Chapter 25


The look on Eric’s face tells me that he’s not happy with Jessica’s intrusion on us. I’m not too happy about it either, truth be told.

“Hey Jess, will you give us a minute?” I ask before Eric goes into attack mode.

“Uh, yeah is everything okay?” she asks instead of just walking away.

“No–” I slap my hand over Eric’s mouth before he says something mean to her.

“We just need a minute,” I say politely.

“Okay,” she looks a little confused as she walks away.

I take my hand off of Eric’s mouth once she’s in the house.

“That’s what I fucking mean, Sookie. She should’ve walked away when she saw us. She should’ve waited inside. Now she ruined a fucking private moment that she should’ve never fucking seen!” he snaps a little louder than he should.

“Eric, calm down,” I say gently. “She came out here to have sex with both of us, and it’s not like we hung a do not disturb sign on the door so she’d know we wanted to be alone.”

He drops his head back, but runs his hands up my back and pulls me in closer. “I know,” he picks his head up to kiss my forehead. “It’s just frustrating.”

“Do you want me to ask her to go?” I offer. I don’t point out that maybe now he knows how I felt when Chris walked in on us, minus the extreme humiliation.

“No, I just need a minute to breathe and I’ll be fine.”

The only thing I can think of to do is to wrap my arms around him in a tight hug.

“I promise I’ll tell her to sleep in her own bed tonight, okay?”

He hugs me back and kisses my forehead. “You can keep her if you want,” he says completely serious, but I think he’s joking.

“I’d rather keep you.” I kiss the tip of his nose.

“Thank you,” he whispers. “I needed that.”

“You’re welcome. I’ll go talk to Jess. Are you staying out here or are we done defiling my hot tub for tonight?”

“We can defile a little more,” he grins and his hands slip down to grip my ass. He kisses me one more time and then says, “Go talk to her. I’m going to stay a little longer. You can invite her back if you want. I’m over it.”

I get off his lap and as I climb out of the tub he pinches my ass. I yelp and then grab my towel to wrap around my body. When I get back inside I find Jess on the deck off of the living room on the front side of the house.

“Hey.” I close the door and sit down on one of the super comfy deck chairs.

“Hey, is everything okay?”

“Yeah, we just didn’t know you were there, and we were kind of having a moment,” I explain.

“Oh… sorry,” she says and puts her head down. “Is he mad?”

“He was for a minute, but he’s over it now. He told me you could come back to the hot tub if you want to join us.”

She gives me her sweet, girl next door smile and tells me, “Isn’t that why I’m here?”

“Indeed it is. Just go easy on me.”

“Was I too rough earlier? You seemed like you were enjoying it.”

“Oh I was,” I smile. “You know how it is in the heat of the moment, though. I’ll pay for it tomorrow.”

“Then I’ll make sure to kiss it all better,” she purrs and reaches over to grab my hand.

“I found out Eric’s birthday is September third,” I grin as we stand up.

“We’ll have to plan something good for him then, or swear off anal for a couple months,” she laughs.

“I’ve got a few ideas, but I think I might bring him to the brothel for it. It’s like a porny version of Disneyland there.” We walk through the house and out the back door.

“It really is. You’ll have to enlighten me later.”

“Absolutely,” I wink and then drop my towel.

Jess strips out of her clothes, leaving a trail as she follows behind me. When we get the back Eric is sitting in the same spot with his back to us. His head is resting on the edge of the tub and his arms are spread out, taking up one whole side.

“Look who I found,” I say as I climb back into the tub.

“Welcome, ladies,” he smirks. He’s using his super hot sex voice right now.

“Too bad we’re done with the kink for the night or I’d suggest you give the naughty little voyeur a spanking,” I tell Eric.

“No, baby,” he starts, giving me chills. He never calls me baby and it’s way too sexy. “You already know we’re going easy on both of you.”

“I know. Another time. I’m sure she’ll earn it.” I sit down beside him and Jess sits across from us.

Eric leans over to whisper in my ear, “Why don’t you go over there and kiss her?”

“Is that what you want?”

“Mmhmm,” he hums and licks my lips.

“Where should I kiss her?” I whisper against his lips.

“Kiss her mouth. I love the way your lips look on hers.” He sucks my bottom lip and takes my hand, wrapping it around his erection. “This is what it does to me.”

“Mmm…” I hum and turn my head to motion for Jess to come closer. She ends up sitting on my lap. Now I can kiss her and stroke Eric at the same time. Everyone wins.

Her lips meet mine softly and I can feel Eric watching us. I start to stroke him when I part my lips for Jess to slip her tongue into my mouth, and seconds later I hear Eric groan.

Shortly after that I feel Eric nuzzle my neck and I break away from Jess to kiss him. When our tongues meet, Jessica’s lips are on my neck, licking and sucking. I slightly twist my hand on his cock and Eric moans into my mouth.

“Come on girls,” Eric says and pulls my hand off of him.

He stands and I smile when Jessica groans at the sight of his ass when he steps over the side of the tub.

“It’s really pretty to look at isn’t it,” I say to Jessica.

“Yes it is.”

We get up to follow him onto the house. Eric dries off as he walks through, ignoring that we’re behind him. I grab my towel and dry quickly before I hand it to Jess. It’s a shame I don’t get to see this view every day, but I suppose that’s partially my own fault for not jumping into moving in with him.

We follow him all the way to our room and he sits on the edge of the bed after dropping his towel. He looks so nonchalant, like he doesn’t have two young, gorgeous girls willing to make his every wish come true. If I think about where he started almost a year ago, it’s like two different people.

“Red, come over here,” he commands and Jessica eagerly shuffles over to him. I think she wants to please him after upsetting him earlier.

He reaches up, grips her hair and pulls her down so she has to kneel before him. “Suck,” he growls as he grabs his shaft and holds it up for her.

I watch as Jessica’s lips wrap around his head. Eric’s hands are both in her hair and he starts to thrust up a little as he shoves her head down, making her take him deep down her throat.

“Come here too, pretty girl,” he tells me softly while he continues to fuck her mouth.

I sit on the bed next to him and he leans his head down to kiss me. He takes one of his hands off her head and using his impressive wingspan slips it between my legs.

“Jess, give me a second,” he tells her and she stops, but her hand is still wrapped around his base.

She had to let go when Eric scoots back and lays flat on the bed. He tells me to straddle his face and as soon as my knees are on either side of his head I hear the sticky, wet sound of Jessica’s mouth on his cock. I lean forward, holding myself up on the headboard. When his tongue splits my folds I let out a soft whimper. I’m still a little sore from earlier and his tongue is so soft, so wet on my lips.

“God, that’s so good,” I breathe.

His eyes open and his crystal blue gaze burns into me. The way his tongue swirls around my clit and his fingers rubbing against my opening make me shudder. I can’t stop myself from rocking my hips, searching for his tongue to hit that perfect spot.

I can feel his body moving and hear Jessica moaning around his cock, but I don’t turn to watch. I love watching Jess please him, but I think he needs me to focus solely on him for the moment.

“Baby, suck on me,” I growl. He doesn’t disappoint.

His lips wrap around my clit and he sucks hard. Eric works his middle finger inside of me and rubs around my walls. His insanely magic fingers and lips are going to push me to the limit sooner rather than later.

“Come on, pretty,” he purrs against my clit, his deep voice sending vibrations through my core.

My hips rock faster, grinding down onto his face and my ovaries are tingling. I’m about to cum so fucking hard. Eric’s hands slide up my body and he grabs my tits as he sucks my clit. I practically scream when my orgasm hits. I can feel Eric smile against my pussy, but that’s about it. I seize on top of him and try to push his head away when I realize his head is stuck between my legs since they’ve locked onto his ears and the bed is on the other side of him.


I’m not as mad as I was when Jessica caught us, but I think the way I treated her when we first got to the room was a little bit of residual anger. I told them we’re all going easy tonight after the number of rough orgasms Sookie received earlier.

Jessica’s warm mouth is still around my cock and Sookie is lying next to me, completely spent. I’ll get her going again soon enough. I still feel bad about our initial contact here in the room so I tell Jess to stop.

“Sookie, how do you feel about me eating Jessica’s cunt?” I ask her. We’ve done a lot, but eating her pussy seems more intimate than everything else for some reason.

“I’m fine with it,” she says, still lying next to me. I suspect she’s going to be there for a while.

“Jess get up here. Sit on my face while you suck me,” I direct her and she jumps up so she can comply.

When her thighs are straddling my face I use both thumbs to spread her lips open. I wait until she’s sucking on me again before I lick from clit to ass. Jess groans around my cock so I do it again, receiving the same reaction. I move my tongue down to swirl around her clit and she sucks me even harder, taking me deeper down her throat.

I close my eyes as my tongue snakes through her slit. Slipping one of my thumbs inside of her I gently move in and out while Jessica follows suit and slows her movement. She releases my cock and licks up and down my shaft. There’s a shift on the bed, but I don’t open my eyes. I let out a deep groan when I feel Sookie push my legs back so she can swirl her tongue around my heavy sac as Jess gives my length attention. I really do love the way they suck me together.

I feel Sookie’s tongue glide up the vein on the underside of my shaft all the way to my tip. When both girls wrap their tongues around my head my hips jerk and my head drops down onto the bed. I can’t even think about eating Jessica right now. I’m so lost in the sensation I can’t focus on anything else.

When it’s pretty obvious I’m not doing anything but enjoying myself Jessica moves to the side of my body so I can watch them. Their tongues meet around my flesh and Sookie’s hand is gently caressing my balls. Her eyes are closed as she licks and plays with me while Jessica is holding my base. Her eyes are closed as well and it’s as if both girls are just as caught up as I was a moment ago. She nudges Sookie out of the way and starts to swallow me again. With my girl playing with me too it’s not going to take long before I cum.

Her soft lips wrap around my balls, one by one, and Jess’ lips reaching damn near my base I can’t hold back any longer.

“I’m cumming,” I grunt and I thrust my hips up into Jessica’s mouth. She bobs up and down a few more times before my cock swells between her lips and hot jets of cum spurt into her mouth.

She releases me with my cum still coating my cock when Sookie takes over; cleaning me up. Her smooth tongue swipes over my shaft up and down, side to side until I’m clean.

To return the favor, I get up from my spot and grab Jess around the waist. I flip her onto her back and hold her down with my hand wrapped around her throat. The low, raspy moan she lets out tells me she approves of what I’m doing. She spreads her legs and I swiftly shove three fingers into her hot cunt. I know what she was doing with Sookie earlier and as bad as I felt when we first started, I know she likes it really rough. I slam my hand into her over and over, my fingers rubbing over her g-spot as I finger fuck her and Sookie joins by playing with her clit.

I apply just a little more pressure on her throat and shove in deeper. “Cum on my hand, little girl,” I command and Jessica starts panting and wheezing a little.

“Mmm, she loves it, baby,” Sookie observes. “She’s about to cum.”

I love that these girls know each other’s bodies well enough to tell when the other is about to cum.

My eyes are locked on the spot where my fingers keep disappearing into her and I can tell her little nub is hard and sensitive as Sookie plays with it. Her walls start to grip my fingers tighter and I know her orgasm is right there.

She’s so wet my three fingers are slipping in and out with ease so I work a forth into her cunt and that’s all it takes. Her cunt is stretched wide around my hand and her muscles start massaging my fingers as she screams out her release. I slam my hand in a few more times and then pull out, watching her pussy clench, searching for something to hold onto. With my dripping wet fingers I hold her head in place and shove them into her mouth. Jess moans as she licks her own juices from my hand.

“That was…” She can’t finish she’s panting so hard when I remove my fingers from her mouth.

Without a word I leave the girls in the room and go turn the shower on. I’m standing under the spray when Sookie joins me.

“Are you okay?” she asks, and hugs me from behind.

“I will be, I think I’m not as over it as I thought,” I reply and reach down to hold her hands against my stomach.

“Yeah, I figured that already.” Sookie kisses my back. “Wanna talk about it?”

“I don’t really know what’s bugging me so much,” I admit. “Something about her right now is just rubbing me the wrong way.”

“Hmmm…” she hums. “Does it have to do with earlier when I was tied up?”

“Maybe, I don’t know. I think I was irritated after you told me she was rough and then she walked in on us. I wanted everything to be fine, but I don’t let things go that easily I guess.”

Sookie comes around so we’re standing face to face.

“Eric, I’ll be okay. Yes I’m sore right now, but it’s not really any different from the way I used to feel after spending the weekend with you,” she says.

“That doesn’t make me feel good,” I admit and I’m sure I give her a worried look.

“Eric come on…” she sighs. “It’s not that big of a deal. I could have stopped it at any time if I didn’t want what was happening. I’m really okay.”

Because I can’t help myself I smirk and say, “I’m too big aren’t I? I knew this fucking monster would ruin everything.”

She smiles and says, “The monster isn’t the problem; it’s your insane stamina.”

“Damn, magic cock strikes again,” I say and she laughs. “I think the worst part is, I could happily slam you into the wall and fuck the shit out of you right now.”

Sookie bites her bottom lip. “Stop it before I let you do it.”

“You would have to beg me for it right now,” I tell her and press my body against her so she can feel what she does to me.

Her eyes light up and then she pulls away to sit on the bench. “Come here. I have an idea that won’t hurt me, but will feel good for you.”

I step forward so I’m standing between her legs. “What do you have up your sleeve?”

Sookie’s eyes lock on mine as her hands come up and push her tits together. “Ever wondered what it would be like to fuck my tits?”

“No, but I’m very curious right now.” I grab my shaft and rest it in her cleavage, sliding my head up and down her throat.

“Just thrust your hips,” she says after capturing my cock between her tits.

She keeps her eyes on me as I rock my hips. Her wet tits feel fantastic around my shaft right now too. She dips her head each time my tip pokes through and sucks him between her lips.

“This is really fucking good, pretty girl.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it. You can go faster, if you want. You won’t hurt me.” Sookie squeezes her tits tighter around me.

I need to be closer, so I hike one leg up and rest it on the bench next to her hip. I grab her shoulders and use them as leverage as I thrust.

“You like that fat dick between your tits?”

“I want him to cum all over me,” she says.

“Mmm, my dirty girl,” I groan and thrust my hips a little harder. “Squeeze my cock, baby girl. Make my dick cum for you.”

She does as I tell her to and asks, “You like fucking my big tits, don’t you? Maybe I’ll let you cum in my mouth instead.”

“Mmhmm,” I hum. I’m so close I can’t really say much.

Just before I cum, I grab her hair so she’s looking up at me. “Open your mouth; swallow me, Sookie.”

She releases her tits and wraps both of her hands around my shaft instead. Her mouth opens, waiting for my cum, and she jerks me off.

I lean with my hands against the wall, my hips are moving with her hands and when I cum it shoots right into her mouth. The little bit that hits her face she wipes off with her finger and she licks it off. My girl is so fucking hot.

“Goddamn, that was ridiculous,” I chuckle and lean down to kiss her lips.

“I’d ask if that’s a good thing, but I already swallowed the evidence,” she smirks.

“That’s a very good thing,” I say and cup her face, bringing my lips to hers again. This time I kiss her with fire, tasting myself on her tongue. “Do you know I can keep going?”

“So can I,” she says.

“I think you’ve broken me in the best possible way,” I laugh and pull her to her feet so I can move her under the water again.

Sookie looks up at me and says, “I love you, Eric. I don’t say it enough, but I’m going to start.”

“I love you too, pretty girl.”

“Good. Now make sweet love to me against the shower wall,” she commands.

“As you wish.”


12 thoughts on “Chapter 25

  1. Whew-ee , girls that was…, I ain’t got words that even come close lol. And on a completely note ,even though Jess seamed to really enjoy Eric’s irritated state, I’m glad he opened up to Sookie .


  2. Hot & so worth the wait! Eric is definitely having mixed feelings about sharing Sookie. He seems trapped between his purely physical enjoyment of seeing & fucking them together & his emotional responses to Sookie – his love & protective instincts. The connection between them seems to be getting more intense. This time at Sookie’s house is time away from real life, almost like an escape; I hope their relationship can continue to strengthen when they are apart & back in Utah.


  3. great chapter, i think as their relationship progresses, we will see less and less of Jess. I think he is becoming territorial and jealous, but also concerned for Sookie’s well being. we will have to wait and see. Kristie


  4. Eric is living the dream…sex w/ two hot women who know what they are doing, except….he is starting to seriously have feelings for Sookie and is not enjoying it as much as he could be. Wonder when he is going to figure out he wants to be exclusive.


  5. Does it ever get better than Eric in the shower???

    I think Jess had better enjoy this visit because it might not be happening all that often in the future. I was surprised he got over his anger so fast but then he didn’t….nice touch.


  6. Bodes well for the couple that Eric’s so concerned for Sookie’s physical wellbeing and more irritated than not with Jess. Personally I see Jess as a prop to the relationship that is between E & S though I do get lines get blurred when Jess is staying overnight… Might time to take a break…
    I love how your story brings together insanely hot moments (shower much?) with absolute cuteness…


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