11: On the Road Again


The RV wasn’t much, but she would get us across the country. She was packed to the gills with all of our stuff, plus the dogs. At least we had a little kitchen where we could make meals and a refrigerator to store some food in. We were going to save a pretty good amount of money on hotel bills, but we would make up for that in gas costs. In the end, it probably evened out financially, but by driving ourselves we got to see more than if we flew, plus we got to bring the dogs along.


The tricky part was figuring out where Eric was going to sleep because the RV definitely wasn’t made for someone his size. There was a sleeping area above the front seats, but he was too long for it. It looked like he was going to end up on a twin-size bed width wise, once we folded down a bench. We’d figure it out when the time came.


For the moment, we were on the road, headed for Denver. I was anxious to meet his parents. I’d heard a lot about them over the last few months. His mother was excited to meet me. I wasn’t so sure about his dad.


Eric was driving and Aaron was in the back reading. As his navigator, I was sitting in the passenger’s seat watching the scenery pass us by. We had left early that morning and were just about to get into Tennessee. From there we were going north in Kentucky and then west into Illinois, Missouri and Kansas before we ultimately reached Colorado. We had the whole route mapped out. If we didn’t stop driving it would take just over a day to get there, but we decided we would stop somewhere in Missouri for the night. That was where we were able to find an RV park we could plug in at.


Of course there were stops for gas and to stretch our legs. Eric was doing the lion’s share of the driving, which was just fine with me because I wasn’t sure I was built for driving the beast. He said it was just an oversized pickup truck, but I begged to differ. It was 23’ and the biggest car I’d ever driven was my daddy’s Ford F100 when I was still a teenager. That was a long time ago and that bed was a shorty. Eric could have at it driving the RV as far as I was concerned.


When we reached the border of Tennessee, Eric pulled off the highway into a rest area. We just so happened to be in the Smoky Mountains at that time, which made for a great photo opportunity. Aaron got the dogs on leashes, especially Janis. She was a hyper little thing. I loved her, of course, but she wasn’t as laid back as Charlie. Well, I take that back. She wasn’t as laid back if Eric didn’t have a hold of her.


Eric and I got out of the RV, both of us probably happy to be able to stretch. There wasn’t a whole lot of legroom up front. At least Aaron had room to roam if he wanted to.


“This is beautiful,” I said as I walked around the front of the RV.


“Yes, it is,” Eric smiled, looking down at me.


Janis came charging over, pulling on her leash to get to Eric.


“You know, I’m shocked she didn’t try to sit in your lap the whole time,” I chuckled.


He knelt down to give her good scrubs on her head and neck.


“She’s a smart girl. She knew it wasn’t a good time for cuddles. She’s going to be beside herself at night when she gets to cuddle with me,” he laughed.


“At least one of us will get to.” I certainly wasn’t going to fit next to him. More than likely I was going to end up sleeping on the other bed that could be made by lowering the dining table. It wasn’t going to be the comfiest place to sleep, but it would work for the night.


“When we get to my parents’ house we can get a night together,” he told me.


“I’m not worried about it. I have the rest of my life to sleep with you,” I said, making our son gag.


“Mooooom,” Aaron whined.


“He told me he doesn’t want to hear us doin’ it,” Eric laughed. He gave Janis’ leash to Aaron so he could take her to potty.


“He hears you, big guy,” I snickered.


“I’m trying.” Eric pulled me into a tight hug, dipping me back a little so he could nibble my neck. “It’s just so good with you,” he whispered.


“Trying to scar him for life?” I teased.


“Nah, just for the summer,” he winked.


“Ugh, I’m going to walk the dogs,” Aaron cringed.


“Make sure you stay where we can see you,” Eric instructed.


“Yes, sir,” Aaron replied.


“Think we’ll make it to Denver on time?” I had eight days off and that was it. It was going to be a tight trip. We literally had one night at every stop. More of our trip was going to be spent on the road than actually seeing things. The alternative was to put in my notice and I couldn’t do that.


“Yeah. We’re making good time.”


“Good. I don’t think your mother would forgive us if we had to skip Colorado.”


“She would not. She’d show up in North Carolina and give us a piece of her mind,” he chuckled.


“Would she calm down if I told her there were more grandbabies in the future?”


“Hmm, most likely,” he smiled.


“Good to know. It’s good to have that in my back pocket just in case things get hairy.”


“Unless you’re pregnant now we may need to get busy if we skip Denver.”


“Nope, not pregnant now. Would it be okay if I was?” We’d said we wanted to wait to have another kid, but the more I thought about it the less young I was getting. He wasn’t getting any younger either.


“I think I’m in a good spot now,” he nodded. “Mentally and emotionally, you know? If you were pregnant I would be happy. I love you, I want to marry you one day. It would be good.”


Those were pretty much all things I knew, but it was still nice to hear.


“I’d be okay with it too,” I replied. “It would definitely be happier news than it was when I found out I was pregnant with Aaron.” I had the panic attack to end all panic attacks when I figured out I was pregnant. It wasn’t pretty.


“I’m sorry I wasn’t there for that. I wish I would have given you my mom’s number in case I was deployed. It was supposed to be the end though.”


“You know I’ve never held a grudge against you for not being there, right? Even before I knew you were overseas, I didn’t hate you for not being in his life.”


“It was a fucked up situation all around. I appreciate that you didn’t blame me.” He glanced over at Aaron. “You did great with him.”


“I did the best I could with what I had. Sometimes I feel guilty, though.” I rested my head on his chest. “I know I took advantage of JB. He really was a nice man and he would have been a great father to Aaron, but I didn’t love him. At least not the way I should have.”


“I don’t think you took advantage of him. He knew what was happening. I have so much respect for him for loving you and willing to take care of a child that wasn’t his.” Eric’s big hand came up to massage my head.


“It was a pragmatic decision on my part,” I admitted. “He wasn’t you and never was going to be you. I knew that from the start.”


“Do you think you would have done it if your dad wasn’t such an asshole?”


“I know I wouldn’t have. I would have stayed in Louisiana and probably gotten married, but I would have waited for someone I was in love with,” I admitted.


“So you would have waited for me to come find you?” he said with a teasing smile.


“I might have. Or you might have found me already married and then we would have to carry on a torrid, steamy affair.”


“That could have been fun. All of your kids would have belonged to the ruggedly handsome new guy in town and everyone would have been none the wiser.”


“If they all look as much like you as the first one does, I think they’d figure it out,” I chuckled.


“It would have caused a lot of good quality rumors.”


“Yes, it would.” I spotted Aaron coming back toward us. “I’m going to go use the bathroom really quick before we get back on the road.”


“Okay. I’ll meet you at the RV.”


I gave him a kiss and then headed for the little visitor’s center where the bathrooms were. Brochures were inside, outlining some of the things to do in Tennessee, outside of seeing the Smoky Mountains. I went to the bathroom to do my business, and when I came out I made a stopover at the vending machines. I got Eric a Coke, Aaron a Dr. Pepper and myself a bag of Skittles. When I saw the beef jerky I had to get that too. Not for the boys, but for the dogs. They had been pretty well behaved so far.


When I got back to the RV Aaron was sitting in the copilot seat, which was okay by me. I had a few magazines to read in the back.


“I come bearing snacks,” I announced, as if they couldn’t see it. “Well, drinks for you and snacks for the pooches.” I handed Aaron his Dr. Pepper before I climbed into the RV. The door was toward the back end so I had to walk through the kitchen area to get up to the cockpit so I could hand Eric his Coke.


“Thanks, gorgeous. I can’t believe you got the dogs jerky and not us,” Eric frowned.


“Thanks, Mom.”


“You’re welcome. I only had two dollars in my pocket. There wasn’t enough for two jerkies,” I reasoned. I tore the bag open and the pups came running. “Sit,” I commanded. Both of them got their best manners out real fast if there were treats involved. Both dogs sat and patiently waited for me to give each of them a piece of jerky.


Eric started the RV just as I dropped the jerky. Two little mouths opened at the same time and caught the jerky flying toward their little faces. They weren’t going to let it go to waste.


“Okay, go lay down,” I told them. They had claimed a spot on the bench nearby me where the sun would keep them nice and warm. Charlie tolerated Janis’s constant need for cuddles and attention. She was such a big baby. “God, you’re so needy,” I laughed when she kept trying to get closer to him. “You better hope your future daughter isn’t as needy as your dog, Northman.”


“Oh, she will be. She’s going to be a daddy’s girl,” he chuckled.


“Until she turns into the captain of the football team’s girl,” I snickered under my breath, earning me a dirty look from Eric in the rearview mirror.


“Don’t you say that about my hypothetical princess,” Eric growled playfully.


I shook my head and reached out to rub the back of his neck while he drove. I didn’t want him to fall asleep or anything, but there was nothing wrong with staying relaxed. Since Aaron was in the copilot seat Eric let him pick the music. My son went for the first hard rock station he could find, which was easier said than done in rural Tennessee. I couldn’t wait for him to see San Francisco. He was going to love it.




The RV park we were staying in was in Pacifica about fifteen miles away from downtown San Francisco. It meant renting a car for the whole two days we were there, but it was cheaper to not park inside the city, not to mention there was more room for the dogs to run and less chance of them being hit by a car. We were right by the ocean, the same as at home, so at night we could open the windows and listen to the waves crash against the shore. I was looking forward to it.


Denver was too quiet for me.


Eric’s parents were interesting. His mom was nice enough and she was definitely excited to be a grandmother. She was hoping to come out at Christmas or maybe Thanksgiving to see us all again. It was much harder to get a read on Eric’s dad. He wasn’t rude, exactly, but he wasn’t necessarily happy to see us either. As expected, he started in on Aaron, pestering him about joining the service. Aaron looked uncomfortable with the whole thing, especially since JB and Jason had died in the serve and his dad had been wounded pretty badly.


It was the first time I ever saw Eric snap. He finally had enough of his father’s badgering and let him have it. A lot of years of aggravation were unleashed. It made for a really awkward dinner, but I could tell Eric’s mom was proud of him for finally standing up and putting his dad in his place.


Aaron was out with the dogs down by the water. Eric was hooking up the water, electric and septic so I could start making supper. Our little kitchen included a small fridge, a three-burner stove and a small oven. From outside Eric called out for me to try out the water. I turned the dial at the sink and water came out.


“We have a winner!” I called back to him. It was a good thing, too, because I was planning on making baked mostaccioli for dinner.


“Thanks!” he replied.


I got out one of the three pots I’d brought with and filled it with water. On the stove it went to get the water boiling. Eric came back into the camper and hugged me from behind.


“You okay with baked mostaccioli for dinner?” I asked while he kissed on my neck.


“I’m okay with anything you make,” he reminded me. His hands slid up my stomach toward my breasts.


“If you’re thinkin’ of getting handsy with me you better lock the doors,” I chuckled. If Aaron walked in on us fooling around he’d never get over it.


“You think we have enough time?” He reached my tits, plucking my nipples through my top.


I moaned and said, “We can try being quick. See if we can finish before the water boils.”


Eric kissed my neck one more time before he turned to lock the door. He already had his cock in his hand by the time he turned to walk back to me.


“You’re not wasting any time, are you?” I giggled. I reached over to close the shades on the window over the little dining table. “Are the front doors locked too?” I knew if the back door was unlocked Aaron would just go to the front and check those.


“Shit, I’ll go check.” He moved quickly on his way to the front to make sure the RV was completely locked up.


We hadn’t done anything but kiss since we left North Carolina. Aaron was a heavy sleeper but there was no chance I was getting it on with my son right there where he could wake up and catch us at any given time. While Eric was fussing with the locks I unzipped my shorts and took them off, along with my panties. When Eric turned around I was bent over the little dining table. We’d never done it on a kitchen table before. There was a first time for everything…


“Mmm, I like it when I get you bent over like that.” He stepped up behind me. Eric’s fingers rubbed up and down through my folds, trying to make sure I was wet enough.


“You don’t get me bent over like this enough,” I told him.


“No, I don’t.” He pushed two fingers into me, pumping them slowly. He twisted and turned, stretching me a little. A few seconds later he removed his fingers and I felt the head of his cock nudge my entrance.


“Mmm… the boy needs more friends,” I moaned, pushing back so he’d slide in deeper.


“Yes, he does.” Eric’s fingertips dug into my hips. He started to pull me back harder as his hips thrust, making sure to feel me completely. A few strokes into it his hand slipped around, searching for my clit.


We didn’t have much time and both of us knew it. I just hoped that Aaron’s curiosity kept him away long enough for us to finish. It would be a much happier, more relaxed night if we did. I held onto the table as Eric thrust into me from behind. Since the kid wasn’t around, I didn’t bother trying to stay as quiet as I usually did, which I knew he appreciated. Eric liked it when I made noise. I liked being able to make noise.


“Ohhh… so… good…” I moaned. The pressure was building already in my belly, which was a good sign. Eric was sliding in and out of me no problem. With him it was easy to go from zero to sixty in less than five seconds.


“Uh huh,” he grunted. He started to rub my clit a little faster. “Let me feel you cum for me, gorgeous.” His hips were slapping into my ass, allowing him to get nice and deep.


It was exactly what I needed. His hips were moving just right and his fingers were going the speed they needed to over my clit to pull an orgasm from me in record time.


“Yesyesyesyes!” I chanted. “Fuuuuck!” I came hard and it felt un-fucking-believable.


My orgasm triggered Eric’s. He came with a small roar, filling me with his release.


“Fuck,” he growled, grinding his hips against me so I got every last drop. “We need to find a lot more time for fucking on this trip.”


“Mmm… I wish we could, believe me,” I purred. It would have been nice, but we didn’t have anywhere to stash the kid. If he was a baby it would be another story, but he definitely wasn’t a baby anymore.


“Me too. We’ll be home soon enough,” he chuckled. He rubbed my ass for a moment before giving me a light smack.


He groaned when my body tensed up, squeezing his cock still inside me. Eric pulled out and I carefully stood up. I was going to need to get cleaned up before I got dressed again. I had started on birth control the previous month after my period, but it was risky not using a condom. At home, we were still using them but I hadn’t thought we would have time to fool around while we were on the road. I guess you had to take the moments when you could.


While I got cleaned up so did Eric. I got my shorts back on and he got himself squared away. Just as the water was coming to a boil Eric unlocked the RV doors. The pasta had just gone into the water when Aaron came back. Right away he had that look on his face like he knew something was up.


“Why does it smell weird in here?” Aaron asked, looking between us.


“Oh, uh…” I looked over at Eric. I had no answer for that.


“It’s probably just stale in here from not airing it out,” Eric shrugged as he walked over to open a window.


That was a lame answer and I could tell Aaron wasn’t buying it, but he was fairly easy to distract.


“Dinner will be ready soon. Baked mostaccioli with extra cheese.”


“Oooh, yum. I’m starving.” He was always starving.


“Good. Well let’s get the dogs fed and then you can wash up,” I told him.


Eric winked at me from the other side of the RV. For the moment we had dodged a bullet and managed to get an orgasm. All in all, it was a good day.


6 thoughts on “11: On the Road Again

  1. Lmao. Sex smell! Yeah, the Rv smells stale…. best not to wise him up to what that really was!
    Love Eric’s mum. Glad Eric stood up for himself and his son !


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