Chapter 3

I don’t even think I felt this insecure the first time I had sex. I’m walking up to a fucking hotel room with the one girl in high school I wanted to bone, and she’s a fucking porn star. How on earth am I ever going to live up to her expectations?


I start to get a little nervous as she slides her key card through the little reader on the door. When we walk in I just say fuck it. I was good on the elevator, even if she didn’t want me to be, and I have been waiting for this moment for ten goddamn years. As soon as the door is closed, I run my fingers through the back of her silky hair, getting a firm grip at the nape of her neck. I tug her head back to the perfect angle and dip down at the same time, sliding my tongue between her lips when she gasps in surprise. I don’t know if this is the right thing to do, but she goes with it once she figures out what the fuck just happened.


I start to massage her tongue with mine as I move her backwards toward the wall next to the bathroom. I press her against the cool surface and ghost my other hand down her body to her thick thigh.


I pull back long enough to whisper, “Please tell me this is okay.” Instead of kissing her again, my lips find her jaw so I can softly nibble and suck her smooth skin.


“Perfect,” she breathes. Her small hands run up the sides of my neck and into the back of my hair to hold me close to her.


I moan quietly when she tugs a little. My lips blaze a trail up and down the side of her neck, ending at her earlobe while my fingers dance up her inner thigh.


“Mmm, what a naughty little girl,” I growl when I discover she’s not wearing panties. That little fact makes my cock impossibly hard. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a hard-on so fucking intense.


“I don’t think it’s naughty,” she says, parting her legs a little more for me. “I consider it a time saver.”


“Were you planning on finding someone to fuck tonight?” I ask as I start to rub her folds. She’s getting really fucking wet and I love it.


“I thought about it,” she pants. “I have… mmm… I have a high sex drive.”


“Good,” I purr. I push two fingers into her juicy little cunt while I start to suck on what seems to be a sensitive spot below her ear. As my fingers pump in and out I curl them slightly until I find the right spot and start to rub.


“Oh God,” Sookie moans. I hear the thud of her head hitting the wall behind her. Her fingers dig into my shoulders as her legs start to shake a little. “Fuck… right there… oh fuck, fuck, fuck!”


I keep rubbing her sweet spot as I move back to her mouth. A swallow the loud moans as they leave her throat. I start to move my fingers faster and faster until I feel her juices pouring out of her and her velvety walls gripping my fingers as she starts to cum. I pull my head back to watch her beautiful face as the first orgasm I intend to give her tonight rolls through her body.


Her blue eyes roll back a little and her breath leaves her in gaspy little puffs of air. Her walls squeeze my fingers like a vice over and over again, but before it’s completely over she crashes her lips to mine. Sookie’s hands move to my shirt to start unbuttoning it for me while our tongues dance. She has my shirt unbuttoned in record time and then she goes after my pants.


I’m so glad I waited for that. Her orgasm is quite possibly the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I find the zipper for her dress and pull it down; stopping her hands long enough so she can let the loose fabric fall to the floor. I let her get to work on my pants again while I pull my sleeves down my arms and allow my shirt to pool on the floor on top of her dress. As soon as she has my pants unzipped I grab her under her arms and lift her up the wall until her tits are mouth level. Sookie’s legs wrap around my waist while I close my lips around her left nipple. I start to suck slowly before I start to tug slightly with my teeth. Her tits taste just as good as her neck and I’m starting to get anxious about tasting her pussy. Something tells me her honey is as sweet as pure sugar.


“That feels so good,” she pants, her fingers again tangling in my hair.


I’m not going to stop a good thing. I pull away long enough to shift and give her right nipple the same attention. My eyes flick up to hers as I tug.


“Tell me how Sookie Stackhouse likes it,” I growl through my teeth as I start to walk toward the bed. I’m not about to fuck a pornstar. I’m about to have every single one of my teenage fantasies come true with the girl of my dreams. This moment is so fucking surreal to me.


“Right now I want it rough,” she tells me and jerks my head back with a firm tug on my hair. “I want your hand on my throat and I want to keep going until I can’t move.”


“Yes, ma’am,” I reply. When I get to the bed I drop her onto the mattress, watching her tits as the bounce. I kick off my shoes and drop my pants and boxers. My hand immediately goes around my cock and I start to stroke. I reach forward with my free hand and push her legs wider so she’s spread open and bare in front of me. “Mmm, I can’t wait to make you cum on my tongue later,” I groan as I stroke her folds with my thumb to make sure she’s nice and wet. I pull her ass to the edge of the bed, spread her lips and rub the tip of my cock around her clit.


Sookie’s back arches and she moans, “Neither can I. Fuck… that feels good too.”


“You wanna cum like this?” I ask, rubbing my pre-cum around her lower lips. I drag my tip from her clit down to her opening to gather more honey and back up to her clit to continue to rub. “Pull on your nipples, pretty girl.”


She does as she’s told. Her curvy little body writhes on the bed with her hips moving in rhythm with my cock. Sookie keeps her eyes on mine as she tugs on her nipples, pulling on them pretty hard.


“Ohmygod,” she breathes. “Eric… fuck me…”


I push my cock down and slide in deep on the first stroke. I keep my cock buried inside of her as I lean forward. I wrap my hand around her throat to pin her to the bed and reach down to rub her clit as I start to pull out and slide back in again. I start a little slower but gradually pick up speed, driving in hard so my hips are slapping against her inner thighs at an almost punishing pace.


“Yesyesyesyes! Fuck!” Sookie cries out. Her walls grip my shaft as another orgasm rips through her. “Fuck don’t stop!”


I shift her back far enough to put my knees on the bed so she has to hook her legs over my thighs. I smack the side of her ass as I start to piston my hips pounding her into the fucking mattress. I had actual fucking dreams of doing this to her in high school and to learn that she not only likes it, but seems to crave it is a bigger fucking turn on than anything I’ve ever come across. Better than Aude’s tits the first time I got to touch them. Better than the first three-way I had for my twenty first birthday. Better than any fucking porn I’ve ever watched. This is my Mount Everest and if she continues to let me I’ll climb her again and again for the rest of my fucking life.


The way her walls start to pulse around my shaft signal another orgasm. This time I pull out. I flip her onto her knees and drive back in from behind. I reach forward to grab her throat and pull her back against my chest. My teeth scrape over her jaw as I wrap my other arm around her body to find her clit again.


“You’re fucking perfect, Sookie,” I whisper. “Your silky fucking pussy feels like fucking heaven. I want you to make me cum for you.”


“In my pussy or my mouth?” she asks without missing a beat.


“Where do you want it?”


“Everywhere,” she pants.


“Where do you want it this time?” I will be cumming again tonight.


“My mouth.”


I’m already close so I pull out. I stand up again and grab Sookie by the arm to pull her onto the floor. As soon as she’s on her knees her mouth opens wide and I slide my head between her lips. Her warm, wet mouth engulfs my cock and I drop my head back. My fingers grip her hair as my hips thrust slowly, fucking her mouth. It’s an automatic response to having my dick stuck in something that feels so fucking good. The moans coming from Sookie tell me she doesn’t mind at all.


“Fuck… I’m about… Oh holy shit!” I shout when my orgasm rips through my body, starting at my toes and quickly works its way up and out my dick. I hold her head down as my hot, salty release fills her mouth. Her mouth massaging my head as she swallows threatens to keep me hard. I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all.




It goes without saying that I’ve had my share of sex. Some of it amazing and some of it… well I tried not to make it obvious I was performing, even though it was doing nothing for me. But Eric? He’s in a class of his own. Even though his cum is still on my tongue, I don’t stop sucking him off. My jaw relaxes and I look up into his eyes as his head slides down my throat until my lips reach his base. It’s not an easy feat. It took a long time to be able to deep throat a guy this big.


As if that’s not enough, I hum.


“Fuck. You don’t plan on letting me go soft, do you?” he chuckles as his fingers loosen their grip on my hair and he starts to massage my scalp.


What fun would that be?


I pull back slowly and release his cock with a little popping sound. My mouth goes straight to his sac and I can taste my cum on them when I lick his sensitive skin. I keep my eyes on his while I stroke his length. My lips wrap around his balls one at a time, teasing them with my tongue and sucking gently.


Eric tugs my hair to pull me off of his sac. “I want a taste too,” he says as he steps around me to sit on the bed. “Why don’t you come up here and have a seat.” He touches his lips to show me where he wants me to sit while his other hand strokes his cock to keep himself hard for me.


I get up on the bed and push him onto his back. Before I move to straddle his head I kiss him hard. I make sure I’m facing his cock but I stay upright for the moment. My hands go to my tits while Eric kisses my lower lips. I hiss at the sensation of his tongue slithering between my folds and brushing my clit.


He groans when I clench, forcing some of my cum out to coat his lips. He holds my legs in place while his tongue moves back and forth between my opening and my clit. He makes me moan when he sucks my clit and then starts to flick with the tip of his tongue. He slides his hand and around and pushes two fingers into me, immediately finding my g-spot. His fingers move quickly while his head drops down so he can breathe.


“Fuck, you taste just as good as I expected,” he groans as his fingers make my pussy gush.


“Have you dreamt of this, Eric?” I pant.


“More times that you could ever imagine,” he breathes before I feel his tongue flick out against my clit a few times.


I think he’d be surprised how often I hear that. All the same, Eric had a thing for me before my body looked like this. I was a total late bloomer. All through high school I rocked a barely B cup but right after graduation it was like the titty fairy came to visit in my sleep until I finally stopped at a DD. My hips flared out and my hair finally started growing past my shoulders. I stopped feeling so masculine all the time. I knew I had arrived when Dad and Jase insisted I start carrying pepper spray.


While Eric toys with me he strokes his cock. I lean forward and flick my tongue over the tiny slit at his tip. He moans and pulls his fingers out. He spreads my lips and rubs his flattened tongue along the length of my slit. He starts at my swollen nub, dragging to my opening where he slides his tongue in and out a few times before moving back to finish his trek at my rear entrance. He moves his head to do this again and again, moaning on each pass.


“I don’t know if I want to do this all night or watch you bounce on my dick,” he chuckles before sucking my clit again.


“I vote for option two,” I breathe.


“I’m not stopping you.”


I keep my back to him as I scoot down Eric’s long torso. He holds his heavy shaft up for me so I can slide down it. I lean forward to rest on my elbows and lift my ass up and down, giving him a nice view of his cock disappearing inside me over and over again. He’s so goddamn thick. I’ve had my share of big dick too, in my line of work, but Eric fills me just right.


I feel his hands on my ass. One of his thumbs slips down to gather my juices before moving up to circle my back opening. As he rubs slow circles his other hand comes down with a loud crack on my right cheek.


“So fucking sexy, pretty girl,” he groans.


I moan at the sting settling on my ass. My walls pulse and he does it again, earning the same response.


“Mmm… You like spanking, Eric?”


“Mmhmm. I love the warm feel of a sexy little ass,” he says. “I love watching your creamy skin turn that perfect pink color. I really love the way your pussy pulses when I do it.” He spanks me again, groaning when I clench around his cock.


“Then you’ll be happy to know it makes me cum if it’s done right,” I tell him as I move a little faster. I sit up and put my hands behind my back. Jesus, he’s so fucking deep right now.


Eric grips my wrists in one hand while he reaches around to tap my clit quickly.


“I love that you can take all of me,” he pants as he digs his feet into the bed so he can start to thrust up to meet me on each hard bounce.


“You’re fucking big,” I moan. My head falls back as the pressure builds in my belly. “Oh fuckfuckfuck… Eric… You’re going to make me cum for you.”


“Good,” he growls. He tightens his grip on my wrists and moves from tapping to rubbing my clit quickly. “Come on, pretty girl, let me feel it.”


“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!” My body seizes and everything clenches up tight before I begin to shake with my release. I haven’t cum this hard in a long time.


Eric releases my hands and reaches up to pull me back by my throat. He holds me tight to his chest. His fingers keep moving over my clit while his hips thrust up hard, driving his thick cock in deep and hard.


“Keep cumming,” he commands in a low, throaty growl.


By some magic, my body listens to and obeys his order. My walls don’t stop clenching and the waves of intense pleasure keep crashing around inside me. I can’t stop shaking and it feels like every thrust of his hips starts another orgasm. This has never happened to me before.


“Eric… Ohmygod… I can’t… Fuuuuck!” I scream.


“Good girl,” he whispers. His hand tightens around my throat and he lets out a roar before he slams up one more time and cums hard, filling my pussy with his hot, thick release. “Fuck!” he shouts as his hips jerk against my ass. Eric rolls us over so I’m pinned to the bed below him and he grinds hard into me as the aftershocks rock his body.


I got what I wanted since I can’t move. My entire body is jelly. My bones feel like pudding. I don’t think I could stand in my own if my life depended on it. Then again, I think Eric plans to keep me right here.


“That… Best ever.” I can’t even form full sentences.


“Yeah,” he breathes before pulling out with a groan. “I don’t think I’ve ever cum that fucking hard.” He drops to the bed next to me and gathers me in his arms, spooning in behind me.


“Not me too.” Huh? God, he broke my brain. I didn’t think his cock was big enough to scramble my brain. I was wrong.


“What?” he chuckles. I feel his lips skim my temple and his strong arms squeeze me a little tighter. He doesn’t wait for me to try to respond again. He kisses my head and whispers, “You just made all of my dreams come true, Sookie. I know you probably hear that a lot, but I hope you know that means more to me than your fans. I’ve been a Sookie Stackhouse fan since I was fourteen years old.”


That sweet little confession makes me smile. I know he didn’t just fuck me because I’m a porn star. It’s easy to spot the guys who want Dahlia Black versus the ones that want Sookie Stackhouse. If he wanted the pornstar he’d already be getting dressed and getting ready to leave so he could tell all his buddies who he just fucked. Instead, he’s snuggling against me and purring like a kitten.


“So you won’t think less of me if we fuck on the first date?” I ask him. I definitely want to do this again before I go back to L.A.


“Not at all. I can take you out on the boat and we can fuck for hours out on the water,” he chuckles. “I’ll bring food for fuel in between rounds.”


“That sounds like the best first date ever,” I laugh.


“It does,” he agrees. He moves his hand up to rest between my tits as he snuggles into the bed a little more. “I hope you don’t mind I’m an early riser,” he whispers, “But I promise if I disturb you it’ll be to wake you up with my mouth or cock on your pussy.”


“Thanks for the warning.” I wiggle my ass against him and reach down to grab the blankets that somehow ended up down there.


He groans as he helps me pull the blankets up he lifts my leg slightly and slips his cock between my thighs to settle it there for the night.


“Sleep well, pretty girl,” he whispers and kisses my head one more time.


“Sweet dreams, Eric,” I reply. I snuggle into my pillows and let sleep pull me under.

14 thoughts on “Chapter 3

  1. Whoa. Glad I’m smoking already. I have a feeling these two are going to be spending the better portion of this story in bed, against the wall, on the table, the deck of the boat… You get the idea. Damn!


  2. That was hot… Even Sookie was impressed and she may have, by way of her job & her high sex drive as she said, experienced quite a few good performers… Perhaps rather than Sookie retiring from porn, Eric can join the industry too? Or maybe he’s too shy…


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