Chapter 6: Every Heartbeat


“This kid is out of control,” I say when Dr. Fant squeezes goo on my belly for my second ultrasound. Last time it was too early to hear the heartbeat, but I’m hoping we can now at ten weeks and four days.

“Why’s that?” she asks as she presses the wand to my belly.

“Look at this bump. Isn’t it too soon to be showing like this? I’m not even out of the first trimester and most people think I’m into the fourth month already.” I’m going to have beach ball belly before I know it. Butterball has to be a few weeks ahead in size of where he should be. I blame Eric for this.

“The baby is bigger than normal, but it’s not unusual. The baby seems to be taking after Papa Bear,” she tells me. Eric has a wide grin when she says that.

“Yuck it up. Just wait until this kid destroys my vagina and it’s like a hotdog in a hallway down there,” I say.

“It’ll go back to normal,” he shrugs as he reaches over to hold my hand.

“If this little bugger keeps growing like it is you’re more than likely going to be having a C-section,” Dr. Fant tells me. “See that?” she points out a little bulb looking thing.

“Uh huh. Is that the head?”

“Yep,” she smiles.

“Yep, that’s Eric’s kid. He’s got a giant head,” I smirk.

Dr. Fant looks at Eric before she starts to chuckle. “They all start with big heads,” she says. “You want to see if I can find the heartbeat?”

“Yes, please.” I could hardly sleep last night because I was trying to imagine what it would sound like. Then there was the worry that maybe I’d miscarry somewhere between the shower and my exam. I ended up pacing for almost an hour before Alcide caught me in the hallway on his way out to work.

Al and I get along okay. He’s never taken sides when it comes to Eric and me. I know Eric is his best friend and that’s the side he’d choose if he was ever forced to, but he knows damn well that Eric isn’t perfect. Relationships, no matter the sort, all go through growing pains. Eric and Al are no exception.

He won’t say it because you aren’t ready to hear it, but he’s still ass backwards in love with you, Sook. He always will be…

Dr. Fant hits a button on the keyboard and then I hear what sounds like galloping horses. Holy smokes…

“Is that it?” I ask.

“That’s it,” Dr. Fant confirms with a small smile.

“Sookie,” Eric whispers, but leaves it at that.

I stare at the screen. This time I can see it clearly. That tiny head, little buds for arms and legs… Wow…

Of course the tears come pretty much immediately. It hits me that I don’t even know this tiny person but I’m in love with it already. I never really thought too much about the possibility that I could lose the pregnancy until last night. Maybe four or five weeks ago I wouldn’t have been that upset, but now? Now I’d be devastated if I lost the baby. We’ve been buddies. I really, really want this kid.

Eric lifts my hand to kiss the back. His eyes are on the screen as well while Dr. Fant moves the wand around my belly.

“Is it normal to feel like this?” he asks the doctor.

“I’ve seen all ranges of reactions,” she smiles. “This is usually my favorite ultrasound to do. It’s usually a happy day.”

“What if you can’t find a heartbeat?” I ask, even though I think I know the answer to that. Dr. Fant’s frown confirms it.

“I do my best to comfort the mother and explain that sometimes nature is cruel, but it’s not her fault. Miscarriages, as best we can tell, occur because something goes wrong in the baby’s development. Right now, based on size, heart rate and what I can see, I don’t think you need to worry. I see no obvious deformities here. Your baby looks to be developing perfectly,” she tells me.

I’m relieved to hear it. It’s of course possible that something could change, but for right now Butterball is perfect.

Thank you, God.

Eric leans over to give me a soft peck. “Thanks for making me a perfect little Butterball,” he whispers.

I nod but can’t really think of the right words to say. My eyes shift back to the screen and when I sneeze suddenly, it makes the baby freak out. Those tiny buds go moving in all directions.

“Oh wow,” Eric chuckles. “That happens every time?”

“It does. Everything Sookie does affects the baby,” Dr. Fant tells him.

“That’s so funny that he freaks out like that,” I laugh too. “So loud noises and stuff will probably wake him or her up later on.”

“Most likely. Unless you have a heavy sleeper,” she tells me. “I’ll be able to get pictures today that you can understand,” Dr. Fant chuckles.

“That’s good. I think the grandparents will be excited to see them.” The thing between Dad and me is more about anger that Mom is gone at all. She was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer two months after her fifty-sixth birthday. Doctors gave her less than a year to live. She made through one more Christmas and died at home, in her own bed, on March fifth three years ago.

“Mom will want one for her desk,” Eric says.

“We can get one framed for mother’s day,” I suggest. “You’re positive there’s only one in there, right? I didn’t think I’d have a bump already.”

“No two pregnancies are alike, Sookie. Don’t bother comparing what your pregnancy looks like to someone else’s,” Dr. Fant advises. “You’re healthy and so is the baby. I’m only seeing and hearing one. You’ve just got a big one growing in there, that’s all. Size wise, he or she is measuring at twelve weeks.”


I’ll definitely be having a C-section. I might as well start planning for that now.

“Any questions?” Dr. Fant asks.

“Yeah, I have a few,” I say. I read an article the other day about pitocin possibly being an identifying marker for Autism. The study is inconclusive, but given that women gave birth for centuries without the use of the drug, I don’t want to take any chances.

If I’m going to be growing a giant it increases my chances of needing a C-section anyway. I don’t know if I believe that vaccines cause Autism, but I’m looking into research on that too. So far I haven’t been able to find any real, significant research that supports the theory, but I’m looking around.

I ask my questions and then look to Eric once they’re answered. I don’t know if he’s given any thought to the kind of stuff I inquired about, but he looks a little overwhelmed. Poor guy.

“I uh… I don’t think I have any other questions…” Yeah, he didn’t think about it. “Looks like I have more reading to do,” he says quietly.

He’s cute.

Dr. Fant wants me back the following month to check my progress but I won’t have another ultrasound until I get to the twenty week mark. She sends out with pictures of Butterball and I stop at the desk to make my next appointment. Hopefully Eric and I won’t end up arguing in the car all the way to my office like last time.

“Are you okay?” He’s being freakishly quiet considering what just happened.

“Yeah,” he nods. “It’s just… it’s fuckin’ real now. Like really real and it’s a little scary.”

“I think it’s exciting,” I say as we get off the elevator and step into the parking garage.

“I’m going to be a horrible parent. I hadn’t even thought about Autism or anything. I just expect a normal, healthy baby. It’s scary,” he repeats. “I’m going to do some reading before work.”

“Eric, expecting a healthy baby doesn’t mean you’re going to be a horrible parent. I was talking with some of the ladies at work who have kids and one of them has a son with low grade Autism. She’s the one who pointed me to the study about pitocin. It got my interest so I did some reading.” I don’t think anyone really expects an unhealthy baby until a doctor mentions a potential problem.

Butterball looks healthy but he could be born deaf or blind. He could have a cleft palate or alopecia or a lazy eye. There are billions of things that could go wrong. Frankly, when I think about it, a healthy baby is a miracle. Comparatively, low grade autism isn’t as bad as it could get. It’s completely manageable and it’s certainly not fatal. All the same, if there’s something I can do to further decrease the chance of my kid ending up with an avoidable syndrome, I’ll do it. I can give birth without pitocin.

“Yeah,” he sighs, “Now that we’ve seen him wiggling around and hearing his heart, it just scares me. I’m sure I’ll get over it. Especially once we meet him.”

“You will. I think everything is going to turn out okay. Four weeks ago I wasn’t so sure about it, but now? I think you and I have bounced back pretty well,” I say. We haven’t talked about the sex we had the day we told our parents about baby but I chalk it up to high emotions. We haven’t had any sleepovers since then, or any kind of sexual contact.

“We’ll see,” he sighs again. “I’m excited, but I feel like I’m more scared than the average new parent.”

“Don’t be.” I reach for his hand and give it a squeeze. “You’re going to be a great dad, Eric. The fact that you’re scared is a good thing because it means that you care, and right there you have your own dad beat.”

“I guess I do,” he says sadly without looking at me.

“Shit. I’m sorry. I meant that as a good thing.”

“I know; that doesn’t make it hurt less,” he tells me.

“I’m sorry,” I say again. I shouldn’t have brought that up.

We go quiet for the rest of the ride to my office. This time Eric gets a kiss before I exit the car. There aren’t any squealing tires, although a limo driver honks at him for stopping to let me out. I give the guy the finger before going inside the building.

After a quick stop at the café for one of their overnight oatmeal parfait things and a blueberry bagel, I head upstairs. I’m surprised to find Dawn waiting for me with a look on her face that says the shit has hit the fan. Either that or the Bachelor picked the wrong girl in the final rose ceremony. Dawn takes that shit way too seriously.

“What’s the damage?” I sigh. I’m afraid to ask, but I’m going to find out.

“Big boss is in your office,” she says ominously.

“Okay…” I’m not worried about that. Russell usually calls me if there’s something important going on I need to know about but he knows I had a doctor’s appointment this morning.

“Jennifer Cater walked out this morning. I don’t know the details, though I heard it wasn’t pretty.”

“That’s… That sucks.” Jennifer is – was – my Seattle counterpart. For her to walk out without warning is a clusterfuck.

“Uh huh. I thought I’d warn you so it’s not a shock when Russell tells you.”

“Thanks. I’ll show you baby pictures later,” I promise and head for my office. Sure enough, Russell is sitting at my desk with an epic sourpuss on.

“How was the appointment?” he starts. “Is all okay with the baby?”

“Everything is great. He or she is measuring ahead of schedule, so we’ll see how that goes,” I smile. “Thanks for asking.”

“I’m glad everything is going well. Would you like to have a seat? I have news. You may want to sit for it.”

“That doesn’t sound good.” I hang up my jacket and then take a seat in front of my desk. “Hit me with it.”

“I’m going to need you to go to Seattle. As I’m sure you’ve heard, Jennifer Cater walked out this morning with no notice.”

“Oh… No, I hadn’t,” I say. “I’m sorry to hear that. Of course I can go to Seattle. How long will I be there?”

“That’s the bad news. I don’t know. Until we can find a replacement for her and as you know, that can be tricky,” he sighs.

“I do. So we’re talking potential long-term? Russell, I can’t transfer–”

“I’m not asking you to go permanently,” he says, cutting me off. “I’m sure you’ll be home before you go on maternity leave.”

“I have to be back in four weeks for another doctor’s appointment and I can’t fly after thirty weeks,” I warn him. “I have no problem going as long as we’re clear it can’t be permanent.”

“I promise we’ll work as hard as possible to find a replacement. We may ask for some input from you. If we have to I don’t mind flying you home for you doctor’s appointment,” he tells me.

“Well hopefully I’ll be home before then. I’m guessing I’ll be leaving immediately?”

“We’ll give you a day to pack. I have a flight booked for you tomorrow evening. First class, of course.”

“Alright,” I nod. “Then I’ll get things in order here. Will you be flying out with me?”

“I will,” he nods.

“Okay. Well, I’ll be in touch with the staff in Seattle overnight and hopefully I’ll have a plan put together by the time we have feet on the ground out there.” I guess I won’t be sleeping much tonight.

“Thank you, Sookie. I need to go. I have calls to make,” he sighs as he stands from my desk.

That makes two of us.

Unfortunately I’m going to have to tell Eric face to face. If I tell him over the phone he’ll just come over anyway and ask me a billion questions I can’t answer. For now, though, I need to focus on work. Eric can wait.


This is one of those rare nights I have to work the bar. Ginger called out sick and Felicia had plans already, so she couldn’t take her place. Chow is a hard worker, but we’re starting to get busy and I don’t trust Tommy to serve drinks yet. He’s been my barback for four months. He’s good, just not good enough.

It’s still fairly early so I don’t have to be on the floor right this second, but I’m out anyway, stocking the beer. I’m crouched behind the bar when Chow kicks my foot to get my attention.

“Baby mama, eleven o’clock,” he tells me. I stand up to see Sookie walking toward the bar.

I haven’t seen her in the bar since Valentine’s Day.

“Hey, everything alright?” I ask as she approaches the bar.

“Butterball is fine, but he’s about to go on his first plane ride,” she says. Sookie looks exhausted.

“Uh… come on,” I say as I walk around the bar to lead her back to my office.

“I have to fly out to Seattle tomorrow,” she says as we walk. “Jennifer walked out this morning and I’ll be there until we get someone new in the position. It could be a few days or a few weeks. I’ll be staying with Russell at his house out there–”

“A few weeks?” I say, cutting her off. “What do you mean a few weeks. We have appointments, Sookie.” I’m not mad, I’m concerned. I don’t like her being so far away from her normal doctor, or me. I close the door behind us and move to lean on my desk.

“I know we do. Russell assured me that I will be back in time for my next appointment. Just to be safe, I called Dr. Fant to see if she recommended anyone out that way and there’s a Dr. Amanda Knox that she says is a spectacular obstetrician, so if anything goes wrong I’ll go see her.”

I reach out to take her hand so I can pull her closer. I know I can’t tell her to say no, she can’t go, but I don’t like this one fuckin’ bit.

“I know it doesn’t matter what I think since I’m hanging out here on the outside waiting, but being gone so long worries me,” I tell her as I place my hand on Butterball.

“I’ll be okay. Russell knows I can’t go full speed like I usually do, but this pregnancy thing is teaching me to delegate tasks to the people on my team. I promise I won’t push myself too hard,” she says.

“I’m going to miss so much.” I don’t mean to pout. “And you’re leaving tomorrow?” I rub over the baby. I don’t like this. Not at all.

“I have to be at O’Hare by three,” she confirms.

This is bullshit. I’m sure Sookie can tell I’m really fucking annoyed by this. I know anything I say will probably piss her off, so pull her into a hug.

“I’m going to miss you guys,” I tell her. I know it can potentially be a few days but with my luck it’ll be for the next two fucking months.

“I’ll miss you too. For what it’s worth, I’m not happy about this. I’d rather stay here too. Russell knows I’m not going to transfer and I can’t fly after thirty weeks, so at the most I’ll be gone eighteen weeks–”

“No,” I state firmly. “I’m not going to miss the whole fuckin’ pregnancy. I’m not going to miss out on talking to my baby. I’m not going to miss the first few kicks. I get that you have sole custody, but I’m not going to sit on the goddamn sidelines waiting. Tell Russell he can fuck off. Four weeks is long enough.”

“Eric, this is my job! I can’t do that. I don’t want to be gone for that long either but I don’t have some rich family member about to die that’s going to leave me millions. I have to work, even if that means being in Seattle temporarily,” she argues.

“Your job can suck my dick, Sookie. This is my child. That may not mean much to you, but means everything to me. I’ll tell Russell you can’t be gone. I’ve met the guy. He’s not going to tell you know and he sure as hell isn’t going to fire you. I let you go over your fuckin’ job before. I’m not letting my baby go for it. You can figure something out, but there’s no goddamn way you’re leaving for eighteen fuckin’ weeks.” Fuck that shit.

“I’m sorry; did I say I was here for your vote?” Sookie snaps back at me. “You lost me because you were a possessive prick who got jealous of the guys I was working with–”

“I wasn’t fuckin’ possessive! I didn’t have a fuckin’ girlfriend anymore,” I yell. “Call me whatever the fuck you want, but we split because you couldn’t take a goddamn night off! Not. This. Time. You want possessive? I’ll get fuckin’ possessive over my baby. That’s community fuckin’ property, no matter where he’s hanging out.”

“And as long as he’s in my body he goes where I go, so get over it! You don’t get a fucking vote! I know you hate it when I say no or you don’t get your way but it’s a fucking fact of life! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to fucking go home and pack my shit!” Sookie turns to leave. “Fucking dickhead!”

I hold my hand against the door when she tries to open it. “No,” I growl.

“Fuck you, Eric! You can’t keep me here!” Sookie tries to pull my hand away from the door. “You stubborn horse’s ass!”

I’ll be a stubborn horse’s ass all fuckin’ day. If she walks out now I don’t know when I’ll see her next. She’s fuckin’ infuriating. I don’t know I’m going to do it until it happens. I grab her jaw, tilting her head up and crash my lips to her in one of those angry kisses.

She shoves at my chest, even though Sookie kisses me back. “You asshole!” she yells when the kiss breaks. She immediately turns for the door again.

“I’m an asshole because I’m going to potentially miss out on months of my baby growing,” I state. My heart is being ripped out and I’m sure she can hear it in my voice.

“You’re an asshole for thinking that this is all about you,” she replies. “You always think it’s about you and it’s not. This is my job, Eric, not a fuckin’ vacation I’m goin’ on.”

“It’s not all about me, but it has an effect on me. What if the tables were turned, Sookie? How would you feel if I took a part of you halfway across the country? The trip isn’t about me, but you have to realize you have two other people to think about now. You’re selfish too. Don’t act like it’s just me. You’ve never given two shits about my feelings about things, because I’m just thinking about me. Fuck you, Sookie.” That’s never been the case. She just can’t see past her own goddamn selfishness to see that. I tried fighting for us but it quickly turned into fuck you Eric, I’m going to do me.

“So I’m a jerk for having goals and ambition? I supported you completely while this place was still unknown. I tolerated the late nights and being blown off so you could take care of your business. I even looked the other way when you flirted with other women. But I’m a selfish bitch for doing my job because it’s not convenient for you,” she says as angry tears roll down her cheeks. “I don’t fucking need this shit from you, Eric. I didn’t have to come all the way over here to tell you I’m leaving, but I did. You know, like a selfish asshole I thought you might actually sympathize with me and the fact that I don’t really want to go, but don’t have a choice unless I want to quit. Now will you please get the fuck away from me?”

“No,” I say quietly. “I don’t want you to go yet.” I’m hurt and damn near close to tears. She knows I’ve never handled my emotions well. “Not yet.”

“Too fuckin’ bad.” She pushes me back but I don’t go anywhere. “Eric, I’m serious!”

“So am I.” I love this girl more than anyone. I’m not letting her go like this. “I’m going to live up to my selfish name. I don’t want you to go yet.”

“Well what the hell do you even fucking want me here for if I’m so fucking terrible?!” she yells at me. “If I’m such a shitty person you should be thrilled to be rid of me!”

Stupid girl.

I’m sure it’s going to piss her off more but I have to do it again. I cup her face, holding her jaw so she can’t move. This time when I kiss her it’s backed with every single emotion I’m feeling. The love, the anger, the hurt…

She fights it at first, but those balled up fists that initially pummel my chest start to clutch at my shirt instead. Sookie lets out an angry little growl and bites my bottom lip. I suck her top lip in response as I start to walk her backwards toward my desk. My hands thread through her hair, moving her head where I need it as my tongue slides between her lips. I don’t want her to go but I don’t have a say. I’m going to miss the hell out of her even if it’s for a few days.

Sookie tries to push me away again when we reach the desk but it’s all for show. I know her well enough to know that if she really wanted me off of her she’d knee me in the balls without hesitation. Instead she starts to unzip my jeans.

I moan into the kiss as I reach down to hook her leggings. I start to push them down, stopping to cup her ass when they hit her thighs. My hands are big enough that I’m able to dip my hand between her legs from behind to rub her opening. Sookie reaches into my jeans, wrapping her warm hand around my shaft. Mmm, that feels good.

She breaks the kiss and to my surprise, she drops to her knees. I see one of her hands reach down to play with her clit while her swollen lips wrap around my tip. She doesn’t waste any time either, she starts bobbing up and down my shaft quickly.

“Goddamn,” I groan. I haven’t had a Sookie blow job in a while. I don’t remember if I got one the night Butterball was conceived. I got way too drunk. I keep my hand in her hair to help guide her mouth. As good as this feels, I want more. I want to bend her over the desk and drive into her cunt. “I want to fuck you,” I growl.

She hums and on the next pass I feel her swallow my head so I can keep pushing forward until her lips are at my base. Sookie moans and then pulls back a few seconds later.

Not the fucking I was thinking of but it works. I start to pump my hips. My eyes are on hers as I slide down her throat again.

“You know if I cum down your throat I’m going to make you cum over and over until I’m hard again so I can make you cum on my dick, right?” I say in a low, throaty growl.

Sookie moans again for me. “Mmhmm,” she confirms, making my dick vibrate.

“Good.” I hold her head in place and I start to fuck her throat. Sookie is the only girl that’s ever swallowed my cock. I’m too big for most to take so deep. “Mmm, you want to swallow my cum, baby? I’m not going to last. Your throat feels so goddamn good.”

Sookie groans again and her free hand comes up to gently caress and tug on my sac. That does it. I lose it, holding her head down as I explode. Fuuuuuck.

“Get up,” I command, tugging her of my cock so I can help her to her feet. I pull her leggings down, farther and turn her around. “Hands on the desk.” I haven’t even started to go soft yet and something tells me I won’t.

Sookie’s still trying to catch her breath while she puts her hands on the desk. “Don’t blow air on me down there. It could cause a miscarriage,” she says.

“I know.” I’ve done more research than she thinks. “Do you want to go the safe route?” I ask as I probe her core with two fingers. “Should I just fuck you with my fingers?” I push my fingers in deep, twisting to search for her sweet spot.

“Ohhh… Fuuuuuck.” Sookie’s head drops when I find the spot and her back arches.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” I purr. My fingers rub over her g-spot faster. I lean in close to suck her neck just below her ear. “I can still get down there and suck on this juicy clit,” I whisper against her ear as my thumb brushes the swollen bud.

“Ohmygod,” she pants. “Eric… Oh fuckfuckfuck…” Her walls are already pulsing.

“Is that a yes?” My free hand moves up to wrap loosely around her throat. “Or do you want me to make you cum now so I can pull your hips back and drive into your sweet little pussy?” My words alone can make her gush.

“Fuck… Fuck me,” she moans and drops down so her upper body is resting on the desk.

“That’s my girl.” I pump my cock in my hand a few times before I remove my fingers. I bring them to my mouth to suck them clean as I line my tip up with her core. Once I’m inside of her I reach up to grab her shoulder and drive in hard, making her gasp. I don’t waste time. I start pounding into her hard, letting all of my emotions go with every long, deep thrust.

Sookie covers her mouth to muffle her moans and her other hand slaps the top of my desk. Her walls grip my shaft as her first orgasm hits her hard. I keep drilling into her, right through her orgasm. Because I can, I reach under her body to rub her clit, prolonging her release. When her body starts to go limp I shift my hand from her shoulder to her throat. I slow my hips and lift her body so her back is to my chest.

“I know you don’t want to go,” I whisper. “I’m going to go fuckin’ insane missing you two.” I move my hand from her clit to rest over Butterball as I slowly pump in and out so she can calm down some.

“I’ll miss… Mmm… Miss you too,” she moans. Sookie turns her head for a kiss and rubs her ass against me.

I lick her top lip before I deepen the kiss. I wrap one arm around her shoulders to hold her as I grind against her. I bend her over the desk again. She catches herself on her hands so I break the kiss to stand up. I hold onto her hips and look down to watch my shaft disappear inside of her over and over. I start to swivel as I push into her. The anger is gone, only to be replaced with affection.

“I need to feel you cum again, baby,” I tell her quietly as I fill her again and again, grinding against her ass on each in stroke.

Sookie moans and reaches down to play with her clit. She makes these sounds that have my dick twitching and pulsing inside of her.

“Yes,” I pant. I speed up just enough so my hips are slapping against her ass. Her walls start to flutter again, signaling an approaching orgasm. “Take me with you, baby. Make me cum for you,” I pant as I get closer and closer with each deep thrust.

“Ohmygod, ohmygod, oh fuck,” Sookie breathes. She covers her mouth again right before she cries out with her release. I can feel her juices running down my sac.

She does as I asked and her orgasm coaxes mine from me with a deep groan. My hips grind into her ass as I fill her with my release. “Goddamnit,” I groan, landing a semi-hard smack on her ass. I squeeze her cheeks as my hips jerk against her with aftershocks.

Sookie goes a little limp and whimpers softly, but she quickly straightens up. “I should go,” she says after a minute.

“I know.” I cup her face and tilt her head up for a soft kiss. “I’m sorry I flipped out on you, Sookie.”

“No you’re not,” she says with a little smile. “You’re never sorry for the awful shit you say. Neither am I.”

I nod as I brush her hair back. “Let me take you to the airport tomorrow.”

“Only if you give me your word that you’ll behave and swear not to be rude or insulting to my boss if you happen to see Russell,” she says.

“I promise.” I want to punch Russell in his fuckin’ trachea for taking Sookie and Butterball from me, but this is important to her. I hope like hell they’re only gone a few days.

“Okay. Then be at my place by two,” Sookie instructs as she fixes her clothes. “I’ll even leave my heavy ass luggage on the bed so you can lift it for me.”

“Deal.” I tuck my cock away. I need to get out to the bar too.

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow, Grumpy.”

“I might even show up early with a snack for Butterball,” I chuckle.

“Try not to get him fried food. My ass has gone from curvy to lumpy,” she pouts.

“Your ass looks fantastic,” I shrug. “I’ll get you something healthy though.”

“You’ve clearly been deprived of good pussy lately.” Sookie picks up her purse. “See you tomorrow.”

I have. She’s the only girl I’ve been with since Nora. That may have to change in the coming weeks. Maybe no more girls friends though.

I walk Sookie out. If I didn’t have to cover the bar I’d drive her home…

“Want a ride home?” We aren’t busy yet and I know she has to get shit done tonight.

“At this time of day the trains are faster,” she reminds me.

“Okay. Be careful.” I give the baby a little rub before I kiss her head.

I watch her walk out of the bar. I’m pissed, she knows it, and I don’t think it’s fair. I have to live with it though. I’m sure Russell could’ve found someone else to take her place or done the damn job himself. Fucker. It’s only a few days, or so I’ll tell myself. I have to tell myself that or I’ll find a way to shut down the fuckin’ airport to keep her here.


11 thoughts on “Chapter 6: Every Heartbeat

  1. I like that Sookie was able to admit that she will miss eric. I would reacted how Eric did if I was in his shoes. I hope Eric wasn’t serious about getting some elsewhere . I know they never had the talk, but here is to hoping he doesn’t. The moment in the doctors was well described, it brought back memories .


  2. When is he going to see that if he’s still thinking like that, that he’ll need to go elsewhere for sex because she’s out of town, or, I don’t know- recovering from having his baby, that they’ll never be together. They’ll never work out. This trip is a good timing. Maybe space will add some perspective for both of them. Sookie may be selfish and stubborn but she has a baby and her future to think about. Eric can love her and the baby all he wants but in the long run he still doesn’t get it. I hope something opens his eyes before it’s to late and she finds a keeper. Even if she’s not looking for one.


  3. Eric is a womanizer, immediately thinking to find a woman. He wants a relationship with Sookie but clearly she did not take it seriously and do not see them together in the short term … just fuck;). Sookie maybe find someone else? Waiting for more 🙂


  4. Oh Eric- sex is not just a bodily function to most women. You go looking elsewhere for stress relief and selfish is the least of your worries! And Sookie? No on me writes ‘Great Worker’ on your gravestone! Time to rearrange priorities!!


  5. A giant growing in Sookie thanks to Eric will have it’s real effects later on in the pregnancy. Having to go Seattle for a few days or weeks is manageable for Eric, but more than that I’m sure he’ll meet her in Seattle. It’s more than just missing the pregnancy changes, Eric will miss seeing Sookie 😍


  6. Eric’s idea to look for sex somewhere else is obviously a terrible one and he needs to realise what the consequences of that might be, even if Sookie did tell they’re not getting back together – he’s not going to change her mind by acting this way!
    On the other hand, I’d really like for Sookie to take a minute and think of how it would make her feel if he did, and stop sending him mixed signals.
    As for the work thing – girl needs to learn how to find a middle ground! It’s all great and admirable that she’s proud of being good at her job and wants to still be a reliable employee, but she really had some room for negotiation here with getting so little notice from Russell and no clue as to how long he expects her to be there – it’s not always all or nothing!


  7. Oh boy. Eric’s captain caveman routine is just the spark that Sookie’s powder keg of hormones needs to light them both up. She hasn’t even caught wind of his plan to find good pussy while she’s away. She may deal just fine with his girlfriends under normal circumstances, but there is nothing normal about a pregnant and stressed out mama. Good luck sir, I hope you have a heavy duty cup!


  8. Oh boy, both of these characters need to get their heads out of their asses! Sookie is independent but it’s to the point that she’s just being head strong and stubborn for no real reason. Eric tries to push for more and wants to be a part of the baby’s life, but she’s getting all emotional over him trying to ‘control her’, when really I don’t think that’s his goal at all. So she just ends up pushing him away.

    Eric on the other hand wants a real relationship with Sookie deep down, but he has yet to really make that clear. He pushes for more but then hides behind wanting sex, which is not going to make Sookie think he has grown up at all. Plus he thinks he needs to have sex with someone else while she is away?! That shows his level of maturity right there. He can’t be sort of pushing for more with Sookie and then sleeping with someone else just because she isn’t around for a couple weeks. If he was mature enough, he wouldn’t need her to tell him they have some official commitment to each other to keep it in his pants for a couple weeks.

    Yeesh! These two are going to drive me nuts! Love the story, as always thank you for writing! I love having these chapters posted so I can escape work for a bit each day. =)


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