Chapter 3: Kisses and Cuddles

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It took about an hour to get to my house thanks to the traffic on the Ventura Highway. My house was also on a hill, but it wasn’t suspended in the air, resting on steel beams. I liked that I wasn’t in the city. Well, not the downtown area. San Rafael Hills were closer to Pasadena than downtown Los Angeles. I directed Eric to pull into my driveway. I had a two car detached garage. A flight of concrete steps led to the front door and a garden in the back. I loved the gardens and the peacefulness of the outdoor living space I had. As much as I sometimes wanted to get out of stripping I couldn’t afford my house anymore if I did.

“Home sweet home,” I said when his Escalade stopped.

“This is a nice place,” he smiled. “I’m sure you feel a lot safer here than in my house.”

“It is a lot more sturdy.” My house was on a solid concrete base. It was a blend of wood, concrete and glass that came together beautifully.

“You need to live on the edge,” he teased. Eric lifted my hand to kiss my fingertips.

“I think I did plenty of that last night,” I said. “So… last night was fun. So was this morning in the kitchen and then in the shower and then the garage…” He was a machine.

“Very fun,” he agreed. “Would you be interested in doing it again? Maybe after dinner out of the house…”

“You mean like a real date?”

“Clothes and everything for a couple hours,” he nodded.

“Clothes, huh? That’s a big deal for people like us.”

“I’m tellin’ ya, I like to be adventurous,” Eric said with a cute little grin, showing off his overbite.

I kind of liked the idea that he could be a sexy nerd. He had a lot of books in his house. Brain dead he was not. I’d managed to rack up a few college credits, but I still didn’t know what I’d do with my life if I wasn’t stripping. Wife and mother was probably out of the running.

“Are you a read the last page of the book first kind of guy?” I asked.

“No. I like to live the story as I read it. If I read the last page first I know how it all turns out no matter what twists and turns there are. It lets the imagination work a little harder.”

“That’s cool. I was just curious. So… I’ll see you soon?”

“Say when. I have an event to go to on Friday night, and I shoot again next Monday and Tuesday. I’m free the rest of the days.”

“How many scenes do you shoot a year?” I knew Ginger’s contract had her committed to four feature films a year, but she was still in demand. I wasn’t sure if it was the same for the guys.

“Depends. With my production company I can film every day if I choose to. I’ve been in and out of the industry for the last ten years. Sometimes I go months without doing a shoot, other times I’m at it every day for months at a time. I’m comfortable with one to two scenes per week when I’m single.”

“So you don’t work when you’re dating someone?” I didn’t stop working. Then again, the last few guys I dated met me at the club, so they knew what was up when we hooked up.

“Depends on the girl. If I’m dating another porn star, they usually don’t have a problem with it. I’ve dated a couple girls that got off on watching me fuck other women. I’ll also take them on set if they’re comfortable with it so they can see how it works. I’ve met a few girls that had no idea who I was, and when I told them what I do for a living they were understandably uncomfortable with it.”

“So it wouldn’t bother you if you saw me grinding on other men in a club?” I didn’t really want to deal with jealousy, but I’d be lying if I said somewhere deep down I didn’t want the guy I’m with to be possessive enough to want me all to himself. I hadn’t met a guy like that yet. I couldn’t decide if that was because the men I’d dated were supportive of my work or because they weren’t that into me anyway.

Eric chuckled and purred, “Lover, that would be like foreplay for me. If I saw you grinding and rubbing all over some dude I’d make sure I caught your eye and sit across the room smoldering at you so you’d be nice and wet for me at the end of the night.” He leaned over to kiss my neck.

“So that’s a no.” I let out a breathy laugh. “Keep that up and we’ll be fucking in my garage too.”

“I don’t see how that’s a problem,” he whispered. His lips grazed over the spot he found just under my ear. “I almost want to come watch you dance and do just that. I bet your tight little pussy would be so sweet and juicy at the end of the night.”

“Only if I saw you in the crowd, and that’s not likely from the stage,” I told him.

“You do come out and give lap dances, don’t you?”

“Usually. Sometimes I’m strictly in the VIP area. Depends on the night. Tonight I’m in the VIP.”

“I may have to swing by,” he told me.

“I may bring the A Squad to tag team you.”

“I won’t complain. I can bring a friend too.”

“The more the merrier. I’ll make sure you’re on the list at the door.” Vic would be happy as fuck to have Steel Johnson in the house.

“Ras and I usually make an impression when we’re together,” he chuckled. “Are you familiar with BJ Prince?”

Ummmm yeah… if Eric wasn’t my favorite, BJ Prince would have the spot.

“Let me put it this way, if I was going to do two dudes at the same time, he’d be your partner.” I might already have had that fantasy in my spank bank.

“Good to know,” he smiled. “He’ll probably come with me.”

“The club owner will be really excited to have you. I hope Vic doesn’t hump your leg.” It was possible. Vic liked to think he was slick, but he was more like an annoying, yapping poodle who kept trying to hump your leg.

“I’d rather have you hump me,” he chuckled.

“I might be out of commission for a few days or a month,” I laughed. The sex was phenomenal, but i wasn’t used to spending the better part of twelve hours riding a dick as big as his.

“Hopefully not a month.” He leaned over to kiss my cheek again. “I’ll try not to over do it next time. Although, you can’t say I don’t deliver.”

“That’s very true. I’ll review you favorably on Yelp,” I joked.

“You’re a doll. Want me to walk you in?”

“If you want to.” I picked up my bag and opened the door. Eric turned off the car and got down from the driver’s side.

He followed me up the stairs to the front door. First thing there was a flight of stairs. On the ground floor was my main living room and the master bedroom. I chose the downstairs room because of the sliders that allowed me to walk out onto the patio. Upstairs I had the kitchen, dining room, another living room and a second bedroom and bathroom.

“Want the tour?” I offered.

“Sure. I need to know where everything you might need is after I put you out of commission next time,” he joked.

“Then we should probably start upstairs.” I motioned for him to go ahead of me. For the good of womankind, I grabbed two handfuls of that ass because daaaaaaaamn.

“You like that?” he asked over his shoulder with a cute little smirk.

“Hell yeah,” I replied. He had a great ass. He knew it.

“You’re lucky I like it when you touch me.” He wiggled his ass for me.

“Yes I am.” I slapped his ass. He had it coming after the number of times he got mine the night before. “Come on, baby, give Mama some fries with that shake,” I joked.

He surprised me when his hips rolled a little like Luke Bryan’s when he reached the top of the stairs.

Annnnnnnd an egg just dropped.

“Shit, maybe we should get you a shift at the club.”

“You think I’d make alright money?” He turned around and started to walk backwards. That goofy little overbite was back with his grin.

“I think you would make crazy good money. So, here’s my kitchen I never use for actual cooking. It mostly warms up my tacos and keeps my wine cold.” I could already see Eric plotting which counter to fuck me on first. Countertops lined three walls all the way around. There were plenty of Windows offering beautiful views of the canyon and hills.

“A woman after my heart,” he chuckled. “You already know how much I love a good taco.”

“Particularly the pink ones, right?” I led him to the dining room and opened the sliding door so he could go out on the deck that ran the length of the back of the house.

“You know it.” He grabbed my hips to pull me closer to him. He looked down at me with that smoldery look he was known for. “I wouldn’t mind that view if I turned you around and fucked you bent over the railing sometime.”

“Well there’s a new entry for the spank bank,” I whispered back. That look was intense and made me a little squirmy. It felt like he was looking right into my soul and seeing all my secrets. And I had a lot of secrets.

“I want to see that some day,” he said in that deep, husky sex voice. “I bet it would be so sexy to watch you make yourself cum.”

“You got a preview of it last night.” I needed to shake off the haze and keep the tour moving.

I led him back inside and showed him to the living room at the front side of the house. There was another set of sliding doors that led to another patio that overlooked the street. There was a nice rose trellis up there, along with the pergola and nice patio set. Rose red was my favorite color, which was partially how I chose my stage name.

“You a fan of roses?” he asked as he looked around.

“I love roses. My tattoo didn’t tip you off?” I had roses tattooed on my lower back. There was another tattoo of an open bird cage on my ribs. My most recent tattoo was of a queen’s crown on my middle finger. It made a little extra statement when I flipped bitches off.

“A little. I have to be sure though. I may even do it up really big and buy you flowers when we have our clothed dinner.”

“Wow. I must be a big deal.” Or he was just a charming little shit.

“Nights like last night and this morning don’t happen with just any woman,” he told me. He leaned over to kiss my cheek.

“Any minute now I’m going to wake up, I’m sure of it.” In addition to being great in bed, he seemed like a really sweet guy. He was talking about a date with clothes and bringing me flowers. For a girl like me, that was serious.

Most guys I dated just wanted to get what the club didn’t allow. I was okay with that. There were some perks for me. Since I seemed to be coming off a bad boy streak, I had dated a series of musicians recently. That meant being flown out to attend concerts and club openings or going on fancy vacations that were really just about drinking on a beach somewhere and having a lot of sex. It was easy to use sex to keep guys from getting too close. Something told me it might not work with Eric, oddly enough..

“I’m pretty sure those spankings last night reminded you you’re awake,” he winked.

“You would think.”

I showed him the spare bedroom that was frequently inhabited by Kennedy. She had a key to my house and crashed at my place anytime her boyfriend Danny got on her nerves. He wasn’t a bad guy, but he kept trying to talk her out of dancing. I understood why, but she was happy doing it. If he couldn’t accept it, it was going to ruin their relationship.

From there we went downstairs. The other living room wasn’t quite as cozy, but I used it pretty often. My bedroom took up most of the ground floor. Eric let out a little growl when he saw my bed. It was a California king that was practically on the floor and surrounded by the wooden platform/frame thing.

“You do know my imagination is running wild with this bed, right?” He kicked off his shoes and took it upon himself to stretch out on my bed.

“Oh I can imagine all the impure, sinful thoughts running through your brain.” I kicked off my shoes too. The TempurPedic mattress I bought was the best $4k I ever spent. I crawled onto the bed next to him. A nap would be nice. He wore my ass out.

“Plenty of sinful thoughts.” He rolled onto his side so he could wrap his long arm around me. “Some of them involve a third person, others involve watching your tits bounce as you ride me.” His hands stayed in respectable places as he cuddled up against me.

“And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, isn’t it?” I turned on my side to face him so my back was to the sliders. The curtains were halfway closed, thankfully.

“Yes it is,” he smiled. Eric reached up to gently tuck my hair behind my ear.

“I’m not usually much of a cuddler,” I told him. He seemed to be.

“Is this bad?” He reached around to rub up and down my back. “I don’t get the chance to cuddle very often. It’s nice sometimes. I suppose I get the same treatment you probably get when it comes to women. They want the fantasy, but not the man behind it.”

“You want me to know the man behind the fantasy?” It was a little scary, if I was being honest. He was close by and I’d probably have to see him regularly, which I liked but got a little freaked out about at the same time.

“Only if you want to know him. If you want the fantasy, I can be that,” he said. “I kinda like what I’m starting to learn about you, and you have to admit, this doesn’t feel bad.”

“No, it doesn’t,” I admitted, which was part of why it spooked me a little bit. I wasn’t used to catching feelings. I dated guys and sure I cared, but I didn’t care about them like i should have. I was in no danger of falling in love with any of them. Even Quinn, my White Knight, I had never been in love with. “It’s just that I have a hard time showing all my cards. Anytime I have in the past i always ended up getting burned.”

Fucking daddy issues.

“Hold those cards as close as you want. Show them to me one at a time,” he said. That damn smoldery stare was getting to me. “For now I can continue to fuck you senseless as much as you can handle it.”

“Your pillow talk game is on point,” I told him. I couldn’t resist scooting closer to kiss him. His lips felt good on mine. I liked the softness and that at least for that moment it wasn’t porny.

The kiss stayed surprisingly soft. His big hand came up to run through my hair. He deepened the kiss, but didn’t shift to roll on top of me. He didn’t reach down to grab my tits, or even my ass. Eric was simply kissing me for the sake of kissing.

And it was good.

Really, really good.

I think I like him…

Hopefully I wouldn’t fuck it up.


“Here. Proof.” I handed Kennedy my phone so she could see the selfie I had taken of Eric and me cuddled up in bed. Yeah… cuddled.

“Are you cuddling with Steel Johnson?” Her eyes were wide. “Wait, is he naked? Please tell me you got an up close dick pic.”

“He took his shirt off but that was it. No dick pic, sorry.” I swiped to the next picture that he took of us on the deck with the sunset in the background. Eric had stayed until I left for work.

“Jesus criminy he’s good looking. This is like no filter, right? Just his sexy face?”

“No filter,” I confirmed. “And he made me breakfast. Not a bowl of cereal either. Like homemade pancakes and bacon.”

“Marry him,” she said seriously. “Good dick, and he cooks for you. Who even cares what he looks like with those two perks?”

“We’re not quite ready to put a ring it, but he did ask me out on a real date with clothes and potential paparazzi bullshit and flowers,” I said. “He seems to really like me. It’s kind of freaking me out.” It wasn’t Wild Rose he met, but Sookie. That was unusual.

“He’s a sex worker. You and your job are probably a breath of fresh air for him. Can you imagine the kind of chicks he meets? Prudes or sluts, no in between.”

“We both know what category I belong in,” I snickered. No one had ever accused me of being a prude.

“You’re cute, sassy, like sex, what wouldn’t he like about you?”

“I’m sure he’ll find something sooner or later.” Men always did. I was okay with that.

“And I’m sure you’ll find things about him you don’t like. That doesn’t mean this can’t work out, Sookie.”

“We haven’t even been on a date yet. I’m not going to worry about it. Oh, but he’s coming tonight and bring BJ Prince with him.”

“Shut. Up!”

“Did you not see the cum stain on my leg from where Vic got me when I put Eric and BJ on the list?” I snickered.

“Oh, hell, I thought that was leftover Eric lovin’,” she laughed.

“No,” I laughed too. “No, that was Vic. Two big porn stars coming on the same night. I told him I need you in the VIP with me.”

“Think we can sweet talk Chow into turning a blind eye while we we’re in there with them so they can touch us?”

“Maybe, but Eric did enough touching last night,” I said. I wondered if he would even recognize me with the black wig I had on. My lips were painted crimson red and I was dressed in skimpy clothes with fishnets and a pair of Chuck Taylor’s on. Vic hated the sneakers, but I refused to wear hooker boots or ridiculous platform pumps I could break my ankles on. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck that.

“Enough touching on you, not me,” she joked.

“Offer Chow a hand release,” I suggested, trying not to laugh.

“Oh, ew. I’d rather just take the party back to your place later,” she cringed.

“Fine with me. You know your room is vacant.”

Kennedy put on the finishing touches to her makeup. She went by the name Vivian, as a tribute to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, her favorite movie. I had no grand illusions that some rich guy was going to swoop in and ‘rescue’ from my life. As we headed to the VIP, I paused to say hello to some regulars to try to drum up some business. The more guys I got back in the VIP, the better the night was going to be. As it was, I knew the girls were going to be damn near fighting each other to get to Eric and Ras.

Lydia was especially interested in getting her foot in the door with porn, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she thought impressing Steel Johnson and BJ Prince would be the way to go. If Eric wanted a dance from her, that was fine. He wasn’t my boyfriend. Jealousy wasn’t my thing. He could do what he wanted.

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  1. It feels right to Eric, so he’s leaving it open. If Sookie were to take up the possibilities, good and if not that’s ok too. Wonder if seeing the other girls vying for Eric’s attention will make Sookie jealous? I think it will.


  2. I have a feeling Eric will only be interested in having Sookie dance for him but wonder if she will really have no feelings if one of the girls dances for him? Thanks for great update.


  3. HA! I think if Lydia even tries to get near Eric, she may that Sookie will be scratching her eyes out! Sookie jealous? A definite possibility! Great update! BTW, congratulations to you both on your many nominations for the You Want Awards! Very deserving, and most certainly ones that will go on to the next round! Best of luck to the ladies who write the best lemons in our fandom! 🙂


  4. A stripper. I forgot that!
    Lol BJ Prince. Nice porn name.
    These two are going well. Love the easy connection they have. And they both have similar fantasy/reality issues with usual partners. That’s going to make things interesting with exes I bet. And helps them both appreciate each other’s situation.

    Hmm. Wonder exactly what is going to happen in the VIP ROOM?


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