Break Up With Him



My favorite past time on Saturday evenings was sitting on the patio people watching. Usually a few of my buddies, and sometimes their ladies, came by to have a few drinks and barbecue. I was over going to clubs and bars every weekend. I was too old for that shit. It was still fairly early, just past five, when I noticed a U-Haul pull up. I’d seen it the last few nights when I get home from work, but I hadn’t seen anyone get in or out of it. The apartment building I lived in constantly had people moving in or out. I knew the apartment across from me had been empty a while and I’d been seeing lights on at night. Common sense told me that was probably the apartment the newbies were moving into.


Alcide and I were sitting on the patio with a cooler between us. The other guys would all be over within the hour. It might’ve been lame, but it worked for us. That’s all that mattered, right?


“Gentleman’s bet,” I said to Alcide when the driver door to the U-Haul opened. “That’s going to be a mid-twenties male, dark hair and a plaid shirt, not flannel.” Alcide wore a shitton of flannel. He was already a hairy fucker, so you’d think he was warm enough… the fuckface was weird. The fewer clothes, the better.


“You’re on.”


Surprisingly a tall guy with dark blonde hair, almost brown, and plain gray T-shirt on stepped out. The grump on his face made me wonder if he was the kind of guy that was naturally pissed off or if he was just in a bad mood. The scowl was too epic to be RBF, if dudes even had resting bitch face.


“Fuck,” I grumbled and leaned over to pull my wallet out to give Al a dollar.


“I’ll use this to tip your sister later at Hooligan’s,” he smirked.


I would’ve been pissed, but my sister really did work at Hooligan’s. My twin was tall like me and she was also into the same kind of chicks as me. I wasn’t not too worried about Al seeing her tits. All of my friends had seen them, much to my dismay.


“Remind her she owes me a hundred bucks,” I said. “You should just give me my dollar back and take out the middle-man.”


“And miss the chance to have Pam tell me to save the dollar for my sex change? Never.”


“You know she turns her nose at anything less than a twenty,” I snorted.


Our attention was taken away when the U-Haul door slammed, quickly followed by a second slam and a woman shrieking at the new guy. I heard her before I saw her and when she walked out from the other side of the truck I had to sit up to get a better look. Damn, she was pissed, clearly, but it didn’t detract from her perfect D-cup — I knew my tit sizes — and her amazing handlebar hips. She was wearing shorts, making her legs look longer than they probably were. Her tan stomach was barely exposed under her knotted tank top. I hadn’t even gotten to her face and I was getting a chubby. I had to shift in my seat when I got to her face, fuck she was hot.


“Dibs,” I called before Alcide could.


“Fuck you!” he said loud enough to get Hottie’s attention. She smiled briefly before turning back to the beanpole she was with.


“Oh for fuck’s sake, Hoyt!” she yelled in agitation.


“What?!?” Hoyt yelled back. What the fuck kinda name was Hoyt? A lame ass name, that’s what kind.


“You didn’t seriously pack the toilet brush in the same box as my tablecloths,” she said, glaring at him.


“You can wash the damn tablecloths!” Hoyt said louder than he should’ve. Even I knew that was stupid.


“You can’t seriously be that– oh my god! Gran’s doily is… You… I… Ahhhhh!” She stormed off toward the front door to her place.


“That one’s got a temper,” Al laughed.


“Yes she does,” I smiled. There was nothing sexier than a feisty chick. “I bet she’s a firecracker in the sack.”


Hoyt noticed us watching and gave us a ‘women’ look, shaking his head before he followed her. Hoyt wasn’t going to last long if I had my way.


♥ ♥ ♥


Sunday morning was always laundry day. I hated laundry, but it had to be done. I hadn’t figured out a way to be independently wealthy so I could pay someone to do my laundry, or buy a new outfit every day of the week.


Color me surprised when I walked into the laundry room and Miss perfect D-cups was bending over to gather a load of clothes from the hamper she had next to the washer.


“Oh, hello?” I pretty much purred. Damn, she was even better looking up close.


“Keep staring like that and it may cause retinal damage,” she said without looking up.


“Nah, it’s a pretty nice sight,” I replied. I walked over to an empty washer to put the quarters into their little slots and push them in to start the washer.


“That won’t prevent retinal damage,” she laughed. Finally, she stood up straight to look at me. “I remember you. You’re the one whose tongue I could have used as a red carpet last night.”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I smirked. I help my hand out to her. “I’m Eric, by the way.”


“Sookie.” She shook my hand. “Don’t pretend like you don’t know exactly what I’m talking about. I saw you and the lumberjack watching me.”


“You’re a pretty girl. I’d be a fool not to check you out,” I shrugged. I knew what I wanted and it was to get Sookie away from that big, lanky motherfucker. I was tall, but I was solid. Sometimes I could be a little awkward, but I’d pretty much mastered my limbs.


“That’s very kind of you.” She opened one of those bottles with the scent pellet things that would keep her laundry smelling good and dumped a capful into the washer. “Too bad I’m not into tall guys,” Sookie joked.


“Damn,” I smiled as I added my own detergent. “I was going to offer to kill spiders on the ceilings for you once you got rid of that… guy you’re living with.”


“Oh I’m not living with him.” She added clothes to the machine.


Even better…


“Hmm, then maybe I should give you my number in case you do happen to have a ceiling spider,” I suggested. I added laundry and leaned back against the machine, crossing my arms over my chest. I didn’t hide the fact that I was checking her out.


“I could just yell out the patio door,” she countered.


“That works too,” I nodded. She was loud… I wondered how loud she got when she was mid-orgasm. “Once you get settled in you’re welcome to swing by for dinner sometime. Or just to hang out.”


“I’ll think about it.” Sookie closed the lid on her machine. “Your girlfriend going to be okay with that?”


“I’ve been single for a few months,” I told her. The last chick I dated had a cat that hated me. Apparently the cat was more important than me so she broke up with me after the seventh date.


Sookie’s face scrunched up.


“Midnight farter? Closet Taylor Swift fan? Have a fetish for breastfeeding women?”


“None of the above,” I chuckled. “My last girlfriend had a cat that didn’t care for me. In my defense the cat hated everyone it came in contact with. I’ve just been too busy with work to worry about finding a new one.” Until Sookie moved in across from me.


“That’s better than staying with someone just because you’ve been together for so long, right?” Her smile was weak.


“Much better,” I agreed. “Would you like to take a break from whatever is going on at your place and come over for breakfast drinks? Bobby’s chick left a half bottle of champagne last night so I have stuff for mimosas.”


Her brow lifted and after a moment she nodded.


“Sure. It’s good to get to know your neighbors,” she agreed.


“Sweet,” I smiled.


Being just me I didn’t make a lot of laundry so I just had the one load. I waited for Sookie to get another load in and offered to carry her empty hamper back as she followed me back to my place. When we got there I opened the door and pushed it open to let her go in first.


“Make yourself comfortable,” I said as I stepped in behind her and closed the door. “Have you eaten?” It was before nine. I was an early riser.


“I had a bowl of Cheerios with a sliced banana in it at about three this morning. I’m a notorious midnight snacker,” she informed me.


“You and me both,” I chuckled. “I was going to make bacon breakfast burritos if you want one.” Sookie followed me into the galley kitchen. I leaned over to get the champagne and OJ from the fridge. I could feel her eyes on my ass. I wasn’t the only one interested… good to know.


“I’ll take two.” She hopped up on the counter.


That was a dangerous place for her to be. I’d learned with a previous girlfriend that my counters were perfect height for fucking. The fact that her legs were parted didn’t make it easy on me.


I grabbed two glasses down from the cabinet next to her head. Her body was warm when I got closer. I wanted to feel that warmth pressed against my body… mmm. I shook that off and poured two mimosas and handed her one before I went back to the fridge to get the eggs. The bacon was already done as were the potatoes since I planned on making the burritos before I started laundry.


“So, Eric, other than taking on the role of welcome wagon, what else do you do?” Sookie crossed her legs and leaned forward a bit.


“When I’m not welcoming pretty blondes with gorgeous bodies I work a utility company. I’m a lineman and spend my days on top of power poles.” I followed in my dad’s footsteps.


“Sounds interesting.” She took a sip of her drink.


“Not really,” I chuckled. “It’s hard work and it’s nice not to deal with the public directly, but other than that it’s pretty boring. What do you do when you’re not yelling at your boyfriend for being an idiot?” I started cracking eggs into a bowl.


“That’s a full-time job,” she said seriously.


“That’s too bad,” I replied. I added a little salt and pepper to the eggs before I whisked them. “How long have you two been together, if you don’t mind me asking.”


“It’ll be five years in August,” she answered but she didn’t seem happy about it.


“And you’re not living together? That’s… I guess he’s a slow mover.” Hell, at that rate I wouldn’t have been surprised if they hadn’t fucked yet. Hoyt had that waiting for marriage look about him.


“He’d have to be surgically removed from the umbilical cord first,” she said. “Total mama’s boy. I can respect a man wanting to take care of his mom but these two… No, just no. She walked in on us once at my apartment and told Hoyt she was never going to be a granny if he kept using rubbers.”


I stopped what I was doing to look at her. She was dead serious. That was fucked up. I didn’t know her well enough to ask why the hell she was with him, but she didn’t need to be.


“That’s… bold of her?” I wasn’t sure if that was the right word. “I would’ve told a chick to kick rocks if her mom or dad walked in on us and told me how to fuck her.”


“Oh that was the last time we got frisky for like three months,” she said. Again, she was serious.


As much as I wanted to tell her that she needed to move on, preferably to me, I kept my mouth shut on the matter. I poured the eggs into the pan and grabbed a spatula to stir them.


“Sounds to me like you’re settling,” I commented anyway.


“I wouldn’t call it settling,” she said but there wasn’t much conviction to it. “We just… I think we’re in a slump.”


“Hmm,” I hummed. The look on her face when she talked about him told me differently.


I pushed the eggs around the pan for a moment before I reached around Sookie to get the tortillas. I made sure to brush her thigh, making goosebumps raise up on her bare skin.


“I don’t know you well enough to comment on your relationship,” I added after a moment.


“Well any relationship goes through phases, right? There are highs and lows for every couple,” Sookie rationalized.


“That’s true,” I agreed. “Are there more slumps than high points?” I found two plates to set on the counter so I could put the burritos together.


“Lately… It’s a work in progress.” That was a yes.


I nodded at that and expertly rolled up two burritos for Sookie. I put almost everything in burrito form, I was good at it. I handed her the plate and leaned back against the counter facing Sookie so I could eat my own burritos. I’d known girls, and a few guys in Sookie’s situation. It wasn’t going to end well. Hoyt was a placeholder for something better.




“No, Hoyt, I don’t want to have dinner with your mother,” I sighed in frustration. I was reaching my breaking point with him. I leaned against the privacy wall in front of my patio and noticed I had an audience across the way.


A six-foot-five Nordic underwear model was trying not to be obvious that he was watching me. Just like I tried not to be too obvious when I reached down to scratch my thigh and pulled the skirt of my thin nightgown up a little higher.


“Why not, Sookie? She’s lonely, and she likes you. What’s so wrong with an hour at Merlotte’s?” Hoyt argued. I noticed Eric’s eyes flick down to my thighs.


“She hates me!” I argued back. “She’s nice to my face but she talks shit behind my back.” She did because I didn’t come over to Hoyt’s every day to make him breakfast and pack him a lunch. I wasn’t his mommy. I wasn’t his maid, either.


“That’s not true, Sookie! She loves you. She wants me to be happy and you make me happy!” Bullshit.


“I make you happy?” That may have been true a few months ago or maybe last year, but lately? No, not really. “I guess that explains why we haven’t had sex in almost a month.” Not that I felt like I was missing much. My toys were doing a better job of getting me off than Hoyt had in the last few months.


“Every time I try to touch you, you cringe away,” he pointed out. “Why would I want to have sex with someone that doesn’t want me?”


“I don’t cringe,” I argued. Except maybe I did a little bit? Lately anytime he tried to make a move on me I just heard his mom yapping about having kids. I wanted kids but I wasn’t sure I wanted them with Hoyt anymore.


“Bullshit, Sookie. The last time I even tried to kiss you, you pushed me off,” he told me.


I looked across the way again and Eric waved at me. For years I had thought it was ridiculous that girlfriends fantasized about other men when they were with their husband or boyfriend. Staring at Eric, I started to get it.


“Come over,” I told him, still staring at my sexy neighbor.


Who wasn’t wearing a shirt. Sweet Jesus.


“I can’t, it’s too late,” Hoyt replied. “Tomorrow?”


“I’m horny now,” I replied without a hint of shame. If he still said no, was that a sign?


“Sook, I have to work in the morning, plus I don’t want to wake Mama up if I sneak out.” Said the grown ass man.


“Fine. Then I’ll just take care of it myself,” I huffed. Maybe I’d go across the lawn…


“I know for a fact it wouldn’t be the first time,” Hoyt muttered.


“You’re not willing to get the job done! I’m tired of your damn mother running our relationship. Me or her, Hoyt. Pick one,” I told him. I just couldn’t deal with the bullshit anymore.


“Can we talk about this tomorrow?”


He was going to choose his mother. I knew it in my gut.


“Fine,” I huffed. “Fine” was never a good answer and he knew it.


“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he told me as Eric motioned for me to come over.


I didn’t bother saying goodnight before I hung up. I threw my phone into my apartment and then stomped across the lawn to Eric’s place. No doubt he heard that it had been a while since I got laid. I needed it. Bad.


“I’m sorry you had to hear that,” I apologized as I walked toward him. I had been living in the complex for almost six weeks.


“Don’t apologize to me,” he replied, patting his lap.


Sitting on his lap was probably a bad idea.


So I straddled him like the hussy my body decided I was.


“I think it’s too bad you’re going through a dry spell,” he smirked. Eric’s hands settled on my hips, skimming my ass with his fingertips.


“It sucks,” I pouted. What was I doing?


“You know what I think?” His fingertips quickly turned into him full on palming my ass. I could smell the beer on him, but he definitely wasn’t drunk.


“I should be wearing less clothing?” Why wasn’t I slapping his hands away?


“That’s a given,” he chuckled. Eric leaned in to skim the tip of his nose along my neck. When he reached my ear he whispered, “Break up with him.” He pulled my hips forward so I could feel the effect I had on his cock.


Oh hello…


“I can’t,” I breathed.


“Mmm, why not?” His lips brushed a spot just under my ear that sent a shiver down my spine. “You’re not in love with him anymore, Sookie, that much is obvious.” Eric’s hands moved under the hem of my nightgown, slowly sliding back toward my ass again. I could feel his dick pulse when he rocked my hips forward again.


God, I needed a good fuck.


“Because I… I mean he… I just can’t.” Mostly I couldn’t come up with a reason. I should have had dozens of them but if that was the case, I wouldn’t have gone to Eric and I definitely wouldn’t be straddling him or rubbing against his growing hard-on.


“Is he satisfying your needs?” Eric placed soft kisses along the front of my neck, over to the other side.


I held back a whimper. Damn him and his lips.


“Not… I mean not tonight,” I answered. Traitor hips started to rock on their own. Ugh, that felt good.


“Are you going to allow me to satisfy them?” He pulled back to look into my eyes as he slipped one hand down between my thighs to rub my bare mound, inching closer and closer to my lower lips.


I moaned in spite of myself.


Cheating was bad. Things with Hoyt weren’t good and I really, really wanted to have sex. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a cheater.


“I can’t.” I pushed Eric’s hand away and scrambled off his lap. “Things aren’t perfect with Hoyt but I do care about him and I can’t do this to him.”


He sucked the tip of his finger that had reached my clit before he said, “Call him and break up with him. I’ve seen you with him, Sookie. You don’t look at Hoyt the way you look at me.”


“It’s not that easy.”


“It is,” he shrugged. “Don’t sugar coat it. Call him and tell him it’s over. He has his mom, you have me…”


It was tempting.


How awful would it be if I broke up with Hoyt over the phone and immediately jumped into bed with Eric?


“Do you really want to be the rebound guy?” I asked.


“I don’t think I’ll just be a rebound,” he replied. “You and I have something, Sookie. These last few weeks… I know you’re feeling it too.”


Maybe I was. I refused to think about it because I had Hoyt.


“Maybe that’s just lust,” I pointed out.


“It’s definitely lust, but you know it’s a hell of a lot more than that.” He tugged the end of my nightie. “Call him, Sookie. Tell him don’t worry anymore, he’s free to find someone his mama likes.”


I had tried to picture my life without Hoyt in it. Maybe it was because we had been together for so long but it was hard to see my life without him. I took a deep breath and decided I needed to be sure that if I left Hoyt, it wouldn’t be for nothing.


So I straddled Eric’s lap again and quickly leaned in to kiss him. I wanted to make sure the spark was there.


And it was.


It was like a whole damn powder keg exploded.


One hand went to my hair, tugging and twisting while the other pulled me closer by my ass. His tongue battled with mine as he let out little grunts and growls. I could feel his cock getting solid under me.




I pulled away from the kiss, much to his frustration.


“I should go,” I said.


“To my bed with me?” he guessed, nipping at my jaw.


“Home,” I corrected.


“Come back to me after you break up with him,” he requested. “I’m not done yet.”


“I can see that.” I glanced down at his crotch. He was definitely just getting started.


“I’ll be ready when you are.” Eric stood up, holding me by my ass. “If I don’t let you go now I’m going to watch to finish what we started here.”


“Believe me; I’m tempted to let you.”


He turned to press me against the wall, tilting his head to kiss the spot under my ear again.


“Why don’t you go call him and then come back,” he whispered, rocking his hips against me.


So, so tempting…


Could I really just call Hoyt and break up with him over the phone? After so many years together that seemed cruel or, at the very least, really uncaring of me. Didn’t I owe him a face to face meeting? I sure as shit wasn’t going to do it in a text message, as appealing as that was. Why not avoid the confrontation all together and just dump him in less than 160 characters?


It’s not working. Thanks for 5 years.


Ugh, no, couldn’t do it.


“I can’t,” I said, my legs unwrapping from around his waist. “Look, Eric, things with Hoyt aren’t perfect and we have our problems but I can’t just call him and tell him it’s over.”


Even if Eric was right and it was, I just wasn’t okay with ending things like that.


“I’ll be here when you tell him,” he assured me. He moved his hands up to rest on my shoulders. Eric looked down into my eyes and told me, “This isn’t going to be a fling or a one night stand for me. We haven’t known each other long, but what we have is electric, and I know you’re feeling it to. I’m just urging you to do something that will ease all of our aches.” He leaned down to whisper in my ear, rubbing his thumbs over my collarbone, “And I intend to ease yours for hours as I worship your perfect body.”




Damn him! He definitely wasn’t going to make things easy for me.


I wasn’t a chicken in most ways and I wasn’t usually afraid to speak my mind. There wasn’t much point in cowering in a corner, trying to pretend like everything was okay. Hoyt and I had our share of ups and downs and we’d definitely had our share of fights. Usually he was the one to back off first and let me have my way just to save us the trouble of getting into something bigger.


I walked out of Eric’s apartment without replying because if I did, I was going to say something completely inappropriate to accept his offer. In some ways I had to wonder what it said about him that he was willing to hook up with a girl who was in a relationship, but then I figured in his mind it was only a matter of time before I cut Hoyt loose, whether I got with him or someone else.


The sad thing was, Eric wasn’t completely wrong.


That was the part I wasn’t looking forward to dealing with.


I trudged back to my apartment and resolved to sleep on it. In the morning I’d make my decision once and for all.




I’ll admit, I was a little buzzed that night I told Sookie to leave Hoyt. It was all true, though, everything I told her. They weren’t right together and anyone that saw them knew it. The friendship we had growing and the way she fucking kissed me that night let me know I wasn’t making shit up in my mind. It was real and when she finally pulled her big girl panties up she wasn’t going to be sorry. I knew it, she knew it, hell, even Hoyt probably knew it.


So a week after that night I wasn’t exactly surprised to see Sookie walking across the lawn in a very similar nightie to the one I almost got to fuck her in. I hadn’t seen her coming or going over the last week, so I assumed she was avoiding me. I could be a little aggressive so I wasn’t all that surprised when she told me no. I was aggressive, but I wasn’t the guy to force myself on someone.


“Look what the cat dragged in,” I smirked as she walked up to my patio. I was in my Sunday uniform which consisted of basketball shorts or flannel sleep pants, depending on the time of year. It was a little cooler so I had my pants on.


“Hi,” she replied. “How’ve you been?”


“Same as always,” I answered. “Tired as fuck.” My job wasn’t as easy as people assumed.


“But not too tired to fuck, right?” she smiled coyly.


“Never too tired to fuck,” I smiled back. “Are you offering?” When she got closer I reached out to run my leg up her thigh as I leaned forward in my chair. It would be so easy to lift her nightgown and nibble on her lower lips.


“Nope,” she smiled. “I’m accepting your offer.”


“You broke it off?” I was actually a little surprised. It didn’t stop me from sliding my hand up to cup her sexy ass.


“It was time,” she confirmed. “It didn’t go well. I’m pretty sure his mother slashed my tires in retaliation.”


“What a cunt,” I replied, running the tip of my nose along her cotton covered tummy, taking in her sweet scent. My hands gently kneaded her ass.


“And I’m the girl she liked.”


“You know that kind of mother/son relationship is unnatural, right?” I nipped the underside of her breast. I wanted to wrap my lips around the tight, cloth covered nipple pointing at me. I could wait for that, though. What I couldn’t wait for was to feel how wet she was going to be for me.


“Oh I know. I’ve been telling him for years he should take a hacksaw to the cord,” she said in a breathier voice.


“You don’t have to worry about that anymore,” I told her. I slipped on hand down between her thighs to rub her slit. She hadn’t been wearing panties the last time I didn’t that either. I hoped going commando was a common trend with Sookie. As my fingertips toyed with her lower lips I looked up at her gorgeous face and wrapped my lips around her nipple. I tugged gently with my teeth while roughly flicking it with my tongue so she could feel it through the cotton.


“No,” she gasped and then moaned. “No, I don’t.” Her slender fingers ran through my hair and her head fell back. Sookie swayed a little bit on her feet and I was just getting started.


As much as I wanted to enjoy her right where we were we had neighbors and they didn’t need to see the things I had planned. I stood up without removing my hand and licked her soft lips.


“Let’s go inside,” I purred, finding her clit so I could rub slow circles.


She let out a little whimper and agreed quietly. I reluctantly pulled my hand away to lead her into my apartment. As soon as we were in I closed the slider and made sure the blinds were closed. Right there in the middle of the living room I rubbed my hands up Sookie’s thighs, under her nightie, and all the way up her sides, slowly lifting the offending garment over her head. I wanted to see her naked so I could map out my plan of attack.


“Goddamn, Sookie,” I groaned as I scanned her sexy body.


“Like what you see?” She started to back away from me, heading toward the hallway.


“Very much so.” My pants quickly hit the floor so she could see my cock growing in anticipation. I stalked toward her, keeping my eyes on her beautiful face.


“Didn’t your mama tell you it’s not polite to point?” she teased.


“She did, but my dick seems to have a mind of its own.” I caught up to her and pushed her back against the wall in the short hallway. “Apparently it wants to be as close to you as possible.” I bent my knees slightly so I could rub my thick shaft along her wet lower lips.


“I think it can get closer than that,” she said with heat in her eyes.


“It can get a lot closer,” I agreed.


I wanted to push her up the wall and slide my dick into her. I refrained and backed off to lead her back to my room. As soon as my bed came into view I scooped her up and tossed her onto it, climbing up after her. I hovered over her thighs, dipping my head to flick my tongue over her slit. I rubbed the flattened appendage over her lips, slipping it in to rub over her clit. My tongue stayed soft as I rolled it over her sweet little nub.


I stayed slow for a few moments before I scraped my teeth over clit lightly and then I began sucking it. My eyes stayed on her tits as her back arched and I brought my hand up to slip one of my thick fingers into her pussy. Sookie was drenched, which was needed to take me the first time. I wasn’t cocky, but I knew my dick was larger than average. As bad as I wanted to fuck her immediately, I knew I had to prepare her.


“Oh fuck, don’t stop,” she moaned.


I threw my arm over her hips as I added a second finger. I swirled my tongue around her little nub as I curled my fingers, searching for her easy button. The way her body jerked let me know when I found it. I lifted my head to watch her face while I rubbed her g-spot quickly. I wanted he to cum before I fucked her just in case my stamina wasn’t up to par.


“Eric…”” she gasped, grasping at the sheets. Her hips moved in time with my fingers while her walls pulsed quickly around the digits. “Oh… Fuuuuuck… I’m…” She didn’t get to finish her sentence. She gasped again and started to tremble as she came.


“Mmm, isn’t that a pretty sight?” I purred, slowly removing my fingers. I kissed her clit and gave her pussy one last lick through her folds.


I left Sookie panting in the middle of my bed as I stood up to grab a condom from my dresser drawer. I wasn’t expecting her over so I wasn’t so prepared. I ripped the wrapper open and rolled the rubber on before I climbed back onto the bed.


“How do you want it?” I asked, rubbing my tip through her lips.


“In,” she smirked.


“Sassy,” I chuckled. I smacked her clit with the head of my cock, making her gasp. I lined myself up with her entrance and slowly sank into her. Holy fucking shit… I hadn’t even moved yet and I knew she was in the running for the best I’d been with.


I fell forward, catching myself on my hands so I was hovering over her. Sookie’s eyes locked onto mine and her hands slid up my arms to hold onto my biceps. I knew she’d been dying to touch them. I swiveled my hips, grinding against her clit before I began to pump, giving her short thrusts so my cock pretty much stated buried in her. Her pussy felt like fucking heaven.


“Oh my fucking god,” she practically growled. Sookie’s nails dug into my shoulders and her hips rocked to meet my thrusts.


I loved a girl that moved with me. My hips sped up, grinding on each in stroke. I had to control myself with the sounds she made and the way her walls fluttered.


“I want to fuck you so fucking hard,” I told her, punctuating the last word with a hard, deep thrust. I wanted to flip her onto her hands and knees and drive into her. I knew that I wouldn’t last long like that, though.


“Oh fuck… Fucking do it,” she panted.


“As you wish,” I purred.


I pulled out and flipped her around. I pulled Sookie up to her hands and knees, rubbing my thumb through her slick folds. I didn’t tease her long before I slid my cock back into her. My hands gripped her waist, using it as leverage to pull her back and I thrust forward, driving into her again and again. The way her ass bounced off of my hips and the sexy fucking sounds coming out of her mouth had my cock twitching within a few minutes.


“Fuckfuckfuck,” Sookie cussed. She looked back over her shoulder and up into my eyes. Her hips rocked back to meet my thrusts as much as possible. “I’m so fucking close, Eric.”


Good. I was too.


Because I couldn’t help myself I pulled my hand back and smacked her sexy ass. Damn, that jiggled perfectly.


“Eric!” Sookie cried out. “Fuuuuuuuuck!” she shouted and her walls gripped my cock hard. She collapsed into the bed, face first, and her walls kept pulsing and clenching around my dick.


I fell on top of her, resting on my weight on my arms. My hips pumped quickly, pushing Sookie into the bed. It took me less than a minute to lose my shit.


“Fuck!” I barked, whipping my head back so I wasn’t yelling in her ear. My hips jerked and my own legs started to tremble.


It took all of my energy to pull out and go to the bathroom to dispose of the spent condom. I was still breathing hard when I got back to the room and curled up next to Sookie. I was a snuggler.


“It’s been way too long since I had good sex last,” I chuckled, kissing the side of her head.


“You and me both,” she admitted.


“I’m a cuddler,” I informed her. “I hope you don’t mind.”


“I was wondering what you were doing.” Smartass.


I smacked her butt lightly. I liked Sookie a lot. I wasn’t sure if we were just going to be more than friends with benefits or if it was going to turn into more. I knew how I felt about her, which was a very strong like. She was funny and sweet and I would’ve been lying if I said I didn’t want more with her. I knew she had to work through her breakup with Hoyt. I would be here when she decided she was ready.


7 thoughts on “Break Up With Him

  1. That worked out great for both of them! The hell with Hoyt, the damn mama’s boy. He don’t care what he looks like, but Eric does and therefore that’s why he got the girl😘


  2. Wonderful. Impressed that you had Sookie do ‘the right thing’ and formally break up with Hoyt before her and Eric consummated their obvious attraction. Nicely written lemon scene too. 🙂


  3. Loved this one too. I’m behind on my reading cuz I’ve been… uhh… reading. Damn Kindle app. Just the perfect mix of sweet and sexy. I love y’alls Erics. Yay for this one shot. It was perfect.

    Liked by 1 person

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