Chapter 3


Breakfast is delicious. I’ve had sex in public before, but Eric is the first and only customer I’ve ever let cum in my mouth. I make it a general rule not to do that for safety reasons, but I know he’s married and I’m the only woman besides his wife that he’s having sex with. I trust him. I’m no idiot and I’m good at reading people, so I believe him when he says it’s just me. And lately I think I might be the only one he’s having sex with.

After we eat we decide to check out some of the little gift shops here. I just hope I don’t run into anyone I know that knows my real name. But it’s nice walking hand in hand with Eric.

We go into one of the shops and start browsing around. I find a Lake Tahoe pullover and locate one that’s two sizes bigger than I need because I like my sweaters baggy.

“Too bad they don’t have it in green,” I pout as I hug the sweatshirt to me.

“I’ll be back,” he walks away and I continue to browse around. I’m looking at tote bags when he walks up behind me, wrapping his arms around me from behind. I look down and see he has a mint green sweater in his hands. “I know people,” he jokes and kisses my temple.

“My hero. Thank you.”

“Anything for you,” he whispers and takes a step back. His hand is still on the small of my back as I glance at him, flashing him a shy smile before I start to look at the tote bags again.

“Let me know if you start getting bored here. I can always come back.”

“No, it’s fine. I need to look for something for Alyssa anyway. She always expects something when I get home,” he pauses. “I think I spoil her,” he chuckles and looks around the store.

“Daddy’s little princess, right?” I’ve never seen pictures of his kids, but I’m sure they’re beautiful. My gut tells me he’s going to be extremely protective of his baby girl as she gets older.

“You know it,” he smiles, clearly thinking about her. “She’s a mini-me. Alyssa looks just likes me, her hair is dark though and she has these piercing blue eyes. She’s been my life from the moment she was born. She knows how to get what she wants from me, not that I would ever deny her anything.”

“You’re dangerous,” I shake my head. “Love your daughter, but trust me when I tell you not to give in too much.”

I have a little attack of morality, thinking about this little girl I’ve never met, and how much it would break her heart if she found out she’s been missing weekends with Daddy because he’s been spending time with a whore instead. But I have to shake it off. This isn’t my problem and he doesn’t need a lecture from me.

“I’ll take your word for it. I’ve never been able to say no to her. I don’t think I can,” he shrugs and walks away.

“Hopeless,” I sigh and grab a navy blue tote from the shelf, and then walk over to meet Eric. He’s standing in front of magnets. I grab one of a big fish that makes me giggle. “Fishing you were here,” I keep giggling.

“That’s cute,” he says. “Unfortunately I think Alyssa’s beginning to like boys and I think she would rather have a Justin Bieber shirt or something.” Sookie cringes. “I don’t like this by the way. My princess is not allowed to like boys.”

“Poor papa bear,” I pat him sympathetically. Then I get an idea and take off for the jewelry counter. My father gave me a locket for my thirteenth birthday. I still have it. It’s the last thing he gave me before he died.

A salesgirl comes over and I ask to see the sterling silver locket before calling Eric over.

“When I was thirteen my father gave me a locket for my birthday and he told me that a lot of men would come into my life when I got older, but he was the only one that would never break my heart,” I tell Eric while he inspects the locket. “Obviously I’ve never forgotten that, and to this day, he’s right. He’s the only man that’s ever meant anything to me that hasn’t broken my heart.”

I’m careful about how much of my life I share with my customers. Telling them too much sends a mixed signal and lets them think there’s more going on than there is. Plus it keeps me from getting confused, too. But I think Eric could use a bit of a boost.

“I like it,” he says, running it through his hands. “Do you think she’ll like it?”

“She’ll love it.”

“Okay.” He has something on his mind; I can tell by the slight mood shift. I don’t know if he’s thinking about missing his daughter or if he’s thinking about me. Thankfully he doesn’t mention my little story and tells the salesgirl he’ll take it. I grin and walk away, carrying my tote and sweater with me.

I find a cute little stuffed cheetah to give to Jessica for her collection, and then head for the register to pay for my goodies. I’m about to hand the sales clerk my credit card when Eric swoops in and hands her his. It dawns on me that he would see my real name on the card and my ID. I don’t like it when he pays for everything, but this time I’ll accept it.

“Thank you,” I say when we exit the store. He has both of our bags in one hand and his other arm is around my shoulder.

“No, thank you. I’m so lost when it comes to shopping for her.”

“You’re used to shopping for boys,” I reason. “You’ll have to let me know if she loves it.”

“True, but I don’t have to get them shit on every trip out of town. And of course, I already know she will, but I’ll give you her exact reaction when I see you next.”

I laugh and say, “I would pay good money to hear you squeal like a girl.”

“Okay, maybe not her exact reaction. I don’t think my voice goes that high,” he laughs along with me.

“Not without extreme testicular pain.”

“Mmm, you’d just have to kiss it all better then,” he purrs into my ear and then kisses my temple. “Or lick, or suck… definitely fuck me until I feel all better.”

“Well I don’t need you to have testicular pain to do that,” I say quietly, and gasp when the panties turn on again.

These things are no joke.

“Good to know.” I have to pause after a few steps. The friction of the panties against my clit is too much and I’m ready to have an orgasm in the middle of the sidewalk. Thankfully he flicks them off again before it happens.

“Where else would you like to go?” I ask him.

“With that reaction I think you want to go back to the room,” he tells me.

“You mean how I almost just came on the sidewalk?” Eric nods. “Alright, then lets go back to the room.”

“I’m just preparing you,” he winks.

“Preparing me for what?” I ask innocently. As if I haven’t had his dick in me more often than not in the last eighteen hours.

“Oh, you know,” he pauses while a group of kids walk past us. “I’m making sure my pussy is soft and wet for me, pouring her juices down those luscious little thighs. I think I promised you I’d have you for dessert while you sunbathed.”

His words only make me wetter, and I can’t wait to get back to the hotel.


My little minx begins to strip her clothes off the second the door to our room is closed; starting by losing the panties as she strolls through to the bedroom, and then dropping the dress as she walks to the bed.  I follow right behind her and watch as she opens the curtains. We’re pretty high up and I don’t think anyone can see into the room. The wall behind the bed is mostly windows, letting in plenty of sunlight. She looks good in the afternoon sun.

Dixie lies in the middle of the bed so her head is at the foot, her thighs are spread open and the light is hitting just right so I can see them glistening. She’s fucking drenched. Her eyes are closed and she seems to be enjoying the heat.

I stand back and watch her for a while after taking my clothes off and laying them across the back of the chair. She still hasn’t looked back at me, but I see her lips quirk up in a little smile when she hears my hand begin to stroke my length.

“You’re the only one that gets me this wet, Eric,” Dixie says softly, and then slips two fingers into herself.

I can’t resist any longer and make my way to the bed, making a quick stop to grab a condom. Her eyes remain closed as I settle on my knees between her parted thighs.

“Keep watching,” she says barely above a whisper.

I have my hand around my shaft – not moving, just holding – and my eyes are trained on her hand between her legs, slowly slipping in and out of her pussy. She has a gorgeous pussy. I appreciate that while she’s well groomed, she’s not completely bare. I love knowing I’m fucking a grown woman when I’m with her.

Dixie licks her lips and says, “Let me suck your cock while you watch me. You taste so good, Eric.” I move closer and she reaches to start stroking me. “You know what I’m thinking about? You fucking me from behind, watching me eat another girl’s pussy.”

“Mmm, yeah?” I groan when her thumb rubs over my head, smearing my pre-cum around with her thumb. “What else do you want?”

“I want to sit on her face while you fuck her so I can kiss you. Then you can taste her pussy, too.” Dixie’s back arches and her fingers start to pump faster. “And then I want you both to fuck me at the same time.”

“Fuck…” I’ve thought about her with another girl, but I didn’t know if I really wanted it. Listening to her describe what she wants makes my cock harder in her fist and I know watching her eating another girl would be more than I can probably handle.

“You can fuck my tight little ass again and make me cum hard like I did last night. And you can trade places with our girl so you can finish in my drenched cunt,” she moans. “Fuck my mouth, Eric.”

I growl and move my cock to her parted lips. She sucks the head with her hand still stroking my length. I push in deeper, and she takes everything I give her. Dixie’s small hand keeps working between her thighs, and a short time later I feel the vibrations on my cock when she screams as she cums.

“Fuck,” I groan. I don’t want to cum in her mouth. I want to fuck her. I know she’s more than wet enough.

I pull out of her mouth, leaving her panting on the bed with her eyes closed. I move down so I’m kneeling between her parted thighs and I grab the condom. I roll it on, hold her thighs apart and shove into her warm, wet pussy. I close my own eyes for a moment and she wraps her legs around my waist. I fall on top of her and begin to pump my hips. I have her head caged in between my arms, and she’s holding onto my back, digging her nails into my shoulders as I thrust deeper and deeper, harder and harder, panting and growling above her. Dixie’s lips attach to my neck, kissing and licking. She knows not to suck, not to leave any marks. The last thing I need is Aude to find a hickey on my neck after a weekend away.

My full weight is on her, crushing her into the bed and she’s crying out for me to fuck her harder. I don’t think I can go any harder. “Make me cum on your cock, baby,” she growls and I make her gasp when I swivel my hips a little. “Yes! Right there, Eric! Make my pussy cum so hard for you. You’re so fucking good to me.” She’s good at talking dirty when I go quiet on her. She keeps me in the moment with her.

I rear up on my knees, grab her hips and pull her down on my cock over and over. Her tits are swaying as I fuck her and her hand goes right back to her clit as I pound into her. I feel the tell-tale signs of my orgasm approaching and I tell her, “I’m cumming, pretty, so fucking hard for you. Fuck!” I grind my hips into her sheath, rubbing my groin against her clit, pulling another orgasm from her before I collapse on top of her still buried inside of her.

Dixie presses little kisses to my neck and shoulder. Her hands grab my ass and give it a good squeeze to pull me into her one last time before I pull out to get rid of the condom. The thrust makes her cunt pulse around me and I don’t want to pull out of her, but I have to.

I ditch the condom and collapse back onto the bed with her. Dixie rests her head on my stomach and lightly traces her nails up and down my thigh. I could lay like this with her for hours. We both end up falling asleep a short time later, so I get my wish.

We spend our second night together mostly cuddled in bed, getting up to order supper, use the bathroom and once to fuck against the wall at Dixie’s insistence. Inevitably, morning comes and it’s time to return to reality. I have a flight to catch shortly after checkout, so she calls for pickup service from the brothel.

After Dixie gets out of the shower I decide to give her the earrings I bought her yesterday at the gift shop.

“I have a little something for you,” I say, and present her with the little white box they’re in.

“Eric, you shouldn’t have,” she says.

“Yes I should. You didn’t have to help me with my princess yesterday and I want you to know I appreciate it.” I thrust the box closer.

Dixie smiles sincerely and takes the box from me. She lifts the lid and her smile grows. “Eric, these are beautiful.”

They’re dangling butterfly earrings. I saw them and I just knew they were meant to be hers.

“I’m glad you like them.”

“I love them,” Dixie says sincerely and gives me a kiss. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Dixie’s phone rings and she frowns. “My car is here. Thank you for a wonderful weekend. Will I see you again?”

“In two weeks, pretty girl.”

“Great. Have a safe flight home,” she says and gives me a hug.

I help her with her bags and when we get to the door, I kiss her with more emotion than I should. As much as I miss my kids, I hate that I’m leaving her. Dixie waves to me and then I let the door close so I don’t follow her down the hall and drag her back into the room.



24 thoughts on “Chapter 3

  1. oh wow, yeah gluton here, read it at work, as always, lol….. these two seem to be getting emotionally attached but denying it…. but i am looking forward to the ride with you two girls…. looking forward to the next post… Kristie


  2. Soooo, really can’t just say wow that was hot every time you post. Cos it was. Really really hot. But I want to know so much more about these two, especially Sookie. Eric I think I sort of understand, tho I’m sure we don’t know it all. But I really want inside Sookie’s head. Is she just paying her way thro college? Or is it more complicated? And how is she keeping it professional when he is sooo good!?! Happy daydreams til your next, hopefully very soon, delicious post.


  3. Oh…they’re hot together and can’t wait to see how they handle the feelings that will surely grow…..

    Sigh…so needed this after reading the fuckery that is DEA……so glad to see a hot E/S story….it helps with the angst and disappointment….


    • I feel confident in speaking for Missy here when I say we can’t wait either. The official GIF for this story is:

      And there are plenty of wtf was that moments to come but we hope you enjoy them all.


  4. Hello ladies!
    Well a friend pointed me here and after reading some of your other stuff (which I totally enjoyed btw – you are both talented writers) I was hesitant to start this story. Generally I’m not a big fan where the hero is a guy who cheats on his wife or the heroine is a hooker/professional companion. But of course, now I read and now I’m hooked! (shakes fist in the air!)

    I’m wondering what you have in store for them…you have some interesting possiblities of where to go. Of course all is well when they have a weekend away, he’s the paying customer she should do just about anything that he wants and make all his dreams come true. But they definitely have feelings for each other…what will happen when he stops by and she’s with another client or he sees her walking down the street hand in hand with someone else?

    I enjoyed the teaser for the next chappie with Eric back at home. I’m glad that you are taking us outside of when he is a paying customer. I’m looking forward to learning more about Sookie and her motivations.

    Sorry to ramble…apparently I’ve had too much coffee this morning! Thanks!


    • Hi there!

      Chapter 4 will let you see more of Sookie’s life outside of the brothel and what else she’s got going on when she’s not with customers. We made a conscious decision not to write scenes of Sookie with other customers. If people want to read that sort of stuff we can always do outtakes, but for the sake of the story it didn’t seem necessary. Making Eric a regular customer meant Sookie would always have her days blocked off when he was coming to see her so we wouldn’t have to worry about him seeing her with someone else, even though he knows she’s having sex with other men. Additionally, The Cathouse is located in Carson City, Nevada where prositution is legal. We modeled it after the Moonlight Bunny Ranch. Eric lives in Utah outside of Salt Lake City and we toyed with the idea of Aude being Mormon but since neither of us knows enough about the religion she’s just extremely conservative. As the story goes on you’ll learn more about both Eric and Sookie and what’s led them to each other.

      There’s definitely a bit of angst here and some drama, but I think everyone will be pleased with how it all pans out. You have Missy to thank for the way this ends because I saw it going in an entirely different direction than she did. Hell, I might write up the AU ending just because I still have it in my brain and to me, it’s the more realistic ending. But I’m happy with what we’ve written, too.

      Anyhow, I’m happy you’re giving this story a chance. We don’t condone cheating but adultery isn’t always a simple thing. There’s a lot that goes into it sometimes and this is definitely a complicated situation. Thanks for taking a gamble.

      Happy reading!



      • Well thanks for the response. I really appreciate it and it was so quick. 🙂 I do find it interesting that you aren’t going to have Eric see her at all with another guy/girl while being in work mode. Not that I really want a blow by blow (pun not intended!) of her working with another, but that he’s not going to say see her dancing with a client before leading this other guy away to another room. Yes he knows that she’s with other guys, but actually seeing (even just part of it) can be far different than just knowing it!

        I can see where you would totally need to make that decision of how far is this story going to go…how many partners,acts, etc to include? (It could get way out of hand and could be somewhat determental to us liking our heroine.) But this is the reality that you have created for her. Bring on the angst and the drama!

        ‘adultery isn’t always a simple thing’ … true, very true!

        Happy writing – and thanks for the double post. I was surprised to see the next chapter already up. Happy Friday!!!


        • Again, I think if Eric wasn’t a scheduled customer it would be different. If he was coming to see her randomly, hoping she was free, he would have the chance to see her with other men. As it is, that will only happen once and it will be outside of the brothel. We could have rubbed the other men in his face but saw no reason to do that. There’s enough going on here to complicate things without adding that layer of angst.


  5. Wow, this relationship has the potential to get dangerous (emotionally) really quick! I love them together, though…so hot!


  6. Really hot and sweet porn? Yet again, check.
    More bricks for the angst wall I can see tumbling down soon? Wow, so much potential for different reasons for angst, this wall is getting huge! Definitely Check!

    I agree, these two are obviously already showing signs of romantic attachments that don’t belong in this kind of relationship. And to know that he is going to see her with someone else? Wow, big angst on the horizon there lol.


  7. I know this sounds strange but this chapter made me sad, I’ll explain it was great don’t get me wrong, great hot sex and some sweet moments but it was those sweet moments that made me sad. Sookie admitted if he were a regular guy she would be dating him and I’m pretty sure he would say the same thing. I hope we get a better view of Eric’s marriage and the circumstances that brought Sookie to the Ranch. Oh and I’m a bit anal and I’m keeping notes on Eric’s brood and ages of as many characters as possible (I’m OCD-what can I say).


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