Chapter 7


I wake up the next morning before Eric. He looks so peaceful when he sleeps. He’s got a hard-on and it gives me an idea. I slip out of bed and go into the bathroom to pee and brush my teeth. Before I leave the room, I put on a nightie and then I go to Jessica’s room to see if she wants to play.  I’m happy Eric liked my surprise yesterday.

It was obvious he was a little overwhelmed, but he handled it well. And it was fun to sass him a little bit. I got to see a different side of him. I’m not usually that into being dominated, but it was sexy the way he did it. I let myself into Jessica’s room to find her curled up on her bed. I lay down next to her and run my index finger down her forehead and nose.

“Jess,” I say softly. “Sweetie, wake up.”

She doesn’t move. Jessica sleeps like the dead. I’ve been in overnight parties with her before so I know the best way to wake her up is with a hard cock in her cunt, but since I don’t have one with me, I reach between her thighs and stroke the pale red landing strip on her mound.

“Jess,” I try again.

It takes a few minutes but her eyes flutter open and she smiles when I start rubbing her clit.

“Fuck, you’re officially the best alarm clock I’ve ever had,” she says.

“Eric wants to watch us fuck. Are you interested?” I ask.

“Do I ever turn down orgasms?”

“Nope. He’s still sleeping, but what guy doesn’t want to wake up with two hot girls feeling each other up?”

“No straight guy I’ve ever met. Now either finish me off or knock it off.”

I smirk and stop fingering her.

“Cunt tease,” she mumbles, and it makes me giggle.

I roll out of her bed and Jessica gets up to find a nightie to wear. I’m in red and she puts on something silky and black.

“So I have to ask,” she starts while winding her hair up, “Do you usually swallow your customers’ cum?”

I quirk an eyebrow and then remember I licked Eric’s cum off her tits.

“No, I don’t. But with Eric I know it’s safe. You’re only the third woman he’s ever had sex with. He’s been married for more than twenty years so the only other woman he’s sleeping with is his wife, and I’m pretty sure the sex has gone out of their marriage.”

“He doesn’t look old enough to be married for that long.” Jessica goes into her bathroom to do her business.

“He’s got six kids.”

“No way,” Jess says with her toothbrush in her mouth.

“Yep. I wouldn’t have guessed it the first time he came in.”

“You know how it is here.” Jessica spits out toothpaste. “The most broke ass looking person might be a millionaire, and a guy in a suit might not have shit.”

“Every time I see a guy in a suit I assume it’s a pimp,” I admit.

“Ugh, those guys are gross,” she says, and then starts swishing mouthwash around.

She’s not wrong about that. They think they can do better and “improve” our lives, but I can’t think of anyone better to work for than Pam. I’ve gotten letters here from pimps, which is always good for a laugh. Like I want to trade in what I have going here for some greedy asshole that thinks nothing of slapping me around to get his way. Fuck that noise.

I could probably teach a pimp a few things, including manners. I’m a great negotiator and I know how to read people. I don’t need a middle man to broker deals for me or tell me what I’m worth.

I give Jess some privacy so she can pee without an audience and then wash up afterward.

“Oh my god, guess what? Remember the virgin I deflowered two weeks ago? He called up to make an appointment to see me again,” Jessica informs me.

“That’s awesome,” I smile and start braiding sections of my hair. “Was he good?”

“Well the first few times he was lucky to last a minute, but since we had a few hours he got off a whole bunch of times. He’s a sweetheart, by the way. I’ll be happy to see him again.”

“Hopefully without his mother this time.”

“Yeah, I’m not even going to try and figure that out,” Jess says. “He says she just has a hard time letting go. He’s an only child and his dad died when he was still a kid so she’s gotten a little too involved with his life.”

“Uh, there’s involved and then there’s picking out the girl your son is going to lose his virginity to.”

“Well, in Hoyt’s defense, he did the picking. And he’s adorable, Sookie. He’s tall, tan, muscular and he’s got this polite, shy kindness to him.” Jessica comes out of the bathroom with a slightly smitten look on her face. “Sook, I swear, if I met him at a bar somewhere I would take him home and fuck his brains out.”

I giggle at that. Been there, done that.

“It’s always nice when you get a customer that you are legitimately attracted to,” I agree.

She takes her hair down and asks, “What about Eric?”

“What about him?”

“You licked up his cum, Sook. I’m sure that wasn’t the first time,” she says to my reflection while she takes off the earrings she’s wearing and replaces them with new ones.

“His wife never really gave him good head. She’s one of those women that does it to shut him up and then runs to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Last time I saw him I decided I’d let him have his fantasy so I swallowed his cum,” I shrug.

We all have our own standards and it’s not against company policy if a girl chooses to give a blowjob without a condom, or if she wants to swallow. Generally we don’t for our own safety and if it means not getting any, most guys will quit their bitching and wear the damn condom.

“So that explains the looks he was giving you,” she smiles at me.

“What looks?”

“The lost puppy looks.”

“He was not. He always looks like that after he cums.”

“Uh huh.”

I roll my eyes.

“Come on, let’s go wake up the sleeping puppy.”

“Okay, but this time you’re fucking me,” she says, and slaps my ass on our way out of her room.

When we get back to my room, Eric is still asleep, sprawled out on his back.

“He’s so cute when he sleeps,” I whisper to her.

“Should we blow him together?” Jess suggests, her eyes on the tent in the sheets.

“Maybe once he’s awake. I think he’d like that,” I say, and lead her to the bed.

Jess lays down and I straddle her. I lean down and kiss her like Eric’s not even there, and we start making out. Jess is a great kisser. We feel each other up while we kiss, and ten minutes later we’re both moaning and the noises start getting to Eric. Jess pulls the cups of my nightie down and starts kissing my breasts. She scrapes my nipple with her teeth and I move my hand between her legs to start rubbing her clit.

She moans loudly and sucks my nipple into her mouth. I gasp and that’s when Eric’s eyes open.

“Are you kidding me?” he mumbles to himself. His eyes rake over our bodies, stopping in some spots a little longer than others. “Good morning, girls.” His voice is rough and sleepy still when he rolls to his side, propping his head up on his hand.

“Good morning, Eric,” I smile at him, and slide a finger inside Jessica.

He stays silent as he watches us, and I notice his hand moving under the sheet, jacking off as he devours our movements with his eyes. “Shove another finger inside of her,” he says softly.

I add a second finger like he tells me to and Jessica’s back arches up. I tug her nightie down, exposing one of her tits and she reaches up to play with her nipple. I lean down and lick it for her as my fingers pump in and out of her.

“Kiss him, Dixie,” she says, and I lean over to kiss Eric.

He doesn’t touch me, instead he continues to stroke his cock. His eyes are closed and he’s growling into my mouth. He pulls away, kissing my chin and tells me, “Enjoy your girl, I just want to watch right now.”

“Okay,” I reply softly and turn back to Jessica.

She’s flat on her back now, her hands go to my hair and she starts to push my head down. I take direction and begin to kiss her smooth, creamy skin down her stomach until I reach my fingers that are pumping in and out of her.

“Is this what you want?” I ask him and flick my tongue out over her clit.

“Mmm, yes that’s exactly what I want,” he groans, his hand moving a little faster over his cock.

I close my eyes and I lick and suck her clit with my fingers still slowly pushing in and out of her. I think after last night we all need something a little slower. His soft, baritone when he tells me what he wants is setting the mood. It’s erotic; I like it.

“Eric, you can suck my nipples if you want,” Jess says, cupping her breasts and offering them to him.

“No, sweetheart it’s all you right now,” he replies, looking up from my mouth to her eyes and then right back down to my mouth. “Dixie, add another finger, stretch her pussy, lick inside,” he directs me and I do add another finger so I’m fucking her with three. My tongue slithers down to her opening and I stiffen, shoving in alongside my fingers. I bring my other hand up to stroke her clit. She’s loving every second of it, writhing beneath me.

“That’s really good, pretty girl,” he says, calling me by my pet name, making me genuinely want to please him. I like him and not just as a client. He’s a really good guy.

“Do you want me to fuck her?” I ask. Jess is blissed out, barely paying attention to us.

“Not today. I like the way your nimble little fingers play with her pussy.” He gives me a sweet smile and I see his stroking slow a little. His hand and cock are still under the blanket and I want him to pull the blanket off so I can see all of him.

“Let me see you too,” I plead and he pushes the blanket down his legs before returning his hand to his shaft. He’s solid as a rock right now and I want to take him in my mouth. He’ll probably say no if I ask him though.

Jessica reaches over and starts to caress Eric’s balls while he strokes himself. I curl my fingers a little inside Jess until I find her g-spot. She cries out when I rub against it, and my lips seal around her clit to suck hard on it.

My actions bring her closer to her orgasm and I pump a few more times until she let’s go of Eric and grips my hair with both hands. “So good,” she pants and I continue to work her pussy.

“Dixie, sit up and rub your pussy on hers,” Eric tells me and I gently remove my fingers from her spasming cunt.

I sit up on my knees, moving my leg over her body with my foot flat on the bed next to her hip. I get into position with my pussy rubbing over her. She’s still sensitive, but is happily going along with what I’m doing. I grab her leg, lifting it to use as leverage and I begin to roll my hips so I’m rubbing over her like I’m riding a bull. Swivel and rock back, then push forward, rolling with the waves of her body as her hips rock with mine. I keep my eyes on Eric as I fuck her like this and his eyes are trained on the spot where Jessica and I are moving together.

“That… that’s so fucking hot,” he breathes. I notice his hand moving faster over his cock and his breathing is getting heavier.

There’s something intensely erotic about the way we’re slowly moving with each other. My clit is rubbing against her lower lips and I know it won’t take much longer for me to explode. Getting Jessica off is a huge turn on, coupled with Eric touching himself is almost too much on its own. He rolls onto his back, reaching out to grab Jessica’s tit and he starts stroking faster, grabbing her a little harder. My hips start going a bit faster and I start whimpering a little as I get closer to my own release.

“Ohfuck, ohfuck,” he starts chanting over and over until his hand stops and I watch as he shoots his cum up and it drips down over his hand, onto his stomach and down to his balls. That sight alone gets me to cum all over Jess’s pussy whereas she’s clearly only along for the ride.

Jess sits up and pulls me down to lie between them. I immediately turn toward Eric and move down so my head is at his hip. He knows what I’m doing and he turns on his side, giving me access to lick his cum off of his stomach and balls. I start with his hand, cleaning each finger one by one and then move to his stomach. I lick up and down his lower abdomen, until every bit of his release is cleaned off, savoring his salty flavor. I leave his sac for last. I know he’s sensitive right now so I go easy on him, gently swirling my tongue around each testicle, sucking them lightly into my mouth. Once he’s clean I climb up his body, straddle his waist and kiss him very, very hard, allowing him to taste Jess and his cum in my mouth.

“Hi,” I smile, breaking the kiss. “I hope you slept well.”

“You’re insane,” he giggles. Yes, he giggles at me. He’s adorable right now.

“Are you complaining?” I rub my pussy over his cock since it’s trapped between us.

“Fuck no,” he smiles, “That was perfect.”

“I’m glad you liked it.”


Scarlett gets up and kisses us both before leaving the room. With the way Dixie just licked me clean and the feel of her warm, wet pussy on my cock I start to get hard again. I feel like a teenager with this girl, or like I have lifetime supply of Viagra. I’m constantly aroused when I’m with her. Everything Dixie does is sexy. I only wish I could spend more time with her and not leave my family any more than I do.

“You’re making me hard again, pretty girl,” I say softly and thrust my hips up.

She moans and says, “I like fucking Scarlett, but I missed your cock filling me over and over.”

“Yeah?” she nods, “I missed it too. I love how this pretty little cunt takes everything I have to give.”

“I think sometimes that she was made for you,” Dixie says, and trails kisses down my neck. When she says things like that it makes me feel like she likes me a little more than she should. Like my growing affection is reciprocated

“Like when I bury my dick inside of her to the hilt and she holds onto me like a glove?” I ask quietly, my voice is low and gravelly right now. “Because I feel like she was made just for me too when I do that. My wife can’t take all of me like this perfect little pussy can.”

Dixie lifts her head and says, “You feel too good not to.” Then she bites my nipple.

“Ah… that feels good,” I moan and reach between us to rub her lower lips as my tip rubs over her clit. “I want to be inside of you right now, Dixie. I want to feel your lips wrapped around the base of my cock.”

“Take what you want, Eric.” Her breath is hot against my skin.

I’m not able to hold back any longer and I shift my hips so I’m positioned at her opening and thrust up, burying my length inside of her hot channel; she’s so wet, so warm around me. I pull her face to mine and slip my tongue into her mouth as our hips move together, fucking each other hard, and she’s taking me completely inside of her. I really do love that her pussy swallows my cock, holding onto it so tight.

“You feel so good,” I murmur against her lips. “You’re so fucking hot, pretty girl.”

She kisses me again and then sits up on her knees. Her hands are resting on my stomach and she’s rocking her hips over my pelvic bone. Her tits are swaying and I know neither of us are going to last too long.

“You look gorgeous riding me like that,” I tell her and my hands go to her hips.

“Your cock is so fucking deep,” she gasps, and reaches back to rub my balls.

“Mmm, does that feel good? Do you like my big, fat cock shoved deep into my cunt?” I question.

“Yes.” Her head falls back with her lips parted, and she starts to rise and fall.

“Oh my fucking God, baby, keep fucking me like that,” I growl. I can’t even describe what her pussy is doing to me right now, she’s gripping me so hard. Her walls are fluttering and I can feel every inch of her stroking  me.

“I’m going to cum so hard for you, Eric,” she says, and starts to move faster. Her other hand moves to her tits to pluck her tight, pink nipple.

“Only for me, Dixie, I need you to cum only for me. Tell me my dick is the only dick that makes your body shiver like this.” I can’t help the possessiveness that takes over whenever I’m fucking her.

She looks me in my eyes and says, “Only you, Eric. I only cum this hard for you.”

“Good. Now fucking cum for me now. Make me cum with you. Take everything I have, it’s all for this pussy,” I growl the last part, thrusting up hard into her.

“Oh my god!” Dixie screams and her body pitches forward. Her hands land on my chest and we’re nose to nose when her cunt clenches hard around my shaft.

I pump into her a few more times and I can’t hold back anymore. She feels too good. I slam her down onto my cock one last time and I cum through her aftershocks, shooting my release deep inside of her. This is probably the best orgasm of my life. Her pussy is still contracting around me when I finally finish. She stays on top of me, my cock still buried deep inside and she’s breathing heavily as I stroke her back.

“That was… I have no words for that,” I say, breaking the long silence once we’re both breathing normal again.

“That was the definition of fan-fucking-tastic sex,” Dixie says. She lifts her head and kisses me passionately.

As we’re kissing I roll us so I’m lying on top of her. I thrust my softening cock a few times before I pull out all while kissing her sweet lips, making her whimper into my mouth.

“Snuggle with me?” I ask, dipping my head to kiss the top of her nipple.

“Of course,” she says. “But I need to clean up first. We forgot to use a condom. We can’t make a habit of that, as good as it feels.”

“Shit, I’m sorry,” I apologize. “I’ve never used condoms with my wife and it’s not something I generally think of. Especially when you’re rubbing your pussy all over me,” I smirk.

“It’s okay, Eric. I’m on birth control so it shouldn’t be an issue, but I don’t want to tempt fate,” she says. Dixie starts to move, but then turns her head toward me. “Since this is the only time it’s going to happen, do you want a picture of this?”

“Fuck. Yes,” I smile and sit up to grab my phone. Her legs are parted and I can see my cum dripping out of her. I get a picture of her drenched pussy and then snap one of her flushed face and tits before I let her get up.

I watch as she saunters into the bathroom and remember I need to call home. She knows to stay quiet when I call, but it’ll be easier with her out of the room.


24 thoughts on “Chapter 7

  1. Damn! This story is SO HOT – Scorching!! You ladies have THE MOST fabulous imaginations & fantasies! Thanks for sharing them with us! Until the next chapter; you have my hubby’s gratitude…LOL! 🙂


  2. Awesome way to wake up! I wonder if all the pictures he’s been taking is going to seriously bite him in his sexy ass. I guess we’ll see. Thank you ladies!


  3. I agree that was an awesome way to wake up. the feelings these two have is evident in their words and actions, even Jess has caught onto them, as for the rubber, i think it will happen many more times then this once, just saying. kristie


  4. Holy shit, no condom there. Eric taking a picture as me so nervous. I just feel someone will find his phone. I like that Eric got his fantasy. A very steamy chapter.


  5. she really does throw all the rules out the window when it comes to him, that should tell her something. Jess and Hoyt lol, mama is going to be pissed when they end up running away together.


  6. That was the best yet! Another boundary crossed, another rule broken & some real emotion between them in that intense sex at the end. But why did he have to mention his wife in the middle of all that intensity?! Love Sookie & Jess together too.


    • We discussed the mentioning of his wife and determined given their situation it’s weird, but acceptable. I had a better explanation but I’m at work and forgot my initial reasoning.


      • I think we were okay with mentioning Aude like that because it was their way of trying to lessen the emotional fuckery they’re both experiencing at the moment. Sookie’s in denial that she has legit feelings for Eric and he’s battling with the things he feels for her as well. It seems like they’re in an impossible situation, and as Sookie tells him, if they met at a different time, in a different place, she would be interested in him. That only adds to his mindfuck, I think. So mentioning Aude is a way of pulling things back and trying to get them back on a purely business-like relationship. It fails, of course, but it’s an attempt.


      • I think as a reader I get caught up in moments like that & see the potential romance so the fact that it is a business relationship gets pushed to the back of my mind. Powerful writing. Reality is he has a wife, but this is S/E so I get carried away!!


  7. Yep, these two are getting deeper, no matter how hard they both try to deny it. Wow, so now she swallows any/every time, and there is no rubber. Sookie my girl, you are falling hard, everyone can see it but you.


  8. Hot, hot, hot!
    I think fate has been tempted, sooooo is Sookie going to come up pregnant?is this what will make them realize how much they care about each other? Looking forward to more! And thanks for writing!


  9. wow this is amazingly hot!..I’ve never like sookie or eric with anyone but themselves, but omg…you girls rock this chit hard!!!!


  10. oh my gosh this story is so hot! I love it so crazy and so much fun.
    I can feel that the bad times are not too far away though. Like really we need to get eric divorced but thats going to take a lot of time and a lot of tough reading ahead.
    Thanks for sharing this story it’s amazing!!!


  11. Uh oooh…I feel like trouble is coming but hot damn if that wasn’t such a spicey treat! Thanks ladies!


  12. Interesting dynamic inbetween Jessica and Sookie. Eric sure embraced adding another girl to the mix enthusiastically…and I think that is an understatement. I wondered about her swallowing in the earlier chapters…was that supposed to be her first time doing that? I seemed more like a regular thing. And no condom! Yikes! Just a little more playing with fire I guess!


    • I’m sure Sookie’s swallowed before but not for a customer, that was a first. She wanted to give Eric something he’d always wanted and I think she just wanted to do it.


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