arm wraps around my middle and I feel her soft lips on my chest.


“Maybe I can thank you properly for being so good to me tonight,” she whispers and her arm starts to slowly drift down my stomach, getting closer and closer to my waistband.


“How would you do that?” I whisper.


“With a few strategic kisses,” she tells me just as quietly as her hand dips under the top of my shorts.


“You’re a good kisser, Sookie, but I’m not sure you’re that good,” I tell her.


“Are you saying my kisses aren’t a good enough thank you?” she asks. I feel her small hand wrap around my shaft and she starts to pump, trying to get me hard again.


It won’t take much.


“I think I’ll need to experience these kisses to know for sure,” I say in a huskier voice.


She let’s go long enough to move between my thighs. She helps me take my shorts off and I see the T-shirt go flying quickly after them.


“Would you be terribly upset if the kisses were interrupted by sucking and licking?” Her hand goes right back to my rapidly growing erection and she starts to stroke.


“Nope, not at all,” I reply.


She keeps her eyes on mine as she leans down and she starts to lick my head softly. Her eyes close once I’m on her lips. Her tongue swirls around my head and her hand begins to move a little faster. After a few moments of licking she sucks my tip between her plump lips and they start to slide down my shaft.


“Okay I was wrong,” I admit, watching her head bob slowly.


Her tongue is sliding along the underside of my length, and she’s letting out these soft moans. Her hand moves in time with her mouth and I arch a little when I feel her fingers on my balls.


She pulls off and asks, “Still okay?” with a cocky smirk right before plunging her warm mouth down my shaft again.


“Oh yeah,” I groan.


“Good,” she whispers when she releases me so she can dip down and bathe my sac with her tongue. Sookie’s hand slides along my length easily with her saliva coating my skin. She sucks on one of my balls and twists her wrist as she pumps up.


“Fuck, that’s good,” I tell her. Obviously this isn’t her first blowjob.


She moves to the other nut and gives him the same attention. She releases with a soft moan before her lips are on my head again, kissing softly. Sookie places warm, wet kisses along my long, hard shaft. Her mouth envelopes my head and her lips tighten as she starts to bob again. When she opens her eyes and locks them onto mine my stomach muscles begin to twitch. She works my cock until I’m right on edge and she keeps pumping when she pulls off long enough to ask me where I want to cum before she’s right back to work.


“Your tits,” I blurt out. My brain to mouth filter is being sucked out through my cock right now.


She moans appreciatively and moves to her knees so her tits are hanging down behind my cock, resting on my upper thighs. When she feels me pulse between her lips a few times she pulls off and strokes me to completion. Sookie angles my cock so when I start to spurt it lands directly on her tits.


“Shit, that’s so hot,” I groan, watching my cum roll down her skin.


She leans down to lick what landed on my cock off and then she plops onto the bed next to me. She’s on her back and I get a perfect view of her swollen mounds covered in my cum.


“How was that thank you?” she asks.


“It’s going in the spank bank,” I tell her.


“Mmm, mine too.”


“I think we can add to it some more,” I say and reach over to the nightstand to grab a tissue to clean off her chest.


“Thanks,” she says once she’s cleaned up. “What else could we possibly add?” Sookie rolls over to her side to snuggle into mine.


“There are tons of possibilities.” I kiss her head and my fingers trail up and down her back.


Her leg hooks over my hip and rests across my stomach. I see her hand push down between her legs and she says, “It seems sucking on you like that made me all wet. Do you want to tell me about some of these possibilities to see if they work?”


“Well a quick fix would be rolling you over and finishing what I started earlier with my tongue,” I tell her. “I could wake you up in the middle of the night with my face buried between these perfect thighs.”


“Mmm, that’s a great start,” she moans. I can hear her fingers moving through her wet folds. “What else can we add?”


“I bet I could turn you over right now and fuck you from behind,” I whisper. “Mmm… so warm and tight…”


A soft whimper leaves her luscious lips and she buries her face in my chest. Her hips start to rock against my hip and she says, “Yes… you will feel so big.”


“I could pin you against the wall and fuck you there too,” I suggest.


She rolls onto her back so I can see her fingers moving deftly over her clit. Her back arches up and she pleads, “More… Eric, I need to cum…”


I’m getting hard but I’m not ready yet so I reach over and slide a finger inside her. My finger pumps in and out and my lips attach to her neck.


“So good,” she whispers. I can feel her walls begin to pulse around my finger.


“I could bend you over the dresser too,” I whisper in her ear. “Grab those perfect hips and pull you onto my cock, and pound into you until you cum all over it.”


She starts whimpering louder. Her pussy begins to gush and her walls squeeze my fingers.


“Oh… Fuck yes!” she shouts when her orgasm washes over her.


“Mmm, that’s a beautiful sight, pretty girl,” I purr and remove my finger. I lick it clean and roll over to get a condom. I’m ready again. “Do you want that, Sookie? Do you want me to bend you over and fuck you?”


“Yes,” she nods, looking into my eyes.


I get the condom on and get off the bed. I grab Sookie’s hand and pull her off the bed too. I lean down and kiss her hard before I turn her around and bend her over the bed since its closer. The tip of my cock rubs up and down her slit and Sookie spreads her legs a little wider for me.


“Are you ready, pretty girl?” I ask when I press her opening.


“Very ready,” she moans.


I push into her slowly, making both of us groan. She’s so goddamn tight. I want to go faster but she’s not ready for that yet. I grab her hips and start to thrust when I’m only halfway in. I’ll take my time getting deeper.


“Is this what you want, Sookie?” I ask.


“Mmm, yes, so good, Eric,” she pants and looks over her shoulder. “You can go a little faster if you want.”


I pull her hips back to meet my thrusts and Sookie moans when I go deeper. “You want it deeper, pretty girl?”


“Yes please,” she says politely. “I want to take whatever you have to give me.”


“You want my hips slapping against this perfect ass, don’t you?” I thrust in to the hilt and she cries out. Fuck, she’s perfect.


“Fuck,” she groans. “Again!”


I pull almost all the way out and drive in deep again.


“Keep going,” she pleads and I see her fingers dig into the blanket.


My grip on her hips tightens and I do just what I said I would. I pull her back as I thrust forward so my hips slap her ass and I resist the urge to slap her ass. It gets easier to fuck her with every moan that escapes her and when I change my angle just a little bit she cries out again.


“Ohgodohgodohgod,” she starts to chant. She’s getting close again and I can feel her walls begin to flutter.


I want to go faster but if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. So I keep going at the same pace, enjoying the massage her pussy is giving my cock with every thrust of my hips. Her back arches and then her walls clamp down.


She lets out a silent scream and buries her face in the bed. The way her back is arched gives me a new angle. She whimpers and her pussy pulses on each thrust.


“Fuck, that’s good, Sookie,” I groan and my hips speed up so I’m hitting that spot inside her faster.


“I’m gonna cum again,” she whines. Her body begins to shake a little and I can feel it happening. I look down and I can see her juices running down the inside of her thigh.


I reach around to rub her clit while I pound into her. “Cum for me, Sookie,” I growl.


Her knees go weak and she collapses on the bed. Orgasm number three rips through her body and all she can do is lie there like a ragdoll as I fuck her.


“Eric,” she says my name, but can’t get out any other words.


I pull out of her and turn her onto her back. I hold her legs up and rest them on my shoulder so I can slide into her again.


“Fuck… so… tight,” I groan and go right back to pounding into her. Her tits bounce with every thrust and I move my thumb to her clit.


“I can’t,” she whines, shaking her head from side to side.


“Yes you can,” I say. I’m getting close and my hips speed up so my thumb does too. Her back arches and her hands grab her tits. “Fuck, Sookie, I’m gonna cum so fucking hard for you deep in this tight pussy. Make him cum for you.”


Her walls clamp down at my command and her pussy holds onto me tightly. Her hands fly up to grab whatever she can reach, which is a pillow, and soft moans are leaving her perfect lips. The halo of golden hair surrounding her head makes her look like an angel.


“Oh fuck!” she cries out in a hoarse scream.


Three thrusts later I shout the same thing before I lose my load deep inside her. She’s either still cumming or having the most intense aftershocks. Either way, it feels so fucking good. I let go of her legs and bend down to kiss her.


“That was… Fuck, that was perfect,” I tell her and grind against her clit.


“Mmm, that was the best I ever had,” she tells me with an adorable grin on her face.


I chuckle and say, “I’ll just have to top myself tomorrow then.” I kiss her one more time and then pull out so I can ditch the condom.


“So what you’re telling me is I’ll have to be taken home in a wheelchair?” she giggles and somehow finds the energy to roll onto her side.


“Nah, just one of those scooter things should work. Might be good for campus. Besides, it’d be cool to tell people you had sex that was so good you can’t walk days later,” I smirk.


“Well I certainly can’t walk right now,” she says, “I don’t know if it’ll be scooter worthy though.”


I spoon up behind her and say, “It’s only night one. I have you until Sunday.”


“Oh hell,” she laughs, but it’s broken by a yawn.


“That’s right; I’m going to fuck you into exhaustion every night.” I kiss her shoulder and wrap my arm around her. “Get some sleep, pretty girl.”


“Yes, sir,” she yawns again.


I wait until I’m sure she’s out before I get up to set the alarm and pick up our clothes from the hallway downstairs. I’m just getting back into bed with her when I hear someone come into the house. I just hope it’s not Pam and Trey or no one will be getting any sleep.




Jess and I are the leaving the project house when I have a flash of my night with Eric. My face is probably the brightest shade of pink ever and my whole body is on fire thinking about when he picks me up later. Jessica didn’t say anything about me coming home in the morning; she gave me a knowing look and then allowed me to go take a shower.


She has that ‘tell me everything’ look in her eye now that we’re off though.


“Why are you looking at me like that?” I ask. I know exactly why. I’ve been having random hot flashes all day thinking about him.


“Because you’re about thirty years too young for menopause,” she chuckles. “Plus you came home with your tank top on inside out.”


“I did not!” I scoff. I may have, Eric woke me up for morning sex before he took me home. “And it’s just warm out.”


“Then you have the first case of sunburn on a dimmer switch,” she deadpans.


I chuckle and say, “Okay, maybe my tank top was inside out. I was rushing to get dressed…”


“Why Sookie Stackhouse, did you let that man ogle your goodies,” she says with shock.


“I let him do a lot more than ogle,” I grin.


“Can we cancel the white wedding dress?”


“Definitely. He was very… sweet to me.” He was a whole hell of a lot of other things too, but sweet fits the best.


“I knew you were walking funny!”


“I’m honestly surprised I could walk at all,” I tell her seriously. I’ve never been able to have girl talk about sex, so this feels good.


“That good, huh?” Jess smiles at me.


“And that huge. I’m surprised I didn’t feel it in my throat,” I giggle. “Yes, he was amazing and his stamina is nothing to sneeze at either. I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I have a feeling not too many guys are going to measure up.”


“So what are the chances you’ll do long distance after this?”


“Slim to none. He’s a good guy, but I’m too busy with class. He’s a football player on top of his classes. If he was closer maybe, but… no.”


“That’s understandable, but too bad,” she says. “Are you going to see him again?”


“He’s supposed to pick me up in an hour,” I admit.


“I’ll get the ice packs ready for your hoo-ha,” she laughs.


I laugh with her and say, “Probably a good idea. We’re supposed to go to the beach for a while, but I’m not sure after that. Most likely tons of monster cock sex.”


“You poor, poor thing. Want me to tell him you’ve had your fill and his services are no longer required?”


“And let some other girl her hands on him while I still have a shot, hell no!”


Jessica laughs and turns into our driveway.


“Then I’ll let you have the shower first,” she says.


“Thanks. What are your plans for tonight?” I know she has Hoyt at home, and I feel kind of bad for leaving her, but I’m not going to pass this one up.


“I have a hot date with a bottle of Bordeaux and a long bath,” she says.


“Do you want me to stay?” I offer to be a good friend. I really don’t want to.


“Only if you want to listen to Hoyt and me have phone sex,” she smiles.


“Oh, I’ll pass,” I snicker as we walk in the house. “I’m going to jump in the shower.”


I head down to my room to grab my bikini to put on after my shower I leave my skirt and tank top in the room for later.




“Hi,” I grin when Eric comes walking up to the front door. I’m sitting on the porch with my bag. I have a change of clothes in case we do something a little more formal after the beach.


“Hi,” he smiles back and gives me a kiss hello.


“How was your day?” I ask him while he still has me pulled close.


“I spent it fighting off random hard-ons,” he whispers in my ear and kisses my neck. “How was yours?”


“Good. Jessica accused me of going through early menopause because I’ve been getting all hot and bothered thinking about what you did to me.” I have a feeling our beach time is going to be cut short if this is already how I feel in his presence.


Eric takes my bag in one hand and the other moves to the small of my back to lead me to the Jeep. There’s a cooler in the back where he puts my bag and he says, “Be a good girl at the beach and I’ll reward you for it.”


“Oh really?” I say, giving him a smoldering smile. “What if my idea of being a good girl is different from your idea?” I wouldn’t even know how to be a bad girl.


“Good point. Maybe we should skip the beach and get right to the reward,” he suggests and presses me up against the Jeep to kiss me.


“I wouldn’t be opposed to that,” I breathe when he pulls back.


“It’s your choice, pretty girl. Beach picnic or sex?”


“Huh…” I am hungry, but I wouldn’t mind doing the sex again. “Can we do a beach picnic and then find a place hidden away to have sex?” I ask. I just don’t know if I want to wait until we get back to his place.


“We can eat on the balcony outside my room,” he suggests. “It overlooks the ocean.”


“That sounds perfect,” I smile.


“Then we have a plan.” Eric kisses me one more time and then helps me into the Jeep before going around to the driver’s side.


When he hops into the Jeep my hand involuntarily lands on his thigh. I rub up and down a little as he drives off.


“Are your roommates going to be there?” I ask. I woke up for a moment when the girl was screaming in the other room, but I was too worn out to stay awake thankfully.


“They are. They invited people they met last night back to the house for a cookout tonight,” he tells me. “But Bobby makes some great barbeque so we can steal some of that if you want.”


“That works,” I smile. “Who was screaming when I woke up? It sounded like someone was being murdered, but there wasn’t any blood anywhere when you took me home.”


He smirks and says, “That was Trey’s girlfriend Pam. She’s a screamer.”


“Clearly,” I snicker. “I wasn’t loud, was I?”


“Not to me.”


“Okay. The last thing I want is to let the whole neighborhood that I’m having sex.”


“Imagine sharing a dorm room with her,” he laughs.


“Oh God. I would switch roommates,” I giggle.


“Me too. I swear I can hear her all the way in Mississippi sometimes. It’s amazing Trey hasn’t suffered hearing loss.”


“Maybe he’s just gotten really good at reading lips?” Speaking of lips. I take off my seatbelt and get up to kiss Eric’s jaw and neck. He just looks edible right now. I sit back down and put my seatbelt back on. “Sorry. I just needed to do that.”


“I don’t mind,” he smiles at me. “We’re almost there.”


“Okay. I might need more of that when we get there.” No one told me once you start having sex you want it all the time.


“I might let you have it,” he says as he makes a right turn toward the house.


Eric parks the Jeep beside the house and gets out to grab my bag from the back. He takes my hand and leads me up to the porch. Music is playing, a bonfire is burning in the pit and there’s a big group of people gathered on the sand.


“Can I take my bag up to your room?” I ask as we make our way in.


“Of course. You remember how to get there or do you need a guide?” His eyebrows dance a little.


“Hmm, it is a little tricky, you know, with the turn down the hall, up the stairs and then the other turn I don’t remember,” I grin.


“It’s a blond thing. I forget left and right too,” he says.


“It’s a terrible way to live, but maybe together we can figure it out this time.”


“I think we can figure it out.” He leads me inside and up the stairs.


When we walk into his room I take off my tank top so I’m standing in my bikini top and ask, “Shirt off or on?”


“Are we staying or going?”


“I’ll leave that up to you,” I tell him. I don’t really care either way.


“It’s a tough choice… food or sex…” Eric trails off with his eyes roaming me.


“The food will be much more satisfying if we build up an appetite,” I say nonchalantly.


“Good point.”


In the blink of an eye he’s got me up against the wall and his mouth on mine.


“Mmm, is it bad that I missed this already?” I moan and my hands go straight to his shorts to start unbuttoning them.


“Nope. I missed it too.” He pulls my skirt up and lifts me by my thighs.


“I don’t want to wait,” I whisper and my lips move across his neck in slow, wet kisses. My hips are grinding against him and I want him to impale me on his cock right this second.


Eric pulls my bikini bottoms to the side and without any hesitation, he thrusts into me to the hilt. “Damn, pretty girl,” he groans.


My head drops back against the wall, giving him access to my neck and I try to rock my hips to get him to move.


“Eric, fuck me,” I pant. I went from zero to sixty in under two seconds.


He pulls almost all the way out and then thrusts in deep again. He presses me tighter to the wall and his hips move fast.


“You feel so damn good, Sookie,” he growls as my ass bounces off the wall.


“So do you,” I pant. I hike my legs up higher around his waist and I angle so he can get deeper. “Fuck!” I cry out when his head starts rubbing over my sweet spot.


“Fuckfuckfuck,” he groans. His head dips down and his lips close around one of my nipples over my bikini top.


“Ohgod!” I grab the back of his head to hold his face close. “You’re going to make me cum!”


He growls around my nipple and he pulls my lower half closer so he grinds against my clit with every thrust. His cock twitches and swells inside me.


“Fuck, Sookie, I–” He doesn’t get to finish before he explodes.


My hand clutches his hair tighter and my walls start milking his cock for every bit of his cum. My own orgasm slams into me hard. I didn’t even realize I was so close.


“Oh… God….” I whimper. I think I just had my first quickie.


“So good, pretty girl,” he pants and kisses me.


“Mmm, yes,” I moan softly and I lick his lips. I can keep going if he can.


He kisses me again as he pulls out of me. Eric breaks the kiss and asks, “Are you on birth control? I got caught up and we didn’t use a condom…”


“I am,” I nod. “I would’ve stopped you if I wasn’t.” The last thing I want is a random man’s baby.


“Okay,” he says with relief. “No offense, but we’re not in a good situation for being parents.”


“None taken,” I smile, “You’re a sweet guy, but yeah, I’m not ready for all that with anyone, especially someone I barely know.”


Eric gives me one more kiss and then sets me down.


“Um, do you want to go out or continue working up our appetite?” I am completely addicted to having sex with this guy.


“We should probably eat before we skip it altogether,” he says.


“Okay,” I smile. “I need to get cleaned up.”


“I’ll see if the master bathroom is free,” he offers and fixes his shorts before he slips out of the room.


I pull my shirt back on and readjust my bikini. Eric tells me the master is free so I go in and clean up quickly. When I get downstairs I see Eric talking to a small group of people. I have an irrational bout of jealousy when one of the girls in the group touches his arm. Ugh. Apparently this is why sex is bad. It makes girls think stupid thoughts.


I’m a good girl and when I approach them I just smile at everyone. I don’t try to stake a claim on Eric, because he really isn’t mine to claim. Plus he puts his arm around me; making it known he has a date, which I appreciate.


Faded Away 4


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  1. yes, they’re definitely addicted to each other…..starting to get anxious about their impending separation!……… x


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