Chapter 12



I’d dropped Josie off with her mom. When I had her she brought up me getting a girlfriend again. I brushed it off. I was ready to start dating, but had no idea how to meet someone. There was the online option, but I barely knew how to use the internet. I also wasn’t into putting all of my information out there for people. I didn’t trust the internet.


Tray and Amelia were having a date night, so I wasn’t going to hang out over there. I didn’t make a lot of time for too many other people. I had my daughter and my job. That was all I needed. I went back home to check on Dimples and decided to go out to a bar. I usually had luck meeting someone. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a girlfriend I met at a bar though.


While I took my shower I mentally planned my outfit. I had a pair of dark jeans I was going to wear along with a thin V-neck sweater. I was even going to put away my tennis shoes and wear a pair of dress shoes. The real kicker was going to be that I planned to leave my hat at home. After my shower I took some time getting ready. The five o’clock shadow I normally had was shaved off and I even put on some cologne.


When I was ready I gave Dimples a treat since I was going to be leaving him for a while. I felt bad leaving him all alone. I slipped my keys into my pocket and walked out. My truck was in the driveway still. I didn’t know which bar I was going to but there was a nice high class place a few miles from the house called Sampson’s that would work.


I walked in and the smell of desperation was almost tangible. I hated bar for that very reason.  It annoyed me, but obviously not enough to turn and walk out. I weaved through the small sea of patrons that were mingling. I tried to avoid eye contact with anyone. I wanted to get a few drinks into me before I started talking to anyone. I took a seat at the bar, ordering a Long Island ice tea. It would get me going faster. I had to work in the morning so I didn’t plan on being out all night.


I was just paying for my drink when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Color me shocked when I turned around to see Aude standing there.


“Hey, what are you doing here?” I asked. I liked Aude just fine when she wasn’t being a complete twat to Sookie.


“Sampling the delicious peach Sangria,” she answered, holding up her glass. “You?”


“Just dropped off Jo with her mom and I needed to get out of the house,” I replied. I nodded at the empty stool next to me. “Have a seat.”


There was a rumor Aude liked me. I didn’t believe it though.


Aude claimed the stool beside mine and sipped her drink through the black cocktail straw in her glass.


“I almost forgot what your chin looks like,” she said.


I rubbed my chin. It felt weird to have it bare. The scruff would be back soon enough.


“I needed a change,” I chuckled. “I feel naked without it.” I finally looked around the bar. There were quite a few good looking girls. There were at least six I would happily take home.


“Can’t have that. How about a shot?” Aude offered. “Everyone has been telling me I have to try Fireball.”


“It’s good,” I said. Dawson and I had killed a bottle a few weeks prior. I raised my hand to call the bartender over to order two shots of Fireball. “Dawson fell into his pool the last time I had it.”


“Uh oh,” she laughed. She leaned closer and said, “I should warn you that whiskey makes me frisky.”


“Uh… then maybe we shouldn’t be drinking Fireball.” She knew about my no fucking around with employees. Aude was a pretty girl but even if I didn’t have the rule I wouldn’t sleep with her.


“I can control myself,” Aude winked.


“Good. I’d hate to have to fire you for coming onto me,” I joked. Although, it wasn’t actually a joke. Felicia fucked me up.


“Would you really fire someone for that?”


“I don’t know,” I said. “I like to keep a fairly professional workplace and all professionalism seems to disappear when sex is involved.”


“I think it depends on the people involved. Sure some can’t keep work and their personal life separate but that’s not true for everyone,” she said.


“Either way, I’m not interested in testing that theory.” I would test it with Sookie. She wasn’t at the bar or available for fucking.


“Too bad.” Aude took one of the shots when the bartender set them in front of us.


I grabbed the other and shot it back. It burned going down but it was fucking delicious. I ordered a second round before I turned to check out the chicks in the bar again. There was a tall thin brunette that had a pair of fuck me pumps on that made me want to bend her over the table she was standing next to so I could fuck her in them. Or the alcohol was starting to get to me. When I looked down my Long Island was halfway empty.


“Are you a lightweight, Aude?” I asked, looking over at her.


“Not really,” she shrugged.


“Good,” I smiled. “What’s new with you? We haven’t had a chance to catch up in a while.”


“Not too much. My sister’s getting married in the spring so I’m standing up in the wedding.”


“That’s nice. Do you like the guy she’s marrying?” I turned to grab my second shot.


“Mostly. The important thing is that she’s happy.” Aude grabbed the other shot.


I noticed her shift a little closer to me once the shot was in her hand.


“Should we toast to something?” I asked. I caught the brunette checking me out out of the corner of my eye.


“To being blissfully single?”


“That works,” I laughed. I clinked my glass to hers before shooting it. I set it on the counter and called for another. The problem with Fireball was once I started I didn’t want to stop.


“What’s new with you?” Aude took another drink of her sangria.


“Jo and I picked out a puppy a few weeks ago,” I said. “A little dappled Dachshund. She named him Dimples.”


“Awww that’s adorable! Got pictures?”


“Mmhmm.” I pulled out my phone to go into the gallery. As I scrolled through the pictures I felt Aude move in closer to look over at my pictures. I smiled to myself when the pictures of Sookie’s tattoo popped up, it made me wonder how she was doing. I kept scrolling though until I found a picture of Dimples sitting on the couch.


“Oooooh,” she squealed. “He’s the cutest little baby ever.”


“He is pretty adorable,” I replied. “I felt bad leaving him at home alone and gave him a treat before I left.”


“Awww poor baby,” she pouted. “He looks like a good snuggle buddy.”


“He’s not allowed in my bed but he curls up with Josie when she’s over. He looks like he snuggles her up pretty good.”


“I’m sure he adores her. But I’m sure you can find someone else to cuddle with.”


“You think?” My eyes darted back to the brunette. “I could use a good cuddle.” The alcohol was really setting in.


“Absolutely.” I felt Aude’s hand brush my thigh.


I looked down at her hand but chose not to say anything. Instead I took a drink of my Long Island and leaned back against the bar.


“Do you think that brunette with the silver dress over there would like to cuddle with me?” I asked.


Aude looked at the brunette and then shrugged.


“I’m better,” she said confidently.


“Oh yeah? What makes you better?” I asked with a flirty smile.


“In the ladies’ room I saw her go into a stall, do her business and then leave without washing her hands. That’s gross. I also heard from the girl in the purple dress that Filthy Hands used to date a friend of hers and she gave terrible head,” Aude told me. “And apparently she’s got one of those African jungle woman bushes down there.”


“So what you’re saying is you’re cleaner, you give good head, and shave your pussy?” I was definitely drunk. I shouldn’t have missed dinner.


“Close. I’m definitely cleaner, I have no gag reflex and I haven’t missed a wax since I was seventeen,” she told me. “But it doesn’t matter since I’m an employee.”


“Exactly,” I purred as my eyes traveled down her fit body. I needed to get laid bad… really bad. I settled my hand on hers that was still resting on my thigh. I slid it up to my soft cock so she could feel how big I was without a hard-on. “So you wouldn’t choke on this?”


“Only if you wanted me to.” She squeezed me.


“Mmm, I don’t know.” I wrapped my arm around her waist to pull her body closer. She leaned forward so her lips were a couple inches from mine. “I might need a little more convincing,” I whispered just loud enough for her to hear me.


“I’d be happy to give you a preview in the backseat of your truck,” Aude offered and boldly licked my lips.


“That could be arranged.” I licked her back. I needed another shot before we went anywhere.


Her hand moved over my cock and she sucked lightly on my bottom lip.


“One more shot and then a cab to your place?” I suggested as my hand slipped down to caress her ass.


“Deal,” she agreed.


I turned to order one last shot. Aude’s hand never left my cock. If she kept stroking me the way she was I wouldn’t be able to walk. I took my shot when it was delivered and then paid for our drinks. Aude grabbed her clutch and then followed me out front. I called to order a cab and found myself rubbing her ass as she pressed her body against mine. It felt nice.


As soon as I hung up the phone I dropped my head to lick her lips again. She opened for me and I slipped my tongue into her mouth for a long, hard kiss. She wasn’t the best kisser but she wasn’t bad either.


Aude pushed me back to the building so I was pressed against the brick exterior. “How much time do we have?” she asked between kisses.


“Fifteen minutes,” I answered.


“I only need ten.”


“For what?” It may have been a little darker but we were still in public.


“Your preview, remember?”




“I don’t want to get caught.” I had a reputation and a daughter that was old enough to read. Plus I didn’t want anyone to catch me with Aude.


“Too bad. I’ve gotten off thinking about sucking your cock,” she admitted.


“So you do have a crush on me,” I chuckled. I reached down between our bodies to cover her mound with my giant hand. Her dress was short so my fingertips reached her lower lips. “Are you going to get good and wet for me?”


“Soaked,” she replied. Her legs parted a little more while her lips brushed mine.


I continued to rub her slit as I tilted my head to give her access to my neck. I pushed her panties to the side and groaned when I learned she did indeed wax. She was also so wet she was starting to drip down her inner thighs.


Her lips moved to my neck. I felt her hands starting to fiddle with my fly when our cab appeared to break things up.


“Damn,” Aude pouted.


I chuckled as I took her hand to lead her to the cab. I opened the door so she could get in first. I didn’t want Aude at my house so I had her give the driver her address. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but I needed it and she was very willing.


“You can give me a preview now if you don’t mind an audience,” I suggested once we were on our way.


“Not at all.” She eagerly unzipped my pants and her head lowered to block the cabbie’s view of my cock while her head bobbed up and down. I rested one hand on the back of her head. My own head fell back against the back of the seat and I could feel my cock twitching between her lips.


I was an unselfish lover so I reached down her body with my free hand and started to rub her slit again.


“Fuck, that’s good, baby,” I groaned. I didn’t even care there was someone else in the car with us.


Her jaw relaxed and when my head bumped the back of her throat, Aude swallowed my dick. My base was encircled by her lips and she reached into my pants to massage my balls.


She was trying hard to get my cum. It wasn’t going to take a lot. I held her head down and asked in a deep sex voice, “Do you like having that big dick deep down your throat? Is it making you hot knowing someone is watching you be my little slut?”


“Mmm… Mmhmm,” she hummed around my length.


“Good.” I released her head so she could move her head if she wanted to. My fingers dipped into her core and it kinda bummed me out that I wouldn’t be feeling how wet she was on my bare cock. I wasn’t fucking around with birth control.


Aude’s head resumed bobbing up and down. Her hand joined in her efforts and after a minute she concentrated on teasing just my tip with her mouth.


“Stroke me, baby. I want you to swallow my cum before we get to your place,” I told her.


Her hand pumped a little faster and she sucked my tip. That soft tongue flicked over the tiny slit and when my cock pulsed she opened her mouth so I could see my cum land on her tongue and lips.


“Fuck, yes,” I groaned. I couldn’t explain how bad I needed that orgasm.


Aude licked my cum off her lips and looked up at me while her lips wrapped around my head to make sure she got every drop.


“Mmm, good girl. Thank you,” I smiled, pulling her head off of my cock so I could tuck myself away.


“You’re welcome,” she smiled back at me.


We showed up at her house a few minutes later. I paid the cab driver before I followed her to her apartment. I didn’t really want to look around. I was still horny.


“Where do you want to fuck?” I asked once the door was closed. I was too drunk to have class.


“I don’t care,” she answered. Apparently Aude felt the same way because she didn’t hesitate to bend over the arm of the couch for me.




I pulled the condom out of my back pocket before I unzipped my pants to pull my cock out. I started stroking myself as I stepped up behind her. I lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down around her thighs. I didn’t wait or try to ease her into it. I sucked two of my fingers to get them wet before I plunged them into her pussy. I immediately started pumping them quick and hard.


“Mmm… Fuck, that’s good, Eric,” she panted. “Do you like it rough?”


“Sometimes,” I answered. It was clear she did. I pulled my fingers out long enough to roll the condom on. I lined my tip up with her entrance, grabbed her hips and drove in hard.


“Yes!” Aude cried out. She pulled her leg up to rest on the arm of the sofa, letting me in deeper.


I wasn’t a little guy, well above average, so I was sure I was getting in deeper than Aude was used to. However, she had just deep throated me in the back of a cab… It could have been the alcohol, but girls didn’t deep throat dicks as big as mine, especially in a moving vehicle, without practice. Whatever.


I let go of her hips and reached up to hold onto to her shoulders. I watched myself disappear into her drippy, heated depths over and over. I started to swivel my hips some and that was all she wrote. It was like I hit Aude’s easy button and her orgasm hit hard, like so hard I thought she was going to faint. She made this loud gaspy noise that sounded like she was choking. It wasn’t attractive.


I pulled out of her shaking body. I took my sweater off because I was starting to get hot and tossed it across the room. I picked Aude’s limp body up in a fireman’s carry and carried her to her small kitchen. The table was a good spot, right? I laid her back on the table, spread her thighs wide and bent over to lick through her folds. She wasn’t as tasty as I imagined Sookie was, but she wasn’t terrible. That weird noise came out of her again so I stood up and resumed fucking her. My hand went around her throat to pin her to the table. My hips started going faster and faster. Fucking Aude was like fucking a porn star. She kept rasping out for me to go faster or harder. I generally didn’t like direction when I was fucking, but whatever. I was also fucking someone I remembered I had no desire to fuck.


My mind went fuzzy right around then. The next thing I knew a loud, blaring sound was pulling me from sleep. I rolled over to try to figure out what the noise was and bumped into something soft and warm… a person? I wasn’t opening my eyes to find out. That was until said person wrapped its arms around me. I cracked open an eye and immediately shot out of bed.


What the fuck was I doing in bed with Aude?


Oh, I was fucking screwed.


31 thoughts on “Chapter 12

  1. Not a good move, Eric…NOT a good move! It’s bad enough that he broke his rule about sleeping with employees, but he had to go and pick one with an unreciprocated crush on him. That’s just asking for crazy to pay him a visit!


  2. Oh Eric. Alcohol, horniness, and crushes never mix. Especially fireball. He should have tagged thebrunette. Bet the first person Aude tells is Sookie. Can’t wait to see this go down


  3. Ha ha! Eric fucked up bad! She’s bunny boiler crazy and I can’t see this ending well… And the cab ride…that guy should have kicked them out for that! Wow, that’s brazen!


  4. Is it wrong I’m hoping she drugged him, I have no idea why he would sleep with her. I think it is funny that she makes bad sexy sounds. Oh, she is going to be a crazy stalker.


    • That’s what we were thinking when we wrote this. Too often in fanfic we see people having this glorious drunken sex that leads to these fairytale romances and honestly, when does that happen in real life? People don’t usually make great decisions while drunk. Aude was NOT a great decision, that’s for damn sure. There will be consequences for it, too.


      • exactly. and just because its not E or S, especially in this story, doesn’t mean they’ve been unfaithful, or evil or sabotaged…just, as i said, ill-advised. chalk it up to life experience…much like felicia


  5. Oh he is so fucked. She is gonna go in and rub that shit in everyone’s face and be a clingy bitch. When he lets her go she is crazy enough to try and screw him over in court. Dumb Dumb Dumb move Eric. Never dip your wick in an employee.


  6. Ooooooh Eric is soooo gonna regret this!!!
    I like that you’re not rushing things between Eric and Sookie and it’s exciting to see how things are going to end up for them 🙂
    Thank you for posting! Since I’m living in Europe I receive the updates each morning just as I wake up, perfect way to start the day!


  7. What a waste of a perfectly good chance to have a one night stand with a total stranger. Now it’s time to face the music… Ugh…


  8. I second every opinion already made!
    Bad bad bad idea! He should not have ignored the thigh brush while he was still semi sober.
    *face palm*
    I can see this going nowhere good!


  9. Oh god! This is soooooo wrong! I was so hoping his alarm went off and he realized it was all a bad dream. He is right, he is really fucked. I don’t think Aude is going to keep it professional since she has already proven she’s not professional at work, sigh


  10. Well that was a stupid thing to do, Eric! Kinda cringe worthy and a bit funny, but it also made me kinda clad that Sookie slept with someone else too. I know they are both single but I still don’t like them with anyone else, though I like the slow burn in this story LOL. Aude is going to shove this to everyone’s faces, especially Sookie’s.


  11. Love this story! I also like how things are progressing with Eric and Sookie. Bad move Eric. I have a feeling Aude will make Felicia look like a saint!


  12. sookie and eric both made sex decisions based on need and they weren’t available for each other.
    sookies’ was emotional and erics’ was physical. sookie could just as easily have problems with bill as well .


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