20: Birthday Boy

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Sookie was getting the full reason my name was Steel Johnson. Watching Tawny go down on her was one of the sexiest things I’d ever witnessed. I was a huge fan of girl on girl. Seeing my girl involved had me solid as a damn rock… or steel.

I was almost overwhelmed with everything that was going on. I knew this wasn’t going to be a regular thing for us. I’d been in relationships in the past where threesomes and group sex were a regular thing. That was generally when I was dating fellow pornstars. Sookie wasn’t into that kind of thing. I didn’t think I would want to make it a regular thing either. Sookie was different than any other girl I had dated in the past. I loved her differently than I had ever loved anyone else.

I loved the look of pure pleasure on her face as Tawny brought her a second orgasm. I pulled my dick out of her mouth so we could hear her cry out. It was a sexy, sexy sound.

“Tawny, baby, why don’t you come up here and give Ras a turn?” I suggested. She gave great blowjobs too. She was pretty damn good with her mouth in any capacity. I looked down at a panting Sookie, stroking her hair back out of her face. “Do you want to feel Rasul’s big dick inside of you, Lover?” I asked her.

She nodded her head, trying to catch her breath. Rasul didn’t waste time pulling out of Tawny. As soon as she moved out of the way, Ras took her place between Sookie’s thighs. She gasped as he slid into her.

“Goddamn, beautiful,” he grunted. “Fucking tight…”

“It’s the best goddamn pussy I’ve ever been in,” I said. I wrapped my hand in Tawny’s hair and roughly pulled her head forward. I held onto the base of my cock with the other hand. “Swallow it,” I purred, rubbing my tip over her lips.

Tawny did as she was told, getting her lips all the way to my base. Ras held Sookie’s legs apart as he slowly moved in and out of her. She reached down to play with her clit while he fucked her. Sookie moaned and looked up at me. Her free hand reached up and tugged on Tawny’s nipple, making her moan around my dick.

I loved it when she did that. I loved that Sookie was getting into it with Tawny. I would have been perfectly happy watching the two of them go at it all night.

“Are you going to lick her pussy?” I asked Sookie as I guided Tawny’s head back and forth, making sure to get as deep as possible.

“I might,” Sookie replied with a teasing little smile. She tugged on Tawny’s other nipple.

“If you do, you know I’m going to cum hard for you.” I pulled Tawny off of my dick. I manhandled her, flipping her onto her back and turning her around to she was next to Sookie. If they twisted they could have easily 69’d. I pushed Tawny’s thighs back, spreading her open. I teased her opening with the head of my cock, pushing in just the tip, pumping a few times, and then pulling out. “Do you want to taste her on my dick?” I asked my girl as I pushed my tip in again.

“Maybe later,” Sookie answered.

I winked before I drove into Tawny. Her fingers were on her clit, rubbing quickly. I could feel her walls fluttering quickly. I could tell it wasn’t going to take much more to make her cum. The amount of stimulation she had already gotten had her right there on edge. I pushed her hand out of the way and slapped her clit, making her walls clench.

“Again,” she breathed. She was a dirty girl, that was totally into the pain. It was fun sometimes. It made for good film. I did as she requested and slapped her clit again. That was all she needed to cum. “Eric!” she cried out with her release. I loved watching women cum. There was something about it…

Rasul pulled out of Sookie and turned her over. She looked up at me as Ras filled her from behind. Her head lowered and her tongue flicked out to tap Tawny’s clit.

“Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuck,” Tawny moaned.

I put my hands in Sookie’s hair as my hips slowed. I knew she had an up close and personal view of my thick shaft stretching her. I growled when I felt Sookie lick my shaft on an in stroke. I was in heaven. I knew it wasn’t going to be a frequent thing, or if it would even happen again, but I could easily get used to this. I pulled out of Tawny, offering Sookie my slick cock if she wanted it.

Her lips wrapped around my tip and sucked. Her tongue flicked a little bit before she released me. Her head dropped to the mattress when Ras grabbed onto Sookie’s hips and started pounding into her.

“Ohfuckofuckohfuckohfuck,” she panted. I knew that look on her face. Seconds later she cried out and I saw Rasul’s eyes cross.

I smiled at that. Sookie cumming was the best feeling in the world. I pulled away from Tawny. Without discussing it Ras and I switched places. I got off the bed and walked around to the end. Sookie’s ass was still high in the air as she lay there limp. I grabbed onto her hips and slid in deep. Her walls were still pulsing from her oragsm. My hands slid up to her waist, holding on tight. My hips rocked, making sure to drive in as deep as possible. I was giving it to her nice and slow. Her walls fluttered quickly, trying to pull my release from me. In order to hold off I pulled out, making her whimper. I gave it a few seconds before sliding in again. I wasn’t even worried about the other two in the room with us.

“Harder, baby,” Sookie moaned. Her head was still resting on the bed. It took a few seconds before she lifted it and moved over to lick Tawny’s clit some more.

I liked that she was making the move to taste her. It wasn’t something most women liked to do. Even in the girl on girl scenes I filmed the girls would barely lick each other. Angles were good at making it look like they were really into it. I grabbed onto Sookie’s hips the same way Ras did. I began to pound into her from behind, making sure to give to her hard the way she wanted it. A few seconds later I slapped her ass, making her groan. I knew the right amount of pressure to spank her with to make her walls pulse. It worked.

“Are you gonna cum for me, Lover?” I spanked her again. My hips swiveled a little, giving her a little different sensation.

“Mmhmmm,” she hummed. Sookie lifted her head and looked back over her shoulder at me. Tawny managed to shift under Sookie and her tongue rubbed against my sac when I ground against Sookie’s ass.

Fuck, that was going to make me cum hard. She licked for a few seconds before she sucked my left nut into her mouth.

“Jesus fucking Christ, woman,” I groaned. I continued to grind my hips so I didn’t pull out of her mouth. When she hummed it was my turn for my eyes to cross.

If that wasn’t enough, Sookie reached down to play with her clit, making her pussy clench. The way she was breathing, I knew she was getting close to cumming. Her walls were massaging and gripping my dick perfectly.

I pulled back, beginning to thrust again. Tawny’s tongue stuck out, licking my shaft as I pumped in and out. The closer Sookie got, the closer I got. It didn’t take very long before Sookie came with a whimper. That ripped my orgasm from me. I started to cum inside of Sookie, pulling out slowly. By the time I was done my cum was dripping down into Tawny’s mouth.

By then Rasul had pulled out of Tawny and Sookie’s lips were wrapped around his cock. He was fucking her mouth and Sookie was still playing with her clit. Tawny shifted again to lick my cum off of Sookie’s pussy. Rasul’s head dropped back and he grunted when he came too.

Judging by the girls, we were far from finished. By the time we were done Sookie had gotten up close and personal view of Tawny getting double teamed. She sat back and played with her clit as she watched. I knew it was something Sookie would never be into, and I was perfectly fine with that. The girls even put on a little show for us while we were trying to get hard again.

In the end there had been well over ten orgasms each for the girls. They ended up passing out on the bed together. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about Tawny waking up with us in the morning but I wasn’t going to worry about waking her.

Rasul took a shower before I did and then we met out in the kitchen. He was making a leftover cheesesteak. I started to make my own too.

“I was not expecting that to happen,” I chuckled as he handed me the cheese. I knew how he felt about fucking around with couples.

“Me either, but I’m making an exception for your birthday, plus I know Sookie’s not going to start having feelings for me,” he said. “She’s a pretty cool girlfriend to do this for you.”

“Yes she is. This.” I held up my sandwich. “This is a little more impressive than sex. She does not do well in the kitchen… you knew about this, didn’t you?” I was so surprised by seeing Tawny I didn’t even think about that earlier.

“She needed someone to run interference.”

“Did you know she was inviting Tawny to join us too?”

“Yep,” he grinned.

“You motherfucker,” I laughed quietly. “That… seeing those girls together… yeah, that did it for me.”

“Thinking of upgrading to the wifey package?” he laughed.

“Is it scary that I have thought about that? We’re going to look at a house over the weekend. This place scares the shit out of her. She even said she’d be willing to have my monster babies.”

“If she’s the one, she’s the one,” Ras said. He popped his sandwich in the microwave to melt the cheese. “Sookie’s a pretty cool girl. It’s obvious she makes you happy. You love this place so if you’re willing to move for her that’s a pretty big deal. Hell, I’ll buy this place if you’re selling it. I need to get out of my apartment. I’m sick of loud ass neighbors waking me up or keeping me up. The assholes who live above me now are fuckin’ professional clog dancers.”

“You got it. The house we’re going to look at has a ton of yard space for Henry.” Speaking of the devil. He walked in yawning. He sat at the edge of the island, clearly waiting for his sandwich. Ras pulled his out of the microwave so I could put mine in.

“Where is it?” Ras tossed Henry a few little pieces of steak.

“Ojai,” I answered. “She’s willing to go into business with me too if and when I open my production company. A new house is more important. The tremors the other night scared the fuck out of her.”

“In this place, I can see why,” he chuckled. “Why Ojai? Isn’t that kind of far out?”

“Sookie was looking in the L.A. area. There’s no specific reason. I can pull up the listing if you want to see it.” The microwave dinged alerting me to my melty cheese.

“Nah, show it to me if you put in an offer. Do you want to move that far away?”

“Not really, but if the house feels good when we walk in I’d do it. Right around the time we went to get Henry I realized Sookie was The One. As long as she’s happy, I don’t care what we do.” I bit into my sandwich. Mmm…

“I guess if you’re thinking about kids, which is fuckin’ weird, Ojai makes sense.”

“Right?” I laughed. The last thing I ever thought I would do was meet a woman I wanted kids with. “I’m taking her up to meet Mom at the end of September.”

“That’s brave of you,” he said. “Betcha she’s hoping this means you’re retiring.”

“One of the first things she asked is if I’d quit the business for Sookie,” I chuckled. “I think I surprised her when I said I would.”

“I’m kinda surprised you haven’t.”

“That’s why I’m looking into a production company. It’s getting harder and harder to go spend my day fucking other women when I have her at home. She knows all she has to do is say the word and I’ll find something else to do.”

“She hasn’t asked you to quit?” Ras took a bite that was about a third of the sandwich.

“Nope,” I said with my mouth full. “She knows it’s only sex. She is well aware no emotions are involved while I’m at work. She comes in to watch every now and then. I think that makes her feel better about it.”

“Plus she’s a good fluffer.”

“Yes she is,” I chuckled. “Stan will pay her when she comes in too.”

“She go for it? I gotta say, I wouldn’t mind if she was a regular on set.”

I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. I knew she wasn’t going to develope feelings for Ras, but I could see him having a thing for her. After feeling how good her pussy is it wouldn’t have been out of the realm of possibility.

“Maybe I’ll hire you and she can fluff you,” I chuckled. As long I was there, I was okay with it. It was a bit of a double standard, but I never said I was perfect.

“I don’t know if you can afford me,” he snorted.

“Ah, you’d work for free for me,” I joked. I knew how much money he made. We actually made around the same. I knew I was going to have to start with young, inexperienced talent. “I could talk Sook into a blowie every now and then and you’d be fine.”

“I might agree to a cameo,” he agreed.

“You got it. I’m still trying to talk Sookie into letting me record her. She would look amazing on film.” I took another bite of my sandwich. I peeled a small piece off to toss to Henry.

“Fuck yeah she would. I don’t know a guy who wouldn’t go to Poundtown with her.”

“Yeah, it would only be with me,” I snickered. “Maybe with you if I’m feeling generous.”

“You’re just worried she’d trade up,” he teased.

I was not worried about that at all. I knew Sookie and I were solid. Not even someone as charming as my best friend could get her from me.

Ras and I finished eating our sandwiches. He got his things to he could take off. When I got back to bed Tawny and Sookie were still knocked out. I wasn’t even going to worry about kicking her out. I stripped my clothes off and climbed into bed next to Sookie.. She immediately snuggled into me as if she felt my presence. I liked it. It didn’t take very long for me to pass out too. Plenty of orgasms and a full stomach. It was a happy birthday indeed.


When I woke up in the morning it was to the feel of a warm, wet mouth bobbing up and down my length. I heard the sticky sweet sound of a pussy being licked. I shouldn’t have been surprised with Tawny staying the night. When my eyes opened a little I saw Sookie’s pretty blue eyes on my face. I could see Tawny’s knees behind Sookie’s ass, letting me know she was under my girl, giving her just as good of a morning as me.

“Mornin’, Lover,” I said in a quiet, sleepy voice. I reached down to run my fingers through her hair. I liked the slow morning compared to all the hard and fast the night before.

“Mmm…” she hummed. Sookie lifted her head and said, “We’ve been waiting for you. It’s time for your present. I’m sorry it’s late.”

“Last night wasn’t my present?”

“Nope, that was just fun. Today you get to record things,” Sookie informed me.

“Oh yeah?” I was a very lucky man. “I think this is pretty damn close to that dinner you made.”

Tawny moved out from under Sookie. She got onto her hands and knees so she could crawl up to my face. She dipped her head and gave me a good morning kiss. I could taste Sookie on her tongue as it rubbed against mine.

“Mmm, you girls are going to spoil me,” I whispered when the kiss broke. Sookie’s mouth was back on my cock. Her tongue swirled around my shaft as she started to bob again.

“King for a day,” Tawny whispered. “What would you like, Your Highness?”

“Why don’t you sit here.” I tapped my lips. “My pretty little lover down there can get up and sit on my lap.”

“As you wish.” She kissed me and then moved to straddle my face so she would be facing Sookie. The warmth disappeared from my dick, but seconds later Sookie was handing me my fully charged cell phone.

“Can you do the honors?” I asked Tawny since she had a better view than I did. I held the phone up. My head tilted up as well so I could run my tongue through her slick folds. She was fucking soaked.

It wasn’t the birthday present I expected, but it was pretty fucking cool. From beginning to end my girl made sure I had the best birthday I possibly could. The best part was I’d be able to relive it anytime I wanted thanks to the recording Sookie was letting me do. It was hands down, dick up the best birthday ever.

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7 thoughts on “20: Birthday Boy

  1. Missed you guys! Well that was especially tart😃 I’d forgotten where we’d left off last time so wasn’t expecting it right off the bat but I’m not complaining one bit!


  2. Lmao -Hands down, dick up.
    That chapter was yummy.
    Love the talk he has with Ras. Honestly, I’m with Sookie about that house. I don’t think Ras should buy it!
    Awesome chapter!


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