Chapter 6


For my next meeting with Eric I decide to surprise him by arranging for Scarlett to join us. Instead of having him book a hotel room, I reserve one of the theme rooms for us. We’ll have a sex swing, a spanking bench and some special toys we’ve never played with before. If this weekend doesn’t blow Eric’s mind, I don’t know what will.

But since I know he’s been stressed out, I figure putting together something a little more fantasy oriented would be a great idea. He gets in a little earlier than usual on Friday, in the early afternoon instead of in the evening, and he looks like he hasn’t slept much in the last few days.

It worries me that he looks so worn out. Maybe this plan was a bad idea.

“Hello, handsome,” I smile when I see him.

“Hey, pretty girl,” he gives me a tired, halfhearted smile. Something is wrong.

I’m concerned, but I don’t want to get into it here in the parlor.

“Let’s go get you checked in at the office and pick up our keys so I can take you back to our room,” I tell him.

“Mmm, okay,” he hums, letting out a sigh. He follows along when I take his wrist to lead him to the check in area.

We have to deal with all of the financial stuff before I can get the keys for the room I reserved, but that doesn’t take long. I already brought some of my stuff over earlier, so I’m all set. I lead Eric through the main housing area, and out to the huge patio where we have a pool, three hot tubs and a giant trampoline.

“We should play on the trampoline this weekend,” I suggest as we pass by it.

“I don’t think I want to trampoline, I wouldn’t mind relaxing in the hot tub though,” he says, giving me his first real smile since he walked in.

“We can do that too. In fact, you can watch me on the trampoline. I’ll do it naked,” I offer.

“That  I can appreciate,” his hand runs down my back, landing on my ass and leaving it there.

We get to the room and I unlock the door. Before I open it I turn to him and say, “I put together a little surprise for you, and the room is only one part of it.”

“Oh yeah? What kind of surprise?” he perks up a little more. The longer he’s here the happier he seems.

I push the door open and gesture for him to go inside.

“There’s a swing…” he trails off as he looks around taking everything in. He looks nervous and excited, like he’s a six year old in Disneyland. “Sweetie, there’s a fucking swing… and a bench… and, Jesus, is that a strap-on?”

“Yes it is.” I hug him from behind.

“Does that mean… another girl?” He takes my hand and pushes it down his stomach until I reach his hard-on. He’s excited. “I like it.”

“I can tell,” I smile and start to stroke him over his pants. “I can have her here in an hour if you want.”

“I want,” he breathes, “I really, really want.”

“Then I’ll go make the call. Why don’t you relax, and when I come back I’ll have Scarlett with me?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he says playfully and turns to kiss me before I leave the room.

“Oh, and Eric? The safe word is granola,” I wink, and then walk out.

♦ ♦ ♦

An hour later Scarlett and I are walking arm in arm, dressed like trampy school girls in need of a little discipline, walking back to the room I’m sharing with Eric. Scarlett has met him before and Eric has seen us dance together so I know he’s attracted to her. I knock on the door and Scarlett pulls me to her for a kiss. We’re still going at it when Eric opens the door.

“Mmm,” he groans, “Welcome back, ladies.”

“Hi, Mr. Northman,” Scarlett purrs as she breaks our kiss. I’m still trailing kisses down her neck and I can feel his eyes on me.

I ignore him and keep pawing at Scarlett. I have to keep calling her that so I don’t call her Jessica by mistake.

“Dixie, say hello to Mr. Northman,” she tells me, gently tugging my hair to get my attention.

I look over at him like I’m bored with him already and say, “Hey.”

Then I go back to sucking lightly on Scarlett’s neck.

She steps away from me, walking into the room and I follow behind, not looking at him. I can still feel his eyes burning into me, I can almost feel the lust pouring off of him. Scarlett reaches forward to trail her index finger down his chest. “Forgive her, Mr. N, Dixie’s been a naughty girl today. She doesn’t listen to a word anyone says.”

“Is that so?” he asks, quirking an eyebrow and I finally look at him. His intense stare makes me wet.

“Rules are fucking bullshit,” I say with sass. With my eyes fixed on Eric I ask, “Since when do you hang around with geezers, Scarlett?”

“Geezers?” he questions, his tone telling me he’s very into what we’re doing here.

“Yeah. You know, guys that can’t get it up anymore,” I smirk.

“From what I’ve been told he does a fine job gettin’ it up,” Scarlett says, flicking her eyes down to his groin. “I also hear he’s huge,” she says softly and licks her lips. Turning her attention to Eric she continues, “Is that true, Mr. N? Is your cock huge? I can be your good girl if you show me.”

“Come here, Scarlett,” he commands while looking directly into my eyes. She scurries to stand in front of him and waits expectantly. He turns to look at her, with her height and heels she’s almost as tall as him. “Get on your knees, take my cock out and show Dixie what being a good girl gets you.”

When she complies he strokes her hair back. She looks up with her big blue eyes and eagerly pulls his pants off. As she’s doing it he’s looking at me again. “That’s good, sweetie,” he says when she starts to stroke him, never taking his eyes off of mine.

I yawn.

“This is boring.” I cross my legs and stare at my nails.

“Dixie, come,” he demands. I clench my legs together, searching for a little friction. His tone is making me a little wetter.

“Fuck you. You’re not the boss of me.”

Eric isn’t used to this sort of attitude from me, so this should be interesting.

“Excuse me, sweetheart,” he says sweetly to Scarlett and she sits back on her heels watching as he walks toward me. In the three strides it takes to get to me he rips his shirt over his head, tossing it across the room. I uncross my legs when he’s standing in front of me. His cock is solid, point right at my lips and it takes every ounce of willpower to keep looking up at his eyes and not suck him off right here.

“Do you know what happens to little sluts with bad attitudes?” I’m looking up at him, his voice is calm, scary calm, sexy calm.

“They get bored to death by lame old guys that tell boring stories and make even lamer threats?” I guess.

“Mmm, yeah,” he says, just as calm. He runs the tip of his finger down the side of my face and I smack his hand away. He closes his eyes for a moment and then I gasp when his fist wraps in my ponytail, ripping my head back as he leans over me. I have to keep myself from moaning.

“Mr. Northman!” I hear Scarlett squeak in behind him.

“I’m going to shove my dick so far down your throat, little girl,” he growls and this time I do moan. I think I hear Scarlett groan as well.

Unwilling to give in too easily, I say, “Ewww.”

He looks back at Scarlett and then returns his gaze to me. I think he’s still a little overwhelmed. He releases my hair and moves down to hold my face by my chin. His hand is so big it covers most of my face. I can see I’m getting to him a little bit, but I trust him. And then he turns the tables on me.

“I have a very willing student right over there,” he says, nodding toward Scarlett. “I will just go play with her.”

“About time,” I mutter and jerk my head away from him.

He grabs my face one more time, pulling me up from my seat. He licks my lips and I don’t pull away. He needs a little break. “You’re so fucking hot right now,” he whispers so only I can hear, breaking our little play time for a second. He pushes me back down in my seat and turns his back to me, walking over to a giddy Scarlett.

“Scarlett,” he says her name when he’s standing in front of her again. She looks over at me quickly before she trains her big blue eyes on his face. “Are you ready for me?”

I watch as she nods excitedly. He holds his cock in his hand, stroking lightly and she leans in, sucking one of his balls between her lips. He groans and holds his shaft up, giving her better access. She wraps her hand around his and pulls him down so she can take his head in her mouth. He wraps his hand in her hair and helps her take more of him into her mouth. Since he’s not watching me, I sit back and spread my legs. I run my hand up my thigh and play with the edge of my panties.

“Show me your tits, sweetheart,” he says quietly, looking down and pulling her mouth farther down his shaft. Scarlett pulls her top down and unhooks her bra, tossing it across the room.

It’s interesting watching Eric with another woman. What strikes me the most is the confidence he has. I can’t help but think I’m partially responsible for it. He was so unsure of what to do the first time we were together, and now he’s dominantly fucking Scarlett’s throat like he’s been doing it for his whole life.

It’s fucking sexy.

I didn’t know I would get this turned on watching him like this, but I find I’m almost jealous that I’m sitting off to the side just watching. Eric is mostly watching me, so I decide to give him something to watch, and start stroking myself over my panties. He growls and starts to thrust his hips harder. Scarlett keeps up with him no problem, and I move the crotch of my panties over so Eric can see how wet I am.

“Play with your tits, Scarlett,” I say, my fingers parting my lower lips and then rubbing my clit. I groan and watch Scarlett play with her nipples.

“Stop touching yourself, Dixie,” he commands me and I whimper when I finally listen to what he tells me to do. “Bad girls don’t get to have any fun.”

“You’re an asshole,” I pout like a petulant child.

“And you’re been a little bitch,” he snaps, “Keep your fucking hands off of that pussy.”

I look him in his eyes and say, “Make me.”

He sweetly pulls Scarlett from his cock, helping her stand. He gives her a gentle kiss on the corner of her mouth and turns toward me. It’s crazy how quickly he goes from being so sweet with her to the dominant look he’s giving me. He stalks across the room, grabs my shoulder and pulls me down to my knees in front of him. Without a word he shoves two fingers into my mouth, making me suck his fingers like his cock.

Scarlett appears at my side and starts to take my skirt off of me. I move my knees so she can get it down and around them. She tosses it away and then lifts my hand so I’m touching one of her perfect, perky tits. They’re about the same size as mine, but her skin is milky white whereas mine is golden brown from lying out in the sun.

I keep sucking Eric’s fingers and they’re still in my mouth when he offers his cock to Scarlett. She wastes no time taking him deep down her throat, and when Eric removes his fingers from my mouth, I move over to put my hand down Scarlett’s skirt and into her panties. She’s just as wet as I am, and when she moans it makes Eric growl.

“That feel good, baby?” I whisper in Scarlett’s ear and start rubbing her clit.

She moans again with Eric’s dick deep down her throat.

“Her cunt is soaking wet,” I tell Eric. “Do you want me to make her cum?”

“Mmm, yes she’s been such a good girl,” he breathes.

“My Scarlett is always a good girl.” I look up at Eric as I finger Scarlett. I’ve had sex with her for fun quite a few times just because we’re bored and horny. I know exactly how to get her off, and it doesn’t take long before she’s moaning like crazy around Eric’s cock.

I move my head to take one of her nipples in my mouth, and that pushes her over the edge. She’s got the most sensitive nipples of anyone I’ve ever met. I hope Eric remembers he has to pull out before he cums.

He remembers. When he cums, it’s on Scarlett’s tits. He looks at me and says, “Lick it up, brat.”

I smirk and move to lick his thick, hot cum off her tits. And just to piss him off, I put my hand back in my panties.


Jesus, these girls are so hot together.  Dixie has kept her eyes on me all night, even acting like a petulant child she’s perfect. Her lips are wrapped around Scarlett’s nipple, licking my cum from her tits, and it threatens to make me hard again. I also notice her hand right back in her panties after I told her no.

Time for a spanking. I grab her arm and yank her hand out of her panties, making her whine a little. “Didn’t I say no?”

“But I want to touch myself,” she complains.

I roughly pull her up from the floor and drag her to the bench.  I force her down onto her knees and press the middle of her back down so she’s leaning over the bench, holding onto the other end. I yank her panties down to het knees and seeing her cunt so wet already makes my cock twitch. Scarlett joins me next to her and I think I want to torture her a bit. I tell Scarlett to eat Dixie’s pussy, but don’t let her cum.

Scarlett gets down on her knees behind Dixie and spreads her lips open. I stroke my flaccid cock as she runs the tip of her tongue through Dixie’s folds, making her cry out. Standing behind Scarlett, I reach around with my other hand and tug on her nipple. I saw her reaction when Dixie licked her tits and I know she likes them played with. It’s only been a few minutes and I’m getting hard again.

I slide my hand up to Scarlett’s throat and pull her back from Dixie’s dripping wet cunt. Releasing my cock, I bring my hand down hard on her ass.

“Oh God!” she screams. I’m watching her pussy clench, searching for something to hold onto. I spank the other cheek earning me the same reaction.

“You’ve been such a naughty girl, Dixie.  Naughty girls get spanked and they don’t get to cum.” When I see she’s calming, I push Scarlett’s face back into my girl’s pussy.

I’ve seen the face she makes when she cums several times and I walk around to watch her. As soon as she starts nibbling on her bottom lip I make Scarlett stop again. Waiting a moment, I spank her ass again. This time harder than the last.

“Holy fuck!” she cries and I see her body reacting.

“Don’t you dare cum.”

“But I want to,” she whines.

“Yeah? And I wanted you to be sweet, but you’ve been acting like a brat since you arrived.” With that I smack her ass again.

Dixie moans loudly and Scarlett says, “She’s cumming.”

I can tell. Her whole body has gone rigid and she’s breathing heavily.  My cock is hard again and I decide she gets to watch me fuck Scarlett. I won’t let her touch herself while I’m inside of Scarlett either.

“Scarlett, tie her down and then get on your hands and knees in front of her.” As she scrambles to do as she’s told I find a condom and roll it on.

“Dixie, watch,” I command as I get on my  knees behind the redhead. I flip Scarlett’s skirt up to reveal a pair of black panties partially covering a very nice ass that looks like it was made to be spanked. I take a few seconds to get rid of her panties, and then I run my cock through her folds, making Scarlett moan. I slam all the way in, burying myself in one fluid thrust. Both girls whimper, but for different reasons.

I know if she wasn’t tied down Dixie would have her hands on her cunt and she doesn’t deserve it right now. With her eyes trained on mine, I thrust in and out of Scarlett. Her low, raspy moans and the sound of my hips hitting her ass is filling the air. She feels fantastic, but I’d rather be inside of Dixie. My dick is accustomed to her pussy and I’ve missed it.

“Do you wish this fat cock was pounding into your  sweet little snatch?” I ask her.

“Yes,” she admits.

“Maybe you’ll think about the consequences for disobeying me when I tell you not to touch yourself.”

“Dick,” she mutters.

“Mmm, I know you want it. He’s busy fucking your sweet little friend though.  She’s making it so good for me.” I rub over Scarlett’s ass, running my thumb over her rear hole as I slow my thrusting.

“She likes it in the ass,” Dixie says. “I fucked her there yesterday.”

“Is that true, Scarlett? Would you like me to shove my huge cock in your ass?” I ask, tugging her hair and she gives me a strained yes.

I pull out and grab the lube. I drizzle it all over my cock, rubbing it up and down my shaft and then I add a little to her asshole. When my head pops in she lets out a strangled moan, as does Dixie.

“Is that what you wanted?” I ask as I shove in as deep as possible.

“Oh God, yes. You’re so big!” she says.

Dixie starts wriggling on the bench, trying to get friction to her clit. She lets out a frustrated groan when she can’t.

“Is everything okay over there?” I smirk.

“Fine,” she huffs.

“You don’t seem fine,” I tell her and swivel my hips, making Scarlett’s ass clench around my shaft and I have to pause a moment before starting again.

“I’m fine,” Dixie insists, but she’s still trying to find the friction she needs.

Since she insists, I reach under Scarlett’s body to grab her tits. With my eyes always on my Dixie, I pull her up so her warm body is flush against my chest. My hands are on her tits, tugging her tight buds and my cock is driving in and out of her ass. She seems like she’s in absolute heaven right now and I tell her to rub her clit. I want her to cum for me.

“I’m so close, Eric!” she exclaims.

“Yeah, can you let Dixie see what good girls get? Cum on my big cock, sweetheart.”

“Yes!” she cries out. She’s good and it feels good fucking her in the ass, but she’s still not my Dixie. I want to wait to cum for her.

Dixie whimpers up on the bench and begs, “Please, Eric. I’ll be good.”

“How can I trust that you’ll be good for me?”

“I promise,” she says.

I pull out of Scarlett as she calms and remove the condom. I grab a new one and slip it on before standing behind Dixie, leaving her strapped to the bench. “Where do you want me?”

“My pussy. She needs to be fucked.”

I shove two fingers into her cunt. I know she’s drenched, but I need to make sure. After pumping them in an out a few times I line my cock up with her opening and drive in deep, slamming her hips against the bench.  With my cock buried to the hilt I bring my hand down on her ass and revel in her pussy contracting around my shaft.

“Fuck, you have such a good pussy, pretty girl.”

“She loves when you fuck her,” Dixie pants.

Scarlett wiggles out of her skirt when she stands up. I start to move inside Dixie’s heated channel, and watch as Scarlett releases the restraints on my girl’s wrists. Then she sits on the bench in front of Dixie and pulls her face to her cunt so she can eat Scarlett while I fuck her. Dixie goes to work on Scarlett, moaning every few seconds while I pound into her. Scarlett’s hips start to move, grinding against Dixie’s face. Her long, thin fingers tug on her dusky pink buds and she’s looking down, watching Dixie eat her.

I reach down and gather some of Dixie’s juices and rub them over her tight rear entrance. My thumb presses against it and Dixie moans louder.

“That’s right, baby, eat my snatch,” Scarlett purrs, and leans forward to slap Dixie’s slightly pink ass.

Dixie groans and her cunt clenches.

Scarlett looks at me and asks, “May I cum, Mr. N?”

“Yes. Good girls get to cum,” I say.

Seconds later, Scarlett’s head falls back and she cries out when she cums. My thumb slips into Dixie’s tight ass and her head lifts.

She looks over her shoulder and asks, “Can Scarlett fuck me, too?”

“That would be… good,” I grunt. Her pussy is so hot around me, it may not take much longer before I cum.

I watch as Scarlett puts the strap-on around her legs and up over her hips. I pull out of Dixie and help her stand so she can walk over to Scarlett, who is lying on the bed,  and I stand back and watch as Dixie straddles her thighs. As they kiss she sits up and takes the dildo into her pussy, sliding down until its all the way inside.  I’m stroking my cock over the rubber and my eyes are trained on their joined hips. They look really good together.

“Fuck my ass, Eric,” Dixie says over her shoulder.

“Ride her,” I say.

Dixie keeps looking back at me as her hips start to move. Scarlett grabs her ass and spreads Dixie’s cheeks. I want to take her tight ass, but I want her to cum again for me. She’s too beautiful when she cums.

Scarlett lets go of her ass and reaches up to unbutton and remove Dixie’s shirt. It goes flying and moments later, so does her bra. She looks gorgeous and she’s moving faster and faster. The way she’s moaning and the look on her face tells me she’s about to cum hard. Scarlett leans up and captures one of Dixie’s nipples, giving it a long lick before sucking on it.

“Oh fuck,” Dixie moans. “Eric, please… I want your big cock deep in my ass when I cum.”

I can’t deny her anymore. I can tell she’s holding back, waiting just for me. I lube myself up again and Scarlett grabs ahold of Dixie’s lower cheeks for me. Dixie stills with the dildo buried in her cunt and leans forward to make room for me. I drizzle the lube onto her back entrance and slowly work my finger into her. Dixie groans and her hips rock back and forth.

I add a second finger and pump them in and out a few times to stretch her tight channel for me. Dixie’s panting and probably going to cum the second I shove my cock inside her. I pull my fingers out and replace them with my dick.

“Fuck, yes! Fuck my tight little ass, Eric!” Dixie shouts.

Scarlett starts to thrust her hips and I find a counter rhythm so Dixie is always full in one place or the other. She feels so fucking good, and I can feel Scarlett fucking her with the dildo at the same time.

“That’s it, Eric. Show me how bad girls get fucked,” Dixie growls.

I press my hand between her shoulder blades, pushing her harder onto Scarlett so their tits are rubbing together. With my other hand I hold onto her hip and begin to drive in, faster and harder than I’ve fucked her ass before. The friction I get from the ridges on the dildo and the walls of her ass clenching tight around my length are almost too much.

“You like being my naughty little whore, don’t you Dixie? You fucking love it when I pound into this asshole. Cum for me, pretty girl. I need to feel your body writhing in pleasure from my fat cock.”

I lean over her body, sandwiching her between Scarlett and myself. I grip Scarlett’s chin and pull her face to mine for a deep kiss as Dixie loses her battle with control and begins to spasm between us. Her ass is gripping my cock, I’m certain her pussy has a death grip on the dildo and she’s gasping for air. Such a gorgeous sight.

Releasing Scarlett from the kiss I pull out of Dixie and remove her from the dildo. I lay her limp body on her back at the edge of the bed. I haven’t cum yet and I watch her pussy quivering as I guide myself back into her rear entrance. This time I go slow, rubbing her lower lips with my thumb until Scarlett joins us. She’s taken the strap-on off and she straddles Dixie’s head, clearly hoping for one more release. Her hands meet mine and Scarlett pumps two fingers slowly in and out of Dixie’s cunt as she grinds her hips down on her face. I pull Scarlett forward for another kiss. I need the intimacy right now and my sweet girl is busy.

“Do you want to lick her?” I mumble against Scarlett’s lips and she nods.

I stand up straight so she can move her head down and she begins to lap at Dixie’s clit while I slowly thrust into her ass. Their moans are turning me on so much more and I can feel my body getting ready to explode. Just before I cum, I pull Scarlett up by her hair and my lips crash into her so I can taste Dixie on her lips. I pull away, but hold her close as I cum, jerking into her ass a few times with the aftershocks.

When I pull out I step back to pull the condom off and return to Dixie’s legs spread nice and wide for me. Scarlett sits up and my mouth descends on her dripping cunt. I want to give her one more orgasm before we’re done. And it doesn’t take long before both girl are panting and moaning, coming undone.

Once we’ve all calmed down a bit Scarlett gives me one more deep kiss and then leaves the room, leaving me alone with Dixie. I lay on the bed and pull her up to curl into my chest. She knows I like to cuddle and I appreciate that she does it automatically now. I pull her hair down and start to undo the braid so I can run my fingers through her hair as we lie in silence.

“Thank you,” I whisper and kiss the top of her head. “I think I needed that more than I thought.”

“You’re welcome. How did you like having two girls to play with?”

“It was good,” I chuckle,  “But a lot of work. I don’t think I want that too often, but I’m down to do it again sometime.”

“Well Scarlett has promised to make herself available to us this weekend if you want to play with her some more. She’s asked me a few times if she could get in on our parties,” Dixie reveals. “And I was serious about fucking her ass yesterday. We both got a little too horny last night between customers so we fucked each other.”

I groan just thinking about it.

“Would you like to watch me fuck her?” Dixie offers.

“That would be nice. I might get a little jealous though,” I tease. Maybe being slightly truthful.

We snuggle on the bed a little longer before we get up to shower. We shower separately this time and Dixie cleans the room up while I’m in the shower.

When I showed up this afternoon I was unsure about what I was about to do. And then I saw her, all of my doubts immediately disappeared. I haye geeli this way. I know Alcide is right about her, but she makes me believe otherwise.  She has to care for me too, at least a little bit.


Sookie’s Outfit


Scarlett’s Outfit


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  1. You guys need to write scenes for one of those porn film co. It’s way better than the stuff they seem to come up with. Super hott!


  2. There was some slight jealousy there –so maybe, maybe, the genesis of some true feelings –poor Eric —sounds like it was a rough time for him before he got to Dixie’s place —- Any revelations from Audie?


  3. It is so clear Eric has fallen hard. I like the section where Sookie felt a little jealous. It is possible there are feelings on her side as well. I’m just curious about Eric’s mood when he came in…I’m guessing something else happened prior.


  4. oh Wow, that was a hot hot time and Eric seemed to be unsure of himself when he first arrived, wonder what happened to put him in such a down mood. I am glad Dixie was able to pull him out of his funk.. but yes feeling are their for both of them, jealousy is a tricky bitch when you least expect it Kristie


  5. Shit that was good, you two together are positively dangerous! Went out with some girlfriends tonight & one was saying how she couldn’t even spell out ‘the c word’ & I just thought oops, better not mention my current preferred bedtime reading!!
    Eric is obviously feeling the guilt, whatever else might’ve happened in the intervening two weeks. But they both felt a bit possessive & jealous there. Sooner or later reality may have to stop hiding behind fuckawesome sex!


  6. Wow, just wow! This chapter has got me all tongue tied. I;m surprised Eric had sex with Scarlett. Isn’t Sookie only the second one he ever had sex with?
    I some how got behind in my reading. Damn job! On to the next.


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