Chapter 31


The next morning I wake up with Alyssa spooned up against me and Eric spooned up behind me. Well this is unexpected. It was sweet of Alyssa to come in and try to cheer me up. I’m not even sure why I got so mad at Eric last night, but I know we’re going to have a lot to talk about after Alyssa goes back to her mom’s. I wiggle my way out from between them and go to the bathroom.

Afterward I head to the kitchen to make coffee and think about the night before. I still don’t see what I did wrong. The twins all but admitted they asked their sister to take pictures of my boobs and that wasn’t a problem for Eric. They insinuated they should get a turn with me when Eric and I break up and that didn’t bother Eric. He doesn’t seem to care that Chris saw us fucking, but tan lines are off limits.

Just like that I remember why I was mad.

I respect myself and I deserve better than a couple of punk teenagers thinking they can treat me like I’m some little toy that’s just going to be passed around from Northman to Northman for their pleasure. If I wanted that life back I’d return to the Cathouse, and at least there I’d be getting paid for my services. I’m not going to tolerate being treated like I’m some worthless hole for them to get their dicks wet in.

When the coffee finishes brewing I pour myself a cup and take a seat at the kitchen table. It isn’t long before I hear Eric’s heavy footsteps, followed by the bathroom door closing. I don’t hear a peep from Alyssa so I assume she’s still sleeping. I’d start making breakfast if I wasn’t sure I’d burn the kitchen down. Instead I stay at the table and wait for Eric to come looking for me.

I’m about to get up to refill my mug when he walks into the room.

“Morning,” I say quietly, and get up.

“Morning,” he replies as he approaches me and pulls me into a tight hug. “I’m sorry about last night.”

“We’ll talk about it after Alyssa goes home.” If I get on it now Alyssa will overhear everything.

“Alright,” he says and lets me go so he can get his own cup of coffee.

“Sleep okay?” I ask. “I didn’t mean for Alyssa to fall asleep in there.”

“Yeah, it was a little cramped because I couldn’t stretch out, but I’m used to that. She’s a snuggler like me; it’s okay. How did you sleep?”

“Pretty good, actually.” I go back to the table. “Is Alyssa still sleeping?”

“Yeah, she’ll be out another hour at least. We can talk now if you want, we can take our coffee to the balcony,” he offers. “Unless you’re hungry and I can make something for you.”

“No, we can talk. I’m not really hungry. I have this whole loss of appetite thing when I’m stressed out or upset about something.” That’s something he doesn’t know about me. There are some things even ice cream can’t fix.

Eric nods and takes my hand to lead me to the balcony, closing the door behind us. He sits in one of the chairs and I lean with my back against the railing, facing him.

“Talk to me, Sookie,” he says and reaches up to hold my hand.

“Well, I guess I’m wondering why it was okay for the twins to send their sister here with a cell phone to take naked pictures of me, but it’s not okay for me to talk about tan lines?” I ask him.

“It’s not okay for them to do that, and they will be punished for it. I didn’t think last night with you just meeting them was the best time for that discussion.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have said what I did, but here’s the thing, Eric… They should be able to control themselves. Because they having raging hormones right now, it’s the time for them to learn how to control it. I should be able to walk down the street butt naked without worrying I’m going to get assaulted because someone else can’t control his or herself. And I don’t like that you’re okay with your sons treating me like a whore. It was incredibly rude and disrespectful. The fact that you just say there while they insinuated that I’m basically a fucktoy really hurt my feelings and you didn’t seem to care. Then on top of it, I make one comment during dinner and you’re giving me a quiet lecture in front of your kids. I’m an adult, Eric. If you have a problem with me, you pull me aside to address it. You don’t do it in front of them.

“On top of everything else, you have a daughter and she’s obviously growing up. She pays close attention to you and her brothers. You’re teaching her how she should be treated by other men. Think about that when your boys are assholes to women,” I tell him.

“I think about that all the time, Sookie. Raising six kids, with six different personalities isn’t exactly easy. I’m trying to teach them what’s right. I’m trying to make sure Alyssa respects herself and knows what she deserves. As for the twins and their self control… I overreacted. Boys say shitty, inappropriate things that you can’t control and truthfully, I don’t spend enough time with them so I didn’t know what they would say. That’s my fault though, and I know that.”

“You know Aude told the kids I’m a prostitute, right?” I clue him in. “Alyssa asked me about it when we talked after she first got here.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” he growls. “What did you tell her?”

I honestly wonder if he’s more concerned about protecting his kids or protecting himself in all of this so he remains the good guy in this mess.

I sigh and say, “I was backed into a corner and I thought about the way adults always talked to me like I was an idiot. So, I told Alyssa that I was, but I’m not anymore. I also asked her not to talk about it with her brothers.”

Eric stays quiet for a long time thinking about what I just told him.

“I’m sorry she did that, and I’m glad you didn’t lie to Alyssa. She’s going to love you no matter what,” he sighs. There seems to be a lot of sighing right now. “I don’t know what to say to that, Aude went too far this time.”

“She just told the truth,” I say. It might not be a truth Eric is comfortable with, but it’s still the truth.

“Truth or not, she did it to try to make you look bad.”

“I’d say it worked, at least where the twins are concerned.”

“Which is shit,” he says. “Aude is poison and they’re mama’s boys. Now their comments make sense.”

“Sounds like a recipe for serial killers,” I snicker.

“They’re good boys, Sookie. A little misguided by the she-beast right now is all. I’m going to have a talk with her and then they’re going to be punished… any suggestions on their punishment? Since you’re the one they were disrespectful to.”

“I’d suggest manual labor. My brother always hated it when Gran would put him on lawn duty for two weeks,” I recall.

“I don’t have a lawn, but I can figure something out.”

“They’re both playing football, right? Talk to their coach about having them run extra laps or something,” I suggest.

“Or clean the field and bleachers after practice and after games once the season starts.” He looks excited.

“Move the team equipment and load the buses for away games.”

“I’ll call the coach Monday morning,” he smiles.

“Now I just have to figure out your punishment,” I smirk, and drink my coffee.

“Come here,” he says a lot more seriously and tugs my arm so I move to stand between his legs. “Sookie, I need a favor from you.”


“When things aren’t going perfect or you get mad, don’t try to run away. We can get through anything if you just talk to me,” he says, stroking up and down my sides.

“Okay, but I didn’t run away last night.” I look at him with confusion. I thought about leaving, but I didn’t.

“I know, but I also know you wanted to.”

“Yeah, I did, but I didn’t do it. I’m trying not to be that way anymore; it’s not easy.”

“We both have things to work on,” he admits. “We’re doing good though, I think,” he laughs. “Now about that punishment…”

“The obvious choice is no boob access for three days,” I say with a straight face. Eric does not approve.

“That would be a punishment for you too, though.”

“No, I can still touch them,” I smirk.

“That’s bullshit,” he argues.

“So then what do you think is fair?” I can’t wait to hear this.

“I like the manual labor idea, and I put a lot of work into fucking you. Once I take Alyssa home I should be forced to give you orgasms, lots of them,” he says matter of fact.

“That sounds like punishing the twins by forcing them to stare at naked pictures of me,” I snicker.

“Not even close,” he shakes his head. “And my punishment would be a complete win for you.”

“That’s true, but you’d be getting something positive from it too…” I trail off when I see Alyssa approaching. “I’ll get back to you with my decision after you take Alyssa home.”

She opens the sliding door before he can reply and steps out onto the balcony with us.

“Morning, princess,” Eric greets her and she moves to sit on his lap and snuggles into his chest. She’s still half asleep. I don’t think she’s going to be so snuggly when she’s fully awake.

“Morning, Alyssa. Need some coffee?” I joke.

“Maybe,” she gives me a half smile and Eric kisses the top of her head.

“You can’t drink coffee yet. It’ll stunt your growth,” Eric says to her.

“I’m already the tallest girl in my class. I think I’m growing just fine.”

“It’s due to lack of coffee.”

“No, it’s because you’re a giant,” she teases and turns so her back is against his chest. “Sorry I fell asleep in your bed last night,” she directs at me.

“Don’t worry about it. I slept like a log,” I tell her.

“It was a lot more comfy than my own bed,” she observes.

“Don’t go getting any ideas, kiddo,” Eric says and pinches her side, making her squeak.

“Your dad was all scrunched up last night since we fell asleep in the middle of the bed,” I explain.

“He could’ve used my bed, so that’s his own fault.”

“Seriously separating you two,” Eric grumbles. “You hungry, princess?”

“Yes,” she answers. “Can we make breakfast sandwiches?”

“Yep, Sook, do you want to help?” he asks me.

“Are you two okay now?” Alyssa chimes in before I can answer Eric.

“We’re okay. We talked it out,” I answer.

“Good,” she smiles and hops off of Eric’s lap. He stands up with her and reaches for me so he can kiss me.

“You helping?”

“Only if you have a job in mind that won’t allow me to blow up your kitchen. Just letting me make toast is risky.”

“You’re going to learn to fry an egg; it’s something everyone should know.”

I look at Alyssa and say, “Pray for me.”

∞ ∞ ∞

Later that afternoon I’m stretched out on the couch just reading my book when Eric comes back from taking Alyssa home. He’s been gone almost two hours, so I’m guessing he had a hell of a time with Aude.

“How’d it go?” I ask.

“She copped to the prostitute thing. She said she did it when we first split, but I don’t believe her. I told her about the twins and she surprisingly agreed with me on their punishment. They went too far and she knows it. What took so long was the Alyssa living arrangements discussion. She flipped her shit over that, but I think we can wear her down eventually.”

“Would it help if she met me?” I ask. It’s going to happen at some point if Eric and I stay together. I was just hoping it would happen much later.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea yet. She’s still pretty angry over everything and you’ve delt with enough with the kids. You need a break,” he smiles.

“True story there.” I don’t bother trying to hide my relief.

“One day, and if I ever bring the kids to you, you’ll have to meet her. There’s still plenty of time though.”

“Don’t tell Alyssa that. She’s already planning our first horseback riding trip,” I tell him.

“She really likes you,” he tells me. “She said she was sorry about her attitude when she first arrived.”

“I know she was. She apologized to me. She’s a sweet girl.”

“Can we take a nap? I need to stretch out and rest my brain, too much has happened in the last couple days.”

“Sure. I wouldn’t mind a nap.” I mark my page in my book and set it aside. Eric tugs me up off the couch and I follow him back to the bedroom.

As soon as we walk into the room his clothes start coming off. When I give him a ‘what the hell are you doing’ look he just shrugs and says, “I’ve been confined for over twenty-four hours. I need my freedom.”

“Hang out with your wang out?” I giggle.

“Yes, God it feels nice,” he grins and stretches in the middle of the bed on his back. “You can get naked too, I’ll be a good boy, I promise.”

“Ha!” I laugh, but get undressed anyway.

Before I lay down I take note that Eric has one hand under the pillow and the other one is rubbing up and down his thickening shaft as he watches me.

“I thought you said you were going to be a good boy?” I lift an eyebrow.

“I am being a good boy, I’m not trying anything with you. I’m just watching,” he says and gives me a very naughty grin.

“Uh huh.” I climb up on the bed and curl up on my side with my back to him.

A few seconds later I can hear the tell tale sound of Eric’s hand stroking his cock and then a growly sound coming from his mouth. He doesn’t touch me though. Just to give him a little more motivation I move my legs so I know he can see my pussy from where he’s laying.

Lets see how long he can keep his hands to himself.


I’m determined to keep my hands off of her. I want to pounce and fuck her until she can’t walk, but I promised to be good.

My shaft is solid now and I turn onto my side so I can look at her. Sookie’s ass was good enough, but now she’s flashing her pussy at me. I want to touch her pussy so bad. Fuck. She’s wet; I know she wants me to touch her.

I move my hand a little faster up and down my length, running my thumb over my tip to gather the pre-cum and spread it around my head.

“Mmm,” I groan. “Show me more, pretty girl.”

Sookie rolls more onto her stomach and spreads her legs a little wider for me. A few seconds later I see her fingers rubbing her lips and spreading herself open for me, too.

My eyes are trained on her fingers, and her pussy being spread open for me. I roll onto my back again so I can use both hands and I cup my sac, gently caressing my balls as I stroke my shaft. I stop for a minute so I can grab the lube from my nightstand drawer. If I’m going to masturbate, I want it to be a smooth ride.

Rolling back into place I flip the cap and drizzle the lubricant down my shaft. Closing it, I toss is to the side and when I rub it in and begin to stroke the sound of my hand sliding up and down my wet cock fills the air.

“Fuck, this feels good,” I moan to myself. My eyes are still on Sookie’s pussy and I want more. “Play with your pussy, lover, put your fingers in that cunt.”

My sweet girl moves up so her knees are under her body. Her ass is high and she has her legs spread for me. Her hand strokes up and down her slit and then she starts to push her middle finger into her pussy. She pumps in and out a few times and then she adds a second finger.

“Do you know how hot that is? You should see how hard my cock is for you, pretty,” I say quietly and Sookie lets out a soft moan.

Her fingers pump in and out slowly, pulling out just long enough to rub her clit a few times before sliding back in. I can hear how wet she is, and the longer she fucks herself, the louder her moans get.

My hand speeds up and I’m pulling on my sac a little. I’m close enough to reach out and touch her, but I keep my hands on my dick. She’s facing away from me and I want her to watch me cum when I do.

“Sweetie, turn a little. I want you to see what you do to me. I want you to watch me cum for you,” I pant. I’m getting close.

She keeps her fingers moving and shifts her upper half so I can see her face. Her fingers start to move faster and she says, “I want to cum with you.”

“I’m so close, Sookie, fuck your cunt harder, make that pussy cum all over your hand. I want to see your honey dripping down your thighs,” I breathe.  I need her to cum, and I’m hoping my cock and my words help her along. “Baby, I can’t hold out much longer. Tell me what you need…”

“Longer fingers,” she says with a hint of sass, but then her eyes roll back a little and I notice her other hand is working her clit. “Fuck, I’m close,” she moans, and stares into my eyes.

“I’m being a good boy, or I’d help… fuck… I’d help you out,” I say through gritted teeth. “Sookie, I’m about to cum,” I gasp.

“Do it Eric,” she says, her eyes moving to my cock.

My stomach muscles clench and I feel my cock twitching and swelling in my hand. I erupt, shooting spurts of cum all over my hand and stomach. “Fuuuuuck!”I roar and start to pant heavily as I calm down.

Sookie’s moans get louder and her fingers try to get deeper. Her body goes rigid when she cums, and then she goes limp. Her fingers keep pumping slowly and I can see her pussy clenching around them.

“See, I told you I’d be a good boy,” I breathe. I want to tell I would’ve rather cum inside of her, but this works.

Sookie laughs quietly and removes her fingers from her pussy. She pushes herself up and moves to climb off the bed.

“Where are you going?” Telling her she has a mess to lick up is on the tip of my tongue, but I hold back.

“To wash my hands,” she says like it should be obvious.

I get up behind her and follow her to the bathroom. I wipe up the mess as she washes her hands and then I wash mine. By the time I’m done Sookie’s back in bed and I lay down beside her, without touching her.

“I would snuggle you, but I don’t want to break my promise.”

“You can snuggle me. You’re going to need your rest. I think you were right about the manual labor punishment,” she says.

I don’t even assume its sexual labor either and I roll her to me so I can spoon in behind her.

“The only problem is whenever I touch you I get hard,” I whisper into her hair.

“Who says that’s a problem?” Sookie grabs my hand and puts it on her breast. “I guess it’s lucky for me that you’re not a spring chicken anymore.”

I start to massage her breast and tilt my head to kiss the side of her neck.

“Who needs a spring chicken when you have a magic cock?” I whisper against her skin and flex my hips.

“Excellent point,” she giggles.

My hand travels to her other breast and tug her nipple. “What is this manual labor you want me to perform?”

“At first I was going to tell you to wash my car,” she says, trying not to laugh. “But I would rather be having sex and I don’t think you’ll let me call in an alternate.”

“You’d rather have sex with someone else?” I ask as my cock slips between her thighs, rubbing along her folds as I pump my hips.

“Mmm… nope. I have a magic cock addiction.”

“Good answer, I’d hate to have to tie you to the bed and show you what you’d be missing… do you want my hands on your tits?” I ask and pull her nipple a little, and then ghost my hand down her stomach until I reach her clit and tap a little. “Or playing with this pussy as I fuck you?”


I hook my arm under her body and roll onto my back, taking Sookie with me so she’s laying on my chest. Her feet are flat on the bed next to my thighs and my left hand cups her left tit and I rub my thumb over her nipple while my right hand rubs up and down her slit.

“Do you want to cum on my hand, or ride me while I play with your body?”

Sookie turns her head toward my face and says, “Both.”

“Good girl,” I breathe and push two fingers into her cunt while I pull her breast up by her nipple.

Sookie groans and starts to move her hips to ride my fingers while I pinch and pluck her perky, pink bud. I pull my fingers out and circle her clit and when I shove back in I add a third finger. I move to her right breast and draw circles around her nipple before pinching the stiff peak.

I take note of the lube lying on the bed still and ask, “Do you want me to fuck your ass right now while I fuck you with my hand?”

“Yes,” she gasps, her hips moving faster.

I pull my hand from her pussy, making her whimper and I lay her on the bed on her back. My fingers go right to her pussy again and I work my fingers back in.

“Play with your tits, pretty girl,” I tell her while I use my free hand to grab the lube.

When I get her worked up so she’s bucking her hips, trying to fuck herself on my hand I take my hand out again. I lean over her body and reach for the condoms in the nightstand. I roll the rubber down my shaft and I settle between her legs on my knees again. I pump my cock with my hand a few times and then guide my tip into her pussy.

As I start to slowly fuck her I snick the lube open and drizzle it all over my cock on each out stroke. I pull out all the way and move my head down to her rear hole.

“You ready?” I ask as I push two fingers into her pussy again.

Sookie nods and her breath hitches when I start to move slowly into her ass. I pull my fingers out each time I shove my cock into her ass and reverse. My free hand goes back to her tits and push her hands away so I can caress her heavy mounds. I just want her to feel and enjoy what I’m doing to her body.

“Is this alright?” I ask. I have an overwhelming need to make sure she’s okay.

“So fucking good,” she says.

“Mmm, good,” I smile and work a third finger into her again.

I stop moving inside of her, with my cock buried deep in her ass. I find her g-spot with my fingertips and begin to rub.

“I want you to cum for me, baby girl,” I whisper as I play with her cunt.

Her hands come up and she wraps both of them around my wrist. I don’t know if she’s trying to get me deeper or pull my hand out, but it doesn’t matter. She’s not strong enough to move me, so I continue to rub the sweet spot inside of her. I feel her inner muscles start to massage my fingers as she’s getting ready to cum for me.

“Come on, pretty, cum so I can fuck this hot little asshole,” I say and pinch her nipple again. “I want to fuck you so fucking hard.”

When she cums her whole body starts to vibrate. Her back arches and her pussy grips my fingers so tight. She’s mid-orgasm when I rip my fingers from her cunt. I grab onto her hips and I start pulling her body down onto my cock as I drive forward.

“Oh, fuck you feel so good, Sookie,” I pant. She still can’t move on her own from the orgasm.

After a couple minutes she starts to move with me, arching her back and pushing her ass deeper down my shaft.

“I’m going to cum, pretty, where do you want it?”

She doesn’t have a chance to answer and I explode into the condom and collapse over her body, crushing her under my weight.

“Sorry, that took me by surprise,” I chuckle and kiss her forehead.

“Don’t apologize,” she says, trying to catch her breath.

“As soon as I can move I will… and clean up…”

“It’s okay. Take your time. I’m not going anywhere.”

I rest a few more seconds and then roll off of her. I kiss her again and climb off of the bed to shuffle to the bathroom to clean up.

“Should we try to nap now?” I ask when I crawl back into bed.

“Yes please.”

“Sleep well.”

I snuggle in behind her and kiss the back of her head. It only takes a couple minutes before we’re both out.


10 thoughts on “Chapter 31

  1. dang can’t let the hubs read this chapter or he will think he can be rewarded for bad behavior like that!


  2. I’m glad they came to an understanlding and that there will be a legitimate punishment for the twins. Too bad he can’t punish Aude for her behavior.


  3. I agree with lostinspace33. Aude and the twins definitely need a punishment and NOT the punishment Eric got. Can’t wait for more.


  4. i am happy they talked but i still see issues ahead with the twins and Chris…. .. i guess we will have to see as the chapters come to us. as for Aude, i am surprised she acknowledged the boys were wrong, will see where that goes to. until the next post Kristie


  5. As much as Eric was a bit wrong with the kids being disrespectful, I kind of agree with him that they do have to talk things through as a couple when stuff gets hard cause otherwise they won’t make it…
    I did not feel Eric really got punished but I also found it a strange notion that he should be punished at all. In a relationship you mess up but you apologise, make amends and that’s that rather than punish/be punished? That’s more of a parent/child relationship in my opinion….


  6. I’m glad Eric and Sookie talked it out, and then made up in other ways :). I don’t feel so harsh about Aude – if my husband left me, I’d be pissed off and probably say something nasty to the kids (at least at first). The twins were still well out of line.


  7. Hmm, so a truce is reached aaand they’re back to fucking like rabbits. Not that I’m complaining about the fucking, they do it exceptionally well! I just hope, having blasted thro the remaining meet the kids obligations, they can spend some time developing their relationship. Another great chapter, this time for pornier reasons.


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