22: Northmans

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We were finally settled into the house. Henry was in heaven with all the room. He spent the first few days running around the yard and rolling in the grass. Every now and then he’d run into the house with one of his big smiles on his face as if to tell us how much fun he was having while we unpacked. Mixing our styles wasn’t exactly the easiest. We got into several arguments about what to keep and get rid of. We had enough space for almost all of it. I was a minimalist compared to Sookie. That was very, very evident during unpacking and decorating.

Before we moved into the house Sookie and I took the time to get the bathrooms remodeled. We had the exterior painted as well. There were a few other little things we did in the house that made it really feel like our home. It had been close to a month since we moved in. Ras and I had gone out shopping in Beverly Hills one day when I was helping him move into the Hill House, that’s what we called it. We made a pit stop at a jewelry store. I decided it was time to make her a Northman if she was ready for it. I didn’t think she wanted a big wedding, but that was something we could discuss once I got her to say yes.

I woke up earlier than her like I usually did. Henry and I went on our morning run like we’d gotten used to doing. When we got home he went out back to sun himself while I went to the room. Before my shower I made a decision. I got the ring out of the lock box I kept in the closet. Sookie never asked me about it. I shared everything with her, so I assumed she was allowing me to keep something for myself. She may have not even thought about it. Either way, I pulled the ring out of the box and went to the bed where Sookie was still sleeping. I gently lifted her left hand so I could slip the ring into place. I looked at it for a moment and then grabbed my cell phone to snap a picture of it.

I was happy. I was going to be even happier when she woke up and decided to say yes. I kissed her forehead before I went into the bathroom to get the shower started. When we got the bathrooms remodeled we got one of the tankless hot water setups. It was nice.

I had just stepped under the water when I heard Sookie come into the bathroom, probably to take a piss. I wasn’t sure if she had even noticed the ring. Sure enough a few moments later I heard the toilet flush before Sookie stepped into the shower with me.

“Morning, Lover,” I said without turning around. The hot water felt good. The air was getting cooler with winter coming up soon.

“Good morning. How was your run?” Her arms circled my waist and her face pressed against my back.

“It was good. Henry almost got lost,” I chuckled. “He ran into the brush and I heard a bunch of rustling around before he came out about ten feet ahead of me.” I rested my hand on hers. I caught the diamond between my fingers and twisted it a little so she felt it move.

Her head lifted.

“Did you just put something on my finger?”

“No,” I answered honestly. It had been a good ten minutes since I put it on.

Sookie took her hand back and gasped.

“Eric! Are you… Is this… ohmygod!”

I turned around to look at her. Her face was priceless, and beautiful.

“Where’d you get that?” I asked with a knowing grin.

“I don’t know but the burglars in Ojai are way nicer than the ones in Los Angeles,” she said as she stared at the ring.

I decided to sink down onto one knee. I figured we met while I was naked, might as well do this naked.

I took her hand and kissed the back.

“Miss Sookie Helene Stackhouse, will you do the honor of becoming a Northman?” I shouldn’t have been as nervous as I was.

Her hand was shaking and her eyes were full of unshed tears. Sookie’s head started to nod before she said, “I wouldn’t want to become anything else.”

“Good. I was hoping you’d say yes,” I smiled.

“Did you think I wouldn’t?”

I tugged her hand to get her to kneel with me. I wrapped my arms around her before I leaned in to give her a sweet kiss on the lips.

“I was pretty sure but there’s always that little bit of fear.” My hands rubbed up and down her back.

“Baby, I can’t imagine this life with anyone but you. You’re the only one I want babies with and the only one I want to fluff ’til death do us part.”

“You’re the only one I want fluffing me,” I grinned. “I’ve never met anyone like you, Sookie. You’re… there are no words for the way I feel about you. I’ve known since day one that my new goal was to make you smile every day. That’s what I live for now.”

“That’s a very sweet goal to have. How’d I get so lucky with you?”

“You have Ginger to thank,” I chuckled. I sat down on my butt and dragged Sookie to straddle my lap. The new bathroom had a much bigger shower as well as a big soaker tub. Currently we were sitting on the floor of the shower lost in the glow of a new engagement. “I am so thankful she brought you in that day.”

“Tell me about it. I didn’t think I’d even meet you and now we’re engaged, sharing a gorgeous house and raising a pretty bad ass fur baby everyone loves.” The kids in the neighborhood loved when we took Henry for walks. He loved playing with the kids.

I never expected to meet someone I loved the way I loved Sookie. She really was everything to me. It was still technically new, but I knew she definitely it. When she said something to Bill Compton about me being her fiance I started making the plan to go ring shopping.

“Not to sound too sappy, but you seriously make any dream I ever had about a future come true. I’ve never met a woman that got me so completely. This,” I picked up her hand to touch the ring. “This and my last name are all I have of importance to offer you. We could lose this house and the cars and anything else tomorrow but as long as I had you by my side, I’d be just as happy.”

By the tremble of her chin I knew she was crying. Sookie leaned in and pressed her lips to mine. Her slender arms wrapped around me as she sucked on my bottom lip.

I groaned quietly. My hands rubbed down her sides and around to her ass, giving her a light squeeze. I pulled Sookie forward slightly so her warm center was directly over my cock. I didn’t want to rush anything. I would have been perfectly happy kissing for the next hour.

Before we got too involved in the kiss I pulled back and said, “There’s one more thing…”

“Okay,” she said.

“I’m not going to be making movies anymore,” I told her. “I put in an application for a business license…”

“Baby, are you sure? You don’t have to quit.”

“If I’m going to marry you, yes I do. I know you don’t care that I do it, but I care. If money starts to get tight Stan already agreed to take me on for cameos. I don’t think we’ll have a problem, though.” Sookie still hadn’t seen my bank account. I’d paid cash for the house we moved out of as well so when Rasul bought for just about as much as I paid for our current house I basically got my money back. In the close to eleven years I’d been doing movies for a bigger company I made money like it was water pouring in. I got a royalty check for every single Steel Johnson dildo sold. I had my own website that Stan and I had discussed when I told him I was quitting. The website was mine. I got cash from all the merch sold on the site, sold in sex shops, and for every movie I sold. I wasn’t dumb when I signed my contract with Stan. I took a lawyer on my mom’s prompting and Damon made sure I was going to get taken care of.

“If you want out of course that’s okay too. You know I will support you no matter what you choose to do,” Sookie said.

“I’ll show you a few things when we’re out of the shower,” I smiled. I kept all my tax records and bank statements in the lock box too. “Right now I want to celebrate us.”

“How do you want to celebrate?”

“Hmm, right now I want you to lift you hips so you can take a proper seat on my lap,” I smiled. I leaned in to kiss her jaw. “When we’re out I can take you out to breakfast with a mimosa bar.” Sookie lifted up on her knees long enough for me to position my solid cock at her entrance. When she sank down my shaft my eyes fluttered closed for a moment. “Mmm, if you want we can invite our friends out for a celebratory dinner… oooh….” Her hips swiveled.  “Maybe steaks on the grill…”

“No, no steaks. Tacos,” she corrected. “Maybe the enchiladas I’ve been working on.”

“That’s good too.” She’d been doing quite well in the new kitchen. I wasn’t sure I wanted to worry about that with the way her hips rocked and rolled. “I can make margaritas.”

“Mmm… I like margaritas.” Sookie’s hips rolled in circles.

“I like you when you’ve been drinkin’ margaritas.” I slid my hand down between our bodies so I could rub her clit with my thumb. Her walls clenched around me, making me groan.

“Because I get extra horny and do all sorts of filthy things that make your dick super hard?” Last time she got drunk on margaritas she stripped down and demanded I fuck her up against the big window in the living room in the old house.

“Oh yes,” I nodded. My lips skimmed over her jaw. I nipped her soft skin on the way up to her ear. “Are you going to be my naughty girl in front of our friends?” She’d taken up nude sunbathing since we moved. Tawny liked to come over on her days off to sunbathe with Sookie. As far as I knew they hadn’t fooled around since my birthday. With margaritas involved with a swimming pool and those two girls anything was possible.

“Would you like it if I was?” She began to move up and down. “You want to watch me play with your friends?”

“Maybe not all of them,” I chuckled. My head dropped back, hitting against the wall. Sookie was so warm and wet. With all the women I’d been with Sookie was hands down the best. I knew it had everything to do with the emotions I felt for her. There were nights when we did ‘boring’ missionary. It was sometimes the best ever. Everything about Sookie made me feel things, good things.

“What if I just want to play with you while they’re outside drinking by the pool? Like our first time here?”

“That would be even better.” I moved my hands to her hips, holding them gently as I started to thrust up, slowly meeting her each time she bounced. We had to get out of the shower eventually.

Sookie and I sat in the floor of the shower whispering dirty nothings to each other as my finace bounced on my lap. It went on for a while before we both came. It was some of the best, most highly emotional sex Sookie and I had ever had. I was a happy, lucky motherfucker.


“How’s your Sunday going?” I asked my mother when she answered my call. Sookie and I had been spending the day getting ready for our dinner party. We had six people coming over for enchiladas, tacos, and margaritas. We were a little concerned about moving out so far, but everyone had been pretty receptive about coming to party with us. This was going to be our second dinner party.

“Not too bad. It was busy earlier for brunch, but that’s how every Sunday is. How’s yours? Are you settled into the house now?”

“We’re pretty settled. We’re having people over for a celebratory dinner,” I said with a smile on my face.

“Oh yeah? What are you celebrating?”

“You’re getting a daughter-in-law,” I told her. “I asked this morning… She said yes.” Sookie walked past me, taking a covered pan of enchiladas out to the backyard. Her ass looked delicious.

“You did? Well… congratulations,” Mom said. She didn’t sound as excited as I would have liked.

“Thanks. I really want you to meet her. I was thinking of bringing her up there unless you’d like to come down and see the house,” I offered. “It’s five bedrooms. I’ve also had a meeting with Stan and quit porn. Friday was my last day,” I added casually.

“You quit the business? Now that is worth celebrating.” There was the excitement I had been looking for.

“I can’t be a husband, and one day a father while I’m actively shooting porn,” I chuckled. “Sookie didn’t ask me, I did it on my own.”

“You’re having children?”

“Not anytime soon, but one day we want to have them,” I said. “We bought a five bedroom house for a reason. I know you want to be a grandma one day.”

“The sooner the better so I can be a fun grandma and not some rocking chair dribbler grandma,” she said.

“We haven’t discussed when we want them, but I’m sure it won’t be too long. We may start trying next year at the earliest. I’d like to be married to her first.” Sookie walked by again with another covered dish. “We’re using your recipe for carnitas tacos tonight.”

“That’s definitely party food. Is she getting better in the kitchen?”

“She is getting a lot better. She’s very patient and takes direction well, unlike me. There are fuckups every now and then, but I remind her that it’s trying that counts and that she’ll do better the next time.” I liked that she tried and wanted to better.

“Well then at least one of you will get onto the kids when they’re assholes,” Mom laughed. “And your kids will be assholes.”

“Of course they will. They’ll be mine,” I laughed. My beautiful girl politely bent over to pick up something she dropped. Her ass… mmm…

“Are you okay? Why are you growling?” Mom asked.


“I can smell the carnitas,” I lied. She knew how much I liked tacos.

“Uh huh.”

“I swear it. So, can you get some time off to come down for a visit?” I asked. “I’d really like you to meet Sookie and see the house.” I’d sent her pictures but it wasn’t the same.

“I can come down for Thanksgiving,” she said.

“That would be great. Are you going to let us cook for you or are you going to kick us out of the kitchen?” I chuckled. I saw Henry get up from his lounge chair and bolt into the house, heading to the front door. Someone was here.

“I’ll probably kick you out and give Sookie the third degree.”

“I’ll warn her,” I chuckled. I saw Rasul’s giant ass walk through my house. “Your favorite son just walked in.”

“Ooooh put him on the phone,” she requested.

Rasul walks in and I’m suddenly chopped liver.

As soon as he walked out back I held up the phone. “Mom wants to talk to you.”

“Can you blame her?” He took the phone from me. “Hi, Mom. Still beautiful and breaking hearts up there?”

I shook my head and got up to help Sookie. I knew Ras and my mother could talk for hours if I let them. His flattery worked wonders on her.

All in all it was a great fucking day. The minimal nerves I had that morning were gone the second I saw Sookie’s beautiful face. We were in a good spot. Good friends, a beautiful house, a fur baby we spoiled rotten. I couldn’t have asked for more. I had everything I didn’t know was missing.

The End

12 thoughts on “22: Northmans

  1. Great story! It turned out to be completely different than I expected, but that’s what I love about your stories, ladies! Another fantastic one over too soon, but well done. I know you have that Part 2 coming up soon, so I’ll be looking forward to that. If you don’t post before the holiday, I wish the both of you a very Merry Christmas!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I really enjoyed this story . I liked Eric’s character a lot . I also liked the development of sookie’s character and the growth of their relationship . The ending was perfect too.


  3. Happy Holidays! Long time reader here-Just wanted to say how much I love all your stories! This one was great because it showed that just cuz people have a certain kind of job doesn’t mean they are a bad person or are incapable of having a healthy loving relationship.Hope for the next one soon.Thanx for all the time and effort it takes to make your readers happy.Bless you Both!


    • Thank you! I realize that the majority of people working in the sex industry typically have some sort of emotional issues stemming from childhood, but then so do A LOT of people who don’t. We’re all just people. The stigma surrounding the porn industry is a little ridiculous. If it wasn’t in such demand, it wouldn’t be such a massively profitable industry. America is so backwards and puritanical when it comes to sex and women’s bodies. I’m not going to get into it because I’m barely awake and it’ll just end up being a rant. Lol
      But I’m glad we could show a “normal” relationship developing between two people who don’t necessarily live “normal” lives. It was fun to write.
      Thanks for reading!


  4. Very sweet and touching ending for this story! Which I really enjoyed… great Eric characterisation and a Sookie who’s been through a lot and finally had some good stuff coming her way.

    Thank you for all your time, effort and talent Ladies of DirtyLemonshire…


  5. Perfect way to end.
    Thank you both for a fun story! Hope Hadley got put away for quite some time and she never ever contacts sookie again.
    Apart from that blight on their horizon, everything else is roses! I can see them being very very happy together 😄
    Hugs to you both!


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