Chapter 25


I grab a box from the trunk of my car and carry it into Eric’s house. After talking it over with him we decided I’d start bringing my stuff over so that once Dawn moves out I can contact a realtor to get the condo back on the market. That way I’ll just have my furniture to move out and then I’ll need to clean the place so it’s ready for showing. The condo is in good condition so I don’t think there are any repairs I’ll have to make, aside from the few holes in Dawn’s walls that will need patching from the pictures she had hung up in there.

“Honey, I’m home!” I call out to Eric when I walk into the house. For now we’re stacking my stuff in the spare bedroom so I head in that direction.

“Back here!” Eric calls from his bedroom… our bedroom.

I drop the box off in the spare bedroom. There’s are plenty of boxes stacked up and every time I come over I bring another couple with me so there’s less to do on ‘moving day’ next week.

“Hi,” I smile at him when I get to the bedroom.

“Hi,” he smiles back. “Do you have more stuff in the car?”

“Yep, two more boxes. I didn’t realize I had so much stuff until I had to start packing it, and according to Dawn I pack the way I drive,” I tell him.

Eric chuckles and says, “I can grab them and if you need help packing you just have to ask.”

“Thank you, but I’m almost done. Most of what’s left is stuff that I can’t pack until moving day.”

“I can’t wait,” he says and I follow him out toward my car to get the last two boxes.

“Me either. It’ll be nice to be unpacked, organized and all that stuff,” I agree. I grab one of the two boxes and Eric makes sure I take the lighter one of the two.

“And I’ll be like a house husband for the summer. I’ll have dinner ready and the… no, just dinner. You still get laundry,” he winks.

“That’s fine with me. Laundry doesn’t bother me one bit twice,” I assure him. “Dinner duty is all yours.”

“And that’s why we work.”

I smile and follow him into the house. We get my boxes settled with the rest in the spare room and then I go back to the car to grab my overnight bag. I leave my sandals in the bedroom along with my bag and then go to the kitchen to find Eric pulling ingredients out of the fridge. I hear my phone chime from the bedroom so I go back to get it. It’s my brother.

“Don’t you have a night job?” I tease when I answer the phone. Jason’s been running his own restaurant for the last three years now in downtown Shreveport and it’s doing really well.

“You’re gettin’ funny in your old age, sis,” he replies.

As I walk back to the kitchen I say, “Yeah, yeah, I might be another year older now but I’m still prettier than you.”

Eric’s head whips around and he has an eyebrow raised in question.

“Just wait until you get home for Thanksgiving this year. I got two years of birthday whoopins to give ya,” Jason says.

“You try it and you’ll be fishing your balls out the deep fryer,” I warn him, getting me a chuckle from him.

“You doin’ anything special for your birthday?”

“Just having dinner with my awesome boyfriend,” I reply and Eric gives me ‘I’m waiting’ look. “Jase, I gotta go. Eric needs my help with something.”

“That better not be one of them sex euphemisms.”

“Ten points to the pretty boy for using the word ‘euphemism’ correctly. I’ll call you later,” I promise.

Jason chuckles and says, “I love ya, sis. Have fun.”

“I will, big brother. Love you too,” I say and then hang up.

“Sookie, what… when is your birthday?” Eric asks, resting his hands on his hips, looking an awful lot like Sophie.

“Uh, July first… the same it’s been for the last twenty-eight years.”

“As in today?” He looks a little put out.

“I thought I told you when my birthday is…” Did I really not mention that? I don’t make a big fuss out of my birthday anyway so it’s not a big deal.

“No, Sook, you didn’t. Now I feel like a shit boyfriend for not getting you anything.” He turns to the cabinets and starts frantically grabbing new ingredients.

“Babe…” I trail off and hug him from behind. “Eric, it’s okay. I really don’t make a big deal out of my birthday. If I did I would have been dropping hints for weeks about it.”

“I still should’ve known. Hell, I should’ve asked,” he says and starts grabbing mixing bowls.

“Okay so now you know for next year. It’s really not a big deal,” I assure him.

“Okay,” he says, and then stops to look at me. “Chocolate or vanilla?”


“Chocolate or vanilla?” he asks again. He looks at me for a moment and then decides, ” Vanilla. It worked out better for you last time.”

I sigh and take a step back. I’d offer to help but that would probably only further frustrate him. Still, I can’t seem to help myself.

“Can I do anything?” I ask him. We both know I’m a kitchen disaster waiting to happen, but still…

He pauses for a second to look at me. He looks sad, and hurt, and a little frustrated, but he quickly softens. “Go wash your hands. I’ll teach you how to make a cake,” he says eventually.

“Eric, I really didn’t intentionally not mention this to you. I thought that I had,” I tell him. Seeing him hurt is making me want to cry.

“I know, I just wish I would’ve known sooner.”

“Well I can’t turn back time and tell you yesterday so please stop being upset,” I pout. It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to.

“I’ll do my best,” he promises.

“Thank you.” I step closer and give him a kiss before going over to the sink to wash my hands.

“Mom and I used to make cakes from scratch for the guys at the firehouse on their birthdays. I guess Mom did and I just licked the spoons, but I learned in the process.”

I stand back and watch Eric measure different ingredients. It’s pretty awesome that he can just mix up a batch of cake batter anytime he wants. Lord knows that’ll never be me. I have no patience for baking. My mom and grandmother tried to get me into it, but I could always think of something else I’d rather be doing than baking.

“What’s a tsp?” I ask Eric when I get the measuring spoons out for him.

“It’s a teaspoon. That one there is tablespoon,” he explains.

“Wow… I should just never be allowed in a kitchen,” I say as I hand the spoons over.

“You’ll get in the kitchen and you’ll like it sooner or later,” he says confidently.

“My poor future children,” I shake my head.

“With any luck they’ll be with me, so they should be fine.”

“It would be good if at least one parent could cook for them. I’ll probably screw up breast milk.”

“That’s what formula is for,” he says giving me his first smile since finding out it’s my birthday.

“What are you doing for the fourth?” We haven’t made any plans yet.

“I usually swing by to see my parents for a while for fireworks and then I head to the bar with Al. Last year he got super drunk and puked all over the girl he was trying to pick up. He doesn’t drink Jameson anymore.”

I laugh and an evil plan comes to mind.

“If he gets pass out drunk I say we write ‘Ole Glory Hole’ on his head with permanent marker and an arrow going to his mouth,” I suggest.

“Wouldn’t be the first time he’s been written on,” Eric chuckles. “I’m sure he has some good stories about me though, so I shouldn’t be too hard on him.”

“I’m sure he does and I want to hear them all,” I smile.

“The night Vic cut my hair he shaved off one of my eyebrows too,” he admits. “Thankfully they’re blonde so it wasn’t too bad.”

My jaw drops.

“Did you cry when you realized your hair was missing?” He looked sexy with longer hair. I would have been pissed.

“God, yes. It was halfway down my back and he only cut half of it. Al’s mom has pictures,” he chuckles. “I’ve had it cut like this since.”

“Assholes,” I mutter and shake my head.

Eric starts the fancy standing mixer on the counter and turns toward me.

“Come over here,” he says and grabs my arm to pull me into a hug. “I’m really sorry I didn’t know, and I know it’s not either of our faults, it just sucks.”

“Well now you know for future reference, but I’ll tell you that I’ve always kind of hated my birthday. I never wanted a party when I was a kid and it drove my mother crazy,” I confess.

“That’s going to have to change. Birthday’s are a big deal to me,” he shrugs. “Do you want to learn how to grease and flour a pan? No fire or knives needed.”

“Or you could just treat it like it’s any other day of the year,” I suggest, and watch him smear butter around a pan.

“Sookie, there are some things I refuse to budge on.”

“And you’re planting your flag on my birthday?”

“Yes, ma’am. Don’t worry, I’m not going to get crazy and throw you surprise parties. I am going to make sure you get a cake and I may even give you a foot rub,” he says and reaches for the flour.

“Good because I can smell a surprise party from a mile away thanks to my mother,” I warn him.

“I promise,” he assures me.

He sprinkles a little bit of flour into the pan and then shakes and tilts the pan to coat it. I watch him get the rest of the batter together and then he pours it into the buttered and floured pan.

“Do you know how to set a kitchen timer?” he asks and opens the oven.

“That I can do, wiseguy.”

He winks and pops the cake in the oven. “Set it for thirty minutes.”

I lean over and set the timer on the oven.

“All set.” I reach over and start picking up the dirty dishes to wash them.

“No,” Eric says sternly, “No housework today. That’s the other birthday rule.”

“Tyrant.” I set the dishes down.

“You say that now. Just wait till you have your feet up and you’re shoveling delicious birthday cake in your mouth while I’m slaving away making dinner and vacuuming the house.”

“Sounds like a regular Friday night to me,” I joke.

Eric narrows his eyes and goes to start cleaning up the mess.

“How do you feel about enchiladas for dinner?” he asks.

“I feel like you know the way to my heart is through delicious Mexican food.”

“It was going to be tacos, but the oven is already on,” he shrugs. “You know if there’s ever anything you’re craving I can make it for you, right?”

“Enchiladas are enough. Hell, the cake is enough,” I tell him.

“I like being in the kitchen and with all this time off you’ll probably come home to all kinds of tasty things.”

“I’m going to need to join a gym,” I smile and lean against the counter. “Are you sure I can’t clean up? I feel bad just standing here.”

“No one is forcing you to stand there. I still have a huge tub if you want to relax in the bath, or you can go sit on the back porch and watch the squirrels run back and forth between us and the neighbors. You can also do some online shopping and let me pay for whatever you find,” he suggests as he rinses the beater.

“If I online shop I’ll use Vegas money, thank you very much,” I tell him. “And I came over here to spend time with you, not squirrels or your tub. I have a kick ass bathtub at home.”

That son of a bitch has jets and everything in it. It’s not as big as Eric’s, but it’s fancier and I will miss the shit out of it when I’m officially moved out.

“Then you get to sit your pretty ass right here on the counter and watch me do dishes until I start making dinner. You can help with that since we’re doing it together, though,” he says and flicks soapy water at me.

“You’re bossy on my birthday.”

He just shrugs.


She’s insane if she thinks I’m allowing her to do anything on her birthday. It bugs me that I never thought to ask her when her’s was even though we just celebrated mine. It makes me feel selfish, but I’ll find a way to make it up to her.

When I’m done with the dishes I go to the fridge and ask, “Chicken or beef?” She picked beef last time so she may want chicken.

“Doesn’t matter. You pick,” she says.

I grab the pack of chicken breasts and set them on the counter before grabbing two jalapenos and a green bell pepper.

“Get the cutting boards and two knives. You’re helping,” I tell her and close the fridge to go get what I need from the pantry.

“Yes, mein führer,” she snickers.

I shake my head and grab the frying pan plus the baking dish I’ll need.

“Can you wash the peppers?” I ask her instead of demanding this time.

“Sure,” she agrees easily and turns to get busy. As she gets started I throw two tomatoes into a small sauce pan so I can cook them long enough to break the skin.

“Do you just burn things or are you prone to cutting yourself too?” I ask.

“I’m afraid to answer that on the basis that I might jinx myself.”

As she washes the peppers I pull out the onions and start thinking about what I can give her. It would be obvious if I left to go buy her something and clearly she doesn’t want me making big deal out of it. So I decide to ask.

“Since I’ll probably get you something whether or not you want me to, what would you like?”

“I don’t know,” she shrugs. “I don’t really need anything. I’m actually getting rid of stuff right now.”

“Okay.” Nope, not helpful at all.

I’m usually pretty good at gifts when I have time to think of something, but on short notice I’m clueless.

“I’ll be right back,” I say and wash my hands.


I head into my room and grab my cell phone. Mom will give me a good idea. Plus she’s getting to know Sookie, so she will have a clue about what she might like.

“Ma,” I say when she answers, “It’s Sookie’s birthday, what should I get her?”

“You’re waiting until now after all the effort she put into your birthday?” Mom sounds disappointed in me.

“I didn’t find out until an hour ago. She’s not really into birthdays like we are,” I explain. “I have a cake in the oven right now.”

“Seriously, was she abused as a child?” Mom’s serious.

“No, Mother, she was not. Please, help!”

“Is Sookie with you?”

“She’s in the kitchen, I’m in my room.” Shit, Sookie is alone with a knife and the cake should be done soon. I need to hurry.

“Then I guess you’re not leaving the house for a gift. I’d suggest orga–“

“Mom!” She knows those are already on the list. “I’m calling you because I know I can’t leave the house. Stop fucking around and help. Please,” I say frantically.

“Well shit, I don’t know…” she trails off for a moment. “There’s always… no…”

“Always what?” I push.

“The necklace Grandma gave you.”

“I could kiss you!” I say a little too loudly.

“Save it for Sookie,” she replies dryly.

“Thank you, Momma, I love you,” I say and I know I’m grinning from ear to ear. Sookie’s going to love it.

“You’re welcome. I love you too. Bring Sookie with you on the fourth.”

“I’m sure I will, I already let her know what the plans are,” I inform her. “I’ll see you then.”

We hang up and I go open the bottom drawer of my nightstand. When my Grandma Leclerq passed away a few years ago she left me some of her jewelry and a shitton of cash. I was her only grandchild and I was spoiled rotten by that crazy woman. It’s an old round pendant with orange flowers like stained glass. It fits Sookie perfectly.

With the necklace in hand, and my fear of Sookie burning down the kitchen, I rejoin her. She has the bell pepper done and they’re perfect little squares and she appears to have all of her fingers.

“Sorry,” I say, “Those look good.”

“Thanks. So who could you kiss?”

I hold out the necklace and say, “My mom, she reminded me I have this… happy birthday, Honeysuckle.”

Sookie takes the necklace to look at it. She smiles and says, “It’s lovely, but you don’t have to give this to me.”

“Can you please just accept the gift? It was my Grandma Leclerq’s and it’s been sitting in a drawer since she passed away. She would be happy someone is wearing it,” I explain.

Her smile grows and Sookie steps forward to give me a kiss before she says, “Thank you. It’s beautiful and I love it.”

“You’re welcome, and I love you.” The timer on the oven beeps and I smile before heading over to check on it. I can tell just by looking at it, it’s still raw in the center. “Mom suggested orgasms before she remembered I had that.”

“Smart woman,” Sookie smirks.

“I was planning on giving you orgasms before I found out it was your special day.”

‘Because you’re awesome.”

“I have my awesome moments,” I agree.

I go back to check the cake and it’s just about done so I close the oven and take the tomatoes off the stove. I toss them in the sink and run cold water on them to cool enough to peel and then check the cake one last time.

“Done,” I grin and take it out of the oven. “If you really don’t want to help you can sit here and talk to me while I cook.”

“I’ve been helping,” Sookie says. “Those peppers didn’t dice themselves you know.”

“I’ll make a cook out of you yet, Miss Stackhouse,” I smile.

It takes another thirty minutes to get the enchiladas in the oven and we cleaned as we cooked so there isn’t a lot to do in the kitchen.

“Do you want frosting on the cake? Or do you want to dig in now while the enchiladas are cooking? Or,” I say while taking the frosting from the pantry. “We can put a spoonful of frosting in our mouths and then take a bite of cake.”

“Frosting on, but I’ll wait until after dinner,” she says.

She is so not being a good six-year-old with me tonight. I used a 9×13 so I leave it in the pan and spread the frosting on.

“Sorry it’s not fancy. I don’t have anything to write your name on it, but I swear it’ll be tasty,” I tell her. By the time I’m done frosting the cake I can pull dinner out of the oven.

“Eric, it’s fine. I’m sure the cake will be delicious.”

“Sorry,” I sigh. “I get excited and it took me by surprise… I’m just… sorry.”

“It’s okay. It’s sweet that it bothers you,” she says.

“Come here,” I say and tug her closer. I bring her face to mine for a long, sweet kiss before resting my forehead on hers. I start swaying her from side to side as we wait for dinner to cool.

“Feel better now?” she whispers.

“Yes. I get wound up sometimes. Your kisses always make it better though.”

“Good,” she smiles and hugs my waist.

“Mom said I have to bring you to their house on the fourth,” I tell her before I forget.

“Yeah, about that…” Sookie looks up at me. “Your dad called to invite me yesterday. I have no idea how he got my number and I’m not sure I want to know.”

“I didn’t give it to him,” I tell her. “I swear.”

What the hell? Now I’ll have to grill my dad about calling Sookie out the blue, and find out how the fuck he got her number.

Oh shit. He better not have gone into my phone.

“I believe you. I told him I’m not interested in being a sister wife,” she snorts.

“He’s harmless, although now I’m not so sure,” I laugh.

“I’m just covering my bases.”

“Good call. Let’s eat.”

“Yes please.”

Sookie turns and gets out plates for us and hands me one. I take the plate and it takes a couple minutes to get our dinner dished up.

“What do you want to drink? I have wine, water, beer, and soda.”

“Beer. You’ve converted me,” Sookie says as she takes a seat at the table.

“Good.” I can stop buying wine now.

I grab a couple beers and take a seat at the table. “To my Honeysuckle,” I say and hold out my beer toward her.

“Thank you for making me dinner.”

“Thank you for helping, birthday girl.”

All in all, even without knowing, her birthday came out pretty good. She’s going to kill me, but next year she’s getting a surprise party.

♦ ♦ ♦

After dinner Sookie goes to sit in the living room. She’s full, but promised she saved room for cake. I cut a small piece for her and find a candle in my junk drawer, along with a fireplace lighter. I light the candle and walk out to the living room as I lamely sing Happy Birthday to her.

“…Happy birthday to yooooou,” I finish with a smile and set the cake on the table in front of her. “Make a wish, Pumpkin.”

Sookie smiles up at me while she leans forward to blow out the candle.

“Have I told you lately how cute you are?” she asks.

“Yeah, when I did the truffle shuffle for you last night,” I wink.

“Goonies never say die,” she recites while plucking the candle from the cake.

“And you, my dear, are a Goonie.” I sit down next to her and wrap my arm around her shoulder. “I’m not even going to ask what you wished for,” I tell her and kiss her temple.

“Good because I wouldn’t tell you.” Sookie picks up her cake with her fingers and takes a bite. “Mmm… yummy,” she says with her mouth full, and offers me the cake in her hand.

I take a small bite and hum in appreciation.

“If you spill a little down your top I wouldn’t mind going in after it,” I say, leering at her.

“I’m not wasting this cake you worked hard on,” she says and takes another bite.

“It wouldn’t be wasting,” I remind her and brush her hair over her shoulder so I can lean down and gently kiss her neck.

“If it’s not going in my mouth, it’s wasting.”

“Not if it’s going in mine,” I whisper and suck lightly on her jaw.

“Keep that up and the floor is going to get your cake.”

“Keep what up?” I ask. I let my hand glide over her tits and move back to nibble on her ear.

“You know what.”

I gently extract the plate from her hands and set it on the coffee table. I cup her face in mine and give her a passionate kiss, licking her tongue with my own. Sookie tastes like the cake and frosting, and she moans into the kiss. Her arms wrap around my neck her fingers start playing in my hair. I moan and pull back from the kiss only to move down her neck. One of my hands moves to her hair and the other drifts down her body, landing on her hip.

“How would you like your birthday orgasms given to you?” I whisper against her skin.

“Surprise me. You’ve never let me down before,” she says.

“Yes, dear,” I smirk and make her squeak when I grab her hips and pull her out so her butt is at the edge of the couch. Our eyes lock and I start inching her skirt up her thighs. “It’s my turn for dessert,” I purr.

She giggles softly and I reach under her skirt to pull her panties off. Sookie sweetly lifts her hips for me. I look down after tossing them behind me and lick my lips. I push her thighs back and dip down to slowly lick through her slit.

Sookie sucks in a breath and gathers her long skirt up around her waist so it’s out of my way. I don’t want to waste time teasing her so I close my eyes and I moan when I work my tongue inside her opening. I reach over to rub her clit with my thumb.

“Happy birthday, Lover,” I whisper and start sucking on her lips before I move my thumb down to rub her entrance and suck her clit.

“Mmm… thank you,” she moans and her hips shift a little bit.

I hum, sending vibrations through her core. My thumb dips inside of her and I twist a little, rubbing in and out before I decide to give her what she needs. I suck two fingers to get them wet, slowly work them in and wiggle until I find her spot. Look up her body, searching for her eyes as I begin to rub… quickly.

Sookie moans loudly and her eyes close. Her hand blindly reaches out and grabs my hair.

“So… good,” she pants and her hips move with my fingers.

I groan and keep my fingers moving while I tilt my head to massage her clit with my tongue again. Her hips jerk and her grip on my hair tightens. She’s getting close.

“Keep going, Eric. Make me cum for you,” she moans.

As the lady wishes.

I don’t stop, or change angles. I’ve gone down on her enough times to know how to get off quickly. This is the most effective way, and I plan on giving her as many orgasms as she can handle.

Her walls begin to flutter and I groan, “Cum for me, Princess, you can do it.”

It takes another minute but then her back arches and Sookie cries out when she cums. Her thighs try to close but I don’t let them.

“Yesyesyesyes,” Sookie chants while her walls pulse around my fingers.

“Ah… that’s good,” I say as I pull back, but my fingers keep slowly moving inside of her. “You want more?”

Sookie nods her head while she tries to catch her breath.

I’ll give my girl whatever she wants. So I dip back down and forty minutes, and several orgasms later she’s pushing my head away. Very fucking satisfied.

Breakeven 25 Eric



4 thoughts on “Chapter 25

  1. I’m loving this rather angst-free story. Alcide was a clod a couple chapters back, and I’m surprised Sookie didn’t take his balls for earrings =but I know she goaded him along about the faux wedding….. again, great story!


  2. I’d be happy with a birthday like that… being cosseted & cared for, with good food, cake & orgasms. Just forget the party Eric!


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