Chapter 7




I let Sookie win the two games of ski ball and then she beat my ass in air hockey because I was distracted by her tits. Now we’re back at her place and all I want to do is devour her. I may have to wait for my striptease until another night. I move her hair out of the way and kiss her neck. My hips grind against her ass and she whimpers while fiddling with her keys.

“If you keep that up we won’t be getting into the house,” she says just as the key goes into the lock.

“Yes we will,” I purr and nip at her earlobe.

She unlocks and opens the door before stepping inside. As soon as the door closes behind us she turns and her lips are on mine faster than I can track. My tongue sweeps into her mouth and she moans into the kiss. I lift her up and press her against the nearest wall, making sure my hard-on rubs against her center. Her fingers end up in my hair and the kiss only breaks when she needs to catch her breath. My lips go right to her neck and start working there with my hips still thrusting against hers.

“Eric,” she whines, “Room. Now.”

“Yes, dear,” I breathe against her neck and pull her away from the wall.

We pause for more kissing up against other walls on the way to her bedroom, but when we arrive I set her down on her bed and immediately yank my shirt off. It’s not easily done when I have a button down on, but I make it work.

“I’ll take my striptease another time, gorgeous,” I tell her.

“Good,” she says and she already has her shirt on the floor as she works on getting her shoes off.

“Do you want your orgasm now, Sookie?” I ask as my jeans drop to the floor. I went commando and the look on Sookie’s face is priceless.

“No. I just want that,” she says, motioning to my erection, “Inside of me now.”

Her shoes are off and she starts wiggling out of her jeans, taking her panties with them. I growl and bend to grab a condom out of my jeans’ pocket. It was a presumptuous move but given the fact that we’ve already had sex, I decided it was better to be safe than sorry and I didn’t want to have a problem if she didn’t have condoms on hand.

We’re definitely not fucking without one, as great as it would feel.

“Get on your hands and knees for me, gorgeous,” I tell her while I get the condom on and take off my shoes.

She smiles and shifts on the bed. When I look up at her again she’s in position with one of her hands playing with her pussy. I can hear how wet she is.

“Ready,” she says over her shoulder.

“Lick those fingers clean, baby. Tell me how good they taste,” I instruct as I get on my knees behind her on her bed.

She keeps her eyes on mine as she sucks her fingers clean.

“Sweet, like honey,” she purrs.

I run the tip of my cock up and down her folds, teasing her a little bit, and lean forward to catch her mouth so I can taste it for myself.

“Very sweet,” I say against her lips. I position myself right at her opening and let just my head slide into her.

“Mmm, don’t tease me, Eric. Fuck me.” Her breathy command makes my cock twitch.

I grab her hips tightly and pull them backward as I thrust forward, filling her tight pussy all at once.

“Fuck,” I groan as the warmth settles around my shaft. My hips start moving immediately, thrusting back and forth quickly. Without even thinking about it, I give her right ass cheek a good slap that makes her pussy tighten. “You like that, Sookie?”

“Yes,” she moans, “Give me more, Eric.”

I give her another slap on the ass and let my hips move faster. Sookie moans and her head drops to the mattress, so I reach forward and grab her wrists to hold them at the small of her back with one of mine. I use them for leverage to fuck her a little harder and she gets a series of swats on her ass that turns it a nice shade of pink. When I look down I can see how wet she is and it makes me growl.

Sookie is quickly moving up the list of the best I’ve ever had.

“Arch your back, Sookie. Get your ass nice and high for me,” I grunt, knowing it’ll put me at the right angle to reach her g-spot.

She arches and turns her face into the mattress to let out a scream. Her walls begin to grip my shaft and I can hear her muffled whimpers. The pulsing of her pussy milks me of my orgasm and before I can pull out to calm myself down a little bit, I lose it. I cum with a roar of my own and force myself not to fall forward and crush her into the bed. Her walls are still fluttering around me with aftershocks and I keep thrusting to draw it out for her.

“Goddamn, Sookie,” I pant.

“Mmm, yes…” she agrees as she turns her head to breathe.

We both whimper when I pull out of her and I get up to dispose of the condom. When I lie down on the bed, Sookie collapses on top of me and we end up laying there, kissing in a lazy way until she pulls back and rests her head on my shoulder.

“Remind me why we leave the bedroom… ever?” she whispers.

“Because…” I start but then stop. I laugh and say, “I have no idea.”

“Good to know I’m not the only one with mush-brain.”

“Definitely not.” I kiss the top of her head. My fingers graze up and down her back, making Sookie shiver a little bit.

“As soon as I can move again I can get redressed and do the striptease you won. If you want it, that is,” she giggles.

“Nope, I’ll save it for another night, but you can have your back massage tonight if you want it.”

“Right now I just want to lay here. You’re comfortable.”

“I have a hot girl laying on me. I’m not going to do anything to fuck that up,” I chuckle and hug her a little tighter.

“You’re very sweet,” she tells me, not for the first time.

“It just so happens you make a good blanket, so it seems we’re a good match,” I tell her.

“Mmhmm,” she hums in agreement and her hand begins to stroke up and down my side. “I like touching you. Your skin is soft.”

I smile and say, “So is yours.” My fingers start playing with her hair a little bit as I ask, “How’s your ass feeling right about now?”

“It’s on fire,” she giggles, and then adds, “I didn’t even know I would like that.”

I have a small stroke of genius and slide out from under her, but leave Sookie lying on her stomach. I shift myself so I can kiss my way down her spine and then her glowing, pink cheeks. She hisses at first, but the more I do it, the more those sounds become moans. By the time I gently push her thighs apart she’s panting, and when my tongue licks her slit, she whimpers.

“Just like honey,” I purr and part her lips with my thumbs to plunge my tongue inside her.

“Oh my God!” she gasps and her hips begin to move on their own.

I end up grabbing them to hold her up and steady while I fuck her with my tongue. I take my time with it, savoring the noises that are coming out of her and the way it seems there is a never ending flow of her juices pouring out of her. She tastes like honey, just like she said, and I want more.

“Eric,” she whimpers. Her fingers clutch the blankets and her back arches just a little to give me better access.

I stop fucking her for just a moment and ask, “What do you want, Sookie?” I suck lightly on her lips and flick my tongue against her clit.

“That,” she pants, “Keep licking me like that.”

I growl and give her what she wants; flicking my tongue over her clit again and again and again until she’s crying out and I see her walls pulse. My tongue moves back to her opening and I lick up the fresh juices that are pouring from her, groaning as I do it.

“Oh fuck!” She starts to whimper more and she says, “Eric… I’m… you’re going to make me… right there.”

I growl and push my tongue a little bit deeper inside her as she cums. Fuck, she tastes so good. I could do this all night if she lets me.

“No more,” she pleads, but doesn’t try to actually stop me.

I set her down and turn her onto her back so I can see her face. Going down on her got me hard again, but I can wait. Since Sookie’s not stopping me, I dive right back in. My lips seal around her clit and two of my fingers slide deep into her to rub against her spot. Her hips thrust up off the bed and my free arm drapes over her lower abdomen to hold her down while I fuck her with my mouth and fingers.

Sookie’s legs move up and spread wider. Her fingers dig into my hair and her head drops back. Her nipples are solid, high in the air as her back arches.

“You’re way too good at that,” she pants.

I lift my head and say, “Just say the word and I’ll stop.” My fingers curl and rub against her spot.

“Oh… keep… going,” she growls through gritted teeth. Her head snaps up and her eyes lock onto mine. I can almost feel the fire in her stare.

I growl as well and resume flicking my tongue against her clit. My fingers move faster inside her and Sookie’s grip on my hair gets tighter as she gets closer to cumming. I stare back at her and keep moving at a quickened pace. I need her to explode for me again.

“I’m cumming again, baby,” she pants before her head falls onto the pillow again and her walls grab my fingers tightly. She starts pushing my head away, but I keep my fingers moving so I can watch her cum.

“Perfect,” I whisper as her lips part and her eyes roll back a little bit. Her body trembles with the force of her orgasm and her honey is pouring out of her.

Fuck, I need a condom.

“Come here,” she says and pulls my shoulders to get me to lie on top of her. Sookie’s lips crash onto mine and she growls when her tongue slides into my mouth and she’s can undoubtedly taste herself. “Top drawer,” she moans into the kiss as she points at her nightstand.

I groan and break the kiss a few seconds later to get one. Sookie takes it from me and pushes me onto my back so she can straddle me. My hands move to her tits to play with her nipples while she gets the condom on me.

“From now on,” I groan when she strokes me, “All dates in bed, yes?”

“Definitely,” she agrees and shifts to place me at her opening. Her hands are on my stomach and her eyes roll back as she slides down my shaft. “Oh, yes… no doubt about it,” she breathes and rolls her hips like she took my Shakira comment seriously.

“Fuck, baby, that’s good,” I groan and force myself not to grab her hips so she can keep doing whatever she wants. “Keep doing that.”

“Mmm, this?” she asks as she starts moving up and down while she rolls her hips.

“Yes,” I growl and watch myself disappearing inside her over and over. When I look up I see her perfect tits bouncing and my hands move to feel them while she rises and falls on top of me.

She bites her bottom lip and her head falls back, pressing her tits into my hands when her back arches slightly. Her hands move from my stomach to my thighs and she lets out a gasp as her pussy clenches me. I groan and close my eyes. I have to or I’m going to blow my load.

“I’m close, Sookie,” I warn her.

“Good,” she says as she gasps again. “Me too. This is perfect.”

The tingles in my spine start and I grab her hips so I can thrust up. Sookie screams and I try to hold back, but I can’t.

“Fuuuuuuuck!” I shout when I cum.

Sookie’s hips jerk a few times before she collapses on my chest, breathing heavily.

“Fuck is right,” she pants and turns to kiss my collarbone.

My hands move around to her ass to keep her body moving just a little on mine and she groans against my chest. I turn my head and her lips press against mine.

As far as third dates go, this is definitely the best I’ve ever had.


It’s my day to pick up Jake so I head over to Aude’s parents’ house. She’s been living with them since we broke up. Like Sookie, she dropped out of school to take care of Jake when he was a baby. She has yet to go back and as far as I know, her parents are supporting her again. She collects child support from me but that seems to be her only source of ‘income’ since she has yet to go look for a job. It’s a little bit frustrating. I know being a parent is a full-time gig but there are plenty of parents that put their kid in daycare Monday through Friday. Yes, it’s expensive but I couldn’t imagine my parents supporting me and Jake at this point in my life.

I walk up to the front door and knock just in case Jake’s asleep. He shouldn’t be, but sometimes he doesn’t stick to his schedule. The door opens and I see an unfamiliar face on the other side. Immediately I assume it’s Aude’s new boyfriend.

“Come in,” he says like he knows me.

“Who are you?” I ask without stepping into the house.

“Oh, sorry,” he shakes his head. “I’m Andre.”

This guy looks like he’s maybe sixteen. It’s actually kind of creepy that he looks like he could be my younger brother with his blond hair and blue eyes. He’s nowhere near as tall as me, though.

“The new boyfriend,” I say as I step inside.

“Yeah, Aude’s upstairs in the shower and Jake ended up conking out on the couch while he was watching Finding Nemo.”


“I’ll get Jake. You can go help Aude with her hard to reach areas,” I say as I step around him.

I hear Andre make some sort of noise behind me while I go on the hunt for my kid. I find him on the couch, just like the pipsqueak said I would. He’s hugging his favorite stuffed animal and his thumb is in his mouth. He only sucks his thumb when he’s tired or sleeping. I leave the movie playing and carefully scoop my boy up. He must really be out because he doesn’t stir at all, and Jake is notorious for waking up if I breathe too hard.

I say nothing to Andre on the way out and it isn’t until I start to buckle Jake into his car seat that he wakes up some. His eyes open and he smiles at me, but then he goes right back to sleep. I breathe a sigh of relief and hope my run of luck continues until we get back home. I’m a block away from Aude’s house when my phone rings and I see Sookie’s beautiful, smiling face on the screen of my phone that’s mounted up on the dashboard. I push the button to answer it, even though it’s risky to do so.

“Hello, beautiful,” I say with a smile.

“Hello to you too, handsome,” she says back and I can hear her smile too.

“How’s your day going so far?” It’s been two days since our last date.

“Good. Work is slow, so I’m taking a short break. I thought I’d check to see how you’re doing.”

“Pretty good. Jake’s asleep in his car seat right now. We could stop by if you want a little company,” I offer. I don’t have any other plans for the night.

“Sure, if I’m being honest I kinda miss your face,” she says, and I can already see her blush.

“Then we’ll be there in ten minutes,” I tell her. “And I can tell you all about meeting the mini-me Aude is dating.”

“Sounds fun,” she giggles. “I can’t wait.”

“See you soon,” I say and then hang up.

I make a quick stop in case Jake wakes up hungry. I didn’t think to bring snacks so I do the thing a parent isn’t supposed to do and leave him in the backseat of the Jeep for ninety seconds while I get a bottle of water and a box of animal crackers for him. He’s still sound asleep when I get back to the Jeep and no one so much as looked at my car while I was in the convenience store. The candle shop is just two blocks down the road, so we get there in no time.

Sookie’s not outside when we get there, but I’m not surprised. I do, however, have to take Jake out of the car because I’m not leaving him in there while I run in to talk to my girlfriend. He does the whimpering, whining thing he does when he’s not sure if he wants to keep sleeping or be awake. I rub his back and he settles down. Little man must be wiped.

The shop is air conditioned and feels good when I step inside. Sookie’s behind the counter, talking on the phone when I spot her. She gestures for me to wait a second and after she finishes her call with a customer, she hangs up and comes around the counter. She’s seen pictures of Jake but this is the first time she’s seeing him face to face.

“Oh my God, Eric, I want to snuggle him,” she coos as she reaches up to brush his hair back. She pulls her hand back quickly and says, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to go touching him without permission. I hate it when people do that to Joey.”

“It’s alright. If you were a stranger it would be a different story. I don’t like that either. If you offer the boy snuggles when he’s awake, he’ll take them,” I warn her. He’s the cuddliest kid I’ve ever been around. He’s always climbing up onto someone’s lap for human contact. “Even my sister will snuggle with his kid and she’s generally about as cuddly as a cactus.”

She giggles and says, “I would take him now if it wouldn’t be weird to wake up on strange boobs.”

I laugh and say, “He wouldn’t even care. It’s a little disconcerting how easily he’ll go over to strangers and try to make friends.”

“Then give him here,” she says and holds her hands out. “I love other people’s babies.”

“Just not your own?” I tease while I transfer Jake over to her. Again he doesn’t stir so he’s really out of it.

“Oh, I love my own monster, I just want to beat her on a regular basis,” she says while looking down at Jake’s face. “He’s gorgeous, Eric.”

“Thanks,” I smile at her. My kid is pretty cute. At the moment his hair is a little damp and his cheeks are flushed. He always gets extra warm when he’s sleeping.

“Don’t be surprised if I show up while you have him so I can play with him. I love them at this age. Tell me about your miniature doppelganger.”

I snicker and say, “Well, first of all you’re welcome to stop by anytime to play with him. He’ll love you. Second of all, Aude’s new boyfriend looks like he could be my little brother. It’s really fucking weird.”

“Well, you are an attractive man. I’d probably look for another you if we stop seeing each other,” she shrugs as her hand rubs up and down Jake’s back.

“That’s flattering but the guy is shorter than you,” I tell her.

“Yeah, that’s a problem,” she laughs.

“At this rate Jake will be taller than him by next year,” I snicker.

“He seems to have your tentacles, so he’ll probably be taller than me.”

“That’s entirely possible,” I chuckle. “He’s already wearing 3T size clothes.”

“My goodness. You’re growing a giant. Joey is barely in 3T and she’ll be four in a couple months.”

“Yeah I’m not saving college money, I’m saving grocery money for his teen years,” I joke.

“Poor guy,” she laughs. “Oh, I almost forgot. I emailed my resume to your mom. She said she’ll be in contact soon.”

“That’s great, Sook. I hope she can find something that works for you.” I don’t know how much money she makes or if she has any other benefits working here, but I worked at Target when I was in high school and I know the benefits in retail are slim to none, so I’m assuming it’s not much better here. I doubt her ex has health insurance so if Joey gets sick, Sookie’s most likely screwed. She shouldn’t have to worry about being able to keep her kid healthy.

“Me too. Your mom’s pretty nice, by the way,” she winks.

“Yeah she is,” I agree. My mom means well, but she’s nosy so I ask, “Did she call you?”

“Oh, yes,” she smiles, and leaves it at that.

“I apologize in advance if she sounded like an FBI agent,” I chuckle. “She means well.”

“She was actually quite lovely.”

“Good, I’m glad she didn’t scare you. She can get a little intense sometimes.”

“She invited me over for dinner, but I told her I’d wait for you,” she tells me.

“Ah ha. Well, we can talk about that on our next date,” I suggest. “If you’re free tomorrow we could meet up at a park somewhere and let the kids play together.”

“That would be nice. Joey will love you even more if every time she sees you she’s playing.”

“Damn, you’re catching on to my plan,” I smirk.

Jake’s eyes suddenly pop open and his head lifts. He stares at Sookie curiously and then starts looking around for a familiar face.

“Hey, buddy,” I smile at him.

He looks back at Sookie, confused about who’s holding him.

“Who you?” he asks her. I forgot to mention my kid isn’t shy.


 SLY 7


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  1. Not to be nagging or anything, but I think I read somewhere here that you have this story already finished and will try to post chapter a day. By that logic we should be already in chapters 18-19, and this is including 2 days a week when either of you didn’t have the time to post or simultaneously forgot to do so…
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    • “This one is 29 chapters long. I’m not promising daily updates on this either. Some days we’re too busy to post, but we will as often as we can.”

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      • Bravo! Can I just say how much I love the way you speak your mind, oh child of my own bold & daring ways of setting the record straight? Makes me so proud of you! I don’t see this very often with other writers, and I just love that you do this!


        • Thank you. I try to treat others the way they treat me so if you’re nice, I’m nice. If you’re rude, you get it back. Authors don’t need to deal with crap like that.


        • No, they don’t. Constructive criticism should always be welcomed because it’s truly a learning experience, but flaming & insulting comments along with repetitive & relentless questions about your next posting dates are tiresome. Frankly, I wouldn’t even respond to such inanity. I’m not convinced it does any good. So, btw, when will you posting the next chapter? LOL!
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        • Probably not, but sometimes it needs to be replied to. For as many awesomesauce readers as there are out there, there’s also the ones that think it’s okay to be rude or in some cases, outright mean or hurtful, and for some reason these trolls seem to think we’re supposed to sit back and take it. I’m sorry, but FUCK THAT. I don’t let people treat me that way face to face. I’ll be damned if I’m going to tolerate it from someone I never met.


  2. Terrific chapter, ladies, as always! You both seem to get the difficulty that dating is for the single parent and really represent it well. It really does indeed suck at times! Jake sounds especially adorable, and I’m sure that other than a bit of jealousy he & Joey will get along just fine. The sex with every date is a great bonus along with including the kids afterward! So far, I’m really loving this story probably because it hits so close to home! Thanks so much for the great chapter & I’m looking forward to the playdate with the kids!


  3. I liked this chapter. That date had an awesome ending. I find it interesting that Aude didn’t mention Andre. I’m glad Sookie is meeting Jake. I can picture his cuteness.


  4. This chapter was like some of my fab food both spicy and sweet… Sookie has tingling ovaries in spite of her surprise pregnancy… Such a MUM! Though yeah, toddlers can be pretty adorable esp a mini-Eric… Yum!


  5. jake sounds like a cutie pie, I’m sure he and joey will be great friends……and these dates are certainly hot……phew!…..*fans self*…….loving this story! x


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