Chapter 7



I wasn’t quite sure how long Eric and I had been making out, but it felt so, so good. It was weird knowing we’d have to see each other at work every day if nothing came of the make out session. I knew what my body wanted, but my mind knew what we were doing couldn’t go past the intense make out session, and definitely couldn’t be brought up again.


But he was so good.


I was pinned on the couch under his heavy frame. My legs were wrapped around his waist so when he rocked his hips I felt every hard inch of his cock. My hands were pressed under his against the cushions and I wanted nothing more than to rip our clothes off and fuck like rabbits around his house. That wasn’t supposed to happen, though. We were coworkers. That’s all we needed to be.


“Mmm, we should stop,” I moaned as Eric dropped his head to bite my nipple through my top. I didn’t want to; it was the smart thing to do.


“We should have stopped an hour ago,” he said before tugging on the tightened bud.


“Fuck, that feels good,” I hissed, arching my back. “That would feel even better if you moved that pesky shirt out of the way.” I should have pushed him off. I didn’t want to though.


“It would,” he agreed, but then Eric sat up and let go of my hands. “You were right; we should stop.”


“Sorry,” I apologized. I started it. I also knew how good it would be to have sex with him. We really did have to stop though.


“Don’t be. I’m not.”


“I’m sure it’s going… I’m going to stop now,” I chuckled. I scooted back some so I was propped up against the arm of the couch. I probably looked a mess. My lips felt bruised and my hair was probably standing straight up. “I’m sure I look like I stuck my finger in a light socket.” I had frizzy wavy hair, and the hot and heavy make out session was sure to cause some humidity.


“You look beautiful.” I knew he meant it.


That actually made me blush. I wasn’t used to such sweet compliments. I got the sexual harassment in when I was at the bar. The guys at the shop tried to be stealthy, but got caught checking out my boobs constantly. Eric just looked me in the eye and told me I was beautiful. I didn’t really know what to do with that.


“Thanks,” I replied quietly, looking away from him. I didn’t remember the last time a man made me feel the way Eric did.


“You’re welcome.”


“So…” There was the hard question of what we were going to do. We were way too good together to never do that again. “I’m going to go freshen up.”


I jumped up from the couch and scurried out of the room. I locked myself in Eric’s bathroom and took a few deep breaths. I washed my hands, splashed some water on my face, and did a quick hickey check. There was one on my collarbone, but that would be easily hidden.


When I left the bathroom my hair was loosely finger combed. My lips were indeed puffy from kissing so much, but my breathing had gotten back to normal. Eric was straightening up the kitchen, so I went in there to join him.


“What time is it?”


Eric looked at the microwave. It was 1:21.


“Oh, yeah… so…” I started again. “Should we talk about that?” I motioned to the living room where the couch was.


“Probably.” Eric stopped fidgeting around with towels and oven mitts. “You feel like you fit,” he told me.


“Yeah,” I nodded. “Like we were exactly where we were meant to be. Like my lips were made to kiss yours.” I felt it too.


“I don’t mess around with coworkers.”


“Neither do I.” I’d made all the moves with the kissing. If he wanted to continue whatever it was we had, he was going to have to tell me. “We kinda both broke that rule.”


“It was worth it,” Eric said. “I’d do it again.”


“Me too,” I agreed. I moved closer to him, but didn’t reach out to touch him like I wanted to.


“Maybe even after a not so cheap date,” he suggested.


“Like maybe to a nice restaurant with a bottle of wine… and a dress?”


“I don’t know if a dress is my style.” Smart ass.


“You’d look awful cute in this little red number I have in my closet, though,” I said with a playful pout.


“I’m guessing I’d get arrested for indecent exposure,” he snickered. “But you can wear it.”


“You may still get arrested,” I chuckled. “It shows a lot of leg and allows the girls to get some fresh air.”


“I can control myself. I’d even get all the grease off my hands for you.”


He was probably amazing with those hands.


I reached over to grab one of them, bringing it to my mouth to kiss his palm.


“You showed quite a bit of control tonight, thank you,” I said.


“It’s a shame, really, because I had all kinds of ideas for how to make you make more of those pretty noises,” he told me.


“I’d ask you to share with the class, but I’m wet enough as it is,” I chuckled. My panties were getting uncomfortable.


He growled quietly, which didn’t help.


“I really want to offer to clean that up,” he said.


“I really want to take you up on it,” I replied. It could wait. We had all the time in the world.


“But not tonight.”


“We shouldn’t,” I sighed. “If we got into that, I’d want to ease your pain, and then toss you down and go for a ride. We’d end up going until we had to go to work again and then we’d be dragging ass,” I finished with a soft giggle.


“Sounds like you have our second date planned,” he joked.


“I’m good at these things,” I winked. I closed the small gap between us, wrapping my arms around Eric’s waist. “You think we can keep it professional-ish in the office?”


“Since when does anyone act professional around the shop?” he chuckled.


“You know what I mean. You’re not going to come in the office, lock the door, and try to have your way with me, are you?”


“If you’re lucky.”


“Naughty,” I said, pinching his butt. He still had a great butt. “I like you, Eric,” I told him as I tilted my head up to look at him. “I didn’t realize how much until tonight.”


“I knew. I just kept it to myself,” he said, his eyes on mine.


“You did not,” I whispered. I didn’t even know.


“I mean I knew how I felt. I knew it when you hugged me,” he confessed.


“Oh.” I reached up to cup the back of his head. I stood on my toes as I guided his face to mine again for another kiss.


He kissed my bottom lip and lifted me to set me on the counter. Eric stood between my knees and played with my hair as we exchanged pecks. Eric was the most passionate kisser I’d ever met. I didn’t have the right words to express what I felt with him.


I wrapped my legs around his hips, trying to get him as close as possible. If we didn’t reign it in we’d be right back where we started on the couch. It was already past 1:30 in the morning. I didn’t want to ask if I could stay, but I also didn’t want to drive home in the middle of the night. It was a long drive.


Eric stepped a bit closer and broke off the kiss. He looked into my eyes and said, “Stay.”


“Okay,” I answered without hesitation. “It might be safest if I sleep in the guest room.” I wanted to sleep right on his chest. He was warm, and I knew how safe I would feel in his arms.


“Probably.” He lifted me off the counter and started walking.


“Where are we going?” I tightened my arms and legs around him, holding on for dear life.




He was not going to carry my heavy butt upstairs!


He did.


I was practically strangling him by the time we made it up all thirty-six stairs. I counted each step. I took note of the fact that there was no futon in the room we he carried me into.


“Do you have something I can wear to bed?” I asked. I was still attached to him.


“Me,” he smirked.


“That’s a little Wild Buffalo Bill, isn’t it?” At least I thought that was the creepy guy in Silence of the Lambs.


“Uh, sure.” He had no clue what I was talking about.


“The skin wearer in Silence of the Lambs. I figured I got the name wrong,” I giggled.


“You’re a little freak, aren’t you?” Eric dropped on the bed with me under him.


“You said I could wear you, that was exactly where my mind went,” I shrugged. I rocked my hips up against him, rubbing my center across his semi-hard cock. He felt huge.


“Woman,” he growled in warning.


“Hmm?” I didn’t stop moving my hips. The friction felt good to me too.


Eric grabbed my hands and held them over my head in one of his. He reached down with his free hand and unbuttoned my jeans with his eyes on mine. Eric didn’t say a word as he reached into my pants and played with my lower lips for a moment before his fingertips found my clit and began to rub quickly.


I was pretty sure my eyes crossed before they fluttered closed. I should have stopped him, but I could barely breathe it felt so damn good. His fingers moved easily over my tight bud. The make out session made sure I was dripping wet.


“Oooh,” I gasped when I felt the orgasm start coiling in my belly. I usually didn’t move so fast with men, but I sure as hell didn’t want to stop him.


He stopped rubbing and started tapping my clit instead. “Tell me what you need, Sookie,” he whispered and softly kissed my lips.


“Keep doing that.” I wanted him to rip my jeans off and fuck me silly. He continued to tap my clit. It had been way too long since I had a man touch me so intimately. “I need you,” I whimpered.


“How? Tell me, naughty girl,” he purred and lightly pinched my clit.


“Oh fuck,” I gasped. My legs spread wider, giving him more room to work. “I need to feel you inside of me.”


“Mmm…” His hand shifted and two thick fingers began pumping in and out while his palm pressed against my clit so I’d get the friction I needed.


“Ohmygod,” I whined softly, squeezing my eyes shut. My orgasm ripped through my body, making my hips jerk up against his hand. “Eric… fuck!” How in the hell was he so good at that?


“Beautiful,” he murmured and kept going, his fingers curling some inside me.


My eyes shot open, locking on his. He was going to pull a second release from me in record time. I was so sensitive I knew it was going to happen any moment.


“Fuuuuuck,” I groaned when it rocked through my body. I tried tugging my hands from his grasp, but he wasn’t letting me go.


At least his fingers slowed down. He pressed little kisses around my mouth and jaw.


“I could get used to seeing you make that face,” he told me.


“It probably looks like I’m having a seizure,” I giggled. As good as his fingers felt, I wanted him to stop. My body was going start convulsing soon if he didn’t.


“Not even close.” Those thick fingers made their escape and Eric released my hands.


I used them to reach up and grab his face, pulling him down on top of me. I needed him to kiss me again. His mouth on mine felt so right. I couldn’t explain it.


Eric wasn’t one to disappoint. He gave me the kiss I needed and I felt his weight settle on top of me. Getting me off had definitely gotten him hard again. I could feel it against my thigh. I reached down, slipping my hand between us. His hips were rocking involuntarily, probably to get the friction he needed. I reached down far enough to cup his length through his jeans, unless he had some rolled up socks in his jeans, I was in for a treat when the time came.


“Would you like some help with this?” I whispered into the kiss whole squeezing his shaft.


Eric groaned and his hips jerked a little. “Yes,” he said in a deeper voice than usual.


“On your back,” I directed him. He didn’t hesitate to roll off of me. I stood up and shimmied out of my jeans. I reached back to unhook my bra, dropping it to the floor. When I climbed back onto the bed I was in a pair of lacy black boy shorts and a thin cami. “You want to pull that bad boy out?” I asked. I sat on my knees next to him, rubbing his thigh.


“I thought you might like the honor.” Eric put his hands behind his head.


I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. His cock was straining so hard against his zipper it shot up as soon as it got a little space. He was wearing boxer briefs, but his erection was no match for the stretchy material. I looked up at him, locking my eyes on to his. I used both hands to pull his boxers down. I was scared to see how big it was when it had room to breathe. I still hadn’t looked when I wrapped my hand around his length. I think I let out a small gasp when I realized he may not fit in me when the time came. I wasn’t a virgin, but I’d been with less than a handful of guys and none of them were as thick as Eric.


I rubbed my palm over his tip, gathering the mass amount of pre-cum dripping. I used his natural lubricant to stroke down his shaft again. My hand started pumping up and down his thick length, squeezing lightly when I reached his head.


“Mmm… Yeah, that’s good,” Eric groaned. He watched my hand moving up and down.


“Do you want more than my hand?” I asked quietly. My thumb rubbed over his tip.


“What are you offering?” His hips pumped up to meet my hand.


“Tonight, my mouth.” As bad as wanted to fuck him, I knew it should wait.


“I’ll take anything you want to give me.” One of his hands reached out to sweetly stroke my cheek.


I tilted my head to kiss his palm. My eyes stayed on his when I shifted to my hands and knees next to him. I finally looked at his thick cock. It looked just as intimidating as it felt. It didn’t stop me from dipping my head to lick his tip, gathering more of the pre-cum pooling there. I licked a few more times before I took his head between my lips and sucked while my hand moved up and down his shaft.


“Fuck, yes,” he grunted. The hand that had been stroking my cheek moved to hold my hair back for me. Eric kept still but I could see his abs twitching.


I pulled off long enough to tell him, “You don’t have to take it easy on me. If you want to fuck my mouth you can.” My lips wrapped around his tip again. I licked the side of his length as I took more and more into my mouth. He was way too big to get much more than his head and maybe an extra inch or so, but it felt good to me. His skin was soft like silk wrapped around and steel rod. It was a turn on for me knowing he was so turned on.


Eric continued to let me do things my way. He was patient and didn’t mind my exploring. His abs kept twitching and I knew he was close when his shaft began to pulse and swell a bit more.


“Fuck, Sookie, I’m close,” he warned me anyway.


I didn’t move away. My hand pumped faster and my mouth moved in time. He started to get a little fidgety right before he froze as his swollen tip erupted, filling my mouth with his release. I sucked and swallowed as much as I could. What I missed ran down the side of his length so I moved my hand out of the way and bathed his length with my tongue, making sure to clean him properly.


“Goddamn, that was good,” he said breathlessly.


“Mmhmm,” I hummed. I was tempted to drop my head to lick his balls, but I pulled away instead. “You should get comfy.” I sat back on my knees, licking my hand where I’d missed a few drops of his cum.


He reached up to pull me down on top of him and then rolled us to the side.


“Done,” he whispered and kissed my forehead.


“You’re cute,” I whispered back. I snuggled against his chest, wrapping my arm around his ribs. It felt good to have him so close. I was right, too. I felt insanely safe in his embrace.


Eric’s hand moved in slow circles around my back for a few minutes. At least that was all I knew about. I was sound asleep before I knew what was going on.


15 thoughts on “Chapter 7

  1. Oh my goodness lol thankful for a prologes because we know it gets way better and the build up it scintillatingly sexy with these two! Shit who am I kidding you ALWAYS write the best Eric’s and Sookies baby Dee!! Hell if you need a pre-reader I’ll do it like I did before!! Shit you know I’m a greedy bitch when it comes to your stories child LOL! Great writing kid, I’m so grateful to you and the time you spend writing so greedy hungry people like me can read your stories voraciously… I want you to get publish with your own story Miss Detria! You deserve compensation for your fantastic writing! Honestly id still picture Eric and Sookie as the faces in a story LOL I’m truly obsessed. Have you ever spoke to My Secret O about how she got published??? Seriously I love you and you deserve the world kiddo! Call me on Sunday if you can we need to get together or whatnot.. Miss you

    Ps I bought a house in Sac SQUEEZE…. You and Christie should come for dinner one of these nights. Talk to you later.


  2. That was so perfect! Such a great depiction of how amazing it is when you connect so completely with someone new. Great writing…. Loving these two so much!


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