Chapter 5


After I gave Sookie her first punishment I wanted to hold her and apologize for spanking her so hard. She seems to have enjoyed it though, along with the four orgasms she got immediately afterward.


We’re going into day three of this relationship and it’s the most intense thing I’ve ever done. I’ve slept with girls that like a little spanking from time to time, I’ve never been with a girl that could cum simply from the feeling of my hand slapping their ass so hard their whole body moves. I’m sure Sookie can easily cum from punishments alone.


It’s Monday and I’m walking into the office when I see Sookie walk into the break room. I haven’t seen her since before the baby shower yesterday. I follow her into the tiny room and find her bending to find a place to put her lunch.


“That’s my favorite part about walking into the break room after you,” I say, making her jump a little.


“Good morning to you too,” Sookie says over her shoulder.


“Good morning, Sookie. How was your weekend?” I ask and grab a mug to pour myself some coffee.


“Pretty good, right up to the point when my mom called my brother’s girlfriend a tramp in the middle of the baby shower.”


“Damn, I’m sad I missed that,” I chuckle. I look back when I hear someone walk in with us. It’s Belinda. She’s one of the girls that always looks at me crazy before scurrying away. “Morning, Belinda?” I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to her.


She squeaks and hauls ass out of the room.


“You see why I think they hate me?” I ask Sookie who is holding back a laugh.


“I do,” she nods.


“All I have to do is look at half the girls around here and that’s the reaction I get.”


“Sweetie, she has a crush on you,” Sookie informs me.


“I just don’t get it,” I shake my head. “I want to go apologize for scaring her.”


“You didn’t,” she laughs. “Just get your coffee and go about your day.”


Sookie grabs a mug and pours herself a cup of coffee.


“Yes, ma’am,” I say as I add two sugars to my coffee. “I’ll see you later.” I have to stop myself from kissing her on the way out.


“I’ll be around,” Sookie says, “Sir.”


I stifle a groan and walk out of the break room. Just to test my theory I give Belinda a wave when I walk past her again. She turns beet red and races back to the break room to get away from me.


Of course I can’t help myself and as soon as I get to my office I pull out my phone to chat Sookie while my computer boots up.


Golden_Boy: What are you doing for lunch today?


Dani Irving: I brought leftovers from yesterday. You?


Golden_Boy: I promised someone I’d ask the girl I have a crush on out to lunch. Thats what I’m getting ready to do.


Dani Irving: Anyone I know?


Golden_Boy: Not sure. She’s a little above average height. Has gorgeous blue eyes. Her hair matches mine and her ass… mmm.


Dani Irving: lol you asking her to lunch or for a quickie?


Golden_Boy: If lunch goes well she might want a quickie. I don’t know. It’s still early in the friendship/relationship.


Dani Irving: Well good for you for asking. You’ll have to let me know what she says.


My computer boots up and I go straight to my email. I pull up a new message and type in Sookie’s name.


To: Sookie Stackhouse

From: Eric Northman


Suject: Lunch


Hey, Sookie. Uh… how would you feel about doing lunch with me today?




Golden_Boy: Sent her an email. This way I don’t freeze up.


Dani Irving: Oh good idea.


Golden_Boy: I have them sometimes.


Dani Irving: Every now and then 😛


Dani Irving: I finally got that spanking I wanted, btw.


Golden_Boy: Oh yeah? Was it everything you wanted?


Dani Irving: Considering he’s not experienced at it, it was good.


Golden_Boy: That’s good. Is there anything he could’ve done to make it better?


Dani Irving: Usually after a punishment I don’t get so many orgasms. I thought he was going to apologize for doing it.


Golden_Boy: I’m sure he’ll get better at that as time goes on.


I get a reply to my email.


To: Eric Northman

From: Sookie Stackhouse


Subject: Lunch


I would love to have you for lunch.




Dani Irving: I’m sure he will.


Golden_Boy: She said yes!


Dani Irving: Woohoo! You should check your email in a minute 😉


Golden_Boy: Okay…


Golden_Boy: Where should I take her?


Dani Irving: I don’t know what’s close.


I get an alert in my email and there’s an attached picture from Sookie’s office of her sitting behind her desk, legs spread and panties pulled to the side.


I get up and lock my office door. I lean against it, pull my cock out and snap a picture of his semi-hard state before tucking away and unlocking my door. I’m sitting back down when I hit send on the response.


Golden_Boy: You should be getting my response right about now.


Dani Irving: Got it. I know what I want for lunch *licks lips*


Golden_Boy: Maybe I should take my lunch date home to see if she wants a taste of that too.


Dani Irving: I’m sure she wants more than a taste.


Golden_Boy: You don’t think it would be awkward if I just whipped my dick out in front of her?


Dani Irving: It might be. On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t do it just in case she’s just being nice.


Golden_Boy: Damn. Okay. What happens if I get hard thinking about your gorgeous pussy when I’m sitting across from her?


Dani Irving: Good question. Maybe excuse yourself so I can dirty talk you into handling it.


Golden_Boy: Good call.


I shoot Sookie a reply.


To: Sookie Stackhouse

From: Eric Northman


Subject: Lunch


Where would you like to have me?




Golden_Boy: Since I’m making this date I’ll treat her better than my Nina Specials. I won’t walk out no matter how hard you make me.


My office phone rings with Sookie’s extension showing on my display.


“Northman,” I answer.


“I would love to have you right now,” Sookie purrs. “I’ll settle for your apartment… any way you want me.”


My hand involuntarily lands on my cock and I say back in my sex voice, “We may need to take an extended lunch if I take you where and how I want you.”


“And how is that, Sir?”


“I want to start with you on your knees, taking my cock down your throat.”


“Mmm… Keep talking,” she says.


“I’ll pull out, pick you up and slam you against the wall before I drive into my tight, wet cunt…”


I shouldn’t be talking like this on a work line, but one time can’t hurt.


“Oh yes,” Sookie moans softly. “Will you make me cum for you?”


“Not until I get you on your hands and knees and I start pounding your ass,” I purr.


“Oh God… I might cum right now,” she tells me.


“Do it. Cum for me right this second, Sookie.”


It takes a few more seconds but then she gasps and moans.


“Come to my office.” I want to taste her.


“Yes, Sir,” she says and hangs up.


I get up to take a look down the hallway. My office is at the end so there’s no reason for anyone to walk by. I close the blinds on my window and go to sit back down in my desk. When I look at my crotch I can see my cock straining to get out of my pants.


A few moments later there’s a light tap on my door as Sookie opens it wider so she can walk in.


“Close the door behind you,” I tell her.


She closes the door behind her and throws the lock. She moves to stand in front of my desk with her hands behind her back.


“Did you play with my pussy or was it my voice that made you cum?”


“Both,” Sookie answers.


“Come around here and give me the hand you used,” I direct her as I roll back in my chair.


Sookie walks around the desk and offers me her right hand.


“Which fingers?”


“These,” she extends her middle and ring fingers.


I keep my eyes on hers and suck on her fingers, groaning when I taste her.


“Do you like being my naughty girl in the office?” I suck her fingers one more time before I move her to sit on the desk in front of me.


“Mmhmm,” she hums.


“Do you know you made me hard?” I ask, cocking an eyebrow.


“No, Sir.”


“You did. What are you going to do about it?” I ask and slide my hand up her inner thigh. When I reach her wet folds I run my middle finger up and down her slit.


“What would you like?” Sookie asks.


I want to push her back and eat her pussy until she can’t walk, but that can wait for lunch time.


“Get down on your knees and service my cock. Suck him until you make me cum for you,” I command.


“Yes, Sir,” she says, and gets down on her knees. Sookie unzips my pants and my cock springs out. She moans and wraps her hand around my base. Her head lowers and she licks me from base to tip, flicking her tongue over the bead of pre-cum.


“That’s a good girl. Make it quick. I have a meeting in ten minutes.”


Sookie’s grip tightens and she starts to stroke while her lips wrap around my head. She sucks hard and her tongue swirls. Her head starts to bob up and down my shaft with her hand stroking what doesn’t fit in her mouth. She moans and hums as she sucks me off.


“Fuck, that’s so good, baby,” I whisper. “You’re getting me close… are you ready to swallow it?”


“Mmhmm,” she hums and her cheeks hollow so she is sucking me harder.


“Yes… that’s it,” I grunt. My hips thrust up a little and I’m careful not to fuck up her hair when I rest my hand on the back of her head. I’m extremely close to exploding.


Sookie lifts her head and keeps stroking my shaft. “Cum for me, Sir. Coat my throat with your cum,” she says and then her head drops again so she can suck just my head.


“Say please,” I tell her.


“Please,” she says around my dick. “Give it to me, Sir.”


I shove her head down and as soon as my head hits her throat I erupt into her mouth. I hold her head down and groan, “Take it all, Sookie.”


She moans and I feel her swallowing everything I gave her. Her head lifts and she sucks my head to make sure she got it all.


When I feel like she’s sufficiently cleaned me up I pull her up off her knees. I kiss her lips softly and I slide my hand between her thighs.


“Sucking my dick made you nice and wet,” I observe. “Do you want to cum again?”


Sookie nods her head.


“Too bad. You were a naughty girl earlier. You’re going to have to wait to cum.” I glance at my clock and I see I have two minutes to get to my meeting.


She narrows her eyes at me. “And if I make myself cum?”


“You’ll be punished. If you want to be greedy I’ll make you cum so many times you can’t breathe. When you beg me to stop I won’t let up. I’ll keep going until I feel like your pussy has been punished enough.”


“That doesn’t sound like a punishment to me.”


“It will feel like one when your body can’t take anymore but I won’t care. Be a good girl, Sookie, and I’ll make sure you get your orgasm at lunch time, okay?”


“Yes, Sir.”


“Thank you,” I smile and kiss her again. “I have to go to my meeting now.” I get up and grab my notepad and pen. “I’ll make sure I have an extra hour if you do too.”


“I will,” she promises.


“I’ll see you at noon.” I give her one last kiss on the forehead and walk out, leaving Sookie sitting in my office.




We really can’t make fucking around at work a habit. Eric and I will have to talk about it. We work in the same department but we don’t report to each other. He’s a recruiter and I’m the payroll supervisor. We both report to Russell, the director of human resources. The two of us dating shouldn’t be an issue.


I’m sufficiently distracted for most of the morning, thinking of the things I have in store for me at lunch. Somehow I manage to get things done, but I couldn’t tell you what, exactly, I did. At quarter to twelve I grab my purse and I send Eric a text to tell him I’m heading home for lunch.


Me: I’m going home. I may start without you.


Eric: Please do. I’ll be right behind you.


I smile and get in the car. It’s a chilly day outside but still pleasant. My apartment is only three miles away from the office so it takes next to no time to get back home. I park outside my building and hustle inside to my apartment.


Me: My door is unlocked.


I take off my jacket and drop my purse.


Eric: In the parking lot. Be naked.


I hurry back to my bedroom and strip off my clothes. I leave my heels on and flop back on my bed, legs spread wide for Eric so I’m on display to him when he walks in. The door opens and closes, and I’m tugging on my nipples when Eric finds me.


“Keep playing with your tits, Sookie,” he tells me as he starts to take his clothes off. As soon as he’s naked he climbs onto the bed, resting on his stomach so his head is hovering over my pussy. “Spread these lips for me.”


I reach down with both hands and spread my lips for him.


“Keep them just like that,” he whispers and his tongue drags through my folds from ass to clit. When he reaches my clit his eyes lock onto mine and he starts to suck.


“Ohmygod,” I gasp and I let go of my lips to grab his hair.


He pulls back quickly and says, “No, hold your lips open for me until I say you can move.”


“Sorry, Sir,” I apologize and move my hands back where he wants them.


The tip of his tongue moves through my folds softly. When he reaches my opening he digs his tongue inside of me. I watch as he pushes a finger in alongside his tongue. He starts to pump, but stops as soon as he feels I’m wet enough. I feel his wet finger rub my lower hole while his tongue glides up to my clit again.


“Do you want my dick in your ass, Sookie?” He hasn’t penetrated my ass yet, but he’s applying more pressure than before. He sucks my clit again while he waits for my reply.


“Yes,” I gasp. I don’t even have to think about it.


Eric pushes his finger into my ass and starts to move it in and out. I can feel his tongue flicking over my clit.


“You can have it when you cum for me.”


My hips lift up off the bed to try to get more friction since my hands are stuck keeping my lips spread for him.


“So close, Eric.”


He sucks a free finger and slides it into my pussy so he’s fingering both holes.


“Fuck you’re soaked,” he groans. “You can let go, baby.”


My hands go right back to his hair and my hips keep moving with his hand. The pressure is building and when Eric nibbles on my clit it sends me over the edge. I scream for him and feel my juices gush.


“Mmm, so sexy,” he moans. He pulls the finger out of my pussy and works it into my ass. “Do you like it hard in the ass, Sookie?”


“Sometimes. Not as hard as I like it in my pussy, though,” I tell him.


“Do you have lube?” He starts lapping at my core.


“Yes,” I pant. “Nightstand.”


He backs off and moves to open my nightstand. The lube goes flying and I see him find a condom hiding out that he grabs too. He starts rolling it on and he asks me,” You do realize how big I’m going to feel, right?”


“I know. This isn’t my first time, Eric,” I assure him.


“Okay,” he shrugs and pops open the lube to drizzle it on my ass. He adds some to his cock and strokes a few times. “Do you want to be on your hands and knees?”


I roll over and get on my hands and knees. It’s easier this way, in my opinion. I look over my shoulder and wiggle my ass a little.


Eric smiles and gives me a light smack. He gets up on his knees and I feel his tip rubbing over my rear entrance. He keeps his eyes on mine as he starts to push in.


“Oh, fuuuuck,” he groans as he gets deeper.


I moan and my head drops some. It’s been a while since I did this last but it feels so goddamn good.


“So fucking big, Eric,” I groan and start to rock back and forth.


“That’s it, fuck yourself, Sookie,” he whispers. His eyes flick down to where we’re joined and his hands start to rub my cheeks.


I move a little faster and take more of his cock each time I rock back. “Is that good, Eric?”


“Yes,” he hisses. He grabs my hips and starts to pull me back just a little harder.


“Mmm… yes, fuck my tight, little ass,” I groan and reach to rub my clit.


His hips begin to thrust harder, getting deeper. His fingertips dance up my spine to the back of my neck and he grabs onto the back of my hair. He pulls me up so I’m flush against his chest and his lips graze my neck.


“Who does this tight ass belong to, Sookie?” he whispers. His hand slides around to grab my throat and his cock is sliding in as deep as it can get.


“You, Eric,” I whimper. The pressure is building fast in my belly.


“That pussy that’s making all that wet, sticky noise, remind me who she belongs to,” he commands just as quietly.


“You,” I say. “I’m gonna cum, Eric.”


“Good girl, cum hard for me, baby.”


My fingers move faster and my body shakes when the pressure explodes. “Eric!” I cry out and go a little limp.


He kisses the side of my head and lets my body down. He pulls out and I see the condom fly across the bed. The next thing I know Eric has me flat on my stomach and he’s straddling my thighs, sliding into my pussy.


“You’re so fucking tight,” he pants and he starts to pound into me hard, going as deep as he can.


“Ohmygod,” I whimper and clutch the sheets. “Fuck, don’t stop.”


“Never, baby.” His hips swivel and he tells me, “Slide your hand under there and play with your clit again.”


I get my hand under me and rub my clit. My walls immediately pulse and my legs try to spread so I can get him deeper inside me.


Eric stops long enough to let me spread my legs. His hands press down on my lower back and he gets deeper. His hips swivel again, hitting my sweet spot with the tip of his cock.


“Milk that cock, Sookie,” he growls when my walls flutter more.


Like before, my fingers move faster and the swiveling of his hips keeps him stroking my spot over and over.


“Yesyesyesyesyes,” I chant as the orgasm washes over me and my pussy grips and pulses around Eric’s thick shaft.


“Fuuuuck!” Eric roars just before his release fills me. His hips jerk, pushing him deeper inside.


I cry out and my body goes limp again.


“So good,” I moan.


“Mmm, yes,” he breathes and rests his body on mine.


“Can we call in horny instead of going back to work?”


“I don’t see anything wrong with that,” he chuckles and rolls off of me.


“Me either,” I pant and stay put.


“Are you alright?” I feel his heavy hand rub up a down my back.


“Uh huh. Just super relaxed.”


“We still have an hour if you want a small nap,” he offers.


“I want to eat and then jerk you off until you cum on my tits.”


“We can do that,” he agrees and I can hear the smile in his voice.


“First I have to get my legs to cooperate with me,” I admit and turn my head toward him. Yep, he’s smiling like a fool.


“I can get up and make us lunch if you want me to,” he offers and rolls to kiss my forehead.


“There’s more leftovers from the shower in the fridge. Mom ordered way too much food,” I tell him. “She sent me home with a caterer’s tray of beer battered chicken tenders and roasted Greek potatoes.”


“I guess it’s a good thing I’m a professional when it comes to leftovers. I’ll be right back.” He rolls off the bed and starts walking out completely naked.


I wolf whistle at him as he reaches the door. He’s got a great ass.


I roll onto my back and push myself to sit up. I have never come home in the middle of the day for sex. At the moment I’ve never been happier that I live so close to the office. My legs are a little shaky when I stand up, but it’ll go away. I make my way to the kitchen to find Eric loading our plates.


“Whoa there, Sparky, that’s a little too much for one of us,” I chuckle when I count six chicken tenders on both plates. If I eat that much I’m taking a nap.


“You need your strength, woman,” he says, but takes three tenders off.


“That’s plenty for me, as yummy as the chicken is.”


He shakes his head and mumbles something about me being weird under his breath.


“I’m not weird; I’m just not giant sized.” I hug him from behind.


“I’ll have to get used to miniature leftovers then,” he chuckles and holds my hands in place as he puts one of the plates in the microwave.


“Unless we’re talking about mashed potatoes. Then I’m okay with giant portions.”


He turns in my arms and wraps his around me. “I make killer mashed potatoes, there usually aren’t any leftovers when I make those.”


“I love that you cook. Most guys I’ve dated could operate a grill and that’s it. That doesn’t work too well in the winter months.”


“Mom taught me right, plus I’m single more often than not and I can only handle so much processed foods. As keen as my mother is at setting me up on dates, she refuses to cook for me because ‘Eric, you’ll never find a woman if you have your mother cooking your meals. You might as well move back into my basement at that point’ she tells me.”


I laugh and say, “Your mom is probably right.”


“She’d like to hear you say that,” he grins. “I often whine about it, because she’s the best cook I know and I always want her meatloaf that I can’t figure out and she refuses to give me the recipe.”


“Mean old mom,” I shake my head.


“She truly is evil,” he deadpans.


“Mine will lure you and subdue you with store bought baked goods and then cram you full of processed foods. There’s a reason my ass is this size,” I chuckle.


“I think your processed ass is perfect,” he purrs and slides his hands down to give it a squeeze.


“It took a lot of sweating and dietary changes to get it down to this size,” I admit.


After college when I got my first real job I joined a gym and got serious about being healthier. Mom is of the mindset that we’re all going to die someday anyway and she doesn’t want to spend her days worrying about extra padding on her hips. I can see her point but she’s also my mom so I’d like to keep her around for as long as possible. I made it a point not to get too caught up in numbers so I don’t know how much weight I lost. I just know I feel healthy and I like the way I look.


“Good for you,” he smiles, “Dad was real big into fitness so I was pretty much born in a gym. I don’t feel right when I miss too many days.”


“We can go abuse the fitness center here if you want. I haven’t gone for a run in a while.” I’m sure Eric wouldn’t mind watching me jog on the treadmill.


“Once the weather is too bad to run outside I would love to. I’d rather run in the fresh air. I’ll even take smaller steps so I can watch this jiggle,” he waggles his eyebrows and taps my ass.


“Ha! And I’ll get my first quickie in the woods, I’m sure,” I laugh.


“Is there a problem with that?”


“Nope,” I smile and kiss his chin as the microwave goes off.


He reaches over to grab my plate and he puts his in.


“Are we calling Russell?” he asks as his eyes wander up and down my body when he turns around.


“You don’t think that’ll look a little weird?” I can work from home if I want to but I usually don’t.


“I honestly don’t really care. I’m done with my meetings. I work from home all the time,” he shrugs.


“Then I’ll make a call,” I concede.


“I’ll shoot him an email. I do it at least once a week when I have lunch with Mom.”


“Okay.” I take my plate to the dining room and grab my phone to call Russell. I’m not sure if any work will get done, but ask me if I care.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. I’m wondering what the disagreement will be? maybe someone catches on at work and sookie blames eric for mouthing off? oh the possibilities! and whose infant daughter is it going to be?


  2. This is such a fun start. I’m so worried about the upcoming angst and the misunderstanding. These past chapters have been so much fun.


  3. Umm. Feels like they are a slippery slide. Getting frisky at work, taking off work to fuck.
    And Thalia seeing the picture, and acces to the email with all the rest?
    Wowzers. I’m seeing that mosuderstanding coming soon!


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