Chapter 10: Stockholm Cont…


It was hard to say what it was that woke me up. It could have been the sunlight streaming in through the big window in our suite or it could have been the soft, wet tongue flicking away between my thighs or maybe it was the long fingers pressed against those thighs, holding them open and out of the way. I decided it was my moaning that had done it. My own moans were what woke me.


I looked down to see Eric’s eyes were closed while he worked. His tongue curled and plunged into my opening, making me gasp. I ran my fingers through his silky hair and those pretty eyes opened to look up into mine. He smiled up at me before thrusting his tongue into my core again. He gently massaged my inner thighs as he licked me. The look in his beautiful blue eyes gave me that tingly feeling again, which I chose to push away.


He dragged his wet tongue out of my opening, up to my clit. He drew slow circles around the little bundle of nerves at the top of my slit. The slow licks quickly turned into gentle suckling. Eric moved one of his hands down, paused to suck his fingers, and then worked two of his thick digits into my pussy. He pushed them in deep, twisted, curled, and dragged them back out as he continued to suck my clit.


It really was too bad I couldn’t pack him in my suitcase and bring him home with me.


My eyes fluttered shut and I started to move with the thrusts of his fingers. I wanted more but knew I wouldn’t get it until I had cum once for him already. No doubt his thick cock was solid and ready to drive into me. His fingers scissored at the right time, stretching me and making my back arch in anticipation of more things to come. My grip tightened on his hair and I started breathing hard.


“Eric,” I panted. My stomach twitched and tightened; my walls pulsed and gripped his fingers. I was so, so close to losing it.


“Mmm,” he hummed. He pulled his fingers out and when he slid them in again one nudged my rear entrance, breaching the tight hole. His fingers started sliding in and out as he sucked harder on my clit.


His fingers working both holes felt better than I would have expected. My free hand gripped the sheets and my hips flexed in time with the way he was suckling my clit.


“Ohfuckofuckohfuck,” I panted. My body tensed up and then the warm, familiar tidal wave of an orgasm washed over me.


His fingers disappeared and I was still trembling when he moved up my body. He grabbed my hands to pin them above my head as he drove his solid cock into my pulsing core.


“Open your eyes, Sookie,” he growled as his hips started to slap against my inner thighs.


My eyes popped open and locked on his. I gasped with every hard thrust. It felt like my body wanted to swallow him whole, he was getting so deep. His hips were swiveling as he slammed into me. His heavy breathing matched mine. A few minutes of deep, hard fucking passed before Eric pulled out of me. He manhandled me and flipped me onto my stomach. He pulled my hips up and immediately started pounding into me again. His strong hands landed on my ass, spreading my cheeks so he could easily watch himself slid in and out of me.


We’d had rough sex before. It was different at that moment. I looked back at Eric and I saw this look of determination on his face. Yet when I reached down to play with my clit, he growled and grabbed my hands to hold them behind my back. He held my hands together in one of his giant hands. He reached down and started to massage my clit the way I wanted to.


He fucked me hard for a few minutes before he released my hands and reached forward to wrap his hand in my hair. He pulled me up so I was flush against his chest. Eric’s hips were moving slow, yet deliberate, making sure I felt every hard inch of his cock.


“Mine,” he growled into my ear as his fingers sped up over my swollen nub.


The declaration made my walls pulse.


“Say… say it again,” I breathed as the pressure built in my belly.


“Mine.” His hand moved around from my hair to hold me close by my throat. His lips moved along my jaw up to my ear. “Mine evigt,” he growled in Swedish.


“English,” I said. I wanted to hear it in English. I needed to hear it.


“Forever,” he breathed. “Always mine.”


I turned my head to look into his eyes. My mouth opened with the intention of screaming with my release, but whimpers came out instead as the orgasm hit me hard.


Eric captured my lips, swallowing my whimpers. His hips slapped into my ass a few more times before he released with a deep growl without breaking the kiss.


“Mmm, good mornin’,” he whispered between kisses when he eased up some.




“Mornin’,” I replied. It was kind of amazing I wasn’t hungover considering how drunk I’d gotten on Elin’s strawberry punch. It was too tasty to stop drinking, though.


“Sorry if I got too carried away.” His hand moved away from my mound to wrap around my waist.


“You didn’t.” I wasn’t going to ask if he meant that forever stuff though. That was a dangerous question and I knew better than to ask questions I didn’t want honest answers for.


“Good. What do you want to do today?” he asked. Eric sat back on his heels, taking me with him so I was on his lap, still impaled on his softening cock.


“I don’t know. You mentioned going to a soccer game–”


“Fotboll,” he said, cutting me off. “I don’t know what this soccer shit is. It’s called fotboll.”


I rolled my eyes.


“Whatever you call it, we can go if you’d like to,” I offered. He had endured a lot of old buildings for me. I could go watch sweaty men kick a ball.


“I can always go to see fotboll, if you want to go look at buildings we can. There is gorgeous architecture here.”


“We can do that tomorrow. Today we can go see soccer,” I giggled.


Eric started to tickle my sides. “Say it, say fotboll,” he told me.


“Never!” I laughed and squirmed.


He moved up to my ribs, coupled with a raspberry on my neck. “Say it,” he growled.


“No!” I squealed. We ended up toppling over and wrestling around on the bed until I was pretty much hanging over the side of it.


His raspberries ended up on my stomach. As my head hung over the bed his lips ghosted over my smooth skin just below my breasts.


“Maybe no fotboll, maybe I’ll just spend the day worshipping you,” he purred before licking my belly button.


“None of that whatever you called it. It’s soccer,” I giggled and the jerk dropped me. I landed on the floor with a thud but kept laughing.


Eric bent over to scoop me up. He tossed me over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry and started toward the bathroom. He gave me a hard smack on my ass and said, “Fotboll.”


I returned the smack on his ass and said, “Soccer.”


“You’d never last over here,” he chuckled. He set me on the counter in the bathroom and stood between my parted thighs. “After we shower I’ll see if I can get us tickets while we eat.”


“Because I refuse to call soccer something else?” I playfully bit his nipple. “What’s your favorite team?”


“Hammerby,” he answered. “I don’t think they’re playin’ today though.”


“Boo,” I frowned.


“I know. It’s a good time. I haven’t been to a match in a while.”


“That’s too bad. I’m surprised your mom hasn’t bribed you with season tickets.”


“She tried that once,” he chuckled. “She adored you, by the way.”


“Oh yeah? Even when I jumped off the dock in my underwear?” Three glasses of that punch and common sense was on vacation.


“Especially when you jumped off the dock. She said it was the funniest thing she’d seen in a long time.” Eric moved away to turn the water on. “She’s upset that you’re not stayin’ in Europe to give her fun lovin’ grandbabies.”


“Seriously, I’m sure you’ll find someone less crazy,” I laughed.


“I might,” he shrugged. “I enjoy your crazy.”


“Well just get the girl drunk on Elin’s punch and you’re all set,” I advised.


“Duly noted,” he winked over his shoulder. “Come on, the water is hot, old lady.”


“I’m coming, Farfar,” I chuckled. I was pretty sure that was the Swedish word for grandfather.


He couldn’t stop the grin on his handsome face. “You’re doin’ good with that,” he complimented me.


“Thanks. Your mom told me to call you that,” I snickered. Elin had an odd sense of humor but I liked her.


“That’s because she likes you, and she likes to tease me. She thinks it’s sweet that you’re tryin’ to learn Swedish.”


“Well it seemed like a good exchange.” I slid off the counter. I walked into the enormous shower and breathed in the steam.


Eric walked in behind me and wrapped his arms around me from behind. He kissed the top of my head and started to sway us from side to side allowing the water to pour over our bodies.


“So no sweaty men kicking a ball today. What would the native son suggest instead?” I asked him.


“We can go down to the tavern this afternoon. I can call Dillon so he can tell more embarrassin’ stories about me. There is also a lot of good food and you mentioned somethin’ about a beach.”


“There are more embarrassing stories? I didn’t think that was possible.” Elin told some whoppers. “But I am glad you stopped eating whole sticks of butter.”


“I was informed it was bad for my arteries,” he chuckled. “And Dillon would have stories Mor doesn’t. He was the one that raised hell with me. Is that the sayin’? Raisin’ hell?”


“It is,” I confirmed.


“We don’t have to see him if you don’t want to, though. We can go down to the beach and then head over to have dinner somewhere.”


“I don’t mind meeting him. You should see your friends while you’re here.”


“I’ll call him while we have breakfast. We can still go to the beach if you want and meet him for dinner and drinks.” He really wanted to see me in a bikini.


“That sounds like a nice way to spend the day. Now which bikini should I wear?” I tapped my chin in thought.


“The smaller the better,” he smiled. He kissed my cheek before moving to grab the soap.


“You realize it’s a public beach, right?”


“Mmhmm,” he hummed. “That’s what cover-ups are for, right? Oh, I can take you to the topless beach.”


“There’s a topless beach?” I wasn’t sure if I was brave enough for that.


“Aye,” he grinned. “I think we should go. You don’t have to take your top off, but I wouldn’t mind seein’ it.”


“Okay. Topless beach it is.” Boobs were no big deal to me.


“Okay.” Eric handed me my washcloth before he moved under the water to rinse off.


I soaped up while Eric washed his hair. He left me in the shower to finish cleaning up. I saw him on the phone from the bathroom but who he was talking to was anyone’s guess. I washed my hair and ran a razor over the necessary parts before I got out of the shower. By then Eric was already dressed. It wasn’t going to take much for me to get dressed. I chose a teeny deep purple bikini that barely covered anything and Eric groaned behind me.


“You asked for it,” I said without sympathy.




She was right, I did ask for it. Sookie ended up going topless at the beach. I was sure it made her feel more at ease when all of the other women were topless too. I would have been lying if I said I didn’t enjoy going to that beach for massive amounts of hot tits. I was a man, that loved women’s bodies. I did try to keep my eyes solely on Sookie, but they wandered a few times.


We ended up meeting Dillon at Grill; it was a fun place and theme restaurant. It served grilled food that was absolutely delicious from what I recalled.


When Sookie and I walked in I had her hand in mine when I noticed Dillon sitting at a table that had three plush chairs sitting around it. He waved at me when he saw us, standing as we approached.


Hello, brother,” I greeted him with a tight hug. He spoke decent English, but not quite as good as Mor. I pulled back and said, “This is Sookie,” in English. I didn’t tell him much about her, so I was sure he was shocked at how young she was.


Is she your daughter?” He was half kidding.


I met her in the pub.” It was rude to speak about her right in front of her, but some things she didn’t need to hear. “Sookie, this is my oldest friend, Dillon.”


“It’s nice to meet you.” Sookie extended her hand and Dillon took it upon himself to kiss it.


“Likewise,” he replied. “You’re even prettier than Eric described.”


“Oh, well thank you,” Sookie smiled. “He’s generous with his praise so I appreciate the compliment.”


We all took our seats. I reached over to take Sookie’s hand without thinking. At that point she was pretty much my girlfriend, but there was a shelf life on it so we didn’t vocalize it.


“What’s new with you?” I asked him after the waiter stopped to take our drink order.


“Not a lot,” Dillon answered. “Enda wants to take Caitlin to Iceland to live with the new boyfriend. I think we’ll go to court.” He was divorced and had a five-year-old daughter with his ex-wife.


“I would definitely go to court,” I agreed. I knew Dillon was an active father and I also knew he wouldn’t be able to stand it if Caitlin was so far away. “How is Caitlin? It’s been too long since I saw her last.” I looked over at Sookie and told her, “Caitlin is his daughter, she’s five now.”


Sookie nodded her understanding as Dillon said, “She’s good. She can tie her shoes and she knows her phone number now. Enda put her in ballet class and she takes piano lessons.”


“I bet she loves that,” I smiled. I hadn’t seen her in about a year. I had to be around more so she would even remember me. “Is she still miniature?” Dillon wasn’t as tall as me, but he was up there as was Enda. For some reason Caitlin was the tiniest baby and she a little small for her age.


“She is,” he confirmed. Out came the cell phone and recent pictures of Caitlin.


I took his phone from him and smiled. She was adorable. I leaned over to show Sookie. Caitlin had a big cheesy grin on her face, which was covered in the melon she was eating.


“She’s beautiful,” I smiled.


“Ooooh those cheeks are the cutest!” Sookie gushed.


“They are her mother’s,” Dillon replied. Enda was a pretty lady, but we never really got along. I chose not to say anything about her. It also struck me that if Sookie and I had a child he or she would look similar to Caitlin… nope, couldn’t think like that.


“You should hear her trying to speak English,” I laughed. “She has the most adorable little accent.”


“Awww, I’m sure she does,” Sookie said. “Seeing a little one that cute almost makes me want one.”


I looked over at her. I hated my job so much right then. I was sure Dillon recognized the look on my face too since he went silent for a moment. I wanted all the things with the sweet American girl that I could never have. No wife, no kids, not even a fuckin’ dog. Well, I could have the dog, but it was better that I didn’t. Bottom line, I would happily give Sookie all the babies she could handle if I wasn’t in such a… secretive position.


“You’re going to be a great mother one day,” I smiled at Sookie.


“I sure hope so. I’d hate to embarrass Gran by raising little monsters,” she chuckled. Sookie looked at Dillon and clarified who Gran was.


“It is good to honor your Mor,” he nodded. “You should try it, Eric,” Dillon teased.


Fuck you,” I chuckled. “Sookie met her yesterday. Mor wants me to move her to Sweden and settle down with twenty kids or so.” Dillon had an idea of why I couldn’t move home, but none of the details and that he wasn’t to speak of it. Ever.


“Only twenty? Elin is relaxing,” he laughed.


“It’s because I’m gettin’ older,” I chuckled again. “Sookie bein’ so young made her think it might be possible to get a couple more out of her.” I squeezed Sookie’s hand. I hoped she knew I was joking.


“Is she hopin’ I’ll carry a litter?” Sookie giggled.


“Probably.” I leaned over to kiss her soft cheek. I was so fucked when it came to her, and I could tell Dillon was getting a kick out of it even if he stayed quiet on it. “You’re going to be beautiful when you’re pregnant.” Even though it wouldn’t be with my baby.


“Oh yeah?” Sookie looked doubtful.


“Yeah,” I nodded. I leaned in to whisper, “You’re always beautiful, Sookie.” I kissed her cheek again before I sat back up.


“I find it hard to believe any man finds swollen ankles and excessive gas to be sexy,” she replied and Dillon laughed loudly.


“What?” I asked him. I wasn’t going to remind Sookie that I wouldn’t see swollen ankles and gas, I would see the woman creating my– fuck. I had to stop. I should have gotten up and left her right there with Dillon and went home. I was a fuckin’ glutton, though.


“You will see someday,” Dillon answered.




“Alright,” I nodded. “How’s work been going?” I needed to change the subject from babies.


“Very good. Business is booming, as they say,” he replied. Dillon ran a graphic design firm.


“Good, I just had to run back to Ireland to deal with a situation at the pub. I’m gettin’ tired, ya know?” He had to know I was talking about what I really did. He was good with code.


“Take Elin’s advice and settle down.” Dick.


I want to slap you sometimes,” I told him in Swedish. “The blonde is making me seriously think about it, though. I wouldn’t be any good at anything else but runnin’ a pub and I can’t seem to find a girl that’s willin’ to stick with me if I get a wild hair and decide to move.”


“Did you miss the settle down part?” Sookie teased, squeezing my hand.


“I start to get antsy,” I told her. “Plus, I can’t find a girl that likes me in the long run. I’m old and set in my ways.”


“That’s true,” Sookie and Dillon said.


“You guys are both assholes,” I laughed.


The waiter came by to take our orders and get us a refill on our drinks.


Once he left I looked at Sookie and said, “I don’t see you offerin’ to stay…”


“I don’t see you asking.”


“What would your answer be if I did?” I knew she wanted to get home and get back to her life. We had feelings for each other, but it really was just a fling. It had to be.


“Say no,” Dillon whispered.


“Why are we friends again?”


“Because I’m the one who will have you,” he answered.


Sadly, that was partially true. It was more so that I made myself unavailable to most women.


“I think it’s time to change the subject,” I said. The conversation was moving too far into the relationship realm for me. I realized I usually changed the subject when the conversation turned that direction.


“Do you always change the subject when it comes to marriage?” Sookie asked. Again, Dillon chuckled across the table.


“It’s not his fault, Sookie. He had a galen fiance years ago,” Dillon told her. To say Deb was crazy would be an understatement of the millennium.


“I’m not against marriage, Sookie, but it hasn’t been on my mind a whole lot in the past. My previous fiancé didn’t help, though,” I sighed.


“She helped you leave the country,” Dillon laughed.


What he didn’t say was that we split when I was twenty-two before Dillon and I went on our own Eurotrip. It wasn’t like I was with her in recent years.


“She’s not someone I’ve thought about in a long, long time,” I replied. Her crazy wasn’t as funny to me as it was to Dillon.


“You’ll have to tell me more later,” Sookie said.


“I will,” I promised. I lifted her hand to kiss the back. “Dillon was the friend with me the first time I went to Amsterdam,” I told her. “He may or may not remember the day I lost. I think he’s had a memory lapse too, though.” It was a sad day when I’d rather talk about embarrassing shit I may have done over a relationship. Dillon didn’t know what it was like to be in our shoes though.


“I remember the young man you thought was a girl–”


I put my hand up. “Stop, no one needs to hear that story.”


“I do!” Sookie said with fascination.


“She had a goatee,” he told her, making Sookie cackle.


“I didn’t see his face until it was too late,” I sighed. “In my defense he had a very feminine body. Let us not forget you sayin’ you wanted him too.”


“He likes to say that but it is not the truth,” Dillon told Sookie. “He cried in the street after he found out she was a he.”


“I don’t remember that.” I didn’t.


“I think that’s the point, sweetie,” Sookie giggled.


“You asked if he had a sister with the same legs.”


“Did he?” Sookie was laughing so I looked at her and said, “Just you wait. I’m going to talk to your best friend one day and hear all of your embarrassin’ stories.”


“I’m not afraid,” Sookie shrugged.


“Let me see your phone.” I held my hand out.


“You can see it tomorrow. It’s rude to ignore your friend,” Sookie said. “Besides, you wanted me to meet Dillon.”


“He must love you,” Dillon said matter of factly.


I narrowed my eyes at Dillon. “That’s not true, and feelings are not something we talk about.” I wasn’t in love with Sookie, or so I kept telling myself.


That’s your problem, fool. You never talk about your feelings. Maybe it’s good she’s leaving.


You know as well as I do why I don’t get too involved. I’ve already fucked up by staying on this fucking trip, but I can’t seem to fucking help myself. And it’s not your place to tell her how I may or may not feel.


Am I right?


I stayed silent for close to a minute, glaring at him. “No.” I didn’t know if that was the truth and he knew it.


Dillon shook his head while Sookie looked back and forth between us, trying to figure out why things were suddenly so tense.


“I’m sorry,” I said, leaning over to kiss her cheek again. “No more switchin’ to Swedish.”


“It’s fine. I just figure it’s a lover’s quarrel,” she joked.


“Silly girl,” I chuckled. I kissed the back of her hand again before threading my fingers through hers. “I’m sure Amelia says things in front of your suitors that she shouldn’t.”


“Of course. She asks how big their cock is,” she said, and Dillon choked on his drink… It came out his nose.


“I’m sure you told her I make horses jealous,” I joked.


“And wait in line,” Dillon added.


“I’m not even going to comment on that.” It was unnecessary and untrue.


“You two are silly.” Sookie shook her head.


Dillon and I calmed down and went back to teasing each other. It really wasn’t his place to bring up some of the things he did, but some of it was stuff that should have been addressed. I wasn’t sure we ever would address it. Again, we had a shelf life, and as shitty as it was, there was no extending it.


9 thoughts on “Chapter 10: Stockholm Cont…

  1. Another amazing chapter. They are both feeling it. I loved the mine claiming section, maybe it’s me but that says something. I so want one of them to blurt out ILU don’t leave. I so worried she will find out his in and leave . The moments when their eyes meet and no words are said, say so much.


  2. I’m ready for you ladies to write one of those endings where Eric quits his undercover job and ends up sitting beside Sookie on the plane back to the States. No more secrets, no more holding back feelings, just the two of them saying “I love you,” and going for it. They’re great together!


  3. They have got to figure out a way to stay together. If not then there will be so many tears from them and us readers that we will need another ark!


  4. Dillon is a riot. Wonder how he knows about Erics realjob?
    And these two are going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. Not sure how a train can fit down there, but I’m still expecting a mighty big crash!


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