Chapter 33


The next morning I wake up to Eric bringing me breakfast in bed. Of course by the time I wake up, it’s well after noon and both of us have shit eating grins on our faces. There’s a part of me that is shocked Eric said yes, if only because we haven’t been together that long. When you know, you know, I guess. I can’t imagine anyone better for me than this man, so it makes sense to just do it.

We eat breakfast in bed and afterward we get into the shower together. Things are just starting to get heated up when I hear a man’s voice hollering in our bedroom.

“What the… is that Alcide?” I ask Eric between kisses. He’s got me pinned against the wall and Mr. Happy is about a quarter inch away from the Promiseland.

“What the fuck is he doing here?” he asks, like I would actually have the answer. “Want to make him wait?”

“He won’t just come in here?” I whisper.

“Northman, dry your dick and get out here!” Alcide yells.

“I should go see what the actual fuck he’s doing in our room,” Eric sighs and kisses me.

“It stinks like a whore house in here!” he hollers. He’s in the bathroom.

“Oh my fucking God, Herveaux, get out!” I yell.

“Alcide, I’m gonna punch you in the fucking dick if you don’t get out of here right this second!” Eric yells.

“You guys aren’t fucking, are you?” Alcide asks and I see a hand grab the shower curtain.

“So help me, Alcide, if you pull that curtain back I’m siccing Senior on you!” I warn him.

Eric turns so I’m covered by him and he reaches around the curtain to literally junk punch his friend. “Get. Out.”

“Aaaaaaah!” Alcide yells. “Fucker, you punched me in the dick!”

I roll my eyes and reach over to turn the water off.

“You were warned,” Eric shrugs and steps out of the shower naked get our towels. I see him step over Alcide in the process. “Get out before she dries off.”

“You… you suck,” Alcide groans.

I reach for the towel that Eric passes me and after I wring out my hair, I wrap the towel around me. I pull the shower curtain back and Alcide’s face is almost purple it’s so red.

“Serves you right, assface,” I say as I step out of the tub. “Can we revoke his key privileges now?”

“We can give him one more chance. If he doesn’t learn from this, then I’ll take it from him.”

I step out of the tub and over Alcide so I can go to the bedroom and get dressed. He can just lay there writhing around for all I care. I grab some clothes and go to the guest room to get dressed just in case he decides to get up while I’m naked. Him seeing me in a bikini is close enough for my taste. When I come back to the bedroom, Eric’s got a pair of basketball shorts on and he’ll pulling the sheets off the bed. Alcide comes staggering out of the bathroom, one hand on his balls and the other holding the box containing Eric’s engagement ring.

“What the fuck is this?” he asks Eric.

“It’s a ring, what does it look like?”

“Looks like a leash,” he says, looking from Eric to me. “You two fuckwits didn’t actually go and get married, did you?”

“Not yet,” I smile at Eric and toss some empty pillowcases his way to add them to the pile of dirty sheets.

“What’s up your ass, Al? Do you not like, Sookie? She’s a fucking amazing girl. I love her, she loves me. My parents love the hell out if her. She even kinda likes your bitch ass.”

“Nothing’s up my ass,” he says.

“Coulda fooled me,” I snort.

“Then what’s your problem?” Eric sighs.

“I don’t have a problem. Why are you being so sensitive all of a sudden?” Al asks Eric. “I bust your balls over every chick you go out with and you do the same thing to me.”

“Walking in on us in the shower is a little more than busting my balls. You flew to Vegas, because you thought I married her… I’ve known you long time, man. You’re acting like I’m cheating on you or some shit.”

“Dude, you know I wouldn’t have actually pulled the curtain back,” Al says. He looks over at me and says, “Don’t get me wrong, Sook, you’re smokin’ hot, but you’re Eric’s girl so that puts you on the no contact list.”

“Right, but you’re freaking out over this. Sookie asked me last night,” Eric smiles over at me.

“Seriously?” Al looks at me too.

“Yeah. That a problem?” I stare at Alcide.

“And you said yes?” he looks at Eric.

“Of course I said yes,” he says like Alcide is the biggest idiot in the world.

“You’re stealing my man from me?” Alcide looks at me with disbelief.

“I’m better in bed than you,” I shrug and Alcide scoffs.

“She really is,” Eric chuckles. “You’re cute, Al, but not really my cup of tea.”

“Don’t worry, Al, you can still have him part-time,” I assure him.

“Al, it’s not the end of the world. Nothing is changing.”

“Bro, come on… we both know that’s not true. Shit changes when people get married,” he says.

“When have either one of us been married? Never, that’s when. You can’t believe everything you see on television, Jackass,” Eric snickers.

Alcide rolls his eyes.

“Why don’t you boys go run and play while I get the laundry going?” I suggest. Maybe a little man time will get them all squared away.

“Come on. Lets go have a date night while the Missus does housework,” Eric says and takes Alcide’s hand.

“You two are adorably gay for each other,” I snicker. “I should have gotten Al a ring too since this is a package deal.”

“Damn straight it is, Sweetcheeks,” Alcide says, making a kissy face at me.

“Pumpkin, Al and I will be in the living room playing PS3.” Eric tugs Al’s hand to lead him out of the bedroom.

“Feel free to bust the seams on that hideous beanbag chair!” I call out after them.

Eric peeks his head back into the room and says, “Al helped pick it out. That thing is going nowhere.”

“Yeah, we’ll see about that.”

“Keep dreaming, pudding pop!” Eric calls as he walks down the hallway.

“As soon as I find out I’m pregnant, that thing is out of here!” I yell while gathering up the sheets.

“We’re using condoms from now on!”

I roll my eyes and take the sheets out toward the living room.

“Fine, condoms it is. I remember how much you enjoyed using those,” I smirk.

“You’re evil. Just plain evil,” Eric says, narrowing his eyes as I walk past him. He gives me a little wink before he turns his attention to the television.

“Dude, you’d rather wear a raincoat than give up Herbert?” Alcide asks.

“Herbert?” I stop in my tracks. That piece of shit chair has a name?

“Dad named him when he brought him home to me,” he tells me. He looks at Alcide and says, “There’s no way in hell I’m going back to condoms. I was just intimidating her.”

“Ha!” I laugh and walk off to the laundry room to start my load of sheets. There’s still laundry scattered on the floor from the night before that needs to be done, too.

Once I’ve got the laundry done I go back to the kitchen to clean up the mess from breakfast. I leave the boys alone to play their video games and talk about whatever without me throwing in my two cents. Between laundry loads I go back to the bedroom to put the forbidden yellow flowered sheets on the bed and do a little tidying in the bedroom. I get a second load of wash into the machine and then clean up our bathroom.

By the time Alcide leaves for the night he’s in a significantly better mood and so is Eric. I really don’t want to fuck up their friendship, although I know it’s not my fault Alcide had his little… whatever the fuck that was. I’m just glad he’s okay with things.

I plop down on the couch once Al’s gone and put my feet up on the coffee table. I’m starving.

“Are you hungry?” I ask Eric.

“I’m always hungry. What are you thinking?”

“I would actually shank a bitch for a good grilled cheese,” I admit.

“Coming right up. I’ve been perfecting my five-cheese grilled cheese. I bought some Texas toast at the store when I went shopping. Prepare to have your mind blown, Sweetheart,” Eric grins and gets up from the couch.

“I’ll brace myself,” I smile at him and watch his ass as he walks out of the room.

Fifteen minutes later he comes back with a sandwich oozing cheese. The bread is well toasted with what looks like a crust of cheese melted onto it.

“Deliciousness,” he smiles and sets it down on the table.

“Looks tasty,” I agree and lean forward. I think this is the gooeyest grilled cheese I’ve ever eaten. I let it cool for a few minutes so I don’t burn my mouth on all the hot cheese, but it’s way worth the wait. I moan with the first bite and Eric grins.

“I assume you like it?” he asks.

“It’s amazing,” I say with my mouth full. I also can’t put the sandwich down or I’ll never be able to pick it up again, so I take another bite. Amazing, just amazing.

“This is what I do in my off time. I find new recipes. I was waiting for just the right moment to unveil that one.” He gets up to go to the kitchen and comes back with a glass of water for me and his own sandwich that I assume was waiting for him.

“You picked the perfect moment,” I tell him between bites. “We should probably try to go see your parents tomorrow, or have them over for dinner so we can tell them we’re engaged. Unless you want to wait a while.”

That’ll never work. Sophie will figure it out or Senior will tell her.

“We can have them over. Dad hasn’t been here in a while. We can order pizza or something,” he suggests.

“That would be good,” I nod. I’m glad I got some cleaning done while the boys were playing video games.

“I’m sure Mom is itching to get over here for something anyway. Before you moved in she was here at least twice a week with a new idea for something… Or… we could barbecue and I can talk Mom into making her potato salad,” Eric grins and takes a huge bite of his sandwich.

“Or you could talk her into making potato salad and then we could still order pizza,” I suggest with a snicker. He goes bonkers over that potato salad.

“That is a good idea,” Eric laughs. He picks up his phone from the table and I watch as he presses some buttons. “There, told Mom to be here at five tomorrow, bring potato salad and Dad.”

“But mostly the potato salad, right?”

“It was first on the list. She knows what that means,” Eric snickers. “Senior knows where he places on my list of priorities.”

“You’ll get your payback once they’re grandparents,” I chuckle. “Bring the babies… and Eric, if there’s room.”

He laughs.

“I won’t be shocked. You actually take priority with Dad. I don’t know what you did to make him love you so much, but it worked.”

“I don’t either,” I admit.

Eric looks me over before saying, “Your tits and your legs.”

“Probably,” I laugh.

“We’re a lot alike in our tastes. You’re the whole package, Babe,” Eric says and reaches over to rub my leg.

“You should have seen his face when he saw my haircut.”

“Um… how did he react? I didn’t get a phone call like I would’ve expected.”

“I told him it was your idea,” I snort.

“Well it was,” he shrugs. “I do love it though.”

“I’m still getting used to it, but I don’t hate it.”

“That’s good. Hopefully by the time we get married you’re happy with it,” he says as a big smile creeps across his face. “Honeysuckle, we’re getting married,” he reminds me.

“By then my hair will be grown out again,” I tell him.

“Have you thought about how long you want to wait to get married?”

“We should probably wait until at least next summer.” I pop the last bite of my sandwich in my mouth. “That way you’ll be off work and we can take some time off together for a honeymoon.”

“Good plan. It will also give the moms plenty of time to plan,” he laughs. “You know we won’t get any say in any part of the planning.”

“Oh yes we will,” I say firmly. “I’m open to their input but we’re not having a wedding for them. It’s for us. I’m going to have to ask Mom to bring Gran’s wedding dress out here so I can have it modified.”

My grandmother’s dress was beautiful, but it’s going to need to be fixed up just a bit. I would love to wear it, though.

“Honestly, as long as you walk down that aisle to me I don’t care what you decide. I’m not a fan of planning things.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t go too crazy. We can figure it out after we tell our parents,” I say.

The good thing is that my parents will be happy, as opposed to the way they would have reacted if I had gotten engaged to Quinn. They love Eric so that’s a huge plus. A year goes by pretty fast, though, so it’ll be a crunch to get it all done in time. I’m up for the challenge, though.


I go back to school next week. I’ve been there everyday for the last two weeks getting everything prepared. Lesson plans, classroom cleaning and setting up. I have my class roster and a spot for each student. This year I’ll have a class of twenty-eight.

My parents should be coming over at six-thirty. The initial plan was five, but Dad had something planned at the firehouse already. No problem. Sookie said pizza was fine, but I started thinking about grilled chicken and it sounds delicious so on the way home from the school I run by the store to get chicken since I don’t have time to properly defrost any.

When I pull into the driveway I have to think back to see if I knew Sookie should be home. Because she is… way too early. Nope. She didn’t say anything about it. That’s fine. She can help me in the kitchen I guess.

I pick up the bags off the floor of the Jeep and get out. Before I head into the house I press the clicker to close the garage door. When I walk into the house I call out for Sookie.

“Sugar cookie, I’m home!” I start emptying the bags as I wait for her to come out and greet me.

“How was work?” Sookie calls out from the bedroom. I hear the clicking of her heels as she comes down the hall.

She wasn’t wearing clicky heels when she left this morning…

“Good. Pretty uneventful, why are you home alre–” When Sookie walks into the kitchen I freeze mid-sentence. She’s dressed in a pleated plaid skirt, a white button down top tied at her waist and a pair of white knee socks. She’s got her glasses on and a new pair of fuck me shoes.

“My teacher sent me to the principal’s office for talking during class and passing notes,” she pouts.

It takes a minute for my brain to catch up, but when it finally does I say in my stern teacher voice, “That is very naughty, Sookie. How do you think you deserve to be punished?” I look at the clock and we have just over three hours until my parents get here. Plenty of time.

“Make me go back to class and listen to that lame teacher talk some more,” she suggests.

“Hmm, I don’t know if that would be enough. What was in the notes you were passing?” If the look on her face is any indication she’s about to say something very naughty.

“None of your fucking business,” she says.

“Language, Sookie. You deserve ten good, hard swats for your sass alone,” I tell her and lean against the counter, folding my arms over my chest. If her eyes stray from mine I’m certain she’ll see the tent growing in my jeans.

Sookie shrugs and reaches into her bra for a sucker. She unwraps it and puts it in her mouth. She sucks on it for a moment before she says, “She also sent me because I’m not wearing panties.” She lifts her skirt, flashing me her bare pussy.

I lick my lips and my eyes travel up her body, pausing at her cleavage, before landing on the sucker between her lips.

“You know if you want something to suck I could think of another punishment,” I inform her using the same low, firm voice.

She snorts and says, “I’ll stick to my sucker.”

“Hmm, okay. Your choice. Bend over the table and lift your skirt.” I pull off my belt so she knows she has options when it comes to her spanking.

She actually looks a little nervous, but it knocks the sass out of her. Sookie turns toward the table and bends over it. She flips her skirt up and rests on her elbows.

I take a few steps closer and I rest my hands on her rear cheeks. As I start rubbing them I say, “I want you to count every time I spank you. Good girls get rewards, Sookie, I hope you remember that.”

“I’ll do my best,” she snickers.

“You’ve just increased it to fifteen swats,” I tell her and before she can sass me again I slap her left cheek hard, making a loud cracking sound.

“Ouch! Motherfucker, that hurt!” she yells.

“Mmm, you should be counting, not complaining. You were the one that was naughty.”

“One,” she says and I can hear her eyes rolling.

I rub her ass where I smacked her and I lean over her body to whisper in her ear, “You know, since you didn’t follow the rules right away you lost your reward. I’ll give you the option to earn it back. Now count.” I stand up and slap her right cheek.

“Two,” she says loudly.

“Better.” She isn’t looking at me so when I crack my belt she jumps.

“That’s not funny,” she says over her shoulder.

“I’m not laughing.” I won’t hit her with my belt. It’s just fun watching her squirm. This time she watches my hand pull back and come down on her ass.

“Three!” Sookie jumps a little with the impact.

By the time she’s counting number twelve she’s whimpering some. I started softening the blows when she received swat number five, but she was already sensitive.

“Tell me if you need me to stop,” I tell her. We’ve never discussed what to do in this situation, so I’m relying on her to know her body well enough to tell me when she’s had too much.

“I’m fine,” she says, but reaches back to rub her ass.

“Are you sure?” I ask as I touch her glistening slit for the first time. Holy shit, she’s very, very wet.

“I’m sure.” Sookie keeps rubbing and her legs spread a little bit for me.

“Okay,” I say at the same time I push two fingers into her and give her ass another slap. Her pussy clenches around my fingers, making my cock twitch.

“Ugh… thirteen,” she moans and her hips rock.

I don’t wait. I give her the final two spankings in succession while keeping my fingers in her cunt. She counts fourteen and fifteen as she should.  I start softly rubbing her warm, red ass amd say, “You did good, Princess. I think you earned your reward back.”

“Mmm…” Sookie lays her head on the table. “What do I get?”

“I’ll give you options. I can allow you to suck my cock, I know how much you love my dick in your mouth.  Option two would be slamming this,” I lean in and rub my very hard cock against her leg and finish, “Into your dripping cunt.”

Sookie whimpers and says, “Too bad I can’t have both at once.”

“That is too bad,” I agree and start to finger her faster. “I can fuck your throat and we can get your vibrator out if you really need that.”

“Maybe later,” she pants.

I keep moving my fingers, quickly thrusting in and out. I use my other hand to caress her ass and lean over her body to whisper, “Or I can just keep my fingers in this juicy cunt until I make you cum…”

Sookie moans and says, “I don’t care how you do it, just make me cum for you.”

I unzip my pants and push them down my thighs. I pull my fingers out, making her whimper, but I quickly replace them with my cock. My God she feels good. I rest both hands on her ass and spread her cheeks a little so I can get a perfect view of my cock sliding in and out of her. I move slow, drawing out her pleasure. I push in, making sure she can feel every inch of my shaft. I swivel my hips and then pull out just as slow. I need to feel this for a few minutes. Her walls are pulsing around my shaft, holding on to try to keep me inside, stretching her tight.

“You’re fucking tight, Miss Stackhouse,” I pant through gritted teeth. If I move fast right now I’ll explode and we have two hours until my parents show up. I plan on using every second of that time.

“Mmm… you’re so big, Mr. Northman,” she moans. “Fuck, you’re so deep…”

Sookie closes her legs, making her feel even tighter.

“Oh God…” I have to pause a moment, but when I move again I go just a little faster. I continue to watch myself fuck her. The sounds coming from her mouth and the sticky sound of her pussy are making me harder.

“Like this, or do you want me to go faster?” I ask and reach around to rub her clit.

“Oh fuck,” she breathes and her walls clench around my shaft. “Just like that, Eric. Fuck…”

I close my eyes and drop my head back. I’ve fucked her a lot, but there is something different about this. My fingers move faster over her clit, but I keep the slower thrusts.

“Baby doll, I want to cum,” I pant when I feel my orgasm approaching.

“So… clo–” she’s cut off mid-sentence when her orgasm takes over. Her pussy grips and milks my cock and the noise she makes almost takes me with her.

“Fuckfuckfuck!” I chant. I speed up, giving her five more hard, fast thrusts and I hold her hips so her ass is flush against my groin when I release deep inside her.

Sookie moans and I feel her aftershocks.

“Mr. Northman you came in my pussy,” she pants. “That’s going to be messy when I go back to class without any panties on.”

“You need to learn to deal with the consequences of being such a naughty girl.” I pull out slowly and watch as my cum slide out of her core. “My God, I want to rub that around your pussy, marking you as mine, Miss Stackhouse… I love the way my cum looks dripping out of you.”

“You and all the other boys,” she winks at me over her shoulder.

I growl and reach out to pull her up against my chest by her throat. I suck her earlobe and my hand goes to her pussy so I can rub my cum around.

“Is my favorite bad girl being a dirty little slut when I’m not around? Is that what you want, another cock to cum all over you?” I growl and nip her ear.

She moans and breathes, “That’s what I want…”

My cock jumps. She’s taking the slut thing to a place I’m not sure I want it to go if that’s truly what she wants. The idea of watching another man cum on her is hot, but I can be very jealous. She hasn’t given me a reason to feel any jealousy though… yet.

I still play into it and ask, “Do you want me to stroke myself until I cum all over your face while another man shoots his cum on your pussy, drenching you in our releases?”

“Mmm… yes,” she moans and reaches back to wrap her hand around my shaft.

I keep rubbing her cunt and I drop light kisses on her shoulder. “Maybe we can call one of the boys from your class to join us right now… maybe I can hold your head down on his dick while he fucks your throat, dirty girl.” She’s getting wetter with each word. Sookie gets off on the idea of being a slut, but I don’t think she would actually do it.

“Only if you fuck me in the ass while he does it,” she says, twisting her wrist while she strokes me.

“Mmm, yes… I will have your hair wrapped tight around my hand so I can pull you back so my dick gets nice and deep in this sexy little ass,” I moan and push my fingers back to rub her rear hole. I know she’s not a fan of anything anal, but when I touch her like this I can feel her pussy lips moving as her walls contract.

“You could tie me up and have your way with me,” she suggests. Her thumb rubs over my tip before the next downstroke.

“I could. I can tie you down and invite every boy in your class to come in and have a turn…” I should not be this hard. I love it though. I love watching her face when I tell her every dirty thought I can think of at the moment. “You’re so fucking beautiful, Miss Stackhouse. It’s too bad you’re such a slutty little girl or I’d keep you for myself.”

“You can keep me as your little fucktoy,” she says and licks my lips.

“I can fuck you in every hole… my friends can have you too. I know how you like older men… Fuck…” I cock twitches and I want to fuck her again, but I’m going to make her cum on my hand first. “I want to see you dripping in cum. I want it in you, and on you…”

Sookie moans and her knees shake a little bit.

“You could even put it on video,” she breathes. “Watch them cumming all over me as many times as you want.”

“Only if you watch it with me. I know how hot it will get you,” I purr and twist two fingers into her pussy. “Can you imagine being held tight between two men that have their dicks deep inside of you… I can direct them and tell them how I want them to fuck my little fucktoy.”

“Mmm… I want that too,” she moans and her walls pulse around my fingers. “Can you imagine both of my holes dripping with their cum?”

“Yes,” I whisper. “My dick is weeping thinking about it. Can you feel my cum trying to get out and into your hot little body?” Sookie rubs her thumb over my tip again, gathering the pre-cum dripping out of me.

“Give it to me, Mr. Northman. Show your little slut who owns her pussy,” she says.

“I can’t decide if I want to put it in this hot, slutty little cunt,” I say and twist my fingers again, ” Or those sexy red lips that feel like heaven wrapped around the base of my cock.”

“Who says you can’t have both?”

I pull her hand off of my cock and I line my head up before driving hard into her cunt. I hold onto her shoulders and bend her over again. I use her shoulders as leverage to be able to pound into harder.

“Fuck. I love this dirty little cunt…” I moan and swivel a little as I drive into her over and over again.

“I’m gonna cum so fucking hard,” Sookie cries out and she grips the edge of the table right before she explodes.

“That’s my good girl,” I moan. I give her a moment to calm down and I pull out of her. I turn her and push her down to her knees. “Suck,” I command and hold my dick up to her lips. I’m coated in her cum, and watching her suck it off my cock is going to be enough to push me over in no time.

Sookie doesn’t hesitate. She opens her mouth and leans forward to take as much of my dick in her mouth as she can. Her hands grab my ass and her cheeks hollow while she sucks me off.

“Mmm, yes,” I moan and hold onto the back of her head. I push her deeper down my shaft and I say, “I said I want your lips around the base of my cock, Slut.”

She moans and swallows my cock when I nudge the back of her throat. Her fingers dig into my skin and she keeps moaning as I fuck her throat.

“That’s what I need,” I breathe. “Are you ready for it?” I ask and her eyes dart up to mine. She has tears pouring down her face, ruining her makeup. She looks perfect. “Swallow it all, Slut.”

My cock swells and pulses in her mouth before I release at the back of her throat.

“Fuck!” I shout and my hips jerk, trying to get my cum as deep down her throat as possible.

Sookie moans again and then pushes herself away from me so she can breathe. She sucks in air and I can see some of my cum dripping from her chin. I wipe it off with my index finger and offer her what she lost.

“I said all of it,” I tell her softly.

She opens her mouth and sucks the last of my cum from my finger. When she releases my finger I help her to her feet.

“In case you didn’t notice, I love when you go into slut mode,” I tell her and give her a soft kiss on her swollen lips.

“I did notice,” she says.

“Come on, let’s clean up. My parents should be here soon,” I say and wipe some mascara off her cheeks.

“You don’t want them to meet slutty Sookie?” She laughs and her legs wobble a bit as we start walking toward the bedroom.

“Are you kidding? Senior would expect a demonstration,” I snort. I love my dad, but he’s a pervert. I guess after the shit I just got off on I am too.

“Well shit, it could be a demonstration for me too,” she nudges me and giggles.

“Pumpkin, I’m not a hundred percent sure how I feel about that.”

“I’m kidding, Eric.”

“I don’t know. You two are pretty friendly,” I wink. Dad is a big flirt, and apparently my girl is too. “You know I would fucking lose it if you said you really wanted another man to join us, right?” I just want to get it straight that that part was simple roleplaying.

“Baby, the only dick I want owning me is yours,” Sookie says. “You’re more than enough for me.”

“Good,” I say and lean down to turn on the shower. “I would totally cover you in my cum though. That would be a little hot,” I laugh.

“I would let you,” she says.

“How about right now you take off your clothes and let me make out with you while we shower,” I suggest. “Hands above the waist.”

“I’ll get naked and make out with you but I can’t promise hand placement.”


We make it through the shower without having more sex. Sookie keeps her hands on my ass as we make out, but that’s as far as she goes. When we’re done getting ready I realize I don’t have time to marinate the chicken like I wanted to so I call the pizza place to order delivery. My parents should be here in about ten minutes.

I always thought I would be nervous when I told my parents I’m getting married, but I’m excited. They adore Sookie and I know they won’t be able to wait to welcome her to the family.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 33

  1. Wow. These two are discovering lots of fun roleplaying, dirty talking ways to pass the time 🙂

    And eww for putting the image of Senior and Sookie in my head. I mean he sounds great and all, and I have mo issue with age differences, but he is Eric’s Dad!


  2. Omg I love these two so much! 😦 where is chapter 34??? I read all 33 chapters in 24 hrs. I didn’t sleep, I couldn’t stop and now I can’t get to 34?!! Oh my Lord I can’t breathe!


  3. Poor Al, he’s just worried about losing his Eric time. Eric & Sookie have definitely ramped their sexing up – I suppose as they trust each other more they feel like they can experiment more. Hot!


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