Chapter 8



“I’m taking a new role,” I tell Sookie as we’re going over my schedule for tomorrow. Things are starting to pick up, making her feel less useless. Next week all hell is going to break loose.


“That’s great, Eric,” she says cheerfully. “What’s the part?”


“A guy screwing around with his best friend’s sister. We have to hide the affair but of course the best friend finds out and it’s… It sounds dumb, but has a really good script.”


“As long as it’s interesting to you, that’s all that matters.”


“It is,” I nod. I look down to see the stack of mail on the counter and pick it up to go through it. I freeze the way I do every time I get a card or letter from my mom. She knows why I’m not talking to her and I wish she would just leave me alone. Unfortunately, Sookie notices my mood shift.


“Something wrong?” she asks with concern.


“I’m fine,” I lie.


Sookie tilts her head and opens her mouth to argue, but then she shuts it again. She nods and goes back to whatever she was doing.


For the first time in a long time I decide to open the card. I have a stack of unopened letters and cards in my closet. I wasn’t thinking about them when I asked Sookie to go through my clothes. Thankfully I stopped her before she found them and started asking questions.


When I pull the card out, it’s a simple “Congratulations” card with pale blue and yellow water color flowers on the front. I open it and it just says she’s proud of me, signed Mom at the bottom.


I sigh and put the card back in the envelope. I moved out of my mom’s house when I was seventeen. I didn’t know how the fuck I was going to survive on my minimum wage job, but I made it happen. I became a waiter at an upscale restaurant in northern California and as soon as I had enough money saved up I made the move to Los Angeles. I only spoke with my mother because I couldn’t stop her from coming to my house. The conversation was the same every time.


Did you leave him?”




Call me when you do.”


I would close the door and spend the next few hours a mess, drowning in Jack Daniels in my apartment.


When I moved to LA I would send her address every time I moved in hopes I would get a message one day telling me she left the fucking prick, but to this day, nothing. She chose an abusive asshole over her son.


I’m torn from my thoughts when I feel Sookie staring at me.


“Hmm?” I hum and feel the sting in my eyes. Fuck. I’m not fucking crying over this in front of Sookie.


“Eric, what’s wrong?” Now she really looks worried.


“Nothing,” I lie again.


“Eric…” Sookie’s not buying it. She comes closer and looks like she might hug me.


It wouldn’t be unwelcomed. I honestly don’t remember the last time I had a genuine hug from someone I consider a friend. It’s happened quickly, but over the last two weeks I definitely feel like Sookie and I are friends… and fuck buddies.


“What?” I whisper without looking at her.


She sighs and wraps her arms around my waist. Her head settles on my chest and she squeezes me tightly. I hug her back, squeezing her shoulders.


I don’t know how long we stand there holding each other for what seems like hours when she tilts her head up to look at me. I don’t know if I’ve been crying or not. I just feel numb. She pisses me off so fucking bad.


“This time in my life I need her,” I whisper. Sookie has no idea who I’m talking about, but I’d think it’s pretty obvious.


“Need who, swee… oh. Was that card from your mom?” Sookie asks. She reaches up and wipes my cheeks with her soft, little hands.


I just nod.


Fuck. I shouldn’t do this in front of Sookie. We spend a lot of time together, but freaking out over my mother isn’t something I like to do in front of anyone.


“Do you want to talk about it?” Sookie offers.




“Okay,” she nods and pushes up on her toes to give me a soft peck on my lips. I hold the back of her head and kiss her again, this time a little longer.


“Are you off the clock?” I ask quietly against her lips.


“I can take a break,” she replies.


“Good.” I thread my fingers through her hair and tug her head back, crashing my lips onto hers. My tongue sweeps through her mouth to immediately duel with hers.


“Mmm…” Sookie groans into the kiss and melts into me a little. She grabs onto my sides and I can feel her nipples pebbling against my chest.


I keep my hand tight in her hair as we kiss while my other hand slides down her body to the front of her jeans. I flick the button and start to push them down her thighs.


“Strip for me,” I whisper into the kiss as I drag my hand up her body to pull on her nipple.


Sookie hisses and swats my hand away from her tits. She takes my hand and leads me to the table.  “Sit,” she commands before backing up to her laptop.


I do as I’m told and turn the chair out a little further before sitting to wait for her to do whatever it is she’s doing. Sookie smiles and a Britney Spears song starts to play before my assistant straightens up and starts swaying her size ten ass in time with the music. Sookie keeps her back to me and lets her ponytail down so her hair is a loose mop of silky waves.


She turns briefly to the side so I can see she’s unbuttoning her top, and then she turns her back to me again and pops her butt out. This is what I need. All thoughts of my mother and her betrayal start to fade and my sole focus is this delicious woman dancing for me. She has perfect curves, amazing hips that lead up to her thick waist. Fuck. I want her on her hands and knees so I can watch her smooth body rock below me… Yeah… My dick is going to be solid as a fuckin’ rock in a second.


The little minx moves her hands to her hips and teasingly lowers her jeans enough to let her pale pink panties peek out before pulling them back into place. Her hips keep swaying and her hands move up her sides as she turns to face me. I watch her hands move over her lace covered tits and up her neck into her hair.


“Show me, baby, take your bra off and show me those fucking perfect nipples,” I tell her and stroke my cock through my jeans.


Sookie shrugs out of her shirt and playfully throws it at my face. I bat it away and watch her hands go behind her back to unhook her bra. Sookie slowly pulls the material away from her chest, but keeps her arm covering her dusky pink tips. She comes closer to me so she’s standing between my knees. Her arm drops and she leans in close to rub her warm tits on my face.


I earn a soft giggle when I flick my tongue out to taste her. My eyes move up to hers and the next time I feel her nipple run across my lips my tongue darts out and I draw it back between my lips. I start to suckle on her stiff bud and my hands go to her hips.


“Take these off,” I quietly command, tugging the front of her panties before moving my head to her other breast to suckle that nipple as well.


Sookie moans and pulls away. She turns around and rubs her ass up and down over my hard-on before she starts playing with the waist of her jeans again. It feels like fuckin’ forever before the denim is finally down to her tan thighs.


“Fuck,” I groan when my cock twitches. I have to reach down to unzip my pants so I can relieve the fuckin’ pressure. “I want you to come back to me,” I tell her as I start to stroke up and down my shaft. “I want to feel your tight, wet channel all around my dick…”


Sookie smiles and puts me through more torture with her panties, only this time she lowers them just enough to see how wet she is for me right now.


“You’re killing me, baby,” I tell her. I’m not in the mood to be teased, but I don’t want to stop her either.


Sookie lets her panties fall to the floor and she spreads her legs while she’s bent over, giving me the perfect view of her glistening folds.


“Take what you need, Mr. Northman,” she purrs.


I stand up and push my jeans to the floor. I reach forward to stroke her folds with my thumb. I rub from ass to clit over and over.


“Sookie, are you on birth control?” I ask her. I want to feel her bare.


“Mmhmm,” she moans. I can see her walls pulse.


I step up and run my bare head around her opening and ask, “Do you want to feel my dick sliding into you right now?”


“Fuck yes,” she breathes.


I grab her hips and pull her back as I thrust forward. Fuck… She’s so fucking wet…


“Oh, shit,” I pant. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone bare.


Sookie moans and moves her hips in circles, letting me feel all of her tight pussy wrapped around my cock. I drop my head back and squeeze her ass with one hand while I smack her right cheek.


“Goddamn, you feel fucking good…” I breathe.


Sookie braces her hands on the table top and begins moving up and down, rocking back against me. She lets out a low, raspy moan and starts to fuck herself.


I start to move with her, starting slowly, gradually getting faster and harder. I end up smacking her ass again as I begin to pound into her core over and over and over.


“Fuck… so fuckin’ tight…” I’m going to cum way faster than I expected from this.


“Mmm… fuck… give it to me Eric. Make me cum all over that big cock,” Sookie moans.


I reach around her hip, sliding my fingers down along her soft belly until I reach her clit. My fingers begin to move quickly over her swollen bud as I slam into her cunt. I can feel her walls pulsing and squeezing hard.


“Give it to me, baby, cum hard for me,” I growl.


“Fuckfuckfuck! Yes!” Sookie cries out and her knees get weak.


Oh fuck.


“So fuckin’ close… fuck… Where do you want it?” I start to pant hard as her spasming walls milk my own orgasm from me.


“My ass,” she breathes.


I give her three more punishing thrusts before I pull out and my cum shoots all over her ass. When I see it hit that little hole I start to rub my head over her rear opening.


“Goddamn…” I pant as I continue to rub. My cock is still hard and it’s taking all of my willpower not to thrust into her ass.


“I didn’t think your cock could feel any more amazing,” she laughs.


“Good to know,” I smile and thrust into her pussy one last time before I pull out and help her stand. I turn her around and hold onto her hips. I dip my head to kiss her lips softly as I knead her soft flesh.


She kisses me back for a minute before pulling away to get cleaned up. She puts extra sway in her hips as she saunters off.


I smile as I watch her ass. As soon as she’s out of sight I go to her laptop to turn off the music that’s still playing and then I put the chair back. I pick up my jeans and head down the hallway to my room. I find Sookie cleaning up in my bathroom and give her ass a little smack when I walk in.


“Would you like to help me clean up?” I smirk. My semi-hard cock is still sticky with her honey.


“What did you have in mind?”


“Well… you could wrap your pretty lips around my cock,” I purr and reach up to brush her bottom lip with my thumb. “Or we can shower…” I have an amazing shower.


“We could do both,” she points out.


“Mmhmm,” I agree and dip to kiss her shoulder.


I move over to the shower and turn it on to let the water warm up. When I turn back, Sookie is on her knees with her mouth open and waiting for me.


I smile and walk over. I grab my shaft and trace her full lips with my tip before sliding into her mouth. Her lips close around my length and I start to slowly thrust. Sookie moans and bobs her head. Her hand comes up to wrap around my base and starts to work in tandem with her mouth.


I wrap my fingers in her hair and my hips move a little faster. I don’t want to choke her so I keep the thrusts shallow and the vibrations of her moaning shoot straight up my shaft, making my stomach muscles twitch.


Sookie pulls off my cock and says, “I think you’re going to make a mess on my face.”


“Do you want that?” I ask. I could pick her up and fuck her against the wall now.


“Would you rather make a mess somewhere else?” She wraps her lips around my head away sucks hard.


“I want to fill your cunt with it… I want to watch my cum dripping out of you and down those luscious thighs.”


She moans with my tip in her mouth and bobs her head a few times before releasing me. Sookie stands up and steps into the steamy shower stall. I follow and make her gasp when I push her face first into the wall. I bend my knees and rub my hard-on against her ass.


“Do you want that? Do you want to feel my cum shooting deep in your body?” I purr as I reach down to position my head at her entrance.


“Yes,” she breathes.


I pull her hips up, push her back down and slide in deep. The angle is different from the kitchen and I know I’m hitting the right spot when she moans and gasps on each deep thrust.


“Harder, Eric,” she moans. “Fuck me harder.”


I reach up and grab her throat, making her bring her hands up to brace herself on the wall. I pull her head back, making her back arch more and my hips start to slap into her ass. I go harder than I think I have in the past two weeks with her.


“I want to feel you cum hard on my dick, little girl,” I growl.


“Oh my God,” she gasps. I can feel her walls pulsing around my shaft. Sookie lets out a strangled cry as the pulses become hard clenches. “Yesyesyesyesyes!”


“Good girl,” I praise her and reach down to rub her clit through her orgasm, sending rapid little aftershocks through her body. Her pulsing cunt draws my own orgasm and I release deep inside of her making Sookie whimper again. “Fuuuuck, yes!” I shout and pull out. I bend her over and watch as my cum starts to dribble out of her and down her thighs.


Her walls clench, releasing more of my cum.


“Mmm, that’s fucking beautiful,” I whisper, reaching forward to rub my cum into her clit.


Sookie moans and her pussy clenches again with an aftershock, forcing more of my cum out of her.


“I want you to watch this next time, Sookie. I want you to see what your gorgeous pussy looks like covered in my cum,” I tell her and step back to let the water hit her ass. I help her straighten up and turn her for another hug. “Thank you,” I whisper and kiss her head.


“You’re welcome,” she replies. “That was my first lap dance, by the way.”


“That was perfect,” I tell her.


I tilt her head back and give her a gentle kiss. I’ve never gone through one of these moments with anyone around but Rasul. This was a bigger deal than I expected and I’m glad Sookie just went along with it. She didn’t wig out, she showed me what a good friend she’s becoming.


15 thoughts on “Chapter 8

  1. I see angst ahead when Eric finds out about Sookie.
    Now she has a nice little tidbit of info to share with Amelia. Eric has shown her a private moment. I wonder if it will kick in her guilt, having her confess all to her BF in her quest to sort out her dilemma.
    Won’t that be a great scoop for however is listening?


  2. Hmm, a good friend who is lying and possibly going to sell his story to a tabloid. I really hope she has made up her mind to be honest with him. He really deserves to know the whole truth and make up his mind whether he can forgive her or not. She’s like Bill Compton in this. Even if she claims to love him later, the deceit at the beginning sort of taints everything.

    Poor Eric just wants his mama to love him enough to choose him. 😦 At least Sookie hugged him and made him feel better.


  3. Yikes the Bill comment really hits home for me. This was an assignment and how can he ever trust her. Relationships require and depend on trust. Eric’s mom betrayed him, Sookie is doing the same thing.Eric allowed himself to be vulnerable. Sookie’s lies will hurt. Interested to see what happens.


  4. Gosh, it is going to be bad when Eric finds out the deceit… Not that if he was an asshole it would make it ok, but with him being a decent guy, I really find Sookie’s ‘mission’ all the more despicable… She should just stop it and find another job. A job that makes you be such a deceitful manipulative person is not a job worth having… And I still think someone with access to her / her computer is leaking her stories so hope she gets a grip before Eric’s personal issues get out…

    Oh and yeah, that was one sexy scene…


    • He was using her laptop, wasn’t he? And I thought he was going to find out… Poor Eric. Like Victory said, his own mother chose another guy over him and now Sookie choosing a job over him? And like you said, a job not even worth having… It’s Bill all over again. I really hope she tells him the truth before he finds out and that he can forgive her for it.


      • As much as I hate to say this, yes it sounds a bit Bill-ish (yikes)…

        I hope he finds out somehow and rather than confront her, perhaps he feeds her some fake information instead? I would hate for his childhood traumas to become gossip since he is obviously still so affected by it all…


      • Or maybe she can just give up her job? And then come clean about it, find another one that doesn’t involve this kind of thing? Damn, this is breaking my heart xD
        And Eric is a good guy..


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