Chapter 14



I helped Sookie clean up the dinner dishes. It was the least I could do since she had cooked it all for me. When that was done and the dishwasher was running I asked, “Wanna take Sawyer for a walk with me?”


“Sure,” she smiled. “Lord knows I can use it after all that bread.”


“Preposterous.” I pinched her ass when she walked ahead of me.


“You’re the one looking at it,” she snorted.


“And it’s quite a sight,” I said approvingly.


“Thank you,” she said with one of those smiles that made my stomach twist in knots.


“You’re welcome.” It was cheesy as fuck and I knew it, but the package was really only part of the equation with her. Yes, I thought Sookie was beautiful and had from the minute I saw her sitting in the passenger’s seat of the tow truck, but it was what was in the package that had really gotten my attention. I liked that I had made her happy.


Shit, Jake was going to have a field day with me.


“Sawyer!” I called out when Sookie and I walked out the sliders to the deck. The dog came running toward us and obediently took a seat at my feet so I could leash him up. He seemed to be pretty docile but until I knew how he was around strangers, I wanted to keep him leashed and unable to run off to attack the neighbors’ kids.


Sookie took my hand and the three of us set off to the west for our after dinner walk. It was domestic. Peaceful. I liked it. Maybe too much for someone I was still just getting to know.


“Is it weird that this is the best part of my day?” Sookie asked, giving my hand a little squeeze.


“Nope. It’s the best part of mine too,” I told her. I meant it. Even with the house and the ridiculous check I’d been handed, the best part was still going for a simple walk with her and my new dog.


“We’re a lost cause,” she giggled.


“I don’t think that’s true at all.” I laced my fingers with hers. “I think this is a good thing. You’re supposed to feel like that when you first meet someone. If we were already sick of each other then we’d be a lost cause.”


“Good point,” she nodded. “It’s been so long since I’ve felt like this it’s weird. I like it, though.”


We were quiet for a minute or so. When Sawyer paused to sniff a little more at something, we stopped with him. Of course he had to remark whatever territory there was to mark along the way so the others would know there was a new sheriff in town.


“Got any ideas what you want to name your Pit?” I asked Sookie.


“I was thinking Sparky, but that’s too common for a dog,” she said. “Plus he didn’t seem like much of a Sparky. I have to spend a little more time with him before I come up with something.”


“That’s fair,” I nodded. If Sawyer wouldn’t have already had a name that fit him I would probably still be lost.


“I really don’t know how to thank you for offering to let him stay here,” she told me.


“A simple thank you is enough but you’re welcome to come up with something more creative if you insist,” I told her.


“I’ll see. Thank you, again,” she smiled.


“You’re welcome. Hopefully the little fella doesn’t hate me too much.”


“I don’t think he has a mean bone in his little body. He’s going to adore you. It’s impossible not to.”


“Oh you’re so smitfaced,” I teased her. I was just as bad, if not worse.


“And you’re not?” she asked, arching an eyebrow at me. “You offered to not only keep a dog for me, but also take the lead on poop duty.”


“Whoa, whoa, I did?”


“Mmhmm,” she hummed.


“When did I do that?” I recalled no such commitment.


“When I warned you that you’d have to pick up his poop.”


“Well I’ll do it because it has to get done but I wouldn’t say I’m volunteering to take point,” I said. I just didn’t want my backyard to become one big turd.


“If I have to I can do it on Wednesdays,” she offered. “I can take shit duty and then take them out to my apartment so I can do my laundry. You can pick them up before you go home. That way they get two car rides.”


“That could work,” I agreed. “I can take them out to the cabin on Sunday. My friend Jake and I are thinking about buying a boat. He wants to turn it into a mancave.”


“As long as it’s woman friendly,” she giggled. “I think that’s a great idea, though. The boat too. I’m excited to get out there to see it.”


I pulled my phone from my pocket so she could look at the pictures I had taken.


“It’s not very fancy,” I said as Sawyer decided it was time to start walking again. “But I think I can handle making it woman friendly. We’ll make sure to put out the He-Man Woman Haters sign when you’re not welcome,” I snorted.


“Good call,” Sookie laughed. “The circumstances are shit, but I’m happy for you,” she added when her laughter died out.


“Thanks. I think the cabin could be a good thing. I don’t know if I’ll hold onto it forever, but for the time being it might be nice to have. If nothing else selling it later on would be pure profit for me so I might as well let the land value appreciate.”


“Smart,” she nodded. “Who knows, maybe when you have a house full of rugrats it could be a nice getaway, or even a family trip to the cabin with no TV or internet. That’s if you want to turn the mancave into a family joint.”


“It’s possible. I haven’t thought that far ahead yet,” I said honestly. “Although Jake’s popping the question to his girlfriend soon. He texted me a picture of the ring he bought her.”


“That’s sweet. How long have they been together?”


“Uhhh I’m not really sure. I like a year? Maybe two?” I couldn’t remember.


“Do you like his girlfriend? That’s important if they’re going to get married. It would suck if he spent the rest of his life with someone his best friend hated.”


“Yeah, Luna’s pretty cool, for the most part. She can get a little bossy with him sometimes. Typical woman stuff.”


“Am I bossy?”


“Not yet.”


“What you see is what you get with me. This is it, Eric,” she said.


“But you don’t see bossy, just like you didn’t see stalker,” I pointed out.


“True. Well, the only time I’m known to get bossy is in the kitchen.”


“I noticed,” I chuckled.


“You obviously have no idea what you’re doing in there anyway,” she said, bumping my hip with hers. “If you offered more than butt grabs and food stealing I wouldn’t be so bad.”


“Hey! I never once claimed to be Wolfgang Puck.” I was honest about my lack of culinary skills.


“That’s perfectly fine,” she said. “It’s kinda cute seeing you try to sneak nibbles while I cook.”


“Your flying ninja hands aren’t cute.” She was a hand smacker.


“If I let you eat everything before dinner there won’t be any left for me.”


“Of course there would be.”


I wasn’t that bad.


“Uh huh.” She wasn’t buying it.


“I’m not!” I insisted.


“Next time I won’t smack you away and we’ll see.”


“Deal.” I could restrain myself. “If I had no willpower your sexy ass would be naked right now.”


“You poor soul,” she giggled.


“What? Why’s that bad?”


“Not bad at all. I’m proud of you for controlling yourself. When we get back to the house I’m fair game,” she winked.


“Good,” I said. “We need to get puppy blindfolds.”


She laughed and said, “I’d say keep it to the bedroom, but that would take some of the fun out of the spontaneity.”


“That’s true. Plus I’ve seen the way you look at the kitchen table, dirty girl,” I smirked. She looked pretty sweet but Sookie could be a little freak.


“What? It’s perfect height,” she shrugged. “Maybe when we get home we can leave Sawyer out back and test it out.”


“Perhaps,” I agreed with a little smile.


We walked on for another ten minutes or so before we turned back toward the house. When we got back Sawyer went straight to his water bowl as soon as I got his leash off.


“Thirsty?” I asked Sookie.


“I could use some water.”


“You got it.” I kissed her head and went into the kitchen to get her a glass of water.


“Thanks,” she said when I brought the water.


“You’re welcome.” I sat down on the couch and reached for the remote to see what was on television.


Sookie walked over and took a seat right on my lap. She set her water on the end table before she turned to snuggle into my chest.


“Did I already tell you you’re a better snuggler than the puppies?”


“Nope. I’ve been twisting in the wind all this time,” I said dramatically.


“I’m glad I could finally put you out of your misery.”


“Me too. If Sawyer was the better cuddler I’d have to reconsider this whole thing,” I told her.


“Sawyer cuddles are all well and good, but I like the way your arms feel around me,” she told me.


I hugged her to me and stroked her hair. “Like this?”


“Mmhmm,” she hummed, nuzzling into my chest. “I feel safe with you.”


“That’s good.” I kissed the top of her head. “Not to sound like a weirdo, but your hair smells good.”


“I got a new shampoo,” she told me. “And that’s not weird. It’s weird if I wake up in the middle of the night and you’re staring at me with my hair held up to your nose.”


I chuckled and asked, “Why do I get the feeling that’s happened to you before?”


“Because it has,” she snickered. “That relationship ended quickly.”


“I can understand why.”


“And that wasn’t even the stalker,” she chuckled.


“Oh shit,” I laughed. “Then I must be the best guy you’ve dated so far. Or the most boring, anyway.”


“You’re far from boring,” she said, tilting her head to look up at me. “You are the best, too.”


“It’s the dog, right?” I tickled her side.


“You were the best before the dog.” Sookie squirmed on my lap, making her butt wiggle against my thigh.


“Yeah, but the dog helps.” I wasn’t even sure what possessed me to volunteer to act as her dog’s keeper, other than I knew it would make her happy. I could tell myself it was all so Sawyer wouldn’t be lonely but I knew that wasn’t true. The truth was that I did it for Sookie because I saw how sad she was to leave that little Pit behind. I didn’t like it.


“It helps a little. You still would’ve been the best. It sounds cheesy, but you get me. That’s a big deal.”


“Yes it is,” I agreed. Because I was a dork I adopted my silly accent and said, “In mother Russia I would pick you out of catalog.”


“You know it’s Americans that pick from the catalog, right?”


“Play along, woman,” I laughed.


“Oh,” she giggled. Her Russian accent was horrible when she replied again, “In mother Russia I would be the best catalog wife ever. I’d wear hooker heels and have pornstar hair.”


“I would dive into you like polar bear into snow,” I replied, making her laugh. I really loved her laugh.


It took her a few minutes to calm down enough to respond. “I cook borscht in nothing but apron and fake nails.”


I grunted appreciatively.


“You will be having many babies,” I said.


“All strong males, for husband.”


I laughed quietly.


“Good. Husband would kill little shitstains that make pretty daughters cry,” I said.


“Good husband,” she smiled.


I nodded and pulled her closer for a kiss. It didn’t even matter that I had stopped channel surfing on the Home Shopping Network. Sookie’s hand came up to cup the side of my face as our lips met. She licked my bottom lip before doing the same to the top one.


I left my lips parted for her and I let Sookie dictate the pace of the kiss. I didn’t mind that she was taking her time, exploring and trying different things. I liked the way her silky hair felt in my fingers and the little moan that escaped her when my tongue rubbed against hers. Her weight felt good on my lap, just like I enjoyed the feeling of her nipples getting harder as the kiss got deeper and a bit more demanding.


Sookie’s hand slid up to rake through my hair. Our tongues danced slowly as she shifted so she was straddling my lap. I felt her warm center rock against my growing erection. Her soft moans did nothing but turn me on more.


“Are we going to try out the table?” she whispered into the kiss.


“Is that what you want?” I nipped at her soft bottom lip.


“As long as you don’t think we’ll break it.”


“There’s only one way to find out, right?” It would depend on how rough Sookie wanted to get.


“Yep,” she smiled, rocking her hips.


“You’re dangerous.” I tugged her thin top over her head and tossed it across the room.


“How am I dangerous?” She reached down to unbutton my jeans.


“Willing to risk my sexy ass for kitchen table sex…” I tugged down the right cup of her bra and licked the stiff, pink peak.


“Mmm, you could always just bend me over it,” she moaned, dropping her head back.


“I thought about that too,” I said before my tongue swirled around her nipple. “But if the table is weak I’d rather you fall on me.”


“Good husband,” she whispered in her bad accent again.


I lifted my head to kiss her again. It didn’t freak me out that she had called me a good husband twice. I told myself it was probably in large part because I was about to get lucky and I had a topless, sexy woman on my lap ready to do filthy things. Even though I knew it was more than just the promise of good sex, I wasn’t quite ready to think too much about all the things I was feeling where Sookie was concerned.



10 thoughts on “Chapter 14

  1. The walks with the puppy. Long chats while watching said puppy mark his territory. Love is in the air. Its a delight to read the relationship develop into something more. 🙂


  2. It’s only been a few weeks, but it’s like they’ve known each other and been together forever. I think that’s a good thing😊 Eric will be picking out rings soon😍


  3. They both get each other, and its such a great thing when that happens. I love their walk and conversations, whether serious or silly. I think Eric may be looking at rings sooner than later and Jake will have a field day with him!


  4. their relationship is more than sex and that counts on a good one, these two are fun especially when they start in their Russian accents. they get each other . KY


  5. These 2 are so good together because they share a sense of humour – laughing with someone is important to a relationship. Getting each other is why they are gelling so quick. Reading this is like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket with a romcom playing!


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