Chapter 2: England



“I made it to London,” I told Gran when she picked up. I tried to check in every few days so she knew I was okay. I didn’t want her to worry about me. Well, I didn’t want her to worry more than she already did. I knew she was concerned that I’d get snatched up by some crazy Albanian gang and get sold on the black market. The sad thing was, I was worried about it, too. I wasn’t going to let it stop me, though. Our last conversation was before I met Eric and I wasn’t sure if I should mention him. She’d get a kick out of the dancing cows, if nothing else. For an older lady from the south, Gran was pretty liberal.


“That’s great, honey. You make sure to get lots of pictures,” she said.


“I have taken tons of them. I’m glad I bought the new memory card,” I told her.


“I don’t know what that is, but I am too,” she chuckled. “How was Ireland?”


“It was stunning, Gran. You would love it there. I saw some dancing cows.”


“Dancing cows?” she laughed. “That must’ve been a sight.”


“It was. We had to be sneaky to catch them but it was worth it,” I laughed.


“Oh? Who is we?” Of course she caught on to that.


“A pub owner in Dublin named Eric. He had quite a sense of humor,” I told her.


“That’s good,” she replied. I could hear the smile in her voice. “I can’t believe you’re on that trip. You sound like you’re having a wonderful time.”


“I am. I can’t wait to show you every single picture I’ve taken.” I put a postcard in the mail for her before I left Dublin.


“Neither can I. I made sure to add your name to the prayer circle. The whole church is praying for safe travels.”


“Thank you, Gran. I miss you,” I said sincerely.


“I miss you too, but I’ll be here when you get home. I just want you to have a good time,” she said.


“I’m having a fantastic time. I’m going to go get some fish and chips and then I’m going to go check out Buckingham Palace.”


“Oh, wave to the queen if you see her,” Gran said excitedly.


“Of course,” I laughed.


“Good. I should let you go. I’m getting ready to head out to my Descendants meeting. You enjoy yourself and call me again as soon as you can.”


“I will. I love you, Gran.”


“I love you too, Sookie. Stay safe.”


“Always.” I hung up the phone and grabbed the cross-body purse I’d been traveling with. I made sure my passport and cell phone were in it before leaving my room.


I wasn’t staying in the nicest hotel, but it was nice enough. It definitely wasn’t the Savoy but the bed was comfortable and I had a pretty view from my room so I couldn’t complain. I wasn’t surprised but it was a chilly, overcast day. It was raining when my plane landed at Heathrow. There was so much to see and I was tempted to take a train all around the country, but I wouldn’t get to see much of anything up close.


The streets were crowded, but no more than any American city. It would be any place to get lost if that was what I wanted. I walked a few blocks further into the city and waited for something to jump out at me. Most of the pictures I had taken were on my phone, so I pulled out the device and aimed it at a nearby fountain. I followed a stream of people into a garden and smiled. Kids were playing and dogs were running around. I took note of an old man in a derby, smoking a pipe and reading a newspaper. He looked like Wilford Brimley.




I giggled internally and turned to the left. It was one of those surreal moments where I thought maybe I was dreaming. Was I still on the plane and knocked out? Maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me. I was pretty sure I was staring at Eric.


“Well if it isn’t the pretty American girl,” he smiled as he walked toward me.


“Whaaaat are you doing here?” I was happy to see him but also a little freaked out. He hadn’t mentioned coming down to London and he knew it was my next destination.


“I got a call that I had to meet an associate here. I just left that meeting and was walking around, trying to find something to do,” he explained. “And then I saw you.”


“You want to do me?” I had zero control of my mouth, apparently.


“Oh yes,” he purred, “But that wasn’t what I meant. I was just mentioning that I ran into you.”


“I’m on the hunt for good fish and chips,” I told him.


“If you don’t already have a date, would you mind if I hunted with you?”


“I don’t, and I wouldn’t,” I replied. Truthfully, I felt safer not walking around alone in a strange city. “Have you been here before?”


“London? Yes, quite a bit, actually,” he told me. “It’s a lovely town.”


“It is, at least what I’ve seen of it. How long are you here?”


“Until I decide to go home. Clancy has a good control of the pub; it’ll be fine without me for a while.”


“Must be nice. I envy Europeans. It’s easy to hop on a train and be in a new country by sunrise.” I was taking a train up through Wales to Scotland in three days.


“It’s not as novel to Europeans,” he chuckled.


“So jaded,” I smiled. “It’s a shame, really.”


“It is,” he agreed. Eric reached over to take my hand. “You know we could hop a plane and be in Sweden in a couple hours? It’s insane that I can sit and have breakfast with Clancy, planning out the day and be with my mother by dinner.”


“Well I suppose I could do that back home but it doesn’t sound as cool going from New Orleans to Shreveport,” I laughed.


“It would if they spoke two different languages,” he laughed with me. “It is a very interesting place to live. I never get bored, I can tell you that much.”


“My hometown was boring as sin.”


“Is that what brought you to Europe?” he asked as walked.


“I’m studying architecture,” I told him. “I wanted to see the things I’ve been studying.”


“Aye,” he nodded. “It must be surreal to see all of these ancient structures.”


“It’s a pretty awesome experience,” I agreed. “All the way around I’d say it’s been a good trip so far.”


“Do you have a favorite part?” he asked as he tugged me to follow him toward what looked like a small pub, barely peeking out of the side of a building.


“I hate to be predictable, but I think it was the filthy things this sexy bartender did to me in a converted choir loft over in Dublin,” I smiled.


“Mmm, I bet this sexy bartender of yours would happily do all of those filthy things to you again and again,” Eric smirked.


“I’m sure he would,” I said. We sat down at a pub table and a waitress brought us menus. I let Eric pick the drinks since I knew nothing about beer but it was his business, essentially.


He ended up ordering some sort of light beer for me and a Guinness for himself.


“Where are you staying?” Eric asked once our beer was delivered.


“The Red Poppy Inn,” I told him. “I have a nice view of the Thames from my room.”


“I’d like to see it before we part ways.” Eric leaned over to kiss my cheek and whisper, “I’d like to see if we can see Thames as well as we could see the cows.”


I smiled and answered, “I think we can. The inn is hard to miss. It has a bright red roof.”


“If I’m not careful, I may get addicted to you, pretty American girl,” he winked as he sat up. Eric kept his hand wrapped around mine.


“I don’t think there’s a rehab program for it either so you’d be in big trouble. We should probably go our separate ways after dinner,” I said.


“Probably for the best,” he agreed, lifting my hand to kiss the back. “Or… I can go on this little adventure with you and deal with the detox when you go home.”


Say what?


“You mean follow me around Europe?”


“If you want the company? It might be me, but running into each other was a little… maybe there was a reason for it,” he shrugged. “If you don’t want me around, I’ll go home without question.”


“I don’t know. I’ll think about it,” I smiled.


“You’d be doing me a service if you turned me down,” he said dryly. “I am but a man, though. I enjoy doing foolish things. Like following a pretty American girl around Europe.”


“So you want me to tell you to go home?”


“I’m saying that may be the smart thing to do, but that’s not what I want.” Eric kissed the back of my hand again.


My eyes locked on his and a shiver ran through me. In my head I heard Amelia telling me to say yes. It was on the tip of my tongue when the waitress came back to take our order.




I stumbled through the door with Eric’s lips on mine. He kicked the door shut behind us and I bumped into the dresser as we moved into the room. I giggled and shrugged out of my sweater. We were both a little drunk and Eric generously tossed me onto the soft mattress.


“It’s like a moon bounce,” I laughed.


“I don’t know what that is, but it sounds fun,” Eric said as he followed me onto the bed. He hooked me under my arms and rolled onto his back, taking me with him so I was straddling his waist.


“It’s lots of fun.” I started to tug the skirt of my dress up.


Eric’s hands slipped under my skirt to help me. He kept his eyes on mine as he reached my panties and ripped.


“Uh oh,” he grinned.


“You just ripped my panties.” Like he didn’t know. My dress went flying.


“I can buy you a new pair,” he smirked. His hands went up to my tits to pull the cups of my bra down so he could roll my nipples between his fingers.


“A new pair of what?” My mind was solely on his hands on my tits and the growing bulge in his jeans.


“Panties, if you like.” He sat up so he could take my left nipple between his teeth. Eric tugged lightly as he rubbed the tip of his tongue over the stiff peak.


I moaned and unbuttoned his fly.


“Okay,” I replied. I reached into his jeans and he growled a little when I squeezed his shaft.


“Mmm, okay what?” he groaned. His head wasn’t in the conversation. It was probably focused on what I was doing to his little head. If you could call that thing little.


I scooted down the bed a little and released his impressively large cock from his jeans. Before he could say anything, I leaned down and licked him from base to tip. He groaned and watched as my lips wrapped around his thick tip.


“Mmm, it’s like playing with a new toy, isn’t it?” he said with a cheeky smirk. Eric’s fingers ran through my hair as I licked his little slit with the tip of my tongue.


I winked and tried to take more of him. No way was I getting his entire length in my mouth but I did the best I could. I hummed as I bobbed, which he seemed to like quite a bit. What didn’t fit in my mouth was being stroked with my right hand


Eric groaned something in what sounded like Swedish as his fingers wrapped in my hair so he could help my head bob. He kept his eyes on my lips wrapped around his shaft as his hips started to slowly pump up. I moaned and made sure he saw my left hand move down between my thighs. My fingers rubbed circles around my clit and I bobbed faster on his cock until Eric gently pulled me off of him.


“I want you to fuck me, Sookie,” he breathed.


I didn’t have to be told twice.


I straddled his hips and rubbed my very wet folds over his solid shaft. Eric sucked my juices off my fingers with a groan. I put his tip at my entrance and slid down easily. He was so goddamn big but the way he filled me felt incredible. I took my fingers back and plunged my tongue into his mouth as I started to move up and down on his cock.


Eric kissed me back hard. His hands went to my ass to help me move. His feet dug into the bed so he was able to thrust up, meeting me as I bounced.


“Mmm, sit up, gorgeous. I want to watch your perfect tits bounce,” he purred.


I did as he asked and let my hands rest on his stomach. Our bodies worked together like we had fucked a thousand times. My head fell back and I was sure I was going to have little finger bruises on my ass in the morning but I didn’t care. We were moving at the right pace and I could feel the pressure growing in my belly.


Apparently Eric could feel it in the way my walls massaged his cock. “I can feel how close you are. Cum for me,” he commanded as he sat up to lick and suck my neck.


Just to give myself that little boost, I reached down to rub my clit. My back arched and my walls clamped down.


“Yesyesyes! Fuuuuuck!” I screamed when I came. So. Fucking. Good.


“Good girl,” Eric purred. He pulled me down against his chest so he could flip us over. Eric’s hips started moving faster and faster until he was pistoning into me. I was still a sweaty panting mess when Eric came with a roar while he was buried deep inside of me. His hips continued to jerk and pump for a couple minutes as he tried to catch his breath.


“Sweet baby Jesus,” I panted.


“Aye,” he agreed quietly. Eric was braced on his elbows next to my head as he nuzzled his face into my neck to give me sweet kisses.


“So how do you feel about Scotland?” I asked. He might as well come along. At the risk of sounding like some dumbass hipster, you only live once, right?




“Scotland is good,” I whispered against her skin. My hips were still slowly moving back and forth so I was gently grinding against her.


I wanted to kiss Nora, and Pam, for making me go to London. Truth be told, I didn’t think I’d see Sookie. It’s a big town, and although I had the means to track people, I wasn’t a stalker. It was completely by chance. Sure, I was going to have to get some work done from time to time, but Clancy could handle the pub just fine. Pam was probably going to have a fit, but I had dealt with those before. She wasn’t that scary.


“And Amsterdam?” Her hands moved down my back to grab my ass.


“Amsterdam with you? I’ll remember every second of it,” I promised. “I just hope you like to be adventurous.” I switched my grinding to a slow, shallow pumping. I was going to make sure she felt every single inch of me.


“What do you have in mind?” Her silky walls massaged my shaft.


“Mmm, nothing. I want to see what the day brings us,” I said as I kissed along the front of her neck. I moved my kisses to the other side of her neck, up to her ear. I started to nibble on her earlobe before adding, “I think every day of your trip should be an adventure.”


“And start with a bang?”


“Aye,” I smiled against her skin. I pushed up on my hands so I could watch her gorgeous face as I pulled my hips back so just the tip of my cock was sitting inside of her. I was still solid as a rock from all the friction, so I was able to easily slide right back into her, grinding once again.


Sookie moaned and her eyes fluttered closed. Her pretty mouth opened in the most appealing way and she sucked in a breath. I felt her fingertips dig into my ass and her hips lifted to grind against me. Her walls pulsed and fluttered around my cock.


“Fuuuuuck,” I growled. She felt damn good. I knew she had only been with one other man before me, so I wondered how old she was. Probably way too young for an old man like me. She was gorgeous, though, so I wanted to live my own adventure with her.


Our hips continued to move in sync for what felt like forever. It was a good forever, though. I finally started to thrust, making sure to fill her completely each time I pushed into her again. I swiveled my hips so I could give her as much stimulation as possible. I ended up sitting back on my feet while I helped Sookie rock into me. I wanted to grab her tits, but I chose to settle my hand on that little pouch and stroke her clit while she fucked me.


“Oh fuck, that feels good.” Her pussy gripped my shaft and her hips swiveled. Sookie started to move a little faster and I could feel our cum running down my sac.


I allowed her to move on her own for a few more minutes. Eventually I ended up hovering above her again. We paused long enough to allow me to move my legs outside of Sookie’s so her thick thighs were pressed together. After that my shaft rubbed over her swollen clit on each deep thrust.


“I want to feel you cum for me again,” I whispered. “I want to see that sexy face you make and feel your body arch against me.”


“So close,” she breathed. I could tell she was. Only a handful of thrusts later her pretty eyes went wide when she exploded. “Eric!” Sookie shouted when she came. Her tits pressed against me and her walls milked my shaft.


I wanted to make a comment when she called my name, but her orgasm robbed me of any speech for the moment. Her silky walls managed to suck my orgasm from me. I came with a soft roar and a shudder. Fuckin’ hell, she felt good. It was a little barbaric, but I loved the fact that she was pumped full of my cum too. So full I could feel our combined juices flowing out of her down my balls. I was sure she was coated in it.


“Good Lord, woman,” I smiled as I collapsed on top of her.


“You’re sure you want to do that all over Europe?” She kissed along the side of my face.


“Sure as I’ll ever be,” I promised. I turned my head to catch her lips. As we kissed I wrapped myself around her and rolled onto my back, taking her with me. Except, I didn’t take into account that the bed was built for little people and I rolled us right off the bed. Sookie landed on top of me with a quiet ‘oomph’. “Oops,” I said with a cheeky smile.


“Are you okay?” she asked with concern.


“Believe me; I’ve taken much harder hits. I’m just fine.” My legs were somehow still on the bed. It was a sight, I was sure of it.


Sookie returned my cheeky smile and said, “I bet you have. I just wanted to be sure you didn’t break a hip or something.”


“Minx,” I growled as I gave her a light pop on her ass. “How old are you anyway?” We hadn’t discussed ages, but it was clear we weren’t in the same age range.


“Twenty,” she answered.


I was old enough to be her dad… Oh hell. Well, if I’d gotten the first girl I banged pregnant, I’d be old enough.


“You make me feel like an old man,” I laughed. I shifted so I was fully on the floor with Sookie still straddling my hips.


“I do? Then I must not be doing a very good job.” Her hips rocked in a pleasant way.


“You’re doing a fantastic job. Just look at the mess we’re making together.” I pointed to the spot where we were joined so she could see how wet she was making me.


“Then quit your bitchin’,” she smirked.


“Yes, ma’am.” I settled my hands on her hips to help her rock. “I bet when you get home you’re going to tell stories about the creepy old Swede that tagged along.”


“Nope. I’m going to tell my roommate that I had fantastic sex all summer with a very sexy man whose accent makes my ovaries quiver,” she replied.


That was funny to me. My accent sounded strange, at least I thought so. I didn’t laugh, though. I had an incredibly sexy girl on my lap doing things that miraculously kept my dick hard.


“And if you were that old you’d be drinking a Glucerna right now to wash down a Viagra,” she said. “You know, I’m not sure what’s bigger: your dick or the Tower of London.”


If nothing else, she was very good for my ego.


“I might have to keep you around for a while if you keep sayin’ things like that,” I laughed. I reached up to grab her tits so I could play with her nipples. She really seemed to like the way I rolled and tugged.


“At least until Amsterdam, right?” Sookie reached behind her and began massaging my balls.


“Definitely until Amsterdam,” I groaned. She was going to milk me dry at the pace we were going.


Sookie leaned forward to kiss me. Her hips stopped moving and when the kiss ended she whispered, “I’m going to go clean up.”


“I’ll stay here so we don’t waste all the water in London,” I whispered back as my hands massaged her ass. I had a call to make.


“Good idea.” The minx playfully bit my nipple before she got up.


I laid there on the ground and watched Sookie walk away. She had a gorgeous ass too. I was in for a really interesting summer.


As soon as the door was closed I got up to find my jeans. I had to call Pam to tell her I was sidetracked. I had been on my current assignment for three years; a couple extra months weren’t going to hurt.


“Ravenscroft,” she answered.


“I’m going to be indisposed for a couple months,” I told her.


“Say what?”


“Aye, I won’t be back to Ireland right away. I have to make a few stops before I get there.”


“You’re telling me you need time off or you have connections elsewhere with intel to add to our investigation?”


“I need a little time off. I can still make calls and see what I can find while I’m off, but yes, that’s what I need.” There was a little blonde minx I needed to devote my time too.


“You can’t be serious.” Pam wasn’t happy.


“I am,” I replied cheerfully. “I don’t do this, you know that, so I’m asking that you allow me to take some time off. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open, and I’ll be in Europe the whole time.”


“What do you need the time off for? Death in the family? I need something to tell the Gods,” she said.


Telling her that I planned to fuck the pretty American girl all over Europe wasn’t going to cut it.


“It’s a personal matter, that’s all they need to know. If they need me, they know how to find me. My phone will be on.”


“Don’t be surprised if someone pops up,” she warned.


“Thanks for the warning,” I replied. It was a bold move, but I really did need the time off. I had been working for them for over a decade with very little time off.


“I’ll email you the paperwork I’ll need filled out. And whoever she is, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you everything is confidential,” Pam said.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


“Eric, there’s a reason I’m your boss. I’m better at this than you. If it’s Tits McGee from the bar, I’m jealous,” she said.


“As you should be,” I chuckled. “And no, you don’t need to remind me it’s confidential.”


“Good. I’d hate to put a hole in either of your heads,” she replied and the line went dead.


I locked my phone again and got up to join Sookie in the bathroom. I needed to take a piss and I knew fooling around was going to have to wait. I didn’t think my dick could get hard again anyway.


“Sorry to barge in,” I smiled as I peeked into the shower. Her body was covered on soap. She looked edible. “I couldn’t help myself.” My piss could wait. I wanted to feel her soapy body.


“It’s okay.” Sookie stepped under the spray to give me more room.


I stepped into the shower and pressed my body against her back. It had been a long time since I was so intimate with someone. I had a handful of girls I messed around with, but not regularly. Sookie was going to be regular for a few weeks. I already knew I was going to miss the hell out of her when we parted ways, but it was for the best. I could be a good story for her friends and she could be my little secret, just like everything else in my life.


“Where to after Scotland?” I asked after a few minutes of silence.


“Amsterdam,” she answered. “The canals look beautiful in pictures.”


“Do you have hotels lined up?” I kissed the side of her head before I moved away to start soaping my body.


“I do,” she confirmed. “I’ll have to make you a copy of my itinerary. After Amsterdam I’m taking a train to Berlin.”


“Okay. If you like I can give you some money for the hotels. It’s not fair for me to invite myself on your trip and leave you to pay for everything.”


“I’m sure we can work something out,” she replied. Sookie reached for the complimentary shampoo and squeezed some onto her palm to massage into her hair. “My train to Scotland is an overnight thing. I’m supposed to depart from London Thursday night and arrive in Edinburgh before nine Friday morning.”


“I guess I should get a ticket,” I chuckled.


“That would be good. I got a regular reclining seat since I was going alone but I don’t know if you’ll have enough leg room,” she giggled.


“Those things are shit,” I laughed. “I could always hop a plane and meet you at the airport,” I offered. “Or get us both plane tickets… unless you want to spend way too many hours on a train.”


“I want to take a train. I can see more than if I fly,” she said. “This might be my only trip to Scotland and I want to see everything I can.”


“That makes sense,” I nodded. “I’ll get a train ticket and see if we can sit together. I may upgrade yours if you don’t mind.”


“I don’t. I didn’t want to get stuck in a cabin with a stranger and booking a double for myself was way out of my budget,” she explained.


“Luckily, it’s within mine,” I told her as I crouched down to get my hair wet. “We can look once we’re out. Oh, I need to go check out of my hotel and get my things.”


“Damn, so you won’t be traveling nude. That’s a bummer,” she teased.


“Oh, so you like this, huh?” I smirked, waving at my body. “It’s not too old for ya?”


“Definitely not.”


“Good to know,” I winked. I grabbed the shampoo to add a little so I could wash my hair.


I didn’t know what I was getting myself into with the trip. I was going to wing it. An adventure. Who didn’t love a good adventure?


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  1. Oh, this is going to be a great adventure! I’m so glad you’re letting us go along for the ride too. Cannot wait to experience more.


  2. My cheeks are literally sore from smiling through that entire chapter! I feel like a fangirl teenager getting to see Børns in concert; except in my fantasy it’s Eric up on that stage (and I’d gladly take the “older” version). Thanks for making my day brighter! MWAH

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