6: Big Lust

“Would you like a drink?” I asked Sookie when we walked into The Park. It was a dance club that catered to people a little bit older than twenty-one. I liked dancing, but the kids at the younger clubs made me crazy.


“I’d love one. I’ll take a Malibu and Pineapple, please,” she requested.


“Yes, ma’am.” I rubbed over her ass. She was in a short, shimmery dress and high heels that made her legs look phenomenal. “Want to go get us a table?”


“You got it.” She tilted her head up to kiss me.


I reached up to hold her head in place so I could deepen the kiss. It lasted for a few seconds before I let her go. I didn’t mind PDAs.


When she pulled back I smacked her ass lightly as she turned to walk away. I walked over to the bar to order our drinks. I gave the bartender my card to keep a running tab. Sookie’s drink didn’t take long to make and I ordered a shot of whiskey with a beer chaser. When I got the drinks, I took the shot before I grabbed my beer and Sookie’s drink. I walked through the club and found her at a table on the other side of the club. The chairs were big and cushy, which was one of the draws to the club. It was comfortable.


“Your drink, Madame,” I smiled when I delivered it. I took a seat in the chair next to her. I would have been more than happy to have her sit on my lap.


“Thank you, good sir.” She stirred the drink and then took a sip. She leaned in closer to my ear and said, “I drink pineapple juice every day. That’s the secret to my sweet little pussy.” She kissed my neck.


“Now I know what I’m having for a midnight snack,” I smirked. I lifted her chin for another kiss on the lips. I was sure she could taste the whiskey.


“In all fairness, I’m pretty sure you knew that before I told you about the pineapple juice. If it’s not filling enough I did make a peach cobbler today.”


“You definitely know the way to a man’s heart,” I chuckled. “Food and pussy make Eric a happy man.” I rubbed my hand up and down her thigh. “You should come have a seat on my lap.”


“I thought you wanted to dance.” She took another sip of her drink.


“I do but while we’re just sitting here drinking I could play with my meal if you sit on my lap.”


She shook her head slowly. “Nope, I want to dance.”


I took a drink of my beer, setting it on the table afterwards. I stood up from the chair and held out my hand to Sookie. She took one more drink as she got up. Sookie followed me to the dance floor and immediately turned herself around so her sexy ass was rubbing on my crotch.


That was dangerous and she knew it. The dance floor was fairly crowded, but that didn’t stop us from making our way to the center of the floor as we moved together. My hands landed on her hips. I knew she could feel my cock twitch when she rubbed on me. I slipped my hands to the front of her hips to hold her closer to my body if possible. Her body fit mine perfectly.


Sookie tilted her head back to look up at me. She had a devilish little smile on her face. She knew what she was doing moving her hips like she was. When she turned around to face me she pulled my head down to tell me, “I forgot to put on panties.”


“Should I check to make sure?” I slid my hands down to her thighs. Her dress was extremely short.


“Oh, I’m sure.”


I slipped my hand under the front of her dress between us. I groaned to myself when I reached her slick, bare folds. I moved my hand away fairly quickly so I didn’t accidentally flash her pussy to the whole fucking club.


“You know that’s an invitation for me to find the nearest dark corner so I can fuck you, right?” I whispered into her ear as I squeezed her ass.


“It is?” she gasped. She wasn’t shocked.


“Oh yes,” I smirked. If Sookie was into public sex, I was more than happy to give it to her. “For now, I promised you dancing.”


“Yes you did, Twinkletoes.” She brushed her hand over my cock and resumed swaying her hips in an almost hypnotic way.


I wrapped my arms around her, closing my eyes as my body moved with hers. One thing I had in spades was rhythm. I’d always been a good dancer, or so I’d been told. I gripped her ass, brushing my fingertips over the tops of her thighs.


After a few minutes when the song was almost over I dipped my head to purr into her ear, “Are you going to suck my dick on the drive home?”


“Ooooh, that sounds like fun.”


“I’m glad you agree,” I chuckled. I took note of how packed the floor was, and figured no one would see, so I pushed one of my hands between her thighs from behind. I slipped my finger into her pussy, rubbing her slippery walls.


Sookie looked up at me with fire in her eyes and said, “When you find that corner, you better fuck me hard.”


“I’ll turn you to face the wall and slide in deep from behind,” I told her. “I might even spank your naughty ass for not wearing panties.”


“Promise?” She nipped my bottom lip. “Ooh what if I dance with someone else?”


“I’ll pull you over my lap when we get home and make sure I leave your sexy little ass fiery red,” I growled.


I could tell she was turned on by that.


“Well, well, I see a few guys who might be good dance partners,” she teased.


I twisted my finger inside of her and said, “I’m sure I could find a few women to dance with while I watch you tease those poor souls.”


“I have no doubt you could.” Her pussy gripped my finger and her eyes closed. Sookie bit her bottom lip when she came for me a few seconds later.


“First orgasm down.” I leaned down to kiss her slowly. Our tongues danced and I pulled my finger out of her.  The way her pussy was fluttering from her orgasm made me want to find that dark corner.


“I think we should vacate the dance floor.”


I took Sookie’s hand so I could lead her off of the floor. We stopped at the table to get a quick drink before we kept moving. There was a dark hallway that led to the bathrooms. I knew the perfect spot to take her. When we got to the hallway I walked around a wall where people normally didn’t walk. I pushed her face first against the wall and unzipped my jeans.


“Tell me what you want, Sookie,” I breathed into her ear. I stroked myself against her pussy.


“Fuck me,” she breathed in return.


Her ass arched up, giving me better access.


“I don’t have a condom with me,” I warned, playing with her clit with the head of my cock.


“Then we better stop,” she deadpanned. Sassy.


I slapped her ass, making her pussy flutter around the tip of my cock that was already pressing into her. I pulled her hips out as I thrust forward, pushing in deep.




I was big enough to block most of her body in front of me. I held onto her hips and started to drive into hard and fast. I wanted to feel her cum again.


“Yesyesyesyesyes,” she softly chanted. Sookie reached down to play with her clit. “Oh fuck don’t stop, Eric.”


I didn’t plan on stopping until I felt her cum. I even smacked her ass again. I was fucking her so hard it was pushing her hips forward.


“Let me feel you cum, baby,” I growled into her ear.


Sookie moaned and her hand moved faster. The orgasm built up quickly and it wasn’t long at all before I was grateful for the loud music that covered her crying out when she came.


Of course it was supposed to be a quickie so I made it quick.


“Where do you want me to cum?” I panted in her ear.


“In me. I want to feel it, Eric.”


“Yes, ma’am,” I panted. I held onto her hips as tight as possible. I slammed into her a handful of times before I lost it. I came hard, filling her pussy up with my release. “Fuuuuck…”


“Mmm… that’s so good.” She turned her head and leaned back to kiss my neck. “I want to do that again when we get home.”


“We will,” I promised. I kissed her lips before I slowly pulled out. “Do you want to dance again?”


“Definitely. Maybe not with you though,” she winked.


“Naughty girl,” I smiled. “Dancing with another man while my cum drips down your thighs.”


“Dirty, isn’t it?” She didn’t seem to see anything wrong with it, though. “Besides, I’m going home with you.”


I turned her around to face me. I bent my head down to kiss her. Sookie’s arms came up to wrap around my neck as we kissed. When it finally broke I stepped back. I took Sookie’s hand so would walk back out to the dance floor.


When we got there she extracted her hand from mine and walked over to a guy with black hair and fair skin. She smiled, said something, and then they were dancing together. Closely.


I went back to our table so I could watch her. I didn’t necessarily get off on watching the girl I was spending time with dance with another dude, but I knew the reward would be great later.


After a few minutes I looked around the room. At the table next to ours there was a girl sitting alone sipping a drink.


“Excuse me,” I said to her, leaning in her direction.


“Hi,” she smiled.


I smiled back and asked, “Would you like to dance?”


“I’d love to.”


I stood up from the chair and held out my hand to her. I wanted to get close enough to Sookie to see what she was doing and vice versa.


“I’m Eric,” I said when she took my hand and stood up.


“Amanda,” she replied. She followed me to the dance floor.


“Nice to meet you, Amanda.” We got closer to Sookie. I saw her rubbing her body all over the guy. Her eyes met mine when Amanda wrapped her arms around my neck. Sookie knew exactly what she was doing.


“Nice to meet you too.” Amanda focused on the beat instead of the girl I was watching. Amanda was pretty, but not my type.


I was able to watch Sookie while staying on beat. My hips moved from side to side, swaying with my dance partner’s. I kept my hands in respectable areas of her body, unlike when I danced with Sookie.


Sookie switched dance partners, moving on to a strawberry blonde guy who was a little too interested in grinding on her. She did a decent job of backing him off. He was either really drunk or an asshole because he suddenly moved in to kiss her.


“Excuse me,” I said to Amanda as before I stepped away.


I took two long strides to where Sookie was trying to back away from the perv.


“That’s enough,” I said to him, clapping my hand on his shoulder so I could pull him back.


“Who are you, her dad?” He laughed at his ‘clever’ retort.


“No, he’s the guy who’s cum is all over my thighs,” Sookie told him. That seemed to confuse the guy.


“Get your hands off of my girl,” I said, not worrying about Sookie’s comment. Dancing was one thing, trying to kiss her was another. If he didn’t back off soon I was going to end up in jail for kicking his ass.


“Fine. You can have the cum dumpster,” he said.


I was about to punch him when Sookie grabbed my arm. I looked down at her and she shook her head. I may have been a manwhore but I was respectful to my women. That was my number one rule. Hell, I hadn’t even seen or heard from Heidi since Sookie and I met.


“Maybe we should get going,” Sookie suggested.


“Yes we should.” Sookie took my hand to guide me off of the floor.


We went toward the exit, but I had to stop to get my credit card. I told the bartender there was some creep on the floor trying to kiss women that weren’t interested in it as I signed off for our drinks. I put my card in my wallet as we walked out. I opened the car door for Sookie when we reached it so she could get in. Once she was in I walked around to my side so I could get in.


“His comment was fucking unacceptable,” I said as I started Mary Jane up.


“He was drunk. I’m not going to let it ruin my night.”


I took a deep breath and let it out slowly before I backed out of the spot.


“You’re still getting that spanking when we get home,” I said, settling my hand on her thigh.


“I better.” She reached out to rub my cock over my jeans. “Can I still suck your cock?”


I took my hand off of her thigh so I could unzip my jeans.


“It’s all yours, baby,” I said, steering with my left hand as I pulled my flaccid cock out.


Sookie leaned over and took my head in her mouth. She didn’t get as fancy about it as I knew she could, but she was bobbing up and down for most of the ride back to my house. Her tongue was swirling around my tip when I pulled into the garage.


“We’re home,” I told her, running my fingers through her hair. I closed the garage door behind me.


She pulled off my dick and smiled. “We can finish this inside.”


“Yes we can. How wet is your pussy?” I opened my door so I could get out of the car.


Sookie got out of the car and when I came around the front she bent over so I could see for myself.


I lifted the back of her dress. Her lips were glistening with my cum mixed with her honey. I pushed the skirt up high and settled it around her hips.




I slapped her ass hard.


“That’s for dancing with another man,” I told her, smacking her ass again.


“Ouch. Yes, sir. Sorry, sir,” she giggled.


“Something tells me you’re not sorry at all,” I said, trying to hold back my chuckle.


“I could be.” Sookie stood up and ran toward the house.


I chased after her, catching her around her waist when she was in the hallway, heading to my room.


“If I’d known you need more than a slap on the ass I would have bought a paddle,” I said as I carried her to my room.


“It’s not too late.”


“You just spent twenty minutes playing with my dick. I’m not going anywhere that doesn’t involve you being naked.”


“I guess I’ll have to settle for the old school, over your knee spanking then.”


I unzipped her dress once I put her on her feet. I pushed it down over her shoulders, leaving her completely naked. I could see how wet her inner thighs were. I took a seat on the edge of the bed.


“Bend over my legs.”


Sookie came closer and bent over so she was lying over my lap with her ass up. The heels she was wearing helped quite a bit.


I rubbed my hands over her ass. It was nice and round.


“Spread your legs. I want to watch your pussy clench when I spank you.”


“Dirty boy.” Her legs parted enough for me to see her pussy clearly.


“I’m not dirty,” I said. I lifted my hand and brought it down hard on her ass. The way her ass jiggled made my cock twitch.


“Mmm… you are a little bit.”


“What makes me a dirty boy?” I spanked her other cheek. I saw her pussy clench.


“Because I said so.”


“Does it turn you on?” I slapped her ass harder than the last one. I didn’t have a paddle but I had huge hands that were like paddles. I didn’t know Sookie well enough to get too rough with her. All I knew was I hadn’t done anything to her yet that didn’t get her pussy gushing.


Mmhmmm,” she hummed. Her hips moved, in search of friction.


I was a sucker and gave her what she wanted. I rubbed over her ass, down between her thighs. Two fingers curled into her pussy, pumping in and out slowly. She was soaking wet, and I knew it wasn’t just because of my cum.


As I fucked her with my fingers I used my other hand to spank her. Her walls gripped my fingers hard, making me groan.


“Feels like the spanking is a reward, not a punishment,” I commented, slapping her ass again in the same spot as the last swat.


She made some kind of incoherent noise. Sookie was definitely getting off on what I was doing to her.


I pulled my fingers out of her, making her groan in disappointment. I slide my slick fingers up to her rear entrance and slowly pushed one finger into her ass while sliding the other on back into her pussy. Her hips jerked up a little.


“Is that good?” I picked up the same slow pace. Watching her body writhe for me made my cock so fucking hard.


“So fucking good,” she breathed.


She gasped when I rubbed my ring finger over her clit. I was tempted to get her right there on the edge and then pull my hands away as her punishment, but that would have punished me too.


“Cum for me, Sookie,” I commanded, bringing my other hand down on her ass again.


“Yesssss!” she cried out. Her body shuddered violently with the release.


I was probably bad at the dominate thing. I would get better. I pulled my hand away, making her groan. I picked Sookie up off my lap so I could shift her onto the bed. She was so tiny compared to me. I flipped her onto her stomach, pulled her hips up in the air and drove my solid shaft into her. She was sooooo wet. Fuck. I slid in deep, grinding my hips against her ass when I was fully embedded.


I rubbed my thumb back and forth over her rear entrance and told her, “I want to fuck your ass so bad, baby. It’s been tempting me.”


“I want it too,” she moaned, rocking back to meet my thrusts.


Music to my ears.


I continued to thrust, getting harder and harder every few seconds. Sookie’s moans got louder and louder. The sounds she made were a huge turn on. I slapped the side of her ass before grabbing onto her shoulders so I could pull her back harder against my hips. Her back arched up and I could tell she was right on the cusp of cumming really fucking hard for me.


“Give it to me,” I growled. I didn’t think I would cum with her. Oh boy was I wrong. I had every intention to pull out and fuck her in the ass before I came. I knew it wasn’t going to take a whole lot to get hard again, especially with Sookie, but I wasn’t ready.


“Fuck,” I growled, my hips jerking against her ass. That orgasm came out of nowhere.


“Ohfuckofuckohfuckohfuck…” Sookie’s walls gripped me hard, keeping me deep inside her. She collapsed on the bed, breathing hard and trembling.


“Mmm, what a beautiful sight.” I rubbed my hands up and down her lower back, massaging her gently. I pulled out and moved onto the bed. I pulled Sookie onto my chest and wrapped my arms around her, holding her as tight and close as possible. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders clinging to me.


“I might need a little nap after that one,” she told me.


I chuckled and said, “That’s fine. I’m not going anywhere.” I continued to massage her back.


“Good.” She kissed my chest and I felt her relax.


I felt her breathing even out a couple minutes later. She felt good on my chest. It was a feeling I didn’t get too often. I liked it. I wasn’t sure if it was just a lust thing with Sookie, but I liked her. She was fun to hang out with, even if we weren’t having sex. Even though the date ended in a mind blowing round of fucking, I had fun while I wasn’t inside of her in one way or another. I just wanted to talk to her more to get to know more about the girl behind all the good blowjobs and promises of butt sex. If sex was all it was going to be, I was okay with that for now. I wasn’t sure if it would ever change. It usually didn’t. There was something different about Sookie that made me feel like I would be really okay with it being more.


12 thoughts on “6: Big Lust

  1. I’m… that was… that was… gah!
    Wow! As always, big huge freaking WOW!
    Very very nice. Now that my brain has started to unscramble from the insanity, can I just reiterate- Wow..??!!
    Ok, so aside from the mind boggling date and yumminess, Eric is starting to fall.
    Rasul is starting to fall.
    And Sookie _Should_ know enough to know they are best friends.
    This angst is going to be epic isn’t it! Pure Dirty Lemons – Super Hot Lemons plus equally Super Explosive Angst!
    And yet, I can’t help but watch/read!

    And now I’m caught up and have to wait lol! Hope you both have a Fantastic weekend!

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