Chapter 22


I’m sleepy when we check in, but not so sleepy that I can’t appreciate how amazing our suite at the Venetian is. Holy crap, is this amazing. The bed is absolutely enormous. We could probably fit three Erics in this bed. Despite how tired I am, my mind immediately goes to dirty places when I see the chaise lounge at the foot of the bed and how easy it would be for him kneel on that thing while he’s fucking me from behind.

“Eric, this is amazing,” I mutter as I look around. I left the hotel stuff in Vegas to him.

“It is, I stayed at a cheesy place off the strip last time I was here,” he says and drops our bags next to the chaise.

“I’m guessing this is an upgrade,” I turn to smile at him.

“Definitely,” he agrees and he’s eyeballing the chaise.

I set my purse on the bed and kick off my sandals. Suddenly I’m not so tired, but I got to take a nap on the way in.

“So… what do you want to do? Do you want to go down and check out the casino?” I ask him.

“Do I have other options?” His eyes are darting back and forth between me and the chaise still.

“Shower?” I suggest with a little smile. I have a feeling he’s having the same thoughts I was a moment ago. “Or maybe you’re ready for bed. It is pretty late.”

“A hot shower would be nice… we don’t have to put clothes on after if you don’t want to.”

“I was just thinking that,” I tell him as I start walking toward the bathroom, taking off my tank top as I go. I don’t even know where it lands when I toss it behind me, but I do hear Eric growl.

“That shower isn’t exactly big, Sook, we’ll have to stand really close,” he purrs right behind me.

“I might catch your cooties. Maybe we should shower separately,” I smirk and unbutton my shorts.

His eyes flick over to the tub and he says, “There are other options to get clean.”

“That’s true, but I don’t think we’d get very clean in there.” I reach into the shower stall and turn on the water. If he wants sex, now’s the time because I’m betting it’ll be off the table tomorrow.

“No?” he asks, taking off his shorts. He lost his shirt before meeting me in the bathroom.

“Nope. We’d probably end up having to rinse off in the shower anyway.” I turn around and peel off my bra.

“Pity,” he says and grabs my hips to pull my ass against his erection. “Looks like the shower will have to do, and then the chaise.”

“What’s on the chaise?” I smirk, knowing damn well what’s on the chaise.

“Depends on what position I put you in.”

The next thing I hear is my panties being ripped off. I gasp and turn around to see Eric smirking. I look down to find my panties in scraps on the floor and then his lips are on mine. Oh boy. He’s not fooling around. I blindly reach for the door of the shower and somehow we manage to get into the stall without breaking the kiss. It’s definitely a tight fit, but we manage.

Hopefully we won’t break the glass.

“Eric,” I pant when I break away from the kiss. “You still have your boxer briefs on.”

His hands leave my body for a moment and I hear the wet fabric hit the floor. He hooks my legs and lifts me up to press me against the wall.

“Not anymore,” he growls and his lips blaze a trail of soft kisses down my neck.

“You know I think we fit in here just fine,” I say softly while reaching down to stroke him. Good Lord, he’s ready to go.

“I think there’s another tight, wet space I’m ready to fit into,” he murmurs against my neck, sucking and licking my skin.

“Oh yeah? Which one?” I close my eyes and try to catch my breath.

“This one.” His fingertips find my core and he rubs around my entrance and his mouth meets mine again.

I moan into the kiss and my hips thrust against him. He’s pressed too close to me to get him inside me like this, but God am I ready.

Eric pulls his hips back and whispers, “Put me where you need me, Princess.”

I don’t hesitate to rub his tip up and down my slit before putting him at my entrance.

“Here is perfect,” I tell him.

Eric thrusts in hard, going as deep as possible with a strangled groan.

“Just right,” he breathes, but doesn’t move.

“God, yes,” I groan and wiggle my hips as much as I can.

“Baby, give me a second,” he pants. “It’s been way too long since I’ve been inside you.”

We haven’t had sex since his birthday a few days ago. We’ve been too tired with all the other stuff we’ve been doing. By time we’d get back to the hotel room we were staying in all we wanted was a shower and sleep.

“You just feel so good,” I pant.

His eyes snap open and he gives me an intense look that makes my ovaries tingle. There’s a low rumble deep in his chest as he pulls almost all the way out and driving back in. His hips keep moving, each thrust harder than the last. As he pumps in and out of me he leans in to suck on my bottom lip without taking his eyes off of mine.

“Being inside of you is the best feeling in the world,” he growls and starts kissing me.

I moan into the kiss and my fingernails dig into his back. The pressure is building fast in my belly, and when he pulls my hips away from the wall a little bit his tip starts rubbing against my g-spot with every hard thrust of his hips.

“Ooooh… fuck… Eric… faster!” I cry out, my fingers digging in deeper.

“As you wish,” he pants and his hips swivel when he pounds into me. “Fuck!”

“Yesyesyesyes!” I chant and the pressure explodes quicker than I expect it to.

Eric’s head drops back and he slams in one last time before he let’s out a roar as he releases deep inside of me.

“Yeah… I missed that,” he breathes and his hips start slowly thusting up while he brings his head back to mine for another kiss.

“Me too,” I pant. “I apologize now if I drew blood.”

“Never apologize for making me cum like that, Sweetpea,” he says and we both whimper when he pulls out to set me on my feet.

“I wasn’t,” I smile up at him and drop to my knees. “So what were you saying about the chaise lounge?”

“That we need to find the most conducive way to cum as much as we can on it.”

“How about you figure that out while I do… this…” I lean in and lick his cock from base to tip. I can taste myself on him but I don’t care. I look up at Eric’s face as I take him in my mouth and I can get all of him in.

“Goddamn,” he grunts and his hands go to my hair.

I moan and my head starts to bob. As he gets harder his grip on my hair tightens, but I pull back so he doesn’t cum.

“Got any ideas?” I ask as I catch my breath.

“I can’t think while my dick is down your throat, Baby. Come on let’s finish washing and I’ll figure out the best way to make you cum again,” he promises.

“Okay, but we’ll just need another shower,” I smirk and let him help me up.

He kisses me soundly on the lips before pulling back and he whispers, “How about we soak in the bath when we’re done defiling the chaise?”

“That works.”

I guess we wash up since there’s soap involved, but mostly we’re just pawing at each other. I’m careful when we step out of the shower so I don’t slip and fall on my ass.

Eric dries off first and leaves the bathroom without saying anything. When I find him a couple minutes later he’s staring at the chaise.

“You know, if you sit back against the end there I could get down on my knees and eat your pussy if you’re feeling up to it,” he says nonchalantly.

“I don’t have a problem with it,” I tell him. “Just… it could get gross.”

It’s his call if he wants to go there. Personally, I don’t think I’d take the risk.

“I knew there was a flaw in my plan,” he chuckles. “My brain goes to mush when I’m fucking you.”

“I’m sure you can come up with an alternative.” I kneel on the chaise and crawl onto the bed.

“Oh!” he exclaims and pulls the chaise away from the bed about a foot. “Kneel here, put your elbows on it. I can stand behind you.”

“On the bed or the chaise?”

“The chaise,” he says and points to the end of it.

I climb off the bed and kneel on the chaise. I look back and bend forward to rest my elbows on the high end of the chaise.

“Like this?”

“Yep,” he says and straddles the chaise. It’s not too wide so with his legs spread apart he lines up perfectly with me.

I feel his hands rub my ass and then he drags his thumb through my slit. “Mmm, still ready for me,” he purrs.

“I’ve been thinking dirty thoughts about this piece of furniture since we got here,” I admit.

“Funny, so have I.” The next thing I feel is the tip of Eric’s cock sliding up and down through my folds. He presses into me just a little before moving down to tease my clit.

“Tease,” I gasp.

“Mmhmmm,” he hums and pushes in all the way to the hilt. He grinds his hips against me and gives me a hard smack on my right cheek.

I cry out and then whimper, “Again.”

He growls and then gives me two hard slaps on my left cheek in rapid succession.

“More?” he questions and and starts to pound into me. His hips are slapping against my ass, filling the room with the sounds of our skin sliding together and his deep groans.

“Yes!” I shout and rock back to meet his thrusts. I’m not usually into kinky stuff, but every now and then it’s fun.

Eric alternates spanking my cheeks as he fucks me hard. “Fuck, you should see this,” he moans and I feel him spread my ass so he can get a better view of his cock sliding in and out of me.

I turn my head back but I still can’t see what he’s seeing. With the pressure building in my belly again, I grip the chaise harder and whimper when he slaps my ass. It’s starting to burn a little bit, but in a good way.

“I’m close,” I pant and press my forehead against the arm of the chaise. His hard thrusts have me bumping against it but I don’t care. I just don’t want him to stop what he’s doing or slow down.

“Good,” he grunts and he uses his grip on my ass to pull me hard into his thrusting hips. “Cum, Sookie. I need to feel it now.”

“Ah… fuck!” I cry out and my body trembles just before the pressure explodes and my pussy grips him hard when I cum. My arms give out and for a few seconds I can’t breathe.

He pulls out of me and I vaguely feel my body being moved until I come to on my back in the middle of the bed on top of the blankets. Eric climbs on top of me, settling his weight on me as he slides back in. As he thrusts he goes slow and deep, swiveling on each in stroke. His lips crash onto mine and his tongue slips into my mouth. As he fills my body he let’s out the soft whimpers I’m learning to love and he hooks my thighs. He folds my legs up and the shift allows him to get even deeper if possible.

“I’m so fucking in love with you, Sookie,” he breathes and rests his forehead on mine as he fucks me. He never speeds up and after a few minutes of the slow, steady grinding Eric begins to pant. “I’m… I’m cumming for you, Pretty girl,” he stammers just before I feel him swell and jerk as he explodes within me.

I moan and I think his release triggers a little orgasm but it makes us both groan and whimper. I wrap my arms around his ribs and Eric collapses on me.

“I love you too, baby,” I whisper and rub his back.

“Mmm, good,” he says and I can hear the smile in his voice. His head is buried in my neck and I feel his lips brush against my skin before he pops up on his arms. “Bath time,” he grins.

“I don’t know if I can move,” I giggle.

“Did you forget that I can carry you?”

“Are you going to carry me back to bed when I fall asleep in the tub?”

“I will carry you anywhere you need to go,” he says and dips down to kiss me again.

I hold his face to keep him close for a minute before I let him go so he can get the tub filling. So far, I’m liking Las Vegas.


The red sequin dress Sookie brought with her is just as gorgeous as I knew it would be, the only problem is she started her period this morning so I won’t be ripping it off of her. I’ll just have to make her wear it again when we get home.

I have her hand in mine and we’re walking through our hotel casino headed toward the Winn casino. I’m not a big gambler, but I figure why not. We look good. We feel good and I know I can stop whenever I want. We get to the tables and I throw down two hundred dollars to change into chips. I’ve played craps once when my dad and Vic took Alcide and me to Reno for a boys weekend not too long after I turned twenty-one. We don’t talk about that weekend. Ever.

“Honeysuckle, do you want to play too?” I ask her when she slides in next to me. There are only three other people at the table with us.

“No, I’m here strictly as your arm candy,” she says with a smile.

I lean down and give her a kiss before I lay out my bet. Minimum is ten dollars, and I’m throwing down twenty. I put ten on six and eight, and then wait for the guy to roll. He rolls and craps out immediately. Lovely. I just lost forty buck in ten seconds.

“Sook, you’re supposed to be good luck,” I joke and bet another twenty, waiting for the next guy to pick his dice.

“Maybe someone forgot to flip the switch,” she shrugs.

I lean down and purr in her ear, “I figured I flipped plenty of switches last night.”

The guy picks his dice and rolls a seven. I get twenty of my dollars back just that quickly. He rolls again and gets another seven. And then one more time. I’m even. Finally he rolls a five so I put my money down on six and eight.

“You’re betting it all?” Sookie looks at me.

“No, I still have this,” I say and show her a pile of chips on the other side of me. “I’m probably going to walk away after this, win or lose.”

“Okay. Good luck,” she says and kisses my cheek.

“Thanks, Doll face,” I smile. The guy shoots a six and I win twenty bucks on the six. I pick up my chips and tell Sookie I’m ready. “I won, I’m up sixty bucks.”

“That’s great,” she grins. “Where to next?”

“Change in my chips and then I don’t know. We can do whatever you want to do.”

“Oh! I forgot Dawn asked me to play a number for her at Roulette,” she says. “I haven’t seen those tables.”

“Over here,” I say and I take her hand to lead her to a Roulette table I saw on the way in. “I have no idea what we’re doing.”

“Me either. She just told me to put fifty on sixteen black.”

Sookie plucks some cash from her bra and looks for a place to change her money.

“They can change it at the table for you,” I tell her. “Or give it to me and I can give you some of my chips.”

“Okay, then here’s a hundred,” she says, handing over a bunch of twenties.

I give her four twenty-five dollar chips and tell her to have at it. Sookie puts all of the chips down on sixteen black.

“Let’s see how lucky I really am,” she says.

I give her a kiss and say, “Good luck, Baby doll.”

The dealer spins the wheel and the ball goes rolling around the track until it drops… on sixteen black.

“Oh my God!” Sookie bounces excitedly. “I won!”

I smile and give her a hug when she bounces right into my arms.

“Good job. Do you want to play more?”

Sookie picks up her winnings and puts twenty-five of it back down on the number five. She leans closer to me and says, “For the number of times you flipped my switch last night.”

I growl and lean in to nibble the top of her ear. “You can’t excite me like that when you’re out of commission.”

“Only parts of me are,” she replies.

“Yeah, but it’s the part I want to play with.”

“Poor baby. You’ll just have to wait a few days,” she says with her bottom lip sticking out.

The wheel starts to spin again and unbelievably, the ball lands on the red five.

“I think you are Lady Luck,” I smile and kiss her cheek.

“Wanna try the Craps table again?” Sookie picks up her chips.

“Can’t hurt,” I shrug. I have plenty of money to blow.

“It’d be nice if we could make back the money to cover the cost of the room,” she says.

“That would be awesome,” I smile as we make our way back to the craps tables.

♦ ♦ ♦

We walk away from the Craps table two hours later, eight hundred dollars richer.

“What next?” I ask. I highly doubt I’ll be sleeping tonight.

“We could go to a club. There are tons of them,” she suggests. Then Sookie starts laughing and says, “Or we could go take a picture outside of a wedding chapel and tell Alcide we got married.”

“Best. Idea. Ever.” He’s going to shit a brick. “He warned me several times not to get any crazy ideas while we were here. I got a text from him the day after my birthday reminding me to not be an idiot.”

“Just when I think he’s come around he reverts to being a bag of dicks,” she says.

“Oh, it has nothing to do with you. He loves you and he thinks you’re great for me, he just doesn’t want us to jump the gun,” I explain.

“I don’t either which is why the picture is perfection. Hell, I’ll even buy a cheap ring in a gift shop to wear as my wedding ring,” she says.

“Let’s do it. We have some extra money,” I reason with a huge grin.

“I’m so in.” Sookie laces her fingers with mine.

We cash in our chips and as we head out of the casino, Sookie searches for an all night chapel on my phone. It’s not too late, just past eleven, but we want to make sure it’s open. We find one not too far off of the strip and we decide to walk. I already promised Sookie I’d carry her if her feet start to hurt, but she assures me she’s fine.

On the way we walk past an all night boutique that has cheap costume jewelry. We find a set of bands, mine black, hers gold, both with little fake diamonds embedded into the sides.

“These are so fucking perfect,” she giggles.

“They are,” I agree and slip my ring on. “It feels weird.”

Sookie puts hers on too and says, “Yeah, it kinda does.”

“Who knows, maybe I’ll really ask you to marry me one day and you might actually have to get used to the feel of the ring,” I say and kiss her cheek.

“If you’re expecting babies, that would be the first step,” she tells me.

“Mmhmmm,” I hum. “Alright, you ready to get fake married?”

“Yup, let’s make your best friend pass a kitten.”

“We need to warn Mom before we send him the pictures,” I tell her.

“Oh totally,” she agrees. “She would kill us.”

We clasp hands and finish the trek to the chapel. When we get out front I stop a drunk kid to take a picture of us. It’s not exactly safe, but he’s little and I think he’s intimidated by my size. When we look at the picture it’s sideways, but perfect. It’s the top of our bodies with a perfect view of the name of the chapel behind us. I take her hand and we hold them up next to each other so we can get a shot of our rings.

“Perfect, unless you want more,” I say.

“Nope, this is perfect.”

I smile and give her a quick kiss.

“Alright, Mrs. Northman, what next?” I ask as we start walking down the street toward the casinos again.

“We could go dancing, Mr. Northman,” she suggests. “Or we could go back to our room and eat dessert in bed. Oh, are those gondola things still going this late at night?”

“Sadly, no. We can do the gondolas in the morning if you want, though. I’ve never done it, and what better to do on your faux honeymoon?”

“Well fucking is off the table,” she sighs. “What about the fountain thing at the Bellagio?”

“Let’s go. Walk or cab?” I ask.


I hold out my arm so she can hook her arm around it. “After the fountain we can stop and grab dessert on the way back to the room.”

“Works for me,” she says as she takes my arm. “So far I like being fake married to you.”

“I’m a kick ass fake husband,” I smirk. “You’re the most beautiful fake wife I’ve ever had… and the only.”

“Why thank you, Mr. Northman,” Sookie smiles at me.

It takes a little time to get to the fountain and there is a huge group of people standing around it. I pull Sookie to stand in front of me and I wrap my arms around her, with my chin on her head.

“This is my first time seeing it,” I say and squeeze her a little tighter.

“Mine too. It’s pretty amazing,” she says.

“You know you’re pretty amazing,” I tell her. I still can’t believe how awesome this girl is.

Sookie turns her head back and softly presses her lips to my jaw. “So are you,” she says.

I hum and kiss her temple when she turns back to the fountain. We watch the water dance around for about ten minutes before Sookie yawns.

“You ready to get going?”

“I think so. It’s been a long day and someone kept me up late last night.”

“I didn’t hear one complaint, Baby doll,” I remind her and we start heading back to the hotel. There are plenty of places to grab dessert on the way back.

“Only that I couldn’t walk for a little while there,” she smirks. “Plus my butt is still a little sore.”

“I’m not even sorry,” I wink.

“I’m not either.”

“Are you in the mood for more chocolate or something else? I’m feeling cheesecakey,” I tell her as we get closer to the little café by the hotel.

“Cheesecake is good.”

“There’s actually a Cheesecake Factory we’ll be passing. We can stop by and get two giant pieces.”

“Yes! Pineapple upside down cheesecake is one of the yummiest things I’ve ever put in my mouth,” Sookie says.

“I’m a fan of the pumpkin pie pecan one. Or the turtle one. Yum.”

Once we’re in Sookie grins when she realizes the Cheesecake Factory is the closest thing to the entrance to the hotel.

“We can get as many flavors as you want. You helped me win big tonight,” I tell her as we look at the cheesecake menu.

“We’re going to stuff our mini fridge with cheesecake, aren’t we?”

“Fuck yeah we are,” I chuckle. “I told you I need calories, woman, and you wore my ass out last night.”

“Then it’s a good thing you’ve been benched for the next few days. You can get your strength up again.”

“I’m gonna need it. Before we head home I plan on fucking you on every surface of that very nice room.”

“For now will you settle for head on the sofa?” Sookie smirks.

“I will certainly settle for real head from my fake wife,” I nod.

“Good,” she nods and pushes up on her toes to add, “I’ll even let you record it because I’m a super awesome fake wife.”

“Baby, I… okay,” I agree. I almost fucked up and said my birthday sex video is enough.

“Is that a problem?”

“No, ma’am,” I smile and the lady comes up to take our order. “Have you decided?” I ask Sookie.

“Uh, how’s one of everything sound?” Sookie jokes.

“We don’t have enough room in the mini fridge, or else I’d agree to it,” I tell her seriously.

She chuckles and orders a piece of red velvet cheesecake and a piece of the pineapple upside down cheesecake. I get the turtle cheesecake and the pumpkin one I mentioned.

We take our ridiculous amount of cheesecake up to the room and take a seat next to each other on the couch. We spend the next twenty minutes eating sugar before we’re both so full we can’t breathe. Sookie promised a blowjob, but by the time I’m putting the rest of the cheesecake away I tell Sookie I don’t even think I can stay awake through it.

In the end we change into pajamas and curl up in the middle of the bed. We pass out with Sookie’s head on my chest and my hand moving up and down her side.

Breakeven 22 Eric



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