Chapter 7


When I wake up I have a big stretch and realize something is missing. Every time we’ve stayed the night together I wake up with Sookie wrapped around me. My eyes blink open and I find her stretched out on top of the covers. One arm behind her head and the other lying across the bed, her fingers resting on my hip. She’s gorgeous when she sleeps. She’s gorgeous all the time, but she looks so peaceful. I roll onto my side to watch her a while. Subconsciously my hand slips down to adjust my cock. I didn’t even realize I was getting hard.




I slowly move over to her so I’m hovering over her a little. She doesn’t stir at all. Her top is raised a little so I kiss her stomach before I settle on the bed between her thighs, pushing them out to the sides. I keep my eyes on her face as I dip my head and kiss her lower lips through the tiny boy shorts she’s wearing. Still no movement. I gently move them to the side. I slide my tongue through her folds, groaning against her pussy when her honey hits my taste buds. My girl is delicious.


My eyes flick up to her face again. Still no budging. I spread her lips with my thumb and forefinger. I draw slow circles around her clit, moaning when more of her warm juices begin to drip out of her. I move down a little farther, running my tongue from ass to clit and I suck. Her hips jerk as soon as I begin to suck a little harder. My eyes flick up to her face again, this time her eyes are closed, but she’s biting her bottom lip.


“Morning, Angel,” I purr. I start sucking again, this time flicking the tip of my tongue over her little nub.


“Mmm,” she moans softly, but that’s all I get.


I slide my other hand up and push my middle finger into her core. I twist and wiggle inside of her before adding a second finger, slowly pumping in and out as I suck. I could be here all fucking day, easily.


Sookie moans again and her legs shift just a little. Her small hand lands on my hair and strokes it slowly.


“Mmm,” I moan. I pull on her clit with my lips, groaning and nibbling lightly. When I feel my fingers are wet enough I pull out and when I slip back in I slide my middle finger into her ass. I continue to slowly pump as I start to lap at her swollen nub.


“Eric,” she moans my name and her hips start to move in time with my fingers.


“Is that good, Angel?” I purr against her pussy.


“So fucking good.”


“Tell me if you want more,” I whisper. My hand stays slow, but I suck harder on her lips and clit.


“Oh… fu… more,” she pleads.


I pull my finger from her pussy and gently work it into her ass. Fuck, she’s tight. I don’t know how much experience she had in anal play or sex, but she seems to be getting off on it. If she wants me to fuck her in the ass I’d be happy to oblige.


“Is this okay?” I whisper as I dip to slide my tongue into her core.


“Yes!” Sookie cries out. The gentle petting of my hair becomes a firm grip.  “Fuck, right there Eric. Make me cum all over that talented tongue for you,” she commands.


“Mmm,” I moan, sliding my tongue deeper into her warm channel. My fingers speed up, matching pace with my tongue. I shift my head to suck her clit for a moment before I go back to fucking her. I move my hand into place so I can stroke her clit as I fuck her. Sookie’s hips rocking and heavy panting coupled with her honey flowing over my tongue, down to coat her ass is pushing me to my own fucking orgasm. Jesus fucking Christ this girl is fucking hot.


“Yesyesyesyesyes! Fuuuuuck!” Sookie screams when she cums. Her back arches and she practically squirms away from me.


I throw my arm over her hips to keep her in place. My lips land on her clit in a gentle kiss as I pull my fingers out of her ass. I sit up to my knees, pulling her panties off on my way up.


“Put me where you want me?” I whisper as I scoot in to rub the head of my cock through her folds from her ass all the way up to her clit.


She reaches down to stroke me a few times before putting me at her entrance. “Here,” she says.


I push her thighs back. With my eyes on her face I slowly work my way into her pussy. She’s so fucking wet and warm… Mmm. My eyes close for a moment as I just feel.


“Goddamn you feel like heaven, Angel,” I whisper. I look down at her pussy stretched around my cock and start to thrust.


Sookie whimpers and reaches up to hold onto the end of the mattress above her head. “Harder, Eric,” she moans.


“I’ll get there,” I tell her. I reach under her body to lift her hips. I know I’m in the right spot when Sookie’s eyes roll back each time I pull out. As requested, I start to pound into her juicy snatch. Hard. Her tits are swaying, her pussy is clenching and the sound coming from her mouth is the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard.


“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod,” she gasps over and over as her body shakes.


“Mmm, that’s my girl. Again,” I command. Her walls are squeezing me so tight I can barely get into her. I shift to hook her thighs with my arms and push her legs back, bending her in half when I collapse on top of her. I’m able to drive in harder like this, going deeper. I feel like I could do this all day.


“Eric!” Sookie cries out and her arms fly to my back. Her nails dig into me and I can’t tell if it’s just an intense aftershock she’s having, or another orgasm.


“Yes, my angel?” I whisper. I stop moving and manage to stay buried inside her as I shift her legs so I’m straddling them. In this position my cock will rub over her clit each time I thrust in.


She grabs my face and kisses me hard. Her tongue dances with mine and when she breaks the kiss, she’s breathing hard. I rest my forehead on hers as I thrust slowly so she can feel every long, thick inch of my cock sliding across her swollen nub, deep into her dripping cunt.


“This is going to make me cum so hard for you, Angel,” I whisper.


Sookie whimpers some kind of response and wraps her arms around my neck, clinging to me as her walls begin to flutter.


“You’re so fucking beautiful, Sookie,” I mutter softly. I can feel my cock swelling, my balls tighten and her walls gripping me. I start breathing heavily and groan, “Make me cum, Sookie. Take it… It’s all for you, Angel.”


Her soft lips capture mine and her hands grab my ass to pull me deeper inside her. Sookie rolls her hips and it makes both of us groan into the kiss.


“Cum, Eric,” she breathes against my lips.


“Yes… fuck…. yesyesyes…” When I cum it’s with a shiver coupled with one more deep thrust. My lips brush hers before I suck her bottom lip. “Mmm, so good,” I whisper as I continue to pump my cum into her.


Her fingertips lightly trail up and down my lower back, making everything tingle. Sookie places little kisses all over my face and says, “You can wake me like this anytime.”


“Okay,” I agree with a wide grin.


Her lips move along my jaw, slowly making their way to my mouth. She licks my top lip and slips her tongue in my mouth for a slow, deep kiss. I gently pull out of her, making us both whimper. I settle my weight on top of her as we make out. After what seems like hours I break the kiss to breathe.


“If you want I can come over and be your alarm clock every day before work,” I offer. I’m dead serious.


“If you do that I might quit my job to stay in bed with you all day,” she tells me.


“Mmm, we can’t have that,” I smile against her lips.


“It would be terrible,” she replies and wraps her legs around my thighs.


“Mmhmm. I would have to quit mine too. I’m definitely addicted to you now,” I say, tilting to nibble her chin.


“And I haven’t even deep throated you yet,” she giggles.


“You’re welcome to whenever you want,” I chuckle. “You haven’t offered me your ass either.”


“Are you going to offer me yours?” she counters.


I pretend to think about it for a moment. “Probably not,” I say. I’ve been given a prostate orgasm before and I almost went blind. It was amazing, but it scared the hell out of me.


“But there’s a chance?”


“Minuscule.” I trust Sookie enough to try it again.


“Hmmm… I’ll keep that in mind,” she says.


“Are you hungry?”


“Mmhmmm. I need to eat, shower and get ready to go. My nail appointment is at ten,” she reminds me.


“Go shower. I’ll cook for you.” I settle all two hundred plus pounds on her so she can’t budge.


“Am I taking my Eric barnacle with me?” Sookie moves her arms to tickle my ribs.


I squirm, forcing her deeper into my bed. “I might just keep you here forever.”


“Not with your appetite,” she snorts. “I bet there are bacon strips dancing in your head right now.”


“Possibly,” I admit. With a heavy sigh I roll off of her, flopping onto my back.


Sookie rolls on top of me and gives me a sloppy kiss on my neck. “Be a good boy and I’ll swallow your cock later,” she whispers in my ear.


“I’ll be the best boy you’ve ever seen,” I grin.


“Good,” she whispers and gives my cock a little squeeze before she jumps off the bed to go to the bathroom.


I move fast enough to smack her ass, making her yelp and giggle as she runs into the bathroom. I roll off the bed and pull my shorts back on. I go to the bathroom to take a piss. Sookie is turning the water on as I pee. It usually takes me months to be able to take a piss in front of someone. Huh.


When I’m done I flush, smack my girl’s ass again and wash my hands before I head out to the kitchen to get breakfast started.




Eric decides I’m sleeping over again, so while he’s at work, I go home to do my laundry and pick up clean clothes. Tomorrow night is bingo night and both of our grandmothers have made it clear our presence is required for it. I really hope Pam lightens up on Eric a little bit. Granted, there seems to be a lot in his past that he’s not happy about, but the Eric I’m getting to know isn’t a bad man at all.


I’m stretched out on my couch, watching TV I’ve missed that I recorded on my DVR with a load of darks in the washer when there’s a knock on my door. I’m not expecting anyone, but Lafayette has a tendency to just show up unannounced. I get up off the couch and go to the door. I’m not dumb enough to open it without looking through the peephole.


I gasp when I see Bill standing on the other side. He looks pretty much the same as the last time I saw him, but his hair is a bit shorter. He knocks again and I debate not opening the door for him. I have no idea how he found me, but I know he’ll just keep coming back until he talks to me.


It’s better if I tell him I’m not interested. So, with that in mind, I flip the deadbolt over and open the door.


“What are you doing here, Bill?” I ask almost nervously.


“Darling,” Bill says with a smarmy grin. “I’ve missed you.”


My eyebrow rises.


“You got married,” I remind him. He probably married the rebound girlfriend.


“I got a divorce.”


“I’m sorry to hear that,” I say sincerely.


“It’s fine,” he shrugs. “May I come in?” He takes a step forward.


“Uh, I’m not sure that’s a good idea. I’m seeing someone,” I tell him.


“Oh… is it serious?”


“It could be. It’s still new,” I answer.


“Come on, Sookie, may I please come in? I just want to catch up.” Uh huh. I don’t know about that.


All the same, I give him the benefit of the doubt and step back to let him inside.


He walks in and takes a look around. “This is a nice place, Sookie,” he says, looking over at me.


“Thank you. Do you want something to drink?” My manners dictate that I offer.


“No thanks,” he says.


“Have a seat, if you want.” I gesture to the couch and sit in the rocking recliner so he doesn’t get any ideas. “Thank you for the flowers, by the way. They’re lovely.”


“You’re welcome. I see you’ve developed a thing for roses,” he comments, looking around my house.


“I’ve always had a thing for roses,” I chuckle. “These are from my boyfriend.”


“Oh… I guess I didn’t realize you liked them. You’re looking really good.”


“Thank you. I’ve gained a little weight since you last saw me.” Back then I was in college and working two jobs so I was thinner and exhausted all the time.


“You have, but that’s easily taken care of with a little more exercise.”


I smile tightly and say, “That’s what’s so great about Eric. I got quite the workout just this morning. He’s a fantastic motivator.”


“That’s great,” he nods. It went right over his head.


“So… what are you doing these days? I’m mostly doing Eric.” I might as well make it clear.


Bill cringes and says, “I’m still doing IT at Lorena’s old law firm. She moved to Paris after the divorce.”


“So you married your boss?” I almost laugh. What a fucking cliché.


“She wasn’t at the time.”


“Why did you divorce?”


“We rushed things. She wasn’t as ready as she said she was.” Code for she cheated.


“That’s too bad. I’m not sure why you’re here, though. What we had is in the past,” I tell him.


“Like I mentioned in my note, I want to get to know you again, but clearly that’s not an option.”


“We could maybe be friends, but you obviously want more than that and I’m not in a position to give it to you,” I say.


“Of course I want more with you. I wanted to marry you when you left, Sookie.”


“I remember. That’s never going to happen, Bill.” Even without Eric in my life, I don’t think I would marry Bill.


“That’s too bad,” he sighs. “You and I were really good together.”


“That was a long time ago. I’ve changed since then. What used to work for me doesn’t anymore.”


He sits back on the couch, looking thoughtful for a moment. “I’ve changed too, Sookie.” I doubt that.


“Oh yeah?”


“Oh course,” he nods, “That’s why we should get to know each other again.”


“Tell me three things that have changed about you,” I challenge. This oughta be precious.


“I stopped putting milk in my coffee. I don’t care that you’ve put on some weight, and I’ve started going to church.”


Oh hell.


“Caroline’s idea, no doubt,” I mutter. Caroline Bellefleur is his snooty ass grandmother who hates me with a passion. She consistently referred to me as ‘The Slattern’ for the entirety of our relationship.


“She’s ill so I promised I would go with her.”


“But it doesn’t mean anything to you, does it?” I don’t go to church every week because of work, but I go to the chapel at the hospital at least once a week.


“It’s starting to,” he says.


Uh huh.


Thankfully, the buzzer on the washer goes off so I excuse myself to put the wet stuff in the dryer. Once upon a time I might have been happy to have Bill come back like this, but that time has passed.


Yet, while I’m bent over and putting things in the dryer, I feel a hand on my ass.


“I’ve missed this view of you, darling,” Bill purrs.


“Please take your hand off my ass,” I reply.


Who the fuck does this guy think he is?


As he pulls his hand away he makes sure to rub his fingers through my rear cheeks.


“Are you sure? I recall you liked fucking, Sookie. That was your favorite thing to do.”


“Still is, but you’re not the one I’m interested in fucking anymore,” I tell him. “Touch me again and I’ll break your arm.”


I learned a few things while dating Quinn. Self-defense was one of them.


“Too bad, darling, we could’ve had a good time,” he sighs as he takes a step back.


“Is that why you’re really here? Were you hoping for a quick fuck?” He used to get them from me all the time. It was great stress relief.


“I didn’t intend it to be quick at all,” he smirks.


“You can go now,” I say with disgust. “Maybe that slut Selah is still available.”


“She was far better than you anyhow,” Bill snaps as he pulls his keys from his pocket.


“Then I’m sure your reunion will be a happy one, if not quick and one-sided,” I call after him.


He flips me off over his shoulder as he walks out the front door.






I’m still in a foul mood when I get back to Eric’s apartment and it’s obvious to him immediately.


“You alright?” he asks as he hugs me hello.


“One of my douchebag exes stopped by my apartment. He grabbed my ass and propositioned me after I made it clear I was seeing someone else and uninterested in him. Of course then he said I was bad in bed and left.” The cliff’s notes version is good enough.


A low rumbly growl leaves Eric’s throat. “I don’t fucking like that,” he growls.


“Oh but he’s willing to overlook the weight I’ve gained,” I snicker. “What was I thinking turning him down and threatening to break his arm if he touched me again?”


“Good girl,” he says quietly. He takes a few deep breaths before saying, “Your ass is pretty irresistible.”


“Yeah, well, he tried to finger it,” I cringe.


“What?” He’s growling again.


“I was bent over putting laundry in the dryer,” I explain and give him a demonstration of what Bill did.


“That motherfucker. I need a second,” he tells me, taking a step back.


“I’ll be on the couch,” I tell him. His face is getting red and it’s obvious he’s pretty pissed off. I want to say something to calm him down, but he’s asked for a minute so I’m going to give it to him.


I go to the living room and curl up on the couch to wait for a calmer Eric to come talk to me. It dawns on me after about two minutes that maybe he’s mad at me for seeing Bill in the first place. I never should have opened the fucking door.


Eric comes out a couple minutes later and climbs on the couch behind me. He wraps his arm around me and nuzzles into my hair.


“I should tell you I’ve been through a lot of shit, Sookie. Sometimes it takes a minute to calm down, but I haven’t lashed out at anybody in over ten years. I’m not upset with you, but I’d happily kill your ex for molesting you.”


I rest my hands on his arms and say, “Don’t waste your time. Bill’s got a pathetic enough life ahead of him. It’s okay that you needed a minute. Thank you for telling me instead of blowing your top.”


“I won’t do that,” he promises. “The last time was at Grams and I almost hit her… I can still see the look of terror in her eyes and I’ll never do that to her or anyone else. I can’t.”


“I’m glad you have it under control,” I tell him.


He kisses my neck and whispers, “Me too.”


I’m curious as to what happened to get Eric so mad he almost hit Pam, but I’ll let him tell me when he’s good and ready.


“How was work?” I ask.


“Pretty good. I had to kick someone out for starting a fight.”


“That sucks.” I kiss his forearm.


“It happens from time to time. Just the nature of the beast I guess,” he sighs. “Did you get all of your laundry done?”


“Yep. I’m all caught up.” I turn my head and kiss his chin.


“Good,” he smiles softly and tilts to kiss my lips.


“Are you tired?”


“Not really,” he tells me.


“Good. As memory serves, I made you a promise earlier,” I remind him.


“Hmm, refresh my memory,” he smiles.


“Were you a good boy?”


“I was a very good boy,” Eric nods.


“Would you like your reward?”


“Mmm, yes please,” he whispers, brushing my hair back and kissing me.


“I’m guessing it’s been awhile since the last time someone swallowed your cock,” I whisper against his lips.


“I’m a big boy, Angel, it’s been a very long time,” he whispers back, licking my bottom lip.


“You’re going to want to get comfy. This is going to take a while,” I warn.


“Stay out here or go to the room?”


“Wherever you want,” I answer.


Eric rolls on top of me to give me a hard kiss. His hips rock into me so I can feel how hard he is. He gets up, pulls his clothes off and takes a seat at the end couch with his legs spread. He watches me as he wraps his hand around his shaft and starts to stroke slowly.




“Mmm… maybe I should just sit back and watch the show,” I smirk.


“If that’s what you want,” he tells me, rubbing his thumb over his tip. “I jacked off thinking about your tits and that tight little pussy the other day. I came so fucking hard and I didn’t have you to help clean up my mess,” he says sadly.


“You poor thing,” I pout. I sit up more and pull off my tank top. I didn’t bother putting a bra on for this very reason.


“Mmm, I want to suck on those so bad,” he groans, looking at my nipples. I notice he starts to twist his hand on each up stroke.


I crawl along the couch and kneel beside him before offering him my tits to play with. He leans down to take the stiff peak between his lips, flicking his tongue the same way he sucks my clit.


“Give me the other one,” he whispers after a minute or so.


I do as he says and reach down with my free hand to gently rub his sac. Eric moans around my skin. His hips begin to gently thrust up as his hand goes faster.


“You like watching me, Angel?” he asks and nibbles the underside of my breast.


“Mmhmm. It’s making me so wet for you, Eric,” I tell him. I pull away and lean down to suck on his swollen tip.


“Mmm, that’s good, Angel,” Eric groans. He slides his hand down the back of my shorts and strokes up and down through my rear cheeks. He slips down to my core to gather some of my wetness before he moves back to massage my back hole.


So much better than Bill.


I take more and more of his cock in my mouth until he finally lets me take over. I stroke him and suck, letting myself drool on him to make sure he’s plenty wet. Having a gay bestie that gave me tips on giving great head is about to pay off big time for Eric.


I relax my jaw and when his head hits the back of my throat, I swallow.


“Fuck,” he hisses. His free hand settles on the back of my head while the hand playing with my ass stops moving. “Wow…”


I moan and his hips jerk. Inside, I’m smiling. My lips reach his base and I hold still for about thirty seconds before I pull back to catch my breath. As I’m breathing Eric’s fingers move back to my core and he starts to pump them in and out of me.


“I’m not going to last very long,” he warns me, wrapping his other hand in my hair.


“You will if I do it right,” I reply. The trick is to know when to back off.


“I’m all yours. Do what you will,” he tells me.


I kiss his tip and start all over again like it’s the very beginning, slowly teasing him with licks and kisses. My mouth goes to his sac to give the boys some love, and then I’m back to bobbing on his length. When his hips thrust, I swallow him again and let him fuck my throat. Of course I pull back before he can cum.


“Mmm, minx,” he growls. He pulls his dripping wet fingers from my pussy and massages my rear opening. He keeps his eyes on my face as he pushes one finger into my ass, pushing in deep before slowly sliding out and repeating.


“You really want to fuck me there, don’t you?” I ask and swirl my tongue around his tip.


“I just like playing,” he says. “It’s not something I have to do, but if you asked I wouldn’t turn you down.”


Uh huh. That’s a nice way of saying he does, but I appreciate that he’s leaving it to me. I’m still undecided on it.


I start bobbing again, hollowing my cheeks and tugging gently on his sac.


“Fuck, yes, that’s it, Sookie,” Eric groans, dropping his head back. “Make me cum, Angel,” he pleads.


I moan around his shaft and swallow his head one more time so he can thrust his hips the way I know he wants to. All I do is play with the boys and hum so he gets the gentle vibration around his cock.


“Yes!” he gasps. “I’m cu…” He trails off just before I feel his shaft swell slightly and his hot, sticky release coats the back of my mouth and my throat. He pulls his finger out and he squeezes my cheek hard, digging his fingertips into my skin.


I moan and try to swallow everything he gives me, but some of his cum dribbles out. My head keeps bobbing to clean him up. When I decide he’s clean enough I release him from my mouth and kiss his tip. My lips slowly move up his torso to his neck and then over his chin to his parted lips.


“I told you it would last,” I whisper and suck on his bottom lip.


“Take your shorts off,” he whispers back. He sweeps his tongue into my mouth, tasting himself. He moans into the kiss, holding my head to his.


I don’t pull away while I wiggle out of my shorts and drop them on the floor. I know I’m very wet and ready for anything he wants me to do. He helps me shift so I’m straddling his thighs. I hear his hand on his cock, stroking quickly to make sure he stays hard.


“Ride me,” he breathes into the kiss.


Without hesitating I slide down his thick length and start to bounce up and down on him. His hands grab my ass to guide me and I cry out when he slaps my left cheek hard.


“Again!” I shout and my head falls back.


His lips attach to my neck and he gives me another hard slap, this time on my right cheek. He does it again and again, making my pussy clench around his shaft. After a few minutes he lays back a little, digs his fingers into my hips to hold me in place and he starts to thrust up hard. His hips are slapping into my inner thighs and his eyes are glued to the spot where we’re joined.


“Fuck, you should see this, Angel,” he pants.


“Next time.” I reach down and rub my clit in fast circles. “Yesyesyesyesyes! Fuuuuuck!” My pussy grips him hard and my ovaries tingle.


Eric’s eyes flick up to mine. He pulls me down as he slams up one more time before he explodes, grinding up into me.


“Perfect fucking pussy,” he grunts.


I whimper and collapse on his chest. I hope he doesn’t want to go again soon because I can’t move.

13 thoughts on “Chapter 7

  1. Wow. The sexiness doesn’t stop. They seriously are so sexy together. I’m curious about Eric past and her anger. It would be fun to have Eric kick Bill’s ass.


  2. hmmm now what happened to our sweet Eric to make him have such a temper?? Looking forward to finding out! And I’m glad that he knows about that slimeball Bill. I’m wondering if that will be the last we see of him.


  3. Bill king of douche… Glad Sookie put him in his place without anyone’s help. Go girl!!!
    Eric had some issues in his past… Hope he opens up to Sookie when he’s ready!!!


  4. Typical Bill – living in his own world. I’m guessing Eric’s past will be the angst issue. I think this Eric and Sookie are the hottest yet, something about this pairing just sizzles constantly – damn I really could do with a cold shower and I have to go grocery shopping lol.


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