Chapter 21


I spend my birthday shopping and walking around Cancun. I would’ve much rather had Sookie with me, but her attitude and lack of motivation to move settled it for me. I have. A feeling if she would’ve come with me we would’ve ended up fighting. It frustrates me that she promised me anything I wanted today and all I wanted was a girlfriend willing to spend the day with me.


It’s pushing five by the time I get back to the resort. I know Sookie is on the beach so I run up to the room to change out of my jeans. I take my room key with me; throw my sunglasses back on and head downstairs. I spot her fairly quickly. It’s obvious she’s been in the water, but she’s dry now. I don’t go straight to her. The part of the beach she’s at has a bar that I decide to take a seat at the end of it with my girlfriend in sight. I don’t know if her mood has improved, and there’s only one way to find out, but I’m going to have a virgin mojito until I make the move to talk to her.


I hold my drink, umbrella and all, as I sit and people watch. There are some interesting characters, that’s for sure. I decide to watch Sookie a little more and the look on her face when she spots me makes me nervous. She looks… disappointed.


I sigh before I down the mojito and leave the glass on the bar. I walk toward Sookie, taking a seat on the little blanket she has without saying a word. She’s sitting up watching the waves. I don’t want to argue about missing most of the day together. I’d rather just move on and enjoy the rest of the day. I reach over to hold her hand, but she yanks it away.


“Sookie,” I sigh. “Are you mad at me for leaving?” I ask.


“Were you drinking?” she demands.


Drinking? Why the fuck would I be drinkin… Oh. The virgin mojito.


“No,” I reply honestly.


“Where were you all day?”  She’s definitely pissed.


“Town,” I shrug. “I didn’t want to sit in the room all day. I waited an hour and a half before I left. You hadn’t even budged.”


“I was tired. I’m on vacation so I slept late,” she shrugs.


“That’s fine. I found something else to do so you could sleep.”


“Except you’re mad I stayed behind. I can hear it in your voice.”


“I’m disappointed that I’ve spent most of my birthday alone, but I’m more upset by your attitude this morning. It’s fine though, I’m over it,” I say. I am, really. I don’t want to fight about it.


“Obviously,” she mutters.


“Do you think maybe it’s you that’s mad, not me?” I ask, looking over at her. “I’m fine, Sookie.”


She stays quiet. Sookie starts gathering her stuff and packing it in her bag.


“Great, so now that I’m here you don’t want to be,” I sigh. Just what I need.


“You didn’t want to be around me this morning,” she shrugs.


“Yes I did. You didn’t want to wake up and I wasn’t going to force you to, but I also wasn’t going to spend the day in the room.”


“You wouldn’t have! I’ve been down here for hours,” she argues.


“Did you call me?” I ask. “For all I knew you would still be asleep when I got back!”


“Well I’m not sleeping now, and no, I don’t really want to be around you.” Sookie gets up off the blanket. “Enjoy the beach.”


“Maybe I should go have a fucking drink,” I growl as I get up too. “Happy fucking birthday to me.” I dust off my shorts and start walking away. This is exactly what I didn’t want.


“The piña coladas are delicious!” Sookie yells after me.


I flip her off over my shoulder and keep walking. I didn’t do a fucking thing for her to be such a bitch. This is a far cry from being mine today like she promised. I end up walking for an hour. I have no idea how far I am and when I turn around I can barely see the resort. Part of me wants to sit down right where I am and stay here until it’s time to go home. I highly doubt the ocean is going to bitch at me for spending my day without it.


I end up staying in my spot on the beach until the sun starts to dip below the horizon. I stand up and dust myself off before I make the hour long trek back to the resort. There are less people on the beach now and I don’t see Sookie anywhere as I scan the sand. I stop at the bar again to get a bottle of water before I head back up to the room. I still don’t want to fight with her, but I have to get it over with.


When I walk in I don’t see Sookie right away. I see a shadow shift on the balcony though, so I walk over and open the door, stepping outside.


“Hey,” I say quietly, hoping not to start another fight.


“Hey,” she replies and lifts a hand to her face to wipe her cheeks.


I close the small distance and wrap my arms around her from behind. “Sorry I left you all day,” I apologize.


“Sorry I didn’t call you when I woke up.” I would’ve come back if she did, but I leave that unsaid.


“I didn’t drink, I hope you know that,” I tell her.


She sniffles and says, “If you did you would still be at the bar.”


“True,” I nod, tilting to kiss her cheek. “Can we start tonight over?”


“I’d like that. I ordered you a steak when I saw you on the beach,” she says.


“Thank you,” I reply. “Did you go through the bags?” I ask. While I was out today I bought a few things for Grams and Adele. I also bought Sookie a bracelet and a comfortable looking dress.




“Okay. Stay here.”


I let go and head into the room to go through the bags. I find the long, floor length summer dress with a halter top and the opal bracelet I bought her. I take them back out to the terrace and hand them to her.


“I found these for you today,” I tell her.


“Eric…” she trails off as she takes in the dress. Her eyes well up all over again and she adds, “You didn’t have to get me anything. Now I feel like a total asshole.”


“I was thinking of you and this screamed your name,” I tell her. “Don’t feel like an asshole, please.”


“It’s beautiful, thank you.” Sookie pushes up on her toes to give me a kiss.


“You’re welcome; now look at the other thing.”


Sookie reaches back into the bag and removes the little pouch the bracelet is in. She drapes the dress over her elbow and pulls the pouch open. When she removes the bracelet, she gasps. It’s a silver bracelet with two hearts; one white topaz and the other opal.


“I love it!” she says without hesitation.


“Good,” I smile. “I saw it and I knew it had to be yours.”


“You shouldn’t be buying me presents on your birthday,” she sighs.


“Angel, I’m going to buy you whatever I feel like buying you whenever I want to,” I inform her.


“I know, I just feel bad now,” she tells me. “I should have just gotten my lazy ass out of bed.”


“It’s too late now,” I remind her and pull her into a hug. I hate that I’ve spent the last eight or nine hours without her, but there’s nothing we can do to change it. “Tomorrow if I wake you up well after ten a.m. then just get up, how’s that?”


“Don’t keep me up until four in the morning and I will.” She nudges me with her hip.


“Don’t walk out at midnight in sexy lingerie,” I counter.


“That was all the lingerie I brought. You’re safe.”


“Good. I honestly prefer you naked anyway,” I shrug. “Do you want to go in the hot tub again after my steak?”


“If that’s what the birthday boy wants, that’s what he’ll have,” she says with a smile. “I’m going to go hang up my dress. Thank you, Eric.”


“You’re welcome,” I say again.


There’s a knock on the door and I go to answer it. I give the lady a tip as I take the tray from her. I don’t feel right having them come in to set up a table. I take my food onto the balcony and dig in.


“Sookie, come sit with me,” I call into the room.


She comes out a moment later with a bottle of water in her hand and sits on one of the chaise lounges nearby.


“Do you want any of this?” I ask, taking a bite. This is delicious.


“No, thank you, I’m not hungry. I had chicken tacos this afternoon down on the beach.”


“I found a place in town I think I want to take you to tomorrow. It was small and quiet and delicious,” I tell her.


“Sounds good,” she says, her head rolling toward me.


“I missed you today,” I say quietly.


“I missed you too,” she replies with a small smile. “Did you at least enjoy walking around town?”


“I did,” I nod. “I think I’m the tallest person in Mexico and the little old women love me.”


“The tallest and probably the blondest,” she chuckles. “Your hair looks almost white right now. I should call you Papa Smurf.”


“It’s not my fault,” I chuckle. “I assume I got that from Ginger’s side. Grams and my dad both have dark blonde hair. You’d never guess with Grams though, since she lightens it.”


“Her eyebrows totally give her away.”


“She draws them that color. She actually had her eyeliner tattooed on about fifteen years ago. That woman is so vain,” I say, shaking my head.


“Ouch.” Sookie cringes. “No way in fuck am I ever letting needles near my eyes. Nope, nuh uh, not happening.”


“I’m with you,” I chuckle. “Do you want any tattoos?”


“Mmm… I thought about it,” she admits. “An orange Leukemia ribbon with my cousin’s name going through it or something, maybe.”


“That would be sweet,” I nod. “I haven’t found anything I like enough to get it tattooed on my body.”


“That’s surprising considering your previous choice of… activities,” she says.


“I had better things to spend my money on.” Although a tattoo would’ve been a hell of a lot better than the shit I put in my body.


“That’s one way of looking at it,” she smirks.


“I guess,” I shrug.


I finish my steak and rice. Sookie was sweet and ordered me a salad. I don’t know what they put in their salad dressing here, but it’s so fucking addicting I’m pretty sure it’s not legal. Once I’m done with everything I take it out to the hallway and go back to the terrace.


“Alright. Angel, time to get naked,” I say, dropping my shorts.


“You don’t want to undress me?” Sookie stands up from the chaise lounge. She’s still wearing those scraps of material she calls a bikini.


“I can if you like,” I shrug. I just want to get into the hot tub.


She walks closer to me and turns around so I can untie the knots at her neck and back. I untie them before I move down to push the bottoms down her thighs.


“There we go,” I say softly, running my hands up and down her sides. I take her hand and lead her into the hot tub.


“So what else would you like to do tomorrow?” she asks once we’re settled in the water.


I pull her over to my lap like we did our first night so we can look out over the ocean together.


“There was a snorkeling thing we could try,” I tell her and give her a soft kiss on her shoulder. “Or we could just go swimming together since I didn’t get to swim with you today.”


“Snorkeling might be cool. I’ve never done that before.”


“Neither have I. We could also rent a boat and sail out into the ocean for a while.”


“That would be fun too. As long as we don’t end up in some sort of fucked up Open Water situation, that is.”


“I hope not,” I chuckle. “I hope we’d be smarter than that. Is there anything you want to do?”


“Not that I can think of. I’m content to be a bum.”


“We can just go back to the beach. It doesn’t really matter to me, honestly.” I tilt her head to give me access to her neck so I can ghost gentle kisses up and down between her shoulder and her ear.


“You know the camera is fully charged,” she says softly.


“Is it waterproof? I’m pretty comfortable where I am,” I reply, reaching up to cup her tits.


“Unfortunately no,” she answers. “We don’t have to use it if you’d rather not.”


“Maybe later,” I whisper. I suck lightly on her shoulder as I run my thumbs over her nipples.


She moans and reaches between us to stroke my growing erection. “Anytime you want,” she offers.


I nod against her neck. “Face me,” I whisper.


Sookie stops stroking me and turns herself around. As soon as she’s facing me I lift her breasts so I can suckle on her left nipple. My eyes are closed and I can feel her hands in my hair. I move to the right to give it the same attention as I reach under the water to rub my fingertips around her opening.


“Mmm… that feels good, Eric,” she moans.


“Mmhmm,” I agree. I continue to work her pussy until I’m able to slide two fingers into her. “Ride my hand, Angel,” I growl.


Her hips start to move in a smooth, fluid rhythm. She tilts my head up and tugs on my bottom lip with her teeth before her tongue slips into my mouth.


Mmm, I could kiss her for hours. She has the softest tongue. She’s so sweet and firm at the same time. My fingers wiggle inside of her core as she rises and falls. My other hand slips around to her ass and I give her a light squeeze.


“Maybe we should get out of here,” I purr into the kiss. Her walls are already fluttering around my fingers and suddenly I want more. I want way more than I can get while we’re submerged in water.


“Mmhmmm,” she agrees.


I pull my fingers out of her pussy and help her stand up. We get out of the hot tub and head into the room. I go to the bathroom to get a towel to dry us off before I tell her to lie on the bed. I go to her bag and grab the lube and the nipple clamps. I don’t know if I’m going to use them, but I want them just in case. I see the camera is already next to the bed and I find the condoms we brought in case we do anything that requires being protected.


“I think we will use the camera,” I tell her. “Do you want to record first or shall I?”


“It’s up to you,” she says. “I’m your little fucktoy, remember?”


“Mmm, yes I do,” I smirk.


I reach across the bed to grab the camera. I turn it on so the first thing on the video is a completely naked Sookie lying below me.


“Spread your lips, I want to see how wet you are,” I direct her as I sit back to record her.


Sookie smiles up at me and reaches down to spread her lips with one hand while the other rubs her clit.


“Mmm, gorgeous,” I smile. “Slide two fingers in.” I bite my bottom lip as I reach up to rub my thumb on her rear opening.


“Are you going to fuck me there, Mr. Northman?” she asks as her fingers slide into her cunt.


“Oh, yes,” I breathe. “Nice and hard. I want to hear you scream when I start pounding into your pretty little ass.”


Sookie moans and pumps her fingers in and out of her core. “I can’t wait,” she says.


“Make yourself cum and I’ll give you what you want,” I tell her. I can feel her juices dripping down to lubricate my thumb. I groan as I push the tip into her ass.


“Do you like fucking my tight little ass?” Her fingers speed up and she begins rubbing her swollen nub with her thumb.


“Mmhmm, you’re so fucking tight, Miss Stackhouse. I need you to hurry up and cum for me. I’m anxious to get inside of you.”


“I’m going as fast as I can.”


“Would you like some help?”


“Mmhmmm,” she hums.


I twist my thumb into her and push two fingers into her pussy alongside hers.


“Fuck, that’s tight, Angel.”


“Ohhh… fuuuu…” her eyes close and her hips flex. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum so fucking hard for you, Eric.”


“Do it; cum for me,” I growl.


Her back arches and her walls pulse around our fingers.


“Yesyesyesyesyes! Fuuuuuck!” Sookie cries out when she explodes.


“Mmm, beautiful,” I purr. “Here. Take the camera.”


She pulls her fingers from her cunt and offers them to me. I suck her honey from her fingers and then she takes the camera from me.


“What are you going to do next, Mr. Northman?”


“I’m going to push your pretty thighs back and drive into your sexy little asshole. How does that sound, Miss Stackhouse?” I reach over to grab the condoms. I open one and slide it on. I pick up the lube and drizzle some over my cock. I can tell she has the camera trained on my hand stroking up and down my shaft.


“That sounds good. I think your naughty fucktoy needs a hard fuck,” she purrs.


“Mmm, she was very naughty this morning, wasn’t she?” I ask as I apply the lube to her ass. “Stay relaxed,” I remind her.


“Sleeping isn’t naughty. Fucking myself with my new toy while you were gone would be naughty,” she says.


“No, but you had an attitude with me.”


“You woke me up,” she shrugs.


“We’re not going to talk about this right now, Susannah,” I tell her as I slide my tip into her ass without warning.


“Ahh! You brought it up,” she says.


“Yes I did,” I say.


I take the camera back and aim it at the spot where we’re joined. Fuck. This is going to be so fucking hot to watch later.



I grab onto the sheets and take a series of deep breaths. Fuck, he’s big. Even with the generous amount of lube, it’s still extremely tight.


“Go slow,” I remind him. I won’t hesitate to kick him in the balls if he doesn’t.


“Yes, dear,” he says as he continues to slide in slowly. “This looks so fucking hot, Sookie… You’re going to love it.”


“Oh yeah?” I keep rubbing my clit to distract myself from what he’s doing.


“Mmm, yeah,” he breathes. He moves the camera up to my face, pausing briefly on my tits. “Mmm, and I’m going to love seeing that.”


“My tits on Penny?” I smirk.


“Your tits, your face, this gorgeous fucking pussy, all of it. My two girls united as one,” he smiles.


“It’s as close to a threeway as you’re getting with me,” I chuckle.


“It’s as close as I want to get with you.” Eric pulls almost all the way out before he slowly pushes in again. “Do you want my fingers in your pussy?”


“Mmhmmm,” I hum.


He trains the camera on our joined bodies again before he pushes his middle finger into my core. He immediately twists so he’s rubbing my g-spot.


“Like this?”


“Fuuuuuck,” I groan. My eyes close and my hands move to my chest to play with my nipples.


“Mmm, feels like you’re enjoying this, Angel. Should I get your toy so I can fill you up?”


“Oh god.” Just the idea of it… mmm…


“Is that a yes, or should we wait?”


“Let’s wait. I don’t want to pass out on you.” I probably would, too.


Eric moans as he keeps his eyes on the camera screen. He never speeds up, stays nice and slow for me. However, his finger moves faster inside me, rubbing and twisting.


“Mmm… that feels so good,” I pant. The pressure is building deep in my belly and it’s making my hips flex.


“Do you want more?” he asks and I feel a second finger nudge my opening.


“Yes,” I breathe. “Make me cum for you, Eric.”


He pulls his finger out, moving it up to his mouth. He sucks them both to get them wet before he drops his hand and slides both fingers into my warm, wet center. He goes straight back to my spot, rubbing quickly.


“Fuck, you’re soaking wet, Angel. You feel so fucking good.”


“I’m gonna cum so fucking hard,” I pant. I can feel it coming. My back arches and I tug harder on my nipples.


“Mmm, do it. I want to feel how tight your little cunt gets when you cum for me.” His hips speed up slightly, followed by his fingers.


“Ohhhh… fuuuu… yesyesyesyesyes!” I cry out. My walls grip his fingers and my body shakes as the orgasm hits me hard and fast.


Eric pulls out of both holes. He rips the condom off and pushes into my pussy. He does so without putting the camera down. I’m lying limp on the bed as he pounds into me over and over and over again. It doesn’t take long before he cums with a roar.


“Fuck! Yes… this is what I needed,” he pants. He slowly pulls out and presses the button to zoom in on his cum dribbling out of my pussy. “That’s going to be so fucking sexy when we watch it on Penny.”


“Mmm… she might get jealous,” I smirk.


Eric starts laughing as he turns off the camera. “We could install a fleshlight so I can fuck her too.”


“It’s a really good thing you turned off the camera before you said that,” I laugh. “I’d have no choice but to show Pam.”


“I’m not completely dumb,” chuckles.


“And we’re not giving Penny a fleshlight. Then I’d never see you anymore.”


You bought her for me.” He gets off the bed and takes the condom to the bathroom to throw it away. When he comes back to the bed he asks, “You want to take a bath? I think I can fit with you.”


“Mmm… I think I’ve had enough soaking in water for one day,” I answer. I may take a quick shower before bed, but that’s it.


“Want me to get a washcloth?”


“Sure.” I reach over and grab my camera. I turn it back on and begin recording again as Eric comes over with a damp washcloth. “So what has been your favorite part of the trip so far?” We had an… interesting flight.


“Hmm,” he hums as he starts to clean me up. “I’d have to say our first night in the hot tub. It was so relaxing and… perfect.”


“So not the frat boy getting the hand release on the flight down here?” I chuckle. I swear he barely tried to hide it.


“No,” he chuckles with me. “If I was the one getting the handjob that would be a whole different story.”


“You know he kept telling the girl to call him Voldemort?”


“I take the hot tub back,” Eric laughs. He takes the washcloth back to the bathroom and when he comes out he lies on the bed next to me. “What’s been your favorite part?” he asks, reaching over to stroke my hair back.


“Hmmm… it hasn’t happened yet. Someone still hasn’t gotten his birthday spanking,” I wiggle my eyebrows.


“And someone isn’t going to get a birthday spanking,” he snorts.


“Oh yes he is,” I chuckle. “Even if it’s in installments.”


“I don’t think so,” he says and reaches down to tickle my side.


“Birthday paddling?”


“Only if I’m paddling you,” he smirks.


“Save it for Susannah, that bitchy thief,” I tell him.


“Mmm, that’s going to be fun.”


“When do you want to do that?” I ask.


“Maybe tomorrow night after dinner,” he shrugs. “Unless you want to wait till we’re home.”


“After dinner is fine with me. Then I’ll be all dressed up,” I smile.


“Mmm, I’m glad today is ending so well,” he whispers as he tilts his head to kiss my shoulder.


“Me too. What should we do for your next birthday? Tattoos?”


“We could do that for Valentine’s day.”


“What would I get if you got to pick?”


“Property of Eric Northman,” he jokes.


“Ha!” I laugh. Never gonna happen.


“Fine,” he sighs dramatically. He kisses my shoulder again and rubs just above my hip bone. “You could get a rose here.”


“That might be nice. Ooooh! How about a dragon with a rose in its claw?” I suggest.


“It’s your body,” he shrugs. “I didn’t know you liked dragons that much.”


“They remind me of you now,” I explain and finger the talisman hanging from his neck.


He leans in to kiss me softly and whispers, “I would get an angel.”


“Oh yeah? Where would you get it?”


“My back so you can always watch over me,” he smiles.


My eyes go wide. “You’re not going to give her my face, are you?”


“You are my angel, aren’t you?”


“You aren’t worried that someday we might split up and then you’re stuck with my face on your back?”


He reaches up to stroke the side of my face and says, “I’m not worried about that. Even if we did split up, you really do have an angel face so it wouldn’t bother me.”


“Smooth talker,” I smile at him and set the camera aside to kiss him.


“It’s true,” he says.


“You’re cute.” I kiss his nose.


“You’re beautiful.”


“What would you like to do next?” I ask him. There’s still about two hours of his birthday left.


“How about we call room service for a cake and sit on the terrace watching the ocean while we eat it?”


“Good idea,” I nod.


“You want to call or should I?”


“I can do it. You go get comfy on the terrace.”


“Yes, ma’am,” he nods. He rolls me on my back to give me a hard kiss and then gets up to go out to the terrace, completely naked.


I roll over to make the call to room service for his makeshift birthday cake.




“Good morning,” I whisper in Eric’s ear after I climb on top of him. It’s a little after nine.


“Mmm, morning, Angel,” he croaks, settling his hands on my hips.


“It’s raining outside,” I tell him.


“Oh, shucks,” he whispers with his eyes still closed.


“Mmhmmm. I know you must be disappointed about having to spend the day in bed with me,” I reply and rest my head on his chest.


“Mmm, we could still go out,” he says. “But this feels pretty good.”


“Yes it does.” I rub my center over his morning wood. I kept him up late with a blowjob that made his toes curl and his eyes roll back in his head.


“As a heads up, I’m not moving yet,” he chuckles. “You’re more than welcome to keep doing that though.”


“You don’t have to move.” My hips keep moving slowly. “This feels nice just like this.”


“It does,” he agrees.


My lower lips continue to glide up and down his shaft. I press a few kisses to his chest, but otherwise we stay quiet and still. It’s a nice, lazy change of pace. The rain hitting the terrace doors is making me sleepy.


One of Eric’s hands move up to my head so he can massage my scalp. The other slips down farther to caress my ass just as gently.


“Don’t be mad if I fall back asleep,” he warns.


“I won’t. I might too,” I tell him. “The rain is getting to me.”


“Mmhmm,” he hums.


I snuggle into him and before too long I’m asleep again on his chest. Eric seems to really like when I sleep on him like I’m an oversized baby. Hopefully he feels the same way about our actual babies sleeping on him from time to time.


When I wake up again Eric’s fingertips are teasing my opening and he’s either hard again or still hard. I have no idea.


“Mmm… feeling frisky, tiger?” I whisper.


“I have a naked woman on my chest. What do you think?” he asks, slipping the tip of his finger into me.


“I think you want me to ride you,” I reply.


“I think that’s a good idea. I’m glad I thought of it,” he teases.


I giggle quietly and lift my hips for him. Eric reaches down to grab his erection so he can position himself at my entrance. I slide down his shaft and roll my hips when he’s buried inside me. I keep my head on his chest and just lift my hips slowly.


“I could do this all day,” I tell him as he fills me over and over.


“We should,” he groans. “If you get tired we can roll over.”


“I’ll let you know.”


My hips move up and down at a slow pace, letting Eric feel every warm inch of me. My hips grind against him when he’s as deep as he can get, and then I begin to rise and fall again, over and over and over.


His grip tightens in my hair and Eric starts breathing harder.


“I’m not going to last,” he breathes and turns his head to suck on my neck.


“That’s okay,” I reply. Just for him, I speed up and drop down harder. The pulsing of my walls milks him of his orgasm a few minutes later.


“Mmm,” he whimpers against my neck. “Keep moving…”


I do, but I go back to the slower pace. My hips roll every few thrusts until Eric rolls us over. He settles his weight on my and grabs the mattress above our heads. He uses the edge as leverage to pull himself into me as deep as possible. All the while his tongue is in my mouth, gently caressing mine.


I hitch my knees up around his ribs to let him get even deeper. My fingers play in his hair and I moan softly into his kisses. This feels perfect. It’s a very nice contrast to the usual hard and fast fucking we do. My walls keep pulsing around him but I haven’t cum yet.


“You’re so beautiful, Angel,” he whispers between kisses. “You feel so good… so perfect…”


“Mmm… I love you, Eric,” I moan and kiss his neck.


“I love you too, Sookie,” he replies, tilting his head to give me better access to his neck.


I reach down to rub my clit slowly and after a few minutes my walls clench hard around his shaft.


“Ohmygod,” I whimper, and cling to his shoulders.


“Shhh, that’s my good girl,” he whispers. “Cum for me, Angel. I need to feel it.”


I bury my face in his neck as my orgasm takes over. My walls grip him hard over and over, and a fresh wave of my honey drips out of me. I’m breathing hard and Eric’s hips are still moving at the same yummy pace.


“Mmm,” he hums.


His head drops down to my neck and he starts kissing and sucking my neck again. We go on like this for what seems like forever when Eric’s breathing changes. It gets heavier and he pulls up some, keeping my head caged in by his arms, to look down at my face. The look in his eye is intense. I can feel his cock pulsing inside of me.


“Oh… yes… yes… yes…” Eric pants. Suddenly he lets out a raspy roar as he erupts, grinding his hips against me.


His orgasm pulls another from me, making us both groan. He drops on top of me and nuzzles my neck.


“Still want to go out today?” I ask.


“Mmm, nope,” he mumbles against my skin.


“Good call,” I murmur and rub his back.


We stay in bed, cuddling and alternating between snoozing and getting off. It’s a nice, lazy day in the middle of paradise. So far, it’s my favorite day.

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  1. Still not thrilled about the way Sookie acted on his birthday but they are so cute together when they communicate. Hope the stupid fights end soon but all couples have them so I guess it’s inevitable.


    • i think eric just understands sookie’s behavior given their past and all. she understands him too,but remember sookie is still in her early twenties and eric is well into his thirties. in these instances age does matter, so you have to give a little. eric’s rebel nature lasted well into his twenties. when we find our true mate, they’re perfect for US not perfect.


  2. Not to put a damper on things,but IMO you let Sookie off way way too easy for her childishly bad behavior. He should not have forgiven that quickly. Especially not after the drinking comment.


  3. I LOVE this story but Sookie gets on my nerves. Her moodiness is ridiculous at times. I think its sweet that Eric forgave her but I do think he let her off too easy. She need to quit being so selfish. I completely understand wanting to sleep in on vacation, I myself am a she devil in the mornings but I try really hard not to take it out on people I care about. She has some growing up to do if you ask me.


  4. WOW, this story is quite the roller coaster… I am a little torn about this chapter… On the one hand, it is good they are talking again and that Eric isn’t pouting about his spending his birthday alone (though ironically Sookie initially did was when he returned to the beach)… But on the other, Sookie seems to get away with acting like a brat here as she did when she broke up with him a few chapters ago… It is nice of Eric to be understanding but he appears to be placating her instead of confronting her bratty inconsiderate outbursts… Sooner or later he is going to have to put his foot down as you would do with a toddler and the longer he waits the harder it will be…

    But maybe that is what you are going for all along???


  5. Completely agree with everyone. Sookie is acting like a brat. I get that she wanted to sleep in but it was his birthday and she could have made more of an effort to get up. Also Eric needs to grow a pair and not let her get away with acting like a c u next Tuesday. Ugh…so frustrating! But I can’t stop reading !!! Hahaha


  6. I’m beginning to think Sookie is the more unstable of the two. She seems to enjoy riling up Eric then doubting that he is strong enough not to relapse. It appears she is trying to get him to relapse to she can sabotage their relationship and extradite herself from it. Is it nerves or is the her subconscious? I know she loves him, she says it often enough, but she is running so hot cold on Eric. How can he keep it straight?

    Things to ponder.


  7. I am loving this story, but have to say I don’t really like this Sookie anymore ……. she is way too moody and not a very nice person when in one of her moods!


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