Chapter 18: Bad Date



My girls getting older and having their own lives was a lot harder than I expected it to be. It gave me time to go out and try to start my own life. Stan and I were out at Puzzles, a bar and grill a few miles from my house, playing darts. We’d eaten already and decided to stay out for a few beers.

Stan noticed about two games into it that I couldn’t stop checking my phone. I didn’t know what I was checking for. Madi was at her new home with Josh. Gracie was over at a friend’s house. The only other person I’d be checking for was Sookie, but I had no reason to care if she called me. We hooked up the two times and that was it. We hadn’t seen or talked to each other in over a week.

“Stop looking at me like that,” I said as I slipped my phone into my back pocket. I hadn’t told him about Sookie but it was obvious he knew something changed.

“What do you keep checking your phone for?”

“In case one of the girls calls me.” That was bullshit and we both knew it. I had to get the blonde out of my head. There was something about her. I wanted more, but I wasn’t going to call her again. I called the night before when I probably shouldn’t have. It was a good thing she didn’t answer.

“You never look disappointed if they don’t call. Pissed, maybe, but not disappointed. Of course I’d be crazy to think you found some hot number who actually likes your old balls,” he snickered.

“Do I look disappointed? I’m not,” I shrugged. He knew better than that.

“You should tell your face that.” He flagged the waiter for a refill on his beer.

“Fine. I fucked up,” I admitted. I wasn’t sure I wanted him to know. Sookie and I had agreed not to tell anyone.

“Fucked up what?”

“Probably everything.” I leaned in a little closer so I wasn’t blurting it out to the whole bar. “I slept with Sookie… twice.”

Stan stared at me for a few seconds and then he burst out laughing. Hard. Like ridiculously hard.

“Fuck you,” I chuckled humorlessly. “I don’t know why you think this is so fucking funny.”

“Which one of you has the bigger dick?” he laughed.

“You know, behind all her ball busting she’s a pretty… nice girl,” I shrugged. I wasn’t laughing. Sleeping with Sookie wasn’t a laughing matter to me. I didn’t have feelings for her. I just didn’t hate her anymore. I wasn’t sure I ever did really hate her.

“Sookie Stackhouse is a nice girl? Oh that’s rich.”

“She is.” I finished off my beer so I could order another one when the waitress came by. “And she’s a fucking firecracker in bed.”

“You’re serious about this? You really had sex with the human cactus?”

“I did and she’s not as prickly as you’d think.”

“Obviously, since you’re hooked on her.”

“I’m not hooked. It just happened. Both times. The first time we were having an argument about me paying to decorate the nursery. We snapped at each other a few times and then boom, she kissed me.” I wasn’t hooked. He was crazy.

The waitress stepped up to see what we wanted to order.

“I’ll have another Blue Moon,” I said with a flirty smile.

“We’re also going to need two Jameson doubles,” Stan told her. He looked at me and added, “As long it’s okay with your missus.”

“Fuck you,” I said again. “It was a one ni– two night stand.”

“Yet you’re checkin’ your phone like any minute she might call.”

“She’s not going to call. It’s just a habit to check my phone.” It wasn’t a habit. Stan and I had known each other for over thirty years. He knew better. “It was good sex, that’s all,” I added when the waitress walked away to fill our order.

“That’s some grade A bullshit you’re peddling,” he said. “I admire your deep denial, however.”

“Come on, seriously? Why would I care if Sookie was going to call me? She’s still a stubborn asshole most of the time.”

“Yeah, what do I know? I’m just the asshole who’s been your best friend since before your voice dropped,” he shrugged. “It couldn’t be that for once, the chick you’re fucking around with isn’t all that interested in you and it drives you nuts. Or that she’s doing just fine on her own so what the hell could she need you for? Face it, brother, you like to feel needed.”

“I don’t care if she’s interested or not. We agreed that if it happens again, it happens. We aren’t going to do it, or plan on doing it. It’s just going to get messy if we do get any further involved. I don’t like feeling needed.” I didn’t want to admit to myself that I did like that feeling. I’d been taking care of someone for over sixteen years. It was strange to suddenly have that feeling that no one needed me to provide any type of service to for them. “Gracie thinks I need a girlfriend.”

“She’s right.”

“I don’t need a girlfriend,” I sighed. “I wouldn’t know how to be with a woman I could actually spend time with.”

“Well you fucked one twice so there’s always that. You can also have what we’re having– a conversation. I hear women like to talk.”

“You’re a dick, you know that?” I chuckled. “Do you know I barely even check women out?” I got hit on constantly, but it didn’t really faze me. I didn’t trust easily.

“So you’re… gay?”

“Not even close.” I didn’t have an issue with gay men, I wasn’t attracted to dudes. Plain and simple. I’d also been too busy raising my daughters to worry about dating.

“I’m sure Ginger’s got a friend…”

“Are you trying to set me up with one of Ginger’s friends?” If they were anything like Ginger it concerned me. She was a nice lady, but she was dumb as a box of rocks. I needed to be able to hold a conversation about something more than makeup and Entertainment news.

“You can’t seem to get a date yourself,” he teased.

“I haven’t looked for a date myself,” I chuckled. “Who do you have in mind? Have you met a lot of her friends?”

“A few. Yvetta would be an interesting match for you. She knows fuck all about cars, but she was a cardiologist in Estonia,” he told me.

“So she’s smart. What does she look like?” I could handle smart. It was a prerequisite for dating someone.

“Blonde hair, green eyes, dancer’s body. By that I mean stripper, not ballet.”

“I can do stripper body,” I nodded before taking a drink of my beer. “If she’s single, why not?” I shrugged. It would get my mind off of Sookie. She shouldn’t have been on my mind anyway. Stan was probably right about the reason for me checking my phone constantly. I couldn’t afford to get hooked on Sookie Stackhouse.

“I’ll set it up then,” he nodded too.

I finished off my beer and set my glass down. As soon as it hit the table I was checking my phone again. Fuck me, I really needed to stop doing that. Maybe a date with someone else was a better idea than I thought.


When I told the girls I was going on a date they were happy for me. I still wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I’d talked to Yvetta on the phone once Stan set up the date so we could discuss the details of the date. Apparently Ginger showed her a picture of me so she knew what to expect. I hadn’t seen what Yvetta looked like. I was taking Stan’s word for it when he said she was hot.

We decided to switch it up a little and instead of meeting at a restaurant, we agreed to meet at a mini golf course. Yvetta told me she’d be in a pair of denim shorts and a tank top. I spotted her the second I started walking up to the entrance. She had on shorts alright… more like denim underwear. Her tank top covered her tits, that were obviously fake, and most of her stomach. She did have a beautiful face and a very sexy body, but she wasn’t my normal type. I preferred natural women. Yvetta had had a lot of work done on her body.

“Yvetta?” I smiled as I approached.

“Eric, halloo,” she said. “You’re taller than I think you would be.”

I chuckled and said, “I get that a lot. It’s nice to finally meet you.” We had a brief get to know you conversation two days before.

“Yes, you too.” Yvetta looked me up and down. It was pretty obvious what was on her mind.

I held out my arm for her to take it. Unlike most men that saw her, sex wasn’t the first thought when I looked at her. I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for but a fuck buddy wasn’t it.

“Do you minigolf often?” I asked when Yvetta took my arm so we could head inside. It was a little later so there weren’t so many people around.

“Never,” she answered.

“Never? Really?” I smiled. “I’ll try to go easy on you.” Something told me she didn’t like things easy…

“Why would you do that?”

“Uh… I was teasing,” I said as we walked up to the little booth so I could buy us a round of golf. “I’m really good at this though.”

“I have never played. You teach?”

“I can teach you,” I nodded. I handed the kid my card to ring me up. Once he swiped it he handed me two putters. I always had to lean way down since they were just over kid-sized putters.

Yvetta took her putter and picked out two balls for us. Mine was blue, hers was pink. I lead her to the little course. The first hole was an easy one. Like all golf courses they got harder and harder as the holes went on.

“I can show you a test swing, so you can see how it works,” I offered.

“Please,” she nodded.

I set the ball down on the little tee that was at the beginning of the hole. I looked over at Yvetta and said, “You’re supposed to start here and when you hit the ball, you’re trying to get it into that hole at the end.” Her eyes were on mine as I spoke. I looked down at the ball and hit it lightly, sending it to the end of the green. “Would you like a test shot? Ladies should always go first.”

“No, you go.”

I shrugged and walked down to the end of the green so I could grab the ball again. I wasn’t far enough into the date to form an opinion of Yvetta. So far she seemed quiet.

When I made it back to the beginning I set the ball down and repeated the putt. The ball bounced off of the sides a couple times and came to a stop about three inches from the hole.

“Your turn,” I said, taking a step back.

She put her ball down at the starting point. When she swung her club it was way too hard. The pink ball went flying into the bushes. Yvetta cursed under her breath in Estonian, and went looking for the hot pink ball.

When she found it I asked, “Would you like some help swinging?”

“Yes, I think so.”

I took the ball from her and set it back down at the beginning of the hole.

“Are you left handed?” It seemed like she was by the way she swung.

“I can use either hand,” she answered.

I gently tugged her over so she was standing in the same position she was the first time. I stepped up behind her. “Is this okay?” I asked when I wrapped my arms around her so I could help her hand positioning on the putter.

“It’s very good.” Her ass rubbed against me.

Looking for sex or not, I couldn’t help my body’s reaction to the friction. I did my best to ignore her movement as I helped her move the putter back and forth.

“You need to be gentle with it,” I told her.

“In Estonia I do heart surgery. I can be gentle.” Her hips continued to move in front of me.

“I bet you’re very skilled with your hands,” I commented quietly. “Tap the ball when you’re ready.”

She took her sweet time, but finally after what felt like fifty years, she tapped the ball. It went about four feet.

I chuckled as I stepped back. “You’ll need to tap a little harder next time.” I walked over to my ball so I could tap it into the hole. “Do you think you have the idea, or would you like more help?”

“I like your help,” she said with a flirty look.

Of course she did… I shouldn’t have offered.

All the same, I reached out for her hand to bring her over to her ball. I did the same thing, standing behind her. This time instead of holding her hands I rested my hands on her arms. We were still touching but it didn’t seem as intimate to me.

“When you’re ready, go ahead,” I said. At least she smelled good.

Once again she took longer than she needed to before she swung. The ball rolled to the backstop and bounced forward. To my surprise the ball went in the hole.

“Oooh! Do I win?”

I smiled and said, “We have seventeen more holes before a winner is declared.” Her enthusiasm was cute… I guess.

“How do you win?”

“Whoever makes gets through the course with the least amount of strokes wins,” I informed her. “Right now we’re tied.”

“Then we go to next hole?” She bent over in front of me to retrieve her ball.

On reflex my hands settled on her hips. My mind went right into the gutter when she said next hole. Maybe she was a little sexier than I initially thought. She wasn’t the type of woman I should have been dating with two impressionable girls, not that it mattered much with Madi already pregnant.

“Are you going to need help when we get to the next hole?” I did my best not to rub myself against her ass.

“I think you are good luck.” Her head turned and our eyes met.

“What would you like if you win?” I asked, looking into her green eyes. They were a lovely shade of green.

“You put one in my hole,” she smirked.

“Which hole?” I smirked right back. Two could play this game.

“You choose.”

“Sounds like a win/win situation to me,” I smiled. I took Yvetta’s hand so I could lead her to the second hole. I took my putt first and as the ball was rolling to the hole my phone chimed. I wasn’t sure who it could be since everyone that mattered knew I was on a date and my phone was on vibrate. I was shocked as shit to see it was from Sookie.

I froze when I saw what it was. It was a selfie Sookie took in her bathroom mirror. She was in a fucking micro bikini with a note asking if it was too small. Instant boner.

Me: Not small enough…

I should not have been texting her back with Yvetta waiting for me to help her putt.

Sookie: They don’t get much smaller.

“One moment,” I told Yvetta before I took a step back.

Me: Why do you need a bikini at all?

I slipped my phone in my pocket for a moment so I could help the girl I was on a date with putt the ball. She did the standard ass rubbing thing. Her ass coupled with Sookie’s mostly naked picture was doing things to me.

When I felt my phone vibrate again I moved away to check it.

Sookie: I can’t go skinny dipping with kids around 😉

Me: Maybe you can skinny dip at my place the next time Gracie isn’t around…

Sookie: Maybe.

She followed it up with another picture. The bikini top was gone, but she’d put her arm across her tits.

Me: You’re making my minigolf game really hard on me, Gorgeous.

I should not have been flirting with Sookie. I was on a date with a perfectly nice woman.

Sookie: How hard? 🍆

Me: Pretty fucking hard.

I walked over to putt my ball again, making it in the hole. When Yvetta stepped up to her ball I stood behind her as she requested. I heard a quiet moan coming from her when she rubbed her ass against me.

Sookie: If you’re not busy, you could come by…

Me: I thought the kids were there?

Sookie: You can’t be sneaky?

Me: Not in the Buick. It’s recognizable and loud as shit in case you forgot.

I glanced up to see Yvetta staring at me. Oops.

Sookie: Guess I’ll get dressed then.

Me: Is Gracie at your place?

Sookie: I don’t think so.

Me: I can get her out of the house if she’s home. You can always come to me…

I knew nothing was going to come of dating Yvetta. We would probably have sex at the end of the date and I’d be thinking of Sookie the whole fucking time. I was screwed when it came to that sassy little blonde.

Sookie: You’re not busy?

Me: I can get unbusy if I need to.

Sookie: You don’t need to on my account. I’ll let you get back to what you were doing.

Me: The pictures you sent… Believe me. It’s not a hardship to meet you.

Sookie: Are you home? I can be there in 10.

“Is something wrong?” Yvetta looked more annoyed than concerned.

“Uh… yeah. I need to go, Yvetta. I’m sorry,” I apologized. “It has to do with my kids.” I wasn’t in the habit of lying. The look of disgust on her face when I said kids was proof it wasn’t going to work between us.

Me: Make it 20. I need to make sure Gracie isn’t there. I’m not at home just yet.

Sookie: I’ll see you then.

“Yvetta, I need to go,” I told her again. “Something unexpected came up.”

“With your kids?”

“It has something to do with them, yes.” Making sure Gracie wasn’t home had something to do with the kids, right?

“I didn’t know you had kids.”

“I do. Two girls, twins,” I told her.

“How old?”


“They’re grown,” she smiled.

“No, they aren’t,” I said, shaking my head. “They are far from grown and I am all they have right now. Can I call you to reschedule?” I probably wasn’t going to call. I started backing away from her. It was probably going to go down in history as her worst date ever.

“I don’t want kids. Mine or yours. Nice to meet you,” she said.

“Likewise.” I was glad I found out about her aversion to kids before it went too far, not that it was going to go much past the bedroom.

I turned to walk away, texting Gracie to make sure she wasn’t home. I knew she had plans, but I wanted to be sure. I was probably a shitty man for the way I left Yvetta to go sleep with Sookie. I knew Yvetta was a sure thing, but she wasn’t what I wanted. The pretty blonde meeting at my house in seventeen minutes was what I wanted. Not that I would admit that to her or anyone else.


20 thoughts on “Chapter 18: Bad Date

  1. I’m so glad Eric didn’t continue the date. I may have cheered when he left. I thought it was cute and very funny how he was checking his phone at the bar. I like how Sookie made the move and reached out!!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Oops Sookie must of found out that Eric was on a date and got jealous???? LOL, I hope so lol.. Hope one of the kids let it slip and Sookie decided to use her feminine wiles to get that fucking hunk off man back so she’ll stop being hard to get. Love this chapter Meg you and Missy are fuckawesome! More please I’ve missed this story to much.
    Thanks ladies

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  3. Hope Sookie doesn’t find out about Eric’s date. Shades of her husband there. Not a good look. Will Eric come clean about where he was and who he was with? It’s all about trust with Sookie after her marriage.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I don’t think Sookie would see Eric going on a date as cheating since she doesn’t really see him as being HERS at this point. Buuuut that doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t want him to be, even if she won’t admit it.

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  4. Ha ha Sookie and her sexy pics… Wonder whether she somehow found out about the date and decided to launch a counter offensive…. Sucks for Yvetta and Eric was a bit douchy dumping her in the middle of mini golf but I applaud the decision regardless! Can’t wait for the post-date festivities….

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  5. Ok, Eric was in the wrong for texting and flirting with Sookie while on his date but if he had sex with Yvetta after finding out she wanted nothing to do with kids it’d been worse. This was a date after all, not a bar hookup. Yay for Sookie for taking the initiative and sending the pic. Would like to know if she knew about the date and got jealous. I wonder who will be the first to own up to their feelings?

    Liked by 1 person

    • It would definitely seem to be good timing on her part. A liiiiittle convenient that her first move happens to land on the night Eric finally goes on a date though. Smooth, Sook, no one noticed that. 😉👌

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  6. AAAAnnnnddd there’s that right move I was talking about! Go Sookie! Whether she knew Eric was on a date or not, perfect timing! Pretty ballsy sending those pics! Good for her! I’m sure things would have turned south on Eric’s date with Yvetta anyway as soon as she made her feelings known about children, then add in the fact that he recognized she part plastic as soon as they met? Yeah, that really wasn’t going anywhere! Besides, these two have it so bad for one another, all they need is mirrors pointing toward them in opposite directions to see it. Blind dates suck, and I’ll admit to cutting out on more than my share. Kids make the best excuses! LOL! Soooo…will Gracie bust them? LOL! That was fun! 🙂


  7. Definitely Eric is hooked on Sookie and he knows it. It wouldn’t have worked with Yvetta as she was showing her whore dressed like that on a first date then being all nasty about it too. Sookie text was like she knew Eric needed to be saved from whorezilla.


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