Chapter 14



“I’m sure the interviewer is going to ask me about those,” I tell Sookie as she shows me the pictures of us walking out of the airport. “What do you want me to say? The media is going to eat this up.”


“Honestly, it’s your call. I can handle the photographers and whatnot. If you’re going to go public you might want to warn Marnie before you do it,” she suggests.


“I’m more concerned about the fucking crazy fans going after you, but I’ll shoot Marnie a text.”


“There’s always going to be rumors and crazy fans, Eric. It’s more about how much of your private life you want to be public record,” Sookie shrugs. “But if you do go public, it’s a good thing you don’t Google yourself.”


“If it was up to me none of my personal life would be out there, but people are going to speculate. I might as well tell the truth,” I sigh. I didn’t want to bring Sookie into this shit, but she will be if we’re going to ever be able to leave the house together.


“It’ll be fine.”


“Alright,” I sigh. “I’ve been avoiding this shit like the plague…”


“It’s not too late. I could go date Rasul instead,” she winks.


“You could…” I tease back. My call is in fifteen minutes and I want to be prepared. I should offer Sookie an exclusive. “Do you want to write the story and sell it to the highest bidder just to piss your old paper off?”


“That’s not a bad idea. We could make a charitable donation with the proceeds,” she says.


“Am I that big of a story?” I ask.


“Sweetie, I don’t think you grasp your own fame,” she says, patting my side.


“I don’t get it,” I shrug. “If they ask on this interview I’ll tell them you’re my assistant. I’ve been seen kissing plenty of cheeks. Then, if you’re up to it we can sit in the backyard and you can conduct an interview. I’ll tell Marnie and Talbot before you sell it.”


“Sounds good to me.”


I get up from the table and grab my house phone. The call comes through my management company so Talbot will be patching the interviewer through. From what I recall, it’s a lady named Sarah Newlin. I’ve interviewed with her before and she’s not too bad to work with. She’s nosey as fuck, but most women I talk to are. Except for Sookie oddly enough. I don’t think she was doing too good at getting information from me. She got plenty, but I think she just enjoyed hanging out with me.


I end up in my favorite spot in the backyard when the call comes in from Sarah. Talbot patches her through and I’m greeted with a cheerful hello.


“Hello,” I reply. I make sure to smile. I know she can hear it.


“It’s been a while,” Sarah says. “Since the last time we spoke you’ve won a Golden Globe and you’ve been nominated for an Oscar. Congratulations on both counts.”


“Thanks. Yeah, it’s been almost two years, right?” I spoke with her after my first big role.


“Something like that,” she replies. “And it looks like there might be a new lady in your life.”


“Ah,” I chuckle, “Now why would you think that?”


“Some very adorable pictures surfaced yesterday of you and a pretty little blonde. You seemed awfully friendly in them.”


“That’s my assistant,” I reply truthfully and leave it at that. I try to stay as vague as possible in these interviews.


“I see,” she says but I’m not sure she believes me. “So have you prepared your acceptance speech yet, just in case?”


“No, ma’am. I would feel weird doing that, especially when the other guys nominated are so amazing. I honestly can’t even imagine winning,” I tell her.


“I bet this is just the first of many nominations for you,” she says.


“Thank you. It feels good to be recognized for the work I do.”


“Tell me about the new movie. Did you enjoy playing a rogue FBI agent?”


“Who doesn’t enjoy playing a rebel?” I chuckle. “I don’t want to give away too much, but I did have a great time. There was a lot of action and I coerced the director to let me do a lot of my own stunts.”


“Did you spend time shadowing actual FBI agents to prepare for the role?”


“Nah, I’m pretty good at researching. I made some calls and did my own interviews.”


“What was your favorite part about shooting that film?”


“We did a lot of location shoots. I don’t like being in a room in front of a green screen,” I admit. “And the people I worked with.”


“Any set flings we should know about?”


I laugh and say, “None that I witnessed.”


“So does that mean you’re still single?”


“Sure,” I lie. I’ll let her think what she wants to. I’ll let the truth come out with Sookie’s article.


“Sure? That’s not a very definitive answer.”


I shrug, but she obviously doesn’t see it. “I’m having fun,” I say. Not a lie.


“Anyone special you’re having fun with?” Apparently she’s not letting this go.


“I have plenty of friends.” Also not a lie and I’m not saying what kind of fun I’m having.


“What do you like to do for fun?”


“I’m a home body. I’d rather sit in my backyard with a beer than go out anywhere. Every now and then my buddy Rasul talks me into going to a bar. I’m sure there are plenty of pictures of us out there,” I laugh.


“Is he the tall, yummy one that looks like a rugby player?”


“Sure, that one,” I laugh again.


“Is he an actor too?”


“Nah. He sits on his ass for a living. I don’t have any idea what he does in a day. I met him at an old job in northern California and when I moved to Los Angeles he decided to come with me.”


Sarah and I talk for another hour. I manage to skirt around twenty more questions about my love life, including if Ras is my boyfriend.  When we hang up I go back into the house to find Sookie putting groceries away.


“Hey,” I smile and kiss her head.


“Hi. How was the interview?”


“Good. I had to work around twenty different questions if I’m dating anyone. Including if Ras was my boyfriend after I told her three times you’re my assistant.”


“Well I can’t blame her for being persistent,” she smiles and hands me a pint of chocolate fudge brownie ice cream.


“Thanks. Did anyone attack you while you were shopping? Any paps or anything?”


“A few,” she admits. She seems unfazed by it.


“Alright,” I nod. “It’s the nature of the beast.”


“Sweetie, did you forget who my previous employer is?”


“The fucking beast,” I chuckle. “Do you want to stay the night on work nights?” I ask out of curiosity.


“Maybe once in a while. I don’t know if staying over that often is a good idea,” she says.


“That’s what I was thinking,” I agree.


“Good,” Sookie smiles. “Now how do you feel about pulled pork?”


“It’s good. Is that what you’re making?” I don’t expect her to cook for me all the time, but I’m not complaining.


“Unless you have other plans.”


“No. Ras took off right after you. So I’m pretty sure it’s just the two of us.”


“Oh. Well in that case…” Sookie pulls her dress over her head and drops it on the floor, leaving her naked in my kitchen.


“I can get onboard with this,” I smile. “Shall I join you?” I’m already shirtless so I start to slide my track pants down. “You just left the house without a bra and panties?” I ask, aching an eyebrow.


“I might have accidentally flashed some of my naughty bits at a cute frat boy, Mr. Northman, but I promise it won’t happen again.”


“Is that so?” I ask in a stern tone.


Sookie nods innocently, batting her eyelashes at me.


“Do you want me to punish you like we discussed?”


“I didn’t lie to you. I told you the truth,” she says.




“I don’t know what’s worse, dirty girl. Did the frat boy enjoy his peep show?”


“Mmhmm,” she nods. “He asked for an encore.”


“Did you like it?” I ask and walk up behind her, settling my hands on her hips. “Did you like letting see some little boy see what’s mine?”


“I liked the boner it gave him,” she smiles.


I slide my hands up to her tits and rub my hard-on over her ass. I dip my head to suck on her neck just below her ear and whisper, “Did you want to wrap your pretty lips around it?”


“I had to go to a bathroom and get myself off.”


I let one of my hands move down to her pussy to feel how wet she is. She’s already fucking drenched. I kiss her neck one more time and take a step back. I grab her hips to pull her ass back and without warning I bring my hand down on her ass hard.


“Ouch,” Sookie pouts and reaches back to rub her cheeks.


“You shouldn’t have been a naughty girl,” I tell her and smack her other cheek just as bad.


“I’ll be good,” she whimpers and covers her butt.


I grab her wrists and hold her hands together at the small of her back. I swat her again and say, “I’m not sure you will be, Miss Stackhouse. How do I know you’re going to be my good little girl?”


“It was an accident.”


“I don’t know…” I spank her again.


“Ow,” she whines. Yet I can see her pussy clench with every swat.


“Do you have something better for me as an excuse other than it’s an accident?”




“It was. When I stood in front of the fan it wasn’t on.”


“I’m not sure I believe it was an accident, dirty girl.” I spank her left cheek.


“Ow! Mr. Northman, I’ll be good.”


“How good?” I swat her again.


“I won’t flash my pussy at horny little boys anymore.”


I rub my hand over her red ass and rub my fingers through her folds up to her rear hole.


“You’re drenched, little girl,” I purr.


“I came twice in the bathroom,” she pants.


“That’s pretty naughty too, Miss Stackhouse. You could’ve been caught.” I push two fingers into her cunt.


“It was a single bathroom,” she moans and rocks back for more friction.


“Did you take pictures?” I ask and twist my fingers, searching for her g-spot.


“No.” Sookie gasps when I find it.


“Mmm, next time I want you to send me pictures,” I purr and start to rub quickly.


“So you want me to… oh fuck… you want me to be naughty?” Her pussy pulses.


“I know you will be,” I tell her. “You love the way my hand feels on your ass.”


“I like the way it feels on my pussy more,” she says. “Fuuuuck, I’m gonna cum so fuckin’ hard.”


“Good. Do it for me.” I move my thumb to her clit and start to rub.


“Oh God! Right there!” Sookie cries out. Her walls clench around my fingers over and over. I can see her honey on the inside of her thighs, she’s so wet.


I could be a dick like I was to Jessica and pull my fingers out, but I decide to keep going. I can feel her pussy squeezing my fingers and the sticky wet sound filling the room is making my cock weep.


“Cum, Sookie, then get on your knees for me,” I command.


“Yesyesyesyesyes,” she chants as her orgasm takes over, making her knees shake and her back bow.


“Mmm, such a sweet little girl,” I purr when I pull my fingers out and suck on them.


Sookie moans and quickly drops to her knees. Her soft, pink tongue flicks out to lick the pre-cum from my tip and smiles up at me before licking me from my base all the way to my head. Then she opens her mouth wide and sits back on her feet.


I step forward and slide my head between her lips. I grab the back of her head and start to slowly thrust in deeper.


“Fuck, your mouth feels fucking amazing,” I groan.


She wraps her lips around my shaft and slowly pulls back. When Sookie reaches my tip she sucks hard and swirls her tongue, making sure to flick it against the tiny slit. I groan again as she takes me deep in her mouth again and this time her hand rises to wrap around my base. Her mouth and hand work together, stroking me faster and faster, her hand twisting around my shaft as she sucks me.


Sookie pulls off my cock but keeps stroking me as she says, “While I had my fingers in my pussy I was thinking about this thick cock, filling me, pounding me hard and then erupting deep inside me when I milk it. Fuck, baby, just thinking of your dick makes me so fuckin’ wet. I wanted to come back here just so you could bend me over and fuck me hard.”


“Is that what you want right now, little girl?” I ask, brushing her hair back.


“I want you to cum,” she says.


“Then make me cum, sweet girl,” I purr.


Sookie wraps her lips around my shaft and starts bobbing quickly, sucking just right.


I hiss and drop my head back as my hips thrust to meet her every time she slides her lips down my shaft.


“Fuck, you’re going to get what you want,” I pant. Fuck her mouth is good, good shit.


Sookie hums softly as her head glides up and down my length. Her free hand moves to my sac to caress and tug gently on it.


“That’s it,” I breathe. Fucking spanking her did more for me than I thought. “You ready?” I can feel my my balls tighten and my shaft pulsing.


“Mmhmmm,” she hums and pulls back. Sookie keeps stroking me, leaving her mouth open for me.


I start to breathe harder and let out a deep grunt when I erupt, shooting my release all over her tongue and lips.


“Jesus, fuck!” I shout.


Sookie keeps stroking and sucks my head to make sure she gets all of my cum. Her head bobs a few times and when she opens her mouth it’s to show me she’s swallowed it all.


“Good girl,” I praise her and help her to her feet. “Do you want more or do you want to finish putting the groceries away?” We’ve both had our orgasms, I’m sure we could break unless she doesn’t want to.


“As much as I love playing with you I should get dinner started. I’m going to make sweet potato fries and green beans, too, unless you want something different,” Sookie says.


“No, that’s fine,” I tell her. “You might want to put some clothes on before Fucknut comes home.”


“Doesn’t matter to me,” she shrugs. “But if it will bother you I will.”


“Not at all.” Ras has seen a naked woman more than a few times. As long as Sookie’s comfortable, so am I.


She looks surprised, but gets to work on dinner.


“Did you expect it to bother me?” I chuckle.


“Most guys don’t want their buddies looking at their girlfriend’s naked body, especially if said buddy is interested in the girl,” Sookie points out.


“The worst he’ll do is jack off to you later. He’s probably already done that a few times. Nudity really doesn’t bother me.”




I move to the sink to wash my hands and ask, “Do you need me to do anything?”


“Nope, I got it,” Sookie answers.


“Alright.” I kiss Sookie’s head and go to the living room for once and plop down on the couch. I flip on the TV and before I know it I’m out like a light.


11 thoughts on “Chapter 14

  1. Like the idea of doing an article and selling it for charity! Not sure about Rad seeing her naked if she is more to Eric than his other flings but guess we will see what happens.


  2. I understand him being comfortable with nudity, but I still find it weird that he wouldn’t mind his girlfriend walking around naked in front of his best friend. Men are way too possessive for that.


    • Yeah, I almost feel like she’s one of his flings, you know? One thing is being comfortable with nudity, another is being okay with his girlfriend walking around naked in front of another guy, even if said guy is his best friend.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I am getting NO email alerts of new posts from wordpress. I have 54 follows so this is massive. Can you please check is there is anything you can do, I have tried without success from my end. One author has let me know her list has been interfered with so I assume others could have had the same trouble. Many thanks, Jillian


  4. It’s good they hold off on outing their coupldom and the interview can get Sookie some side work. I don’t think Sookie walking around naked is a smart thing to do, not with the paps trying to get a story.


  5. I like the idea of Sookie doing the interview that confirms he is not single. Plus donating the money to a charity. Don’t donate to anything related to sexually abused kids because it may make other paps start digging. Yeah, I agree with some of the other readers. Naked Sookie in front of Rasul isn’t a good idea. Gret chapter.


  6. I agree about the nudity, only because Rasul was and still is, interested in Sookie, then again she was thinking of the possibility of sleeping with BOTH of them AFTER Eric suggested. Sex together vs nudity Not surprised about Eric’s reaction !!!! some of Eric’s feelings about sex may stem a lot from his child abuse. He seems very emotionally unattached to sex. He seems to use sex to curve his emotions instead of the other way around. I think that’s where the blasay attitude is coming from with the nudity but his becoming very emotionally attached to Sookie so he may shock him ownself WHEN he gets upset about it!!!


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