Chapter 5





The next few days I’m with Sookie every moment I can be. She’s a fun girl to hang out with and the sex is just outrageously good. I’m not looking forward to leaving tomorrow but I can’t stay. I wish I could but I’m getting down to the wire before graduation and I have an agent that’s been trying to get a meeting with me. There’s been talk of me going pro but I don’t know if I really want to do that.


What keeps me from saying no outright is the money. If I play for just a few years I could bank enough that I’ll be set for life. I can take care of my mom and I won’t have to see that worried look in her eyes like she had every day my dad was alive. Mom’s a strong woman, but I’m not sure she could handle losing me too.


It’s a lot to think about. Right now I want to focus on the sexy blond writing our names in the sand like a total cheese ball. She’s cute, though. If it was another time or another place I know I’d be crazy to let her get away, but we each have lives to get back to.


“If you stare at her ass any harder you’re gonna strain something,” Trey claps me on the shoulder.


“Just soaking up the view while I can,” I sigh.


“You know there’s sexting and high tech phone sex now thanks to Skype, right? It’s how Pam and I survive during the season.”


“She’s going into law school. She’s not gonna have time for that. Besides, if I get into the pros I’m not going to be able to just fly out for a visit. It’s better that it ends here,” I tell him. I’ll think back on this and smile. It’s been a great week.


“If you say so,” he pats my shoulder and goes over to Sookie to say something to her that I can’t hear. She smiles at him and gives Trey a hug and then he walks off down the beach. When Sookie approaches me she’s got tears in her eyes. “Oh hell. What’d he say?”


“It’s nothing. I’m just being a girl,” she smiles and wipes her eyes.


“Uh huh.” I know better. Trey’s a big softy. Dude could write shit for Hallmark.


“Fine, he said he’s going to miss seeing you this happy,” she admits, “And it got me thinking that I’m going to miss feeling this happy and carefree. Life just sucks sometimes.”


“Yeah, it does,” I agree and pull her close to kiss her. My hands hold her face and her hands grab my waist. I could kiss her for hours.


“Do you want to go for a walk?” she whispers against my lips.


“Sure.” I peck her lips and pull back before I toss her over my shoulder and lock her in my room for the rest of the night. Our hands clasp together and we walk into the water so our ankles get wet.


We walk along in silence for a while when Sookie stops and tugs my hand. She pulls me close and wraps her arms around me in a tight hug.


“I never expected anything like you to blow through my life,” she says barely above a whisper.


“Me either,” I agree and rub her back. “I lied, you know. In the grocery store. I thought I’d come here, meet a few girls and then I saw you… and no one else.”


She smiles and says, “I know. With a friend like Bobby, I know.”


I laugh and say, “He’s got a big mouth, but he’s a good guy.”


“He seems like it. I’m a little sad I won’t be around when he comes out of the closet,” she grins.


“Well maybe you’ll bump into him at a pride parade in San Francisco,” I chuckle.


“I’m gonna start going to those now. I can ask him about you, and I’ll tell him to tell you hi for me so you know I’m thinking about you.”


I kiss the top of her head. “I’d like that.”


“Me too. Hey, maybe you’ll go pro one day and head out west for a game. I’ll be there and we can have a drink, catch up, and have a wild night in a hotel before you move on to the next city,” she says.


“Nah, some great guy will snatch you up,” I tell her.


“I’ll put you on my list so that guy can’t say anything about our wild night,” she winks.


“Well then you have a deal,” I smile at her.


“How would you like to seal that deal?”


“I think we’re past the handshake stage. Would you settle for a kiss, or do you want a preview of your wild night in the hotel?”


“Oh, definitely a preview,” she giggles.


“I was hoping you would say that,” I grin and toss her over my shoulder.


“You have a great ass, Eric,” she tells me and smacks my right cheek. “I can’t wait to see it on the big screen bending over in those tight pants. I’ll tell all my friends I’ve seen it naked and make the girls jealous.”


“And maybe Bobby,” I joke and smack her ass too.


“He’ll be the most jealous of all,” she laughs behind me. “If you drop me a little more I can bite it.”


“Maybe later,” I laugh and slip my fingers between her thighs to rub her slit.


“Mmm, if you keep that up I’ll make you drop me and take me right here on the beach.”


“You can wait.” I turn my head and bite her ass.


“Eric!” she squeals and spanks me again.


“Like that?” I ask and nibble again.


“Maybe once we’re in the house.”


I walk up the steps and into the house. Bobby’s in the kitchen and he starts thrusting his hips like a jackass.


“You’re not his type, Burnham!” Trey calls out from the living room and Sookie laughs.


“I’m not gay!” Bobby replies.


The more he denies it, the less I believe him. I take Sookie upstairs and drop her on my bed. I drop my board shorts and Sookie scoots back on the bed.


“I know you’re wet for me, pretty girl. Show me how wet,” I tell her and wrap my hand around my shaft to stroke myself.


She spreads her legs, pushes her bikini bottoms over and holds open her lips with two fingers. She uses her other hand to rub up and down and when she pushes her finger inside of herself she says, “You’re going to be able to slide right in.”


“Mmm… that’s good,” I smile and watch her fingers pump in and out.


More material for my spank bank.


“Can you help me take these off?” she asks as she lifts her hips.


I climb on the bed and tug the knots on her bikini bottoms. When the material comes loose I pull it away and then move her hand so I can settle between her thighs. I lick the length of her slit and suck on her swollen nub, repeating the process over and over until she’s panting.


“Eric, fuck me,” she whines. Her pussy is dripping down her ass, making a small pool on the bed.


“I will,” I promise. My tongue flicks against her clit and I grab her hips to hold her steady.


“Ohmygod!” she cries out a couple minutes later. Her back arches up and her tight nipples are high in the air. She screams my name and her hands tug on my hair, trying to get me to move up the bed.


I give her what she wants and drive into her tight pussy while my lips crash down on hers. Sookie groans into my mouth as our tongues duel. I hook her legs over my arms and thrust in as deep as I can get.


Her arms wrap around my hips and she pulls me down. She drops her head back, giving me access to her neck as she tries to thrust her hips up against mine.


“So. Fucking. Good,” she moans. “This is the best…”


“Remember that,” I growl and thrust harder, making her scream. Her nails dig into my sides and I grind against her clit, swiveling my hips.


Her walls start to contract around my shaft and her breathing gets harder. “Eric… I’m cumming,” she pants.


I know it without her telling me. I keep swiveling and grinding all through her orgasm. When she calms down I pull out of her and flip Sookie over onto her stomach. Once she’s on her knees I pull her hands behind her back and use them for leverage when I thrust into her again.


“Fuck, this looks so damn sexy, pretty girl. This tight pussy is stretched so nice around my cock,” I growl and thrust in deep.


She just whimpers as she tries to tug her hands free. I hold them tighter and reach around to rub her clit. It’s a total caveman way of looking at things but there’s a part of me that wants her to compare every other guy she fucks in the future to me. Her walls clench and she tugs her hands again but I don’t let go.


“Eric!” she screams, and turns her head to bite the pillow when another orgasm rips through her. It’s like taking candy from a baby once I get her going.


I let go of her wrists and pull her upright by her throat so she’s flush against my chest. My hand stays on her throat and my other hand stays on her clit.


“You’re so wet right now pretty girl. Your honey is dripping on my balls.” I lick her neck and she whimpers.


“It’s too much,” she pants.


“Do you want me to stop?” I ask.


“Slow down a little,” she breathes and turns her head to kiss me.


I still my hips when I’m buried in her and focus on kissing her. My hands never move from their spots on heart throat and her clit. I feel her walls pulsing again and when her hips shift I start thrusting slowly. Sookie moans and my fingers speed up.


“Cum for me, pretty girl,” I whisper against her lips.


“Mmm, okay,” she moans and within seconds her pussy grips my shaft hard as she gushes out over me. Her whole body seizes and she holds onto the wrist I have around her throat.


“Perfect,” I groan and pull out of her again.


I lie down and pull her over to straddle me so she can move at her pace. Sookie traps my cock between her folds and glides back and forth.


“Mmm… that feels amazing, pretty girl,” I tell her.


“Yes it does,” she whispers and tilts her head to kiss me. Her tongue slides along the seam of my lips, begging me for entrance.


I give it to her and my hands sink into her hair to hold her face to mine as our tongues duel. She finally reaches down between us and puts my cock back inside her. She’s so hot and wet. I know I’m going to cum soon but I let her call the shots.


“I’m ready for you to cum, Eric,” she tells me quietly. She sits back enough to look into my eyes as she slowly moves up and down my shaft. I watch her face as she moans louder and louder the faster she moves. Sookie begins to nibble on her bottom lip and her eyes start to drift closed when I feel her pussy start to convulse around me. “Please,” she whimpers.


The pulsing of her walls is going to take me over the edge this time. “Where do you want it?” I ask her.


“Inside me,” she says as she leans in to kiss me again.


Our tongues are dueling again when I lose control and cum hard deep inside her. Fuck, it’s so goddamn good.


“So fucking good,” I pant against her mouth.


“Yes… fuck, yes,” she breathes when a final orgasm takes over her body.


My eyes roll back and I turn us over so I’m braced on top of her. We keep kissing lazily and my hips move slowly to draw out her orgasm. I’m really, really going to miss this girl.




As we kiss, Eric’s hips keep moving almost as an automatic response to being inside me. If I’m being honest I hate that tomorrow is Sunday. I hate that this fling is almost over.


I turn my head to take a deep breath, and Eric keeps kissing down my neck. I wrap my arms around him to pull him down so his full weight on me and it takes everything in me to keep from crying.


“Are we going to stay naked in bed until you leave tomorrow?” I ask quietly, so he doesn’t hear my voice crack.


“We may need food,” he replies, “But we don’t have to leave the house if don’t want to.”


“Can’t we have Bobby deliver it to us? I’m not worried he’s going to check me out,” I smile.


“He did say you are a little too thick for his taste,” Eric informs me.


“Of course I am. I have tits and hips,” I giggle. “That’s why he hooked up with Amelia. She looks the closest to a man in the whole town.”


“Exactly what I said,” he chuckles.


“I’m looking forward to meeting up with him at the Pride parade.” I’m trying my hardest not to discuss what’s going to happen to us. I know we aren’t going to try anything long distance. We are both way too busy, but maybe we can exchange numbers or email addresses or something.


“He’ll lie through his teeth and say he’s there to support a friend,” Eric predicts.


“I would tell you what he says, but we won’t have had our wild hotel night yet,” I smile and run my fingers through his hair.


“Was the preview good enough for you to keep that deal?”


“Yep. If I’m married by then I’ll make it part of my vows.”


“I promise to be faithful unless Eric Northman shows up and wants to have wild, hot monster cock hotel sex?” He looks at me with amusement.


“Northman, huh? I don’t think I would’ve pegged that as your last name,” I giggle.


“Well this way if I do get drafted you’ll know which ass to check out,” he winks.


“When you need a good lawyer you can look for Stackhouse and Hamby. Me being Stackhouse, of course.” I can’t believe we haven’t exchanged last names.


“Stackhouse… That’ll stick with me.” Eric dips down to kiss me.


“Is it because I’m ‘stacked’?” I ask, reaching to push my tits up against his chest.


“There’s that,” he smiles and catches one of my nipples between his teeth just long enough to tug a little before he releases it. “Mostly it’ll stick with me because it’s an unusual name.”


“It is. If you’re hanging out in Bon Temps anytime you can check out the cemetery. That’s where my family is buried. Even though my dad was mostly raised in California Gran sent his body to Louisiana to be buried,” I explain.


“I drive through there on my way into Shreveport when I go home from school. If I ever want to take a cemetery tour I’ll be sure to pay a visit.”


“I haven’t been since I was fifteen. I should go,” I sigh.


“You should,” he agrees.


“I’d be too tempted to look you up,” I admit, “And we can’t hook up again until the hotel.”


“Yeah, you know what they say about too much of a good thing, and you’re an amazing thing.”


“So are you,” I whisper. I pull his face to mine and press my lips to his in a soft peck.


Eric pulls out of me and rolls onto his back. He pulls me close and asks, “Do you think you’ll finish the house before you go?”


“Yeah, it’s almost done. Houses go up a lot faster than I thought.”


“Think you’ll do this again?”


“I do. Believe it or not it’s relaxing, especially compared to the stress I’ll probably have as a lawyer,” I tell him and give him a tiny squeeze.


“What kind of law do you want to practice?” His fingers trail up and down my back.


“Family law,” I say quietly.


“So like child custody type stuff?”


“Mmhmmm.” I know talking about this will take my mind off of tomorrow, but I kind of just feel like being sad.


“So would it be a conflict of interest if I get famous someday and I need a lawyer to disprove paternity?” Eric laughs quietly.


“No one has to know about this,” I smile. “I’ll help you disprove as many paternity suits as you want.”


“Hopefully there won’t be too many,” he laughs louder.


“Sheesh, I would hope you don’t want any,” I laugh with him.


“I don’t, but there are some crazy people out there.”


“Very true.” I shift to lie on his chest, resting my head on my hands. “Can I ask you something I probably shouldn’t be asking and I already know what the answer should be?”


“Sure,” he says.


“Should we exchange contact information? Maybe email addresses?” I know its best that we don’t, but a big part of me really, really wants to.


“You don’t think that’ll make things harder?” His fingers start playing with my hair.


“It will,” I sigh, “That’s why I said I already know the answer should be no.”


“If it was a different time or a different place in our lives I’d be crazy not to do everything in my power to keep you right where you are right now,” he says sincerely.


“I would never have the time to reply to you anyway,” I say and I can feel a tear forming.


He smiles and says, “You’ll meet a great guy and I would just end up being bitter and jealous because he gets to have you. This way, when we have our wild night, I can be happy for you.”


“We need a signal for when you go pro. I’m going to watch every game, you know?”


“Hmm… how about I tug on my ear?”


“Your ear is under a helmet, silly,” I smile and wipe the traitor tear that fell.


“Yeah but if I’m playing I’m not paying attention to cameras. If I’m being interviewed it’s another story,” he points out.


“Look at you being logical,” I giggle.


“We’ll just say I fucked your brains out,” he says with a cocky smirk.


“Well, you pretty much did. I suspect you plan on giving me a few more rounds before you go too.”


“Yes, ma’am.”


“Promise you won’t tease me when I cry tomorrow,” I say.


“I promise,” he nods.


“Do you want to eat so we can get back to mind numbing sex? Or should we just go another round right now?” I ask and sit up, rocking my hips so my slit rubs along his cock.


“It seems you want another round first. I’m happy to oblige,” he smiles and grabs my hips.


“Mmm, I could eat,” I tease. My nipples are hard and I reach up to play with them while I rock.


“So could I but I’m not thinking about food.” His thumb rubs my clit.


“What are you thinking about?” I ask. My head drops back for a moment just to feel him.


“This gloriously tight pussy,” he admits.


“Oh yeah?” I smile when my head comes back up. “What are you thinking about doing with it?”


“Pulling you up over my mouth so I can fuck you with my tongue.”


“All you have to do is ask,” I smirk and rock a little harder.


“Sookie, would you like me to fuck you with my tongue?”


“I think I would, Mr. Northman,” I grin.


“Then will you bring your delicious pussy right here?” He taps his lips.


I get up to move up his body. As I rest with my lower lips over his mouth I ask, “Would you like me to turn around and taste you too?”


“If you’d like.” His tongue peeks out and swipes against my clit.


“Mmm, how about I focus on your tongue right now, and then give you the Sookie special when you’re done?”


“Sounds like a great plan. You’re going to want to hold onto the headboard, pretty girl,” he warns and immediately gets to work.




“I don’t want to do this,” I pout as my fingers thread through Eric’s. He has his Jeep packed and we’re standing on the front porch of the house I’m staying in. Bobby is in the Jeep playing with the radio. He didn’t say no when I said I’d see him at Pride in a few years.


“Me either, pretty girl,” he frowns and takes a deep breath. “Thank you for a great week.”


“You’re welcome. Thank you for being so good to me,” I say, wiping my tears. “I hate life so much right now.”


“Eh, you’ll forget all about me before you know it,” he says with a small smile.


I shake my head and lean in to kiss him. “A girl never forgets her first time,” I remind him. “I’m sure you’ve already forgotten me,” I say and I pull back.


“Not a chance.” Eric pulls me back and lays a hell of a kiss on me.


I reluctantly pull back and rest my forehead on his. He’s standing on a step lower than me so he’s only a little taller.


“There’s a part of me that says we can make something work, ya know? But the reasonable part keeps telling me not to be a fool.”


“I know. In theory it sounds plausible. We stay in touch, have stellar Skype sex and see each other when we can until I nut up and put a ring on your finger. We get married, have kids and a dog… get old together and I’ll still be chasing you around even when I’ve got a walker because you’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen,” he says.


“See, perfect,” I whisper and I don’t try to stop the new tears from falling. “The last time I felt this kind of hurt is when my parents died. It’s that hurt that you know you can’t fix without time.”


“You’ll get there,” he says softly and wipes away my tears. “I’ll miss you.”


“I’ll stop being a girl now,” I sigh. “I’ll miss you too, more than I should.”


Eric kisses my forehead, nose and then my lips. We keep it soft and sweet. My arms wrap around his neck and his tighten around my waist. It’s silly the kind of emotions that can grow in just a week. The sad thing is I’m sure I would’ve had similar feelings if I didn’t give him my virginity.


“You should go,” I say sadly as the kiss breaks. I don’t want him to go.


“Yeah,” he agrees. “Goodbye, Sookie Stackhouse.”


“Goodbye, Eric Northman,” I say. My tears have zero hope of waiting until he’s gone.


Eric kisses me one more time and then he walks away.


The second his back is turned I collapse on the porch with my head in my hands. I only cry harder when I hear his Jeep start up. A few seconds later I smell Jessica’s perfume before her arms wrap around me. I know I’m being ridiculous. I don’t love Eric, but I have potential to love him more than anyone. I guess had is a better word now that he’s gone.


Eric is going to go home and move on from a silly little week long fling. I will too, but for now I plan on crying in my friend’s arms while I mourn the loss of something that promised to be perfect.

Faded Away 5


Almost the End…


See You Again

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